Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 27, 1961 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1961
Page 13
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J4inlA fi' t -rom By HELOISE CRUSE oi6c Dear Heloise: DtvZelpny Speaks to Phi Chi Theta Alums "We need to learn to become a lillio more r-pcn in expressing love and a lillle less e.xperl in expressing hate." staled Dr. Les- Auxiliary Has Annual Dinner Alpha Lambda of ESA Enjoys Cruise Parly .(.idle. 1). If. ricidin-ein, ami Viv.n'Kridny, Oct. 2", I D I i l ttHEELKY Tit I HUN 13 I'ago 13 I N « , : · ! · , - · . ' · -- · · 1 A [xjlluck cliniK'r was held' Our modern ihtrberts u««d to: Alpha Lambda Chaplvr «f Kp . vVi'dmvday »l the; liome of Mrs. |e called sorbets, so don't be silon Sigma Alpha enjoyed an Oi'-| ltil ' 1ini 'd Ilir1 ot 220: ' ml1 K1 - surprised when you como across; Dressed in costumes iiiul Inck.Vjtobcr cruise party last week at th 1 (his word in an old-time cook- 1 lie 1). Zeli'ny, of the de- 1 ' allire, members of the American! ],,,,,,,, O f Mrs. .lolm l(oa!c o[ USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Ixjok. partment of social studies at Col- Aii.xilinry enjoyed Ihe aiv ]G2u 22nd Ave. Here's my lip for wives who , ovc C0 i 0 , cd slwcls blll uoll . t °TM» .f^L?" 0 *? 1 ,J^J" dii n Hie hnrlnni fn,- n,,,.,, «·!,,,,. ,. I:...- ,i._ ; i i, pol»! to mombois of the Denver ,,. mini membership covered dish have the budget for them. When stores havo (heir sales on linens . . .buy Ihe while sheets and pillow cases, which are much cheaper. Then buy Iwo boxes of all-purpose; dye and follow Ihe directions on' . i , /-- | \ the package for automatic wash-Atl It L . Q l C n Q Q r ers. The sheets come out beautifully. 'TUESDAY-Two packages of dye are enough] West Side Social Club, Mrs. for Iwo big sheets and a scl of ! A. II. Slcwart. Band's annual pillow slips (and maybe a blouse: carnival parly, school gymnas- or slip). | iuin. Old sheets can be dyed this way! WEDNESDAY-and they .seem almost new. Sherry Clark Dear Heloise: When I need extra counter space for baking, e t c . . . . I pull out a cabinet drawer and put a pastry hoard or tray across Ihe open drawer. When through culling the Krcncli bread (or whatever), just wipe hoard over sink and close Ihe drawer. I have also found that when cooking near the sieve, the drawer ncnrcsl Ihe stove is the best place for Ihi.i setup. Madeline Furtarlo Dear When freezing a casserole dish . .. line your casserole with foil! lasl wc * "' tllc Twelve members and five guests ·mile allircd in sailing togs. lm ' j'ilie game room was decorated In Pr^es were awarded lo those: ,. 0 ;. emWc an ocean liner. Games' costumes and to those most com-' poke Area Alumnae Chapter of J ' h i j ' C h i Thela a t their recent annual, . . . . , . !·-··- luncheon meeting at Ihe home ofl^f^'JJJ 1 ^ M "^ 1 J^| ll TM, l , 1 , c '.«orc "passports please," bicycl their president, Dr. Cecily (irum- ""''"'""' bine Lcmbach, in Bel Air I'ark. "If we are weakened from within, the enemy from without will find it easier to conquer us," continued Dr. Zeleny, staling Ibal k'iilly attired. Mrs. Michael Carey led n fest ami Mrs, Charles Tclk furnished Ihe music. Games and entertainment wii'i-jlT!"!"! 1 coconut magic. i ing. guessing, shipboard music " '-··' and deck games. lifcsavi'i con- Guests were Mines. Luther ; Palmer, Norman Frnnlz, Kolaml WILSON WILSON Camera ami Hi-Fi Studios 1513 8lh Ave. Beautiful Selection of Fall Colors in: * Pillar and Taper Candles Ph. EL 3-0216 807 8th St. |USE THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS "this was true with Rome aiull'" cllm '8 c ° r Mmt ' s - Cliarlotla' another civilization will take over «iilcr, George Zimmerman andi Carrousel. Mrs. Clifford Barn- ""' css w a l c careful." j 1 liarl; entertainment committee.! Ucsiles Dr - ^cleny, two other: Mrs Bob Laney and Mrs. Lynn S««ls were present al Ihe lunch- K were Mmes. Mary K. I Inllips, Jcs)i ' || eorii MrSi Zc | clly Olx i (i, 0 national Jim Anderson, .Hunter, Znnmer- Sunshine Circle, Mrs. Anna'''' r c c ' o r °f " lc South Central Dis- allending t :r were Mmes. Mary K. Phillips, m Anderson, Hunter, 7.\m man and Edward B. Carney, Hart. 20th Century, Mrs. Kenneth Maslerso!'. THURSDAY-Na Molay Bridge, Mrs. lie Clary. VFW Auxiliary, business meeling. 