Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 15, 1970 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1970
Page 26
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Page 26 OREELEY TRIBUNE Fri., May 15. 1970 Muiicol Inttrumtnti 47 Real Eitot« ultl liomr in Kato HointMd Good) 30 HOUSE OP BARGAIN'S Bankruptcy, utocL, rai!ro»d Balvage, color TV'a furniture, appliances. 22$ llth ATB. Phono 352-5?U Money to Loon 31 WE SPECIALIZE In Bmull IMM J50. 11.500. Most collateral scwpUlil?. C.F.C. Corp., 6th Ave. and llth St, Phone 352-0132. WE L O A N money-- 1st and 2nd mort- ?»ce or business. Abo buy 1st line nd morts»ECJ. Golii-Naiman Investment Co.. 6th Ave. and llth SI. Phone 352-0132. Building Material 34 SAW .harpenins. all kinds. One day service. Alkire's 613 8 Ave. 352-9501. NATIVE rough lumber. Good stock. Hossett Lumber Co., 134 llth Ave. 353-2171. mnd many farm uses. Murphy Lw-n- her Co.. 712 9th St. NOW STOCKING Chain Link Fence See us for Free Estimates HOGSETT LUMBER CO. 134 llth Ave. 353-2171 Boats Supplies 35 SMALL 12 foot flshinsr boat. Ca after 6. 3M-3603. 14 FT. boat. o«ra nnd trailer, f^o 1217 13th St., Evans. S5 FOOT Trojan in-hosrd rabin rrnisc and trailer with accessories. 35' 8656. EKI bout -- 15 ft.. PO hn. Alt equip ment included. Heady for the wate 353-623S. 14 FT. Lone Star. Aluminum wit controls, trailer, 25 hp Evinrude. $2i or b*st offer. 352-0718 after 3 p.ra ·2513 21st Ave. Ct. FOR SALE -- 12 ft. A l u m i n u m fishin Mat. Sea K i n p t r o l l i n K motor, an chors, rod holders. OHI-S. l i f e jacket snd accessories. SI 50. Kay Haucn Btein, 905 31st Ave., Lot A-19. GLASSCRAFT 16 ft. nbcrnlnsa boat 50 horsepower Johnson motor equip ped with trolling prop or R"od nk Iviat -- also Tec-Nee trailer. SGTft o bwt offer. CK4-6274. See nt 227 Lo - ctist. La Pnlie. Livestock 41 1VK Hereford cow* w i t h CH.VM at Bide. J27.1, pair. tiM't^tiS. t H B R K K O K U heifers for sale. Short yeArliiiRfl. fancy. Hell one or tttl. 35261143 evt'iiiiiicB. O K ' S A L K -- 3 KUO! While 1st calf hviferm with calve* at xiU». 2 north, J-t cast of (Irccley ntr|turt. Koy Klliston. 11 ft UK automatic n.ilkinK stanchion*. J50. cnch : pump Mid other mwoel- luncous initkiiiK cituipmcnt. t53-553 curly morning* or eveniiiKS. *OA Appaloosn pony »tud service. Proven champions in production itiul performance. Kcn-WH Pony Farms, Phon* 362-9119. WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE Horses or Cows For Reward Ph. 353-0929 24 Hour Service EVANS BI-PRODUCTS CO. Poultry 42 STEWING hunx for sale, live. Adam Scbemp, north of Milliken Hay Mill. BABY CHICKS-- Hatcbine every Mon. and Thurs. Heavy breeds and white layine cross. 35V.-1006. BABY CHIX GOSLING DUCKS Meyer Bros. Hatchery 719 7th St.-- 352-3451 Pet Stock 43 SKVEN Cocker mixed puppies for sale. 7 weeks. 352-0063. 2632 13th Ave. FOR SAI.K -- Illark male Poodle, fi month. 214 Kith St. after (i. FREE kittcnii to sood hnmes. 3522141. 7 MONTH~oTd English Setter. J20.00. 353-0534 nr 2S4-63SO. KOR SALE -- Chihuahua mix puppies, $5. S34-2761. ?i mile west Ault. AKC~bi»dkTab. Pup trained for field. Must sell. Cheap. Call 3M-SSM. FOR SALE -- Siamese kittens. 3523264. COCKAPOO pups. Sin men. Cute Poodle (itlj!«, ?25. S52-OP97. W A N T E D to biff -- WhiU Poodle stud. 352-OSD7. FOR SALE -- Australian Shepherd puppies, $20.00. 