Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 11, 1957 · Page 32
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 32

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 32
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Paee 16 GHEELEY TRIBUNE Tuesday, June II, 1957 | 1':-Paul Moloney. Editor to the Eye .,.,,.,, c n s l l y (.,,.,,,, sml a B m B l c . ,,,,,. , hl . |.- lr?l (',,vninnt n i n e 1 A shulmit pilflimi! pcrfurmanci' ; and a 19-r:m splursc Inchlmliled thr opr-iiinc uf the lO.'ii Cnurch .,,,,,,, rl]n .. jn | h r f i n n A sinf ,| c league softball ^ason Monday ' am| ,,,, ,,,.,.,,,. p | aU . ( | lh( , r i n l ,| ,.,,,, niBlil at Korbes lu-ld. i ( ;,. c( ,] ( . y n : i n |j s ( U'lllpk W! ,S|IM| (J , im( . in rm|lir|| , [hc S l ) l l l h ( , r n i a p ti^ The (ircelry Iciiin scornl ,, n m s in ,,,,. f j r s t i n n i n ( , |ln sc ,, cn The First Cinraanl church blanked Ihc K v a n s r l i e a l Fn 1 ^ church. 6-0, behind the two-nil pUchniR of Vincent r.ndismi. A w . |lk!i| .,,, ollllicl( | or ,., )r , our ; | lead nil hit by Cordon C a n n y in b . |sc ||ilx Jm t ;. iri:ill . s ,,,,,,,,,,, w;ls the first innini! and a sinuli: by , h(1 , li( , h i , nf lhe i n | l j n ,,.,,,, Darroll Pctersnn in lhe Illth weru ] (;m . |ov ,,. Ihi- h i t s riff iif Enckson. The firecley Haulisl li- (Legion-Elks To Meet Estes Park Wed. In Baseball Opener The Grecley Legion-Elks, sport-1 Park - m 3 distr j cl 3 baseba |i s a m e in,,,.i, . ins a veteran battery and outfield, j R u s s Porleri Jcrrv Te]lez and ;^ will open Us 1057 American A sea- i Pal Ba( , go[ give D ' Araato lhe ex . »;HTM ..,,, i! S p;,-.. \\c.-l.-.£«:y at l or.J! · p^^rice battery. This Ino sparked .Wurui field. (h e Greclcy Wililcals lo lhe state I ! Coach Pelf. D'Amalo s Legion- ] AA B; THE ASSOCIATED FHES? AMERICAN LEAGUE . W. I.. Pel. OB no J3 U ,M1 ' a 11 -ill S L !7 U .it) 7 Detroit Wallops (Yankees W in Batting Spree DETROIT (.fl -- Charlie Maxwell · al »uu°orr "~~IZHHIZI.'- a 27 !i» n hl Iwo prodigiqus wallops and Al Tueidiy'j Schedult ' j round Iripers as home runs ac- notion 11 Cleveland N)-suier d-3) 11.! counted for all bul one of lhe De- Denver Sweeps Twin Bill/from I League Leaders By THE ASSOCIATED P R E S S The Minneapolis Millers, though losins lo Charleston Monday night, moved to w i t h i n one game of league leading Wichita in the American Assn. race, when the who was the mainstay of the 1956 Lesion-Elks learn. Tcllcz is a stylish, cuTvcballinrj leflhamler. Bag- Col handled bolh pilchers during the spring prep and la«t Legion seasons. Brad Swanson and Rich Ifancel are (he eipericnced outfielders. liU' Swan will work in lefl field and I"} Range! in center. Robert Nuanez,! Hnii" Dalllmnre at Detroit (Ni--Johnson (1-5) I ^ ecs . v.'aihincion ~ai Kamai nty t.w-nricn-j Krank Lary, although he needed Ij^d-oj or Aoernaihy 11-6) vi. C a r v e r | A | Aber's help Over Hie" last two Mond.y't R.iulU j innings, picked up his firsl viclory Nr» nrk . ("i un c.ii-i n : i since May 5 and the Tigers third "SSy. uTM..,.TMTM..? 1 . 1 -SU! suc " ss ia lhc **' me scrics - lhat rd; Lary, Abet (I? and House. . . :tr. 100 IKM--ll U 1 lir . ;w KH iiia--4 t l ind Daley; Kelner. Duren (1) (Onto 1 lamei scheduled), NATIONAL LEAGUE . w. L. pet. no 31 20 ,COS U 19 .SM 1 28 20 .U3 IV Cincinnati Philadelphia KI)I 0|R . m i r e r l l n . in |hc | h i r d |h( . n f . lmc , h||mn w j ( h ; c scv[ , n j n ln( , f o u r l h smacked Soulhcrn Haplist t e m p l e , ,,, ||n S o i | l h c r n I)il|)lis|v K n l n,,, i r ! p i l r h i n e fur 10 runs as lhe Crec- , w n n|ns j n ,,,,, s( , com| ()n ., h|1 (Umljl| , hj , , ley Daplisls won 19-2 m lhe