Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 13, 1969 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1969
Page 18
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Page 18 GRBELEY TRIHUNB Mon., Oct. 13, 1969 last week Dial demand contin Aluminum Is Added to List Of Metals Hiking Prices 0 By DON BATTLE AP Business Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Aluminum joined the parade of rising met' als prices this past week. Kaiser Aluminum Chemical Corp. was the first in the line of march to step off, boosting (lie price of ingot a penny a pound. This brought the price to 28 cents a pound on all orders received on or after Oct. 13 and on all shipments made after Nov. 11. Following Ihc ingot price hike, Alcoa said it was increasing its prices on aluminum overhead electrical conductor by three per cent. This increase covers bare aluminum cable, steel reinforced and all-aluminum conductor as well as covered overhead line wire and conductor. Hike Recalled Kaiser had attempted to increase the price of ingot last August. Reynolds Metals followed suil. but not Alcoa which resulted in the price boost being rescinded. The big question on the minds of producers now, as well as that facing purchasing 'agents, distributors, and others,' is the state of the market, according (o American Metal Market, the daily newspaper of the metal in- dustry. Ingot lias been on the firm side but this has been duo mainly to foreign buying. An industry spokesman pointed out this week that the aluminum price boost came in a strong market and was not based on a shortage situation. The big reason behind the increase was to improve the in-j dustry's return on capital in-; vestment which has been lagging behind other metals for some time. While other metals have brought returns ranging as high as 9 per cent, the aluminum industry had a 4.3 per cent return on its capital investment last year, the spokesman commented. In other pricing developments, Anaconda Co. and Ken- necott Copper Corp. said they followed, American Smelting Refining"Co', in raising the price of selenium 50 cents a pound. The boost brings the price of commercial-grade selenium to ?6 a pound, effective last Wednesday. The output of steel for the year Ihis far totaled lOfi.7 million tons, up 3.9 per cent from Hie same period last year. Major steelmakers said Ihis United States Ends Operation Intercept By A. D. HORNE The Washington Post WASHINGTON - The Unit States Friday ended its "Oper lion Inlcrcept" and agreed ease its Mexican border co trols in exchange for ressuranc that Mexico will step up its o\ efforts against the product! and flow of marijuana and na colics. In a formal communique sued after three days of tal here, the two nations announce that (lie controversial bord crackdown which had cause "irritations and friction" wi Mexico was being replaced "Operation Cooperation." Under the new program, tl United States "will adjust border inspection procedures "' eliminate unnecessary inconven ience, delay and irritation." U. S. officials said, howevei that while the border check; "intensity will be reduced," Hi "clock will never be turnc back" to the pro-intercept level Somo sources speculated th; thorough s)X)t checks would used. The two nations announce that cabinet - level talks wou be held in Mexico City stnrtin Oct. 27 to map further steps a joint attack on the drug pro' lem. U. S. sources