Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 24, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Tuesday, April 24, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN Interested farmers of the Mesllla Valley, faced with an increasing water shortage' for their crops, will discuss channelizational in a meeting here tomorrow. 4* UMMHKMf Dfatf MO SUNMY NCWSMPEA 5£HVM9 SQVMUUI NIW OlDUCO THE WEATHER LAS CRUCBS AREA: Generally fair today, tonight and Wednesday; 1 . 1 Some high cloudiness with moderate to Btronp winds. Cooler tonight and Wednesday;' Last 24 houra: Las Crucea 37-19; State College 83-53. VOL. .71--No. 17 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS'CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 24, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS 'WASHINGTON, April 24 uri -- Aniid fresh Dcmour'utic attacks on Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur's proposals. Republicans moved today to present independently their side of the row. over President Truman's Far Eastern policy. Senator Taft (H-Ohio) told reporters he expects GOP members of the Senate Armed Services committee to take the lead in organizing a case for broader prosecution of the Korean 1 war. .Senator Bridges (R-NK) and KnowUnd .(R-Calif) arc likely leaders in this move. Ke[Mirutc Attacks "This would be independent of what General MucArthur has to say when he testifies before the committe," Taft said. "We think there should be some organized answer to the case the administration will lay down." Tuft, who heads the Senate irtc- publican policy committee, has 'given general support to the deposed commander's proposals for blockading Red China, operating United Nations planes over Manchuria and using Chinese Nationalist troops. In New York, meanwhile, MacArthur's personal. adviser, Maj. Gen. Courtney Whitney, told re- portei-s: K(s\.Mn Unknown "To this day. General Mac Arthur never has been informed as to the. reasons for his · summary dismissal*a*ml he hasn't the faintest idca'why the action was taken to transfer his command. . ." In filing the five-star general, Mr. Truman-said he had concluded MacArthur no longer was able to give his "wholehearted support" to administration and United Nation policy. . Whitney . said Mrs. Mac Arthur heard the news of her husband's dismissal on the radio in Tokyo 20 minutes before official word "was received'from Washington. l,:uinclie« CtuLrges Senator--. McMahon-- {D-OonnK who -heads- 'the Senate-House Atomic "committee, launched the newest; attack on Mac Arthur's strategy with a declaration that it would, risk the possibility of World War III when the United SUitus is unprepared for it. In aji address prepared for the Senate, McMahon said the capitol may be "blown to smithereens next week" by Atomic bombs if America follows the wrong policy in Asia. McMahon said if Mac A r t h u r policies are followed they might "set off a chain of Soviet action and American counter-action leading quickly to the third war, even though neither side desires full (Continued on page four) Retailers Given Another 30 Days To Ready Ceilings WASHINGTON. April 2-t 1/P)~The government today granted 270.000 retail stores another 30-day extension--until May 30--to put their new, margin-type price control ceilings in effect. In ordering the delay, price di- ructor Michael V. Disalle pointed out that until a retailer files his pricing charts, his ceiling prires still wi.l be regulated under the geneail price freeze. This set price IcveJs at the highest figure for which j'oods were sold during the base reriod last Dec. 19 - Jan. 25. After the new deadline of May ,"0. no letaller may lawfully sell i'iid it I'm covered l.y the margin- type pnce control order unless he hit-s fiied his pri«in ; ; chart with a dij.Jrict office t-f Price Stabiliza- linn. LVi'ir.g price regi.lHtion 7. cov- °iing retnilers, originally was is- M.C-I! Krl». 