second . i,^,^ ,, wn , k game of the opcninR prosram. | I ) a r r y ni.dinccr Erickson struck uut 11 bailers | N c x l Monday's ehedtile will find in lhe six-mmnK opener. He re- , |hc K vancclieal F rco church meet- : tired (ho side on slrikes in Hie. second inning and w h i f f e d twn m e n ; lhe fj| . sl inn 'he Grrelcy Rnplist church in coch in the first, third and f o u r t h innincs. : Only three men reached base off of Erickson. None got passed second. First Covenant scored ils six tjins in the Ihinl, fifth and sixth innings. Two double plays kept the Evangelical Free church out ol trouble early in the finmt 1 , hut First Covenant cashed in on two ^rrors and home run by Rrickscm In the third inning for two runs. Deaths and Funerals . OUSE .Mrs, Ellti UOUHO, ot Southwest nf drnver. Alolh»r of Fred L. N n r r t H nnd Mm. F r n n k (HPB- ele) Bnlloy, both of Orovnr. Also Hiirvlvod by two hrothcra, two RiBterB, n i l o[ G n l o u a , Mo., u m l thrno srandchlltlreu nnd Mircfi Ri'enL - finindchlldreii. Servirea 11:0(1 A . M . WodiiPH- d a y, A t l n i n s n n M e m o r i a l C h n p p l . I n t e r r n n n L S u n s e t M p m o r l n l Gardens. -HEAHLEB Mrs. Susie I f R i i d l R p of '··M ' M a p l e Si.. Enton. W l f f i of W. L. MendlGG. Mother of Mrs. Viola I j l R h t s f i y of AlllL, Mrs. Kdiiii llru-is of Raton, n n d M i l - fnnl Heailloc of Pierce. Slsler of (,'. F. Ueinin.nlOD nf Rod FpAlher I-ahp, Colo., and C. E. R e m l n p t n n of Sfilro \ V n n l I n y , :_ W a R h i n R t u i i . Servirne 2 p.m. - AA'ortnpsday from Mncys Eaton : ' C h n p p l . I n l r r n i r n l K n L a n Cemelerj". M T F . A n u n Ellzalipt.h TrHiull o[ 22:17 !ith A V P . M o l l i o r n£ M r p . b e l l i Snlzntiin, Lnuli?, Philip n n d l l n t r y T r o n d l , all of Grcelry. r.nri Gonrnd T i u i i d t of KeenesluirR. Servlcon 2 p.m. TlturHriny from Miir.ln Dniwinp Room, I n l c r m e n L Linn Grovfl. · K I C K M A X J o s p p h l n o 1'nnlinp. l l i c k m n n of R u s h n p l l , N e h r . W i f e nf E n r l ?]. J M c k m a n : n i o l h e c o[ ftnih ( i a d p k n n ol' f;rflnil .hmc- l i o n . K i l l s H l P k m a n of lUish- nell, N'plir.. M a r v i n l l i c k n m n of Oni.irio. (Ire., M i l i l r o i l Hick 111:1 n n: M a s i i i i R H . Nnbr., B " l i y . I n n l n n[ SPilRWfr.k. .- .Innti H u - k n i H i i of G r a n i l J u n e l i o n . K l n u i a e S c h a r k n r of P i n e ·.' B l u f f F , Wyo., and Earl L. l l l r k man of R r n o m f i p M H p i R h l n . A l p o s i i r v i v p f ] hy p i p h t o n n p r a n i l c h i l d r e n . R p r v i p p p 2 p.m. Wednesday, K v a n p p 1 i c a 1 ;- V n l i P r t n r p i h m i C h u r c h . : . Biislnipll. N'plir. I m p r m t n L 1 1 T C l m h n l l , Xelir. The r'irsl CuvL'ir . anl church will mccl .Southern D.-ip- list in the aflermalh. R H E First Covenant . . (H)2 0:11-- 0 4 1 Evangelical Free 000 000--0 2 7 Erickson and Lofgron; Kenl and Candy. New Yorrf Yankee i'ltcl^r Tom Slirriivant ( 4 j , wearing hat, lands a right to the eye of Detroit Tigeri first baieman Ray Boone between the mound and the plate in third inning of game at Detroit, June 9. Boons rushed lo mound, charging Sturdivant tried to bean him. Both ware ejected after * general melee of players from both benches. (AP Wirophoto). Cal Hands Penn State First NCAA Defeat; Irish Oust Longhorns a Greeley junior varsity outfielder this spring, will likely gel the call in righl field. A fourlh outfielder, Tom Good, will be ahscnl from the learn early in the season. D'Amato will rely on somewhat |stw L °Yc*rfcZrjJ^.~_:.". 2 0 2 1 '.39211 of an inexperienced infield. Abe j PHuburjh _ -- -- n 32 .31? u , --, ..