said Atlornc General John N. Mitchell, Trea ury Secretary David M. Kc ne'dy or Secretary of Slate Wi liam P. Rogers would head tl: U. S. delegation. The agenda for Ihis meeting U. S. officials said, would ii elude American proposals fo TV Ailing? Gall Jim Failing 352-2005 In A Trap? Call 353-1962 Heads up! Let an expert- handle it for you. From sink trap repairs to new fixture installation, rely on us. G R E E L K Y PLUMBING and HEATING CO. 1009 9th St. ucs to rise moderately, in line lems with delivery schedule with seasonal trends, with little or no sign that users expect to reduce their consumption. · · "Maybe the customers don't tnow there's supposed to 1 be'a recession coming," said one najor producer. Dim Future Meanwhile, buyers and con- iUrners of nickel look dimly on mainder of this year in view of he prolonged strikes in Canada, rfakers of equipment using nickel parts are having prob and frequently .the.tjqulpmpi buyer is called, to help obtain nickel supplies. Shipments of mill product and new orders booked b; domestic copper and brass fab ricators are expected to to; those of last year. Based on ac tual shipments for the' Initia eight months of this year, it i: :he supply outlook for the re- estimated total shipments fo 1969 will reach about 1.9 million tons versus 1.7 million tons in 1968. Radio Programs KCBL-FM 81.3; KFKA 1310; KGRE-FM 92.3; KUAD 1170; KYOU 1450 Monday, October 13 4:00-KFKA: News, Music KCBL: News 4:30-KFKA: Editorial, Musii 4145-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00--KUAD: Datz Show KCBL: Cont. Corner KFKA: News, 1 Wtr., Spts . KYOU: News 1 75 5:15-KYOU 5:45-KYOU: KFKA: 6:00-KYOU Markets, News Sports This is Greeley News KCBL: What's New CSC KFKA: Circle J R Rancl 0:15-KYOU: South of Border 7:00-KCBL: Band Wagon 8:00-KFKA: News Music KYOU: Country Show KCBL: CSC Clubhouse 8:30-KCBI,: Vignette KGRE: Music 9:00--KCBL: Concert Hall 10:00-KGHE: Sign Oft KFKA: News 10:15--KFKA: Varsity Carouse 11:00-KYOU: Sign Off 11:15-KCBL: Night Tide I1:30-KFKA: News, Wtr., Spts. Mexico, including use of remote sensing devices to detect mari- 12:00-KCBL: Tom'ow on KCBL intensified drug control within jiuina and poppy fields,'new cro] destruction methods and inspec lion of northbound traffic on Mexico's two main highways to the Arizona and Cafifornia borders. The communique said Mexico had promised "to continue intensifying its own enforcement programs" in advance of the Oct. 27 meeting. "Operation Intercept" went in:o effect Sept. 21 with massive raffic jams and complaints 'rom border city businessmen, .ourisls and commuting workers caught up in the backed-tip 'raffle. Mexican President Gus- avo Diaz Ordaz, speaking at i dinner for the Apollo H as- ronr.iils, charged that it has 'raised a wall of suspicion bc- wccn our two peoples." U. S. officials, however, main ained that Intercept had succeeded in doubling marijuana n'jces in most U. S. cities. Drug iciv.urcs in the operation's firsl A days were below normal, bul ntercepl officials asserted thai isers had been forced to fall jack on inferior midweslcrn narijuana. They reported 44 smuggling arrests out of 2.8 mil- ion aiilo passengers and 1. nillion pedestrians searched in he 14 days. KFKA-Sign Off Tuesday, October 14 4:00-KFKA: News, Music 4:30-KFKA: Editorial, Music 4:45-KFKA: Want Ads 5:00-KUAD: Datz Show KCBL: Cont. Corner ,KFKA: News, Wtr, Spts KYOU: News 75 5:15-KYOU: