Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 15, 1970 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, May 15, 1970
Page 25
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Classified Advertising Situ.ii«i. 101 f.r Rtnt-- A».ti. 17 Miiceii«nee»i ",Fri., May 15.1970 . GREELEY TRIBUNE . TRIBUNE WANT ADS RATES AND DEADLINES CLASSIFIED DISPLAYS Rate: $1.60 per column inch. Volume viitps upon request. M i n i m u m space -1 column inch. Screen borders cuts may be used on ads of 2 column inches or more. Deadline: 3 p.m. Day Prior. CLASSIFIED READER ADS Deadline: 4 p.m. Day Prior. RATES Minimum charge (10 words) 80c First insertion per word .... 8c Additional consecutive Insertions of same ad, per word 4c Sixth day free. Month rate, per line (2 line m i n i m u m ) . . . . . . . $4.00 10% discount on reader ads if paid within 10 days. Every other day nds to be charged at one day rate. Blind Box Numbers 50c CANCELLATION Ads may bo cancelled by calling before 9:00 a.m. insertion day. (One time service charge) The Tribune assumes responsibility for only 1 incorrect insertion of any ad. Please read your ad the first day it appears. Call in correction before 9 a.m. next day. PHONE 352-0211 714 Eighth Street Office Hours 8 a.m, to 5 p.m. Classified Index Auction! fli AntiQUri ' 9R Auto «c. vice flnti a pp ^ jlDiiril un - . ^ R Bunlne** Service* 6 Construction Equipment GD-A Kducatfon »nd Instruction 8 Firm Equipment 60 For Rent -- Apnrunent* -- 17 Fcr Kfnfc-- Hulldlnn 20 Kcr Kent-- Farms nnd Trneta 19 For Rent-- Mt. HODIM, Cablni 21 For R«nt -- Rooms 1 G lliy. Grain, Ferd, Straw 40 Household CKwdii 80 Irrinatlnn Syalemi 49 Lost ar.d Found 1 Mhrrllnnroni , , , 27 Money to I^»n 31 N u r i t n e Him« 9f Hooflnr and Insulation _,, 8S Sprds, Pliints, Flowers . SS Sewing Machfnw-Vmcimnu 4X Situations Wanted 10 Sportini Goodn Sfi-A Trailers and Cnrnprn Ftf Trailer Sv»"* Pfl t r !Pd Cars an-1 Truck* M W..Mn r V--Mr,«. I K Help Wonted 7 W A N T K U -- A .nln.l nirl. Will train. HcsU^CliMeria, 8th unit Sth. MA1IJS wnntcil. Ap|ly in ncr«in. Kit- inadM I n n . M A K I t l K I ) mnn for y»»r urulind farm work. I ' h u n - SM-2220. All shifts. An- lily in person. KitnuiU Inn. U A H Y sitter,~my Lome. 353.G5S!. WANTKD --' Bnhy Bitter, my home 5 l«y week. 3 month old bjtby. Cull 303-9362. SOMEONKTo «tny with 1 child KriJay ovpniniis thryuKh Sunday morning. 686-266'J. SUMMEK waitresses wanted 7 n.m. 1o 3 p.m. Apply in person, M'cMahan's ItcsUunmt, LaSnllf. RANCH hand, married. Tom Trefny, lit. 3 Hox 139. Fort Collins. -18211679. or part lime. 7-Klomn Store*. Apply 2331 23rd Ave. hefore noon. No phone culls. WANTED -- Woman with trannporta- tion to prepare dinner for elderly eouplo. Phone 353-0199. M~Al.~E~hei~p~np«lfd for prniliirtinn work In kitchen cabinet factory. Mnc- Kcnzfo Co.. 2332 J t h Ave. WANTED -- Experienced hired man. 5 room modern house. 732-4334, KeoneBOlire. RN NEEDED for full or part time position. I'hone 352-6082. llonull Re. tirement Community- SBKV1CE station attendant and me- r.hanic. Must be experienced. Apply in person. Dale's Texnco, Hth Ave. and I6th St. POTENTIAL $4, SCO. to $5,000. for experienced service station mechanic- attendant. AlIO 25-55. Permanent po- aition for good man. 352-9750. B K A I j imitate salesman -- Must he li- miwion ilral in (ireeley. Time Realty. 352-883B. RELIABLE person for laundry and housekeeping work. 40 hour week. IJirch Avenue Manor NursinK Home, 353-0535. ANSWER at once. Man or woman to Bell Haw-leigh Products. Good income. Write MY. Dale Smith, 1030 Cranford St.. Urcvlry. DIRECTOR of Nursinit service for 70 bed nursinK home. Good salary with frinitc benefits, with neiv corporation. Write or call Vern Weber. Hirch Ave. Manor NursinK Home, 353-0535. WANTED PAINT STORE SALESMAN Xational company. Experienced. Salary and commissiou. Appli- cntiuns confidenllnl. Send quul- irication.i to Box C-39, c/o Tribune. REGISTERED OR LICENSED Practical nurses. 