Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on February 27, 1976 · Page 43
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 43

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1976
Page 43
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Phone system bottlenecks caused by new equipment PUILIC NOTICE CITYOFORIILIT ZONINOftEQUISTHO.l This Is to ngllfy all persons that* Public Hearing wilt b* held by Ihv Clly Council of the Clly ot Greeley, Colorado, concerning zoning lor the properly known « Pheasant Annexation. Thli properly Is e N o . Z:17*, E NO. I, it7* The general location of tne properly Is h Street and 47th Avenue. u IMI 5 * W poblic Hearm t wi " « he'd tf 1* OUt Still March, )f/e, ·! 7:30 p.m. In Ihe Clly Council Chambers at the Greeley Civic Center. Additional Information may be ITT claims it has about the . Interested may appear and ttn.'wT"* 10 * Pope electrical firms, at least one propwtd tor tfw tm n'Sa^i it UPI Business Writer i«» « Engineer Pl.t NO. I, w«, and filed wltl NEW YORK (UPI/Xny ttSZSSfiZ «-TM, ssrrrH;? ^^*ffl^s ^Sl!!:,^,^!: --^^edinterconnect all seems to be the phone on a rental basis. company itself. The reason is simple: Nobody has enough operators. To save most s °P hlsticated system for ^"l"^^ 1 salaries everyone depends on business firr ns and institutions computerizedautomatjcswitch- "^"B 10 ° or fcw er exten- QTM"**TMTM vi * f * rmrf ' ing and listing a lot of separate Slons II was itltr °duced a year CITV OF GREELEY, COLORADO lines for different departments ago and about 15 ° installations »*'· "-»·][ in the directory. Trouble is alread y nave been made. By-samsasaki most callers don't know which Custor »ers most eager to buy ^GSi^l"^TM"'*' 1 ' department they want and the Astern included hospitals, Febfu.ryj7.w6 aren't used to the new multiline motels and sma11 hotels ' system, and there aren't schoo]s apartment buildings enough operators to help them and Apartment stores as well If you don't, believe this as S eneral business offices. It reflect on these figures: In C( sts $10,000 to $40,000, depend- 1946, the Bell System had ing on how man y new 224,000 "hello" girls to service extensions ar e ordered. ·24 million telephones; today it ITT sa *d its new system is has only 142,000 operators for the "brainiest" small automatic 112 million phones. The "in- .exchange because it will dependent telephone companies perform at least 40 special have cut their operating staffs functions that normally would proportionately, and private have to be done by a human industry has slashed its PBX operator, yet is cheap to operating force drastically by operate. going to sophisticated intercon- The saving is achieved by riuun nect systems. But the bott- chopping a telephone conversa- ***-' leneck is the unsophisticated or tion into millions of "bits," that £ r " obstinate caller who won't can be stored and processed by P"** cooperate. .a minicomputer, then reassem- I"-*'. If the trend continues, as it bled at the other end, ITT said, almost certainly will, Ameri- Among the things this new cans will have to become a lot ITT system will do: more industrious and sophis- - When you leave your desk ticated about looking up phone to go to another department, numbers. you can punch a few buttons on Still there's much to be your phone and any incoming thankful for. One could be calls will follow you to the living in Moscow where, Ameri- other department, can correspondents say,'the -- 11 can handle several calls phone directory always is a lo and from (he same extension dozen years out of date and simultaneously, enabling you to NOTICE TOCRIDITOKI Estate of Shirley Tru«dt:i, «/k/a Shirley M. Trueidell, a/k/. ShlrltyMirH Trunddl, Deceased. Cut He. rMMts All ptrtont having claims against the atoove-nimftf ttttle are required to present them to the undersigned or to the District Court of Weld County, Colorado, on or before July 3.1»76. FRANClSL.TRUESDELL . Personal Representative lelepj-conrrtll, Attorneys 770 First National Bank Greitcy.COIDUl TheGreelty Daily Tribune Feb. 77, Mar. 5, 12, 19/6 Fri.. Feb.27,1976 CREELEY (Colo.) TlilBUNE 43 INTERSTATE COMMIRCE COMMISSION NOTICE AElt(lvb-NB.ll) UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD ABAN. DONMENT -- OF ITS GREELEY BRANCH - NEAR GILL IN WELD COUNTY,COLORADO Thf inltritaie commerce Commission hereby glv« nolle* that by order dated February t, me. It hat heen determined that the proposed ·bandonment M the terminal segment of the Greeley Branch of Ihe Union Pacific Railroad Company northeast o) Gill, a dlsUnce of 3.31 miles, ·II In Weld County, Colo., II approved by the commission, don not constitute a ma|or Federal action significantly of. fen ling the quality of the human en vlronment within the meaning of the Notional Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), 42 U.S.C. « 4371, «l set;., and mat preparation Of a detailed en- vlronmental impact statement will not be ed under seel Ion 4331(2] (C) of the (No. Ill) WHEREAS, Jessie Rlos end Margaret L. Rios, Grantors by Deed of Trust dated January 13, 1975, recorded January 33, 1975. in Book 731. Reception No. 1*51*53 In the records of Weld County, Colorado, conveyed to the Public Trustee of said Weld County, Colorado, Ihe following real L ..... 0( EvanSj w - eld industrial Bank. mand lor sate as '"THEREFORE, n NOTICE OF PUBLIC TRUSTEE SALE (He. 141} WHEREAS, Weslslde Builders, Inc, Crantor(s), by deed of trust dated Sep. tember 23, 1T74, recorded- In Book 734, Reception No. I6«M97, In the records of tht NEPA County of Weld, Colorado, conveyed to !he Publk Trustee in said County of Weld, the foilmvlna described real properly in said Cnmlyof Weld, towit: Lot numbered Three (3) In Block numbered Four (4), of CAR MAC AR RANCKETTES, a subdivision of a pan of the Easl Half (E'/») of section Five (S), Township One (It North, Range Sixty eight (68! West of the 6th P.M.; Said deed of trust secures a promissory note of even date therewith for the sum ol 171,500.00 payable to the order of United Mortgage Company, a Coloraflo cor. porotlon, on the terms set forth in said note and deed of Irust.