Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 22, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Sunday, April 22, 1951
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OUR HOME; TOWN '"Turnout at the : Fifth 'Annual Dona 'Ana County Music Festival Is .» tribute-to the work of Verdis . Mays who dlrected'.and aided'in plannjng V highly-successful show. IMTNi News m mtenHow omcf HMD SUNDAY NEIVSMPEO. seams SOUTHERN new mex/co THE WEATHER LAS CRUCES AREA: Generally fair with some cloudiness Sunday; Moderate to strong easterly winds ' today, tonight and Monday; Slightly higher temperatures . Monday with fair'skies forecast.' . VOL. 71--No. IS ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE. -LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, SUNDAY MOHNING, APRIL 22, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS iced; 9 Nuzum Hearing Moved Dq#qr Camjpbell Gets Term In Prison For Kidnaping Of Santa )Pe Child In November ' ..- .,,'-.;'--' ·. · . A-- : Ten To 15 Year Sentence 1 sician y ALBUQUERQUE, A p r i l 21 (AP) -- Dr. NAncy Campbell was found guilty late Sat urday afternoon of- the charges of k i d n a p p i n g ' - L i n d a Stamm, 9, in Sanla Fo on No vember 9. The jury returned its verdict carrying a sentence of 10 to 15 years .impris ment. . ' · - ' · ' ALBUQUERQUE, April 21 (/I 1 )-- The jury trying Dr. Nancy Campbell of Santa Fe for kidnapping was instructed just before noon today that she should be acquitted if she didn't know that she was do- i n g wrong. . . - · · · Instruct tons paved the way for the cane to go to the jury late Saturday. Attorneys presented their arguments when court convened at 2 p. m. Saturday. Testimony in the case ended Friday. The kidnaping of Lindi Stamm, 9, on'Nov 10 at Santa Fe isn't disputed. But the \ale educated, doctor has pleaded innocent by reason of insanity Defines Sunity .' Insanity, Judge Edwin L. Swope instructed the 12 Albuquerque business and tradesmen is: "A'diseased -or .deranged condition of the mental faculties which 1 results in the .person not. knowing the'difference ^between., right., and wrong in" Ve'laKonVt'o'frhV'act'c"' m'ftted." He simplified that question saying in substance Dr. Campbell should not be found guilty if she did not know what, she was doing was-wrong when she kidnaped Linda and demanded $20,000 ransom. Three Verdicts Three verdicts are possible- under the instructions: 1--guilty, 2-. not guilty by reason of insanity, imd 3 -not guUty. If the jury return's a.verdict of guilty, Swope said, t can r. mend clemency in sentencing, but the recommendation is not bindin; nn the-judge. After a. day's testimony about Thc facts of the kidnaping, the case, developed into . a legal contest over Dr.-.Campbell's sanity. The battle of doctors about the condition of the 13-year-old Santi Fc physician and surgeon tost Nov 10 when she kidnaped Linda Rtsmm for $20,000 ransom reached a climax yesterday. Tlie prosecution produced a number of doctors who said their conclusions based ori the medical testimony was .that'Dr. Campbell, was sane. wave tracings. . rfowever, yesterday, three Albuquerque physicians--Dr. John Myers, Dr. C. VV. Morgan 'and Dr. A. . B. Stewart--each testified they hnd reached different conclusions l i f t e r studying the'tracings. Dr. Myers said he saw "nothing" in the graphs to indicate an ab- norinal condition. Dra. Morgan and Stewart raised" doubt about the value of such studios in determining whether a person suffered from (Continued on page four) Capitol Dome Is Gone To Make Way For Neiv Building ' SANTA FE, April 21 W -- The capitol dome ia gone. Workmen removed the last nee- lion of the shiny,, longtime landmark late yesterday; Nothing