3 to J l and 11 to 7 shifts. Full or part lime. Fairacres Manor, 353-3370. LADIES APPAREL SALESLADY Applications \w.iug taken. 25-40. Experience onlv. Permanent position. DODD'S. 824 9th St. WANTED Floor covering helper. 40 Iir. ences. Write C-3fi c/o Tribune, week. Permanent. List refer- WANTED OWXKR-DKIVER WITH TANDEM DIESEL TRACTOR To pull 4H.OOO pound loads 375 miles one-way. Average 2 trips per week. Oivo description of tractor * advise wbat you must have per running mile. Reply to Box C-38 c/o Tribune. MOBILE HOME SERVICEMAN 1 We are in need of an Jndi- 0 ?, 1 ',TM. 2 B H u l t black Lflb3 ' R c w a r ( i '!vidual capable (if handling War- ^ V . - l M f t . _ _ . _ , _ _ _ ,, . . , . , _ FOUNl)"--"Black female Cocker Sp«n-| r a n l ' service work on mobile iel. Call 3B3-afl6!t. · male Husky. 5 months old. Choker chain and tags. 353-3410. RP- ird. LOST -- Ulnck Poodle, unshaven. R hy Suki. J t h A\e. mid 'Mst Si. 35'J- 7331. Reward. LOST--A sharp *ffE» on your scissors. Wr sharpen 'em. Pinkinc shears, too. I'.fi-fiSc on most. Alkire's, 613 Sth Avo. LOS 7 ! 1 '-- While and sable Collie, right fore-lttr hahlc, left ICK white. 6 months old. "Spnrtirns" dtrjiyed fr 17th St., 7th Ave., 1! p.m. Saturday. 1303 l»th Ave. Reward. homes. Must he capable of do- ^^ n --vriV inp; various types ot repair work, including sheet metal, electrical, -Ji^-?H?.^ plumbinp, cabinet und finish work. This pnsilion Involves considerable travel. Individual must be willing to lie away for at least two weeks at a time. Personals ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. !'h. 352- 9P52 for help or meeting information T H I N K I N C of bicycle repairs I Think of Alkire's. 613 Sth Ave. 352-9501. FlfiURF.TTE bras find girdles. 352.7S52. IS Y O U R shlU'er slci? Call thr Raioi Clinic. Alkire. 61S Sth Ave. 352-5501. Ki"RSlNCi~~nurtl»ra. for help and in- foi-niation, call 352-2951. LnLeche SL"lM~CYM~For free home demr, wilh no oliliKalion. phone Tim Suvdlund, 3.S2-2U19 a f t e r 6 p.m. Fic.HT f a t i n u e with /.ippies. the i:reat iron pill. Only $1.98, C.ibson Thar- Apply in Person Only, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday--Friday CENTRAL HOMES, INC. Division of U.S. Industries, Inc. 237-22nd Street firecley, Colorado errising Htlp Wanted 7 COOK wanted, mornln:r Miirt. Cm! «.m. only, ZVt-ISZZ; ^84-9394. E X P E R I E N C E D wnltrn.4 wanted to u t a r t on or before J u n e 5. Fran's C«f*. 1712 lut A'-f. Cnll betwwn 8 ami 1U p.m. 352-5Q3 1 .'. '1HB nhoi and KBS nUilion attendant. I'l'rmunent job for r.Rht m u n , Retirement and hortpihiluntion. Weld WANTKD -- DcnUl assistant, office houra 8-5, Mon., Tuen., Thurs., Frl- ilay. 8-12 Wed. and Sat. Write C-37 % Tribune. M A K H I K I ) man experienced in farm- iriE nnii feed IRK. Vein- round work. 1 mile cast of stoplight in Eaton 2',Jj north. KK1.Z715. Kfoup lender. Must speak Spanish ami KnKlish. Salary open. Apply to Colorado Migrant Council, Box -120, Kvans. Colorado 80G20. AUTO mechanic. Experienced. Tniil vn- ciition, group Infill more, anl*ry-pom. mission basis. Contnct Ed Hunker, Drill-own Chrysler Plymouth. 817 7th Si., flreeley. Colorado. with cow-calf operation, feeding, ir- rittntiiiK. haying and mechanically inclined. Francis Blake, Hereford, 49G-Z864. A L L AGES buy Avon. Why not sell to them? You call on customers in your own locality, hnvc hiph earning potential nnd enjiiy life us nn Avon Heiirenenbitive. Cnll now, 3"i2-32;!K. REGISTERED NURSES Staff positions, and operating room (circulating). Top pay and good benefits. Call administrator at Memorial Hospital, 352-3123. Education and Instruction 8 PIANO nnd orpan lessons. Call 353- 67C5. UDO instruction. Men, women and children. For information call 3521688. PHI V ATE KuiUir Instruction. Now initiating lessons for all apes hy rosidcnt artist. Rick Scheidcman. 3f3-7083. SWIMMING LESSONS All Ages Oreeley's Finest Slim Swim Club Call 352-6498 Business Opportunities- 9 CAFE for sale, (lood business anc location. Ray's Cafe. 284-9894. FOR SALE -- Hnkery in Fort Lupton hy owner. Illness forces wile. (iood bURint-sn. Call I-'ort Lupton, 1-.S57- iwu. Situations Wanted 10 WANTKD -- Trees to trim and remove. 