-- Garcia is lhe lop conlender for lhe i"'" 80 Tuiidiy-rscheduf. 1 Braves losl bolh ends of a twin short stop position, Allen Brunz | cnkasn at New York (N)-Kaiser (1-31 ! bill lo Denver. will Bet lhe call al third base. ,"· Gomei;'«· ! Al W i c h i l a , the Bears made ill.lorry Flalliff will probably he the L ' c TM , " a z , . ' y (N) " Crone "·" I three oul of four over the Braves in the series which concludes lues- I day, when they swept .Monday night's doubleheader 3-1 in the 1- O M A H A CT.i'ckinB ll -- ' California was Icon marked Notre Dame's 9-0 win . ,. ,, . , ,, , . , cr.ic Home r u n : Enckson, 3rd w i l h | N C A A whi opener and 7-2 in lhe 9- inning nightcap. Ben Flowers look- the opener second baseman, and Vern Karlin is a top candidate for the first base i Cincinnati it ritubu'rch iN-Gro» u- Jon Mclander, ace of the Grecley | Oplimisl team lusl year, and George Whitman, who was out this spring wilh a broken arm, add Arroyo (2-5) or £mlih (0-1). Monday's Results Cincinnati .. . ill rum nun--° Fllllburih Nuxhall, Sanehei Bailey; Law and Rand. drew 29,372 speclalors to Briggs Stadium. The Tigers had 10 hits off three New York pilchers--starter Bob j Turley and his successors Don | Larson and R a l p h Terry--and five of them were for extra bases. Maxwell drove in five runs wilh his 9th and lOlh home runs. Ka- linc's blow, only his 3rd homer of the season, followed a Glh inning single by Ray Boone. Kuenn added a solo blasl in lhe same inning. Mickey Manlle cracked his 15lh home run for lhc firsl Yankee run in lhe 6lh. AMERICAN Stir York Bauer rf when the Bears scored two u n - 1 ^pd, to the pitching corps. Whit- earned runs in the seventh t O | m a n w jn a | so see ac tion in the break a 1-1 lie. ; outfield. Tcllcz man also play in ' In the second game lhe Bears | (he oulfjc | d rookljn Buhl and Rip id Walker. IKrfl 2IHI Illll--3 . . . IWI 100 WW-- 1 Newcoinse, Liblne came up with four runs in the 7th inning lo hand Gerald Nelson his fourth loss in At Charleston the Millers dropped a 5-4 decision lo the 'Senators on home runs by Bob Thorpe Don Griflin and Bill Wilson, which accounted for all the Senator's R H E .Southern Baptist . 020 00-- 2 3 ? . Grecley Baplisl (11)01 7x--10 8 3 Hill and Wens; Sliols and Garcia. rics with t h r e e slraighl wins afler I h a v i n g handed 1'cnn Slate its first I drfent in 22 sl.irls hy an 8-0 score Tuesday in lhc lover Texas, lhe pre-toumey f a v o r - . . . _, . . , SGh.ll World Se- i.e because ol strong pilching over ITM.'.- The I'P^, TM^^s Monday The Uears were lo against Cloverleaf Results Iowa Slate, now 2-1 in lhe double l o l i m i n n l i o n t o u r n e y Tuesday nighl afler Penn Slate and Noire Dame b.illlwl for s u r v i v a l Tuesday afternoon. Both Penn Slate nnd ,, i, , a ,, ,. ! , Noire Dame arc 2-1 in the scries. riesullsfrbm he Sreyliound races C a | i r o m i uj ,,,,,, itchin al Clovrrlcnr Monday night. an(| h m i , he ba] , h 6 r d beal 1. Super Way 20.20. 8.80 5.20;! , own stale, 8-2, in lhe second Recommend 5.60,4.40; Frank . Pal ,,,,,,,, . ,, ,, ; , . _ the college season. Jim Kudlinski of Iowa Slale was lhc slrunecsl of all the pilchcrs, allowing only three hits as Slale j c|iminalcri Connecticut, by a 5-2 score. The winning blow for Iowa SLale was a double by Dan Pclers ] fiflh slraighl and Ihird in a row over the Millers, who have-yel to win a'game this season al Charleson. In olher aclion Monday nighl Giving Karlin a sliff go al firsl base are Charles Cazer and Phillip Soliz. Soliz may see double duly In (he oulfield. Behind Baggol at calcher is Richard Koskic, lhe Greeley junior varsily catcher Ihis spring, i Tecl Bcar(1 , a t ° m e r u n " 'that sent home Iwo runners Ior | Indianapolis to break a . T , ,,,.,, tic as lhe 'Indians edged a 3-1 lead. 3.40; qtlincla 1-8, 39 00; l i m e 31.71. 