Mkts, News 5:45~KYOU: Sports KFKA: This is Greeley 6:00-KYOU: News KCBL: News, Periscope . KFKA: Circle J R Ranch 6:'15-KYOU: South of Border 7:00-KCBL: Band Wagon 8:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Country Show KGRE: News 8:30-KGRE: Music 9:00--KCBL:'Concerl Hall 10:00-KFKA: News 10:15-KFKA: Varsity Carouse 11:30-KFKA: News, Wtr, Spts 11:«-KCBL: Night cap 12:00-KCBL: Sign off 11:00-KUAD: Scott Showtime KFKA: News, Music KYOU: News KGRE: Stereo Music KCBL: FM in AM 11:15-KFKA:-Music 12:00-KUAD: .Waters Show KCBL: News, Periscope KFKA: Monfort Rpt. 12:15--KFKA: Weather, Spts. KCBL: Dept. slate, sound 12:30--KFKA: Farm, Ranch 12:45^-KYOU: Paul Harvey KFKA: Saletime, Mkts. l.-00-KFKA: What's Hap'ning KYOU: Music U5-KFKA: Music-. 2:00-KFKA: NCWS.- Music 2:30-KFKA: Profile, Music KCBL: Profiles, sound 3:00-KFKA: News, Music 3:30-KFKA: Spts., Music DENVER RADIO COA: (150--Music, news on h KLZ: 5fiO--Music, news KHOW: 630--Music, news BTR: 710-News 24 hours IMN: 950--Mus., news 24 hour Auto Safety Devices Said Able To Reduce Death Rate TV Programs KBTV, Channel 9; KLZ, Channel 7; KOA, Channel 4; KRMA, Channel 6 Bearing Failure Disables Drill Rig of Tunnel SILVER PLUME, Colo. (AP) -- A huge machine, designed to clp bore through the toughest ,000 feet of the Straight Creek 'unncl, has been disabled by ailure of bearings in its under- arriage. Engineers say the problem is ot insurmountable, but t h a t the lachine, a 500-ton "shield," is ot expected to resume its work or several weeks. "It's just a nagging detail," aid Mike Wilkinson, project ngineer for Straight Creek Con- tructors, but added, it is "a ery frustrating detail." The shield, which resembles huge steel umbrella, is dc- gned to protect workmen while icy drill and blast their way irough (he mountain. The area r which it is designed has a onsistency more like mud and ick. Wilkinson said a new under- .rriage for the machine is be- Monday, October 13 KRMA: What's New V:00-KRMA: C. dc La Raza · KWGN: Movie KLZ: Mayberry R.F.D. KOA: Bob Hope Spl. 7:15-KBTV: New People 7:30-KHMA: LaVoz Local KLZ: Doris Day 8:00--KBTV: The Survivors KOA: Mitzi's 2nd Spl. KLZ: Carol Burnett KRMA: World Press 9:00-KRMA: N.E.T. Journal KOA: Laugh-In KLZ: Gunsmoke KBTV: Love KWGN: News, Wlr, Spts 9:30--KWGN: Perry Mason 10:00-KBTV: News KOA: News KLZ: News, Wtr., Spts. KRMA: Inform 10:30-KLZ: Merv Griffin KOA: Tonight Show KWGN: Movie 11:00-KBTV: Joey Bishop 12:00-KOA: News KLZ: Movie 12:30-KBTV: Californians 4:00-KLZ: Andy Griffith Sh'w KOA: Truth or Consq. KWGN: Blinky 4:30-KOA: Big Valley KLZ: Corner Pyle KWGN: Batman 5:00-KLZ: News KBTV: News KRMA: Misterogers KWGN: Flintstones 5:30-KOA: News KBTV: Pepper's News KLZ: Ch. 7 News KRMA: Pocketful of Fun KWGN: Gilligan's Island 6:00--KOA: Huntley-Brinkley KBTV: Dick Van Dyke KRMA: Once upon a day 1 'KLZ: Gomer Pyle KWGN: Voyage Bol. Sea 6:30-KLZ: Here's Lucy KBTV: Music Scene KOA: My World Tuesday, October 14 -^t-V'J'tf'*»il*-*l*l?J|'ri ·- V . VijirV . . . . DOTlSrtT-, i»SfcS EJIS E DID g designed, and "we're shoot- g for resumption before the ·st of the year." Meanwhile, lunnelers havej .red in about 1,600 feet from| I 1 : 0 f l _ K O A : Joopardy c cast portal. The west porlal KBTV: Dream House irlier was driven l,00(Kfeet in- K j jZ . Ncws the mountain. - -- . KRMA: Math., Music Engineers would not sayj ^ KWGN . Jim Comvay hcthcr the breakdown would n : 3o^KLZ: As World Turns . KBTV: -kefs Make Deal KOA: Putting Me On 12:00-KOA: News KBTV: High Noon KLZ: Love a Spl. Thing KWGN: News, FarmUpt. 