remains except the circular base upon which the dome and cupola rested, -and the sturdy flagpole still standing in the center. J'art of the massive stone railing around the top of She capitol also hns been removed. Seventeen Die In Tanker Blast NEW ORLEANS, April 21 (JPt Seventeen seamen were known dead and 22 other were missing and presumed dead -Saturday the collision of two tankers that set both ablaJe in the Gulf of Mex- 200 miles south of Morgan City,' La. ' Marine records indicate it is the greatest disaster off the U. S. coast since'84 lives were lost in the collision of an American tanker and freighter off the Atlantic coast on June 6, 1943. Senator Lashes Joint Chiefs in » MacArthur Row WASHINGTON, April 21 Wl-Senator Hjckenloopcr (K-Iowa) accused the administration today o f j "smoke-screening" tho issue of whether the high command over shared Gen. Douglas MacArthur's views/on the Korean war. Senator Long (D-La) replied that MacArthur had "lost one gamble" when the Chinese Com- . A ^ ISSIS5I ? P L FLOOD * WEEPS OVER LA CROSSE jState's Prosecutor Re-Files ; Charges In District Court munists entered the President Tniman was In Friday's during heavy pro-dawn collision fog:, the 10,000-ton Emergency School Funds Are Pushed WASHINGTON, April 21 (/B-Senator Robert S. Kerr (D-6kla) is trying j to*'build' n verbal fire under a Senate appropriations subcommittee to hurry approval of more funds for emergency school building. His statement, -filed with · n labor-federal security appropriations subcommittee, asserts that because adequate funds arc not t available, the office of education has had to set up n priority system and set Up money only for schools with the greatest "relative urgency of need," Senator Dennis Chavex (D-NM) already has pointed out that slt- unt'ion has resulted in only two of the 10-rion-militnry New* Mexico applicants being considered assistance al present, Esso Greensboro and the 20,500i ton super t a n k e r Easo Suez crashed, exploded and burst into flamca. ..One Killed Only one man among: the 44 man crew of the Esso Suez was killed in the collision but anothdr, midentjfied.-dled'.df- burns..- Thre^ other men on ' the Suez were burned.. - " . All the other dead were aboard the flaming Greensboro, carrying 42 men. The bodies of fifteen men from the Greensboro were recovered and five ? survivors from the Greensboro \ybre picked up. Four of these nine--two from the Greensboro and two from the Suez--were flown to Corp:^3 Cristi. Tex., for medical attention. SPPS Sights' "I saw one light and then the other," related .Able Bodied Sea- the Suez flown to man John A. Horton of Cambridge, Mass., one of four injured men tm Corpus Cristi. "It seemed like they were right on top of us," Horton said. "Then there was a hell of an explosion. Saturday morning .two coast guard planes, · two: navy planes, two coast guard cutters and the Esso Burlington searched the disaster area for any bodies that might still be recovered, or possible survivors not already picked up. . Crewmen from the 10,000 tanker Virgina, one of a dozen ships that went to the scene boarded the Greensboro late Friday night, the war 1 and only preventing. the deposed Pacific Commander from "taking tlie final gamble t h a t Russia would not come in if we bomb China." Will InvcKllffntc . ^ - Hicltenlooper is a senate foreign relations committee member. Long is a member of the armed services group. The two committees will sit Log ether for an investigation late this month of Far Eastern military and diplomatic policies Their differences were characteristic of a deep congressional split. . * MacArthui' hits called for naval blockade of the China coast, a tightened