Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 18, 1972 · Page 1
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, April 18, 1972
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Written by Horace Greeley in 1871 VOL. M " N~a 147 By GEORGE ESPER Associated Press Writer SAIGON (AP) - President lixon has suspended U.S. air attacks on Ihe Hanoi-Haiphong area to see if Norlh Vielnam acks off from ils general of- cnsivc in Soulh Vietnam, U.S. nilitary day. The thrust of (lie American air war returned to (tie Soulh, INVESTIGATING ACCIDENT SCENE Greeley Police Officers West Mellon, left, and Dale Novak collect evidence at the scene where UN'C student Lawrence Built White was struck by an unknown motorist Monday night. While died early Tuesday at Colorado General Hospital in Denver. (Tribune photo by Mike Peters) Hit-and-Run Auto Strikes, Fatally Injures Man, 22 By MIKE PETERS Tribune Staff Writer A University of Northern Colorado student was struck and fatally injured by a hit-and- run auto'.Monday night as he was", -walking--from- an'.awards function in which he had been nominated as "Outstanding Greek" for the campus. in the accident, and that a [to the scene, and White was 1513 llth Ave., a member of the Theta Xi fraternity, was reportedly struck from behind at about II p.m. Monday in the 2100 block of 1st Avenue. Police reported Tuesday they had impounded an auto suspected to have been involved female suspect has been con- lacted. White was found sliortly after 11 p.m. by Terrance Green, 1817 1st Ave., who was driving past .the scene and saw' the victim lying beside the road. Green slated he was driving north on 1st Avenue, and saw Lawrence Burtt While, 22, of what he thought wos a box lying beside Ihe road, when he pulled his car around the victim, he saw it was a person. Returning lo the scene, Green affirmed his belief that it was a body, and went home to call the police. An ambulance was dispatched taken to Weld County Genera Hospital. From Greeley he was laken to Colorado General Hospital in Denver because of Hi severity of .his head injuries. He died at. about 5 a.m Tuesday. White's parents, who live in Knglewond, were con (acted by Greeley police a 12:30 a.m. Police determined White maj have been walking in Ihe lane of traffic when he was struck from behind by the unknowr aulo. Particles of glass and ski( marks at the scene were being investigated by Greeley police Monday night and Tuesday morning. Low Sewer, Lagoon Bids Total $1,027,718.20 By FRANK COLOHAN . Tribune Staff Writer Low bids totaling $1,027,718.20 for the construction of a seven- mile force sewage main and lagoon waste treatment facility five miles east of Greeley were received by the city Monday afternoon. Burks Co. of Englewood, with a bid of $487,788.20, was the lowest of II bidders on the force main. However, its bid was only $227.02 lower than that of the next lower bidder, Hensel Phelps Construction Co. of Greeley. The Penner Construction Co. of Lakewood, wilh a bid of $539,930, was the lowest of five bidders on the wasle treatment plant. EPA Approval Needed The bids are to be presented to City Council at its regular Inside The Tribune (28 Pages) Abby 19 Amusements -.... 21 Boyle column 4 Classified pages 24-26 Comics ... 20 Crossword . ...20 Editorial page 4 Fascinating Fabrics 18 Heloise - 18 Horoscope _ _ - 12 Hospital dismissals 10 Letters to Tribune 4 Markets 27 Obituaries -- 8 TV and radio logs -- 20 School pages _ 16-17 Sports .- 22-23 Weather 10 Women's pages 12, 18-19 Today's Press Run 17,459 neeting Tuesday evening. However, they must be approved y the Environmental Protective Agency's regional office in Denver before the city can iward contracts. Jim Wells of Bell, Galyardt jnd Wells of Omaha, Neb., engineers for the project said le anticipated EPA approval :ould be obtained within two veeks and that construction can jet under way by the last part of May. He said it would take from nine months to a year to complete the work. ' The lagoon waste treatment 'acility, which is lo be located mmedialely north of Webster's 'eed Lots, has been designed o handle both sewage from Court May Have Killed Redistricting DENVER (AP) - Reports circulated through Ihe Colorado capitol this morning that the state's Supreme Court has declared the legislative rcdistrict- ng plan illegal but a court spokesman said "at the moment there is no firm basis for such a statement." The comment came from Justice Donald E. Kelley, the deputy chief justice court. He took over the the court's presiding officer when [;hief .Justice Edward E. Pringle left on a three week Irip lo Israel. Kelley made his slalement to reporters when they asked to see. him during the court. a meeting of Kelley said the court is,"concentrating" on the reapportlon- ment case and that it mighl meel most of the day. He saic the court had talked to the legislative Council to learn some of the technical problems. AND THE GREELEY REPUBLICAN GREELEY, COLORADO 80U1 TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 1972 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1870 U.S. Ends Bombing Raids On Hanoi, Haiphong Sites sources reported lo- and U.S. pilots flew more than 1,000 slrikes (here Monday and today. Following Sunday's heavy raids on targets around Hanoi and Haiphong, Nixon ordered all air action suspended above (be 20lh Parallel of latitude, 60 miles south of Hanoi, the Saigon sources said. However, Secretary of Defense Melvin It. Laird said to- day in Washington (here is "no substance" (o the report of attacks being suspended north of the 20th Parallel. He said air slrikes were continuing in North Vietnam, but did not specify how deep the raids were. The Saigon informants said only a handful of strikes were flown Monday and today north of the demilitarized zone and Antenna, Navigation Woes Pose No Threat to Apollo By HOWARD BENEDICT AP Aerospace Writer · SPACE CENTER, Houston 'AP) -- The Apollo IG astro- lauls overcame troubles with heir guidance system and a radio antenna today and soared jn toward a Wednesday rendezvous with Ihe moon. The guidance difficulty,' caused by an unexplained elcc- rical field, temporarily locked he spaceship in one position ir 45 minutes early today. Hut it w a s overcome by troubleshooting in Mission Control and by the astronauts. In mid-morning the spacemen were wakened an hour early to deal with the antenna problem which at times blocked radio communications belween earth and Apollo 1C. This was quickly corrected by reselling a series of switches in the command snip. -·They were the third and fourth problems to confront John W Young,' Charles. M. Duke Jr. and Thomas K. Mat- lingly II on their Uvo-day-old journey to Ihe moon's mountainous highlands. None posed any threat to the astronauts or lo Ihe mission as Apollo 1G hurtled closer to its target. In lale morning, the craft was about 1!W,OOD miles from earth and some 50,000 miles from (he moon. Earlier, they reported painl flaking off the lunar lander Orion and that one of 12 latches connecting the command and lunar ships was not fastened properly. As Maltingly was taking slar sightings early today on t h e planet Jupiter, a red warning light flaslicd in Ihe cabin. Something had happened lo the guidance and navigation system, preventing the spaceship from moving left or right. "1 don'I know what hap- (Continucd on Page C) II of these were below the 19lli 'arallel, 120 miles south of lanoi. "The President is delibcr- loly holding off after Sunday's Irikes in Ihe Hanoi and Hai- )liong areas lo sec what Norlh 'iclnam is going lo do," said ne source. "But further bomb- ig of Hanoi and Haiphong has lot been ruled out. II depends n what North Vielnam docs." The sources said Hie raids on lanoi and Haiphong were polit- cal in nature, intended as a ·arnlng to Hanoi lo pull back Is offensive in Snulh Vielnam. "When you knock a guy town," said one source, "you lon'l want lo stomp on him. Nixon apparently wants lo wait nd sec whether he is going lo ;el up and continue to fight or U.S. Ships Off Viet Report Casualties SAIGON (AP) - The U.S. Command announced Tuesday that two guided missile destroyers were damaged in separate actions off Hie coast of Norlh Vietnam during (he weekend and there were casualties on both ships. The command said Ihe ships were (lie Worden, which (he Pentagon announced earlier