Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 8, 1955 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 20
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Pane 20 GHUfcUisV TiuutiKE Thursday, Dec. ?, 1955 Cake for tlie Holidays Earth's Life Powered by. Sun's Energy A KARD-AND-EA'SY SAUCE -- Hard enoush texlure to makt It · asy to cut out for holiday shapes. day cookie cullers to cul out shapes for lopping fruil cake. O L D - F A S H I O N E D FRUIT C A K E mikoi J quaint gift to fill friends wilh nostalgia. By C E C I L Y BROWNSTONE Auoelaled Press Food Editor Country-Style Fruij Cake lakes on new airs. It is still made with talt pork, molasses, fruits a n d spices, rmt .its r.ccipc lias been brought up to date. 1 Bake Die batter in two loaf.pans or in Him coffee tins; serve one of" the cakes at home, give the other loaf or rounds lo friends wilh a leaning toward the past! Country Fruit Cakt Ingredients: 1 cup boiling water, 1 cup finely chopped salt porki 1 cup light or dark molasses, 1 cup ' mgar, 2 cggB '(separated), i chopped seedless raisins, 1 cup cup Weld County Real Estate Transfers Reven'le stamps on'real et- state t r a n s f e r s are at the rate of $1.10 per thousand. chopped rlat«s, M c u p chopped glace fruit, -i cups sifted flour, 2 teaspoons baking soda, 1 leaspoon cloves, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, V'i leaspoon ginger, IVj teaspoons . lemon extract. Method: Pour boiling water over pork.-Add molasses a n d sugar; heat well. Beal egg yolks until thick and lemon colored; stir into molasses mixture. Mix raisins ' dales and glaco (ruit wilh W cup of Ihc Hour. Kill r e m a i n i n g 3Vi cups (lour wilh baking soda, cloves, cih namon and ginger;.add lo molasses mixture; mix Ihoroughly. Slir in f r u i t and lemon cxlracl. Beat egg whiles unlil stiff but nol dry ami fold in. Pour hatter inlo 2 greased and floured loaf pans (each about « by 214 inches); or divide batter equally among 3 greased and floured 1-pound coffee cans, Bake in t slow (275 degrees) oven about 114 hours or until cake lesler inserted in center comes out clean. .Turn out cakes on rack to cool. Frost and decorate as desired. Note: Make this cake ahead, if you like; when you want lo serve il, reheat it in the top of a double holler over boiling water, Accompany Ihe slices wilh Holiday " Hard Sauce. Holiday Hard 5auc« . Ingredients: Vi cup butter 01 margarine, 1'A cups confectioners sugar, 1 tablespoon light molasses IVt leaspoon vanilla. Method: Beal b u t t e r ' a n d sugar · until fluffy. Beal in molasses am! vanilla."Spread evenly in shallow pan and chill until firm. Use holi John W. and Dorothy I.. Knelfs lo Donald E. and Emma Lou Burgess, MOO' of WOO', Lot 2, Highland Acres, liev. 50c. ' ' lay M. and Fein E. Copple to Olio E. and Ellen Aufreclll, Tt Lot 2, SW'/jSW/i, 10-5-65, Jlcv. W.40. Subject lo Deed of Trust, $8,212.79. families Bigger WASHINGTON -- Tncre arc some 37,000,000 m a r r i e d couples in the United Slates. More than 50 per cent of them married since 1940. They're having bigger families t h a n in 1910; twice as many second and third children, a n 1 CO per cent morn fourth children. WASHINGTON-The .carlh spins in 'a ccasclcssfglarc o f ' p u r e energy. Without simliijht,' the planet \vould b'c'a frozen cinder. In the sun, il lives. - ',-' Capturing tms blazing solar po ei 1 has hccn an age-old human dream, tho