Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 27, 1961 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1961
Page 8
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fnsii.' S_fiRKKLKY T R 1 H U N E Friday, Ocl. 27, 1%!' Mystery Man Spreads Fire By Dim Light of New Moon MAI. TON. Oiil iAI»i-rm-mi'L\s. One dimity left f«r Vancouver In the Tulhimui e area 1ft miles nfler Uieir home w n s broken into Jioilh of hero ;uc jiuaidini: llirir several limes, ( i n i l i c t d Mont Kirns Uu-se ni^hls ;ml ujilclrinn gonii'ry pnltl lii* farm and mover for a tall mnn \0io runs nnknl to Krin. Onl., wlion his barn was through tlio ficlils spu'iulinf; fire Inirricii. HP s;ml I'.e rccrivoc by the dim li^hl of llie iK'\v moon, mwuymous letteis slnlin^ il Police bhime him tor dcMruc- would bo l i m n e d a#n'm if rebuilt linn of throe hnfii«:. llic deaths of "I wnntt'd lo y,c[ mil of Ihc area 39 Jienil of cattle and the luiminj; ;iti) aw;iy from all Ihc trouble.' of a corn j-t:ick. lie s;iid. Two families li;ivo Heel UK- dis- Al Hamilton, wlio houfiht M o n l - j Irk-L since the r;iids U^m. -Bornciy's f;irm anri converted i t ! i n t o '^ c " l "" r ' cllll) - Sjl - vs ll0 * n n IAFF-A-DAY Constable N m l . n M.r/e «.f Core Township savs he nml the pin- vinci;,! iwliTM know the man- he is )XHIIII S . b.,1 Ihcv I n v e n t luTsi ble In prove IhViv suspinmis. -It might sound i-Ni/y." M.-i/c · 1 *-"'-.vlx,ly m-mimt IRTO is 2-10 ! "- 1:irei ! ' 11 "' ,'"" llok "'' «'ill nui Tsi " lc oul .radmiin nr not tum ""i"" 11 '' 1 .'""'"·V "? voslcl1 ' . M;i/e s;nd scvcinl IKTPOFIS n n v p sm| lh( , ,,,.,,, rl , m]i|1( , nnke( , all( , Siiicl, "bul Ilii-w offrnscs i-uincidc arc M|| . p ,, k n n w wl]0 ,,,, i s _ with a new innoii. He UviMs iron N(||u , fcds · m ,. ljn p h to Mnmls «,[ mail boxes as llioiiRh svvca] . , (| i ( _ |, mvcvcl , they were l.ailniR wire nail tears . r|]c m , xt m , w moo|1 ( . l||s h] ,,,,, i i i ( ·· ^m « t i ·! i l k l ' ' D * r. 1 iHrown said Thursday i n Ixs An- Myth of Chopin Assailed ! Nlxon rromises igolps lha[ Ca]ltornlll volcrs cnn * iTrt StQV OH OS '" ol ^ l'l ;lmi 'd if they suspect Jibe- fly HUGH A. MULLIGAN i Here tlie pianist makes his point AP Ntwslealurii Writer in irrefutable terms and forever As a concert performer Frcd-'snuffs out the candle in the can-: eric Francois Chopin evokes thc-'delabrum of the Chopin mylh. To Stay on as If Elected 4 GOP Scions image of an early I9lh Century Liheracc. '1'lie stage trappings were re- inarkably similar and so was the stage presence. There was always, or almos! always, the deftly placed canuelabmm. the exquisite damask draperies, the fastidious I B j clothes, usually with a nilllc o f i ^ Q p lace ot (lie chin, and the sickening-, sweet smile Hint endeared him '-' ' t h e Indies in the audience. This was the Cliopin who came ^"'""jj 'JJ ]( j' ,, Ja j' on lo I'aris as mi exile (rol V Vlusaw Vdriiinis(ralion Tlu ion would use the stole home ins a "Nixon-for-prcsident national headquarters." Brown said this SAN DIEGO. Calif. (AP'--Kich- was a