Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 24, 1976 · Page 15
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 15

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1976
Page 15
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[ TONIGHT'S TELEVISION \ _4j30_ 5:30 6:30 7 7:30 g 8:30 ~9 9:30 to 10:15 10:30 ff -11:30 fj 12:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) E-- =-^=. -- , -- . ,,, -- _^_ Gillljjn'^ Isltnd FiniM* AfUir N**iceni«r 7 Newt tab Newhtrl Prpi One Day at a Time N t w s c e n t e r ; News C«mpaijn '74 CBS Lite Movie " V ^ Oh. 4 KAID(PBS) Mr. Rogers Sesjme Slreel Electric Company Legislature 7k Anyone For Tennyson? Profiles in Courage t-Tell 1 7 : 5 0 1 Crossfire The Adams Chronicles Consumer Survival Kil Worn an Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) SUr Trek Mickey Mouse ABC Evening News Uig Valley Happy Days Laverne ina Shirley The Rookies Marcus Welby Perry Mason News Scene t Jerry Farwell Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) _ ______ j Gunsmoke NBC Nighlly Newi Nembojf 7 To Tell Ihe Trulh Movm' On Police Woman The City ol Angels Now^heai ; Tonight Show Tomorrow Ann Landers The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune, Tuesday. February 24,1976--A-l BLACKER 'New Morality' upsets folks Dear Ann Landers: Will you please allow me lo use your column lo address my own children -- as -.veil as olhcrs wlio live by "The New Morality"? Dear Children: We have tried lo give you love, understanding, religious convictions, a goorl e d u c a t i o n , d i s c i p l i n e , e v e r y t h i n g we thought was important lo help you grow up s t r a i g h t and sirong. IHit something went wrong. Why m how, we do not know. Somewhere along Ihe line yon rejected our values and made up your own rules. You decided sex is nil right if two people love one another. Your mural code savs SIRVICE-AUTV-STEREO GE-AmiANCE5-AUBEFRIGE»ATION 7:00 (7) MOVIrV O.V - Sonny and Will truck into Bayou country to haul shrimp. 7.00 (61 HAPPY DAYS "Sight For Sore Eyes" Fonzie panics when he learns that he has to wear glasses, for fear that it will ruin his image as a sex symbol. 3:00 14) CROSSFIRE - The . puhlic affairs series features two advocates presenting pro and con arguments of the issues, i n c l u d i n g cross- e x a m i n a t i o n of the witnesses. 8:00(71 POLICE WOMAN' Donna Mills guest-stars as a psychopathic mother whose love for her baby drives her to homicide and kidnapping. i:00 2 M + A + S + H - The leading characters of the 4077th hospital come under the scrutiny of o stateside television commentator whose interviews provide pr.ovocalive answers la such.. i lAstro- IJGraph I '·· A Bernice Becte Osol For Wednwdiy, Feb. 25,1976 ARIES (March 21.April 19) Normally you're a person ol action. Today you could be a shade too lackadats-ca' about that which should be done. T A U R U S (April 20-Miy 20) Olhers will be relying upon you to hold up your end ot bargains. Don't expect them lo do your share. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Be careful today not to assurre someone else's burdens that may be too large for you to manage. Look before you leap. CANCER (Jung 21-July 22}Us or.e ol those days when you could loofishly do something againsl your belier judgment. Be practical in all mailers. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Take into careful consideration today views and suggeslions of co-workers. They may havr; something worth listening to VIRGO (Aug. 23-S«pl. 22) In bus'ness dealings loday, don'l make more concessions than necessary. Be lair, but don't give away IMe store. LIBRA (S«pl. 33-Ocl. 23) You may find yourself in a situation loday where you'll need to take a firm pos'tion. Stick to your guns. Don I be wishy-washy. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22} Tncugh yo-jr rntenlions will be gootf. it will be easier to make prorriscs today than it will be lo lullill Ihcm SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-D«c, 21) This is one ol those days where your gene/ous nature cou'd work to your delrirreni. Curb extravagant impulses CAPRICORN (Dtc.22-Jan 19) Be satisfied today with small advantages m your dealings with oihers. II you expect !oo much, j'Ou'U overshoot the mark AQUARIUS (J«r. 20-Fri, 19) Don'l let optimism about something imporiant today cloud your practical judgement. Rely upon realistic evaluations. PISCES (Ftto. 20-Mwch 20) You're likely to be mosl profic:nnl today in managing others' allairs. but don'l neglect lo guard your own interests! F*. 