economic blockade of Red China, the freeing of Allied air power to operate pver Manchuria and supply support for Chinese Nationalst trgops on Formosa to launch an attack on the Chinese mailand. Shams Views He added, in a speech to Congress Thursday, that the Joint Chiefs of Staff had shared his military views. When he fired MacArthur from his Far Enst commands, President Truman said his policies in Korea might 'touch off World War III. Thc defense department countered MacArthur's speech -was a statement In .wliich said the . Joint Chiefs of Staff had .rccom- Vneiided · hisidismifispj. · ": " : " 'oints Out. Issue , Kickcnlooper told a reported today that whether the Chiefs concurred in ousting .the five-star General was "not the point." He added: "The big issue is: Did they approve of MacArthur's program, as he said they did." Hickenlooper and Senator Knowland (R-Ca!if) predicted that the General would back up that statement with documents. And in Tokyo n key military official said M a c A r t h u r certainly could do so. ..... Chavez and deputies Miguel crast guard said, nml put - o u t the Gonzales and Mrs. Una H. flames and took the disabled ship Duke City Grabs Another Federal Office This Week SANTA FE, Aurii 21 UPI--u. s. Marshal Martin Lopez* office force follows him to Albuquerque Monday. \ The office has been in the Federal Court House here since 1909 but is to be moved to the Federal building in Albuquerque. Lopez, of Gallup, already is in Albuquerque, Chief Deputy Inflation Plan HOMES IN LA CROSSE. W's., ]. ; .e under water in imp of greatest floods in Mississippi river history. The crest left. St. Paul Minn., littered witrTdebris, swept over Hasting, Minn., toward La Crosse. This photo was made beforu t h u acUinl crest reached the c i t y . ' · ( I n t e m n U o n a l ) Thousands Flee, Hundreds Threatened As Old Man River Continues On Rampage Fruit Is Beaten i By BUD ROUSE i A statement by Justice of Peace Dan Price of Berino that I he t h o u g h t "officers have the wrong man," has resulted In ; a transfer of charges against Jerry Nuzum in D i s t r ic t | court. The statement was attributed to Price in the April 7 ! issue of the El Paso Herald-Post. j "Snrh a s t a t e m e n t coming 1 ?' : j from ;i judge to hold prelimin-| ! ary hearing seems lo the stale to he prejudicial," said Walter Kegel, assistant attorney i general and special prosecutor in re f i l i n g the case Saturday morning. ' . ,. , . . . WASHINGTON. April 21--W»--- I c. 6 S "'a* a c c o "JP a n i c d "y Economic Stabilizer Eric Johnston i Siato Police C a D t . A. H. H a t h - , miy annnuWtoday a new a t t a c k ! au-.iy and P a t r o l m a n E r n e s t ; on prices .through establishment of ( T u f i Y ) Tafoya w h e n he made | a "fair ami equitable" * H t n m l n r d the new complaint at Judgo Seng- for n)anufucturer.s' profits. The plan Is reportedly the first leg of a three-part program, also X u z u m enrly this ; involving labor anil agriculture, by tn connection with the j whi(;ll J o l m ston hope* to "harden" of Ovii i C r i c k u l ) Cooler anti-lnfliUicm dykes. j Government officials first men. | tlonod the plan three weeks Hfcu. On A p r i l 13, Pi-ire Director Mich- 'iiel V. Ui.salle told newsmen BO me price?.') would be rolled hack at lh« manufacturer!)' leyel by an. order lu bo issued "next week". This Id bring: about some price drop?) retail level, Disallo. said. Avrntfti' Profit The phin reporteciiy would: 1. Alm»v m a n u f a c t u r e r s to t-'riku tin average of t h r i r dollar j'.xifit.s in their three best years during Uio four year:;, I5M6-1Q4!'