Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 23, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, April 23, 1951
Page 4
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-.LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SON-NEWS a^EYBntag;- Aj»U:.J3.-J9Sl Las ·News Kcmmli'il In 1 1881:'JMiuliHhocl daily, fxccpt Saturday--weekday iiftcr- nuiiis and Sunday mornings--by the Sunshine Press, Inc., at 241 N. \Vntcr St., Las Cruccs, N. M. Entered at 1,119 Crucea postofflcc as nuilter. ,S|nn|iO! Gallup, Advcrtisinc Mana|;»r Orvillc E. I'rinstley, Editor and Publisher .National 'AjvertisInK Ri-prcscnlntlvc: Inland Newspaper Rcprcsenta- 'tlyrs, Inc., Chlcagn, New York. St. Louis. Kansas City, Omaha, Atlanta. Member of Lhe Associated Press. The Associated Press is entitled fxelmlvuly to the use for rcpubllcnUtm of all local news printed in Ibis newspaper, a» well as all AP news dispatches. ' ' ' TELEPHONE XI This newspaper Is a member of the A u d i t Bureau of Circulations. A'sk for a copy of nur latest A. I!. C. Report giving nurtilcil 'acts and fifiures about mlr circulation. A.B'.Ci'--.Audit Bureau of Circulations FACTS as a moasuro ol Advertising Value KATES: Hy carrier in Las Crlicra and sllrburban iiicnn; ISc PIT week p.r 75,: per month; by motor route delivery In Don;. A h a Y m w t y , 58.00 per year or Bfx: per month. By mall in New Mexico 7. r .e prr month or $7.f,0 per year. Outside of .State Sue pur ino'nlll or $8.50 Jier year. Mai] mibscrlpUons ale payable in advance. Resigns His Job Tliure has been only one of Ilir Mural employes whn rib- jVIitJJIibi.'cmisi 1 he was liuing paid and wasn't d o i n g thu job he was hired t u do and w h o l i a s ru.'iignctl t h a t job to our know- Icj'.ili 1 . '1'liis was Ii. K. Thompson, former governor of a southern stall 1 . , H i - stated in his iTKii;n;iliun tin 1 lie was f j i v u n a job :;omu 12 week 1 ; ayo at a good s a l a r y and expense account of some $50 or mure a day. He was hired as an advisor in the N a t i o n a l Slaljlizalii.n pri'ijiram b u t up lo the present time had nol hern asketl a single t h i n g and hail nol done one t i l i n g to earn " S : n'c''poinU'd out he was going back home because he could nol .and would nol slay on Ihe federal payroll and nol work. He is a rare exception. All of the rew.uls indicate t h a t he hud e x a c t l y t h e kind of a iob t h a t most of Ihe b u r e a u c r a t s and Others who accepl jobs in W.TihingUxi w a n t -- a job w i t h |inodpav, an expense a c c o u n t and n o t h i n g to do Kniiic.' of the accounts of the activities and the work, w h i c h is nol beini! done by government employes, would ·:i-eni I n i n d i c a t e t h a t the g o v e r n m e n t payroll could be re- IldWIr b y a h n i u h a l f and t h a t the e f f i c i e n c y of the (jovern- i n n t r w o u l d he aboul as good as if is loday. Uowi'vei 1 . we don't expect lo see any wholesale rush of those h a v i n g jobs and whn are (jelling good pay. In resign ineii'ly bi-causo they do not h a v e a n y t h i n g lo do. M'OSI of tlinhi; on Hit; g o v e r n m e n t payroll don't w a n t to do Arft-irTingV The f a c t 'is t h a t a lot of those on the govern- m e n t payroll couldn't earn t h e i r pay or their living if !!"··:,weie.'in p r i v a t e industry. Thev would noi r e m a i n l u n g on the p r i v a t e i n d u s t r y paylpll because they can nol produce and because they can not do I he job. iB'ut miiy.M. ,lho day and t i m e come when c f f i c - leni'v in p u b l i c o f f i c e w i l l be demanded and when t h e r e is an Sioni-st iina.liinVere e f f o r t made by Ihoso working for Um:le Hani to do Ihe job Ihey are being paid lo do. 