27. Convicted Bigamist Lovingly Greeted By Three Women LONDON, April 24 I/P) -- Thi-eo women rushed up and hissed j George Clements today when he was placed on probation on a charge of'bigamy. They were: His legal wife! whom he married n 1920 and who has borne him nine .children. A woman he lived with long enough to have his tenth child. His bigamous wife, who recently had his llth and 12th -- a set of twins. Clements pleaded guilty to the charges. He is 52. ALONG THE RISING MISSISSIPPI Tax Procedures Discussed Here County officials of six southern New Mexico counties attended a meeting' here yesterday with the State Tax Commission to discuss assessment and equalization procedures for individual counties. The meeting, attended by 36 officials, was presided over by State Tax Commission Chief Fred W. Moxey. Manuel R. Eaca, com- , mission secretary and "Melvin Yost, j attorney for the commission, assisted Moxey. AH are from Santa Fe. The meeting: was held lo com-' pare notes and discuss handling of assessment and equalization problems as they occur in separate counties In the state. eKpimsc Is Good "We have had fine response to these meetings," said Muxey. "We have devised a system where each meeting allows an overlapping of counties, so that officials-of every, county in the state may attend and discuss problems of his county with the commission and with other county officials." The group held two other meetings last week in Roswell and Tu- cumcarl. This week they meet with officials of other counties in Las Vegas and Albuquerque. Attending : the meeting from Dona' Ana ' county were Frank Prichard," assessor; Haskel 'B. 1 Smith, superintendent of county schools; H. G.-- ChaveR,---county clerk; Constance Palmer, deputy county clerk; Kate Smallwood, treasurer; L. Tracy Fox, deputy treasurer; c. R. Quesenberry and Yancy Clark, representatives of Las Cruces realtors; and commissioners. W. H. Gary, Santos Lara and Dr. H. L. Schipmann. Luna Commissioners From Luna county were commissioners Stanley Dennis; K. R. Hughes, deputy clerk; and War ren McCann, treasurer; and H. R. Osbornc, county clerk. Sierra county was represented by Elf ego P. Martinez, clerk; and commissioners S. J. Latham, Robert C. Cox, and Robert B. Smith. From Otero county were Lucille Alexander, clerk; H, D. Redding, treasurer, and commissioners T. Edsel Runyon, R, G. Walker and James T. Anderson. Grant county was represented by Howard Pack, assessor; and county commissioners Merle Clark, Thomas McCauley and L. M. Morrison. Group Confessed Commie Says Secret Police Began Work In 1920 WASHINGTON. April 2-1 (JPk?- Hi-njnmin Git low testified today Hint agents of the Hussion secret police began operating in this cmintry iibout ,10 years ago. Gitlow, who snys he was mitded from the Communlsi pnrly in Ifl2!l a f t e r a dispute with Joseph Stalin, .said he had personal knowledge of such activity while ho wns n top party leader In the United States. Gltlow testified before the Biih- vorsive activities control hoard. U In holding hearings on whether the American Comniuni«t party muni leglater with the Attorney General us n foreign-controlled organisa- tion. Conference Begins Writing New Draft Bill ' WASHINGTON, April 2-i (^--A 'conference committee today begins writing a draft-universal'! milit, training bill both House and Senate may approve. Members of Ihe group--headed by Senator Russell (D-Ga.) ;ind Rep. Vinson (D-Ga.)