2. Picture Man 6.80, 3.80, 3.60; A's Topper 9.So, 4.40; Dora's George 5.20; quiiicla 4-8 46.80; The Dears got four hil pitching from Kim Ellioll Monday nighl and blasted the ball with guslo lo score five limes in lhe firsl two daily double 8-4 86.40; lime 31.69.'innings a g a insl Penn Slnlc. 3. Lucky Brady 17.00 7.20 3.00; L u k a w a n a 3flO 320; Very Dashing A double by Charlie Thompson brought home the firsl inning run 4:00; quineln 3-7 17BO; lime 32.60. | and an inside the park home run 4. llclaliale 5.00, 3.00, 2.80; P a n - | h - v Tom P n l n l ". doubles hy War- ama George 5.00, 3.80; Closed Issue 7.60; quincla 6-H, IS.20; lime 32.07. 5. Cariilyclla 12.8(1, 7.60, 3.80; Lady Chce 4.81), 5.00; Georgia Gibbs 6.80; quineln 7-B, 40.80; time Loveland Course 40.16. N. Sulk 11.60, 4.40, 3.20; Royal Key, 2.80; Make 6.00; quincla 2-8, 17.60; lime 32.02. 7. Alsab Princes 10.60, 6.80, 3.40; Keno Kid 8.00, 4.20; Ilanfie Flame ·i.80; lime 31.80. 8. Mick Ihc Man 11.80, 5.80, 1.20; Ghost Face 4.20, 4.00; Jerry Bugger 8.40; quincla 3-8, 27.20; lime 31.55. No. 0-Who's A f r a i d , 8.40, 5.00, 3.CO: Arctic Way, 4.00, 3.40; Giflcd Fairy, 4.CO; quiniela 2-3, 16.60; lime: 31.73.' No. 10--For Prclly, 10.00, 5.20, rnn Lavorel and Ron Gaggcro, an error and a triple by Robinson wrapped up lhe game ln«the second. Fivo.-hil pitching by Chuck Sym-. Phoenix Officer Has Top Award in Pistol Shoot Sgl. Gordon F .Selby of the Phoenix, Ariz., police department won tho Dr. Robert C. Poison trophy match at lhe National Peace Offi- 3.00; Three Coins, 7.00, 5.-10; K u r - i r s r s Assn. nislol shool herr Mnn- lash Kid, 11.2(1; quiniela 7-8, 61.8 lime: 31.84. No. 11--Tomfoolin. 3.40, 4.20, 3.00; Ardclh, 5.20, 3.20: Super Kay," 4.20; quiniela 1-8, 10.60; time; 30.47. Atlanta Drops Home Run King Hawks Retain Loop Margin . By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS There was an air o! sameness around the Western League circuit Monday nighl, with but one ex- lhc bottom of the 11 Ih irnimg al nine-all Omaha, 10-9. Sterling relief pitching in lhe final Ihree innings by Louisville's Dave Hoskins gave lhe Colonels a splil in a doubleheadcr wilh SI. Paul in Louisville. SI. Paul coasle.d home wilh Slan Williams' ninlh viclory in lhe opener us (he Saints shelled Al Curlis for 15 hits -- Iwo of Ihcm homeruns by Dick Young and Norm Larker -- for a 10-1 ver- dicl. The Colonels salvaged the shorl second game 7-5 wilh a 4-run sixth inning after trailing 3 to 1. Buhl Holds His Hex on Dodgers ccplion. Topcka conlinued in lhe lead and grabbed ils third victory in a row by a 5-2 score over Sioux City. Des Moines whipped Lincoln 51. The Sioux Cily and Lincoln losses kepi lhe two teams in the tie for third place lliey have held for lhe lasl Ihrec days. Amarillo won 10-5 over A-lbu- qucrquc and lhe victory lefl the Gold Sox still four games behind league-leading Topcka. The only change in the slanding came after the Colorado Springs- Pueblo game. Colorado Springs caplurcd Ihis one 10-5 and by so I teams. doing moved out of Lhe celler, giv-! Only Iwo games were scheduled ing up lhe spot lo Pueblo, Topeka's Hawks got six cxlra base hits in their total of nine and were never in any serious dUfi- By ED WILKS THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Milwaukee's Bob Buhl still has lhe Brooklyn Dodgers on a siring, ^ ^ uti t _ j Cincinnati's Joe Nuxhall is sliHJ Mau i B r a s sj Kermit Mal'by, Bich"all goofed up"--and lhe Nalional |- ard Beck| Kenny