352-67 S-l. WANTEI -- Ironlnjt. Phono 852- :i97U. I R O N I N G , bahy pitting nnd crnsH ciit- tinjt. liMl Cherry Ave. 363-41)17. CARPENTER nnd concrete work. Gen- ernl contracting Phono 353-2099. L1CKNSKD huby Bitting:, my home. WILL do hOwInK. arrt-ZUM. (j A N D n Paint Inc. Frre estimates. TU-nsonnMc. 33-r.748. 3r.2-3279. ALTERATIONS -- Drcssmrking. 1740 7th Ave., or 852-7311. cTiUPENTER work, nil kinds. Tilinc floors. . VTCG fHtimatos. Cnll 36^-6-103. ALTERATIONS n n d dressmaking. 3C3-Q921. LICENSED hnby -nittinfr, my home. I'ark-Witdhiniaun .HUH. 3C3-T47li. ALTER/. TJOKS -- Ladies aid men's Grucu'i. 8121,*, 8th St., 353-1973. P A I N T I N G AH hinds. Free estimate*. I)h?- Tcfftmnn, 358-0518. GYpniiiKH. Stanley Bedim. 234-63)6. REYNA tree trimming. lowest prices. Firewood hnlf prlw. SB3-6180. ^AINTING -- Interior, exterior. Fre* estimate. C. E. Myrirk. 454-2617. CONCRETE work, froe estimates. Phone 352-8413. Jim Morehcad. PAINTING -- Ono who carol. Interior, exterior. Free estimates. 352-23SG. CESSPOOLS, erense traps, pumped. Ph. 353-17GS. Mrs. Rex Cunningham. PAi: T TlKG -- Resident^.1 ! a upcctnlty. L. b. MeDnniel. Ph. SS2-02KO. CONCRETE work. Free estimates. Phone 352-0601. 353.47Q8. sittinR, Christian home. Southeast of tmvn. 3i).'i-2177. PAINTING -- Interior, exterior, and f a r m paintinir. I've* 1 estimator. C'ns- lier Hrt-hon. Charlie Hrehon. 362-2027. H A N D Y M A N . Trim, transplant shrnlt- hrrv, roses, evergreens, lawn sod- imr. clean up. 352-016-1. QUALITY brlt-fc nnd block work done on planters, f cures, firoplnced and POWER rnkinjr, power ewecplnff, ferti- liyinp. AH at a low, low price. CARPENTER -- expert. Remodeling, repairing cabinet work. Call 686- 2!*fil nfter 6 p.m. S AND A I'aintinp. interior nnd exterior. Norm Swanson, 353-53-15 ; Allen Amen, 352-11501. LAWN mowed and cared for. Inexpensive. Season and monthly Tales. 353-6101. Wiu7"dr7~house nnd yard work. Tools riM-d to be furnished. Cnll us anytime nt Acacia Fraternity House, Hr.L'-ilK-IO. WOULD liko peneral office or recep- timiist work. Some pxporiencf. W r i t e Bui-ham Williams, Rt. 4, Ilux 1US. Ori-cley. WANTED -- Lawn mowinff. Prefer liii Kt-r lawns in Cotton wood, CHS- cndo.' nienmcre arena. 352-2571 after Help Wonted 7 BETTER puintinr -- Farms, homes.! I'oyfs. We tfuarantw Jill work. 284* Inferior and exterior. Km; eetinniU 1 *. Phone 35:1-1610. conned. Kiddie Land Nursery, 505 17th St. Hours. 7:SO to *i :3U. Z»'A- Custom Work 11 CKKNCH1NG. Central Trenchinic and Borinic Co. 352-4864. M A N Q K K h n u l i r i K . sprwdlnK, ploy, intr, trucking. J. Hernhardt. 362-5037. BACKUOE, blade work, horfoir. Platte Valley Trenvhlnx. 353-0825. WANTED -- KototUIinv. Reasonable. Cnll 352-3348 or K34-2G34. BACK HOE:. Excdvatliig, buck filling Paul Formiui. 284-6535. CUSTOM rolotillinc of new lawns and DANDELIONS sprayed. Guaranteed re- suite. General Spray Serv. 352-1050. IOL.IM Y Tree Service. Trimmins, foppiiiK, romovintr tr«». 353-1298. CUSTOM plowing. W. L. Helzcr, 3621502. ELA M'S Custom V arming. Plowing. Mud Elam, 853-3617.' nnd K'lrJcns. Weed mowing. 352-1722, 362-607(1, 897-22 Ii). CUSTOM farm service. Plowing:, corn planting.* Bub and Larry Allmer. Phone eveninKB, 353-73H2. FARM Custom Service. Plowing, R. Tappnn, 352-9512. B. Warren, 352569(1. lines, 284-62'Jl. Schneffer'a Digter Service. CUSTOM plowing, plow down anhy. drous nnd fumigation. Gary Jeff era, RKR-E2B3 days; 6S6-262. CUSTOM manure spreading and load- T work. 352-7134 ovenlnjts. Derold .?terson. MOWING -- Profession*! (service. Hav P equipment for largest lawns. General Spray Service. 352-1 05(1. CONCRETE work all types, flat work, retaining walls, restoration and repair. Free eat. Ph. eves. 3S3-279 or 353-7935. Duran Bros. SMALL dozer and carry-nil work. Dock hoe w/loader. Of. 284-5502. Hob Larson. 