Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 22, 1951 · Page 10
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 10

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 22, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN - tAli'CHOCES"(H.'M.)'stJ : N- Sunday Morning, April 22, 1951 Las News TIGERS' BIG HOPE VIRGIL - - By Alan Mover TRUCKS, PHONE 34 DEADLINE 9 A.M. Blue Sox Ball Club Plans To Practice Today ; The Las Oniei'tf Hlun Sox liase- Fights Friday Night New York ·- Kid G n v i l n n . 350 '·\' A . H a v a n a . mil pointed Aldo M i n - rlli, Ifj2 1,3, JUly. 10. Indlamipoli.i -- Andy A n d e i h n 130 %, Indianapolis, outpointed Joe Arllnir, 150 -H, Imliiijtfipoli.H. ut 01 a I i n i o i f s t t ' d players t u r n to hrjilti iiriirlfsr nessioiiK. Last Sunday only n h n n d f u l f( piosprrlivr plnycra .vJifiwrd Up for piacti.ic. A Jargp nowd is i-xpprt- *vl in work n u t lodiiy. . Ahsnclutlriii Huny ' ' .Tin- LM.S Ci IK-PS ItaKcbnll nnd Sni'itmll Ari.sorljitlfm is getting u n d i ' t w n y . and Riimi-H will he Hched- n j c r i i?i t h e next week or two pro- viilc'l I ho i e in o i'iioiifh p l i i y u i H out In f o r m n train. T h c i c aiT no restriction nn play- f i n u-if.hinf; i f . \r t r y nut for the I c t i i n . Anyone who wliihcn iu try Jot a position on t h r Illuc Sox I fa in |.i uiR-fd lo bit at thft Co iii- Vnll team will gel underway t h i s ] Hollywood -- Fnncl Chavez, 127, f i f t r ' i n u n n at llic Coniptetw din- ; I-os Angeles, o u t p o i n t e d Bohby mom! when- 11 is hopnd i h A t urv- JJnll. 32(1. YoungHlown. O., 10. Phoenix -- C h n r l i c Sains, 150, Phoenix, outpointed JjQli Joncpli IfH), Seattle. 10. School Baseball Tourney Will Open May 11 In Las Vegas I,AB VEGAS, April 21 l/Pi -The HIM high school baseball tournament will ho held In Las May 1J-J2. Tho Now Mexico High School Athletic Association warns interested schools Uiat District loum- aments should by. completed \y May 1 with tin; names of winners wont to the Hint*; headquarters at Koswell. Regional winners arc lo he in the s t a t e office not later than May -0. The w i n n e r s and runners-up of t h e fom icgionn an; eligible lor tho To I ' u i i i K l i K(|iiljiinint · K i | i i i | i t i i i - n l will )ji* furnlshH hy I h t - i t M i i i c i j i t i u n for .practice .'«'«· S i n t c liiiscliuil siatioii haw a l n a d y S t i l l l i - i l 111 r.llu-J t n w i i f l . It It; f o i l th:ii t i n - LHH CtUct'H team Miould )»· 01 (^iiiilzi-il n H noon an i«"K«iblt:. rifiini-;. w i l l Iw fij-hrdulrd with Hoi- I d i i i n n A i r Kofco UHSI. Whiifi H i i i n f i i J ' l o v i n f * 1 ( hdiuids, La, A l n i i i r j f : o i f l o . Dnnlnf;. Kllvn- City, j n t i ' l iir'/crii) fitlu-r cnniiniiiiiticH In j l l i c .'.oiltli'-in pllVt nf Mil! flllllc. ' Sporis In Brief By Tin- .UniHulMl MIVI.H TK.NMK Houston H c i l i II-IIIIM. \j«t A n p-li'.'