Haggard and Optimists Meet La Salle Lions In Exhibition The Greeley Optimist baseball team, coached by Bob Haberkorn, will open ils 1957 Optimist league season Sunday at West Denver. The Optimisls will play eight league games plus several practice games yet lo be scheduled. Haberkorn's Optimists opened their non-league season .Sunday at Ft. Collins, beating the Collins Op- timisls, 5-3, in nine innings. Two- run homers by Ron Haggard and Fred Schroeder sparked the Grce- ley learn. Lynn Brass tripled then scnreri GreeJcy's fifth run. Manuel Arliz pilched (he route for the win. The Optimists will play at the La Salle Legion B Lions Tuesday in another practice game. Several veterans are back for another season with the Optimists. Some of the members of the team are Artiz, Haggard, Schrocdcr, Mel Miller, Verne Walker, Bill Shupe, Miron Long, Ron Long, Harvey Hodges, Musial Will Be Close for All Stars NEW By BEN OLAN YORK «1 -- Will Gil League pennanl race is still a tight lilllc sprinl, with only a 3-game spread covering lhe first five in the NL Monday night. Buhl, who beat the Dodgers eight limes last year, wrapped them up for a second lime Ihis cully. Southpaw Mike. Kirmer was I season wilh a 4-hiller 3-1 lhal left called in lo quell a 2-nin Soo up-1 Brooklyn and the Braves in a tie rising in the fiflh and received for third place, fA games behind day. Scllty, caplain of the Phoenix Ari?.., police d e p a r l m e n l team which captured lhe .32 cnl, 4-man t a o a m championship in the shoot Sunday, had a score of 234 in Monday's m a l c h , in which 48 peace officers from western stales competed. The Phoenix pnlicc 'office was! ( ',JJ,, ( i"j s L ancc giving' up 11 hits I A 2-run homer by Ed Malhcws, awarded a 3B7 cal. Smilli Wesson h u l h;ld to ' cm[cnd with j our er ., afler an error, gave Buhl lhe edge crndil for Ihc viclory, his fourth of the season. Amarillo a n d Albuquerque played nip-and-luck ball until the scvenlh inning when the Gold Sox pushed across four runs lo claim victory. Winner Jerry Speck wenl Gi4 Hodges Ist-place Cincinnali. Buhl, a 28-year-old righl hand- er who was 3-5 againsl Brooklyn unlil he developed his whammy last season, walked six and gave up three of the Dodgers' hits to M a « n u m revolver donaled hy Dr. 1'olson. Grcal Bond, K a n . , physician, and a gold medal. The pun and modal were presented al the rors by his teammates. j h e needed in the fourlh inning George Pikluzis pilched 5-hil! afiainsl Don Ncwcemhe. ball for DCS Mnines and struck ] out 11 Lincoln bailers. An u n u s u a l ; V T I A N T A Mi - Dnnncr Dick h 5 s n c i i l l i n n ' s a n n u a l h a n n'iM »l silualion developed when Umpi SluJil if a home-run king w"h "" V '"- f f - h a l 1 "^ «ven,n ? . | John Pplrock was Inrccn nlll of David Godman of the Alhuquer-i|| 1 c game after spraining his an- oul a home. Jimmy Maul. -The Optimists' league schedule: June 16 -- Greeley at West Denver; June 23--Ft. Collins at Grec- ley; June 30--Greeley at Boulder; July 7--Greeley al Soulh Denver; July 14--West Denver at Grceley; July 21--Greeley at Ft. Collins; July 28--Brighlon at Greeley; Aug. 4--Greeley at Brighlon; Aug. 10-11 --League playoffs (sile lo be announced). Hodges or Slan Musial draw lhe most votes for the major league all-star game among National League first basemen? These two have turned in outstanding performances and as the 1957 campaign approaches the one- third mark, they are waging a spirited competition for their circuit's baiting lead. Brooklyn's Hodges, 32, moved up f r o m 7lh place in last week's games. His pacesetting average is .363, represenling a 25 poir.t gain. Gil collected 13 nils in "a