was attacked Sunday, apparent' ly by a Norlh Vietnamese gunboat, anil the Buchanan. It gave no details on the attack on the Buchanan. Responding lo queries, the command issued this one-paragraph statement: "We arc aware lhal two 7lh Flool ships, Ihe guided missile frigale USS Worden and Ihe guided missile destroyer USS Buchanan, were damaged in separate actions off the coast of North Viclnain this weekend. We also understand that I here were some casual! ics on hnlh ships. As soon as we have additional information we will inform you." The Pentagon said one crew man was killed and several oth ers were wounded in the allack on the Worden. A spokesman said' (he ship was operating about 50 miles off the coast a (he lime. Pentagon sources .said thi Worden was hit by one roum apparently fired from a high speed patrol boat. It was no known whether the ship re turned the fire. valk away." In Washington, a Pentagon pokesman said he could nci- hcr confirm nor deny that (lip irea above the 20lh parallel vns off limils again. Military sources said there vere no signs of any enemy villidrawals from batlle- ields lo which political signifi Nince could be attached. However, they said "enemy in iliatcd" actions had been re :luct'd in level since Sunday. The South Vietnamese com mand meanwhile claimed tha nearly 700 North Vietnamese troops were killed in battles m three fronts Monday with heavy U.S. air support. Sources claimed thai this ne source, "is that the South 'ielnamese seem lo be pushing lie enemy back. The South ictnamcse are on the defen- ivc. During Ihe pasl 36 hours o 48 hours, it looks y favorable for Ihe laniesc." ;ood, high- toulli Viet- Senior U.S. field advisers said there are indications that he Norlh Vietnamese are pre- jaring to withdraw in some s e ct o r s to regroup and rcsupply. However, they said, [ho Norlh Vietnamese still have orders lo attack some cities ind towns, including Hue. Officers reported earlier that n new threat was developing nortli of Saigon, will) elements of the Norlh Vietnamese 7th Di- .'ision trying to move down lirough War Zone C toward the cy South Vietnamese base at Lai Khe, 30 miles north of the fighting resulted from actions initialed by the South Vlclnmn- ;. "The best I can say," said In the pasl, the Norlh Vicl- lamcse have conducted their offensives in phases, pausing lo regroup and rcsupply, then coming back with new rounds of attacks. Thus, a withdrawal or decline in attacks does not necessarily mean (hat the Norlli Vietnamese arc pulling ' back for good. North Vietnam's chief delegate to the Paris peace talks said Monday that if the United Slates stopped Ihc bombing of the Norlh and resumed (lie regularly weekly meetings ot Ihc presently suspended talks, Norlli Vietnamese Politburo member Le Due Tlio would re- lurn lo Paris for more secret negotiations with the Amcii- . Laird Soys There Will Be No Talking While Reds in South By HARRISON HUMPHRIES WASHINGTON (AP) - Scc- rclary ol Defense Melvin D. Laird said today il would be the "height, of irresponsibility" lo negotiate for peace with Ihc North Vietnamese while (heir invasion in South Vielnam is underway. VIonfort Packing Co. and ac ivaled sludge from Grceley's existing treatment plant. It will have a capacity to :reat 2,770,000 gallons of liquid ivasle and 35,000 pounds of BOD per day. The total ot the low bids wa: approximately t h e amoun which the engineers hat islimaled as the cost. However lie engineers hart anlicipatei he lagoon facility low bk would be higher at aroum $600,000 and the force main ower at around $400,000. Wells said he had been jarlicularly surprised by the 'act 11 firms had submitted bids on the force main. He added he number indicated that advertising for bids al Ihis lime was "good liming." Other Bids Submitted In addition to Burks Co., he bidders on the force main and their bids were: Walls Eiros. Inc. of Knglc- wood, $528,559.30; CPL Constructors, Greeley, $197,612.20; Mountain Aggregates, Greeley, *09,229.40; Northern Contracting Co., Denver, $602,610.51, Kmerson Construction Co., T o p c k a , Kan., $550,206.10; Leach Arnold, Boulrler, $571,703; McSlain Corp., Boukler, $ 7 5 8 , 8 9 2 ; Henscl