-and WHEREAS, United Mortgage Com. pany, a Colorado corporallon, the legal holder of said note and deed oi Irust has filed written election and demand lor sale as provided In said deed ol trust, THEREFORE, notice is hereby given mat I will, at 10:73 O'clock In Ihe fortnoon of April*, I97(,altheeastfronldooro!the Weld County Courthouse, Greeley, Colorado, sell at public auction to Ihe highest and best bidder for cash, the said real properly nnd all in If rest of s*ld Crantor(s), its successor and assigns submitted" to Ihe Comi therein, for Ihe purpose ol paying the above-ipecitleddate Indebtedness provided in said note ana deed ol trust, attorneys' fees, and the expenses ol sale, and will deliver lo Ihe purchaserfs) a certificate of purchase, all as provided by law. Dated February 19, mt. L.Wayne Wells Public Trustee in and for the County trf Weld, Colorado. ThcGrecleyDailyTrlbune Feb. 77, Mar. S, 13,19,16, 1974 II was concluded, among other things, that the associated environmental Im pacts ore considered Insignificant because (I) Ihere has been no traffic on Ihls line since 1V66, (3) no land use plans are dependent on Ihe contlnuilion of the subject line, »nd (3) no historic sites would be altered. Furthermore, Ihe aoan donment is consistent with local plans to utilize the right.of way for the ion sir uclion of a segment of a new county road. This determination was based upor, the staff preparation and consideration ol in environmental threshold assessment Survey, which is available on request to the Interstate Commerce Commission. Office of Proceedings, Washington, D.C. 70423.- telephone 107 3« 7964. Interested persons may comment on Ihis mailer by filing their statements In writing with Ihe Inter stole Commerce Commission, Washington, D.C.. W«3, on or before March li, 1974. This negative environmental deter- minetion shall become final unless good ason demonstrating why ROBERT L.OSWAUD, Secretary The Greelcy Daily Tribune Feb. i;, 1974 NOTICE OF PUBLIC TRUSTEE SALE Purchase, ail as provided by law. Dated February 17. 1976 Public Trustee In and for Weld Couniv, Colorado. L. WAYNE WELLS ih* Greeley Daily Tribune Feb. 70. 77. Mar. 5. 12, 19, 1974 NOTICE (No. nil HEHEAS, Wcslsidr Builders, inc.. nlor's), by deed of Irust daled Sep. tember 73, , 1V74, recorded In Book T)4, Reception No. I6«i?y, In lhc records of the trying to get a number from hold one call while you are Counl * °* W(?lt) - Colorado, conveyed to me information is really a losing calling someone else-to get MLl?4«l!to«** wn *""**'" game. requested information for cx- A court decision a few years ample, ago that forced the telephone -- It automatically cuts off companies to let business anybody who tries to eavesdrop customers buy their own on your call. interconnect systems instead of -- It can arrange and handle Soid dpH] of " ust *' renting them from Ma Bell conference calls of up to six Sr;w.« Pn ""**""' introduced a new element of persons, competition to produce increas- But that slitl leaves unan- inglysophisticatedprivateaulo- swcred the question of how to pany . a Colorado corporation me irga matic switching systems. run down someone quickly in a "older of sad note and deed oi trust hai The Swedish L. M. Ericsson big company if the PBX f "«""' r "'« n «'«"«·'«"'« Co., Siemens and other German operator doesn't answer. l property l ounty o( Weld, 10 wit: Lot numbered Seven (7) In Dlock numbered Four Ml, CARMACAR RANCHETTES, a subdivision of a part ol the East Half (E"i) of Section five (5), Township On* (1) Hotlh. Range Sixty eight (it) West of (he 4th P.M. issory Mortgage Company, a C porationon the terms set lorl anddeedof trust: and WHEREAS, United Mor Bank investing paying off to assure their continued By BRUCE B. BAKKE ATLANTA ( U P I ) - Are finandafsfcibnily," he write in America's banks safe? Bruce a rcporl to inve siors. Bent is betting $350 million that So fari Thl , Reserve Fund has they are and he's reaping a nol pul any money in a failing handsome return on the bet. bank . However, Bent says, the Bent is president of The fun d's investments are so Reserve Fund, Inc., a mutual diversified (45banksin23cities fundinvestingalmostexclusive- as of Dec . 31i 1975) that the ly in banks. failure of any one bank In 1973 The Reserve Fund pro bably would not mean any began selling shares to the morc tnan a drop of j p^ cent public with invested assets of in tne earnings ^ lo Gr ^ H , EREAS - CHAl "- ES *· HOLCOMB $400,000. Now it has more than investors. AS provided in said deed THFRFFORE. nolict- H hereby given trwi! I will. At 10. M o'clock In Ihe lorenoon ol April 6, if 76, a I the east front door of the weld county courthouse, Greeley, Colorado, sell ai public auction to Ihe highest and best h-dder lor cdih. the said real property and all Interest of said Granior(i), its successor and assigns therein, lor tne purpose of paying Ihe Indebtedness provided In vald note *nd deed ol trust, nllorners' trrv nnd Ihe expenses of sale, and will deliver to the purchaser!*) a certifiedle ol purchase, all «s provided by law. Onted February 19, 1976. 1 .Wflyno Wells Public Trustee In and (or Ihe Counly ol Weld, Colorado. TheCreeley Daily Tr.bune Fell ?7,Mflr S. 17. 19.16. 