--said private ly they expect litlle trouble in reconciling differences between draft bills already passed by the House j and Senate, Principal points at issue are the age at which men may be drafted and the mechanics of UMT. The Senate Bill lowers the draft age from 19 to IS but the House -. voted for 1S\«. · ' The Senate allows a 90-day l a g j in the time in which a newly- turned 18-yehr-old can be classified. The House provision calls for Half-Mil I ion Reds Smash Hole Into Allied Defenses A. L. "HAPPY" APADOCA ROY SANDMAN I [Officials To Confer Here Tomorrow On San Marcial INUNDATED HOMES ON HARBOR ROAD outside Davenport, Iowa, arc typical of the destruction sweep of the ram- paiging Mississippi River. The waler is at .i'.r, highest level in seventy years and is still rising as the large number of homeless increases. (International Soundphoto) Mississippi Flood Damage Mounts; Danger Continues By The Associated The Mississippi floods dealt fuL-thci blows in'the upper valley today. Damage mounted into millions of dollars. The Rud Cross said 7,400 persons were homsless in /at IHinoJ{ and Missouri. Anoth- 24,000" "were threatened with evacuation. Men worked throughout the n i g h t - in some Iowa and Illinois river towns endangered by swirling waters. Hits I)ubuqm The crest hit Dubuque, ]a., and is moving downstream toward Clinton, Davenport and Muscatinc. The 800 residents af Sabula. 16 miles north of Clinton, are waging ' grim fight. The town is surround- i cd by water except for two high- j r Grand Jury Will Report On Friday; All but four potential grand jurors for the 1!)51 Don;i Ana countj grand jury have been summoned, the Sheriffs department said today. Of these, three are out of the county and probably will not be served. Socialists Make Peace As Third Official Resigns I Ity OLKK CL12MRNTS TOKYO, April 2-i UP) -- Nearly ; a half a million batlle lested Reds i | smashed a liple in the eenlpr of | I the United Nations line today in i their third Invasion of South Koj rea. ; Communist troops s t r e a m e d i through the gap and bent back I the right f l a n k of Ihc allied line. I They were striking savagely! 1 with the aim of breaking the inter- [ J national Eighth Army into piece- t ! meal units. ROKs Crumble. South Koienn units manning Ihc j THEIR CONVICTION, a l o n g w i t h ex-Chief of State Police i center uf the 100-milu line c r i n n - 1 H u b e r t Ut-aslcy, is upheld by U. S. Court of Appeals. I bled befoi-i! the fury of the Red .. | Spring offensive. Thrir retreat ex- I! posed other allied divisions. Frontline officers considc situation serious. But headquarter;; commanders were confident t h e rejuvenated allied forces can Id | stem the offensive. I.t. Gen. Matthew Itidgway. the. grenade-packing paratrooper who Fhorcd up morale of allied forces before he succeeded General Mile- A r t h u r as supreme commander. visited the front. "Decisive Buttle* Ridgway said the great battle "well may prove decisive." He called it the greatest Red offensive yet launched, and warned that the allies probably have not yet met its full strength. On the eastern flank Red Koreans overran Inje. They struck w i t h surprising strength. Defense of the town, four miles north uf the border, collapsed. South Koreans gave way before a similar Chinese assault in the center. Deepen Wedge Reds rammed through, deepening their wedge south of the IlSlh parallel. Censorship withheld tli precise distance. Earlier in the. day the Chinese had pushed four miles .into South Korea. And they were still pressing forward over dust} hills-on foot and by horseback." Ridgway declared: "It appears to me that al Ihit, TCXIIS and -Nov.- Mexico water officials meet here tomorrow to try tu dig up money to cut an emergency channel t h r o u g h the salt cedar swamps near Kan Mar- expected to be served ways which lead L'd The fourth, a resident nea i Organ, today. Uiiullm- J u r y grades. Sixty per cunt of the town j The grand jury, called as a is below the level of the river. j "routine matter," by Dist. Judge Levees Hold | W. T. Scoggin. -Ir. will report for ' All levees between Muscatiw: j duty Friday. April 27, when ]2 and Port Louisa arc holding b u l l men from the .'