12:15-KWGN: Capt'n Doolcy elay completion of the tunnel. Enjoy the better things in life . . SAVINGS ACCOUNT at STATE BANK OF GuEc : ..EV 12:30- ·KOA: The Doctors KBTV: Galloping Go'met BUSINESS LIABILITY INSURANCE . ROYER AGENCY INSURANCE 808 9th Street . KLZ: Guiding Light 1:00-KLZ: Secret Storm KBTV: General Hospita KOA: Another World KRMA: French, Prin. Ar KWGN: Steve Allen 1.-30-KOA: Bright Promises KBTV: One Life to Liv KLZ: Edge of Night KRMA: Social Studies 2:00-KLZ: Dialing for Dollar KBTV: Dark Shadows KOA: Letters to Laugh-I; KRMA: Lit. 2:30--KOA: Days of Our Live KBTV: Newly wed Garni KRMA: Food Choice KWGN: What's My Line 3:00-KBTV: Dating Game KOA: Concentration KRMA: Art KWGN: Movie Game 3:30-KOA: He Said, She Said KBTV: Mike Douglas KWGN: Underdog 4:00-KLZ: Andy Griffith KOA: Truth, Conseq. KWGN Blinky 4:30-KOA: Big Valley KLZ: Gomer Pyle KWGN: Batman 5:Ofr-KLZ: News KBTV:: News KRMA: Misterogers KWGN: Flintstones 5:30-KOA: News KBTV: Pepper's News KLZ: CH 7 News KRMA: Pocketful of Fun 6:00--KOA: Huntley-Brinkley KRMA: Once Upon a Day KLZ: Executive Rpt. KBTV: Dick Van Dyke KWGN: Voyage Bot. Sea 6:30-KLZ: Red Skelton KBTV: Mod Squad KOA: Dream of Jeannle KRMA: What's New 7.-00-KRMA: C. de La Raza KOA: Debbie Reynolds KWGN: Movie 7:30-KRMA: Dr. Pap Odyssey KBTV: Movie KLZ: Gov. and J.J. KOA: Julia 8:00-KRMA: Boy Power, P. II KLZ: - CBS Special . KOA: Movie 9:00--KLZ: News Ilr. KRMA: ^Firing Line KOA: Run for your Life KBTV: One Man Show KWGN: News, Wtr, Spts. 9:30-KWGN: Perry Mason KBTV: One Man Show 0:00-KBTV: News KOA: News KLZ: News, ' Wtr, Spts KRMA: Inform 0:30-KLZ: Mcrv Griffin KOA: Bronco Highlights KWGN: Movie I.-00-KBTV: Joey Bishop KOA:. Tonight Show 2:00-KOA: News KLZ: Movie 2:30-KBTV: Califoraians KOA: News LONDON (AP) -- New safely devices.oh cars could.cut road deaths in the United States by 10,000 a. year," Secretary of Transportation : John A. Volpe lias said. Inflatable restraint cushions and flexible bumpers are "more than within the realm of possibility--they're within the realm of probability," Volpe said, adding that they could be standard equipment on new cars by 1972. Volpe is in London for talks in with British Minister of Transport Fred Mulley and other offi- :ia!s on urban growth and :ransportation. The talks ranged 'rom highways to rail transport, lovercraft, vertical takeoff pas- senger planes, and joint re search on reducing the noise o: supersonic jet transports. The number of cars in the United States is increasing fast er than the human population Volpe told a news conference The population rises by 180,000 a month, he said, but 300,000 new vehicles take to the road monthly. Despite the growing traffic the 55,000 road deaths last year the United States showed a better safety rate than in mos other countries, and new safety measures such as inflatable passenger restraints could cul the rate by almost 20 per cent Volpe said. FIRST STEAM WARSHIP . WKARTEEIA' ·USED BY THE GREEK WHY AND *RMED WITH 8 CANNOM WHICH.DESTROYED 4 TURKISH ·SHIPS AT ITEA IN 1826 ' MS -THE FIRST STEAMSHIP USED M BATTLE MAKES A NEST OUT O ' WE8S- THE HUMMINSBIRD HAS A BODV TEMPERATURE Of- m DEflEEES AND PROPORTIONATELY HAS MORE RED .CORPUSCLES THAN! AMY OTHEp. LIVING THING ' DOUGLAS TILDEN 6e WHO BECAME A