1976 (No. 1411 . WHfcREAS, Westslde Builders, Inc., Granlorfs), by deed ol trust dated Sep. Irrnbrr 23, 197*. recorded In BOOK TH, Reception NO liMW.6, In the records ol the Counly of Weld. Colorado, conveyed lo Ihe Public Trustee In said Counly of Weld, thr loHoMing described real properly in said CountyrtWeld, towit: L o t Iwo ( 3 ) , Block Four (4). CAM MACAR RANCHETTF5. a subdivision of a porl of Ihr East Hall E"j) ot section Five 15), Townshio One 11) North, Range Sixty eight («) WMtottheflthP.M.; Said deed of Irusl secures a promlsso r y note ol even dale Iherewllh lor the sum ot m«KI-tX) payable to the order ol U oiled Mortgage Company, a Colorado corporation, on the terms set lorlh in said no'cflnddrrdof trust; and WHEREAS. United Mortgagr Company, a Colorado corporation. Ihe legal holder ol sflld note and deed ot Iruil has filed written election and demand lor sale as provided in said deed 01 trust, THEREFORE, notice Is herrby given that I 10.70 o'clock In the forenoon ol April t. 1974, at the east front door ol Ihe Weld County courthouse, Crecley, Colorado, sell at public auction to Ihe highest and best bidder lor cash. Ihe Slid real properly and all Interest ol said Cranlor(s), Its successor and assigns therein, tor the purpose of paying the irtrJr bled ness provided in said no'e and deed ol trust, aliorneys' lees, and the expenses of sale, and will deliver to the as provided by law. Dated February 1. im. L.Wayne Wells Public Trustee In and for the Counly of Weld, Colorado. The Greelcy Dally Tribune Feb J7.M«r. J, II. 19,7*. l»76 NOTICE OF PUBLIC T R U S T E E S A L E ( N o . Ul] ) million invested in bank* The Reserve Fund's investors iiw(sl. by deed of trull December 30. 1974, recorded In Book 7JO. Reception No. 16SI66J. in the records ol the across the country. arc big institutions, corpora- ,"' , ,, Since Bent and Henry R. UonSi churchcSj scnools and c^^S Brown began The Reserve colleges, and some individuals. ^ tMaa in New YorK, auoul 50 There is a minimum inilial "''·" co " n other so-called money market investment of $5,000 and subsequent transactions must funds have been started. The Reserve Fund still has a much oltlounl to at | cast 511000 larger percentage of its assets A fcature of lhc fund is thal invested in banks than any of investors can withdraw their the others. money with a few hours notice '" HEBE' ihe Nor.,ieau Section 23, Township II Nc-rt*. Rfl-igp Si WMf, Weld County, Colorado Said deed ol trusl secures a promissory nole oi even date (herewith for Ihe sum of S5.25 67 (Five Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Four Dollar* and 47/100! payable lo he order ol Sam AV Neln, on the terms set S"!"TM and Ihe legal Less than 2 per cent of the anr j g el p a jfj interest up to the nolaer ot " ia nole flnd dc « d o! tru " *n Fund's assets are in govern- withdrawal date. Bent sees it "i^IS"' Se^iTM* lor ^ ment bonds. The rest is in as an idca] investment medium i "f"fTM^"","" ; s , h "7 9 '^ n banks, usually in high-yielding for a firm ho | dmg ^ rge ·,,, Marctl \ ti ,,,;.** .^iinroTdS^ certificates of deposit. amounts of moncy for short cl",,? »"""? po w "The differentia! you gel by periods of time. It offers Mnest and b«t bidder fc going into banks relative to the business firms an opportunity · '^L^"!ll^^ risk you lake is .tremendous," ( 0 earn money on what used to lor lhe p gr p«« ol w^' said Bent, here for the recent bc considered "cash How" and, convention of The Bank Trust B^ said( it even prov jdes investors the opportunity to '**· v ail persons Interes **»» 1* will be n Officers Convention. Bent figures he will get al writ£ checks withdrawing least one per cent more interest moncy as needed, on his deposits in banks than he Benl says he .. cannot under . I h e C r would by investing in governs(and why morc corporations ^ *· menl obligations such as ^ye not ^ en advantage of treasury bills. In times of high moncv funris to a greater interest rates, that means huge extent tnan tney have so far payoffs to investors. In August, Because it's found money." 1974, for instance, investors in The Reserve Fund received NOTICEOF"[NAL"AYMENT dividends of 13 per cent. In distressed 1975, The Reserve Fund returned to its investors 6.51 per cent. "I think banks are such an integral part of the financial structure of the United States that they really arc like a government agency," Bent says. "They are so closely regulated they are like a third tier of government." An cnd-of-ycar message last year by Brown, then the president but now chairman of the Fund, sought to allay possible investor fears about (he stability of banks -especially those holding New York City loans and bonds. "The reality of the situation is that the major New York banks are too much a pa^t (if our nation's monetary system for the federal government not to do everything that is necessary (No. m) WHEREAS. WOftlSfde Builders Inc., t;r.intsf(s), h« deed ot Irust dated Sep. tember 73, ma, recorded In BOOK 73«, Reception No. 14«700, In in* records of the Counly of Weld, Colorado, conveyed to Ihe Public Trustee in said County of Weld, the following described real properly In said County of Weld, to wit: Lot numbered Nine (9) in Block numbered Four (4) CARMACAR RANCHCTTES. n subdivision of i Pflrl of the Cast Half (EVi) of Sntlon Five (S), Township One II) Norlh, P M Said rteed of irusl secures a promissory note of even dale therewith fnr rne sum or 130,600 00 payable to Ihe order ol United Mortgage company, a Colorado corporation. onine terms sctlorth in said note ·MHldecd ol liuit, ana WHEREAS, United Mortgage Com pany, a Colorado Corporallon. the legal Iwider ol said noic and deed ol trust IMS llled written election and demand for sale as provided In said deed of trust, THEREFORE, notice Is hereby given that I wilt, al 10.35 o'clock In the forenoon of April 4, 1974, a I the east front door of the Weld county Courthouse. Greeley, Colorado, sell al public auction to Ihe highest and best didder for cash, Ihe said real properly and all Interest ol said Grantor(s), Its successor and assigns therein, for the purpose ol paying Ihe indebtedness provided in said nole and ueed of trust, attorneys' fees, and the expenses ol sale, and will deliver lo Ihe purchaser Is) a certificated purchase, all as provided by law Dated February 19, mi L.Wayne Wells Public Trustee in and lor Ihe County of weld, Colorado. TheGreelev Daily Tribune Feb. 77, Mar. S, 17, IS, 2i, 1974 NOTICE OF PUBLIC TRUSTEE SALE (No. 1J») W H E R E A S . Joe L. Allrei and Josephine Allrei, Grantors by Deed ol Trust dated December 