Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 8, 1955 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 12
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I'HRC 12 'lUliJUiNt; Thursday, IJcc. S, ia'55 Oman Josephine Miller, Editor age 87 at : Lions' . Ladies Night Greeley Lions cluh members entertained their wives at a dinner parly Tuesday evening at the Coun try club* Eighty-seven attended the festive affair. '. This marked ladies night and each one of Hie honored guests was presented a red rosebud. Da\x Hill Lions ,club president, presided al the dmncr. Attendance gifts were a warder Kenneth White, William Gladstone Lc\vis Dakan, Denver Wiggins, A I/.' Pctcrscn, 'Peul Howe' and "Clifl Curroy. Dr. James W. Alley re ceivcd (he tail Uvisle-'s .voodoo. The parly was arranged -by William Gladstone, chairman of ladies night entertainment^ Dr, Robert I. Runnells had charge of ihe program. Don French assumed the tail twisting duties. Gene Wood orated on behalf ol the state convention which will be held at Walscnburg Ihis summer. Mrs. William Gladstone, of the Lionesses, iirsrd wives of Lions cluh members .0 take active part in auxiliary meetings. Mrs. Dave Hill received a surprise package. Club quests included Mr. and Mrs. Fred Werner, C a p t a i n and Mrs. Frank Morrell, Mr. and Mrs, Marion Klein and .Mr. and Mrs. Stan Beson, Nc\v members introduced were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rasrnussen, formerly of Red Oak. Iov,a. He owns the Greeliry Grill. Following Ihe (Sinner hoJr. the pnjiip enjoyed dancinf. lo an orchestra. Y O U R RECEIPTS SAVE $IO.Totol Entitles You to $1.00 in Trade FREE! I-- HOUR MARTINIZING "The Most in Dry Cleanius" 1527 8lh Avt. Auburn 1'rogrcssive Has -Christmas Party Twenty-six members ol- Auburn Progressive and a s»:rsl, Mrs. Harry Johnson, met Tucsihy at the Blue f l a m e room (or Hie club'.s a n n u a l Christmas iiariy. Devotions were given by M r s. Pearl Moss after which Ihe ho;t= esses. Jlesdames Ivan Kcnl. Krei Anderson, F r e d Turk, ' Lo\vell Adams :=d GfJr.t EiHott. serveil s dessert luncheon usins Christmas appointments. The tea table was covered with a lace cloth a:id the centerpieces were miniature Christinas 'trees. Mrs. Anderson poured coJfce. The president, Mrs. Lowell Adams, pinned a corsage on each one present. During Hie business meeting the club voted io give ?o to the Eah-s- tion Army. Program committee, Mrs. Alfred Jensen and Mrs. John DucU, conducted a game st which prizes -.vero won by Mrs. Francis Elliott, Mrs. Warren Adam and Mrs. Pearl Grossaint. A ei" exchange followed. '«? Next meeting will be a covered dish luncheon al Ihe honse of Mrs. Alfred Jensen, who will be assisted by -Mrs. M a r t h a Jensen. Mrs. Wilber 'Carlson and Mrs. Francis Elliott. Slinky C h a r l e t Hlid, i 1954 graduate of Prospect Valley In'sli- m a i n t a i n e d a grade average of B or better during his 1354-55 freshman year at Colorado AM. Townsend club No. 3 is meeting Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock at :hc electric lounge. A bazaar will held in connection with the meeting. Nehru's Difficulties ·The Nizam (native sovereign), Rajpramukh of H y d e r a b a d ' h a s ailed lo agree to any cut in his irivy purse, as local ~ulcrs were irged by India's Prime Minister \ehru to do. He has also, failed o offer to place, any of. his build- ng at the disposal, of the State iovernmenl for ils use. v - . ' Jr. Meets at-Hotel Mr?. Richard ·Buldlo delighted members of Grccloy: Junior .Woman's club and their guests with the spirited Christmas 'songs anil custom's of her native Hungary at ttv December luncheon meeting. T\fo*day at the Cnmfield .hotel. Table decorations and place cards were in topping with Ihe season ?r.d the opening of gifts was shared by all. Mrs. Bill Stewart -cporUrd lhal her civic welfare com mil tec had cupcakes and napkins delivered to Bonell home for the residents' Thanksgiving dinner. The n_c.\l regular meeting will be J a n . 