natural suspicion "in the said Thursday t h a t ' a b s e n c e of an unequivocal dcclar- Chopin the romantic brings a ,. ( j jj_ ^i heart palpalalions to the ladies. l ol ,| y " S u mclliing like a p)iysicnl,ation that he--Nixon-would serve but Clrapin the genius louclies all : disabnilv" would prevent him'four full years as governor." prcvc a full four-year| elected governor] hoar Is. h-oni serving term if he is next year. I Some of his political opponents' [have suggested Nixon would usei |lhe California governorship as a DENVEK .API-Four Hepub-', s P''inboard lo Ihe 1964 Kcpubli- lican congressmen, appearing - c a n P'TM*"""'' »m,nal,on. But, Hearing ftids-- Bo^an Pharmacy.--Adv. XOTICI-: Of' 1--INA1. I'AY.MLJ.Vr On or » [ t o r N o v e m b e r 7, 1961, l:e COl.OH.U3O D K l ' A K T M E N T OL-' H K i i n V A Y S w i l l m a f c t f i n a l ( l a y n i n i i t o Jilegrlsi C o n s t r u c t l j n Co. u t D e n v e r , C o t o r n d o , con- !ar(!l1 to cllm " lal , . l"nscll consideration even for a no, j c oii s isiinir of K rn.u.iij. in IK3, to charm the noMJjly a,*,TM--^ ^'^ tTM"^-TM^'^ ifccoratc tlic sumnlo 1 (lie aristocracy. This was Ilic Chopin that the i musical world idolized for hfc- somc non js ·rsonal weaknesses and haded l f r o m Grca[ Lakcs ,munist-controllcd nations. I Rep. Robert G r i f f i n . news conference . ,.·"= former vice president i«- iV^' i uK.'!ilcd lhal if lie is elected gov-:siair i!--," c wil l TM^ '» '^ »»j^S , i importanl voice in selecting t n c i a h u v o mlio!.. i n c a t Vna,^' ,',? of Colorado. ill asphalllc *iieth heinj: S t a t e | per! ' :ic as a genius for his arlislic d o w n a r m c r s 1 fences.'' In Ilif Ciiiir of Novcm | 1( . r _ shoi .i|_ v "This is the spot I've been saving you for, Snyder . , . there's no one else left." at Ihc meeting. Election of officcrsjily, M r . - a n d Mrs. George Taylor slrcnglh, the incurable romantic,^ who dipped his pen in moonlight ( . to compose sentimental nocturne? 1 I and sugary sonatas. But is il Ihe real Chopin? slavia and added, "some of it Knee. No candidate is likely to be isuecessful without California's ;jfler llnllowccn. 1l,r I - O I I I H T " r i nii. ,,.,,,., ,;,.,,,.,,, 'P attevi e KM. -\te of I' j. I.OI-:K · l a i l C T I M C · . . ,was held with ti* following elected Children of Hudson. TM ^ '^'"ol V cd: president, J'ondei Birklc... phtleville Private I'lying Inc. i c h o .^., wi(h n do^ic.hnn'eled^ 0 ' ' w "^i a-J.,11 in ive reason to know, is get- .. ,, , ,., · ., i. · I'suupoi't, he said, nto lied China. He said* ''. ' . o . . , , - . : Nixon, in an interview, gave a irJaaysas-Enr j- - · -- P 01 ' 5 ' , , ,, , ,. ....., . , - "1. I shall not be a candidate · Rep. Charles Ciodcll, R-N i , said The (ireeley D a i l y Tribune. O n t . 23, 21, 2a X o v . 1. 1^)C1. . 