284-6*K2. D. Frwmyer, 352-0955. THENCHlNcTiind installation of water lines, septic tnnks or leechins field*. L;i Salle Plumbing, 737-2916; Jean lli-nwn. 737-2277. WASONRY, concreta and plaeterinR. Professional work at below professional cost. No job too small. 352- S3iu ask for Bill. Trash Hauling 12 IF IT'S trash, we haul it. John Kline. 352-1673. \S E dismantle nnd hnul away inciner- ntiirst. I'll one 352-h270. HESTWAY Uisposal Company. THE WAY rubbish removal. 352-6124 or 3o2-05G6. Wanted to Rent 14 1'WO Kirlu need furnished apartment, fall, winter, spring, 3SI-414G after 6. TWO boys need furnished miartment, f u l l , winter, spring. 352-4273 n f t e r 7. TWO itdulta want house, apartment or duplex by J u n e S. 454-3347. 353-63Uy. WANT 3 or 4 bedroom home in country or nearby town. 353-27-10. NJCED furnished house or apartment for 1 adult with student roommate, Cnll 352-2373. RKLIAULK'nlnffle student -- One bedroom apartment with kitchen. Ref- on-nces. H53-4C89. WANTED to rent mountain ranch. Cash or share operation. Some xiock nnd equipment. References. 284-7750. WANTED -- Farm home wilh nmiill pasture nnd eome out buildings. 2H4- WANTED to rent furnished apartment for 1 girl, fnll quarter. J40.-J60. M A R R I E D rotiple nerds furnished a n n r t m c n t near ramp.ll*. fall, winter, uprintr. 352-427:1 nfLcr 7. home with place for hog pens, ·15J- 2PS7. YOUNfi couple expecting Imby need 555 S. 3 TO 4 bedroom house wanted by responsible local business man itnt family. General Greeley nren. 858- rHIlKF. bedroom tin furnished house ir (I re^loy niTdr^ immediately. Dnvic .InrkHon, Rt. 2, Box 67, Fort Morgan. WANTED 2 or .1 bedroom apartment or houce bv .lime 1. 1'et.s. Wrili Harhara Williams, Rt. 4. Box 198 DOCTORAL fltndrnt and wif- wan npnrlinent or house, from Septembci I. 1!'TO to September J, !371. Cal 351-2737. W A N T E D -- 4 bedroom or 3 bedroom wilh finished bnscment. 3 children IS, 11. 5. Occupancy in June. Con inol Hob Arnold. Rainbow Motel. 352 jOSiS. _ , , j,, , . or family with one child. S34-2475. '\VO bedroom houss near college. No pels. Ititiuire 3012 High Drive. SMALL 2 Bedroom furnished house, summer quarter. Close to college. P~R"AC ; riCALLY new 3 bedroom duplex , completely unfurnished. ?12a per month. Ph. 3o2-07S3. CLEAN 2 bedroom trailer. Located 209 N. l l t h Ave. Small family. Reference nnd deposit required. Inquire 721 14th St. For Rent-- --Room* 1 6 ROOMS day or wi-elt. 1521 Sth Ave El Rancho Motel. 353-1911. SLKIRIMNC rooms for working men. Private bath nnd kitchen. 363--1U41. ROOMS for college men. 338-3791. ROOMS -- S3 night. Rates, wk.. mo. romrm-rHnl Hotel, Knlon. 454-2203. CLKAN sleeping rooms for me.**. Si:t 9th St. ^LEAN rooms -- aon smokers only. ·.M'.!!l 9th Ave. MODERN furnished rooms. Utilities ROOM for 1 or 2 female boarder*. Cooking and wash facilities. 352-2101. rWO'~B7rJ»~f7ir Mimnnfr qujirtrr. 2224 U N F U R N I S H E D Kpartnit'nt, Vi1\'jt Hth Ave.. imniire Hut. ?. FOK COUPLK -- 2 bedroom iti^Hrt- munl. No children «r pels. 362-I'JLM. ·jX"TifA nice downtown ni'artment. A d u l l P . 1021 Sth Ave. 35:1-1-100. APA~lVl T MENT for Bummer quarter. 3 people. $123. each. 35:1-7964. Fwb~lnri;c "bedroom apartment for Hummt-r iuai-ti-r for 4 KirU ur boys. 1315 13th Ave. i'OR KENT -- 2 bedroom unfurnished HpHrlrncnt. Stove, refrigt-rator. util- lies furnished. No pi-la. 33-2012. ONK licdroom trailer. 10 x 50 fout. Couple. No pets. Call evenings. 3530207. WAN'fKD ~ 4 girl.i to share coni- furtalilt; hoimi- near nimpus. summer ( U i i r t e r . 358-6552 after 5. NICE, cloyjj, turnlshad 'M«tairs apartment for working lady. No students, children or pets. 352-9501 before B. TWO bedroom furnished scmi-biisement apartment for summer quarter. Util- ties jiiiid. 1921 6tli Ave. 353-4217. fllVniphed Hparlrnvnt!* f»r 4 or 6 college girls. 353-3132. jipople. ?HU. month nlus utilities. SOS- FURNISHED 2 bedroom apartment. Summer quarter. Cloce to college. 352-3105. L A R G E 4 bedroom furnifihcd aparl- m p n t Summer quarter, -I or 5 girls. 