587-2133. TWO mule miniature Schnauzer puppies. 3S2-2n4y. UnEHRED ivhile loj French Poodle puppies. 352-7360. FoirsAl.E -- AKC registered Poodl puppies. Phone 3fi3-i)323. AKC Miniature true apricot Poodl stud service. 352-2356. SASSAFRAS hred small miniature nil ver Poodle stud service. 312-1165. ARTISTIC Poodle croomiDB. Puppies huiiie. tjootl ilii'onte investment. '- leilroimu. Prime locution. Ill;' 13th St. 3.-.2-3I35 etvnlnea. N ONSOI.K spinet piann. Wlii MUTI- fice to rfrtiKiiiHiblc party in this . anitt. Cash or leinis. Write Creilil ,, Mm-.. TnllniHll Piuno Stores. Int.. Salem, Orraon SJMK. Annual factory authorized sale on all Hammond ' Organs and Pianos. ; Svery organ and piano in iur store is reduced to ' .ell. KYLE'S ; HAMMOND ORGAN CO. 825 8lh St. 352-8901 ! Real Eitott 48 WOULD YOU BELIEVE? : n acres, all grass _ $4,250 ; 20 acres, all grass ?(5.695 40 ai'rcs, all grass $!),!)!I5 SO sterns, irrig $36,1100 Also havB Improved irrig. 80. 545.000 20-pr.t. down and good terms on bnl. DIAL RLTY. Prcbish 852-3865 RESIDENTIAL LOTS CASCADR PARK (20th Street 26th Avenue). WE WILL BUILD FOR YOU OR YOU MAY CONTACT YOUR FAVORITE 3! U I L D E R. TI N T) B R. G R O U N D UTILITIES, ALL IMPROVEMENTS. R-3 MULTI-FAMILY CASCADE PARK WEST (20th Street 29tli Ave- nne) Z O N E D F O R APARTMENT HOUSING. THE BEST LOCATION IN TOWN! 14 ACRES ZONED for mobile home commnn- itv. Inside Greeley city limits. Utilities available. Located between 1st and all i-aipnted, il.-hen-diniui: ni 12G ft. SKS-IMf. edrooin home, itlon. Lot, 15 THE START OF ANOTHER REALLY BIG HAPPENING List your Home with. Welsh and Associates, Rcitllors. today and watch things Blurt to happen tomorrow!! Becauso our office, has a staff of FULL T I M E Proressionnl Real KK I. a I e Salesmen who know I h i s area insitle and ttut and are Kxports in handliitf; l.he Complex details of sales transactions. Our i n t i m a t e knowledge of yonr m'ighhorhood and its home buying [lattern pins onr Membershiii in .Multiple Listing Service m a k e things happen for you FAST. Place your home with us anil prove to yourself t h a t -- it's more t h a n just t a l k at Welsh and Associates, Realtors. Call 352-3S33 Today! ltt.t« SRVKN «erei, modern home, lood b«rn. near Lovelftnd; vrored. Call Lc ilao S aerw unim- cUild, «»7-«600. 41 NEW 3 bedroom brick barn*. Full buenent, 2 car Karut. 1^4,000. (17 2Hh AVI. S65-18JS. KEYS AGENCY 910 9th Ave. Phone 352-0070 Multiple Listing Service Sporting Goods FOR powder, bullets, primer*, relond- inK equipment. Discount prices, Harry, 102 N. llth Ave. 362-3609. GUN repair -- Cu.tom relomlinn. Clark's Oun Shop. 4th Ave. nnd 16th St. ariS-fiosR. Seeds, Plants, Flowers 38 WANTED .-- Kree lilnc hushes, trees, ete. 3. r i:l-l!l2ll after fi :30. NICEST heddinc plants in the state. 64c box. fiermiiums and vecctnble pUnts. all Ri7.ea. Open, 11 a.m Millers. Ault. and Toy stud. 352-3435. POODLK KroomlnK; ulso VKC TvhIU toy stud. 352-1511. WEEKS old miniature blaek Poodle puppies. $35 cnch. Father registered ^jlvcr. 