Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 22, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 22, 1951
Page 2
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LASCBU School Teacher Seeks Position A M Professor To Preside At Educator's Meet i»n!-«briven(lon t 'cfVorls directed ] ! - Cflllin K educator of the NMEA towiird inn 1 vlcciirm of J, Cioyd! «°«thwn«u.|- n distild will lake Miller,'IXvnl'ng'BchooJ HI i perm tend-! p " rt '" :| Il(1 'f-««i.v conference w i t h cnt. to the'V/rosidiihcy of''tin; N«-,'* l " lC Je; " Ic " i April 2-1. ut Hutch. lion'fll'KiliiralionwBHOcinUon at t h e ! U . 1(; New Me;ir " Kdiifiillon JIHHO- Students At White Sands Proving Ground Study Rocket Intricacies """°" n TMl t«'l"y. ' " (J ' I) """'-H. prufoiHior of erlucatoiH' njitional convention in Knh l r rahcin:o in .Inly, enter their f i n n l to nmi.tlis next week. U. J I c d l l ( 1 ' l l l o n - * ftw Mexico AM rol- -Mitllins. executive secretary of the I Jj!?^'''"'' 1 ,',? 1 nf ""' «°V ll !y- ie « tcr " Nf;w" Mexico Education lion, Kfiid toriav. Tin; mcollntf (a one of nine siin- il;ir conference.'! in card of the titlcixtdd public HHiunlH in I/ivliiff, i K O r l t i l j u n clistrlrlu. .sponsored by Carlsbad. ji : mlU(H CniruH. Ho WHS N M E A in .co-opuralion w i t h the cd from New Mexico H t n l e (·ctlle^^ in JII27. and received the M.islur'H tl'.'j";n.'e"at the University o f ' K j f w ' M t i x I c o In JMfi. He IIH.H hn/Ka-'^^fhi'-CtfllilpUniMjiHCni- re, ; «rliu(l)s: Bin to education department, al- Iftnded by fiti-al and district officers and c o n m i f l t f u ni(. i nibcr.'i and mfirnhftrs of UK; Council. The cntnpliitR Hi-hftlnlc uf incol- n'A ; ^rhu(lls:' served' »» prlnf:ii-nl MR^H follow:*: A p r i l 2-j, Hatch; Ap- iji LO'K!HWJ|}£ niiit'CnrlshMd. JIIK! :i:i | ril ^5. Hocorro; Ajiril 20, AJhinl io LonfslHirg find | HM(*rr|iM; Api-JI '11. TJKIH; A p r i l .'iO, Arlc\'!iji; May I, MHrnac; M n y 2, I-HH Vt-f{;i«: Mfiy 3, Kprinf;iM'. now'ii'n (.T.cfiuHVc cnmniMLoL- n t c u i i ' Itih 1 'of the NtHv Mcxii-o I-liirfilion jisHoHittion. n fornH.r vicopi'p.'iidcnl (iPf/lluJxJ^mv Mexico High School AU])ctic,-(iHrincii]lion, pant ilcnt. .o/.^-thv New Mexico Hr.hool- inntiUirjf olub, ;tnd a im-niber of Die fitalt- (·onuniM.'iion on toucher cdiicti I ion . and |)i''fr^.Hioii!i| i;trinii- i.nhi.' H n i:i ;i rtirmcr vici.-pn«l- " MANILA, April ?.i w\ .-. \?A%\\\,- n.n-iwiwina.w.'M! k f l l v d niul 'Z(\ in- Jurnl imlny wlicn n (ju;; (oj-.pK'd J n m i ii I H f ^ h w n y i n l o a rnllmiii] k c i i t 2. p ) n i l l c H H'Jilih nf Aliinlla. Submarine .Aclivity I'rohc S P E C I A L ! . ^ M o n d a y c - Tuowdays Wednesdays NEW PERMANENT "SHORTIE" COLD WAVE For Spring -." Regular S10 Permanont i For Only . . . · ; · · . " ? £ Ricky's Boaut^.Shop W. Ptcncho Phono 112 L O N I X J N , A p r i l 21 W, - The A d i n i r a l t y Unlay onliicil all ,l» "A" cliiK.4 Kiilmuirtnos lo Htay Hi J ) ' ) J ' t U l l l l l H i | , l , i H ( l l | t . W |,y [1,,, Aflruy cut'i-yiii); 7fi cjffitjur.s :in: UrHiiln hai! JT» "A" -IHHK «»!,.,. Tin- A l f i n y w a s t i n - :,nlrpnHi. Kin- failed !o i i ' p n r i i j o M i . a n Umii-iHoa I i l p jilinij; Hrilaln'j) aoulli coasl. 