. if, Forbid price increases which would Lous I inn nufac Hirers' prof- gin's home hero. The two investigators filed the charges and ar- irste.l J mnnlh t murder j in ID-IP. ! The new complaint filed beforo I .hiil°;i- Scoggin, places the inurdetv j charge-:; In Third Judicial court. wns sut for A p r i l 27 the Rains In State Da Little To Break Other hundreds wore tlire:itenod emi By, Tim Associated I^rcss Good rains fell over.New Mexico in the last -IS hours, but the moisture, wasn't enough, to brealt a drought that has parched .the state since last summer. , .. · The' district weather bureau said the moisture helped' craps i m m e a - : w i U l evacuation over the wt-i- surably and brought precipitation j O| . ,. iir ]y' ne j. L W oel: up to normal in many places. But. i A sUto o ' r yhiorrcncy has the bureau added, more rain sU.U | dcc)r . ml in fiomc Jowa ' is needed. . I tieg as Lhe ' bif; .- sU . omn ' K c In northwestern New .Mexico | Cl , to notlj . ,. ccor(] j cvt ,, s where Nnvajo I n d i a n s are in dire need, the moisture helped sojnr. Gallup reported .28 inch ol moisture in the current storm for » tot a l of 2.67 inches since Oct. 1. Thc ranges still are critical. Moves Wi'st Thc storm moved over westein Uy Tin- Associated Press The mighty Mississippi, N on a spring rampage in the up- n f ,, per valley area, today threat- 1 Iff j jt fPPS! I TV ·ened serious floodvtcr riv-or| U U - U 1 J-1 CCa 1U towns in .three midwest states. . "Old Mini Uivcr", fed by nilus :nid hrnvy runni'fs, spilled on I over · midwest Imvlun;is ;ind forced Ui (inlands (ci lice tln-ir Imrni's. Tlu tied Cross rfitinuilcd ncai'iy 3,000 per^nis have hrrh fViu'triili'i! in ilir flooil-stricUcn Las Ci'uces Area Crop, f r u i t , vegetable and flower plant ditmag-u from the liitil storm Thursday n i p h t will probably bit j considerably higher limn WJIH or- I iginnljy estimated Friday m o i n - In ' S t l ^ I l l l D U was Hie spark dial New Mexico Thursday and the Jim Grande valley and eastern New Mexico yesterday. The rains left up to .75 inch of j ^ moisture during the two days. For · tho most purl thny were gentle. Thrre. was fi'Vcrlsh iie'.ivily in sunift of (he cilics alimg tin- rivnr snuthwiird frnhi U'iscdiisin i n t o Imva linil Illinois, l.e.vrcs were Jii'iiiff strt'li^thcneil. Hiiltiio/crs xvcrc put i n t o opcrnlion in h u i l d - tny -CiirUien dllte.s. ! The Ruil Croas. National Gmird old Cricket Google The waitress disapppjred from I.miCrue'c.H street March :u, 1910. She WJIH found dead 17 diiy.1 later nuiir Mefiquilu. in the Hrri'no piv- l-'ruit frees in 1.,,'U! Cruccs we re hard hit by the liuil stones* From one h a l f to two Thirds of thu sinrill f r u i t on tlie trees wjt.s knocked off l o m m u n i - 1 h ' '« h t i i l . * Peach trees were cspivially h a r d hit w i t h the f r u i t ahtiul t h o Rizu j j, t r v j s j n the of pc:is or n little larger . it 3*6. mnn V n n i i Mort of those owning f r u i t trtics | (] ;t v of Xtiziiin' puintud out t J i n r c wo.s cnnsidi-rahlc i d;,^ A p r i l i!7 ThiH jury may or may not review tin* charpe:; against and Civil Defense aRencica joined in caring for flood victims and preparing to combat what might ; the highest flooilwater.s in years. Cooler w e a t h e r , with .showerr,, liivirliifv Si«t Asiiti' The p r e l i m i n a r y hearing .set for next Tuesday w i l l not be held, n o ' n t Hi n m l i n p lo Kt-ct-l. Defimsi? A t t o r n e y W. A. .'.'nilier- land stilted hn hoped to have t h « rase transferred to tin: Dona Ana county court rooms. Ki^jel said. "Tlisit is another reason wt 1 rc- fileil Lin' I'liaifjiiM." Uiuirr t l i o procoduri', ??uziim will rounly nppt-ar in Dona Ann 21. on ¥1(1,000 iippunrancu bond He will at ( h u t t i m e be l e - i i n u y t e d ami plaml u n d e r UlonUoal bond for arraignment next l'"rid;i'.'