!6-man venire will water it over highway Gl at some places. The' crest at Davenport is due tomorrow but already 2-10 city blocks are under water. The Milwaukee anil Burlington railroads halted operations on t h e Iowa sirlc of the river between Davienport and Clinlon. There arc more than IH5 city blocks 'inundated in Dubuque but the waters were receding .slowly. Youths Arrested A f l e r Refusing To Pay Way Into Movie Five Las Crncus juveniles were turned over to Probation Officer George Wood Monday f i f t n r officers apprehended them upon com-. plaint of the owner of the Organ Drive-In theatre. The juveniles, it was charged. had entered the motion picture in o vehicle, evading payment. No disposition 'Of the case was given. be selected to :ict as an investigating' body. The spring term of district court opens May 21. Judge Sa'g- £in said he expected the gr;ml jury would have all indictment:;. t r u e bills and a final report ready i by that time for presentation to the court in order that the spring j term petit jury might try such indictments. The 36-man venire is composed i of an assortment of citizens. Included are farmers, 1;»borers, business men. mechanics, tradesmen, and professional men. No .Special A ltd nicy Judge Scoggin .said he did not plan "at this time" to n a m e any special attorneys to present evidence to the grand jury. In time that this attack is anothei major effort by our Communist enemy to drive United Nations forces from Korea, or to destroy them, regardles of the further destruction of his own troops." An Eighth Army spokesman said Red casualties were 10 times those of U. N. forces. On the eastern They nope lu mine SiiU.OOO for t h e project. Authoritit 1 ;; hope it will reduce materially an en! limited LONDON'! A p r i l '24 i/l'i - 1'rtiMi* \ 100.000 to 200.000 aero feet nf Minister AUlce.'s force and rebel- j water lost in the souLhern New liuu Laborite left wingers made j Mexico .swamp each ye .r. The sin to ,ieal today nimed at keeping the I has put up $70.000 for a $130,000 Labor government in power us long j slop-gap project. possible and preventing ;i general election at t h i s lime. The deal, with both Hides making: concession?, enme a f t e r a third | government leader. John Freemiu a pnriiiimeiHury secretary to tli The emergency c h a n n e l would be designed In serve u n t i l federal funds are provided for a $4 million permanent c h n n n H i z n l i i m project n i already approved by Congress. n pBriiimiciHary socratury tu the ! chl " rin K wor " TM m o fr " nl . Y"f" Minister of Supply. TMf S M«.l In STM,^'t^'^So.l t,, "S arms budget. He quit fur broadly reason as Labor Minister Ancimn Eevan and Board of Trade President Harold Wilson: Britain's H - · fm . Uu , prD j cl . tt A budget bureau :IR | for the project. tho same | Chapm . m lold Senator Clmv ( D - N M ) that he hud appealed lo the President to authorize funds f r o n t , sin offici- said (Continued mi ;af; Hod losses ·.; t'ou r; A MS indents Vole Today For S Indent Commission Officers New Mexico A M college students are voting for student commission officer? today. Presidential candidates include Bob Dwyre. junior civil engineer major. Santa Fe: Sandy Bcal, junior animal husbandry major. Radium Springs; Ten VanSoclcn. junior business i.dministraUon major, Santa Fe; and Bill Huey. junior animal husbandry major, Socorro. Dan G i i l f i t h . sophomore journalism major of Green Tree; liny r.ancing of her rearmament »t t h e |, ,. commem |iiUon t h a t funds for tin project be authorized is before the President. Chapman said he asked the budget h u m a n to release $135,001) for an immediate .start on the project nmi for Jl.