'I'luj A i l i i n r i t l l y Thm-mlay a h n n - uli'tl iinpf of f i n d i n g nny of ii PROMft SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS Graduntc level courses wit graduate credit which will enab: post pci-Honnel to better undei stand the mission of WSPC's Gui( . - M i s s i l e Program, is the aim r the Army Education Center here which is currently planning a aei JPH of extended . sixteen wee graduate seminars Topmost on the list of course offered is "Physics of Rockets' Ctinrtrncd primarily with th theory of rockets themselves, it i diviilrd i n t o two sections becauR of Hie Iflrgfi enrollment. Dr. Rus sol K. Shcrbourn'fi and Dr" italpl- Drer,.u'l, both f/ipully mornhprs 'o lUKirby New Mexico A^ricultur and Mechanical Stale College in Las Criicfcs. dlrc'ct the courne o study, BctfUn two months previously the rocket course is one of sixteen weeks duration, meeting twice week, on Wednesday and Frl' (iVcningH. The clns.'t itself mceU in Building N-fiO, which is com plctely equipped w i t h . nccessar; ef(UipmcnL for a thorough indoc Lrin.'ition in rocket theory. Projected plans call for another GOOD MORNING Pleasani Listening K 0 B E A . M . 7:00 7:10 1450 On Your Dial SUNDAY , VAUEY NSURANCE A6CNCV ·1 r ·rREUbtNTHAl-^- ---·. MAipNIC TtMCLt NtJ\\'K Stui'fay Hercnndc Dixie Four Quartet Wiblc Time Church of ClirlBt . Asjji'mhly of God Bin-It tfl God. . Ropol-1 fi-oni the I'on iron Vnlcc of Prophecy Wm. Hillmun Ncwn Frank ErneHl SL. niuil'ii McUlodlut Cliureli 12:00 lirnolilyn vs. Now York :i:00 M a r t i n Kln B :i:,10'* True Uolccllvo ·t;OQ* Roy llogcra 4:.'IO" Nlch Gnrtcr 5:00 AVI; Mnrin Hour .1:30 Baptist Hour 0:00 SjwrtB News U:0f) UP Ncwa 0:20 KOI5E Concert Hour 0:55 UP Nu'WK 7:00 Dnmnn Run von Theatre 7:,-|ll Wilil Hill Mlclioch 7M5 Win- Review 8:00 Salute To Reservists 8:30 Lllllii syniphonlis 11:00 NPWH i) Jtnro'.H To Vet"rans il:30 .' Lyn M u r r a y show .; !l:r5" .Mutual News 10:00 Sinn Off K 0 B E Vollr Ifrli'iully Shltlun A M U T U A L NETWORK AITIIJATR ANNOUNCING! THE REOPENING · ' " · . OF THE : ' · · : ' · · ' WEST SIDE'S VALLEY LAUNDRY MONDAY APBIL 23RD .-· ·-'··.'.\UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT and COMPLETELY REFURNISHED WITH NEW EQUIPMENT .-..'Jj.. . STANDARD RATES W. A. Sheriff and Mildred .Sheriff, Owners Operators 1 Block North of V/hllo Dot C»fo Phone 994-W sixteen week course In the ."Fundamentals of Electronics", to begin in September, followed by another In "Advanced Electronics", both arranged for through the ·facilities of AAf College, Adjoining these, at a much more elementary level, arc courses in.high school Algebra and Trigonometry as well as an- other, in Review Arithmetic. Other courses offered at the present time are "General Psychology", taught by Dr.'