. l ..... i Illll Tnllii'ii; New Yorh. \-2. x-il, 7-r,. Hi. l o n r l i f l i i n l In I t U - r r (tiik.s l i n n n c y . Strong Thinclad Teams Workout In Neeis Saturday By The Asvrln(c| Tresn Th ice. t r n r h mci'iH around the «lntt! S u l u i d n y WLTI; to K'VV proft- pi'cltvi; M t n n d o u t s for t h e approach- iii^ a t f i t c - mei't niiolher w n r k n u t . The powers nf I lie eniil Hide K'lthtM-cil n t Hobh.H fur [In- Holjbn I n v i t n l i o n n l . A t u t n l of 1S luirllifrti nnd c t - n t i n l h-amn, )iead- f d by nil(*ht.v AlhiKjueKjin'. com- pcte.d In the n n n u i i l Ilolen I n v l t n - tlonal nt Hi-Ion. A n i l District H li'uniH Hhowcil t h e i r power ns C»p- I t i i n i n the- f l i n t r a p i t u n i n v i i n - bent hi,; H t i r l d i , oililii-.oti I n v i i r l t r , }iy ·' ' ^ l e n g t h s in Lanark puiitn j,t Ke.-iirlan,!. ' ; .' liuniU. New Y i n U - - - T e n u i t y IVlight A t llohbs, t h e plvli of Ihe ( $ ( . J O , h i - n t HiiKlc K)mn. I n ' p h o t o i t u a n m entereil appeared lo be hc- huiutieaii in I l l l l s i i l c l i u m l i r a p it Iliiwn-. Mil. - C u l l Ovrr I Ji U H M Hd^'c .Mciuiirliil .hliililk'iip n.^ I l u u l , o|ii-ni'il j j p t l n p iiH'ctlii^. . C u l l f . ·· Flnsliliiini fi'iiim-p ran; n l liny . l.t)i.'nm;liiT hy t\vn Hut Clevis, i-nri .H(|ttinlj4 t | A r l e s i n hntl h to pull n i l up.icl In n du r t n l f K and Tiictun- li' (he Koiiifj rou'^h, . . ap, /f//949, HE I I»S LOST rb Ttl£ T/d£f fffOAl EARLY/r 'So, Mr// /i eoRfjft.M- ftOWtr* HOfE-P t/E'U PS ABLE 70 MAKE UP FOR r#e JeSS nine FIRST START /A''area ·rsnMorintz ws fistf CURSE BSU. ep up r#e PH/LG. 1 1 I S O . I U I ) won i 1 nl CnirHtM.'iini l.ini-nln. II. I. - lloyal Ilovo Ull.- I'Ol Wfin A l h l n n nl Unt-dln plOHS 1 1 1 jll.Ht l l l l d l l t e v i ; i y nil'l't J t enters, U'UH TUN I In it.i f i i m i l l i t r rule of f a v o r i t e nt Helen. Tho final.-! wont under t h e l i ^ l i l N . t t n i i - iiiK at f p. m. Saturday n i K l i l . .Socoi-ro, Las Luntix, St. Miehael's of Snnlti Ke, Simla K e ' h l ^ h , Kiintii Kc Indians, 1-1. V V l n g u l c :iml were nit hand hoping l.;ite.\ l o t ruhher is ohtnini'd by | to upset ill wounding a l i i - e which re.ipnndN The Capital) n l f n l r flginvt? as a hy tiyinj. 1 t o heal llic wound. ' gnorl preview of the District H Weather Spoils League Opening lly The. Assfci:i(-l Pres»( The poor wealht i r that dogged the footsteps of West Texas-New Mexico League hawhnll leanis thiouphoiit jiprinj; t ruining- .stpp- pcil in to spoil the league's opening day Fridiiy. Two of tin; four scheduled open- lit); day clashes were postponed iH'caiiKc of rain or wel grounds. Hut t h e I p d K i i e got off to n .start in two other Wosl 'Poxas coinniiin- ilics. A t Pampa, Jasl yenr's pennant winning Pampa Oilers pot away fast hy submerging- the Uorger Giowers 12-0. In the other game, M a n a g u r Don iioore led his Lub- hui;k H u b h e i t j to an 11-3 victory ver the Piunoeru from Clovls, N. M. AlhtirjU(MT(ue, t h R ilefendlng ·liumptrin wern rained out at Ln- nesn whci'i- n s.-vt-n- i.-k-ctiical Hlonn upset t h e phins. nml A m n l l t l o was s i m l l i i r l y prevented frnm playing at A h i l c n e . They'll try it again today nil »round t he el ivui I wi th Pampa mid Border tangling again nt Pani- p», Clcivi.s .seeking revenge at Luh- boch and Albuquerque and Ania- Illo t r y i n g to gel going at Laniesn H i g h l haiuler Geoiyc Paytc fn- ni'i'l with Ruldnsn, llnnrin, Weed, Ctirrl7.o?.o nnd Cloitdr.roil entered ulnng with the host team. Ciipilun wns favored to win. .intoned a five-hit shutout nt Pnm- pn. With Paytft in ennlrol nil DIP wny, the Oilers jumped on Merlin' Ilubbard -and Bob Clulcy for a lo- tal of 11 hits.