National Geographic Society says. Farmers transform a liny fraction into food; forests, inlo fuel. But most of it goes waslc. · ' Just how much energy pours dou v n, science can only cslimale. The total is staggering: Every day, around the earth, the sun delivers roughly Ihe equivalent of burning 122 trillion tons of soft coal. Half » Wooden M a t c h From Maine to California, each square foot of (he surface of the United Slalcs receives about one kilocalorie of energy per minute while the sun shines--as much as released by burning half a wooden match. In food, home healing,'transportation, and all industrial and me- c h a n i c a l work, daily energy consumption in Ihis country is now 35n,000-kilocalorics per person.-As. much sun energy falls on an average plot of land 10 feet wide by 31) feet long. The sunlight striking less than a 100-mile square of Arizona desert, if completely used, would be enough lo jKvver all Ihe induslry in (he United Slates. The roof of an average house calches aboul 500 limes as much energy as the electricity used by a typical family. Small wonder thai science looks lo solar power in Ihr f u t u r e as much as to atomic power! , Ancienl Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans obtained sail by Idling the sun cvaporale sea water. In Ihe same way today large amounts of various salts are produced, as from the Dead Sea in Israel. ' · In 215 B. C., Archimedes reputedly sel fire to Roman ships bosicgjng Syracuse by focusing sunlight with a mirror. Today tern- peraturti of 5.000° and higher are produced for science by solar furnaces, llic Inrgest. a 33-fooli cori- cave focusing 1 mirror -in .'the-' high Pyrenees of southern France. Sun and Waltr In 1872, to obtain irosh water from. Ihc P a c i f i c Ocean, a monster solar still was built in Chile. It scrvatlvcly, that by 1075 some 13,- 1X0,000 homes ' in . lite United Slates will be solar healed. A rural telephone li«c in Georgia nol long' afeo began carrying calls powered by electricity from (he sun.-"Dolled to the t o p s ' o f poles, facing the sky, solar batteries developed by Bell Telephone Laboratories can transform sunlight directly into electric current. For centuries, men have'studied tlio sun and sought to build sun- powered devices. Dr. Charles G. Abbot, f o r m e r .secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, pioneered modern American solar research. One of his projects was a solar radiation slalion built atop a mountain in Soullt-West Africa in .1925 for Ihe Smithsonian and the National Geographic Society. Harvard and -the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have had solar.programs, .slnco 1938 under a grant from Dr. Godfrey L. Cabot. So; loo, the aulomolivc Inventor, Dr. Charles f. Kctlcring, a National Geographic Society Trustee, has established the Kellcring Founda lion for solar energy studies at Yellow Springs, Ohio. Achievement Banquet s Held at Evans USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS EVANS -- Achievement banquet fpr members of the Ml »g'!cul- ure club was hekl at the Evans radc school Saturday night wlHi 106 persons attending.. Jerrie Harsh, retiring president, introduced George James, county agent, and Mrs.,James, and Mrs. Lucille Gillcspie, county leader of home economics in the 4-li:.The Jtcv. Barry Kimbrough, pastor of Ihe Evans Methodist church,, and jMrs. Kimbrough. James and