-103,000 to be .spent ii expense of the national free medicine scheme. The Labor g-overnnir-nt announced the appointment of Alfred Rn- bena lo Bcvmi'r. Labor Ministry post, and of Sir Hartley Shawcross as president of the Board of Tnute. Robens. -10, has been parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Fuel, and SIIHWITOKS, -19. li;us been Attorney General. Labor members of pai liament held a stormy t \vn-hmir seei-el emergency meeting. II. rosujtod in I the drni i'n which tin- rebels, b e n d - 1 ed by Uo.van and Wilson, pledged! themsHvcs lo pul parly u n i t y in j ''-' r l^ the 1P51I fiscal year. ' The meeting tomorrow WHS set up hint week a f t e r discussions at :d then there uf EI r was .slight hope of getting n the $1.7-15,000 originally expected for this year. Water saved by t h e project would go :t long way toward pro viding irrigation for fiirms hi*low U n i t e diim and would Ihe House uf Commons above t b r policy split. In return. AUlee's fi-rces a g r e e d ! to permit Be van to abstain if there j is a vote in the House nf Com-} mons tonight on the government i bill to skip a TiO per c-cnt charge j on false t e e t h and .spectacles. Bevan's supporters in tin- Labor par- | ly must toe Ihe line and support | the bill. help pny the Middle Hio Grande's water debt tu the ISIephiuH U u t t c Thus the Labor p i u t y could ox- peel to pull through should tin- Conservatives tonight n t tempt to exploit, the Labor split by railing for n formal vote on a second reading of the bill to charge for spectacle:; and teeth. The oppasi- Kysar. sophomore physical oduca- j l l o » flll TM (1 .V '""1 *'Xpre:*ed Hiipporj Uon main:-. Farmmgion. and .Mm ! f o r tlie 1in - "P f " r il K C C t m t t ir:il! - Tackctr. junior t 'encr«I. ngrleul- i »P- OnllimiUy il could he parsed lure majiM-, Blmta, Okla.. arc can dldatc4 for vice-pu indent. Bonnie Cox. freshman psychology major, Alamogonlo, and Ann Forehand, freshman business administration major, Carlsbad, are two special assistant district « t - 1 candidates for secretary. tornc.vs were nnmcil lo.assist t h a t I Tommy Hotmail, sophomore bus- body with Its probe. innrss a d m i n i s t r a t i o n major, Carl- There are no specific cfises at j bail and Patricia Lojjstlon, sophn- homc economies major, arc ' candidates for head this time to be investigated by the j more jury, but a probe into "all general | Helen affairs" will be conducted. t eliccr without a. vote. COTTON' M A I t K K T (Coiirfs-sy High May -IS-'IO J u l y 45. M Oct. .'JH.SIl Mar. y.i.'2 New DI-C. ;iji.;;r Nnw Miiy 'i'.lW New July I New OcL T. Honvi-r Ci Low Clo-i Thug Invades Convent, Shoots Sister Superior's Father JEMEZ SPRINGS. X. M., April 2-1 '.Ti-'A gunman, believed lo be an ex-convict, tnviulcd a m o u n t a i n .convent last night and shot the his immediate classification so h e ] father and sister superior, will be subject lo call when he! The gunman escaped into the reaches lS!j. wilds of the northern New Mexico The age also applies to a man's' tne convent living roum. : light, peered outside and ran. 1 lowish complexion, wearing ;i tan One rif tli-j '.hive* Mi,icrs at t h e ' Throughout this time, the g u n - 1 or l i g h t brown jacket and carry- '.·or. vent opened tho front door in { m a n .spoke no word. [ i n g a small blue a u t o m a t i c ;;iisol. response lo a .-fp-iml sin- thonpiit j See, A i i t u Lights j Stale Police al Albuquiitme and w;i;i made by a pel cat. The gun- ] The sisters .said they thought j Santa Fe, Albuquerque City Police man briwln-d past her and pulled i they .saw the tall light of an auto, | and Beiiialillu County s h c i i l f ' K of- Ability for UMT. Both bills require local boards to exhaust their supply of men 19 through 25 years old before culling on younger men. The Senate prescribes UMT for irom four to six months while the House recommended a six-month program. OOK AND KAHHITT STOI.KN* A inn doe, and ten small rabbits were reported stolen this morning by Mis. Ted Alexander, Kspina and Foster Hoad. Mrs. Alexander .laid the nnlnifila were stolen from hutches near the home sometime Monday night. mountains in .two stolen trucks. . Posses spreiid a search through the .1 ernes: Mountains for him. The wondcd man i? George K. Barker, . 