26, 27, 2Sj 30, II, of Commerce Luther "Marled letting 1s i i . - r r l i y s l v r - William Mayer, vice presidcni : : j s K, c name of the new flying^' 10 ^ /' K C "^0^ ·'·j ill l,in. 1 , iod ';f, s ^'Tr^ll '^'"communH 5 lcrm ( i f eU ' clcti 8 o v e i n o r ) "" less Ucrnard Asmus, seu'elary-H-oas-nrganization recently formed ''V 1 ^, i|" vs a,opin." t h e firm's" 3 """ 1 "? l '* d \ ia -ommimisl sonlc i hirig 1^ a physical disabil- u i c r . Action meeting will be annual mcn | 1C re. in a series oljL,,,,. pl i'j|"i nl , j,, its 'incomparable C °."l', · " on? ' ,, j t v would prevent il. : ,,ie home of John Ulricl, on Nov. Wrings the past momh Ihe meJ ^ ^ "^ 5 J ^p'Ve? f 1'VnS 1 '"*· TMTM wi!l be no draft in 11 L.n.ln .llrl-rwl lit,- Ill-l: (llfll'lnrl nl. . . . . . . . 1 I - _ 31'm J U l ' . 1 tvl-l » » . ^u... , lfl-1 Tm. TlTrt f,f 'HHPfmn Ill^Ji ! IT YCV the mcctinc. Program was |iiclure :won fliglit dii'cc-j , .', h{ , f o u m l himself. uier and Hub Starch, has increased 800 per cent since: elccled president. Mrs. ,1,1AM s. . M l l . l . K I I . Um-ciiki'il ·''' ' in: ri:oi'i.i-: nr Tin: STATI-- iinrrv Jlalsushima. ome fanciful names lor, h c ] ( j m jin ar ,. , nmc week. This was (he fall Jiey- H7 met Tliursduy evening Gail Mcl)c:iiKd.!;o l Conference of Ihe Inner Sem of the ego-permeated , . . Send your husband'* shirts to us for that meticulous ironing he demand*, You can trust Kiley's, your PROFESSIONAL DRY CI-EANERSI Mill.T IXHiilrc-s*} S l o r l ; l J I I , . Si.ii, I f e l r n t lfi\v r h l l U l i s , K v n n s . Colo- 1 . . l.c thank you cards that had been re-i ceived and reported several cards L i v i n g It Up i . - i . l l l O \\ 111 .lunii-i" I I Sli N n l l u i i . i l 1,-y. Colu: »lu. Mr. and Mrs. .luslin Vollmar and family of Westminster. Mrs. Charles Briggs and Mrs. Man Snedden of Jolmslown flcw[ In Neyssn. Ore last week lo al-j 1 ^;.TM H;,,^"'^^ 1 "NO. "J8 on women, boo/.c lend the funeral services of their Glenn Holmes^ whc|i ^ asicil , bly yresiAfal $ ' s n "" n 'makcs her official visit there. Mrs. v '.Gertie Kcuil gave a rc|»rt ol I tivily 'siiiToumlinR him. writers , Ciof-li-y, Colur,\ilu, . l.rR:ilii · Klilrcd. 1JHT tllli I r o v l o y . l - n l n r i . i l n . iin |,, nlher-in-l.TO. T r u n c . ,u,,u,,l !,, ,uo l |Tlicj . Tn|(inl(11 , ,,,, Mnl , (1 . : ImeL Ihcir sister. Mrs. A Ilicvecs and husband of . ..._ literary content to music, spcm it a ^j- n o opposed a scrupulous self-! and l''avcl,"'. ( jj sc jpjj iw _ al1c i purely musicaljsea. This is because the f clalniF liovR Eiatnoi] e s t a t e to file Diem for .I- 0 *° 1 ° By day, breeze blows from the ] wf\a' c cour,ir° colni-xta. sea. Bv night, it blows toward the before the tt'ii a a y or April, 1962, " - - '"r R n i d cl.iims s l i n l l be f o r e v e r lot l-'orl I.upton to visit them Nov..said n man accused of embezzling content. He had an incredible love:rays warm the land faster t h a n j from General Motors Corp. for Mozart. Charles E. Hot/, 38. was quoted : San He 1 ' 6 l.y n o l l M r i l od f n r p inly Cnurl Conrlliiiii: 0, nil Mnni i-oml.iT A.I 1. .nr nt *iu i or : Maleo, Calif., al Ihe Denver air-p"* " ,'°t!pi)it. Mr. and Mrs. Revces are ln niuiii-ii v i n i.o nf-jMass. They will go to Oregon to r of'Wfi.i'roli'nir.'n? visil hcr si5tcr ' Mrs ' llolmes from M- in i i i o o i i ' y , cnio-jhcre. iiny i lie u o i i i i-'v r)( »[i Mrs. Mae Snedden o! Johnstown nat- cnterlninerf last week at a turkey l f - : i nf-d. :i['l - r . T l h r .