25, 1171 This coming year you arelifcely 10 put a greater emphasis on io'nt ventures or situations (hat provide new revenues. II your associates are wisely s«l«ttd the results could be profitable. Program Highlights TV film fare questions as "Why do yotj think you're in Korea?" and "How does it feel lo be 20,000 miles from home when you're not sure why you're there?" 8:00 16) THE ROOKIES "Blue Movie. Blue Death"Terry. Mike and Chris go undercover to infiltrate a company which produced a pornographic film in which a girl was slain on camera. Jamie Smith Jackson guest stars. 9:00 (6) MARCUS WELBY, M . D . - "The Highest Mountain" Part 11 -- Dr. Welby is summoned back from vacation when Dr. Kiley is hospitalized following n stroke and Janet returns, stricken w i t h remorse at seeing her young husband lying paralyzed. 9:00 (2) SWITCH - Pete suddenly becomes the possible target for a bullet from the syndicate when they believe that he and Malcolm ore partners in a scheme which ripped Idem off for one million dollars. 9:00 ( 4 1 THE ADAMS CHRONICLES - "John Adams: President" -- 17971801 -- John Adams comes to disagree w i t h Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson and most of his cabinet about Hie country's government. Dr. Lamb 11:00 (21 CBS LATE M O V I E "How The West Was Won" Starring Spencer Tracy, Henry Fonda, Gregory Peck, Debbie Reynolds and John Wayne. Western drama revolves around a family of New England farmers trying to make their way West in the 1830s and the barriers they overcome in their journey across the continent. (HOW THE WEST WAS WON PART II WILL BE SHOWN ON THE CBS LATE M O V I E , W E D N E S D A Y , FEBRUARY 25) marriage is not important. You woe of legal age when you made your decision. Your f a t h e r and I were crushed when you and your beloved decided lo live together. We expressed our sirong disapproval but decided l« keep unr hearts and doors open hoping and praying that your crooked thinking would straighten out in lime. Now you have brought a child iiilu Ihe world. Again you tell us nuumge is nnt important - lhai if two people are in love nolhing else matters. We have done our best to iiiiiti-rsland your point of view. It is so foreign lu us. But your are nur children and we cannot slop loving you. So we go along. But please ilroi'l tliink because we haven't written you off that we approve of your lifestyle. We are appalled by it. I t " is heartbreaking to witness our children living in a manner we consider immoral and indecent. And now to friends and relatives who keep asking why we "condone" your behavior: It is one thing to be heartsick, and we are - and to disapprove, which we do. Bui to blot out 20 years of our lives as if they never happened is impossible. Wo cannot pretend our children and our grandchild do not exist. Whal's mure, they are flesh of our flesh. Nothing will ever change thai. Of course Ihcir lifeslyle is upsetting to us but culling them out of our lives would be infinitely more painful. We have been asked what happened. Why did our children t u r n out this way? We have no answers. We are heartsick and bewildered. Wcdidour best,but a p p a r e n t l y it wasn't good enough. Thank you, Ann dear, for letting us say all this in the paper. I know 1 speak not only for my husband and myself, but for thousands of other parents as well. There are so many of us -from New York to California. Some see their children but never talk about them. Others have disowned Ihe rebels because they couldn't tolerate the criticism of their friends Kveiyono's heart aches for Ihe child who goes astray -- bul each one handles his problems in his own way. Who in heaven's name knows what is right any more? Our daily prayer is "God help us all." - My Name Is Legion Dear Friend: I do not believe (here is a "New Morality." Thi lifestyle you describe is mereK a rejection of the "Ok Morality." You have written a beautiful letter. My heart and my hand is with you -- and al! other parents who share this problem ^ J- i- COXFIDIiXTIAL lo Should 1 Tell Her? : The answer is NO Tlip best ivay lo keep a secret i! iilone. The first Iranian steel mill was built near Isfahan. "ROAD SERVICE" Slurring Helen Bald TOP CINEMA RATED XXX Under 18 Not Admitted Doors opan at 5:30 454-1 731 Dear Paiio-v If you would be offended by a fi'm o.' o 50*1.0' raiy.'e, your paironoge .s noi solicited. Thff Mtnigtmvnt CLOSED MONDAYS! MOVIE RATING GUIDE For Parents and Young People HllobflcriTI 0/ffl* rtrirgjjj'm pjr«nrs tboal \h* r of [jr-i] ALL ACES A D M I T T E D I _ I ^31- PAHCHTAl GUIOAUCI PG R u ® ·IL a Son. H m,,,lM.,*c.D. «B- RtSimcilD dtr if requrtt ccomp,i r .r5 ·3S- miyva'r ·.rctni.n *'Mi| TMTM"' NOW SHOWING Co/fee counteracts franqui/izers DEAR DR. LAMB - Your reply to the reader who was t a k i n g I r a n q u i l i z e r s with coffee brought lo mind Ihe experience I had with our son. He was in a mental warii in our city hospital and I visited him everyday. During'lhe visits. I noticed that patients had free access lo coffee. They could drink as much as they wanted al any t i m e . T h i s h a s a l w a y s THE FAMILY CIRCUS bothered me because il doesn'l seem logical for many of them to lake daily doses of tranu.uilizers while at the same lime drink coffee all day. I don't know if all menial wards allow free access lo coffee, hut I do know this hospital still keeps the coffee pot hot for their patients Li E A K K E A I) K R Uecause of the caffeine in By Bi] Kcanc "Daddy's mowing the snow!' coffee. 1 must say lhal il should be used only for Ihose who want a stimulus, as on awakening, if (hen. I sec no value and lols of harm in permitting or encouraging people lo drink lols of coffee containing caffeine, the nerve s t i m u l a n t , who need Iran- ituilizers in or out of the hospital. In general, anyone who is nervous, anxious or keyed up really does not need a nervous stimulant. Those wanting more inlor- maliDii un coffee can send 50 cents for The Heallh Letter. Number 1-1. Coffee, Tea. Cola. Cocoa. Send a long, s t a m p e d , self-addressed envelope for mailing. Address your letter to me in care of this newspaper. P. 0. Box 1551, Radio City Station. New York, NY 10019. DEAR DR. LAMB - Your a n s w e r is b a d l y needed. Reading your advice on hormones, that estrogen is used to control tallness in girls, has prompted me lo write thickly lor your advice on where lo locale Ihe proper specialist or the title the doctor would he listed under. Our family doctor does not believe in hormones of any kind He is an old-fashioned, lovable family doctor and we live in a small (own. My daughter is 16 years old and is 5 feel 11 and still growing She is beautiful and a real brain. But the complex she is ""Ming from her height is making her miserable and me luwtsiek and guilty I didn't seek outside liclp in a larger city when she started growing rapidly at age I I . Tallness is not a factor in our family. I'm 5-fcet-5 and my husband is 5-(eet-7. Can estrogen really help at this late stage? HEAR READER - You want to see an enJocrinologist lor an e v a l u a t i o n of her status. I don't have your address so I don'l know what cily to tell you to go to bul you can usually get up-to-date help from an endocrinology clinic in any university medical center. Estrogen causes calcification of tlie Jong bones in the legs and stops growth. It wit! not reverse any bone growth that already exists. Whether your daughter will benefit from this therapy will depend upon her present end o c r i n e status. I f she is already producing lots of estrogen it might not be needed and only an evaluation will lell you. Also such an evaluation will tell you if she has any endocrine changes that might inlluence her growth pattern that needs correction. Many tall girls are proud of their height and are not concerned about il. After all, it is better to be tall, bright and good looking than just average or less in all departments. FIE! HtCTIIC « CHI lUTEIS "HUSTLE I",, · ":0 ,/lFrortxi.or :-iCo CO-HIT*" °" THE LONGEST YARD' m[SOttlU:«b,$M»f»l]:l5 FlUElUTIICIMUKMaS j NO WOT OUT Jl.««% t tMn«d -- PIUS -I BLOOD-SWEAT FEAR * i .._ CINEMA 1, CHARLES BRONSON in AL1STAJR MACLEAN'S MAKHEART PASS' CINEMA No. 2 "HUSTLE" WEDNESDAY NIGHT IS FAMILY NIGHT Drink and Desert Included CHtfCK |( WAOCM SpNi p,?cef en ' s ^s.*X^"~ · tofrt FwHiH · C««ii|Sertict 352 CALD. BLVD., NAMPA - 467-3324 "UTT7:15lll:M "·NMMREK"S:l7Nlr iastle HOME OF FINE FOODS NEW AT THE CASTLE BREAKFAST SERVED OPEN 6:00 AM -Mori, through Sun. CHOOSE FROM ft COMPLETE BREAKFAST MENU We 're still Serving Our Famous SUNDAY BUFFET 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. OPEN TILL 9 P.M. SUNDAYS ^^^^^^TMTM« Italian Wednesday Night Only LASAGNE DINNER Dinners For Dinner Includes: Dinner Salad with our own Italian Dressing. Thoroughbred Home made Lasagne and Special Sauce. Italian mixed veg. and Garlic Bread. DINNER SERVED FROM 5 P.M. TILL 1 1 P.M. Special Attraction... "Dottie" at the Piano Bar Your //as/ Jim Rweann Lintcnbergcr THOROUGHBRED Restaurant Lounge - Karcher Mail STARTS WEDNESDAY A.\ KU FOR ,\\ KYK AM'A fOOTIl FOR A TOOTH Nobody could dream him up. His incredible bank robbery is all the more bizarre ... because it's true. . '·(MK : Kt; I'jlon?, kMi'KWiAH!, jnUV/f, [HVC · l! SHOW TIMES 2:00-4:30-7:00-3:30 SHOW TIMES 1:30-3:35.5:40-7:45-9:50

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