16, 1971. recorded December 78, 1972, In Book 482, Reception No. 1HMJM in the records ot Weld Counly. Colorado, conveyed to the Public Trustee of said Weld County, Colorado, the following rrnl properly In said Weld Counly: 1 Lot 71 and the North 15 feet of Lot 12, In Block 34, C L A Y T O N P A R K , in Ihe CITY OF GREELEY, WELD CCUN. TY.COLORADO, and i- ALL ol bioCK mo. m tne LI 1 T Or- GREELEY, WELD COUNTY, COLORADO. Said Deed of Tiuit secures a promissory notr of rurn date therewith lor me svm of 147,175 20 payable lo the order of Greeley Industrial Bank, on the terms set lorin in said nole and Deed ol Trust; WHFRF.AS, Greeley Industrial Bank, the legal holder ol said nole and Deed of Trust has tiled written election and de mand for sale as provided in said Deed ol Trust. THEREFORE, notice Is hereby given that I will, al 10:10 o'clock In the Fore- roon of April i. 197A, at the East front door of the Weld County Courthouse, Greeley, Colorado, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, me said property and all Interest of said Grantors, their heirs and assigns therein, for the purpose ol paying Ihe inobimneis provided in said Nole and Deed of Trust, attorney's lees, and expenses of sale, and will deliver to purchasers a cerinicale ol Dated February 17,1974 Weld County, Colorado L.WAYNE WELLS The Greeley Dally Tribune Frb 70,27, War. 5. 12,19, 1974 remodeling ol the itiouie. Said 11 nai made on March IS, 1976. Anyone having claims in conjunction with this project may tile same with the un dersigned no later than March 5, If 76. WELD COUNT Y.COLORADO By: Barton Buss Director oi Management 4 Budget P.O. Box 751 Grrcley, Color ado 80631 Tf.eCrccley Daily Tribune Feb 13,70,77,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF FINAL PAYMENT This .? lo notify all persons interested mat weld County, Colorado will ma--e llnai payment lo Hensei Phelps Construction Company for demolition work, m-ivviry and carpentry work, plaster work marble work, and dumbwaiter and slr.irn-y removal for ihe remodeling of the Sr. nnd Moor of the Courlhouie. Said hinl p.ivmrn! will br made on March li. 1974 Anyone having claims In conjunction wilh In,* project may file samp with |ne undersigned no later than March 5. 1976. WELD COUNTY. COLORADO By. dm ton Uu» 4 fludget P O IW7SJ Greeiry, Colorado 80611 Counly olWeld, Colo. ;elcy Dftily Tribune 13,70, 27, Mar. S, 1D76 NOTICE OF PUBLICTRUS7EESALE (No. 1311 WHEREAS. HUGO B. WADDELL and RAMONA WADDELL, Grantor(s), by deed of trust dated April 4. 1973, recorded in [look 409. Rccrplinn No 1611107, in me records of the County of Weld, Colorado, conveyed lo Ihe Public Trustee in said Counly of Weld, the following described real property in said County ol Weld, lo wit- Loi 13?. mock of Unit J. Gleni of Dacono. in the Town ol Datono. according lo lhc recorded plal thereof. Weld County, Colorado (Otherwise known and numbered as 7M Glen Dale) Sdid deed of Irusl secures a promissory nntc ol fven ctjte therewith lor the sum of JU.SM.AO payable lo Ihe order of American Recreation and Mobile Home Corporation ol Colorado, on Ihe terms set form in said note and deed of trust, .md WHKREAS, GENERAL ELECTRIC CREDIT CORPORATION, the legal holder ol said nol* and deed ol trmi h«i filed written election and demand for sale as provided In said deed of trust. T H E R F F O R E , notice is hereby given that I will, al 10.10 o'clock in the lorenoon Of March 14, 1976. al east fror.t door ol the Weld Counly Courthouse Grecley, Colorado, sell al public auction to Ihe higiiesi and best bidder for cash,, the said real property and Oil interest of the said Granlor(s), their helr- and assigns iticrcin, lor me purpose of payinQ lhc indebtedness provided In sa'd note and (Iced ol Irusl. aliorneys' fees, and the NOTICE OF POBLICTRUSTEE SALE (No. 1)5) WHEREAS, VIRGIL W. COUFAL AND DOROTHY t. COUf-AL, Granforls), by deed ol trust dated June 19,1973, recorded In Book 6fJ, Reception No. 1415795, In Ihe records of the County of Weld. Cotorodo, conveyed lo the Public Trustee in said Counly ol Weld, Ihe lollowing described real property in said County of Weld, lo Wit: The Norttu Section 34. Tc 47 West of the i acres out of thereof, E« described Quarter (NE"«) of iship 3 North, Range P.M. Excepting 19.12 ie northwest corner I parcel ol land A 405, Reception No. s of s I will dehvi tate of pure · lo ih purchaser!*) a cerl fli provided ty law fVitrtl mrnuirylft IOTA L Wayne Well! Pobl-c Trustee in ,ird lar thi County of Wold, Colorado I^oreelcv Dally Tnbuni- f-eb 4,13. 70.11. Mar S. 197( 152JOB1. Weld Together wilh 1« shares ol the capital siock of Lupton Meadows Ditch Company, and 2.5 shares ol Ihe capital stock ol Ihe Lupton Bottom Ditch Company. Said deed of trust secures a promissory note of even date (herewith for the sum of tU7.500.00 payable to Ihe order ol The First Bank and Trusl Company of Brighton, on Ihe terms set forth in said note and deed of trust; and WHEREAS, The Flrsi Bank and Trust Company of Brighton, the legal holder ot said nole and deed of trusl has tiled wiilli-n ci«iliori ,-nd deindnd for sale dS provided Insalddeeaof Irust, THEREFORE, notice Is hereby gtven that I win. At 10:10 o'clock In tr.; forenoon of March 30, 1974, at Ihe east front door of the Weld County Courthouse Greeley. Colorado, sell at public flue I ion lo the highlit and best bidder lor cash, the said real properly and all Interest" of the said Grantor(s), their heirs and assigns therein, for ihr» purpwe of paying t*e indebtedness provided in said nole and deed of Irust, aliorneys' fees, ind the fpr-nsrs of wle, and will deliver to the purrhaser(s) a rertificMe of purchase, all as provided by law Dated Feb 9,1974 L.WViyneWellt Public Trustee In and for Ihe Ccunty of Weld. Colorado The Grecley Dally tntiune Feb 13, 70,77, Mar. 5, 17. 19?