17«0 13th Ave. TWO furniHhed apis. June. J u l y nnd August. One aceummodntes 3; other, 1. Near campus. 353-4016. F U R N I S H E D apt. Couple or bachelor. Also mobile home. 302 13th St. 722 N. nth Ave. 362-7660. FURNISHED buffet apartment in La Snlle 2 adults. No pels. flOo. 3521639. O N K lted"room apt. Stove and refrii:. Married couples only. No children. Xi jifts. $110. Deposit required. H17 fith KU Ant. 2. TWO hetlniom furnished basement npartmimt. Suitabh- for 3 students. Close to both campuses. Available summer anil /or fall. 352-4652. FOR~HENT -- Summer quarter -- 2 iKlnmm completely nir conditioned town house npiirtment, clobi- to new Cinerama. 353-9135. NEW 2 bedroom apartment wilh carpets, drapes, rang**, refrigerator, disn- wnsher. $150. Take cnre of yard. 352-1212. TEMPORARY home, completely furnished. 1 to 3 bedroom kitchenettes. Daily or weekly ratea. Mountain View Motel. 2-109 10th SU No rhone calls. ONE bedroom unfurnished and b u l f e t anartmenU. Two bedroom u n f u r n i s h ed apartment. June. Adults only. Iw pets. 1515 7lh Ave. 852-38B6. STAY 2 bedroom a p a r t m e n t w i t h enr- V f t . drapes, ran K e, rt.f.-ig*-r;itor. dishwasher. flf-5 Per munth. Call J5^- 1212 for appointment. FURNISHED main floor apartmeiii. has washer and dryer, utilities paid. Couple preferred, aummi-r 'luiirter only 5 min litTM from college. 213G P:. 16th St., lifter 1 P.m. T U R K U bedroom Kanlen level apartment. New carpet. Drapes, utove am pnrngn included. 5160 plus lights. Adults. No Dels. Call 352-2333 before 5 p.m. TWO bedroom u n f u r n i s h e d npartmcnt. Available June 1. Adults. Carport, nir conditioned. Kollywood ApK, 2033 2'Jnd Ave. Phone 353-1150 or 3525560. ONE nnd '}. bedroom u n f u r n i s h e d np!5. Citriiett. drapes, electric kitchen w i t h dishwasher iimi self cleaning «ven. AdiiHs. No pots. Cranford 1 Inre AnU. :)r.2-0256. NEAR new 2 Ix-tlroom npnrtmcnl in 4-i.lex. UnfurnlsluHl cxcppl r»HBC nnd refrigerator. Complete electric kitch- «n. Washing farilitios avnilnhle. Immediate occupancy. No children or SUMMER quarter -- One nice furnished iipnrtmcnt. eoiiple with 1 rhtlrl. S2Si'i. or 3 girls $300; one furnished apartment for couple willi 2 rhil- dren S.'iflO. nr -1 or r, girls. ?U'P. each. 35.'{-;U32. APARTMENTS AVAILABLE 2 bedroom, completely fupnlslied and air conditioned. Call 353- M'2] or Gilbnugh Agency, 3527037. ROYAL GARDENS APTS. 2100 23rd Ave. One bedroom furn., 2 bedroom tei AiiuHs. Xo pol.s. 352-0152, For Rent -- Garages 1 8 TWO or 3 rnr simcn gnragc suitnhlp fi- rncchnnic or other commcn-in purpose. Reasonable rt-nt. Call day time, 8R2.0134. For Rent -- Buildingi 20 RU1LD1NGS for rent or leanc. Retail or warfthouse storage. 353-5846. Office Space 22 CARPETED nnd air conditioned office space on !Mh St. Approximately £00 nq. ft. I'hone 302-1400. Cownn Realty. OFFICE or store space. Air conditioned, carpeted, pauelinp nnd drape*. Utilities furniahed. $175 month. I f O l flth St. 353-SSS8 ; 352-S2S1. OFFICE npace 400 Rfluare ft. of Johnson Huilding. 1019 10th Ave. Off street parking. Air conditioned. Janitorial service, Ph. 3S2-25'J6. sq ft fetm-t frontnpr. Private offices. Could bans sign. 3.1 W 608, days. 3. r -J-r.561 uvca. TWO room office, ground floor, 250 square fr-et. Utilities, air eonditiim- ing and janitor furnifhed. Very ren- fltmnhlp rent. .Tood Corner. Call or tec Dr. Haefeli, 901 10th Ave.. 352- OUTSTAND1NG -- Near-new office located in West Orppley. features *-ar- petinR, wnl n u t paneling, air -on' i- tinninp. bnck^round music, plus scii- anilp patron and employee parking. Lighted outdoor sign. S,V2-r.f.H7 day.*; k R A G E nale -- Saturday May 16. 9-41 . ,,.»,., 5i:« j*5ih Avo. MisMllanewt Ut SALE - a piec* wthMinic r i n g ] irt. 27 Miscellaneous .. , ____ J HUt SALK - - Japan f-.r f=. Cull ~ rnrht. Itehl u f f i r . MWJM. l.E~~- 1'JBO Kiwiumki, lrrtt 1. MH-OHUO. "ityclc. J3U. IMcHU call 3M- '.