'Certainly" the former governor has set the example b u l , I h e chances are it is nol going to be followed by others who perhaps draw j u s t as m u c h money and perhaps who g'el j u s t a. 1 ; large an expense account and do nol have any \ra«-tloiii|j. . or do not do any more t h a n the former governoi Answer Your, Own Question ;. i'liose' Americans, who have nol made up t h e i r m i n d s NESTING.TIME AGAIN! Christian Science Authority Tells Essence 0! Doctrine In Speech Here A Kpi:i:iiU .speaker was rratnred Sunday at Ihc regular Christian Science services at U r n n i g n n Mu- iiurinl auditorium. Dr. I'.it:1mrd I'. Vrrrnll, C. S., if Ni-w York City, was fun lured during the sprvk-cs bringing an nd.ln'Hs onlillc-'I "The RruU Phy- HidHii Understood." Doctor Veriill. :i inrniber uf Ihe Hoard of Lertiursllip of the Molli- fi- Chnirh of Christ Scientist in Hdston. MHHH.. spoke .substantially foll(i I I will be my i itu in this lecture ; pojisible. n few tif thu iitnl t r u t h s "f Christian to lay before you, a.s simply and plainly 1 f i i m l f l i n i ' Sciuiu't', which will help those of you who may not yel he f u l l y persuaded in rely more duplicity on the griiiil Physician, whusc healing 11 nd ri'diMiiplivi. 1 pmvers arc sn m'aplik'ally j i u i l i i i y e d in the one hundred mid t h i r d Psalm. This Psalm ront'iins tlio following brin'- d l f l i o n : "Ltles sthe Jxird. O my soul, and furf-el not all his lient;- fllrs." Tlii-n fnllrnvs n lint of the Hood things fnllrnvs n lint llmt are promised to Uii'in that put. tln'ii* whole trust in thousand yea'rs of Christian history, a new light has. been shed Excellent Rating Awarded One-Act Play Presented At'Annual Festival Las Cruccs Union High School's one act play, "A Special Guest", was awarded 'Excellent', the hiffh- cfit rating given any of the plays entered in the annual imc-act play festival held at New Mexico West- college at Silver City on April 39, 20 and 21, it was announced here today. The play, directed by Miss-Mary pn.slcr and with a cast of five students, was given the unanimous approval of the five judges. In the conference held with thy cast, director and judges no criticism was aimed at the production. It was listed then ay one of the heat plays presented at the festival ;md even rated above the production of the same play by the college players only a year ago. Commend CSIH! The judges not only commended the selection of the cast, the scenery, costumes and lighting, but the play as a whole. Three members of the enst were given an excellent' rating for their performances and two others were listed as good. Those receiving excellent ratings were Carol Chiltick, Ann Vickers and Euzzy ICendriclts, while Jack Boyland and Gene Priestley were given ratings ;ts 'good'. Jack Boy land had played the part of Edward; Ann Vickers. Nora; Buzzy Kendricks, John; Gene Priestley as Robert Norton: iiml CJiirol Chiltick as EJoine Mad- award for a piano solo. Lenora Colbert was awarded a superior rating in ex tempo rane- ius speaking and an excellent rat- ng in prose" reading. Romea! En-. iquez was awardad a rating of good 1 in poetry'reading;. Miss Edith .Welshelmcr, sponsor of Mask and · Gavel, high school play socety, accompanied those aking part in the various individual events. Ann Vickers and Lenora Cul- jert were both highly complimented for their writings but Ihc rat- ng had not as yet. been deter- nined. Changes were .made this year n thft rating of places as well as selecting of plays. For sdmc years the festival judges have selected the beat play produced at the festival. This practice has been Iropped. It also was pointed out .hey have changed other ratings and excellent was the highest rating award for the plays this year. upon the sacrod Scriptures through I |J; °". Jean Bowen was prompter the discovery of Christian Science by Mary link IT Eddy. With the aid of her divinely inspired textbook. " nnd Health with Key to thn Scriptures." any sincere student of the Bible can now understand and demonstrate, at least in some degree, the simple rules of Christian healing. The Christian Science textbook, has in the- brief space of a single lifetime, become. next In the Bible, onu of the most truly world -renowned books over written. H has brought "knowl- nd property manager. The cast had preesnted the play here on Wednesday night. April 18, before an appreciative audience as one of three one-act play; given during the. evening. Others Ilnnim-d Others honored at the annual frstivnl 'in Silver City were Jean Bowen. \ Lenora Culbcrt, and Romeal Rodriguez. Miss 'Eowcn was awarded a superior rating in amateur action and a division two edge of salvation" to vast Vmilti- , should be appnieni, therefore, that ludes who hail previously sat ."in | un i v r:-sftl peace is primarily con- u'ss and ill tile shadow of dentil," and it lias literally £ill(letl Ihelr "feet into the way of peace." Xlnry Bilker, of How, Hew Hampshire, who was afterwards to hecome Mrs. Eddy.