* NOTICE OF PUBLIC TRUSTEESALE (No. 134) WHEREAS. NORMAN L. SISSOM and ROBERTA L. SISSOM. GrflntorlsJ, by tised oi trust dated November is, 19M, recorded in Book 72B, Reception No. 16W07I, In Ihe records of the County of Weld, Colorado, conveyed to the Public Trustee in said County ot Weld, the following described real properly in said Counly of Weld, to wit: Lot Eight (9), Block Thirty-nine (39), A R I S T O C R A T R A N C H E T T E S SUBDIVISION StCOND FILING, located In Section 77, Township 2 Norlh. Range 66 West cl Iho 41h P.M., Weld Counly, Color ado. Said d«ed ol Irir.f secures a promissory note of even date therewith for the sum of 177,300.00 payable to the order ot AF. F I L I A T E D MORTGAGE INVESTMENTS, INC. on Ine terms letforth In said note a,id deed of truM; and WHEREAS. THE KISSELL COM PANY, Ih* legal holder ol id id note and deed of trust has filed written election and demand fnr sale as provided In said deed oflrust. THEREFORE, notice Is hereby given lhat I will, at 10:05 o'clock in the forenoon ol March 30,1974, at Ihe east from door of the Cour'housc, in the City of Grceicy, County of Weld, Stale of Colorado, set] at public auction to Ihe highest and best bidder for cash, the said real properly and all Interest of the laid Grantorfi), their heirs and assigns therein, for Itw puroos* of paying 'he IndehtM.iesi provided In said nole and deed of trust, attorneys' lees, and the expenses of sale, and will deliver to the purchaserfs) a certificate of purchase, nil as provided hv law Dated February 9,1976. 1. Wayne Wells PuMic Trustee m and lor Ihe Count vol Weld. Colorado. Bercnbaum, Brrenbaum, Weinbergers, Susman Attorneys at Law 1S07 United Bank Center, Denver. Colorado I0v02 ThoGteeley Daily Tribune Feb. 20. 7;. Vir. 5, 17. 19, )9?i NOTICEOFPUILICTRUSTii'ItALi H* WHEREAS, Alvln Robert Hensley. aha A!vin R. Hensley, granlor by Deed of Trust dated November S, 1*74, recorded in Book 717, as Reception No. 1M560, in tie records of the County of Weld, State of Colorado, conveyed to the Public Trustee in the said County of Weld, to wit: That part ol Ihe SW/4, Section 17, Township 7 Norlh, Range M West ol me tin P.M., beginning 7S9.2' North on, West olth- line ol fie Railroad right of way on North line, Third Street, Ault, Northerly along rlghlof-way 51.6', Wesl 93' Soulh »', rmreor less, East 107' lo beginning, also known as il7 Highway li, Auil, Colorado. Said Deed ol Trust secures a Promissory Note ol even date therewith lor the sum ol 111,9!? 00 payable lo the order of Associates Financial Services Company of Colorido, Inc.. on Ihe terms set torth In said Note and Deed ol Trust; and WHEREAS, Associates Financial Services Company of Colorado, Inc., the legal holder ol said Note and Deed of Trust has filed wHIIen election and demand lor sale as provided in said Deed of Trust, THEREFORE, notice Is hereby given mat I will at 10: IS O'clock In the lorenoon of April «, 1f7t, at Ihe sail front door of Ihe Courthouse in Ihe County of Weld, Greeley. Colorado, sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder for rash. th- said real properly and all interest ot said grantor, Alvin Robert Hensley, aha Alvin R. Hensley, h)s heirs and assigns therein, (or me purpose ol paying the in rfcbtedness provided In said Note and Deed ol Trusl. attorney's (pes, and Ihe expenses of sale, and will deliver lo the purchasers a Certificate of Purchase, all · provided by taw. Dated 7/16,1976. L.WAYNE WELLS. PUBLICTHUSTEE in and tor Ihe County of Weld, State of Colorado The Greeley Daily Tribune Feb. 70, 27, Mar. S. 17, 19, 1976 NOTICE OF PUBLIC TRUSTEE'S SALE S T A T E OF COLORADO NOTICE OF SALE WHEREAS, Ihe District Courl of Weld Counly, Slate ol Colorado hos in C'vll Action No. 7/W5 ordered the sole ot the oil, gas and other mineral interests In and uni?er the following land in Weld County, Stale ol Cot ota-io Township T North, Range Si Wett, 6lh P.M. Section I6:NC'*SC'4 Township I North, Range It West, 4th P.M. Scction3:S'jNW'. anil c ol l lii' ifM.irth r ol tlie cumbrances exccpling those vdl:d and subsisting oil and uos leases recorded in Book 779 ai Reception Hoi ISSKHS ond I6S32BJ ot Ihe records ol Weld County, Stale ol Colorado. THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that I will, at 11 00 A M . M S T ol M. 1. 197A, a I Courthouse a 1 Greeley, Colorado, icll jt public J uc lion to the highest ond DcsJ bidder lor cash, the said real property and win deliver lo the purchaser's) n rcr I if kale ul [Jurduisi' .ill by order of l.iid DATEDlhis3tsldayol January. W4 Ernest D Power ShcnPt, County ol Weld Slate of Coiorodo The Greeley Daily Tribune Feu 6, 13.70, 77, 1976 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate Ol K E N N E T H CLEN MARTIN a/X/a KENNETH G. MARTIN, Deceased C*irNo.P-mi7 All person* having claims against Ihr above named estate are required to presenl them to the undcrs'gncd or to Ihe Disinct Court ol Weld Counly, Colorado, on or belore June 2i, 19/6, or said claims Shall be lorever barred. Sylvia F. Wcaiheis ThpGrccleyO.iily Tribune Feb 70. 77.M,ir.S. 1976 NOTICE T O C R E O I T O R S E s t a t e 01 BESS It M. B A I L E Y . Case No. P. I lit I above named cstale are rto.u ; red to prison! them ID Ihe undcr;lqiifd or to Ihe District Court oi Weld Counlv. Colorjdo. on or bc'ore July t. 19/4, or did claims shrill belorevur b,irred Personal Representative Melvin Dinner. Attorney for Cstalc WO GrcL-ley National PI,Hii Greelcy, Color,idoS06Jl Ji7 7081 TMeGri'flrvDciily Tribune Feb JO.1t.fAAi S. 1976 nnd Sum WHEREAS, WILLIAM H. MOON and BLANCHE E. MOON, Grantors by Deed Of Trust dated September 75. 