. Tit Set Xc\v Dnh" A f t e r arraignment, a new dale Tor pri'llmlmiry hearing will be sot. During additional time obtained by, the legal inunijuvoi'.' officers will continue their liu'KKlig-iition to as- its more than 85 per cent of that average. 3. Allow prices which have broken through the 85 per cent formula I n stand but Accept Int'reiitte.* ·1. Itcqulre tmitiUfacturctti to absorb inere.ased cp'ktf) without vai.H-. ins 1 ' prle.ea ·iSniil.'-tHelr proflU nin not iiiorc Uian fltj.Jicr cent of the average of the, thi-fee' best yciu-H rertain if any other jjersons were J from 3940 thrnuffh It)-l n . involved In Lhe death of JS-ycar- Di.sallc said thu.order would nf- 106,660 and lO.OOO feet between niauufaclurer.s. President Tntinan may send a defonun prntlinMIun act [inipoHal ti) Coiipruss next.-.\v^k; in talte (ho place of the pronimtutct,' expiring J u n e ,'10. Tlie farm; HOC w i l l ' p r o b - iibly fight witliqut-.Quarter ngninsl toiu:hed off a s\vtM'|)ing grand j u r v I " I1V "Uompt to tamper with pnr- nvosti^iitiijn iuki gamblinj; rice over New Mexico. Another Dnnn Ana county tfnmd tniiluriK now with due to report Hi ari-aignment.- Pi W|1S Iirei , ictcil for most muru of t l i e small ^'round tlmn on the trees ''ollowing' the hail. N o r t h (Jf City Jt was t i n 1 crna north of Am:i- dor street in I,;i.s Cna-i-.s wliich wax hH by lh« slorni. Tlio territory HOiitll of Anindor escaped. Most of Llie i-roj) d;im:ige was ennfiiiL-d lo tin! area norlh itnd west A. F. | ty, the r a i n turned to I,,,il. ami A. damaged crops in the county n n i t inj; will follow with the office uel A. damaged crops . Henn- broke neon signs in Las Ci , , lflMS! "PI" MacArthurs Seclude Selves After Tumultous Greeting NEW YORK, April 21--(/PJ -The tumult of history's greatest ovation at an end. Gen. Douglas MacArthur rested today, leafing through a stack of invitations from all over America. There arc other cities for the Five-Star General to conquer if he wishes--Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, to name tho larger ones. ' . Bi|t none can pay him grcatci tribute than he got here yesterday when 7.500,000 persons sent Uuin- derouH cheers echoing to the masonry pctiks of thia skyscraper wonderland. ' . Sccludi- Selves MncArlhur's immediate plan? were not miulc public. He, his wife and 13-year-old son were secluded on Iho 37th floor of the Waldorf- Astoria Hotel. However, he tentatively plans to. visit Chicago next week. If he goea there, he has been usked to stop at suburban Mny- \vood,.111,, where ft memorial immortalizes 100 tankmen who died In the World Wnr II defc: BaUuin. for! Visit WlfcV Homr |. MacAitlmr also Is committed to ·nse of visiting his. wife's home at Mur- frecaboro,' Tenn. Hut no dale for that" trip has been announced. MacArthui- is expected back in Washing t6n late in the month to tesify before a Congi-essional .inquiry - i n t o - . Par Eastern military and foreign policy, His sharp split with President Truman over Far Eastern policies cost him his Pacific command and touched off a bitter debate t h a t may Neve last until the 1052 elections. Kofye.t "We shall never forget H," Mac- A r t h u r said yesterday of Lhe historic welcome paid him by New York's millions. The General emerged from the Waldorf-Tstoria shortly after 1 1 a. m. (E9TI, buttoned to the neck in his familiar t renchcoat and with bin famed gold-braided hat on his, head. .From that Instant, all New York wont wild in ft tumultuous carnival of joy Ilia' lasted unbroken for four hourfl, There was never anything 'like it before us mnsscd' Immunity j-'houled, wept find wctved tho General along his 15-milo pimido route., i Two National Guard u n i t s were ^enL tn .Miuxratlne, la., a f t e r a s!.iilc I of L'merB'i.'ncy was declared for Ihc city of 20,000 which i.s in danger · of serious flooding. 