353-3175 after S. OR~SAI.K -- AKi; registered Toy Poodle puppies, fi weeks old. Call after 5:1fi. 363-2110. VANT to live away, fientle 1 Tear old, spayed female doa. 353-1078. Fruits and Vegetables 39 WHITE potatoes for sale. f2.6{l pel hundred. M'-MK. 2 miles north 01 £5, i, mile west of (Jreeley. Pick up between 2 and fi p.m. Saturday. Hoy, Groin, Feed, Strow 40 BALED hay for Bale. Call S53.H97. LEAFY Ereen alfalfa, lame balea. H.10 per bale. 353-WUO i 281-6172. 800 TONS KnMlaKe 59.00 ton. 461- KDIUREI'ZD Babbit* -- RrcodhiR Block, ret bunnies. 363-7141. 2019 6th Ave. DARK upricot AKC, miimUire Poodlr puppies. Show dojtB. *10l). 363-7481 nftcr r.. "^OK KALE -- Black and white TVr- rier, mix, fomnlc. spayed, nil ahot. 11 months. 352-OP74. QUALITY pure hred Virsl* puppio*. Excellent Hportina: dnjr and child's pel. Ixn-clnnd, 6lVMG'.H. iluTHLAND Aqunrlum, 1404 Plh The only store in NE Colo, ser the nquarist exclusively. FOR SALE -- 25 tons of second and _third _cuttinir hny. r^-5137. -PARKflmy. graded nlfaUa. \Vis. eedm fence posts. Don Kelly 352-9491. 1ST, 2nd, nnd 3rd cnttinjt liny. Good quality. Ln Sulle arejt. 2S4-6236; 2S4 Livestock 41 .HORSE ratlin? for rent. Close In __CalI aftnrji. SSli-SMl. FOR SAI.K -- I I wonner pies. S34 BO BR£D Rilta fnr tnle your ehuu $]0(). Phone 2M-7{Ur. or 353-1S8H. SEVERAL well broke penile horses John KruMy, J K U 2 K. 17th St. GRASSLAND" nature f-.r nuk f rent. Available now. S34-2407. FOR SALE -- Suffolk Inmh.i, 2 rex itnereH buck*, I t r i f t h t o n , fiiilM'iyii. FOR SALK - Pairs owes nnd Unib: _ C a I l 40-1-2173 cvoniiiKs. SHOEING. I m n r H i n K , brrnkmc horses Reasonable. Call 3ri3-9MFi. CURTIS Brcedintr Service, 352-5o44 686-2400. LAKE Arrowhead stables Boardine exercise nnd rjire. 352-1GSR. HORSE shoeing and hyif trimming Dean Anderson. 35 3-0355. WANTED--Spring pasture, ready soon Phone 352-1209. H FOOT fitock trailer. Excellent c dition. Call 3o;i-77f)!. HORSES ixiuKht. sold, traded trained. 3:.3-241. REX~,rSTERED Duroc cilts seven ^eek old. Excellent hlrwd linos. 353-0'Jl) ' ^_^ ter -.l..! - r .. wp c^ fill 'ls- -WANTED -- P a M i i r r fnr M o · - horn* Tom Trefn-.. R t . .1 Hox 139.1 Kort Collins. 4-'J-Ofi7'.. :vcnincs. "REE -- Fern; Spitz. Rabies Evans. e fi n shot. lonths old · 70S Idnho RAY LARSON NORWEGIAN Elk Iloui moy«d cross puppicii. 352-P064. ! 23rd Ave. "KG NonvcKian Elk Hound, Tin pormnnent shots, chnuipion hl lines. S75 or trndfl for western a die. 3r2-023fl. TROPICAL fish, Ktildfish. »tnj»rirnn», filters, »ir pumps larrstorfil Frank's Si-ed «nd Hulchcry, 703 10th Street. 'A'NTEH -- ~-mA hom« for urnal black wire hair Terrier. Female Clu huahiia. small black and white lev rier Humane Society of Wclil Col ty, S52-6:ii; 362-1150; oDi-SlCC. GBRMAN short-haired Pointer pup«. 5 weeks old. AKC rcKistered. Excellent blood lines. Wolfswiew Iladbach Moescaard KaposU. J76. and ill (Jnly 4 lelt. Hlllrose. Colo. S41-3716 "TROPICAL FISH HIGHLAND 1404 9th St. FOR SALE t* wean line pipa. -1J more in 2 week?. Hnmr-Duroc-York cross. H'l-ViiR nTtcr o p.m. PASTURE f»r T-fi lwa-1 r.f rattle. ?7.:.fl a month prr hrad iir w i l l t a k e cnlf in e x r h n i i ^ p f"r |mature. :C.:i-H!ir.. May 16-17 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Aquarium heaters, $1.98 Angel Fish, 35c JCome in and register foi FREE aquarium and othe: merchandise to be given away Sunday, 3 p.m. FOR S A L K I f i t h Street, c\ LIVESTOCK spr« ej(p. Brantner. eci..terM A Q U A ldle^ 2. r i2f5 Knst Sewing Machines, Vacuums 4 REBUILT Kirby, $59.95. Perry's Vacu urn Center. .1601 9th St. 3S3-0084. PARTS for vacuums, hoaes, belt brushes, otc. Perry'a Vacuum Cei \rr as;i-noH4. IBOI ath St. ROOM for horses. ?lli.fio each a month.