FAMOUS SCULPTOR IU CALIFORNIA^ «4S A DfAF MUTE To prevent overwhelming traffic jams in the next two decades, he added, both Britain and Ihc United States must expend public transportation with high- speed trains, hovercraft and short or vertical takeoff passenger planes. USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Watch Seating Our State Patrol asks pare"'s who drive small children 10 school to see that they are firmly sealed. A child standing or kneeling in a moving automobile can suffer serious injury on slight impact, or even a quick braking. DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS I. Chalet region fi. Chinese idol 8. A measured DOWN 1. Beetle 2. Restrict 3. Southern . punch' 4. Varying weight (India) K. Gay 0. Skip ·7, Coin (Jap.) 8. One who KkulKs 11. Egyptian god 13. Light benm ID. Part of "to be" 18. Sea eagle 19. Exclamation 21. Colder 22. Task 23. Yet 24. Employ 25. Weep 27. Kettle Silurdiy'ii Answer 29. of 32. French Honey pronoun 30. Sea duck 3-1. Skim 31. Waste 37. Fish · allowances 38. Honest -- 10. Foreboding 11. Philippine Island 12. Air, rail, boat, etc. 1-1. Ireland 15. High (mils.) 10. Expression of delight 17. Energy source 19. River (Russ.) 20. Before 21. Head cook 22. Agitate 25. Brief 20. Kind of opera (si.) 27. Hawaiian food 28. Under obligation · 29. Writing pads 33. Musical note 34.. .belt 35. Coins (It.) 30. Troubles 38. Assistants 39. Redact 40. Borscht ingredient 41. Network 42. Blunders DAILY CRYFCOQUOTE--Here's how to work it: A X Y D L B A A X R s la i, O N G V E !· L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A' Is used for the three IVs, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation, of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different A Cryptogram Quotation J H K B T H N F ' H S ' V P B K ' D O , J H · T R D W H E F D ' C H V F K K R S H H N ' H S RXX T P S B K ' G F Q, K . -- A B S S E G D C R K N H Saturday's Crynlutjuote: THOUGHT TAKES WAN OUT OP SERVITUDE, INTO FREEDOM.- LONGFELLOW HENRY By Carl Anderson ARCHIE By Bob Montana THERE'S OODLES OF I IMPORTED BLACK CHERRIES DOWN ) THERE, BUT NO ^--N ONE CAN GET THEM/ DADDY CALLS IT''STOCK THAT'S A "\AAARKET. PUNCH.) PUNCH"/ VERONICA/ /EVERYTHING HE DUMPED IN WENT TO THE BOTTO" 1 ,, , THAT'S MY HOW? 1 SECRET/ BUT I'M 6LAD MY WRIST WATCH IS WATERPROOF/ JUSHEAD I-OUND A WAY / REX MORGAN, M. D. By Dal Curtis TELL ME, WHERE DIP yOU HEAR 6OMETHIN KIPICULOUS fifi MV MAKIN6 AN OFFER LIKE THAT ? LETS SAY IT WAS A , M?. RODELL; BUT I CAN QUOTE «2U AS DENYING IT. I5THAT-KISHT I WOND6K WHETHER WALLACE WAS SO FOOLISH K, TO STATE WHAT I HAP OFFEKEP HASEISON' OTHERWISE,. WHERE VVDULP THE/ ' HAVE 6OTTEN THE EXACT AMOUNT?- TALKING TO A KPCKCIK FIX A NATIONAL MA6' AZINE, WILLIE KOP6LL PENIES THAT KOPELL INPU5TRIE5 OFFER6P fOUK. MILLION FOR THE HARRISON STOCK.' JOHNNY HAZARD By Bob Montana ALL SET TO FRAIN OFF THOSE FAL.SE- 60TTOMEP TANKS/ AMP HENRI'S LIFTING- A FOR THOSE KUA.MMN/ BUTJUSr WHERE IS HE GOINS- O SIPHON ITOFFTO? K!^^^ \ / LE ^^TM-..A N ~\] RUNNING THE HOSE \ / UNPERGROUNP \ 'JSS^^SS,., n CTK^ETANK?, Li'l ABNER TITLE--U'l Ahn»r R««. U.S. Tat. Off. Bob's Wesivfew TV Service All Makes 3133 W. 10th St. Ph. 352-8553. Greeley WHO SHE'S SCOOTIN' OUT TO PLAY WIF.7THAT FAV'RITEO' ALL LOCAL LI'L SWINE- MOONBEAM.'' f. r ITCOULD BE FATAL TO MAKE TI-'AT MISTAKE AGIN,SAUOMEY. r .''

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