Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 11, 1957 · Page 34
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 34

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 34
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Automatic Feeder Improves Finger I ing Fish Raising Methods Finger-ling- Trout Get Fed ijuggs "HTO^^^-'^C---*!^ Mr, t r GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 17 Automation' is taking over Ihc Colorado Game and Fish depart Job of feeding fingerting fish j n j m c n t . and offered to furnish m a - ; Colorado trout ha'.chenes. The f i s h ; chine and reed free of charge if: Colorado would test the equip-! mcnl in the Hellvue Hatchery un- and the superintendents ot hatch' tries are both happy about it. Joe Geicer. superintendent o[|il*r Joe Geiser's experienced tu the Bellvue Hatchery eishi miles : pemsiun. northwest of Ft. Collins, is con-; Hatchery fish I'ullurMs have kef.;' ducting experiments with a n e w ; accurate comparison records in mechanical feeder and new ' d r y ' j t e s t i n g the equipment. In hand feed in an effort to determine | feeding operations Ik* fish had to the feasibility of converting all the j be fed ground liver, and after E Colorado Game and Fish depart-! month cooked carp and oatmeal, ment hatcheries to the n e w ; at least thirteen times a day. The methods, fish went without food all night The mechanical feeder is the long. brain child of William Ernest, Tcp-] The inerhanical feeder, using resentative of Syntha Laboratories; dry food called "Fishes Wishes," in Albuquerque, N. M. Ernest, who j fed the fish every hour day and I sells dry fish food concentrates [or j night. A light was installed over! the Finny Foods Company, listened the trough to help the fish see to to the complaints of hatchery su-!fecd at night. The dry feed, com- perintendcnls who were plagued posed of protein, fat, fiber and by the necessity of hand-feeding i nitrogen extract proved to be much superior to ground liver or carp and oatmeal fed by hand. It takes three pounds of ground liver for fish to gain one pound of weight. Dry food did the same job with half as much feed. In addition there is considerable labor involved in grinding liver or cooking and preparing carp and oatmeal. Self-sufficient, the dry feed will sustain fish as long as they remain in the hatching troughs. Preliminary test 1 ! prove that thousands of tiny fish in their charge several times a day, every day. In New Mexico hatcheries, Ernest experimented with a water type feeder which proved satisfactory but. did not please the inventor. He began to experiment with a mechanical feeder that could be placed over the hatchery troughs and release a timed and measured amount of food twenty-four hours a day. Ernest finally look a simple lawn-type fertilizer spreader, removed the wheels and attached a geared motor to the axle. He then hooked up a 24-hour timer on the motor and he was in business. With the timer plugged in to the current and Ihe bin full of food the feeder drops measured amounts of dry fish food a few seconds each hour, 24 hours a day. . The inventor contacted Wayne Seaman, Fish Manager for the · · · Put Competition into Ladies PGA This third p i » y in c Tuesday, June I I , 1957 out some, of t h e , --(i i 11 " "f"'", fr'rom three strokes behind Wilniplon Marltne Bairer Hijge never an eslima e ··. wil | 1 on |j. n j n e ^ 0 ^ s to , 0 ^ Louise .came close on Ihe last round. 000 /or .Monday's r«in-dcliyed : came on lo win by three wilh »!, ^!'!' h a d . * i ' lnal TM, u "?..°'.'.* 1'ivindup. 'remarkable 3-under-par 31 on Ihe .^ 28^ l lo?al" l "Nlrs IV '"Ha'''''e*trI f"" j The modPit Churchill Valley last nine. Her 6S was l u o under third at 290 with Eev"Hansun 61 Iciub now is considering a bid t o r ' men's par !or ihe course and Indio, Calif., who won the first l i n e U. S. Women's Open Cham-'equalled the women's record Wiffi Ladies PGA title. Each received picmship in the near future a n d ; h a d set during [he lirii round of 5697.50. :it wants the girls back for some the lournanient. PITTSBURGH Lfl -- The golf . t o u r n a m e n t as often as possible. .s, n d then Ionise, who lives at artistry o: f.iniisc Mtjigs wn^-^^ ^ s ;i ''- wsr.; ;o .^a;^ l« L k. ^ L . a island, (ji.. exaicdly *?x- larsely responsible for the success- It was a tournament that Plight plained ihe wasn't concerned of the third Ladies PGA Cham- have been a runaway for Wiffi j about her score or rivals u n t i l the pionship Tournament from a corn- Smith, (he 20.year-oM from S l . i l a s l few holes became she though! prlitivc standpoint. Clair, Mich., who led for t h r e e i s h o had no chance. Louise, playing -her best w h e n . rounds. Then, when »hc faltered, | Miss Smith eliminated herself she didn't Ihink she had a c h a n c e ; a n y one of three, players had t i w l i e n she buomed a d r i v e into the ' to win, came in wilh an am^ing chance lo c a k h her. Iwoods at I h e ' l i t h hole and u-cii up ! lit 1 on the final round foi- a 285- The 33-year-old Miss Slices. w h o i a H her lead wilh a seven for t h a i : IOIQ! that won the tournament by-learned golf from her father, a ' h o l e , Joyce X.iskv of Waierfurd,; tliree strokes. · o n e - t i m e New York Yankees Wis., another star youngster who L'ut as far as most of Ihe girl .pitcher, was the only one steady had moved into a contending po- ,. suit pros and their host club were enough In do il. Her feat earned |silion. weakened on the toush fin- " concerned, there was another t y p c i h e r $1,316. 