Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 22, 1951 · Page 6
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 6

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 22, 1951
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ·LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Sunday Morning. April a,' 1951. ~ "\ 'i- vi-'.'~.!ii'i,'-"*'""" te . HIM U. S. Navy Band To Present Concert In Las Graces Tuesday Night At Junior High School Auditorium The United Slate* N a v y buml. onfl of the worM'H must famous musical organizations, will appear in a concert at Junior High school jiudltoiium at 8 p. in., April 24. The hand, W i t h 11 pei.sonnel of inoic t l i a n 50 members, i« being l*i alight to Las Cnices by New M f x l r u AM Lyceum commit tec. Under thr? dlipctlon of Lieulcn- n n t Commander Chailen Hrondlcr, crmiluctor. and CWO Richard K. Town.sond, ns.ilHlHnt conductor, t h e hand will present the following niimhcrs In Us program. Krliiillilii Ovi-.rllin* Don tin Diana OvcHuiv, by Emll Nlekrilnus von HcXic^k, a brightly fiu-ili number thai hounds along at » merry pace, will {,-ct thn pro- Cram under way. . On Uie Trail, n BL-lcctlon from tin; Grand Cunyim Sultn, by I-'eidy Giofc, ii muHk'a 1 intiTpri'latlon of the tiw:M;.H of a donkey dusccml- iiiK n hU'jj mountain trail l.i u con- t i n u a l Ion or thfi animated tempo Capacity Crowd Is Present For Music Festival A rapacity crowd m u i k e d I lie, Plilli A n n u a l Dona Ami county MTI.S|I-II| 1-Vjitival al the Junior H i g h lifrbool n t i d l l u r l u m Krid.-iy nifjht. In order lo iicromodate tin; t c r - oid erowd atlendlng, it was nrci'ji- f w i r y lo IIHI; bleachers to .seal I h e Cdll-voire f-honi:i. A marked f e u i u i e of t h e festival wan ihe i n c h of apparency Unit t h e chorus had no r i ' h ' j i i m l u un a mass u n i t . Tlit '"Roving MliiKlri'l.H." f o u i young ningei.s and a g u l t a i l t i t from A n t h o n y neiirly slopped (he nhow , w i t b audlenru-demnnd for CIICOM-H | d u r i n g the program, I C u u n t y Schoul -Supt. Hiiskcl U. S m i t h nmdr: ;L u'ulcunic t u ,hc I'lonpj* t i m l nudli-nce lmmedl:it«-ly lM|lowing' seveinl j i H l r i o l I c .sek-f- llniin opening the hhow. He c\- · preh.sed t h a n k H t o everyone who r o n t r l b u l c d lo t h e Mirivsn of Die p i n g i a n L He r l t f d tlin woi k n( p i i n c i p a l f i . Icarhcifl, «L'hool bun driver:!, count y miiiies. Phnclpal C. .1. S m i t h , J u n i o r h i f j h j j i l n c i p a l ; i n s t i t n n e n t u l i n s t r u i M o i s of lh" J u n i o r High fit'honl, W i l l i a m Cramer nnd O. T. l i m i t - I t , a n d Dircctm V n d i s Miiyn w h o handled t h e p i o K i n m . A m a j o r i t y of tin; tiudliihci! was uuule up oi former county .·Und- ents «f the nine, wtmoifi j'liprwienl- cil wlio had t a k e n pint* ln'.l'liu itji- l i v a l s in former y(,a'rs. " _ ' ·' *'.-'.., SchnnlH npi'i'3;i}l'd - jncl.udt'd i i o m t h e upper j ^ i n d n H l i r t f i i r f i e l d , K l m - i i i i . While Kii'iidH 1'nivlng iliounds. Dona A n n , - P l c n c h n , XVi'Hi Pleac-ho. .\U-Kitlii Tarlt, nnd A nl bony. NICW U N I O N I I K A I ) S1LVKU CJTV, A p r i l 21 i/l'i · - C i p i h u i o Munloya Was f i i H U l t o i l jib pH'siiU-nL of Local 800, I n t e i n n - tioiud Union of M i n e , M i l l and Km Jit or Winkers U n i o n , Thursday t t i t f h t . He Hiiccet-ds C l i n t o n Ji'liclc.i n.t head of Ihe union. set up by the opening number. THuhalkowsky'.s ./'Caprice Itall- en," often deHcrlbcd UK "a bun din of Italian folk tunes," carries on the lively mood, but In a somewhat different vein. Cornel Trio A cornet trio, "The Three Blue- jackets." by i£rncsl Williams, featuring soloist.s Gordon Finlay, F r a n k Sclmonelll, and Harold Wemlt, id an Interesting composition prftatfid by the fusion of sfiveitil f a m i l i a r sea r-hanties Into a brilliant