-Warren H, Teichner, and Basic and Intermediate English by Robert Moon, both of AM.College/and a course in Typing, given three times a week. The ..has available classrooms, running six nights per week. It can-handle a total, of 21 subjects each week as well. In the course.of a year, more than 1,000 interviews on ed- ucational.problems have been processed. All attendance is volun- tary and open to dependents and employeeq of the. Department of the Army.when room is available, . The greatest problem ficed by the*Center Is that its-schedules nhist conform to the-post mission, that of operating the testing phase of the Guided Missile'proRram. . Established-by Capt. J o h n . ' j . France in July, 1047, .the Center now is housed in a classroom build- Ing-of its own;- Its program is supervised by Capt. France and his two assistants, SFC Loya Taylor and Sgt. Edward Antoine". Colonel G. G. Eddy, Commanding Officer of White Sands .Proving 'Of Prairie Chickens Is Made By Game Authority Threc'/empioyees of the Game and Fish Department-and J..Stu- klcy Ligon'famous game authority, have been conducting a survey of the Lesser Prairie Chicken at the bird's booming grounds. R. M. Lang; R. E. Lebow and Ground; has given the entire program the command's complete support. Raymond Perry^woi ked v* itli Ligon al 18 .representative:., booming grounds'to obtain : «n'.estimate of the population of this:.-,";pa'pulnr game-bird; Every year, in the early spring, the coc:ts ga-J:ief ; at these grounds, many of them an^ccstrial, and'strut in the early morning and late afternoon; .There-art!, hundreds of such."booming" grounfo.but at the ones observed the survey found 16 r rock biids per giourid jVToie thf\n hall the w^ijlcih of the hum.u i tace me f a i m e i s u- farm workers Cruces Furniture Co. COJylE IN AND VISIT OUR HOUSEWARE DEPARTMENT FOR THESE FINE EXCLUSIVE LINES OF HOUSEWARES HOSTESS SETS rlngunt ttemwQre--and matching tutnbliri! MIIHEY GLASS · Richly ttccnraliri in snliii rosp« anil 22K gold- miiart for hnllt . / modern and Initlitinnnl sellings. ' Wtlli gunrualt-eif rimsl {Libbt-y ·ia\t If thp rim of » VSafcilgc' gluss 1 ever chip we'll replHtbit.") Coblet.' shown--otlipr iicnis a 'CONVENIENT BUDGET. TERMS1 ;. NO CARRYING CHARGES! '...from a flaunted forest · WESTVALE.'A sprig of E rttns from nn cochaiued forest--a queenly band of pold--on ijyracuso's new PAUL REVERE shape. Ideal in nny . setting--and passes the test of Iruo chlnn. Hold « ntate to the lljtit and «e t h e - i j u d o w - ' o l ' v o u r hind throu[li II. ' 5,-Pi'ece Place Setting Free Delivery H O S T E S S S E T S b.y i l l l E Y G L A S S Party.-9[iirilei] glasscj; by Lilihcy with · authentic reproductions of charming, old gas buggifB. Colors ;irn pcnnanrnt, Safedge rims ire guaranteed, llandsoinc 20-Piece Place Setting ; $7.95 I Stemware and tumblers to match -- important fashion trend! Correct with any china pattern.-Rims defy chipping . . .."If the rim of a Libbey 'Safedge' glass. · ever chips, we'll replace it." Gem of a gift for brides! -....' , · 0. .J |« «fiki».i,bo«j. $5.50 ho,,j. «4 en ' ·f*r*»w*' Buy "Now And Save! La| Cruces Furniture Co. 202-21S S6UTH MAIN PHONES 46 1146 :

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