limes al bal. Musial, 36 and a six-time batting champ wilh the St. Louis Cards, is in 2nd place with .358. He lost one point. The race is a close one with only 37 points separating the first 10 batsmen. Dick Groat of Pittsburgh, sidelined with a sprained ankle, is 3rd with ~.352. He's followed by Dee Fondy of the Pirates with .349. and Ed Bailey of Cincinnali with ;333. Fondy was the leader a week ago, hut he slumped 23 points from .372 with a 6-for-27 showing. In the American League, Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox remained on lop despite a 16 poiul drop to .39i. The 38-year-old slugger had only four 'safeties in 16 tries. Nellie Fox of the league-leading Chicago While Sox is in the run- ib h · .-iPclrolt B*- fe f · - 1 2 3 iLlolIinc 2b 4 1 4 B 5 L 2 IMaiuvcl If 3 2 1 0 c f 3 2 3 OOlson If 0 0 0 0 iler If 2 2 2 OBonne Ib 4 1 7 0 McDgnld 3b 4 1 2 2Torgrsitn Ih 0 0 2 0 Skoron Ih 4 0 6 IKalLne ct-rf 4 1 2 0 Howard c 4 0 5 IFortcr rl 3 0 0 0 niehvdson 2b 4 2 0 OTuttle cf 1 0 1 0 Turlcy p 1 0 0 OKuerm us 3 2 3 3 Larscn p 2 1 1 OHouse c 4 2 6 0 Terry p 0 0 0 OFinignn Ib 4 0 1 0 a-Marlln I 0 0 Ox-La ry p 2 0 0 5 91 1134 GAbtr p 1 1 0 0 TnllU 33 1027 13 a--Plied out for Terry In 9lh. x--Awarded first on catcher's Jnlcrfarenc* Ln 3rd. New York , WO Ml 012--1 Detroit (MM (MIS SIx-^ R--Bauer 2. Manlle. Richardson; BolinK !, .Maxwell .2,. Boone, Knllnr. Kuenn 2. Lary. E--Howard, Turley, RBI--Mantle, Kubeh, B a u e r . 2 , Maxwell 5. KalLhe 2, Kuonn. Aber. SB--Boiling. 3B--Bauer. HH --Manlle, Bauer,, Maxwel 2, Kallne/ KUCQD. DP--Kuenn. BoUln£ and Boone 2; Kuenn. Bailing and Torecson. Left--New York 7, Dclrolt 3. BB--Turley 1. Terry 1. LBIT 3. Aber I. SO-Turley 3. UrsA 1. Terrj' 1. Lary S. HO-Turley 1 In 3.1-3, Larsen 5 In 3 2-3. Gerry 4 In 2. Lary 9 In 7 (taced 3 hailers ID- Blh), Aber 2-2. HtER--Turloy 3-0, Larsen 3-3, Terry 3-3, Lnry 2-2, Aber 2-2. W-Lary (3-7). L--Turley (1-3). T--2:49. A--17.644. Pirates Wallop Redlegs J to 2 PITTSBURGH iftv- The lowly Boston Beats K.C.11Jo4 KANSAS CITY un -- Dick Gernert hit 2 home-runs and a double lo drive in 6 runs and scored a 7th 1 run on Jackie Jensen's single as Boston. ^defeated Kansas City 11-4 Monday in the windup ol 8 4-game series. The Red Sox first baseman, who was batting .265 going into the game, got on base. each, of the. 9 time he went lo bat. He was hit by a pitched ball in his 4th appearance and walked in his 6th, Both Gernerfs home runs came with 2 men on 'base, in lhe 1st and 2nd innings. He hit. a 2-run double in the 4th. Boslon collccled 13 hits off three Kansas City pilchers, scoring seven of ils 11 runs in lhe fourth on four singles, three doubles, a wild pitch and an intentional walk lo Ted WilUams. AMEBICAN Bosto PiersaU Stephens b-- Sin-led for Boston Pillsbiirgh Pirates deJeated league-leading Cincinnati Redlegs i f o r the first lime in 16 games nerup position at .362. He climbed I £",," five poinls. Mickey Mantle of lhe | Maizont"]» New York Yankees increased his average 11 points 16 .354, good' for 3rd place. Then come Bob Cerv of Kansas Cily, .345 and Bob Boyd of Baltimore wilh .329. Boyd picked up 22 poinls and zoomed up from lOlh place: .Manlle, the'triple crown kingpin of 1956, look over the junior cir- cuil's home run lead with 14. He slammed three last week. Roy Sievers of Washington conlinues to set the runs batted in wilh 40. Hank Aaron of Milwaukee is the National League's home run leader with 15 while Musial has lhe ~ : most RB.IS, 45. Musial, who shows « lifel 3 3 9 2Simp 5 nn Ib ab h n a Ksnin.Cltr a b b o t S 1 3 ODeMastrl 59 2 0 0 3 S 3 2 7Hunttr ss 2 0 2 3 4.1 4 0 4 2 3 0 4 1 7 1 4 7 2 0 4 2 5 0 3 