|\VR are eon; 21SR K. Ifith St., a f t o Pro Weir. icrs, Keposaeaslon CATTLE spraylnR nervice. 2R4-6377. vice. . HORSK Khrtrintc nr nppnintment call SUFFOLK PWM in «tlc. S'-ni- -h""i' Mflrkhnm, tfi-^ (l N nior.t. Phiup 77«- Kon "SAI.K " - - · a Wismnsin Holi-trii live red 1 p.m. I 'SPI --rebuilt--new. A phone call snve you dollars. Your only Kirb Anthnri7.ed Denle 35S-0700, 2706 W. 10th St SACRIFICE ppro ,1 i:,n l.nil.s ols,.ii K r u i i l . ' l . i M i l l calu nl. J.M per " 11!70 SiiiRcr, will ziK-zas, darn ,,,.imonO!;ram, b u t t o n Iiole, appl' imifjii' 1 . snw fan(^y desiRns, et( ·"-'without Imyinpr fxtra attaci mcnls. Assume lust -1 payment ; TM|or 57..SS. hfarl.! S^S-SfiOB STANDINf, Hi pitii'l -- Aiiarhi- .larkI TV--Radio--Services, Sales 4i Pnt Re2ip*'l*ci Apral" 1 ^' hired hy! MisviHla Suprrinr D r i f t . Dnm L»p!non'S TV. Phon* Hny or nijrht. S« ' Cn.'rw. L»dy sirH by D... i] R..I. vir^ calls 7. 3S3-J7SB. Tm furlhrr intormatinn r«ll 3:.H-; TV r , nU ,| Si jio.oo per month. Co! ! 1030. I $ per month. :i.12-720fl. FOR ijnick TV BrtOire, TV Murt. 3R 7200. Service whilr you wmt, rnf(TR~TV rrpnir. Tran»iKUr spcria i.!s all makes. Ccrtrnli^cil TV Si \irr. I'.JIS ^th St. 3ri3-M26. GOOD used color and black- and whl TV's RudK^t tprmi. Tfilfviaion Mar «14 2Mh St. S52-T260. Cash paid for fresh, dead or disabled cows and horses. WELD COUNTY BI-PRODUCTS 352-1788 : HORSE SALE \ liny 19 '· Tack S:»0 p.m. j [|( )r ,srs 7 " H O p IP. LOXGMONT LIVKSTOCKj COMISSION I In So. M a i n I 7715-21 H! Musical Insrruments Upright pinno Nelson piano, (io n. 3:,3-eoin before ; :ARBAUGH REALTY 2225 9th St. 352-5620 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE -NEW LISTING LAROE. clean two story home with 3 law BRs. LRTRB l i v i i m room and separate DR. The kitchen is large and real nice. Yon also h a v e a basement for a small. office and storage room. Owner leaving town BO dou't wait. $15,760.00. NEW LISTING WATCH THE SUN RISE SET IN SPLENDOR. Nice 3 Bit modern home on l'/ 2 acres. Large barn with hayloft, corrals and tack house. Beautiful covered patio to spend these nice sprinc days. City gas and soft water. Country livins at its splendor. Lot of house plus land for ?20,- ooo.oo. . · TIRED OF BEING CROWDED? GO COUNTRY STYLE ft RELAX In this real nice 3 BR home with 2 BR In basement. There is another modern home which is d a n d y rental. 2 garages. 2 borns and 2 acres on which to expand. Ideal country living plus income. Act now. WESTVIEW BRICK I M B I K D I A T E POSSESSION on this 3 BR home with wonderful family room with fireplace. Utility in large kitchen plus eating awn. No steps to worry about ill this bouse. Larse attached garage and relaxing covered patio. Move in tomorrow. HILLSIDE BEAUTY JUST LISTED and it. is real nice. Large 3 BR home with large LR and real nice kitchen. IVi baths and utility off ] the kitchen. Attached garage and covered patio. Lot ot ~ house for only ?16.950.00. EXCELLENT FARM TOP NOTCH FARM with 2 modern homes. Large feed lot and s u p p o r t i n g bldgs. Plenty of water and excellent ^ terms can be arauged. Call. THE "MOD"ULAR llth Ave. 30th St. Road Open daily from 2-4:30 p.m. Over 1,025 sq. ft. PHA, VA or conventional financing $10,950 on your lot and foundation We assemble and secure permit--inspection!) LANDMARK REALTY 352-34bZ , f Rt.i 41 OR SALE -- Br ownir. ·p«rtment lioux. 