500 to (tOO residents In · I ixjiun f.xUiseulme were in^ed by I Sheriff Charles Alison to .cvncualc In AlbitquerqitR, a section of pa ment 'SunH- about three fcut. The rain centered in tlu- w and · Central part of · the .st; Thursday, and moved lo the c: and central sections Friday. '1 weather bureau forecist l i j showeis in t h e , higher ctcviitiiins J p,, for today. (irass | cr hn lva(|v to , CJ|Vl s The weather bureau said the | on an hoi ,;. s n o t i r n general rainy probably would h.w : T h p R(1( , Oro , s s . )i(| n l ) ( ) n , 30)) j ( the best effect on the range jjrjiE*. i f a m ilier, have been nv.-u-uatufi f.... The gratis is just coming up, and i lowland homc.s in t!io D.ibuqiu- In more rains later would insure a j (Continued on imir, good crop. Thc cattle and ahoop , . in New Mexico depend on lango' grass for their .summer feeding. G. S. Von Ksciien, weather bur- . Us instruction:! will f o l l o w , D i e general n.slriieUons to a grand jury »s pro- viilt'd by New Me.xieo s t a t u t e . In Pitt.slMiruh Nti7.uin. at present, i.s In Pittsburgh. Pa., wliLM-t; lie la a profe.s- sionul football player w i t h the _ _ PitLsburgh Rtoelpr.H. U l ° | o f 11m city. One field ulTapprnxi- The Steelers have uujja^ed furmer al- inme.liaLej ( 1 ; i n u i f i e ( | by U]( , K l o n n lorney nf the Stitte of 11 I J ' t ? | However, the g i e a l e r amount of i I't'nnsylvnnhi to ivpresont N'u/.um below | the vegotublu.s including onions.!' 1 1 t l l f ! murder charges here. He cabbage and cantaloupe* is p l a n t - | wi " lje ». 1 iHi»t*i1 by attorney Cburles id south of t h u city and was not I Owun«. Kl Paso. .Sutlieriand i.s oi Attack On Red '· Bastion Is; Slowed By Hard fighting their liomt-o sh One {.-ottfjn fir-Id north of |,us N i i a u n i earlier wa.s quesiir.ned Orucos wan up and largo enough I in l ' 10 death of Mfiis Coogler sint-e to be h u r t by the Imil stones. Much i ll1 * waif OI1L ' Ol l»e last porson.s lo of tin: cotton, however, was not · S(l '-' tl;t fi' 1 '' alive. throuRli the ground and l.i helicvi-d j Hnlislani-i- rumul to have escaped the beating i l | loiter in tin; investiKalion, a sub- foiim] on a rear spring I Off j shackle of his car. A laboratory ilanls and shnibs we I''.-' ll -' sL disclosed it was luinian flush n by Hie bail ,-itone.')! ) ; n t l hlood. Nur.iim wiifi rele:i-»,f| a f t e r being otherwise would have taken. ' tlioti|;h it came a little early fin the dry fanning crops..* A cold front is moving intti Suppression WASHINGTON, A p r i l 21 TM» | .-iiul plans for h n l i l l n g the. n n n j flower .show h n v c Ix.'on dnipped i niiifii- of tin: atonn. I Ticc'ii hull Icavra bn.-iton off lint ;u-(! not expected tn suffer any roiil iluniage from the liail atone: A l t l m u y h no djiinugo lo homes wiia roixirtcil It Is believed In llie .'·.torm'jj u f l e n n / i l h tllere will lie plenty of reair work lo roof!!. J l n n v rcportcrl leiilts follinrlnR tho luiil eastern pa, I of the state, and may " lli ! Tl:e Aiperlcan Koclcty of Newpap-1 and rain .storm, er Editors was advised loday to turn to rain or snow. Tcmcpurn- .. ,| Rh t what one of ils .