-Hubbard left under, n ban-ago'of hits In the third. Moore had n perfect night nt the plnlc in the other game. HG chalked up four hits in four trips and drove home three of his team's runs. ' But the big hlow of the game wns a linn drive hnme. .run in t h p third by Earl Hoch.statter with a man on base. Jlochslallcr drove In three run's with Iwo other pii- Iru hoKB hits. Hardwood veneers for fin^: fur- n i t u r e nnd decorative panels are made from · trees imported from all parts of the world. Bulldogs Take Undefeated Record Into District Finals Tomorrow Law Crnccfi Union high Bulldogs fncc a trying'Lest of strength'and cndiinince as they enter un Important (baseball week n which three fja'nies are c;icjM:e(i, Two of tliese games, against Anthony, will decide whether or not I^as Cruces will represent District 15 at the s t a t e ' tournament in Las Vegas in May. . · The 'Dogs are to play A n t h o n y hqrft Monday, and again at Antli- 'ony on Thursday. % TJie winner goe.i to La:: Vegas. And on Friday, the locals go to El Pah's for a game with El Paso high school. Conch Mark Genera hay announced this tentative .starting lineup for. Monday's game: Ontivcroa or Pax, pitching, with Torres and Polunco as reliefs; Ramirez, first base; Lawrence Lopez, second base; Skipper Corley, short stop; Russell Parsons.'third.base;' Jim Bradley, left field; George Garcia, center field, and Angel Estarca, light field. "-" · The 'Dogs take an undefeated record against school competition into the decisive series. Coach Genera - a l s o - announced that Paz is credited with-two wins ns pitcher,, and the team's cole loss against a Holoman Air Base team. Ontivcros also gets credit for winning two games. These are Bulldog bulling averages to date: Ramirez, '.583; Cole, .455; Bradley, .-129; Lopez, .333; Corley, .300. NNU Golfers Move To Abilene After Win Over Texas Tech LUBBOCK, Tex.. April 21 /Pi-- Tlie New Mexico University golf team ran up a 14 y z lo 3 y 9 victory over Texas Tech Friday and moved on to play Hardjn-Simmons Saturday. Jim Kiost took low medalist honors with a one-umlur-par 70 yesterday. He defeated Jack Dem- Tortugas Red Caps On! For Second Victory In League The Torlugas Red Caps will he seeking their second victu/y of the season when they met the Can: utillo Eagles ot Tortugas at 2:30 today. Last Sunday the Red Cap;; defeated Chamberino for their first Upper Valley league win, 5-3. The loop consists of Tortugas. Chamberino. Vado. Bnizito, Las CrueeK, Hatch, Canutillo, and El Paso. R. Paz \vill pitch for TurUigas, with Montoya behind the platu. Albcrette is expected to be on the mound for Canutillo. HAWAII (lOVKHNOK ' ' WASHINGTON, April 21 t/I'l-- President Truman today chose Or-en E. Long, secretary of the territory since 1SM6, as the new governor of Hawaii. Although the lion -called th| largest, stronges or even the brav* 'king of the beasts" he is not tlui est member of the animal world! ' Ttfjf '-- ·' TM '""Sfft Kiihu Your Financial Burden . . 