15S Mh St. 110,000, 12000. down owntr flnanc*. 163-0636. · Rt«l 41 FOB SALE » x 8« foot nwblU ho««. excellent eondltlon. Call «(ternooiu, 853-SZM. Sales Agents WHEELER 353-0346 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE 2nd Slreels on 25tll Ave. CALL SCOTT REALTY CO. (303) 352-1212 1212 8th Avenue, Greeley, Colorado DUPLEX nrick. 2 nn eat'li side. ?235 per mo. on ?20.000. DOUBLE GARAGE j\"car new 3 Bit brick. Utilities f n m i l y room with fireplace 'on m a i n floor. I'artially finishec basement. LA SALLE 2 BR brick near school. Electric kitchen. Full finished base- m e n t , larpe rec. room, carpeted bedroom and stairs. !MOUNTAIN HOME j p o n d r e Canyon, 3 13R. f a m i l y jrooin, covered patio, double pa- .liimes Beydler 352-S212 Sonny Johnson 353-1242 Tom Kngohara 352-5012 Phil Rudd 353-32U K. F. (Lefty) Bartcls 352-3611 ra«e. summer house. 95 ft. river Only LOW COST Siniill 2 BR on cast side. ?4,7SO. ACREAGE l T niniprnvpr], npnr T^nFallP. HIIR, soft water, elortricity avnihihle. REALTOR AUCTIONEER Phone 353-2355 Multiple Listing Service 1324 7TH AVE. bedroom -- carpeted livinp; oom, large kitelien, full bath, ew gas forced air luniBce, ar deiacbed garage. This is a ood starter home or can he sed for income. No down pay- lent to Cl's. Priced u n d e r 58,00.00. 1317 3RD AVE. -ery neat 2 bedronm home -- carpeted living room plus lew carpet in one of thn bed ooms. Kxtra laree b n t h . T/o ateii in a nice neighborhood Co down payment to GI's. 'riced under 510,000. 2216 11TH AVE. Completely redecorated -- w i t h new carpeting -- that is what ·ou will find when you look t this very neat. 2 hedroom ome w i t h a nice 1 bedroom asemeiit apt. to help with the layraents. 1 car attached ga- MOORE REALTY 922 llth St. 352-3437 Northern Colorado Building MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE -ft \ u d r o y Tlutlon \pllie Cole Albert Rolf arah Parhaugh sr.s-Tnns! 3. r i2-ni27i STAN' WILLIAMS REALTY 1210 nth Avn. M u l t i p l e Listing on main floor. Full partly finished basement with -Vi bath, rec. room or bedroom. Hot water heat. Tills home goes for $19,000. ROLLING HILLS rage. Don't wait -- call leinhardt for details. Hay 2506 WEST 5TH ST. This is the home you have wen w a i t i n c for. You won't, lave to drive the Uiddip.s to school. It offers -- 3 bedrooms, lew carpeted living room, elect, citchen. dining £ f a m i l y room, I',4 baths plus a very nice full im'shod basement. Large rec. ·oom with bar, large, carpeted bedroom, one smaller bedroom b e a n l i f u l 3 bedroom brick w i t h 2 car garage equipped with automatic doors. A b e a u t i f u l largo kitchen -- sliding glass doors open onto a view of the city. Fireplace and m a n y e\-tra| features in this home. $25.750-shown by appointment. COLLEGE AREA This is probably t h e cleanest older home in Ihe area. Located on 7lh A v e . 1 block from campus. Large combination Iiv-1^ ing and dining room w i t h fire.