100F, Weld 151, regular meeting. FRIDAY-- trict of Phi Chi Theta, Kathryn Downs of Dallas, Tex., wlx had inspected Colorado Alpha Chapter at University of Denver in the morning. Phi Ctii Thcla is a charter member of (he Professional Pan- hellenic Association, an organization composed of 17 women's national professional Greek letter organizations. Phi Chi Theta fra- Helping Hand, birthday hmch-: (( ; rni| y |WK ovcr M nclivc eon, Mrs. Sarah Gunson. giale and alumnae chapters at the major universities and in prin cipal cities of the United States before filling it, then freeze. When! Woman's G i f t O f f e r i n g ' was organized in 1925 to foster it's frozen solid, slip food and foil from the casserole dish, seal lightly and replace En freezer. The dish Explained to Group VI Mrs. Alctha Lang explained the ligh ideals for women in businoss:rjaptist Church enjoyed the hos- can be used while the casscrolejWoman's Gift Offering and how it is used at Ihe October meeting wails! When ready to bake, slip food from foil, place casserole in the same dish and bake. By doing this you are not pulling your casserole out of use in of Group VI of the Woman's Society of the First Congregational Church at the home of Mrs. J. L. Sullivan, 1222 8lh St. Mrs. Harry Farr and Mrs. Hugh Smith careers, promoting the cause of ligher education for women majoring in business administration iml education, and encouraging ratcrnily and cooperation among i-omcn preparing for such careers. Ihe freezer, and you have no pro-j\vcre co-hoslcsscs. blcm of gelling your frozen food lo fit your casserole. - · Mrs. Freddie Williams Dear Heloise: If anyone's husband is like mine and carries lots of pens, papers, elc., in his shirl pockel while working ..: apply iron-on mending tape lo the underside of the shirt at tin? pockel corners and they won'l rip or tear off so easily. Do people know that blunl sewing machine needles are wonderful for ripping scams? I always keep one in my pin cushion for this special purpose. It gels better and faster results than the ordinary pin or razor blade. How can T iron a round fable- After a 1 o'clock luncheon, the meeling was opened with devotions by Mrs. Farr. Kobcrl Jais of the Chicago Theological Seminary then explained the work which he will do this year as an intern at Ihe F i r s t Congregational Church. Jais, his wife and Mrs Lang were guests. Twenty-two ncmbers were present. Mrs. Lenore Royer remindc members of the needs for the church bazaar, which will be helt S T ov. 9. Mrs. Bruce Parker ex Mrs. John Kochenberger, rc- liabililalion chairman, reminded members lo deliver gifts for the veterans gilt shop to her or to, (he legion Home by Nov. 5. According to Mrs. Kochenberger, gifts suitable for men and boys were especially needed. Nexl regular meeling of the auxiliary will be Nov. 9, al the Legion Home. Social Briefs Alice Klein Circle of Ihe First Mrs. Robert Benson Elected President; Mrs. Robert Benson was elected president of the Latecomers Club pitality of Mrs. Oliver Drock of 1726 18lh Ave. Mrs. Joe Hale as- sisled. Mrs. Charley Clay gave devotions on "That I May Speak" and Mrs. Robert Flor spoke on "Do Be Witnesses So I May Speak." Members were reminded of World Community Day Nov. 3. Next meeting will be held al the [home of Mrs. Don Neece of 1923 13tli St. The German Club of College at a meeting al Ihe home of Mrs.! Hi ,, ,],,,,,, hcW its fir$l mcet . Reuben Hobcnnan of 2433 15lh ,,,,, ,,, ,!,,, ,,,,,,,,,, .!,,,,,!,,,, ;,, HTMTM Ave. Co. Mrs. Harold Englund was eled- cd vice president atld Mrs. Donaltl Schalger will be secretary-treasurer for the coming year. Tile lesson on "Correct Dress- Occasions" was presented by Mrs. Dale Woerner. Crafts meetings ing of the season Monday hi Room 207 at the new school. Plans were discussed for movies and speak.', with a program in conjunction with the German Club of Grecley High School. Nexl meel- ing will be Nov. 27, in Room 207. Mrs. Jennie Flood and Will will be the same nighl al the reg- Sanlwr.cchler were guests ot the ular meeting ot the club. ' " ' "' ' ' '- "-' J. J. Card Club at its first mecl- trinkets" the committee wants for at the home of Mrs. Benson al clnlh without it puckering in Ihe middle? Mine is a mess no malter how hard I Iry. Doris Marlin Anyone know the correct, way? Write to Heloisc, c/o this paper Letters do not have