2p with u (iersonnl IOHH from Chiliop[ii{ Loan Jntiurunue Co. "'"' State University ; Baseball Nine Gets Third Defeat, 10-8 TEMPE, Ariz., April 21 (/PI -New Mexico University's bnsehnll team went down to . its third straight defeat- Friday, dropping a close 10-8 verdict to Arizona State at Tempc. A :zona University swept a two (jamc series with the New Mexicans earlier in the week. New Mexico rallied for four runs in (he ninth and almost pulled the game out of the fire. The late surge- was paced by Barry Bames who clouted a home run. Bob Lorna hit. four limes In four trips for the losers. The loss was charged to Bill Cholcy while the victoiy. was credited to Joe Tamaron. psey of Tech. Paul Halter of New Mexico was beaten by . J i m m y Cole of Tech who led his loam with 74. The New Mexicans won both four-ball matches. VALLEY LOAN FINANCE COMPANY 122 West Griggs Ave. -- Las Cruces, N. M. -- Phone 818 LOANS - DISCOUNTS - REFINANCING AUTOMOBILES - REAL ESTATE - COLLATERAL We Buy All Types of Contracts "Il't E«»y To Pay Our Finance Way" Your Friendly Magnolia Dealer W, BURKE GREENE Wishes To Congratulate MR. H. P. SNOW . ON THE GRAND OPENING O f H i s . . · · · · · MAGNOLIA SUN VALLEY Service Station 1530 S. MAIN ST. Today each.motorisl who'visiis ihe station will receive A FREE GIFT Flowers Will BG Given To Each La.dy and tho Gents will receive A Quart o{ Mobiloil with Ihe purchase of 10 Gallons of Mibolgas or more. Stop In During The Grand Opening · W. BURKE GREENE 1001 W. Picacho Wholesale .Distributor -MOBILOIL -- MOBILGAS Phone 883-R Special Purchase S A L E Of RED MYRICK WESTERN SHIRTS DUNLAP'S made another purclinse of tliesc famous Ked Myrick shirts . . . . With pcnvl snap buttons In rayon linn weavo mesli summer western shirts ALSO . . you w i l l find discontinued broadcloth and rayon patterns formerly sclllni; at $ti.!)5. All and sleeve Iciiulhs. A large selection of colors. Only *5.00 Ther» Are Plenty 01 Those Famous Lines Too . , . $3,55 to $3.75 REMEMBER You ALWAYS SAVE Al DUNLAP'SI I F slarlod lite very day llie 1951. KOADMASTER inurlo i l s I'irsL appearance--and lias been building up ever since. Folks looked a I I lie fresh new styling--the power--ihe features -- ihe f a b r i c s -- l l i c e l a n d - s o f t , cushions--and t h e prices--and said, ".Here's ihe smart buy in the fine-car field." \Vhv don't, yon come and see for yourself whal a sensational buy ibis 'proud bounty really is? li's a honey lo bandle--a joyous thrill lo rule in--and just iibont llu: liiintUoniCaL lljin^ on wheels. TM II h;is room, ;uul poise, and a level-going gait dial comes from coil springs front and rear. There's a triumphant ihrill in llic tvilling obedience of ils Fireball power and the luxurious ease of it.s Dynadow Drive, which doesn't cost yon a penny extra. There's a sweeping v.icw fore and a f l through bwcepingly broad glass areas, and [he new I'larily of an instrument p a n e l "wilh g r e a t e r visibility at night. Jiivcn ibe brakes arc new, self- .cooling, wilb a grip thai lakes hold like slcel lingers in a velvet glove. , Here indeed is a car tbat is fine in bearing, in action, and in the precision of every structural part --a ROADMASTEli custom built by Rnick. When will you try-'one as our guest? I'.^ipmtnl. Ki-Fnatiet, HIM BltJ jnojrli arc l.^rfl lo ciangr nVlA«ul M41M. i mrr killl Bulrk will I»IU Ikrv E^r«-^ssae^Sffi^iS CULLOM BUICK COMPANY, INC. 315 S. MAIN PHONE 1016

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