1975 and recorded in Book 7Jt at Reception No. li;um m tne recoros ot me Counly ol Weld, Colorado, conveyed to the Public Trustee In said County ol Weld, 10 wit: All that part of the SE'/j ol the SEVi ol Section 3, Township 1 Norlh, ot Range 43 West of Ihe 6th P.M., Weld County, Col orado, described as follows: Beginning ai a point 4lb leet West and 3) tec! Norm of the Southeast corner of said Set:on 1; running thence Westerly 01 a line parallel wilh Ihe South line of .nglcs Norlherly US teol, thence at right angles Easterly 50 feet; ihence Southerly to the point ol beginning. County of Weld and State of Colorado. Said Deed of Trusl secures a promissory note ol even dale therewith for me sum of 119.S91.70 payable to Ihe order Of P L A T T E V A L L E Y BANK, rm Ihr terms set lorlh in said note and Deed ol Trust; and WHEREAS, Plalle Valley Bank, Ihe legal holder of said note and Deed ot Trust has filed written elcUlon and demand for sale as provided In said Deed d Trust, THEREFORE, notice Is hereby given mat I will at 10:00 o'clock A M. on the 6 day ol April, 1V7A. at the rait front door cf IheWeld County Courthouse In Greeley, Colorado, sell at public auction lo the highest and best bidder tor cash, the said real properly and all Interest ol me said Grantors, their heirs and assigns therein, for Ihr purpose of paying the Indebtedness provided In said note and Deed ot Trust, attorneys' tees, and me expenses of sale, and will deliver lo me purchasers e certificate of purchase, all ns provided by law. U A I L U t f O . It, 1*70. L.Wayne Wells Public Trustee In and for me County of Weld Staled Colorado The Greeley Daily Tribune f-eb.20.27,WW.i, U. IV. 1976 COUNTYOF WFI.D Whereas Robert A. Ru M. Rumsby whose address is X15 Mo!n Street, Windsor, County ol Weld, State ol Colorado, grantors by deed of Irust dated the JAth day of December, 1977, and recorded in Ihe office ol the County Clerk and Recorder ol Weld County, Colorado, lo me Publ'c Trustee ol saio Weld County, Colorado, the following described premises situate in County ol Weld, Slate of Colorado, lo wit: Lot 14, Block ID. Town ol Windsor, Weld County/Colorado in trust lo secure liielr promissory noteol rvilh S 0 of In I for Ihe principal sum ol Sixteen Thousand and no/100 Dollars payable to me order of The Rrsi National Brink of Windsor, after the date thereof, with Inlerest at eight IB! per installments ol UyJ. 13 per month. Payments 10 begin on Ihe 24ih day oi every calendar month thereafter unlll paid in full Paymenl is to be applied tu merest lirsi and Ihe remaining balance II any to principal, and Whereas, It Is provided In said deed of Irust thai in case ol default in Ihe payments of said nole or the interest thereon when due, or me payment ol me lam on said premises, lhat the holder ol said nole may elect to declare Ihe said note due and payable; and grantors In the performance Of Ihe Mm by Ihe terms end conditions ol said. deed of trust, in this, to wit: Thai said tranters have filled to pay the monthly Installment In the amount of 119' H due In Janu'y, 1175 and each calendar month Ihenller as set forth in Ihe promissory Whereas, Ihe legal holder of said note and Indebtedness has tiled with Ihe undersigned Public Trustee In and for Weld County, Colorado, nollce and dt.T.ani :r. nriirr-t. dtc.lflri(,g *,,,.!, defaults and electing to declare ihe whole indebtedness secured by said deed of rusr. due and payable, end demanding Ihe Mle of said premises dcscrloed in said decdol trust. Now, Therefore, nollce is hereby given, mat pursuant to said nollce of election and demand, and under and by vlrlue of Ihe authority vested In me by said deed ol Trust and the law applicable thereto, I, L. Wayne Wells, Public Trustee in and for Wrid County, Colorado, will sell me above described land and premises lor cash, at public auction to the highest biJtier. at me East Front door ol Ihe Court House in Greeley, County of weld, State of Colorado, on March JO, 1976, at 10:11 o'clock in the forenoon for the purpose of paying said note, interest, taxes, at lorney-i lees, if any, and all expenses ol mis salt, and will give lo the purchaser thereof a certificate of purchase merefor % provided by law. Daied fir«ley, Colorado, Feb. 10,1976. L.Wayne Wells PUBLIC T R U S T E E IN AND FOR V»bLD C O U N T Y , COLOR ADD. TheGreeiey Daily Tribune Feb JO. 27, M»r. S. 17. 19, 1976 NOTICE OF THE FILING OF THE P E T I T I O N OF INCLUSION OF LANDS WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OP THC EVANS SANITATION DISTRICT. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: ORDINANCE NO. lit AN ORDINANCE CONCERNING DOGS WITHIN THF TOWN OF KERSEY AND PROVIDING FOR THEIR LICENSING. FOR THE ISSUANCE OF TAGS. PROHIBITING DOGS RUNNING AT LARGE, PROVIDING FOR IMPOUNDMENT (3F DOGS UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS, PROVIDING FOR REDEMPTION OF T30GS THAT HAVE BEEN IMPOUNDED. MAKING 11 UNLAWFUL IO BREAK INTO THE DOG POUND. MAKING IT UNLAWFUL TO O B S T R U C T ANOF-FICtR IN THE PERFORMANCE OF HIS DUTIES, PROVIDING PENALTIES F-'OR VIOLATIONS OF THIS ORDINANCE. PROVIDING FOR THE REPEAL OF OR OINANCE NO. 79 CONCERNING DOGS ADOPTED FEBRUARY 7. 1970 BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE TOWN OF KERSEY, COLORADO: SECTION r, Sections 1 fhrough 10 of Ordinance No. 79 (adopted by the Town ol Kersey on the 7nd day of February, 1970) are iL'rtby repealed SECTION!. LICENSE; APPLICATION, FEE. VACCINATION, EXCEPTIONS. (3) Application. No person shall keep or harbor any dog within the limits of the Tov/n of Kersey without first having obtained a license. Application lor me license shall be made lo the Town Clevk. (b) Fee. Each applicant fora license shall be required to pay aleeo' Three Dollars (13.00). (c) Vtccinition. In order to entitle any applicant to sucii license, such applicant Shall produce and display to the Town Clerk, a rerlilicale Irom a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine showing that such cfog has been vaccinated lor rabies v/ilhin Ihe six (6) month period next preceding an application for a license. SECTION 3. LICENSE TERM, DOCS BROUGHT IN TO THE CITY. (a Term. I kenscs issued for dogs In the Town shall be good lor one in year only. The license year shall be from May 1 to April M. Dog licenses lor each year shall be obtained prior to May 1st of lhat year. bl Dogs tr ought into town. Dogs brought Into the Town before Ihe first day of May town after ine flrsl day ol May shall be licensed with'n Sixty 140) days for the remaining port ton of the year al the same fee as that charged any other license applicant SECTION*. REGISTRATION .