^nlil Court ll:ls ..- n c i o i i L - v , I'.iCl. . .'3-;,Vli C. 1". \ V n l l n i : r Cloi] o r t h e C o u t i i y C o u r l By M n x i i i o . J o h n s o n L V p u l y Clerk H n p h ^T. A r n o h l . A t t y . ' ^ i i - t N n l i o n n l H n t i k Hiilg. l, 0 l, Assistant 1'iosecutor Benjamin. H f - ' l ·-ills wci'' F ' Cornelius a s admitling t h e " served by the hostess, Mrs. Char-,'·"''·· .. . . Chopin was actually shy and so ·· ' K l l r 7 l l - a c K l l - l l f l l l V I . Al 1 H A l l - ' les Walk and Mrs. A. K. .lovgen- Bacb. too, inspired .(he ocean by riay, causing air over , Vill(1(1 nnil i, Vn Imost religious rev-' the land to move upward, dravvingUohii.-ou Bniiiii ilayed Bach as o n e j i n air from the ocean. At night lhC|Vhe c'rl-oi^'iS Iry. jgrounci cools faster than the water,O c l - «. u. 20. 2 that in bis private life'aiiti the air over the water rises. SHIRT LAUNDRY 3 LOCATIONS: H i l l s i d e 820 16Lh St. 920 9th Avt. Botz was lui'ticJ by GM in Ansen. Members .wishing lo' attend f!; ^ as a clerk al i th. dinner wlien ,£ .«»- t""^^ jtatcr discovered the division was erctive, as contrasted with the flamboyance of his public image. \uditors'Rubinstein tells hmv as a P rtltc5 ' sional musician Chopin bemoaned dollar a B VOTE FOR Gordon K. Rissler d-'J jBriggs and Charles, Mr. and Mrs. I Charles Briggs. Mrs. Elizabeth Vombte of Johnstown and Mr.| Mi "- alld lMl ' s ^ nd Mrs. Ucan Revees of San ·luleshurg on ^ lateo Calif (lay ' T ' 1C ' ·" ltlcntlo(l a slolli s l' ow(li Mr. 'and Mrs. I.ynne Bryan of,8'TM" for Mrs ' Volz S a t u r l a y pvm -'i 'eylon visited Mr. and Mrs J alhoun (his weekend and Colorado Springs spent the week- nd with Ilieir grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wardell and Gary. president visits, please contact Mrs. Earl Brotemarkle. ,,. . , , . , Mrs. E d w a r d Margheim of|''^J 1 ^.^"^ ""un Greelcy and Mrs. Hcinhold Kan- 1 ^ ( !. 1S |j, 1B sam i f o r exner zlcr were visitors al tlic home of _ ^_. he fays, "was the very antithesis of the Homautic personality." Coming from an artist who has inde a lifelong study of Chopin, Mrs. Volz is Mrs. Kanzler's Call Skyscen* designers to help-the essay is revealing and en' · home with a new gaging, but Rubinstein applies tbe [purposes. 1 \ No one of pure Swedish casting sand. N'crnon Volz in - am a[ OM ^ eve[ . ))card lurdav ami bun-' Igelting paid 200 francs for a composition that was -10 pages longer Iban a previous work that had I brought the same price. "This." - of the community. Ryan and Caren Wardell of Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. 'AnUmini dry arrangement, or a of G r a n d Rapids, Mich., recentlylplanter to malch your lovelyireal coup de grace against the color Chopin myth with his marvelous. announced the engagement andischeme in Skysccne flowers. 