-j,. place. Kitchen is large and basj 1 ^ extra large nook for dining.'^ Full basement w i t h lots of storage, bedrooms and \~ bath. Also a good 2 car garage. This home is in cslale --· priced al SlS,2;iO. Can be shown anytime. BUSINESS ZONED PARKWAY WEST ' Brand new on the market and worth every penny. R c a u t i f u l bi-levcl w i t h 4 bedrooms. 2 baths and built-in kitchen. Lovely carpeting and drapes throughout. Henu- / t i f u l landscaped fenced yard, double car garage. Only ' ?25,D50. AREA CONSCIOUS? If you've been told to look first for location In selecting a home fur your f a m i l y -- then ('heck your choice from these beauties listed below. Right now, we have the finest! MAPLEWOOD! I.i'iiiid new on the market - - a really spacious niRlom brick. 17G1 B(|. ft. on main floor, full finished basement) Total of -I bedrooms, family room, study, 2 baths, 3 fireplaces. Tree shaded corner lot, double car garage, ' and secluded patio. All in top condition -- the finest in sfcl appointments. Call now to see this! $37,950. | COTTONWOOD! I B e a u t i f u l bi-level on large lot with view of the moun- | tains. Large family or small, will enjoy the spacious feeling of this home. -I bedrooms, family room with fireplace, I f a m i l y size all electric kitchen plus formal dining. , Double car garage has extra storage. Surrounded by more expensive, homes -- a honey at ?34,E»00. GLENFAIR! Only one for sale In this charming secluded local ion. It's different and charming inside and out. Immediate impact from t h e large entry to the huge carpeted living room w i t h high cathedral ceiling and floor to ceiling fireplace. A Spanish feeling in the tasteful decor with wrought iron railings leading to upper level. 4 large bedrooms, separate d i n i n g and sunny built-in kitchen. Especially good since Ihe transferred owner can be flexible in financing and the large lower inlerest rate may be assumed. Very appealing at ?34,500. POPULAR WESTVIE\V! I m m a c u l a t e custom built brick, 4 kingsized bedrooms, 2 f u l l baths, 24 foot living room, a terrific kitchen w i t h large dining area and all built-in appliances. Fine q u a l i t y carpeting and draperies throughout. Oversize double car garage, even a covered patio. Large well landscaped homesitc. Irreplaceable in this top area at Just $28,500. Excellent loan to assume! BUY IT TODAY--MOVE IN TOMORROW! Roomy and comfortable, this 3-bedroom home in ready for occupancy. Attractive home is accented by trees and well-kept lawn. Has large living room, one full bath, dining area and u t i l i t y in kitchen. Single car garage. Fireplace! Priced just right. IMMEDIATE possession -- no w a i t i n g to move into your own lovel\j 3-bedroom Dover. AH of this will be yours -- immediately! Hi baths on nutin floor. % bath nnd extra Inrpe bedroom in full finished bnscment. Dlninp area. Single car garage. Window coverings and carpeting includnd. FOR THE YOUNG FAMILY This 4-bndrnom home Is just right for the young family. Living room and kitchen are roomy and comfortable. Raspment features finished bedroom, recreation and u t i l i t y rooms. One-car garage is extra long for extra storage. Good loan to assume. Why not see this one today? ASKING PRICE IS ... only sn.Ofid. C o m f o r t a b l e H-bfdrooni