-TAG, PEE FOR REPLACING. la) Registration, The Town Clerk shall, upon wooer application and payment of fees as provided within this Ordinance, issue all licenses required by this Ordinance and shall keep a suitable book for Ihe registration ol dogs and shall register therein all dogs whose owners, keepers, or har borers have paid Ihe tax herein provided, and shall keep a record cf the date of registration, the name, sen, breed, ond color ot each tfog in the place where the same shall be kept. (b) T*gi. The Town Clerk shall also furnish to the person causing such dog lo be registered, a suitable metal log bearing a number corresponding lo that ot the license issued for such dog and the year for whch such lag Is Issued. Each dog so licensed shell be provided by Its owner, keeper, or harborer with a collar of suitable material to which such license lag shall Lc securely fastened, and its owner shall keep such collar wilh such license lag fastened thereto on such dog. (c) Replacement ttgj. If such metallic register tag shall be lost or removed (rwn the neck ol any such oog, it shall be the duly ol the owner, keeper, or hartnrer of such dog to secure trom the Town another metallic tag for such dog. lor which such owner shall pay the sum of One Dollar (11.00) to replace Ihe tag upon the dog SECTIONS. FAILURE TO KEEP DOGS FROM RUNNING AT LARGE; IMPOUNDING OF DOCS RUNNING AT URGE (a) The owner, keeper, harborer, or any other person who has assumed the responsibility lor a dog shall be Obligaledloprevent the dog from running at large in Ihe Town, and failure lo satisfy thai oblige! ion shall be unlawful. A dog shall be considered running al large when It Is neither on Ihe premises Of the owner, keeper, harborer. or other person responsible, nor on a leash len (10) (eel or less in length, attache? lo the dog and held by or tied lo a person. A dog also shall be considered running at targe, whether or not on a leosh, when the dog is within a public area designated as being oil limits for dogs; for the foregoing provision to apply such public are* must have been designated by Board ot Trustees resolution and the area must have been reasonably signed to warn the public thai dogs ere not allowed, any police Officer, agent, or em ployee of Ihe Town of Kersey Is hereby authorired and directed to Impound dogs which are found running ot large. (bj This Sections Shall not apply lo seeing eye dogs accompanied by inclr masters. nor lo dogs participating In dog ho*S, dog exhibits, or dog training activities, to the Mienl thai such shows, ortilftiti and activities are conducted in compliance with the requirements of this code. lc) I tstial I txno defense to a prosecution under paragraph (a Jot Ihis Seel-on 5 that ' . ent of a redemption fee protect t ible for Ihe dog from prosecution Shall the pay person respon Chapter. SECTION!. ILLEGAL TAG. It shall be unlawful for the owner, keeper, or liar boier o 10 wear any license tag other than the identical one issued b no person shall license a tnaledog and use the license lag re dog. r, kee ived ther other r fora female Plea e take te tha s filed tn the 9th day ol February, 1974 to inelud certain land within the boundaries of the tvansSanilallonDlstrlct. That me original boundaries ol the District are contiguous to that portion ol Ihe lands described In the petition to be included within the boundaries of the District are described as follows; A part of Ihe Northeast Quarter (NEH) ol Section 30, Township 5 Norlh, Range 65 West of Ihe 6th P M., Weld County, Colorado, being more particularly described as follows: Beginning al Ihe Northwest Corner of the Northeast Quarter (tJE'.i) of Section 10 and Ihence southward along the western most boundary of ths Northeast Quarter of Section 30 530 plus or minus feet to Ihe midpoint of Blh Street Ihus establishing ihe True Point ol Beginning: Thence eastward 770 plus or m.nus feel along centeriine of Btn Street lo Northwest Corner ol Loll, Block 117; Thence southward UO plus or minus leet to Ihe Norlhwesl Corner ol Lot 5, Block 117: Thence eastward 350 plus or minus leet lo the Norlhwest Corner ot Lot S. Block m. Thence southward 50 plus or minus feet lo the Northwest Corner of Lot 7, Block 118: Ihence eastward US plus or minus Lot 7, Block us lo the centeriine ot Burlington Street: Thence southward 3*1 plus or minus feel to midpoint of the intersectior. ol Rurlinglon Street and 7th Street; Thence westward 145 plus or ninus leel along center line 01 7th Street lo a point on western edge of Ihe Evans Dilch; Thence southward 650 plus or minus · feel along western edge of Evans Dilch lo centeriine of 6th Street; Thrncesouthward MO plus cf mirus feet along western edge of Evans Dilch lo midpoint of 5th Strect. Thence westward 720 plus or minus feet along centeriine of 5th Street to a point lying on Ihe west boundary ol the Nwiheasi Quarter (NEU) ot Section M: Thence northward 1590 plus or minus feet along the west boundary of Ihe Norlheasl Quarter ( N E ' ) of Section 33 to the True Point ol Beginning. Said tract of land connoting morcur less 37 acres. AH person! interested m the petition lor inclusions ol ceriam lands described shall appear at the otfice of me Evans Sanitation Diilncl, Evar.s Cily Hall on or befoie March B, 1976. showing cause in writing, it any they have, why said p*Minn shoo id not be granted Tn.s notice given and published tiv me order of the Board of Drectorsol mrEvAn-.SanilahonDiSirni, March B.197iat7 H O p m Secretary SECTIONI. OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER OR EMPLOYEE OF THE TOWN OF KERSEY. No person shall obstruct, hinder or prevent Ihe impounding ol any dog running at large contrary lo the provisions of this Ordinance SECTION I. BREAK IN POUND. It shall beimlawtul tor any person lobrvakopen, ceitroy oroamageany place used by Ihe Town Of Kersey as a dog pound, or