-was born in tin; third dectule of the nineteenth physician is being understood as century. When n very young child she leai'tldd " from devout tingent upon an acknowldgcmcnt of divine authority. Demonstrates Power Through the practice of Christian Science one is constantly deni- onstlmtlng the healing power of Mivinc Mind; thus the great tideisUmil. ii Ihc chirrs, "forgivcth all lliiiu 1 inltiul- lips; who liiinU-lh all t h y diiicaKos; who nrdocniolh thy life fnnn do- M t i u i - t H i n " (Pa. 10H:l-5). This ilu- .scnptluii of the healing power of I ho only inn; t;inl b(!runifH\thi; . T r u m a n - General Mac-Arthur coiilroverscy """'" v TM' ;jnd who would like to consider a few more facts before niiichihj; tlipjr tleclsion ecrlninly wouldn't go wrong to look . ( [ t h e record and the ambition, of t h e two men. · Once again let us say we arc not questioning the legal ijr c o n s t i t u t i o n a l a u t h o r i t y of President Truman in removing General MacArllutr from his command but we do question his j u d g m e n t in doing so. We likewise question his In- Christ Jraus Imd grown to young a b i l i t y in recognize a m i ' t o use good American leadership nmnhood. he hepm to translate !.i - i ; . . .. j l . l l p t o J i j i n the heavenly vision of the Panlmiiit one^i great American soldier who has given 52 years of his [ ^° ^'ilhew'umT'"jesus-.vent. bur t h a t 11 was uttered some three thousand yon in HKO. at M time «uen the ahuoluto gomljiess uf God, \vho pnndit no nvil, had scarcely been thought of. Tninshilf^ Vision A thotiwand yunra later, when .. .,-...', (rf-llft! Vo'his c o u n t r y . The other a small t o w n poli- Ik-ian who t h r o u g h the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt at-cidently became the president of the United States. 1 One, who was t r a i n e d md who has had 50 years of experience in hi:; chosen profession, the oilier ill prepared, equipped, educated and trained for the job lie acquired through a set of.circurnstances. ; One of these men, General Mac-Arthur has reached the did of his 'i-iirecr and he stands loday w i t h o u t politic-ill am- b i j i o n s alid' tflthoul a n y ' d e s i r e to acquire or to have power uiyl control The other slill a m b i t i o u s to dominate and lo du-tali 1 nol only w h a t his narly does but what bis fellow cit- i/cns this so-called hind of Ihe free. , One'ol these mrii big, broad minded, f a i r , just and reasonable w i t h an e n v i a b l e record and the other only a small town I n d i v i d u a l who has proven many times he is too small for thu place lie holds and not equal to wield the power w h i c h is his. We do not believe any i n d i v i d u a l who considers the m u t t e r seriously w i l l have any trouble in selecting the man wfirVliHiom-st and sincere in the voicing of his opinions and his beliefs all based on a c t u a l knowledge and exuerlence. Keneral M a c A r t h u r has n o t h i n g to gain and seeks notlv ing. Ho is nol a c a n d i d a t e fur any office; he does not b.ive to act to keen or to acquire votes; he has no political ambi- l!m* and he has no group, clique or pitrty to serve. I l l s only desires, as he :-n ably expressed ill his address before congress, Is to serve his c o u n t r y and to serve her well. lie has done. this. President Truman has had many opportunities lo rise above peity politics and play the role of a Great American b u t i l i t e has muffed these chances not once by mnnv Unies, ' Ho. continues to m u f f them because seemingly he has become convinced in t h e final a u t h o r i t y . He doesn't renli/t t h a i i being president of this groat nation doesn't give him Mipp'r knowledge, a b i l i t y or t a l e n t -- b u t that the job calls for these traits. o.viUivJJ.'r.r.sjderjt Truman