Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 24, 1976 · Page 7
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 7

Nampa, Idaho
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Tuesday, February 24, 1976
Page 7
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Bits of Nostalgia' parades March 6 NAMPA - A turn-of -[he-century wedding dress will be one of the fashions featured al Ihe St. Paul's Catholic Ladies luncheon and fashion show, on Saturday. March 6. Enlilled "Bits of Nostalgia," the eveni to which the public is invited, will be held in Ihe basement of St. Paul's Church. iDempsey Hall), 815 15th Avenue S. in Nampa announces publicity direclor. Judy Walker. The afternoon affair will begin at noon, she said, and will include a luncheon of hot chicken casserole, strawberry jello salad, nut bread and coffee. The nostalgic fashions displayed will range from the laaos lo the 1950s. Besides Ihe antique wedding dress, the parade of models will evoke memories of ihosc naughty flappers and the eleganl Gibson Girls. Generalchairnian for the event is Fran Robinson, assisted by commillee members Dorothy Vauk. Helen lloalst, Lynn Kelmer. Blanche Swindell. Carolvn Cornils. and jiidv Walker Mrs. Walker added that there would be gifts presented at the affair, which will be handerafled items donated by members of St Paul's Parish. The admission fee is $2.50 per person and reservations are required before March I. Tickets may be reserved by calling Blanche Swindell al 466-0344. or Fran Robinson al 467-3093. The proceeds from this event will go to various projects the church sponsors, such as Meals on Wheels. Plantation Attention Home, food baskets for needy families, Ihe community blood drive, a mission in Cali. Colombia, Church Women L'niled and the C.C.D. program within the church. The Idaho Fr e Press. Tuesday. February 24,1076 -1 Lifestyle Woman awarded $365,000 by court in rape case ROCKVILLE.Md. ( U P I l - A woman who won $365.000 in damages from I wo men who raped her says she hopes Ihe aw.ird will encourage more women lo report rapes. 5lary Kiiiglil's a t t o r n e y , Harry llelfand. said Ihe award - S4U.OOU ill compensatory damages and $32o.0(io in punitive claims -- was apparently llic first of its kind granted a rape victim. "I'm really fed up with chicks who say (lie) 1 're scared In do anything aljoul it." Miss Knight said. "I may never culled, hut that's not the point. The point was. I \voii. I waul somelhitig done about these people." liefore last week's judgment, the defendants' families offered SI'AN'ISH MOSS frames this picture of Dorothy Johnson. Carmen Polk and Peggy- Meyer who are cleaning and polishing a fire Irurk in a field near their Florida flrehouse. Firegirls heeding alarm are sometimes bikini-clad Mrs. Smilh said there are few fires during Ihe summer, bul in the winter Ihe Micanopy Fire D e p a r t m e n t averages about four or five calls a week, mostly to pul oul brush fires. "I've not come in contact with an instance where we've not been able lo handle it." she said "II would be a bigger problem, though, if we had bigger buildings here." The lallesl b u i l d i n g in Micanopy is the three-story center of modern arts, and that hasn't caught fire yet. "There might be some ^LUL/itui3 if ^c iiiui lu climb ladders with those heavy air tanks." Mrs. Smith said. "A couple of our girls don't weigh but 100 pounds." The women are alerted to a fire call through an alarm system hooked up between the B y . l . l ' a u l W y a l l MICANOPY. Fla. ( U P I l "It's very seldom you see a man r o a m i n g around this town between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays." said firegirl Danelle Smith. So in Micanopy. a (own of about 500 inhabitants in North Central Florida, the women put out the fires and run the rescue unit every Monday through Friday d u r i n g the d a y l i g h t hours. The idea for Ihe all-girl volunleer fire department, which now has 10 members, was adopted two years ago after fire t o t a l l y destroyed a house because the men volunteers were off in nearby Gainesville working and couldn't get hack in lime. "Noneof us knew how to drive the fire engine." said Mrs. Smilh. "and no one realized (here was a f i r e hydrant right in JTocVlirm front of the house. All someone r d b l l l O I l had lo do was connect a hose to il." When Ihe city council approved Ihe all-girl fire brigade, all of its ordinal members were firemen's wives. They had to u?e the men's coals and bools unlii smaller gear ordered for their petite sizes could arrive. "We gloppcd around in some of Ihe a'wfulesl stuff," recalled Mrs. Smilh. "We still look like a bunch of G.I.'s. Hut we're nnl oul to be gorgeous." Since those firsl months, when the townsfolk openly laughed at (hem. the women firefighters have obtained special training at a local community college. All except one can drive the five- gear fire (ruck. "Whoever gels there firsl gets il oul," said Mrs. Smilh "The one girl who ean'l drive it doesn'l know how lo drive a standard shifl on a car either." Miss Kniglit $:i.50 to drop her suit in Montgomery County Circuit Courl. "I didn't wanl the money," Miss Knight said. "Thai's not the point. 