Phelps, Greeley, $463,015.22; Goodcll Bros., ICalon, $540.011.09; and Dye Construction Co., Colorado Springs, $655,455.45. The bidders in addition to Penner Construction on the waste treatment facility were: Mountain Aggregates, $637,000; Carruthcrs Construction Co. Inc., Paola, Kan., $692,675; Goodell Bros., $736,433; Western States Construction Co., Loveland, $562,220. The bids were opened and read by Keith Kberhardl, acting city manager, wilh both Wells and James Bell of Bell, Galyardt and Wells present. About 50 representatives of firms bidding also attended. Haskell Critical of All oft In Talk to Weld Democrats Pentagon request The economic policies of the Nixon Administration reflect the Administration's alignment with privilege, but it should be made "large . financial Interests" -- ' an alignment shared by Senator Gordon Allotl, Floyd Haskell said here Monday night. be cx-|who i.s creative enough should ^ministration for "moving to im- Haskell, candidate for U.S.|pose controls only when polls Senate, spoke al a meeting of!shower! the President's popnlar- the Weld County Dernocraticjjly al an all-time low." Kven Club. I hen, he said, Ihe controls wore He said Atlolt's voling record |neither equal nor lair, clearly shows the Senator's, .. To llilvc c f f c c l j v e conlrois agreement with policies of an j yoll obviously have lo control peeled (o continue. 'j'lliis is hisj ni , ve ( | ln opportunity lo make a fortune," he said. "This Is part of what makes Ihe system work. Mut fortunes should be built on heller mousetraps not on lax gimmicks." known." Criticizes Controls Haskell criticized the Ad- administration under which unequal controls have been imposed, new tax breaks have ieen granted lo big business and interest rales in Hi7I were pcrmilled to soar lo their highest peaks since the Civil War. Hits Interests "Gordon Alloll naturally falls n wilh the Adminisfralion," Laird accused Ihe Norlh Vietnamese of "massive flagrant violation" ol a IflGJ) under- slamling in (heir penetration of Hie demilitarized zone. "We cnn'l negotiate willi an enemy that refuses lo abide by ils accords, understandings and treaties," Laird said. Viable Opportunity "If Ihe enemy withdraws its forces invading across Hie demilitarized /one, if those forces arc removed north of Hie tlc- militarizcd zone, then there would he a viable opportunity for negotiation. To lalk nf further treaties and understandings under present conditions is Ihc height of irresponsibility. Laird appeared before Ihe Senate Foreign Relations Committee nflcr it voted Monday to stop all funds for U.S. combat activities in Indochina Dec. 31 if Hanoi releases U.S. prisoners of war. The committee is considering the foreign aid bill. Laird said President Nixon's Vielnamixnlion policy has slmwn progress, lie said the Soulh Vietnamese armed forces are performing well and cited reductions in U.S. military troops and air and naval aclivi- lics in Vielnam since 1060. Military Victory Chairman J. W. Fulbriglil, D- Ark., said it appeared lo him lhal the Nixon administration now insists upon a military victory, with "no hope of negotiating wilh North Vietnamese un- t i l their military capacity is destroyed." Laird, prior to his appearance lx;forfi Fulhrighl's committee, appeared before a closed .session of llic Senate Armed Services Committee. nol only wages but corporate profits as well," Haskell said. "The Administration, wilh its ear tuned to ils natural constituency -- Ihc large financial Airport Board Skeptical About Free Control Tower By JESSICA FRAZIER Tribune St.iff Writer The Airport Hoard continues wilh Aims College so lhal the yearly cosl In the board is only $2o,nnn. Anderson questioned if Ihe demand for air t r a f f i c controllers would juslify n training pro- inlercsls- imposed controls on ; P r " hln fi lf:; " ls Inward obtaining wages and prices, but not o n i " control lower for the busy corporale profits. The delight of', Weld-Municipal Airfield, but . . Ihe large financial interests jnlMonday afternoon members firnrn for which Aims could ac " quire slate and federal funding, "f (lon'l know if jobs would lie available after Ihe air t r a f f i c