24ts! sensitive but not -sentimental play- forthcoming marriage of t b e i r j i g Ave.--Adv. daughter. Karilyn Sue, to Davidj ling of second and third sonatas. Electric Heat For Your Home · Comfortable · Economical · Trouble-free Check With Us B e f o r e You Build or Remodel FREE E S T I M A T E S PIONEER Insulation Heating Co. 2301 10th St. Ph. EL 2-6896 under Skelly's Bended Starting Plan' 1 (S«« Your Sktlly D.a/.r for Ml d*f O il,) mday Mrs. Robert Wardell. Mary! 1 -** G » r TM- su » of : Mr ; ^ ' ,, _ _ j ,.._. ,,._. Atwood Garner of IMatleville. l h c ; . \nn Stepp. and June Montgrom- " L " uu " """^ u l '.' r |l ery of Colorado Springs were dta . bride-clect ·« « Sraduate of Granl ner guests of Mr! and Mrs. War- £,*'* JTM»r Lo cgc hhc:« al- j dell. Ryan and Caren returned lome with their mother. Mrs. Ralph Sarchel and Mrs. Stella Chester of Kstes Park visited relatives at Phillipsbnrg, Glade, and Prairie View, Kan., last week. (dialed with Lambda Tau Omega! sorority. Garner !s a graduate of. Platleville High School and Colo- 1 rado State College in 1959. He| worked for Borrows Interior Dec-' orators while living in Tucson, Aril. He has had a musical trio ec( Mr! and Mrs. Lester Schropp of| f o r several years during the Stoffer TM visitors TM a en aad Mrs. John of Greclev were Sunday vi |of Mr. and Mrs. Atwood Garner. Visitors ai the home of Mrs. «t Grand F^- They will; thc ' r home ln A r l M n n ' T h c j . P lans a Dec ' 2 m f r ' a 6 e ' ! 1 Mrs.. . lames Last« and children Vor Mayor U n d e r h i s leadership Grecley has progressed: Increaiect water facilitiel Acquired a municipal golf course Acquired two municipal parking lot! Continued Street Improvements . . D. K. Sailer and Louis were l.eri^d -Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chnc niece and children, Mrs. JamesX Denver spent Sunday with Mr.. Tavlor and children of Joplin. MoJ a m l Mrs - ' lamcs -alhoun. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Johnson. 1 , Mr. and Mrs. T. 0 Brown who have heen on their vacation.!*'" 6 Monday evening d i n n e r visited relatives in Nebraska,IB»esls of thcj daughter and fam- Kansas and Missouri. They alsoj spent some time with their daughter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. xnrif K :O WHOM IT MAY N o l l e * Is hereby- .lohn Tlrericn of AlbiiquGsqiic,, f v R ^"(£1* U n r e s t r i c t e d Sprinkling houri O p e r a t e d a municipal bus ' %WW~?£^J^^.^£Z. K TM b , r , By t h e C o m m i t t e e for [Twenty members were presen'.|pronorty_be Re-Elecl ion of Rissler I Sara Barclay, president, ar m e e t i n g of t h e Roar^l oC tli* Town of o n M o n d a y , t h e ; Breden teaches sehol while'.2nd d*? of Ocibbrr. i?6i. t h e r e lier husband is attending college.| ",,** iTo'ard'o" gnoii by rive M owners of Above is the striking 300 convertible. Beep, contour bucket scats are standard on this model. HEREFORD CATTLE AUCTION Thursday, November 2, 1961-1:30 p.m. 8 miles SW of LARAMIE on ; Woods Landing Road (No. 230) 330 HEAD CATTLE 156 Hereford Cows, bred to calve in April, 85 Angus Sir. and Hfr. calves, 420 Ibs. 9ip Hereford Angus cross calves, 400 : ! L. C. ATJIiOTT, OWNER K R. HETX, SALES M A N A G E R IJIU, WARNOCK, AUCTIONEER LOVELAN'D, COLORADO n e x c r t to the Tou-n . lowing: t h e sigiia- lo li« n w n f i ' 3 o t m o r e t l i a n f i f t \ p e r c e n t of t h « a r e a B r.d a ma* K ' r l t y o( t h e re.