3.' Tally Ilo Itridge Club Entertains (it Dinner _j i ' Members of the Tally Ho Bridge club entertained their husbands at a C h r i s t m a s party Wednesday evening at the country home o. Mr. and -Mrs. Archie Bickling, northeast of Grecley. A turkey dinner was enjoyed. The house and table decorations were in keeping with the Christmas season. After a gift exchange, the group played bridge and 600. Nine m e m - bers and their h u s b a n d s \yern present. Xexl meeting of the clur is Jan. 4 at the home of" Mrs. Alex J a m i son, 1827 Seventh avenue. A dessert will be served al 7:30 o'clock. Al the HospifaT. A d m i t l c d to Vv'eM County General ospilal Wednesday, Dec. 7: Floyd Mis, 1128 Fourteenth street road; hafles Kocnig, 819 Thirteenth reel; M a r v i n Brunlz. Denver; Irs. C. C. Fly, La Salle; .Mrs. E a r l Ioffat f Evans; David Clarkson, oule 3; Randy Gns^.fson, Eaton; ohn Henry Crapson, 502 Thir- ecnth .1 venue; Donald Shores 1115 ixtcenth street; John F. Brc- iicars, Omak, Wash.; -Mrs. Eliza- elh Poos, Restmorc Convalescent ome; Gray is'olin, Gill. Dismissed:- Mrs. Louie' Medina nd son, Eaton; Mrs. Carl Kino- liita and daughter, AuL; Mrs. Goron Fry and daughter, 1121 Twelfth trcet; Mrs, Bessie' Nixon. 1634 S T inth avenue; Mrs.- Alec' Slrom- erger, Route 2; Mrs.-Flossie Dix- n,. Milliken; Byron'...Campbell, Route 3; Franfc R."'Sterling, La allc; Mrs. -Robert -Stacker'; 1 1700 Eighth street; Kills .West,' 1708 "iftcenth avenue; Mrs. Edith L'ne, Cornish; Clark Kirckbaum, lill; M r s . Gus II. Konig, Grover; Irs, Connie Torrez, M i M i k e n ; Mrs, O. Hichard Haines, 1117.Cranford; "larcncc Craven, La Salic; Mrs. Gilbert S. Danley, Route. 1; Mrs. Sva Britton, Ktcncsburg; Oscar Deters, 918 Twenty-fourth avenue Mrs. A. Grace Evans, .1708 Fair acres drive;-Sharon Schmidt, Wig gins; Mrs. Kalhy Cogburn, P l a t t c ville; Donna Smith,'Rout* 1.' You Can Sew Up Gifts for School Pals Stork Express 'Born (p Mr. : and Mrs. Douglas Christopher of P-l-40 Jackson boulo yard n daughter Wednesday, Dec 7, at Weld County General hospital Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walle Bickcll of -IIS-Eleventh street a son Thursday, Dec. 8, at Osteopathir Memorial hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Terry \Vil liams of 2040 Fourlh avenue a sc-o Tuesday, Dec. 6, at Holly. Wi liams is a sophomore al CSCE an as a member of the varsity foo 1 ball team. COLLAR AND, BELT SET . . . . It mskei a good gift. Make it . - yourself. ' ' en cither iuu ol* Iront ojKiiing in collar. Sew buttons in place on "the boll. Join 2 buttons-together with * thread lenglh, and slip through buttonholes t o - c l o s e collar. · \' Christmas atHorile By DOROTHY V. WH1PPLB M.D. AP Ntwsfcitures Christinas is- a litllo different in every family, ilut · Chrisltnas is good when a whole family gains feeling of w a r m t h and sharing and = when this spirit can even spread over into the C o m m u n i t y and oulsjdc world. · Lcl me tell 'you some of the Christmas traditions in our family. \Ve live in a small enough city so we can go. out into the country and''cut our own 1 tree. No one in our«' ever, thinks' of Inlying a tree, the 'cutting is so much a family affair. \Vc net the tree about a week before Christmas, usually on a Sunday. . · When the chjidrcn' · were little; they \vcrc all hundled up. in snowsuits, 1 and tramped the fields 'of friend's farm, spying out trees. The smaller the child, the bigger trees-he selected. Finally a choice was made. Dad cut it down, added sonic extra evergreen branches for decorations'. Mother and children cut holly. Then all' of us and many other families gathered around a big camp fire, ; had hot cocoa' or cutliio (depending on oyr ages), hot dogs..and other ingredients-of a vf inter picnic. When he got the tree home that aftcrnoo'n Dad and the hoys set il up in a corner of the living room, 'flic boxes of ornaments, saved f r o m ' y e a r s back, were brought down from (lib a t t i c ' a n d the children started the decoration of the tree', with liiuny remarks and memories as old familiar figures Were dug from the box. During the week many more decorations were added lo the (ice as. the Christmas Spirit rose and the children made and bought special favorites. : - , '· Gaily, wrapped gifts slowly appeared under the tree. Each 'morning 'IhC'Childrcn would dash lo the tree and read the inscriptions, sha"ke and rattle the weirdly shaped packages; with much speculation as lo contents. The more enigmatic the label the belter. Christmas Eve has always been a .lime at our house for a .very special parly. The children asked any. and all o( their friends, then we asked their parents. No. grownups without children was the rule. What we've done at those parties lias grown up as the children have grown up. Bui one thing runs as 'a chord through them all--the singing of Christmas carols. We sing all the carols we know, and we've found lots of the lesser. known ones, We've even made up special Christmas songs of our own. Very often the singing -gets beyond all the Christmas songs and we gel into ail suits of ollicrs. Una your, we had n French family--and ;n musical one ----who added much spico to out repertoire. - . · ' . . ., In the early 'years these' Christ- j mas Eve pa i lies, ended carly:'be : '! .cause parents 'had to fake young children homo lo bed. .'