to be signed to appear in this column. Dear Heloise: Many ladies complain that detergents hurt their hands hut I find this-is caused by using too much detergent and keeping your hands in it loo long. I stack my dishes before I wash them and only use one heaping tablespoon of the powdered detergent-in a dishpan of hot water. T have had no trouble with my hands since culling the amount of detergent in half and 1 still get the same results as b e f o r e . . . and look how much I save on my soap bills. A. G. K, this booth. Mrs. Stanley Sutherland, chairman, conducted the business session and reported on the last meeting of the Woman's Society. Next meeling will be on Nov. 16 at the home of Mrs. Roy V. Smith, 1857 13th Ave., with Mrs, C. Harry Hood and Mrs. Arthur E. Andrews assistant hostesses. 2609 16th Ave. plained llic lypc of "treasures and Next meeting will be Nov. 27, ng of the season this week ot the 1 ' - - - - . lome of M| . olul j lrs _ charles r ay, east of Greeley. Four lobles layed. Next meeling will be at 7:30 p.m., Nov. 6, al the. home of Mr. and Mrs. Judd Finch of 703 East 18th St. VOTE FOR ROBERT G. CUMMINGS Numbers Gam* HONOLULU (AP) -- School- leacher John Flanagan of Adelaide, Australia, who once taught mathematics with a darlboard, believes arithmetic can be fun. He hopes soon lo publish a numbers dictionary and textbooks "to eliminate completely all work, drudgery and boredom from arithmetic and make it. fun and games r the kiddies." Flanagan started making ai'ilh- elic games 16 years ago when e laught in a one-room school- ouse in the bush country of Aus alia. His system--concentraling n making arithmetic a numbers game involving practical ob- ects. "For a while 1 taught arithmetic y having my students Ihrow arts at a board and Ihen work roblems involving the scores,' e said. "The game element is errific but the school inspector made me give it up. He said it ?.s too dangerous." Flanagan said he accomplished IB same objective by devising a eck of numbered playing cards or children. "They're not nearly s dangerous as darts -- if you lon't gel the habit." Royal Neighbors Have New Members William Charles Capron was transferred lo adult membership and Sandra Garrison became a new benefit member of the Boya Neighbors of America at a re cent meeting at Ihe DAV Hall. District Deputy Elva Childs was R guest of Ihe 16 members present. Hostesses Mrs. Everett Streeder and Mrs. Dorothy Schell served refreshments. Next social meeting will be Nov. U, al Ihe liome of Mrs. Mary Mathews at 1918 8th Ave. with Mrs. Ijwrence Hurt as co-lrasi- . Officers will be elected at a business meeting Nov. 23. Councilman from Ward II Favors a sound industrial growth for Greeley. Committee for Gumming Mrs. Clifford Miller Elected President Mrs. Clifford Miller was elected president of the Delia HD Club at a meeting al her home on South First Avenue Ibis week. Mrs. Paul Stuart will be vice president w i t h Mrs. James Dover ; as secretary for the coming year. Guesls of the group were Mmes. Allie Miller, Ruth Chappell, James Clark and Karen Harding. Mrs. James David, international chairman, and Mrs. Ed Saal- wacchtcr gave, a program with an article and pictures on Mexico. Next meeling will be Nov. 28, al the home of Mrs. Laurence Hurt. Stork Express Born to Mr. anrf ffrs. .lames Lyrnan of 1803 10th Ave., a son on Friday Oct. 27 al Weld County j CARD Qp T H ANKS General Hospital. I Born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B R A N D T Alvarado of 1108 1st St., a son on! We ivisli to express our appro- VriAiv nrl 27 at Weld Cn'iniv cialion for Ihe many acts of H i d a , UM, 27, at wem unn. kjn( j n , s!1 atld O x p r c 8 5ions of sympathy and condolence extended ly our frionds and neighbors d u r i n g the recent illness r.ntl death of our lie- loved f a t h e r , g r a n d f a t h e r , and great K r a n t l f a t h e r . Family ot Mr. A d a m B r a n d t , Sr. IJRANTiT General Hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Medina of Galeton a daughter on Friday, Oct. 27, al Weld County General Hospital. Easy f a i r f glamorous; s e r v e vanilla ice cream with green "£oa\\"my f r i e n d s and neigh creme de menlhe, chocolate ice Dors ; M a n y thanks for pray- cream with white c r e m e menthe. de ers, flowers, cards and all kindnesses s li o w n to my f a t h e r , Mr. Adnm B r a n d t , Sr.. d n r i n s his Illness. A special t h a n k s to tho nurses and nurses aides at the Weld Combine chilled grape juice and giner ale for a refreshing r k i _ . r . rhnr,/,. Mnm» S'nger ale. Some good cooks Iike 1 ^"S^MuTnr.'WM'' Chinese Change Name (0 use 3 par(s of grapc jujca to| »r. .