7. r . of Rochester, N. V., Father of S'sler Superior Frances. The bullet hit him In the groin. His condition is not believed serious at St. Joseph's hospital in Albuquerque, Ti-lls Story Barker told this story: He and his wife .-.ere completing a .winter vacation by visiting their daughter M Villa Mater Crisll L'onvcnt -- a home for aged Nuns. They were Just retiiing after an evening *ponl plwylng r n m M i i in ho walked through but the one used to come to the n nifltnl. tne convent to the phone and ripp- eii it from the wall. As the g u n m a n reenlered the convent stood ing. Through th there this morn- rilgiU. the women anoil er ,-iKlcr, th« 13'irker.v walked picked up the canasta niul holding it as .shield of him advanced on the gunman. Open* Fire nd turned his gun on , were too terrorised to t u r n on it light. When daylight canu- al 5:40 a.m. Mrs. Uarker stole outside and drove the Marker car a few hundred yards down the wail lo spread the alarm from Monastery Via Coell, .where -10 fathers had spent the night without knowledge of tlic trouble. The man was dcscrlhrd In police radio warning B us being a white man, 2ft to 30 years old, it bout 5 ft. 8 In. tall, Blender build, medium brown hair, f a i r headed, ye]- ''istance of six feet. Uic mnn fired, Mrs. Harkcr was following. Sn.i l,iushcd the weapon aside movod on the man. the Nun; Sister Con- t,',\nc.o aside, the gunman walked to the front door, turned off Ihe fice nil were working on tho east!. Police said the gunman mitmvn'd the .same description 11* one sought by AlhuqtK'rqUe polin; for wounding George M i i l l e n l x , :«», Sun Hernardlno. f'allf., outside a cafo Sunday night. State policr Sanla Fe siitd headquarters in roadblocks have been thrown up at Farmlngton and Hernnllllo. Roads leading from Ihc .lemer. Springs area arc belli.? cheeked, Hcad:]Uaiteiji said tho wocond truck believed '.n have Won stolen by the gunman was found abandoned this morning at Senorlta, near Cuba northwest of Jrmo/. Spring*. The L'nilml .Stalt-.s Navy band will iipcpar in concert hero at R }. n . tonight in J u n i o r High i i t i d i - t o r i u n i . Tickets arc still available for I lie performance and may br purchased al the door. Price is $1.25 c»ch. The. f i t - m a n band, under the baton if LI. Commander Charles nmidk-r. has chosen n well-rounded program of selection:! with pop\ lllar appeal. Tlie program includes " f u n n - i | hinna Overture" by vnn Itc/ntiTk. | Fcrdt: Gmfe'.s "On tin;". Tschidkowsky'.s "Cn price It a lion," ;* cornet trio "Thr Three Uhie- Jjirkcls" by Krne.'il Wlllltini.i, and I the "Air Varli-". :i Irnmtmn*! solo I by A r t h u r Pry or. A George [ Gershwin hit parade and the "Slurs [ a n d Stripes Forever" conclude the I firct portion of the program. Following inlermls.iion, the re- I downed b:ind presents "The Sor| cerer's Apj)rL'iiliee" by Paul Iu'. k:is, w;dl/.s from Julian Slraii.s.s* j "FU'derinau.s", and a t e n u r .solo I "M'Apjiiiri T u l l ' Amor" from I he I Flutou' opi-nt "Miirthn". j The prnj'.rain concludes w i t h j "Hniiiniitilan Hhapsndy Nu. r 1 and j - ' A n c h o t s Awi-lgh". Two-diir A c c i t l c n l I n j u n ( J i r l . U! A two-car accident early Sunday tTHMlled In injuries to an tfi- year-old girl, and a stop sign violation citation for a local man. Mistt Jon n Sandlin, 18. flOOO Kdgwood Drive, Albuquerc|ue. sustained minor Injuries whim she was thrown from n car driven by JIUIUM C l i n k Hrnric, IS, Slate College. The Clark cur collided with a vehicle driven by Salvador Sllva, 21, 119-1 Tornlllo Slrccl, about i! a, m. Sunday at tho coiner of Ln.i Cruces and Church street. Sllva WIIH cited for running a slop sign. Uo paid a $2 fine In Court Upholds Conviction 01 Former Police Conviction of throe former Now Mexico peace officers, two of liicin from Lr.s Cruees, has been uphold -. by the U. S. Circuit Court of Appeal .1. The three, former Dona Ana county Sheriff A. L. (Happy) Ap- oduca, former District Attorney investigator Hoy