Mrs. Gillispie' responded witli -shorl talk's. - ' The program began wjlh group singing. Don Held, junior leader presented C. E. Rhoadarmer"of, with a gift, anc Clarence Lynn, a gift as coach o the Softball team. Musical mim ,bers followed, -wilh Joan White playing ' accordion solos, Bing Soloman gave a n u m b e r on the electric guitar and moulhnarp Don and jefry Reid played a's.ixo phone and accordion duel, and Gene Brown played » solo on Ihe *lcclrlc guitar. · , ' ' · nhoadarmcr passed out cerlifi' calcs and 4-H pths to tho following charier members: Larry Khoadar- ner, Jerrie Harsh, .Gary Lynn, Bill Straight, Gerald. Artnes, Wendell Huston and Thclina Lcao\e- brami. John Elliott, a five year nembcr, but not K charter member of Ihe local club, received f : ivc year pen, Don Reid, who is a seven yearmembcr received a pen f o r . junior leadership. 1 Six year members included Bihg Solomau, Gaylor Gibbs and Naomi Forquc'r. Four year inombcrs lo receive pens were Joan While, Carolyn and Gary Annes, Danny Gibbs. Bar bara Lynn', Jerry Ucid and Jeanne Straight. Thrco-y«ar members arc Donna. Leadabrand, Judy Lucas and Sharon Van G'ordcr. Two year members are M y r n a Annes, Peg gic Straight, Mcrna- R o a d n r m e r Kathlebn Armes, x Walter Durst Jinimic Robinett, Jerry Wig'gelt Parry Benncll, George M a r l i n and Tomasa Castillio. Shirlc; Mitchell is the only first year mem ber. The club received a 100 pe cent completion certificate pre senlcd by R h o a d a r m e r ' a n d in re urn. Jcfrin Harsh presented.him vith' « certificate ahd 'pen for eldership. '.-. .-' ; - ' The dinner was. prepared by nolhcrs Jfof :';(|ie';'.members ·'-·.and cr\cd by";tncmb'cfs'of the Evans extension club rtot having' children n the club! ;: ~ y .- . . - * ' · · \, The- next' mcctiruj. w i l l : b c - a t ' tho own hall\|an/6.whcn the^new officers will lake'charge. . - : · - · -, . High l i v i p g - c o s t s ' are not de- erring couples -from' marrying in South ATrlcajVbiit imosl of them begin marned.Jife;with'. "» string of debts," according to a Johannes- mrg businessman.-';.-.-,Y'.- . .. Store Keeping Perils EL IXIRADO', 'Ark. (ft -- 'A »· . car-old grocery store owner It indlng'- 1 out,.that, his" vocation "-U "f .arigcjonsl'/y ' .·""' '.··'?:' : . ·Twice within four pionlhs, bandits...-; live beaten N. N.-.Frisby. The -first;.' .iirie a pair ot robbers escaped \«th'.. ;100. Krisby . stood" up'- under .th«';' ' i5tic"allack/of "a : lonc bandit-the'.··'· sccond'tim'?,and the would-be rob-v^ xir fled empty-handed.; . · ' USE-THE TRiBuVie. WANT'ADS.. : BJuhill Work, Sleep, Play In Comfort Without Nagging Backach* .Njsritigbackictc, h»iUcko, or rauicuiar' ' tchef and t1n» m»y ecmeon wUhovrr-eirr- tlon.tmotionilupie!iorii»j today*itei»»niJ- "itrain: And lo'.te who tit and drink enwhelj ·orr.ctimej taller miM bladder i r r i t a t i o n , ...n,-iih lh*t realkiJ, UD comfortable feeling.;. . If you ire m[«*r»ble «nd worn outbec»u*t ot thci»disroaiforU, !*· n'* PiU ofte» bylp b / t h H r p i n rclievim « theiritnlh-. tns effect lu *aie bUJJcr irrit»tion,»nd by tlwtSrmitJdiurttrr.melloTsthraiitrhlhc kidney* -- trr.dinf to Enervate Ike output, of ttw 1* miles of kldztejr tubes. fv If MAEC'rtK feekstlie mik.H jou /^*1 rfracKeJ-o"t,roI#Br»bk.,,wLlhTfitJni.