^.^ ^ wtm , BOr . VICTORIA, British Columbia- Whet's in a name? In Ihe Kwa- iutl Indian tribe of British Columbia, tribal leaders had both summer and winter names. The Osage| Indians believed that .a person; suffering bad luck should "wash 1 off" his old name and take a new on«. The Chinese have a name for each stage of Iheir lives--a "milk" name for babyhood, a] "school name" for childhood, and a "marriage name" on entering wedlock. 1 of ginger ale. I Mrs. Orville Shaklce USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS New Beauty School Opening Soon! ENROLLMENTS NOW B E I N G TAKEN Special raf« for first 15 enrolleet. Most modern building and equipment -- over 20 years in the beauty school business. Call EL 2-0634 For Information HOBBS BEAUTY ACADEMY 1716 9th St. The Golden Treasury --Myth and Legendi A Treasury of Little Golden Books Thi Very Real Truth about Chriitmas --Bernice Kelly Harris The Golden Treasury of Caroline and Her Friends The Big Book of Things to Do and Make --Helen Jill Fletcher The Family Music Book National Velvet -- *"'* Bagnold'i Wait Disney's 101 Dalmatians Dr. Seuss Books Lincoln's America Washington's America --Gurman N a t h a n --Robert McKown F o r - n e r l y Sehriver't 81S 8lh V JI. El- DIAMOND BROKERS 1!Y APPOINTMENT ONLY EL 3-3340 SUITE 211-FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING WHAT IS A DIAMOND BROKER? EL 3-3340 lie is a num who sells only diamonds, primarily wholesale, bul if he sells to the public then his prices are far less limn normal retail clue to siiecijiliziilion anil less business expense. All diamonds at Jack Kllsworlh Company are BROKER PRICED which is ALWAYS far luss than (ho average normal retail of equal u.ualilydiamonn's. Always compare price and qualify. % Carat Diamonds B r o k e r Priced from 57.50 to 200.00 D e p e n d i n g on th* quality. Carat Diamonds Broker Priced from 78.00 to 325.00 D e p e n d i n g on the q u a l i t y . 3/4 Carat Diamonds B r o k e r Priced from 132.00 to 580.00 Depending on the quality. Heavy custom mails 14K yellow gold gents mounting with White 14K gold top. This center diamond weighs 1.45 Carals, the side diamonds weigh 1/2 Carat total \veight. TOTAL D I A M O N D WEIGHT IN RING 1.95 Carats (5 points less than 2 Carats). As you can see this is an exceptionally beauliful center diamond, the color is superb. The normal Retail on this ring would be approx. 51650.00 plus tax. BROKERS R E T A I L P R I C E §1081 Terms can be a r r a n g e d . 1 Carat Diamonds B r o k e r Priced from 195.00 to 725.00 Depending on tfi* quality. /m;-t^ - £ ; iv -*» ^jfe.t· . g % ^tt^sS^ TMr 1V 2 Carat Diamonds Broker Priced from 395.00 to 1350.00 Depending on the quality. No. 110-11OW FOR THOSE WHO DESIRE ONLY THE FINEST This 2 Carat center diamond is so fine in color, clarity, cutting and exact carat size, that seldom one sees its equal. The smaller stones are matched to it for true beauty. Center Stone 2 Carals, side diamonds 91/100 carat. N o r m a l appro*, retail $2995.00. Broken FUtail Pric» J^Z I OtlilW Plus Tax (Include! Both Rlngt) Total weight of f i n e matched diamonds 2.91 Carat*. Terms can b» arranged. 2 Carat Diamonds Broker Priced from 570.00 to 2500.00 D e p e n d i n g on the quality. VVhen purchasing a diamond consider the 4 basics of diamond quality -- C o l o r * Clarity * Cutting * and Exact Carat size of the center stone, also the size, and quality oC the smaller diamonds. Quality never comes cheap! No. 119-119W Ladies' 14k White gold "fleur de lia" pattern with a center diamond of .30 carat fine quality, blue white color and 6 small diamonds totaling .20 carat. TOTAL DIAMOND WEIGHT '/, Carat. Normal ipprox, riUII $260 Plui Tax. B R O K E R S R E T A I L P R I C E $1 Zb^UU ?., Tax Termi ean b« a r r a n g e d . My telephone service will accept calls at any hour for appointments the following day or evening. Call EL 3-3310. CONFIDENTIAL APPRAISALS FOR INSURANCE OR LOANS BY APPOINTMENT.

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