Sandman, imd ex-Chief of Ihe State PoUoo Hubert Deasley, are charged with torturing ;i Negro-prisoner in (in effort to make, him confcjia the m u r der of Ovida (Cricket) Cooler. They were convicted and ne.ii- (enced in federal district c-utirt at Albuquerque last year of- torturing Wesley IJynl. a Negro. Sf-iilriH-ed Tu Prison l-iiich war: srnloni'rd In a j'oar in prison. U. S. A l l y . Kverelt Granlhiim jiaiif in Albuquerque they have 2t days to decide whether to n.'ilt « re-hiaring or appeal to Ihe federal supreme court. Two of the three defense u t t u r - neys declinetl comment in Sant;i Fe. They are Hnrrv Bigbcc ami II. A. Klker. The " third, A. T. H a n n e t t of Albuquerque, was tin* a vii i bible, as were Beasley, Apodaca and Sandman. Uyrd was held for questioning the death of the 18-year-ohi Lrui Cruces waitress, whose Imttcrcti body was found .in a desert grave near Las Crucea 17 days a f t e r she disappeared about two years ago. Accuses Officers Ilyrd accused Beasluy, Apodiicn ,'uul Sandman of fastening a pail- lock to his person in an effort lo gel a confession. .Icrry, professional fuot- bnll pUiyer w i t h Ihe Pittsburgh Ste.elers and former New Mexico Aggie grid star, wn.s charged ;i few weeks ago with murder in the dentil of Miss Cooglrr. A May 8 hearing huts been set for him. In arguments here in March, attorneys for the former officers attacked instructions given tin; district cotu't Jury by Judge Carl Hatch. They maintained Judge Hatch's instructions eonsUlulnl "reversible error". Thn appelhito court clld not agree. Held In Cnse, Uyrd wns held in connection w i t h Miss Cnnglcr's dcnth in Mny. J9-10. He was never cluirged w i t h an offense pertaining lo I h e girl 1 :; death, but wan detainr.d under charges of "Illopally operating nn a used car dealer". His csir WHS exainined a f t e r h't \v;is jtilled. Officers .said they found Kubfitanccs that were "similar" to specimens taken from th« person of Mtss Coupler. The i d e n t i t y of UIVHC subM;inee. were never nuidu clear, but it wi?;i generally believed they Inelud'-d iiair, d i r t , lipstick, and a .f.impUi u f paint. I ' u l n t Smudge . - . Officers relHtcd t h a t unc of Mi;u Cooglcr':t .'thoes \wrc. «a -sniudKi of blue jrninl when it wa.s found on U. S. Highway 80 south of bet" shortly before her body wa.s discovered, . , ,, ,,, The p a i n t , they ;utfd. mulched p i i i n t on Byrd'; cur. It U-IIH I n t e r determined t h a t n« p n i n t appeared on the !lj()C.'i u n t i l itfti'r they were turned Into th" Dona Ann c o u n t v Sheriff's offlc". \ii/.iun Held When fffl«;ciM held .Jerry Nu-, w i t h o u t clnrge.'i, in run- nrellon w i t h (lie girl's death, a Irl- (Cfintinued on page. In'Jt j pnllco court Monday, Folklorists Plan May Meeting Here Plans arc being completed K r tin 1 n n n i i t t l meeting of the * Nru- Mexico Folklore society in kjtu Cruet-.-! nn.l Etnie College im Stit- imhiy Mny 12, from all ovt-r tlu- m a t t - itn- expi-clrd to a t t c n t l . A f u l l day's activity In s'Jiodut- ed, Including morning and u f i ' - i noon meotit'cs, a luncheon at t h j Vonnti) Ut-c Ten Room, ^pnnl.iii i-ongs and dunr'n^. and ;i» upra housii in the evunmg nt tho hoire i»i Paul Conhlln. Dtitai'.s nf tho program will In 1 announced later. Papers will b,- mid on the last gold of tl;-i Oi- fciin MountHln. 1 *, Inillnn and Navajo f n l k l n i n . Puncho Villa, nnl t i m designing und printing of lolKl'jio iniuui.sci-ipt.s. The LJIS Crucra Willoru clul. 1^ taking an active part HI «pon.-jnt-- ing the meeting, with nt los«t on»j member of the club, Thcron Tnim- bo, on the proRram. .Since interest in Southwoatp.iii folkloro Is so wldc.sprend In Donn Ana co\mty. it 1« expected that i\ number of local people will wish to attend any or all of the cvcnt-i on May 12. Conklln may lio con- t(trt«d for luncheon rcitoivatlbiw,

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