«Tf*p- lesi /irghU.,.don't wait...try. Doan's Pilb... set the i am* h a p p y irlkf luillioni hare «n- I V s ;.?T produced up lo 6,000 gallons a day. Nor arc solar-powered water healers something new; they were used m a n y years ago in both Flori da and California. Solar healing planls for houses, widely leslcd in recent years, slill arc Iwo lo Ihrce times as cosily as conventional fuel systems. Yet it Has been estimated, quite con- BEEF STEW ©nation NEW FLAVOR The Different . Hot Cereal! MORE NOURISHING! W H f A T I E R I COOKS INST*Ntl.Yi Now better than ever! Made with famous Idaho Bart | Wheat. Gives you till the B-vitamms, plus protein and ; / iron! · For rich flavor, whole wheat nourishment,'';· instant cooking, look for the new red and whita ; . package at your grocery store today I ; CAM NATION INSTANT WHIAT . "' TERRY'S MEATS and LOCKERS 1819 9th St. Phone 2382 LOOKERS, PROCESSING, MKAT A N D ' POULTRY, I.OCKEK SUPPLIES Hccf Quarlcrs and Halves, Sold, Cul and Processed As Ordered PORK SALE! 390 PORK ROASTS, Loin end Ib CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS _ ' l l ) . FRESH SIDE Ib, PORK MC- LOINS . !b. *t3C All cut ind wrapped for your Fr^ezsr. PURE and LEAN GROUND BEEF SWISS STEAK I, KAN STEW (iKADti A, 3 Ib. average STEWING HENS 3ib S 98c __m59c L_ih.49c __,b39c and PIECES ' Ih. 19c swirrs ' BACON ENDS SP.ICB1) ' ' ' LUNCHEON MEAT 2,29 If you need extra money for Christmas, conic oat and buy your meat from us and use your savings for Chrislmas. ' . . . ^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^r^^im**rmmmm*^ - \\ ' · NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY BEEF PORK Come In and ; , See us for real Dollar Savings on Quarter* Halves these BLUE RIBBON BUYS -trf*" * t^-« vj WL\ \ J3§a£v»W \ DELRICH · Margarine ~ J t % C Foil Wrapped Ib., CEREAL P.osl's Treat ' Pack wilh Coupon._ Chicken of the Sea. CRACKERS st4S COFFEE INSTANT 4 Quarts prj Nonfat ftQ it I DRY MILK 19C Chunk Style 29c Wilson's Chicken Salad*.- 29c Hormel's Solitaire All Grinds . Snowflake 10 Ib. W I INSTANT COFFEE 1C Dromedary VJINGlEtR BREAD M, 1C 25c Van Camp's PORK 'N BEANS No. 2 can . . .. Solitaire ·· Jar TEA BAGS ANGEL FOOD Cake Pillaburj' Mix __________ . 48 ConnI -- Mrs. Tuucker'a MEATS Looking for something different -- Marvin Has 111 BROWN SUGAR CURED, HICKORY SMOKED. D A tL Ok A n» Center Cut, Ib. 69c I OfK l/nOpS End Cuts . Ib. 57c 87c ib. 53c ib. 55c Whole or Half . . Ib. Rib End Roast Loin End Roast Armour's Star QAIIOAMA Pure Pork » OdUSdgG Cello pkg. . Ib. n Swift's Premium . Ib. 19c DdCOn Ends pieces, 12 Ibs. 2.19 Hormel's, Ready to 47** Serve . . . . Ib. 41C Whole or Shank Half 15c Pillsbury or Ballard Biscuits IQc Heinz Meat Varieties SOUP 15c VEGETABLES Pears °' A T 13c GRAPEFRUIT 80 size Ruby Red, Tree ripened . . 3 for POTATOES GoodFlrm No. 2 Reds 50 B. bg 98c CELERY Delicate Flavored and Crisp, Large Bunch 25c KOUNTYKIST . Whole Kernel .' 12 oz ; -| |^C Vac. Pak .^.. STA1,EY'S,-DARK 2-i oz. jugr Whole or Shank Half I OA/DIIH OCl Polish Sausage cuda 1i;M9c I OlKUr 00 PICTSWEET Frozen Foods Mixed Veg., Cut Corn / or. Peas Fruit Pies. . Meat Pies . Sliced Peaches The New Tasle Treat, By Supreme Bakers CINNAMON CRISPS , , , 33c / « · 'Buy your Chrislmas Candy ai Marvin's The prices are low-The selection belter Discounts To Church and School Groups LOW ( P R I C E S I E V E R Y , MARVIMS MARVELOUS S U P E R OPEN TO 9P.M. M A R K E T - 1 DAYS A WEEK 501-14TM AV£. GREELE.Y ii)

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