remained ( h e ' h u m b l e i n d i v i d u n be appeared to be when he took office and had he continucf to invoke Rod's blessing and Il's guidance during these years h e ' p e r h a p s c-otind mid would have approached the statue of Gem-nil Douglas M a e A r t h u r . Hut he didn't do t h n t -- I K has become confused and apparently is convinced the Prcsl dei)( c a n - d o "no wrong." We are inclined to feel t h a t President T r u m a n will go dow 1 !! in Ihe hislhry of our nntion as one of those 'poliiica' mistake;; 1 which are often made under our system of gov ern'nient. ' Bui no,IriU! American has any d i f f i c u l t y deciding when he stands or with which man he stands--one is n Great Amer lean .who, liiw, proven it through service In his country. He lias KOJ-vecl-Ills country. The other seemingly is more Interested .in having', the country serve him, his political followers nlmit till CiHlllct', touching in tliolr ipiKijiM. n»il imificnitiK the prl o rthe kingdom, nnd hculing nil 111111111111' of McHnoss and till inntiiM 1 o^illsoiiHu nnioaR Ihu peo- 'le" ( M n t . -I:2,T). No other mini il tho cntlro cnuiuti uf htirimn hlH- ory M;I» «u wt'll tlonorvcd the litlo f "Tho (Treat rhy.'ilriau." Never- hHi'HH JCMIS (Iini:litimcd all ]icr- iruml honinj;i ami wifrl, "Thu wonla hut 1 ojn'ult unto yon I spoiik nol f my.sclt: l.ut thfi Kathcr thut ittvltrth in inn, he iloelh the rtiiUn" t.lnhn 11:10). -Vw I.lglu Shnl In inn 1 iiwn il»y. afliir nearly two Christian panits lo Keep the Ten Commandments nnd to love both C!od and miinltind. Very early fji izr-cl t h n t ' the divine ullly source of man's ,ho rulur, not only of the spiritua ··CHlin. but also o£ tlm so-callei' Ant we. have in Christ Jesus .int physical world. I its thank GDI* life she ren Mind is I he renl help. Mrs. Kddy rediscovered the lost art uf Christian healing, and thereafter she devoted her cntii-e ami capabilities to .Ihe ns' task of imparting to i r humanity an uiu'-'M-stand-1 Ing of Clod's universal law, or j Christian Hciem-c. Ail who .ire with their present dependence on material methods of seeking health, happiness, nnd usefulness need only bring their thoughts and lives into closer accord wllh this divine Science or Christianity, which, when understood nnd relied upon implicitly, nol only maintains the harmony of inlnii and body, hut Is applicable to every human problem. It should he underslood Ihat Clod .alone knows how to maintain the health, happiness, and welfaru of mankind nnd thai only obedience to His laws crin men and nations be governed harmoniously. Thai no man is fit lo govern another unl'il he hus Tirst lenrned lo rnli- himself is an old axiom; bill Mrs. Kdtly goes further nnd oays, "Man. is properl" self-governed only when he is guided rightly nnd governed . by his Milker, divine Truth s and l^ovc" (Science and Health, p. 100).-It Chrisiian HciencR His two faithfu \l'itnoiisesl appearing first ;is the personal and then as. the impersonal Saviour, These two aspects of the one Christ are togethei leading mankind out of mortality into health, happiness, a ml permanent peace. New Atom Tests Set Li-Paeii'ic ID Near FiUure HONG KONU. April 23 l/l'l -- Senalor Magnuson (D-Wash) said today the climax of the United States 1 nuclucar fission test in the mid-Pacific is scheduled "sometime the next week or so." He declined lo say whether new type of Atom, bomb is being tried, bul added: "It has to do witli nuclear fis- lion." Magnuson said th; test woulr climax a scries of Alomic EnergV Commission has been conducting "for the past 40 days." GOP Inquiry (Continued from pa^e one) poll on the Truman-MacArthui private talks. He said the Genera had received no warnings of possible Chinese Red intervention from Washington. Churjie "Leak" Some Republicans accused tin administration of "leaking" the report to holster its stand. Senaioi Capehart (R-Ind) said lie thinks flie President himself was responsible. Senator Cain (R-Wash) aaid the information "obviously was planted". There was no comment from thu White House. Mr. Truman spent the week-end cruising aboaivl Walt Disney, the cartoon motion picture producer, once sold