'ishins hole: Fizhts TIIK ASSMCIAILD PREFfl ' ' ~ ' YORK' - AIM Milelf, 332, A». «'jl|MujiLed WKlie fluniaEOtlj *NKSlll nn - M.lie Ho!t r . : lfit' frlci. oul;wirlf(l .hmmy MBrtto*) NEU 1 OKI K A N S Ani:*l«i. uu ]«. Al Tennis by del if Ijis 6-3. soriATKn TRFSS , a n v -- Warren Wood- won tUe Berlin Chi ro- i l i n g tip ir-ftlfd Iludg* Je« Gfiigtr, suparintendent of Bellvue Fish hatchery, loads m«- canlcal fish feeder with new "dry" food. The feeder, under control of an electric timing device, drops food night and day at time intervals to fingerling trout in the hatching troughs below. Photo by F. L. Waugh, Colorado Gam* and Fish Depl. proximalely ninety man hours of labor a month can be saved by (he mechanical feeder. Also the fish get a balanced diet once each hour day and night. Major League RACING NEW YORK -- Poly HI (S].90 with Me Duel-in In Ihe [Ilks »'on the loth iinnlng of the filly division of the (35.070 National Stallion Stokefl al BMmont Park. STANTON. Del. - Glencnnnon (SS.GDI on lh« I10.EKN Tom Hoby steeplechiHe I Delaware Park biter Sweet Stroller (S6.BO) In Ihe Ilrit race and Betrayed .blned for romped to of the second race 11,304.80 ' dally double. Irnxth victory In Ihe Musial Slated To Break Many Old Records PHILADELPIHA M -- Stan Mu- lial, perhaps t h e National League's all-time. No. 1 player, reaches another milestone Tuesday night when he plays in his 822nd consecutive game to equal Gus Suhr's National League "iron man" record set exactly 10 years ago minus one week. The groat Si. Louis Cardinal ItaT, who already holds the league record for most extra base hits and is almost certain lo add to the runs scored, runs batted in, total bases and 2-base hit titles before he finally lays aside his bat, began the season with 774 consecutive games played since the start of the 1352 season. He has played in ail his team's « games so far for a grand total o£ 821, a figure which would have been- much higher had he not agreed lo his manager's wish to tit out the final game of the 1951 .[eason. . . . . . Musial's endurance mark is all the more amazing because of his insistence on playing despite assorted ijijuries, illnesses and compliance to his manager's wishes to divide his duties between first base and all three outfield positions during the past 10 season. A star without temperament, j the pride of Donora, Pa., ranks! second to Ihe late Lou Gehrig with i nine complete seasons, Gehrig, who rolled up Ihe major league high of 2,130 games from June 1, 1925 through April 30, 1933. look- part in all his club's games for 13 consecutive years. Ranking behind Musial wilh eight full-schedule seasons are Everett Scott and Joe Sewell, a pair of ex-American Leaguers. Players with six full seasons include Eddie Collins, Charley Gehringer, Earl Averill and Richie Ashburri. The lalter ranks next to Mutial and Suhr as the National League's most durable player. If Musial belters Suhr's m a r k , as he is expected lo do Wednesday, he will rank fifth in endurance in Ihc majors, .wilhin easy slriking distance of Eddie Yost's fourth highest m a r k of 829 con- .seciilive games with Washington. Gehrig's figure, as weil as those of Everett Scott (1.307) and Joe Sewell 1.103 appears out of reach. lentured x.noc Lowell Pune Downs. CHICAGO -- Kope's Hope IS23.BO ----- -- · · Purse al Was neellnE. Br THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BATTING (100 It ball) -- Wllll; Boilon, J80: Fox, chlcigo. .362; Mull- lit. New York, .360. RUNS -- Mantle. New York. 43: Fox, Chlcaco, 35: SieveTM. Washington, 34. RUNS BATTED IN -- Sievers. W«ih- Hlon. 40: Werli. Cleveland, 39: Mlnoso, Chleiro. 35. HITS -- Fox, Chicago. 67: Gardner, Baltimore, 62: Lemon, Wftfihlnelon. 61. HOME RUNS -- Mantle. New York. 15: Williams, Boston. 13: Zernlll, Kan Brooklyn. .371: Musial, SI. Lnuli. .351: Croat. PlltsburEh. .352. nuNS -- Aaron. Milwaukee. 39: nob- Inson, (.'Inrlnnatl, 38; Temple. Cincinnati and BlBllneame and Dark, SI. Loult, 37. niJNS BATTED IN- .MuslBl. SI. Louis. 45: Aaron, Milwaukee, 41: Hoak, Clarln. nail. .19. HITS -- Schoendlensl. New York, 70: Hodge*. Brooklyn and Mualal, St. Louis. 69: Aaron. Milwaukee. 67. HOME RUNS -- Aaron. Milwaukee, 15: Muslal, St. Louts. 12; Sauer, New York and Moon, St. Loula. 11. PITCHING (5 decisions) -- Sanfnrd, Philadelphia. 7-1. B75: Acker, Cincinnati. 6-1, .857: Schmidt. St. Loull, 5-1. .633. tlULF PITTSBURGH -- Louise SugRs c from Ihrec strokes behind to win the saa Cily and Slevers, WashlnRlon, 12. Ladles PGA Championship with t 72 holi PITCHING (5 decisions!--Trucks. K a n - 1 i ola i 0 [ 355 sas Cily. 5-0, 1.000; Shanli. New York, 6-1, .857; Pierce, Chicago, 10-2, .833. 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