1 don't (bink all the inoiie.i in the world will make up for what they did lo me. II won't. "I won't even go down lo the laundry room alone. My buy friend Iws In go with me," she said. "If I'm around someone and I hey raise their voice. 1 gel slinky. I'm i-vcii afraid Ihe guy who's oul of jail will come after me. I wasn't able lo have any kind of decent relationship with anyone for a year." she added. One of the defendants. William Chrislianson, 31, is serving a 12-year sentence for tin- attack. The other man, Edwin David. 32. now works as a garage mechanic after serving one year of a six-year sentence. Miss Kniglit. who was 20 years old at (be lime of (he assault, said she was leaving a Washington restaurant (he night of Aug. 20, 1972, when Iwo men forced her into their car, pulled off a highway and raped her. She was later taken to Chrislianson's house in Kensington. Md.. and kept overnight. She was later able to identify the house, leading to Ihe men's arrest. lioth defendants pleaded guilty. Quilt is designed by FHA NAMPA - The V a l l i v u e Future Homemakers of America girls recently held an old-fashioned quilting bee announced advisor, Jerrie Evans. The purpose was lo tie large quilt for which the girls had each designed and made her own i^by hand painting or emb'Feiraertng the design. Each block represented a Bicentennial theme, and the best block was selected and then sent to the district F.H.A. for a stale q u i l l which will be displayed at the state F.H.A. convention. The Vallivue quill was sewn together by Miss Evans and then presented to Mrs. Maria Martinez of Caldwel! Route 2 by Shelli Morris, Vallivue F.H.A. president. Miss Evans said each girl in the club enjoyed making her quilt block. "They showed (heir creativity and learned a good deal about old-fashioned quilt making, while sharing skills and homes'/The others are called by B' v '"g ° others." telephone. Al limes the fircgirls have been caughl wilh their hair in curlers and one woman was sunning herself in a bikini when an alarm wenl off. She threw her red canvas coat over Ihe bikini and dashed off lo the firehouse. Mrs. Smilh said Ihe women's children "automatically go to Ihe door" when they hear an a l a r m . One lady drops her two small children off wilh her mother. Mrs. Smith takes her smallest lo a nearby babysitter. Most of the other children are in school during the hours the women are on duty. The idea of having the women pul oul the daytime fires has spread to other towns in Ihe area. Bul none is an all-girl contingent like Micanopy's. IIKSSIK m.ANCHAKn. loll, gels ready to keep score lor Ilim-l Sims anil (irace llopper as the ladies warm up (heir card pUivinx skills for an OF.S fuml-raisiiig card parly on Friday. Mrs. Hlanchiird is c h a i r m a n for the event, and Mrs. Situ 1 , is district c h a i r m a n . ( S l a f f V h o l o i Frirla -, Fob. 27 Public invited to fund-raising card party N A M P A - Nampa Chapter No. 30, Order of llic Eastern Star, will hold a public card parly al the Masonic Temple al % p.m. on Friday. Feb. 27. There will be a churgc of 75 cents per person, said llcssie Blanchard, chairman, and the proceeds will be used for scholarships for men or women who arc majoring in religious education in an a c c r e d i t e d college of any denomination. Since (his project was started in 1952, it has been adopted by grand chapters all over Ihe world, and over a million and ,1 half dollars have been awarded lo students. The Friday card party is open lo the public and tickets may be purchased from any officer of (he chapter, or ai the door. Those intend!^; arc asked lo bring their own cards. There will be gifts for players and homemade pies for refreshments The all-girl volunteer fire department of to members put out fires and run the rescue unit every .Monday t h r o u g h Friday d u r i n g daylight hours in Micanopy. il'PI Photo! fire house and five ladies' THIS H I C G N T K N N I A L q u i l l was made by the (irls in the Vallivur Fulure Homemakrrs of A«:rric;i. fl Has presented to Mrs. Maria · · i A v o i d Ways to root for success Martinez of Caldwell hy Hie F.ll.A. president. Shelli Morris. (Pliolo by Greg Voornas) Natural light Before leaving Ihe house, check your make-up in a mirror by a window. II gives you a chance to correct any cosmetics excess caused bv working under ariificial light. Thi^ is a ihank YOU call," young man said on the phone, "I didn't know we had helped you." I said with Of owing curiosity. "You didn't -- yet," he replied. "But everyor.c in our family appreciates the way .ou helped my sister and her husband; solve a real estate problem. 