-nnimm f ;. dc- in the urea mny go helira · Mrll)01 | ,,., ,,,, i, lc ,. t , a8 | nB i L . m ieucy freezing by Sunday morning. The ! lowa ,. ( , ..,,, - m K . l l l t s ,,|,i,,. w;s i on of cold front Is not expected to «. ,,o svs " by g o v e r n m e n t officials. . deep Into the Kin Ora,:de vclley. , The c o m m i t t e e on freedom of In- although it may a f f e i t tcmpel lures at Albuquerque. ·'! formation, i n a ' t e p t u t jirepared .Over a f u l l inch of moisture fell. It totalled .112 of an inch In L:\a Ciuces and north, while the total precipitation ill State College wan ..'10 of an inch. Thi.'i Is tho first r a i n f a l l nf a half Inch or more In many months COTTOS M A K K K T (Ciinrtr!,y I!. T. Hoover Co.) llifill IMH- Close inv -til.,'!!! -15.31) -ifi.:ili July -15.25 Oct. ' 3(1.00 Mar. 311.22 ·15.07 30.7S .'IP. I I New Ore, ,10.31 NVw Mny ^iO.05 New July 3J.08 4fi.ll 311.76 SI). Ill j for lodny's eonventlon .se.s.siun told j and wlU In: of'j;rent help In condl- so -too edllora: | tlonlni; Ihp soil and In helplnj; pas"We nri; hi^inninf; to suspect' lures lo improve gl'iinliij; ronili- lh»t the highest uncovered "story I lions. of our times !s the in.slilion.s sle?.urc j of news prero^fttlve*'by.public: of- flclnls." Tho report contained n lorn,' 38.fia ;;a.f)2 oS.OO .1S.62-nori) sampllnjj.of O.'IJJCH of nr\vs Inter- ferenco on the part M-:\V «)-OI' I I K A I ) CLAYTON, April a! Wi_.l. O. Woods of Clayton heads Riiulll- western Kleelrle Co-op, Inc., for the next year. lie was elected held without charges for a period of six diiy/i. Services Are Held For Vandenberg C1IIAND HA1MDK, Mich..* A p r i l ^1 W*» - Thc iiiiwK niUhcmd w i t h the n i g h t y lierc K i u u i i l u y for the f u n e r a l of worhi-rondwnud Son. A i t h u r \V. Vuiifli-nlici-K. I.;iKt iltcs for the fumi'ii b i - p a r t i - san.forwl^n policy advocate of tho Republican j m i t y brought tox«lh- er i In- man Jial nml niu.scU'd faelory worker. *riain;i ami plnnc.s bi'nu^bt o f f l - oiiil ilplvKntlnii.H nt Wa.slilnftiin. tho cupitol VnndenbcTji'fl neighbors and follow citiKriifl --- llie oldest of whom knew him as the hft;-iu«.s nmkor'8 joined In n IHIRC and sol- «mn irlbuto. ' J'lmernl services wore set for ranging from dty clerks to the i prcm.knl at the annuul meeting 2 p. in, Saturday at the Turk Con- lioiuU of federal ogenclcsr I yesterday. I gregctlonnl church. U.V Ol.KN OLfeftIK\T.S . TOKYO. Apr! .81--i/a- - A l l i e d troops sliimniud agalnsUlicavy re- .Hlfttiincc today in t h u l r drlvu on the Red Korean b.ihtion of Ghoi 1 won. A U, S. R l p h t U Arijiy comiiuinl- ijuo Saturday night' »!*ld Chlnbae forces were iituhbornly liffending" liill po.iitiuna wouth 'and .southxvcsl of the transport huh:'_ Clini-won is | 18 mili'K north of tho border in j west central Korea. Allied artillury overshot Iho Roils moving south to reinforce or replace battered Communist element* n o r t h of the Hwuchon reservoir. Kill '.m Itcds The. bis g«na killod an'cutlnmU c i l . 2 7 - l Rcd.s .in (luy-lon^ shurp- j-houUn^ wltli 'pomloruiiH.miii'iile.s. Si!Viral u l h « r RcU troop rnnron- iMitiun.H were .spotted ,flt;t. i (qg north in panic. Allied warplnnt-H poundod othor Rod u n i t s n o r t h of tliu reservolj'. Tnc planes flew -18 Kurllus. Tlioy mot «om« antl-alrL-raft firo. Drlvt- On Ihvncliitii Allied tmop.s drove norlh through tin* town of Hwiithon, at thi' wo.Hloin end of th« reservoir, w i t h o u t myo-lliiK a sin^lo 'tiiuimy .soldier. The AllicH Dtral^lilpncil ,lhel» line from Ilwiu'hon duo west. They miulft substantial gains iiittiiiiHt nl- no opposition. M. dim. Kiirlo E. Purtrldjre, U. s. Klfth Air Force commander, allil hi.-i tactical nlr unit had'.kilk^ or otindcd more than 100,000 K(n!.i since the start'of the" \vnr Jiinu- 25. .The cnminltlc.s represent Iho c(pilvnlcnt of 10 to M ComnViih'lst dlvlNioiiH, Unls Kc|ttllril · ' CountorultacklnR: -ntn\a ' broko througli Allied line's south of Chnr- won Vrldtiy night but U, £5. tvoopn lioat them off with flats and viflo IntllJi. ' ; ,

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