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 o o o n 1 1 0 0 4 1 3 3 35 10 37 10 3 1 3 OSkL 5 1 0 2Smllh c 5 1 4 2Lopez Db 5 1 1 OKclncr p 4 2 3 3Duren p 30 13 2: 16a-Power Ilnst p b-Noren Grail 2b ·otals a-- Grounded oul for Duren In 7th. The colorful young shiKfior. whoi'l'"' N - M - P" 1 '" '^P 1 - P Iace(1 s ^vkle in Lhe firsl inning. Pilchers thinks a hit's no good unless i l l TM ' 1 " lhc lr(1 P h - m;llcl1 - He shnl "" '~' : J " -clears lhc fence, was cut f r n m a score of 2.14 also but had one less ; t h e A l l a n l a Cracker roster Mnn-l 1 "' 1 1 ' 8 ^ l h a n E ( l l b y- B n h c r l Fl . sh « I d a y and returned i burgh Pirates. Thr Pirate? havcn'l said j w h a l Ihey plan lo do wilh moM talkcd-aboul player to the Pills-! n f ' n t l ' Jls Alamos. N.M., Security vcl i I h c i j Force was third with ft score of The two-day pistol shont was he i concluded Monday wilh lhe asso- Boh Anderton of Lincoln and Gene ! DupTce of Des Moines worked lhe ] bases- unlil lhe sevcnlh, when Du- prcp was relieved by Dave Stenhouse. Br T1IK ASSOCIATE!! P R K S 3 A M E R I C A N ASSOCIATION j Monday nighl, copping a come ifrom-hchLnd 5-2 viclory as righl- j h a n d e r Vernon Law pitched a 4_! hitler. , !mark of ,S40, has appeared in 131 n-4)'.'i-i:u. A.-SJOI. Hosl In 9lh. - !K 700 Onn_ll . Cllj _ 200 1(10 din-- 4 R--Klaus 2. WUliani9 2 GeraerL 3, MaN zone, Lepclo, Daley, Nbton, Cerv, Ztr- nlal J, Smllh. E-Smllh, Klaus. HB1-- G«iuerl S, Simpson, Smith, Sklzas 2, Lcp. do Nixon Klaus Jensen 2. 2B-Piersall Zemlal 2 Daley. Klaus, Gcrnerl. Cerv, Nixon, Skizas. HTl--rmert 2, Smilh. DP --Nixon, Klaus and Gernerl 2; DeMaes- trl, Graff and Simpson; Hunter, Rraf{ and Simpson; Malzone, Lepclo and Gernert. Left--Boston G, Kansas city 7. BD-- Nbion 3, Kellner 1, Duren 2, Hosl 1. SO · 1. Duren 3. HO--Kelln 4 In 4. Hast 1 In 2. RfcEH--Nixon 4-4, Kellner 8-8, Duren 3.3. HBP--By Duren (Gcrncrt). WP--Kelner. | Duren, Nixon. W--Nixon (4-1). L--Kfllner aU ' slar wllh 276 _ William* and Howell; Curti (1) and Parks. . Colorado Springs' viclory was ·^ i , | ^,;' r ils Ihird slraiphl over Pueblo, j waters (m Gary Brill had a shaky slart but ' SJf^""" 1 " and Hflwell. Nnpnll ( B ) ; C) and Happ. Lsoulhern Assn. had-seen "in m a n y i cation's a n n u a l , "Annie Ooklcy" j settled down and pilched one-hil la season - a player who struck j lad "' 5 m ' llcl '- ba " '"· tn " '-"I- seven innings, 'oul more oilcn l h a n he pnl a hil | "elly Smilll of Imperial, Neh.. j a n r t who had more t h u m b s t h a n placed firsl in Ihn m a t c h , in which |T 7aharir« M i n e r of firenlcy C'on- (i n ,. C i-s a f i e l d and a player w h o ! 1 0 women competed. She had a ; I U I I I t a i l u n a j 'delTehicd t h e ' f a n s in cverv town i -""re of 115. R u l h .Tuslicc of Juan- i j n V r f n n J r a r t h( , h i l ' j i n l a r . \eh., was second, with 11.1. ! HI f\.l.. t U I I M f J L l O\ p erholt of Denver, 1 Kihbcy Funeral Home Loveland, Colorado 'MINKR JPSS Hon prrvii ps 11 a l Linn f l r o v p . M i j w n - i n u J The rtc 'cat left the Redlegs only inflo.-jin-- i A o ; o n e game ahead of the idle Phila- · B °TM«" delphia Phillies who moved into second-place. Brooklyn and Mil-! tnllir? i" 3 : w a u kee are tied for third place, I 'pni. .lla pames behind. ' f i 0 ! Law was the last Pirale pilcher' p I ' l o beat lhc Rerllcgs before Mon "·""Mday ni2hl's conlcpt as t h e Redoes ro\v. He puller! Lhe average for 10 big league seasons, has appeared In five all-star conlesU, This year's "dream" game is scheduled to be played in St. I Louis on July 9. Ornvetidr. Wodnp.rlay mi--s n i ' won 15 in ni-io 14. j : f c a l J l l l A Better MEMORIAL ot LOWER PRICES 3903: CALL SKYSCBNE. 