«"-- Small rrfrlircriitnr n l r IIHT. Cnll n f i c r ti, :!.V!.:iO(j:i. KOI! yc.'ir Slmlin Cirl Ciiamrtlcii. cull :ir.:M:7l nfu-r .V N I C H T C K A w i . K K S . n u t i i T und Texas; vHrthwoi-rm. uiu;t 5Ui st. \ asa-iKHM. ratlio. worli X'»'l. 3.13.2D45. TWci whwl milily iniilcr fur K.I)C. :t:Mh'jv K(ir;-0-MATIG e«K Kratlfr, up Hide tool tioxes : OHO ruoltM' : C(jiijort..B3ur and bl rr cl"or. 353-7512 days: .15 niniw. ' · ! . ' . · .^ Antique* A N T I U U K S - - . S e c In Ort ade chin 'SUT. 3 hp. J1UO. FOR SALE KoEvnthul china, complrtu, ·rving picce». Reitsonnble. 3B8-1813. K N A I ' l * »hofd fur Mir ouahioncd - cnm- fort. H. C. Smith. I'hon- 32-2037. WE" buy UBCd TV'a and aterens. RS2-7200. CUSTOMER Satisfaction, my motto, ommy'a Barber Shop, H I D 7th Av*. WANTKTJ--OId or unusable cars thai arc towable. Phone 352-9^43. PRINTINn^-Hmall jobs B ftpcelally. Lowest prices in town, 353-8327. PORTRAIT In oil color from your snnp nhot or other jihutu. $J. 3G3-S327. . ATlTHORIZEI) Ski-Doo Denier. F r a n k - j J_ 28 CAS wnJpr hontrr. jt.w,.! comlitinn. 1! "ii rHl l!. eei L tl " iityfl - * fi 3-220I. FOR SAJ.C - Jxd ft. rabbit puny. " mdn' or^rill '352-1743 rvp'pJnjiB. ^ WKBEK'S Xiiftciuei, CJOif. RtV'JUe. WHntod " art glaes, etc.' SDI-lr.S4. F U R N I T U R E auction, '/i · mil* '-VAt of ICvaiis. Every Monday niabt, fcW) Bharji ConsiRnments welcome. *"jj*l- \\ Auction 'Company, phon'e Jjyi' lin Cycle SuJes. 3S2-6992. (PF.NTKX Spiitmalic with .r.llmm f 1.1 , , 1,-ns; Mt-cnblitr. 1K2 S eluctrunie flash. .ink. 1 pale K rfen.| ^ (11 -j,est offor. B53-H387. _ _ ' " JTRAM'pnLINE. iwed. N o w t a k i n g ord- HONUA 150. Good condition $l.o. 3,,1-j erR fl(J . 1[CW trami(0 ] ineB . rhone 35»- QUALITY ctinvnn work of fill kinds, recuvcring of truck seats, etc. Woods Canvas Products. 1939 Reservoir Rd. MUST s.-ll -- IflfiR Ve.ipa motor sroot- pr. 12S CC. F.xrrllrnt condition. 57fj. SOFA: dinette net. J chnlrs; .eno,i»- bli-s · coffee t a b l e ; upholstered chhlr; 1 ' 353-li09i; ( \VAMT to pli-t*'. i H x l . 2fl. l )U y -- Double bod. icojn- iiuod con.iilion, ,3i2.-Jifl.l. s paid fur f n r n i n i r e . · One · ..houseful. Greeley I'*\*n LOFTY pile, free from soil is tin pet clcjmed with Blue electric ahampooei . Sh»r D i I «" l PASSf-^IGER flats M"'rCIP loailinir' . , guaranteed. Av iiair. 0 K. Rubber Welders, 820' : A~f(~HKS~ wood rci-onditionwl, lnd-| WANTED -- Gnod usol furnitureYrtid irs' a n d mens'. S16, SIT.50, S20. 125.1 mi(;ce.llancous. Cary G.-eenwrjod, ;2fiQiS adhku".:"iioTiiti;i- (ir """" J ""''"- 818 Slh st - ' ? t h Ave - 352 - 4822 - ' ' 7 C A S K I'cpsi suCt ilrink voiidrn-. 13c -hanger. Good ninilltion. Phone 2M- 6:.r,I aflcr 5::'.ll |i.m. . .. mnchlnra. tynwnters. a l l , nnd u»c.l. Salra L _E_er TWO reserved ticlietn to Shrine Cir- for ] p i n t blond donated to Shrine Crippled Chiljn 352-!'2C7. WANTPii) to OUT used furniture.' It^s- Kurniture Re.'inishinc. 609 .Klb N K R i H H O R H O O D imrnito ! llmpiul. WB NOW h«v f corral poles in stock. SI.10 each. Honsett Lumber Co. IS*! mh_Av5._ | +« ·k?. trnr-i -We al«o|MUST sell _ -- Bedi Green- - C « = « n yeare of carefully ac- WANTED -- Junk ears, ir i t· t ?fiflfi £th 1"'°" " ' ^ , . - $ Imy comnlcte nn. 3.-.3-fiG92. cliniulatcd items to Ko. Saturday only. 11 to 3. 2721 W. 13th St. NEKD money--Hurt Fawn Shop. Buy.l UflUIDATORS of all mercnandise. sell, trade « n y t h i n p of vaiae. Furn.,| Cary GroenwooO. AuctioneerG and etr. Hart Trading 1'ost. 316 N. l l t h j _Uuuidator^ 2COS Sth Ave. 352'8Z2. 353-5973. ^-.R Er ,, n er iind hralthicr lawm with kss water. Apply Procal now. 2606 ._ _.. Sth Ave.. Preeley. riiKS. Rent electric thamiiooot $1. A j H O D A K A Y B m s h 3 t B . S . A _ ,,,,! Cus t,.| BRACE yourself for a thrill the fir time you use Biue Lust nnd M Class. i" Authorized dealer. Frapklin Sni'EK s t u f f , sure nut! That's Blue Cycle Sales, 2825 S. l«t Ave. 352-6002. l.'jstrr for cleaninK rURR nnd u l'-|t.-nit c;AI p Pulverized Inwn and holrt^.Re.nt olectri= .hampooer Jl. ^^f^^fSSr^fl Sth Itanch Wholesale. WINDSHIELDS--New and used. Plate jrlass, window trlasa, screens. Evening windshield service for your convenience. Cull for npp't, Kiirl'n Grcelry Glass Center. 