any Ooor, gate, fence or enclosure thereof, or to lake or attempt lo take therefrom any dog therein impounded without having first paid ihe lees herein provided. SECTION*. IMPOUNDING, REDEMPTION, AND DISPOSITION. fa) Redemption. The owr»r or oiner person having a legal right lo Ihe immediate possession of any dog which has been impounded pursuant to Section b Wiali have Ihe right to redeem the dog from the impounding facility during the time that me dog is kept Ihere and until Ihcdog is disposed of pursuant losubiertion ib) ol this section. The the Town men lawfully in charge of the Impounding facility that such person is. in fact, Iheowntr of Ihe dog of Is the person having the lawful rlghl to Immediate possession of the dog. The person desiring lo redeem any oog Shalt be Obligated to pay a len Dollar (.11000) redemption lee il a licenw was in elfect for the dog at the t.'mc of Ihe .m pounding. If not, lhc redemption fee shall be Fifteen Dollars (11500) Hcwever, if me same owner, or a member ol Vs immediafe family, has rcdeciri-d ihe same dog Irom the Town's impounding facility w.thin the preceding twelve (12) monthi. Ihe redemption lee shall b* Twrnlv Dollars (MO001 AS an addi'lon^l condition to the r'gil o) redemption, the owner, keeper, haroorer or oiner person responsible lor the dog must immediately apply lor a license if a dog has njt been currently licensed, and must produce the vaccinalion certificate anrt pay the fees required by mis Ordinance at Ihe lime application Is made to redeem (b Disposition. Any dog. which has been impounded and not redeemed shall be disposed of in a humane manner by lhc Town or by the Humane Society cf Weld county, it me Society It then under contract wilh the Town, thirty six (36) hour* aller 17-00 o'clock mldnlghl of the day the dog was impounded, or as soon thereafter as possible. (c) Duty of officer or employee lo!ssue summons and complaint. The police officer, required to Issue a summons and complaint charging a violation of Section i ot this that person or member of his immediate family has redeemed the same dog from the City imoounding facility within the preceding twelve (12) months. Nothing in this subsection fc) shall he construed as limiting the aulhority of any police ollicer, agent or employee ot the Town to issue summons and complaints lor any violation ol this chapter including tint time violations. (d) Written records required pertaining to Impounding and redemptions. The police olfleer, or other agent or employee of ihe Town of Kersey then lawfully in charge ol Ihe impounding lacillly shall make, or cause to be made a written record ol all cir cut.istances pertaining to the impounding and redemption ol dogs Such recortn snail be In sufficient a Kail so thai the provisions ol subsection (a) oi mis Section lor e x t r a redemption fees because of multiple redemption! can be enforced, so that a pofire ol- fleer or employee who impounds a dog will be prepared to testily in support ot the charge or charges made by the summons and comD'Srn! required ty SubsecliO-n It) to be issued upon redemption of any such dog SECTION 10. VICIOUS DOGS, LEASH REQUIRED. It Shall be unlawful for ,iny owner, keener dog that hai been known to bile. Chase, or run avenues, alleys, or public places in the Town to SECTION 11. RABIES, PROCEDURE WHEN SUSPECTED. It Shall be Ihe duty ol any poiiceolifcer or employee m charge ol the impounding lacility to take and hold for observation by a heaMr. officer cr quai.f.ed vcler.narlan any dog which has been bitten by an animal Ic be effected with rab es, provided! however, in lieu of this the owner may elect to begin immediately a series of treatment for suchallectoddoq by a licensed graduate vriTin.virtn.ind co-nple'o rath series of treatment. Such aog shall be kept chained or confined securely during such treatment and it shall also be UK- duty ol Ihe owner to satisfactory evidence of that completion of such trealm*nt lo the health officer and in case such saiisfactixy evidenceshall not be furnished to the health ollicer, Iheml shall be ihe duty of me police o'ficer or employee in charge of the impounding facility to kill such atlected dog it shall be the further duly ol thr- police o'lirer nr pp^'ayce .n cnj-qc o' i^e '^ps^d^q facility to take and hold for observation by Ihe heaim ollicer or qualified veter.nanan any dog Suspect edol being r?bid. such dog lobe hew until such t-me as the t a c t n-ay be determined by Ihe recovery of the rtoo. or by laboratory examination The above provision shall apply to all dogsm incc:ty regardless ol age SECTION 11. PENALTIES. Any person who violates me provisions of Sfft.oi 5 dealing with'rti'iirc'g keep dogs from running at large Shall be sublect lo a fine ol nol Icis than Twenty Dollars («Q 00) upon Ihe first violation, a finp of not less than Forty Dollars fHOOO) on ri-.r? srccwd violation, and not less than Eighty Dollars [MO 00) lor a mi'd vio'at'On SECTION!]. SEVERAOILITY Should any one or mwr sect-ons or provis cms cl m.s Ordinance oe mdicially invalidate the remaining provivons hereof, tne .mention Demq mat the various provisions hereof are scvernble SECTION M. In the opinion ol the board ol Trustees o' ine Town c controlling ihe number of doqs dt larqr w.lhm the Tnwn lerim during wh;ch this Ordinance would have to be published is inch that .t is essential ffr the well bfinqot the community and lor Ihcoreservaiionof ti-c public peace arci ire adequate protKlon ol the hcallh ana safe^y ol ihc -nhnhiUnh of ti-t- community declared that an emergency exists. !hflt th.s Ordinsntf shall MHC pticct as an provided by me statute Ot theStatoot Colorado for en-ergrnc* o'd rancm PASSED AND ADOPTED. SIGNED AND A f - P R O V C D . T m S 17th DAY OF February. 197« Vernon Craven ( S F : AL 1 TieGrcHfv Daily 1 February JJ '97ft orcr m ^nv vicious dog, or any y person or animals on streets, uch dw beyond 'he limits cf me e problem

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