h o m e c o n t a i n s large k i t c h e n w i t h e a t i n g area, l i v i n g room, utility. Price includes carpets, drapes and 40" range in kiliihen. Floors are hardwood. You can't afford to pass this one by! LOCATION between the V n i v e r s i l y campuses is Idpal, so this Inv p s l m o n t won't last lung. K \ t r e m o l y Iiffrh rental pot e n t i a l exists and can be m a i n t a i n e d for m a n y years. The 50' x 1!)0' lot conlrt handle R additional units! INVESTORS Are you f a m i l i a r w i l h the p o t e n t i a l yield from college renlal property? This 2-story house grosses over ?4,- SOO.OO ami features 2 r e n t a l n u l l s and 2 fireplaces. Best yet -- only 100' from rampus. RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL TUcrln "Mac" McNiilty, 352-7004 Burl Stedwell, 353-17SS Harold Mo-orc, 353-2GSS Howard Thrapp, 353-6r71 Bill Hayden I I I . 353-6037 Jerry Dedon, 353-4944 Leol.T Buss, 332-C05C Margaret Case-, 552-OS25 FARM AND RANCH DEPARTMENT Tom Collins Creoley 353-5389 Lester Schlagel Fort Morgan S67-7358 Fred Felte Windsor 6S6-2SSO and utility room. Call Al son for details. 1530 28TH AVE. PL. ery neat Brick home in Sherwood. 4 bedroom, built-in range Sc oven, wood cabinets, ca i i i Lar-l n t l '^ m a k e danrly office wnd h;tve nmpln parltinK. Li(. is 205 . dRp|i. Ildnie is 2 bedroom - ft drapes, class doors l i v i n g room combination, ent could be easily to a p a r l m o n t . This :honn: also in an estate. Let. us show you. , ·age. Assume low interest r a l e ""·' loan w i t h m o n t h l y payments ,,, onlv $121.00. Priced at on i y $20 SOn We, h a v e a Billiard Parlor, making money, for sale. INCOME PROPERTY A very well kept 2 bedroom duplex, nne. completely furnished. " C ( l l H 1 'TM in " ne ' nd slill OULUJ n 0.0n per month inr.o er lias tills priced for a quick sale. Call now for details. LIST WITH US FOR QUICK ACTION Looking for an a p a r t m e n t u n i t ? -- wo have pome! How about, a small Motel? "We h a v e t h a t ! Call us for your Heal K t a f e i ' needs. I: KOK S A I . K Klrdri. romlitii.n. tr.O.Ofl. int .inn:i. liiitar. (Jnn.1 11th St. 852- Don Merry Alan L a l l a Albert. I,arson liay Ueinharrll. 353-1 S7. r . r.S-Mfi.i Evenings and Sunday--Call I'M l l o f t Burl Harrison 353-1374 353-7760 3r,2-(5fl91 s.-s-or.ns GLENMERE! Klcgant in every detail throughout the spacious 2300 so., ft. living plan. You'll love the gracious living and formal dining rooms. Fine cherry panelling enhances the family room off the kitchen -- all overlooking an attractive stone, terrace r u n n i n g the full width of the house. There are 4 large bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 fireplaces and so much more.! It's lovely to look at -- delightful to own. Can be so easy too! Kor a loan of $34,000 at 6'/s% may be j assumed! See this beauty now! COLLEGE AREA! , Older brick home only one block from the college. This well-bnill home is in very good condition and would make a lovely f a m i l y home or ideal college income set- I up. Spacious carpeted living room with custom drapes, j formal d i n i n g area and charming kitchen. Full finished basomo.nt. w i l h rec. room, bedroom and -Ti bath. Base- ' menl. lacks only a k i t c h e n for lovely apartment -- proper | w