··· ··' _n Iliq ' laler years ' tables 'arc' turned and the · grownups finally give 'up. and .go/home 'while the adolescents slill- dance 'and sjn'g until Ihc wee small hours. ' ' '-.' Next morning, Christmas Day, the presents under thc.,trcc arc opened--and every year this gets' to be a laler ind later hour! ''Last year a note from J i m , now in college, said lie jusl couldn't get home lo help Dad cut the tree but he was bringing two boys 'for Christinas Eve and" the rest of the holidays. ' " .'. '. ' .. We have no young children any more bill Ihc traditions arc still important lo all of us. school Girls Only IN- M E M O R I - ' A M M U R P H Y ' " ' ' i. ,\ IN memory "of 'Angle Murnliy-\vlio passed awny 4 years ago Dec. S;-. Nothing can ever tako away The love our heart holds'dear Fond memories linger every Uaj* Remembrance keeps i you dear. t \ Husbauii, 'children mid ''n gra ri d cb i] il ron ·" quarrels. There were complaints \ that some girls dyed thcirjialMfl'/ 1 qualify.^ -This "year's, rules: nine...] to fifteen, m i n i m u m of paint and' powder, and p'reUmess to be'para: . lf mount. · '-. ;, ; ; ·'. ' -\-. ; 'CARD-OF THANKS'-.'- \VATTKIIS. .:·,'.. " , . ; i.. Our. heartfelt-, flmnhs. to,;all- who . so- kindly .extended ;lheir sympathy- wIMi^ cards,. iihotie calls;" ' and - f o r ' the' lovely service and all' (Idrarofferings we are deeply grateful, - - -'- v . Wiitters Family .'" . and his sister, ·· · · / Arvllla f Jp.hannes'scHi* ' -;.. Beautiful' Gin Wrap For Your Gifts Hallmark and Tie-TI* · Ph. «11 807 Bth 8t Born to Mr. and Mrs. Albcr Scholt of Snn Dtefo, Calif., daughter Wednesday, Dec. 7, Thi is the couple's, first child. Mrs. Scholt is the former May Mayficld, daughter of Mr, an£ Mrs^ Robert Dunkcl of Fort Luplon. Her' husband is serving in the navy. Paternal grandpa rents arc Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Schott of Kersey. By V I V I A N B R O W N AP Newsfeatures Writer Fell, collar and belt sets make deaj Christmas gifts for school" als. Whals more they're easy m trie piggy bank. You can make t h e - k i n d , that is vide in front or back or one tha.t nces up in front. Trim it with lecorative yarn in contrasting ihadc to the color of the belt, ·lilher set may be made on the iome sewing machine. Use' the Binder attachment for applying bias edging, the decorative stitcher for making the yarn t r i m m i n g , and .the mttonholcr for stitching the lace lots and butt6nhulcs. One-third yard of 72-inch width 'olt will make a pretty collar and ·jolt set. Four yards of yarn in con-1 rasling cior : a spool of thread to ' match Ihe yarn, and four buttons (two for (lie belt and two for the collar) are required. Use(J pattern for the PeEer Pan llar. O]ic- that is oil a dress is a good-idea. Cut out two .collars and two belts, using a diagrqm for the '1)011. Trace Ihe decorative design* on the right side ' o f ' one elt and one collar. If you hove decorative stitcher ' u s e the G and G c a m , following the design, placing stitches over tlic yarn which, you guide into place. Stitch from the center back to the design continuously,.ending at the center back. Thread a darning needlc wth the yarn, and pull needle through felt lo the wrong side. Also brir.g sewing thread to the wrong side and fasten., Put the. lwo'-wrong : sides of the two hells together and baste. Use the decorative stitcher'with' a 5 and 1 cam, stitch through both thicknesses of felt close to Ihe rdge on all sides. Begin and end "stitching at c'enter back. Trim edges close to stitching 'with pinking shear*;, · Repeat this process when making the collar. Then mark place for button, and buttonholes on both belt and collar. Make two buttonholes in right end of belt and .one -·^f?^c ^ for Finest Quality and Surest Value... Diamond Rings From Weiss jewelry Our regular. price -is as low as the ', Sale Price 'of ·others.. . W e . Wi" Hot Be -Undersold \_ i Open Moh. and Sat. Niahts . 'Til 8:30' Niahts Your. (Duality Jeweler^-; YOU NAME YOUR OWN TERMS 5 0 1 h A N N IV E R S A R Y yer NORMAL COST r . . . . . . 239.95 i20 Volt Wiring-.;.-. 32.50 272.45 PRICE INCLUDES 220 VOLT WIRING · Completely Automatic · All Porcelain Interior · Safe For AH Fabrics Member of Greeley Electric,League. Ask About Our Easy Payment Plan PHONE 109 ER DM AN ELECTRIC CO MP AN V 10th Street .Greeley, Colorado

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