1 want to say 'thank you' by telling you Dial I'm in th market for a home." ··Well, thai's a pleasant way T o e x p r e s s your appreciation," l re- plieJ. Knowing his family was well-to-do, I suggested a nice S.45,000 home. "No," the young man said. "That's part of my pro Dave Young b | ern , £ ve ry one probably thinks I have lots of money. But truthfully, we need our funds ir^ Ihe business. My wife and I want to stand on our own feet. We arc just starting a family and don't need a big expensive home now." "Fine/' I said. "I understand exactly. We have several homes that a smal down payment will handle." "Good," he said, "weT look." And they did. That very day they bought comfortable 15-year o(d home. We would appreciate chance to E A R N your thanks by competent S E R V I C E . But we can't until you make fne first move. Why not call us tomorrow? } BAKE YOUNG REALTY EUIUMS « 4W-JS2 by Alpha Alpha sorority The (iregirls, mostly housewives bul also including a posial clerk, a parl-time school Itacher and a school bus driver, now know how to handle heavy fire hoses and how lo slrap itt-pound oxygen tanks on their backs just like any fireman. .MERIDIAN -- Alpha Alpha chapter of Beta Sigma Phi will have "Lei Heritage King with Today's Fashions." as t h e OES hold birthday celebration MERIDIAN - The Meridian chapter No. C6, Order of Eastern Slar. celebrated their 52 birthday anniversary recently. Three charter members were honored i n c l u d i n g Martha Wildman of Twin Falls, Nina Kgherl of Boise and Jessie B«ll of Meridian. Among members proiienl were Mrs. Avei-il Plowman and Mrs. Dora Dunn both formerly of New Mexico. An original poem, written by True Estes. was read by her in conjunction with presenling a basket of initialed lea low els lo (hechapter hy Ihe past matrons. Ihemc for their fashion luncheon. Il will include a salad bar and style show. The tickets will cost S3 each and anyone interested may contact Julie al PS8- 2281 or Toni Hies al l!75-«20. for more information. A hearls and hands mccling of the chapter was held at Ihe home of Pal Smilh. Every member made a gifl for her secret sister "coming from the heart." Mary llddson showed a film on how to perform self- examination for breast tumors. A sweetheart luncheon was held at Boise llolel. The highlight of the evening was introduction of queen candidales which included Alpha Alpha's candidate, Claudia Samuels. Other activities included a snow parly followed by a chili dinner al Ihe home of Candy C'lovis. Cheery wear To com hat Ihe Hue 1 ; on a dreary day. lift jour spirits hy rhmnini! «im'lhinn briRhl In By Janet Tara IFillh ol a Series] Rools are Ihe lifcblood ol any plant. Many leaf-damaged plants can make a comeback even after a severe pruning of dead leaves, leaving naught but a bare stem. But once the roots die, there is no hope. Once you determine the best rouline for watering a plant according to the combination of plant variety, size and type of pot, you must stick to il. Long dry spells followed by heavy watering can cause trouble. Each time a plant is allowed to severely dry out some of the roots die. If you follow this dry spell with a lar ge amount of wale'r to make up for the neglect, the surviving dried out roots are flooded and can't cope with Die sudden change. This is how root rot starts. The best solution for dried oul soil is to bring the plant gradually back to its regular watering routine. But if you have damaged the plant, the lower leaves will turn yellow and fall off. Here's whal to do to Iry to correct the damage: Gently remove the plant from the pol and s 0 ' 1 - Examinc Ulc roots and smell for decay. Remove all dead and hollow Rebekahs meet in Boise EAGLE -- The February district meeting of Kcliekahs held ir. Boise was allemled by six members of the Eagle Carpenter Kchckiih l-odge. The Ei/gle Hcbckahs exemplified Ihe Bible ceremony with Violet Fisher, Viva Juslsum and Pearl Stevenson participating. Al (he rccenl card parly held at Ihe Eagle l/idge Hall, 30 Kebekahs and friends attended. The Valentine parly organized by F.dwina Batrman was well-attended The Methodist Shoppe 112 E. Aven Caldwell HOURS' Monday thru Friday 9:30 to 5:00 p.m. Saturdays: 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. SALE ON ALL HANDMADE QUILTS $ 25 00 EA. roots. If the soil is still wet, repot in dry sterilized soil. Add a small amount of water. Gradually increase the amount. Keep the plant on Ihe dry side until (here are signs of improvement, i.e., the leaves slop yellowing. This will only work if Die roots haven't been very badly- damaged. Once ;evere root damage has taken place, there is very hide chance for survival. [NEXT: Adapting.) t : or a copy ot Janet fan's t:p- lilled "Indoor Gardening Guide" serd 75 cents plus 15 cents lo cover postage and handling fo: "In door Gardening Quids, "careot Ifti's newspaper, P.O. Box 489. Depl. £. flacfo City Station, Nsw York, New York 1X19. SPECIAL PRICE ON.... CHINA BATHROOM WATER CLOSET S 29 95 Complete! (Excluding seat) LIMB'N TRIM ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW 13-Pc. Drill Bit Set Incl. twelve power point bits (1/16" to 1 /«"), center punch, carry case. FC13 $769 29 99 Weighs just 6'/. Ibs. yet cuts trees to 16" thick. Ideal for firewood, fences, etc 8" cut bar; Ui-hp motor. ' 55375 Perfect lor dead trees bushes. Clean up for Spring! Mclaughlin's OWYHEE 1020-lst St. S., Nampa Gift Gallery HARDWARE 466-5193 or 466-8401

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