Ihis omission lins ijecn reflected'wore skeptical about a Irrc con- ·isls. remarked,' H o a r d Haskcll said "When he f i r s t ' " ll10 Kt ' ;C ^ nvirkcl, which has'lrol lower being offered by Bar- came to'the'senate in 1055 lIei iM:cn climbing steadily s i n c e j t o n Air Traffic Control Special- voted to exempt natural gas', 1 TM 1 August." "«'= producers when they sell to| "As one Senator utilities from utility regulalions.j'other Administrations have had' This bill was so row and so j friends, but these people seem oriented lo special inleresls thatjlo have clients,' " Haskell said. President Eisenhower had to' veto it. Would End He called for fin end In income groups, he said. "His (Alloll's) vole against the 18- year-old vole shows his regard for younger people. His vote . 1 1 . i i Io w k l a r d e n o J h a l d . _ _ _ ,. against Medicare shows his lack \A/f- k J} IMf^T"* nf r-nnrnrn Ir.r Mrlnr rv.r.nln II "' *·"*·* 1/Ai.V/JL of concern for older people. II is significant that the American Association of llefircd Persons siockmcn's warning tonight and l-AUIfiU/oH I 1 )') .Cc.nMo R lie inlr^ . h .* . . reviewed 122 Senate Bills Chairman Hoberl Anderson nolcI il would cosl some $11,00(1 l« update equipment in the mobile (ower. Add lo tliis salaries for Ihe nir traffic controllers, said observer Kd King, and Ihe lower could cost $fl5,00fl a year, minimum. No Shiny Stan "f don't think we should be looking at any shiny stars ami Ihink this is free when il isn't," said King when Anderson asked jncrsnns other lhan board mom- control training," he surd, nd-jcounly governmenls. ding. "There are a lot of boys' The board voted lo close coining oul ol Hie m i l i t a r y whojAiqxirt Term arcn'l finding jobs in air traffic niglil bccansi L r _ u finding jo control, and they've pcriciKrc." Marvin Hay, Aims' air specialist, agreed, saying, "f can sec f,o many problems it almosl!" "?"· ,, ,. , doors me. Hut 1 tki Ihink we Airport Manager Don Carlisle ought to look into it." reported t h a t a hail suppression NORTHEAST COLORADO -- hftrs lo express an opinion. Wednesday. Cloudy ami colder duced by Senator Allolf." . . , . , . 'i i - u i i u r t u n j , \jn/u\jy curu ^unjui duced in Ihe 1371 session which lhrougn Wednesday. Chance of t n f o m c l Ihfirrt MAna ui^o intr/i- 1 ,. , . , * , .,, , Slight snow tonight and Wcdnes- 'day. Low tonighl 25-35. High Haskcll said Allott's represcn-jWedncsday 35-45. Prccipilation lation of large financial in- probability 30 per cent loniglil, leresls and support of every'Su per cent Wednesday. .Jack Sliupe, chairman of Ihc board's Building and Grounds Committee, said his group fell "There are loo many strings attached for a decision at Ihis lime." Rut he said it still may be possible to work out an air traffic control training program In other business, Steve Holt and Jim Faulhaber of NHPQ [presented proposed airport zoning regulations lo tiie Iward along with a diagram and flircc- diincn.sional display of height limilnlions near the field. 'Hie Iward will Inkc those lo city iind county planners before seeking the approval of city and 1C Terminal Building at iiisc of thefts ami ex- vandalism. The telephone Inside the terminal will be moved oul- side. The terminal will be open 8 a.m. lo f p.m. seven days FAA Alternative The beard's other chance for acquiring a control lower would be Ihrough Ihc Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). An FAA lower would be paid for and maintained by Ihe federal agency. However, lo qualify a field must meet FAA zoning, planning and traffic minimums. The board has applied for an FAA tower but is after at lenst one other field in Colorado and several others in (lie nation. research group is still considering the Weld County Municipal Airport as its take-off and storage site. The group would be using rockets in atmospheric studies and Carlisle said this could pose Insurance and liability problems, Anderson noted, "If ttiey can meel government and fire codes, we'd be happy to have them al our airport. Hail suppression is of interest to this community and I think w* should Iry to gel them."

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