2105 9th St.. 3S3.2113. FOR SALK · - 3 submersible pumps. Each PUinp has SOD ft. nf ML- in. no longer newls '{W.lTRAILERS lo H 0 railroad layout, u n f i n i s h e d . Track, switches, power pnck, loi-n and cars. _fi_?[_in_ft^tHbIp. $15ft.fl(l r,3-5124. COLLECTOR'S Don -- Antiques : uj«d furniture, books, lanre apFortment.. I^6 Central, E\sns. Opon Sunday, In* . .juch ; rfpfifcs: nlnrt ninny ini*cellah- cotis items. Sec between 4 and fi. S*t- iinliiy flinl Sunday, 2112 IStb at. FOR SAl.F. -- LuxurioiA maUhinc f.ofa - nnd chiiir.. Was t7»U. now - now $S'i.'i Rwi wool upholstery. Call 35221 S3. OU saved and slaved for f wall to wall c--irpRt. kep il new w i t h Blue Lustre. Hent electric _sh.iniptopr fl. Greeley Furniture. BHASS bf d : uld c u p b o a r d ; iHnnm , twill'. 1 , · 4 i - h a i r p ; 1'c-i and di d i n r t t e : -I" solid oak chairs;' V nf driiwcrs: of in. rnnfre r,*i'?fr.B* r " alors · roll-nway bnl: WatnK ftuto- iimiic' wMher:- d r y e r ; vacuum, clwyiere: p»n nckr. 416 2nd St.. TJI S;tll«- 12 *n 7 Tuesday lhronKhS«it- PILE is soft nnd lofty -- colors re- lain brilliance in carpels H wined with Blue Lustre. Kent electric ixiocr ?!. Hcsted'u, Pth A\e. ;ind Slh ir'l. or 25iT 11th Ave. ELMER'S Pawn Shop and Frontier Sc-lf-Scrve Gas. Used furniture. W« buy, rsrll nnd trade. Come in end hruwse around. Elmer Dale, 200 N l l t h Avc. 1102-2774. KEF.F your carpets heantiful despite consta'nt footsteps of a busy family. Get lilue Lustre. Rent electric shnm- pouer $1. Hested's Rth Ave. and Stll St. or 2M7 llth Ave. FOR SALE -- Cheap. Lady's new nnd used clothing: baby and toddler irli i n u : new miscellaneous ilci SwiiiKer camera, $7.00; Playtex bot- t l e set. extras. $4.fcl): sterilizer, J2.IIO; r n r led 13.7.S: new car seat. Jt.OO; enrpet tiles. J10.00. 129 So. 2nd St., Ln Salic. PORCH SALE · Saturday and Sunday 10 (o ii p.m. Haby clothes, new j u m p chair, TV, coucb, 2 Presel chairs, clothes rack, ski items, clothing, f n r n i t n r f l nnd misc. 1S3S 7th Ave. Hfchw TIRK balancing-Only 11.25 per pa-;-! _' rcnEcr live. Weights free! 0. K.| Rubber Weldcra, S20 2nd St. j will buy talvnt'e. 71S N. l l t h Ave. 3J2-7S6U. USED ' - ' · ^' .APPLIANCES.?..^.- ,,.,,,. .- inan. We buy. soil a n d ^ A p t . Ri?.0 GK VefrlgcratofV'WE """ ° ' ' · " i w n s l i R r ' 20 in. pas ranj*e^-'5 1HSON refriucniteil air conditioner.. ' ' *-G i l ^·^(l nnd box ondition. !1S5. P1 included!ipici'R dinette; A i r l i n e black and W A N T K D tnrs. etc. Call us first, we pay lop COLLECTOR'S ilems hardware, tires. 'lw,r: . laneous. Sir, E Ifith. USED corral poles. 2:,c each; fence posts, l.ic CJlch: miscellaneous lumber, 51.00 per hundred pounds. 3.-.2-OB21. ' ' while contiple, 22 in. screen; RCA Vici liortnltle. 15 in. screen. f t c n ' s F u r n i t u r e !)OSU Sth Ave. SB2-S030 Miscellaneous NOTICE- . Saturday, May 1C. 7 p.m., alone with our reKUlar consignment, wo have a cnmplpto household dispersal, for the Tulks which , includes: ' ·. ' I lloulile (lour ref.. ranRe, dishwasher, all con'perlone. IMS: than 3 years old. 5 piece m a p l e bedroom KOI, fi chuir dinette set; atereo- nicllii coinliination, side by side rcf. freezer. '', ·,, GARAGE SALE S a t u r d a y f l - 5 2608 E. I S t h St. , . . . . . , - -.,^i\ Furniture, round onk table.! This will be a large sale -- he sure Ho attend. " " floor polisher, piann, elentric: IRC, rug 15 x n ft.: cloth-, ing; pictures; drapes. Misc. i Ji;, ]\Ij E of Greeley -- -. . . . j '- ' Hwy . 34 Auto Rental fr Transportation 3|, CAR rentals -- DniU. weekly, monthly. Oreeley Leasing Co.. 1100 Slh A«e. 36?.ni7(, aft. hrs. 352-0127, 353..5620. Professional Services PUBLIC accounting. J a n t z llookk iiiK and Tax Service. 3:,3-.'.465. Business Service (JIJAI.ITY uphoKtcrine. 358-HK9. SAW ahnrpcninn. All kinrfs. One liaj «crv. Alk]re^s, 613 8th Art. 352-Ooni. ^RFFLEV Ourtjlln Cltnncrs. Curtains, rfrapra. faiblgclnlha. 