3903, (or MEMORIAL SPRAYS One I h i n c is c e r t a i n . Jays S l u a r l w ' l h " M a r y Ov I- he isn't coinp h a r k In Lincoln j """'· w l l h 75 i O f lhe Class A Western League, j where he hit Wi home runs lasl season. | "You know." the puzzled young man said, "I wish I had hil six! home runs instead of (16. I think I would pel more of a chance. "What am I going to dn? Well, I'm not going hack lo Lincoln, i[; t h a t ' s w h a l the Piralcs have in KANSAS CITY, Kan. liP - A breach nf winliaci stiil involving two women midgets he trained for n the wrestling ring was filed M o n - ; w day hy Orville Brown, wrestling ; N imprcssario. " lie is seeking $75.000 from Tom Zah.irias of Cripple Creek. Colo. Brown. Kansas Cily, Mo., resi- N K W Y O R K i.fl -- Alex M i l e f f , denl, claims l h a l Z a h a r i a s also strong, undefeated ;known as Tom Vicloranias, I.idrilc. Slablefield N l . Schulli Command. Drn«'n ( 7 ' ; l.alman (7t. Hanldan (7), Pnfour (9) mano. inrtl) Vlrhlla nnn ion (i) and Sjirncer and no- Argenlinan Drubs illi Besmanoff in Monday A l l c B Acrel 62 Hirold AdcMb FUNERAL PIECES J On Short Notice · "We Grow Tlie Flowers" J HANSEN'S GREENHOUSE ? So. Bth Avc. Ph. 706 , --Fre«, Delivery -- · I mind. I'll co back lo H o l l y w o o d ' h e a v y w e i g h t , save Germany's iducert the Iwo midgets, Carol Ben; and Ret movie work instead. H . W i l l i Restn-inoff a solid drubliinp ; n e t t and Ann Marlin, to break they can't use me in lhc Pirate or-1 Monday niRhl lo rack up his n i n t h their contract wilh lhc plaintiff. | canizalion I wish they would re- s l r a i R h t victory. M i l e f l was Brown claims he. trained the worn-' lease me, or .sell me." : a w a r d e d the u n a n i m o u s decision en for their rinp careers and then ' A l l a n l a col Stuart from Holly-' in lhe telecast lo-rouncicr ?.t SI. sent them on an exhibition c i r c u i t j wood of lhc Pacific Coasl League Nicholas Arena. Binder Z a h a r i a s as agent. t ( Mnj' 17. Since then, he had hit i The 22 year old Argentine o u l - j Brown also is askinR for an ac- 1 .211, drilled oighl home r u n s , : weighed his G o r m a n rival 202 :1 j t o ' counting of the girls' earnings . (.11. Tnlnc IS'. Mrtln T), Gorin (9) flnd Roarkc. PAririr TOAST I.EAG:F: Nn sniiK" 1 srhrrtulf d. I N f E R V A T l O V A I l.KAT.UE H a v a n a d, Slnnlrral .1 Tnronln H, Mir\mi 7 (11 inmn;n). nirhitinnrt 1, n u f f ^ l n 2 rnlumhiis 7. R n r h r M f r .1. TEXAS L F A G V E Tuhn ^. f'orl Worth 3 (10 inmnjis). AnMln 6, Ho ui I on 4. DnllK!* 1, Oklnhomn City 1. Sun Anionln 13, Shrcvcport 2. ,«OI;TIIERN ASSN. Plrrnincham 1, Lill If R n r k 2 (10 incO. Allanla 11. Memphis 4 New O r l r a n v 11. N M h v i l l r P. Mohllp it ChnlUnPOER tpoMronrd W F S T E R N fi Molne* struck out 31 times, knocked in 2l!l90'.-j and he used the weight l o | s i n c c Allegedly notified Am, runs in 23 games. He also h a d ' good a d v a n l a g c in pressing Inc Drown he no longer cared lo per- made eiphl errors. He. hit six h o - l . f i g h t . form his part of Die contract, mcrs in Hollywood during i stay UICTB brief Bcsmanoll was cul over bolhj eyes and bled from lhe nose. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS' Llnrnln 1. CHy 1. 10. Albuquerque S. Sprlnp? 10. rurhlo .V riONK.I'.R l.r.AfilT. Sail Lahe B-7, Poralrlln 1-fl. Mnclr V»llry 6-n. VS. Idihn Fnlls I I , Tlllllnc- .1. Mlssoula Oi Great Falll T. ATTENTION, FARMERS! · POTATO DUSTING · ALFALFA WEEVBL 0 WEED SPRAYING · CUTWORMS Call Nolan's for Contrpl and Free Inspection CROP DUSTERS - Phone 1544-4117

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