n a u t i c a l fantasy. s In "Air Varie," n trombone iiolo by A r t h u r Pry or, consists of a graceful melody and a scries of elaborate vai-iationfl in which the ex11 emit t e c h n i c a l possibilities of the, trombone arc exploited in t h e nif*;t dm ing manner. The "George Gershwin Hit Pa- rn(!u," arranged hy David ttennett. featuring the s p a r k l i n g and ingenious modern jazx mitlodfc.H of one of America's greatest cornpos- erfl ( of popular music. Lively Competition The "Sorccr's Apprentice," by internationally famous Paul Dukas,, is a lively composition based on a poem by Goethe which tells the story of (he a p p j entice of a great magician. Wnlt7.cs from "The J'ledermaus", by Johann Ktrausn, is a great presentation of some of the more familiar walL2c« of the great European composer, A tenor jjolo, "M'appari Tutt'- iiinor." from the opera "Martha", by P'redrlch von Flotow, is one of the most famous love songs of the world, lien Mltche! Morris is featured in this number. George Tunesco'i; "Roumanian Khap.wdy No. 1", an outstanding example of R o u m a n i a n folk music. Is t h e last number to be pieaented on this program of exceptionally f i n e miiKiral e n t e r t a i n m e n t . Till Lie Hoover' Commission Seeks Permanent Head ' A U J U Q t J R H Q U K , April 21 Wi-~ Thu New Mexico "Mtllu Hoover comniiu.'ilun" will jmeh a d l t u c t o r (rom ranli/i tif national rencarrh The. t'rmujiiK.Hlon. fiif-ani'/.nd yo.i- t c n l a y in K a n t a I-. wtuj created )jy tin; l n n t l e g i s l a t u r e to m a k e a Htlldy of s t r e u m l l h l r i f ; New Mexico (,'ovetniilent. Henri Thoman Donnelly fif New Mexico University, commission Mjcietiuy, .'iuid I n f o r m a t i o n nhniil a v a i l a b l e din-dors will .he K o n j j h t f r o m at least thnie research Each of thn t h r e e , caid Dcnn Donnelly, ha;t done previous jjov- rnmenlal Kim'ey work in the slate ml w i l l offer both pK-stiKP 'md i m p u i t i n l judMrnenl. "We will ;et the huiit man a v n l l - ahlr for the money wt* ean .spend." Dean Donnelly K i i i d . The aimmffj.'ilrm ha.s S2. r i,000 lo do i\\p t rntiff! jot), w i t h n survey report due July 1, Iflfi'J, nnd piep- n i a t i o n nf legislative nii'a.Hiirrs- due Carlsbad Kditor Headed Tn Capital For Nen CAHLRDAD. A p r i l 21 Wi -- .Inuli SItton. editnr of the Oflrls- h»d C u r r e n t - A r£Wi. IIMIVCH t o m o i - imv for U'u tihinj; ton. where he. will appear Tm-.sday »t a CcnKie.siionill hearing on i e n p | n i U o m n e n t of Coniiri'KH. K i U n n is a member of the lOddy c o u n t y Uemucralk' cenlial cnni- m i l t e i ' wlilrh lonj; II.-IH nr/je.d Cmi- K regional i l m l i i c t i n j r for N'eu- Mexico. Hep. W i l l i a m T. Hyrne, r l u i l r n i n n of the tmlicommlttcc on njappnr- l l o n m e n t oi 1 the IIOIIHC J u d l c l a i y commit lee. nnnminccd in Wash- i n g t o n Unit I n v i t a t i o n s to appear at this cummltU 1 hearing- hove been accepted by C.ov. lOdwin Meciiem of New Mexlro and liv ihe Carln- hnd editor. Council Chops Off Time Of Sania Fa Fiesta This Year S A N T A FE. April 21 MPi- The a n n u a l . Santa Fe Flejita will last only two and o n e ' h a l f clays thl» year. The event won't run over Labor Day, Sept., :i, as it has in the pant. J t Will begin, as usual, on Friday nlRliL, A u g u s t 31, with the traditional hurnliifc of Znzobra. "Old Man Gloom," and will end Sunday night. Sept. 2. Despite the iilioiLcr Lime ,tha Fiesta Council fin Id all the regular events would be scheduled but would be closer together, "re.sult- - in a fuster, more exciting program." 