1920 Olb SI. HOUSEWIDE'clwnlns Mrvlcc. BrcwMJ Scrvicem«stor. Free «atimnlcs. U-4. 2Sth St. M-ZIOa. MOWElT«ii«niciilni! «nd repair. Aivth- oriifd Torn dr«lT, Anilermn h«-d| Cn.. 711 10th St.. Phono SSS-OISS. | M O W K R t n n r p t n i n r »"'! rrpAlr. Powrr rnkcs to relit. Open Snininy !'-.". Atox WeMinK nnil Repair. ^r,fHl Slh Ave.,; 3ri3-I7I2. Pickup Iimi rlclivrr. FEINTED CIRCUIT BOARD AND HARNESS ASSEMBLERS Him to expanded operations our Company has several opcnliiKB Tor experienced asaenililers. Prior experience MsemliliiiK : |nl1 soldering primed circuit Ironnls, con- iii'ciors. and liarnnsses is preferred. Apply to lira, ('rooks, I'orKonnd Ofrj(-e. ITEL CORPORATION Information Products Division 5401 West 20th Street Oreeley. Colo. 363-6141 An Equal Opportunity Employer I1AVK rfxjni for 4 rollr.Ke women for nimer fichool. Across from eol!cKC. Troilcr Space 23 LIVE BAIT 1721 6th St. GARAGE SALE May 16 9 a.m.-4 p.m. 2444 12th Ave. Homemakerfl Club GARAGE SALE 1016 15th Street Saturday, May 16th fl-fi p.m. Misc. furniture, some plumbing fixtures, clothing, beds, misc. items. Household Goods 30 Household Goods 30 Greeley Furniture Co. 2600 So. Sth Ave. Ph. 352-5441 GARAGE SALE AFRI. PAX VIOLETS, JIISC. SATURDAY, MAY jr.. 1708 l l t b Ave. GARAGE SALE May 15. Ifi (1-4 90r llontrose, Evans Camping stove, lamps, jewelry, bahy items, flowers, mowers, misc. For Rent--Apts. TKA1LKI! M"".. J2S.BO per month. No| pets. S.iS-lOl.l. ^ ' IIOUSK trailer lots for Bnle at Hill 'N Used office desk, 32 x 60 :_ ,-- $69.95 Used Maple chest --.: ---: $29.95 Used Mahogany drop leaf table, 3!'leave's $59.95 Used apartment size refrigerator I..:-- $49.95 Used 9 x 12 wool face vug $19.95 Used 10'6" x 19' carpet $59.95 9 x 13 shag, like new S69.95 Used baby bed $ 7 - 50 Used Webcor portable stereo - $29.95 Used Zenith color console ~ ?249.95 OPEN WEEKDAYS TILL 8:30; SATURDAYS TILL 6:00 P L E N T Y O F D R I V E O U T F R E E P A R K I N G A N D S A V E FREE DELIVERY Miscellaneous Miscellaneous TWO bedroom u n f u r n i s h e d ftpnrtment -------- COT.I.KGK apartment for slimmet Close, til University. S51-204S. OX1-: bpilroom unfurnished apnrtmenl Appliuneca furnished, rhone HSIMITK: 1 KOTi UK,NT -- Sinull trailer hmisf Al'AH'l'MKNT unfumishpd. 2 hAdroorr .,, clopp to downtown. I'hone 3.",2-^S67. ** WANTEtT^" 3 roomatf* immedi. S4ft per month. Call 353-33.",2. Park. Ph. 352-49S3. ber of new mobile! e spares for rent. Adult;;. No . 3ri3.f.S.|5. Home space available in 10 rliiyn. ("an l a k e I:! or M wiiics. Mendows Mobile Home Park. A d u l t s , n n l y , pi) pet*. 1st Ave. nnd 2-nd St.i Contact Mr. Ray. Space 2S. 353-.V17B.I Miscelioncous LBATHKR h»r w i t h stool; synthetic .·ip, auliurn. 352-7901, i$} FOR RKNT -- Apartment. Summer FOR RALF. -- Nice chrome bird «lce Business Opportunities 9 Business Opportunities nuarter. Call 353-1300 after 5. ·'OR RF.N'T -- Apartmenta and n G0.2 IHh Ave. · wad. flJ..OO. 362-KOS7. For Rent--Apts. 17 Help Wonted 7 n.llMKKK ,ir apprentiiT. Non-union F.XCKt.I.F.NT opp,rHiniiy ("r now- n n . l ' R N ' o r "i.I'N? f u l l or parl time. $35,000 Tnssililo net earnings In I h e newest compolilive, most profilable fast food service in America today, lleautttnl new buildings -- eat in or carry out. I m m e d i a t e choice location available. In rvilorartn and suiToundiuK stales. Het your applications in now for early appnvval. For informalion and a p p o i n t m e n t s call or write g i v i n g name, address and phone N'o. to: .Mr. \Vaite, 303.S(l2-fifr,2 Dirccinr of M a r k e t i n g London Fish £ Chips ]0r,n Yiimn. Denver, Colo. S0204 APARTMENTS Now taking reservations for 2 bedroom apartments completely furnished. Cunningham A]its. 353-6026 or Gilbaugh Agency 352-7037 ATTENTION FARMERS NEED EARLY CASH-PLANT PICKLES DREHER PICKLE CO. For Further Information Now Taking- 1970 Pickle Contracts Large or Small Acreage CALL 484-4168, 284-6274, 482-4803

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