i r i n g installed, lieep lot affords excellent, off-street p a r k i n g and room for expansion. Let us show you the ' full potential of this property. $26.250. | SHERWOOD PARK! This b e a u t i f u l ranch style brick home is in excellent condition throughout. You will find all of those special features in this exceptional home. Including 3 bedrooms, 1-Li baths, formal dining room, spacious built-in kitchen witli adjoining f a m i l y room with fireplace. The full basement offers room for expansion and the. fenced yard covered by sprinklers will delight, the kids! Double car garage and t e r r i f i c 5%% loan may be assumed. New on the market, so H U R R Y ! ! WEST HIGH DISTRICT! I With unlimited possibilities, a handyman needed here (o complete the remodeling. A lot of house for only $15.950 with 4 bedrooms, 1% baths, spacious kitchen I w i t h excellent, eating space and adjoining utility room. Full, mostly finished basement. Call for all of the de' tais and see the potential here for your own family. ! CLOSE TO DOWNTOWN! ' 2 houses on one lot. Both houses have been completely ) remodeled and all u n i t s are rented. Present, rental in- I come, approximately $400 per month. If you are looking for a terrific income set-up don't miss seeing these \ properties. r Across the Street From The Post Office 918 l l t h Ave. 353-14-13 S1NTE 1344 A COTTAGE WITH INCOME 2 bedroom iviih separate dininp; room. Carpeting, 2-car ^aratfo, and a 1 bad room a p a r t m e n t in basement. 2135 7th Ave. KERSEY A real fine 5 bedroom home in a very nice location. \\'alk across the street to pnule school and a block to Platte Valley -Jr. High and Hifih Schools. The owners are l e a v i n g t h i s urea and this must be sold soon. Loan may he assumed. Call for appointment. 223 Mh St. SMALL DOWN PAYMENT will buy t h i s s t u d e n t r e n l a l which is l o r n t r d ,1nsf onn block from the collepp. and is a real money maker. Large loan may be assumed. ]f.31 !ilh Ave. SEPARATE RENTAL UNIT comes w i t h t h i s large, oltler f a m i l y home I h a l ' s Just right for the big f a m i l y . Rent out the small house on Ihe rear of the lot to help m a k e yonr p a y m e n t s . Talk about a good buy! EVANS Hern's a nice t w o bedroom home w i t h fenced yard, quiet area. There's f i n a n c i n g a v a i l a b l e lo (nullified parly, so rail for the details. 3."i2-R2M,Si.iii W i l l i a m s Helen May, 353-2111 dene finsick. 353-510!) Tom Spear. 35J-OS15 Joan Thrapp, S53-RS71 Ray Schoonmaker, 353-M43 Frank Moore, 352-3313 .' '- -_ ,2^TM,TM,^..^,., Multiple Listing Service Membnr of All Points Relocation Service. Inc. If you are moving out of town lol ns provide you w i t h onr nationwide real estate service. There is no charge for this courtesy. R E A L ESTATE D E P A R T M E N T Roy Pankey SSS-lfiS-t Lewie Smith 3,i2-3S"i4 Jake Pfleiger 353-1724 Clint Jurgensen 352-1305 1XSURAXCE DEPARTMENT Donald .T. Rupp 352-3288 Robert Laubhan 3, r j2-2191 John Stein 352-ri4!"0 dene Gunther 353-4536 HO.MH LOAN AN'D TRUST DEPT. Agent for M i d l a n d Federal Savings and Loan Assn. Clinrlns, broker 3S2-.1S85 The above listed salesmen are at your service at any time, i n c l u d i n g evenings and weekends.

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