7'neblo In a .Spanish word meaning "town" or "village." IN A I K M O U I A . M We Uie membc-iK of Miriam Rehekah Lodge. No. 25, do wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to the f a m i l y of Sister Etta Dlrkerson who was called by our Meiivenly Father on April -llh. n i n e t e e n h u n d r e d and flfty-oms. We w h n l l miss her very much. aft .she was always ready to do her p i n t and more. Our Lodge hns asked thai n copy of .this Mumoriam be sent to SiHter Dicltei-Kon'-s family. One be senl to a newspaper und one he lvpt In our lodge records. Her voice to us Is silent in the Lodge chair. She has joined the Band of -Sisters, and in l l e n v e n awaits there. May her going fop a lesson Let ii.i take it then to heart. And as Hehekahs {lo our d u t y For soon we to must part. Fraternally Submitted, Dolly Dicks Agnes Tood Anna Black liini Si I \IIUII EXPENSIVE LOOKING FASHIONS AT LOW LOW PRICES . . . . t a k e your choise (if gabardines wool tropical or rayon tropicals . . . ideal for gratliuition . . . and perfect for n i l occasions . . . w o n d e r f u l l y priced too, to meet you biulyet needs . . . $35.00 to $55.00 No youiiK man' will be belter prepared at Commencement Time than the ymm| man wjio's ensemble is complete w i t h an Arrow Shirt, Arrow Tic of the season's smartest patterns from Dunlap's . . , . Choose yours Tomorrow . . . . Arrow SMrli , . , $3.95 to $5.00 Arrow Tlet . . . . $1.00 lo $5.00 , HERO'S FAMILY PAYS FINAL TRIBUTE IN tOS ANGELES, Mrs. Mildred Foster sobs beside the llag-clrapcd'cullin ul her husband,'M/Sgt. David V/illiani Foster,.killed in Korea awl one of the iirst nf Southern California's di-ail to bo brought home. With her lirlef-strickcn mother is Mary Kllen, «. ( J m e r t i a t i u i i n l ^ u i t n t / p f i u t u ) UN TELETYPE operator Helen Simonetti holds long sheets of a cablegram received in Lake Success, N. Y., from North Korea containing, itlong with violent attacks on the U. S., w h a t ' m a y be a peace bid. UN delegates think "the proposal, calling for a five- (Red China, Russia, Britain, France, U. S.) conference, is just propaganda. Oddly enough, or per( haps naturally enough, the* message was not i:i K o r e a n -- It was I in Russian, (Intermitlonulj [»am.e Association Plans Film April 24 Members of the Dona A n n coun- y Game Protective association ordlally invltu parents and young- tern to attend their regular mect- ng fit Uons Park, Tuesday, April ·1. A motion p i c t u r e dealing with ! he various phases of wildlife will 1 e presented for the education and i ntertalnment of the members nnd I guests present. Members urged that parents I bring both sons and daughters the meeting lo .stimulate- intere. in wildlife conservation. THEO V. NELSON OITOJIETIHST Modern Eya Examination I.K1KCS Dllplirnlrd f:i»«se« Pitted Pholoslalic Copies Keep an exact copy of your Family Records and Personal Papers Las Cruces Abslracl and Tiile Co. Consult 129 1 /-! Main Phone 444 Tlic "swrct girl gnulnalc" deserve*' one of these beautiful Doris Doclson juniors! Wear it first for this important ocea.simi... mill ilien wear it t i m e after r i m e t h r o u g h tlie wliole H smmner wlieiicvcr you waiU to look yodr cu'sp loveliest. 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At present, a number of towns in the state huvu more than one liquor dispenser for each 1,500 persons. · · Baca explained I h a L over tlic years, licenses in those communities probably wouhl x he lost for vahous reasons. And he said there won't be replacements unless population of the towns increase enough to warrant issuing another license. In many Asiatic' languors the words for rice and food are identical. MEXICO CITY, April 21 l/Pt ... Five newspaper delivery boy.s arrived from El Paso, Tex., to enjoy a Mexican holiday they won as , outstanding carrier's for the El Paso Herald-Post and Times. Tfiny are ' Jack Bl'ackman, Jose Solis, DaviU peyoe, : Ronald Jones and Bill Ciroux. You Are Building A New Home, Will A Performance Bond Give You All Tho Protection .You Need? Sale Of SUMMER PIECE GOODS BE HERE EAHLY MONDAY FOR THE MANY UNADVERTISED' VALUES! 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