-irtcnts of lhr» ·a. J 5 a d o s c r i p l l o n of the r e a l p r o p e r t y o w n e d hy e a c h o f t h f m oper T h f t of t h « t e r r i t o r y 1* proposed lo be Comn'-enclnr n t I h e N"orl h west C o r n e r of Section 2i, T o w n s h i p N o r t h , J t a n g e -i \\'esi of t h e lh T r i n c i p a ) M e - r i d i a n . t h e n c e S o u t h 2S3 3 f - ' t t t o t h e Ut:« p o i n t of b c p r m nir.p: ( N o r t h S ^ ' 1 7 ' Ka.'i 1^0 f e e t : ihrncs* S m i t h i n f v f e e l : t h e n c e S o u t h !*-»' K a s i 21S S-'. f e e t : t h e n c * S o u t h S a ' 1 7 ' \ \ » t IS -5 f e e t : tl-.onoe N o r i n 31*.l p i n n l n g . T h e p e t i t i o n e r . * h a v e f i l c v copies of * map of t h e K r r i i r . r . pro post d t o he u n n o t e d t v i ! l t h e i r p . n t t i o n , a l l o f w h i c h n-.n\ lie t * i a n ; i n d l a t t h e o f f i c e of lilt- Town C l e r k o f t h e T o w n n f Ev.ins b y a n y persons I n l e r e s l t r t The l a n d o w n e r s « n\ r e s i l i e n t ^ , of t h * u r e a p r o p o s p r l to be a n - , n«xert lo th« Town of E v a n s m a y t h e i r o b j e c t i o n t o ( h e a n n e x a t i o n t h e r e o f *nd s e c u r e a n e l e c t i o n o n t h e question AS t o j w h e t h e r said t e r r i t o r y p h a l l b e a n n e x e d by en m pi y l u f f w i t h I h r = p r o v l s t r . n a o f C h a p t e r UP, A r t i c l e II, of i IIP f i e v i s e d S i d line!-, ISM Dated O c t o b e r 2, !*(!!. T H K TO\V.\ Of EVANS. COLORADO B y B E N R E 1 C H R R T M a y o r - D a U y (TrLhun*. 37, 1361. FEATURES THE NEW FULL-SIZE 300 JSW-A GREAT PERFORMER STEPS INTO ANEW IDWEll PRICE RANGE! The new Chrysler 300's pedigree runs seven champions deep! Chrysler's new full-size sports series comes in three fired-up models! Now priced just above the '62 Newport, the full-size price surprise. Remarkable automobiles! With such a wide selection of options you can almost design your own 300! Like deep lealher contour scats? Power slecring? A V-8 engine willi the lick of 380 horses? Choose any of these w i t h your 300! Standard equipment includes torsion-lxir suspension, still rated best for smooth ride and handling by the experts , . . all- welded, rattle-repellent linibody . . . batlery-savinj; alternator and the biggest brakes in its class. Treat yourself to all the free thrills of a 300 sports ride. At your Chrysler dealer's today! And again no jr. editions to compromise your investment! 'Chrysler's tuggatftt - retail price for 4-dnor tttkn, exclniiit o/rfftinalion thaigts, White ualf tires extra. Th» Oct. *, rnillTll^lllli Illl WELLS MOTOR COMPANY, INC. * 11C8 Eighth Avenue

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