magazines, newspapers and other things as a "butcher" on trains between Chicago and St. Louis. Try and Stop Me ( By BENNETT CERF t T HE little lake steamers that used trains'from* the city in the Adirondacks"and -White · Mountains, and then xig-zog hack and forth to deposit vacationists at resorts'boi'dor-^ ing the shores, ply no. more. ' ' ' . Good roads, and automobiles wrotb finis to their useful-' ness. Indeed, many . of the 'rail lines.that fed them.pas- s e n g e r s t h e m s e l v e s h a v e ceased to operate. But the mail boats.still run every summer on the biffger lakes, and a reporter recently followed the route of one; of them. Within a .single hour a couple paddled out from shore in a canoe to collect a dachshund pup in mid-lake; a man on water skis, lowed by a spifTy motor boat, slowed up long enough to give the skipper of the mail launch a telegranv'to : be sent (o a brokerage house in New York: a fisherman dock accepted his mail in one hand and held up a dead fish with the other, asking*, "Hey, Spence, what's this?" (it was a smelt); and the "president-of a'large Eastern university, looking mighty unprofessional in a..pair of abbreviated swimming- trunks followed the time-honored, custom : of giving the mail-boat a helpful off-dock push when, its last top made, it headed back for its home base. · '·'· ' ' . · ' '. · · Next summer, the mail'boat's'skipper hopes he'll 1 :be making;two round trips every day apain. "Don't blame any of that'post office deficit on me," he said defiantly. "I'm one of the cheapest'services they got." . ' ·' Oak wilt, ii fungus disease, has killed oak trees in 11 U. S. states. ..Personal Loans . .... : , Chllton Lniui Insurance X nicntlctl IThiikey. 86 iroof. fa% Gnn'n KentTM! Spirits. GUutm MiUlting Co., A D A I L Y C R O S S W O R D ACROSS I . K r l c l l o i v Ii. Vnliimc of maps 11. Asflatnat:! I Mil.) 15. Kivcr (Kr.) i:i. llc|»illlo (West, Kvir.) 15. Whcaton llutir · nionlh 4. ncip; 5. K I l l U L B 0. Like 7. Hi]) S, A bio in ivml nrul \vrlle 0. K l U I U P l 10. Bwlyuf \vntcr Ifi. F.VIM (poot.) M. I'ilfllrr . , and 'British diplomacy. General M«cArthi77 chose his course example us we believe history w i l l nrove o "I would n i l h r r be i i # h l t h a n Pivsidonl." and he is a living of t h e old adage, IT, Conscious M». Hii.stcncd SO. Sonk llax '.'3. Krotli of Mmpsiuls 'Jti. VolCHIltC rock 27. Southeast wind 23. Tops of hcnd! V9. Allowance fur waste (Comm.) 30. DI ml i 1 la .'III. llflllle JS. Kpofli SB. KiilYlgll qunt'tiT ( loiulon) 40.Oincor\vhc H2, Kul ·14. Insert with n lit! IS. I'uhllc nolifo 10. Close .-lip IKrol.l brecr.p 2ii. A wooiliiii platr ( H t n t . 20. Mnnilati'S 2S. Ancient city (11.1 ao.'llurl :;2. Music iHitr ^4, State llo\vi l r (N. Y.) art. Ciri'.snatnc :i6. StiiKKi-r 37. Altrclcilly nilislic l« 40. Ku country DOWN l.CViffcr !il(0|i V. Kntploy for I 44 ire subject to change without notice /o ·even/ woman under 5-leet-5! ·ry Packard, us you already know, has provided {generously (or today's giants... (Examples: Sc,tlj as ii'iilt its the · the »o/-so-tall folks, newest new c a r . . . in America's. Wonderful n«w outlook: Packard's new . : . , ,, , , , , kind of low-level hood gives you real car is high. Enough heaJmom for .. closc . up Mfcty vision » . . . | cts yo , so «. a 6-looter Bearing a cowboy but. 4w/J ftom f enl | crS| f or sa f cr r ;,ssinij, dent-free parking. New one-piece windshield (nearly five feet wide) ,-md LargtJl trunk of ally sedan on the ra,iJ.) Now, l«l's ««« a few typical examples of what Packard has done for narrower corner pillars clear pnnor.unic view. -^ivc you a Tops in handling ease, loo--because Packard (and Packard iihnt') gives rhu UllrtiHiiilic Drii'c... with a ·conv hination of snKiotlincss, quietness, Hexihility, and positive control ho other drive can' match. And .steering ease? Mere's a car that actually handles, in trafTtc, with as lirtle effort as it takes to turn .1 door knot) in your home! Coine drive it! A S K T H E M A N W H O O W N S ONE EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. OF NEW MEXICO, INC. 137 S. Church Phone 168

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