Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 3, 1962 · Page 7
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 7

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 3, 1962
Page 7
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26 Survive Pilot Off Runway, Made Effort To Gain Altitude *··-. P*. 8, 1HZ CKEELEY TtlBfNE Face M Friday scuri^ * in tome 30» to 4M feet U the ,ioV rf 0* n^.y {n gain altitude (or another land- before*, Jsfc . VUaMttv I Pisa* hut V ,, taped death A CM Aeronautics . took a lives ' Board **' " ld wi, f . . the t.w- ' - - « « Air Force's Wheeius Field in Lib- MM t*t*M more than $3S mil- · (~i . - ^ te ,J- T ° *' AMei ^ a S amst "^ ^^ Vem. Mai bursting in . - -- .... ». «^.(vu piajfc. sijji it U uK uui t«uguL luv, UK needs some visibility in the last ipokesmsa said, there undoubted- im f~, j .^ i y ^4 hlvf ^ ^ mjre short distance before i flames. caught fire. pfe swd ^^ N O W O P E N Gilbert's Luncheonette SERVING Breakfast and Lunch 810 8ta St. FREE Dinners to Children 10 Yt«rs Old and L ; wl«r - Excellent Food! You Are Invited To Family Night Night Only (0«. Sth) Ebony Room In rtit New American Legion Home Fellow tht irrowi to the Highland Hllli Golf Count, Wttt 20th It. it S4th Avt. Tht Public Is Invited CLUB LIDO 2703 Sth Avenue Opening Tonight ONE WEEK ONLY "ALL GIRL REVUE" 3 Shows Nightly Dtpdnf To Tht Eddit. Miller Combo * * * * Our Last Wt«k of Girls . . . Watch for Monday, Dec. 10 u , . few defrees low. ud " -- -- -- --· · « -- / v « M«WM w«(: wpvi KJCUU fVW flfHIt $73 by the Soviet news agency Tass million a year into the kingdom's r*nnr4**i. "Atomic '"1 t - J - -- -- -' ' ·' ' -- ;r than the left during the came off first He added that U is "almost impossible not to rupture a gas tank when you rip a wing off," sod that »octane airplane gasoline only ««··««"« « o r m r e n U . depots have been set up In the purchases and payrolls for Libyan "* now proceeding on missile-launch- has to touch a hot engine or Hj from this point. cowling to start a fire. Investigator,' findings , ·pokesmaii said, confirmed stale- 'that the pilot probably caught light of the ground or a light- or perhaps didn't catch sight of the rumvay-and said H was time --slopped at 9:46 p.m. The instru- Reds Protest U.S. Air Base in «* resembling Under a ... in the United States »««-· among the - yinttt MaiM U» a a YUT .-.--TM. military .. TM ct " nlt ^ * bro « l ** 4«1««ienls - rtec B ing ramps. H-bombers patrol the American position abroad, the sky over it around the clock. Spy pUoes undertake provo overnights of the Middle nuK«.w 1*111 ma wroaa. we ,, , . . . . - - - - - - - hase U used for marksmanship Pdwr fTM* "* » 10 tu * P lus »..:_:..- -f :_i _:i_i. j i . S2.SO costs on charges of intox- E« Fighten b a t e a , Germany have been . ve een goni to -rte author notes that Wheel* Wbeelus twice a year for brief re- the Field i, , watchdog of the Amer- fresher cturiei. lean oil monopolies Big deposits ments by survivors that "power of oil have been discovered was being applied shortly before Intend «4 'SW,' that the" Libyan" deVert "haT^K- e as ac"This would indicate." he added quired a Texas or Oklahoma ac- cent. Most of the « companies that have established themselves in the country are American -rr r ·* ««"«- .«.«» u^^uiuuu pmpricK puoiiciy txprcssea m Paxistan nwnls will undergo intensive ex- criticism in the Tripoli press, the that India might we ita arms aid anunat TM chief factor of contention in against that country has the Man Who Tried To Shake Hands With JFK Fined PHILADELPHIA IAP) - "1 did! it oa a dan." uid Vincent Peker on Sunday, when he was fined 110 for running onto the field to try H acrerment the au- *e rresraem nenneay s uisn naii UK ourgiarws in paid SI millioa a lun ' i * lrin * halftime at the Army-jnorthern Colorado town in ionic aid which in *% *«?· JP* JTM with the arrests One of my trieads said to me. the past week of 10 juveniles « the aid One of a chain «f Xrttec B goini to di » or * rl y ^«*- Prnmicar C "rOmiSCS S Libya. It* smell has attracted numerous oil dealers and it seems ArtHS Onlv Tft B* " "' ' ° D * f 4 Injured in Bus, Used OR NEW DELHI India AP Prime Minister Nehru has as- or pinwps own t eaten sight of m tne country are American " Prime Minister Nehru has as- y8un * We were injured and a '"* chl(I "id Crawford told he runway-and said H was time Sovelsktya Rossiya is an organ sured Pakistan that weapons be- number » f Xv***** 'h^'n up Sat- Uwn be entered the Estes Park to go around again." of both the Communist party and Ing received from theUnited "*' "W* when » Worland High Mice station one day last sum- The attempt may have failed, government of the Russian Re- States. Britain and other countries Scho ° 1 · eU « t w bus and » car m er. He and his young friend no- he spokesman said, because, public, largest of the Soviet Un- will be used eely to resist Chinese "^Ati. ticed nobody was around, so they There is an interval of 'sink' Ion's 15 constituent republics. aggression. O^T one of the Injured retook *8 from a cash drawer, even with full power before the Wheeius Field has given a boost The assurance was given in · Bul »«d hespitaliied Sunday eve- stMle « ai i Crawford also admit- -- - -- v»«»H«.uk ivf/UMiava. *KK l *9olWls. Wbeelus Field has given a boost The assurance was given in s to Libya's economy and the Lib- letter written Nov. " ' " · V · * eunj UIC 1«U/- ICiLCl WI IUCI1 iUV 12 10 "ClUSlajU *"·*· "--· v«.wdi\,« inuutt, *W, Investigators reported finding a yans hope that still greater help President Mohammad Avub Khan * Wwl *"l. « pa«senger in the number of instruments in good will come from royalties as West- and made public Sunday " "'" """- '" " ' condition, and the captain's clock ems develop the uil fields. ' . . . . U was intended to still fears Aside from occasional pinprick publicly expressed in Pakistan Red Chino Withdrawing mained ing. She was Jessica Kibble, ». ar. MiH Kibble, who suffered a iroken Jaw, was transfsrred from * Riverton Hospital to one in asper Sunday for treatment by specialist. The bus, driven by Worland Principal Marian Shaffer, M, and car driven by BUI M. Cline, 2] India Will Fight To Keep Territory If HINRY S, BRAMMER I Home Minister Lai Bahadur at the northwest end of the bor NEW DELHI, India 'APi-in- Shsstri used similarly defiant der. He said other terms of th dia will fight to clear Communist I*"TM 5 TM an ·«*«·« before anoth- Chinese cease-fire and withdrawal of Worland, collided three mUes Loveland supermarket and shop- north of Shosboni on U.S. X. lifting at hardware, discount am Chinese troops from even 1 inch of Indian soil rather than accept Peking's terms for peace, two members of Prime.Minister Nehru's Cabinet declared Sunday. ·· - Defense Minister Y. B. Chavan! 3 "^ 1311 " said there can be no doubt about drawal o( "* India's ultimate victory. armv "We do not want to have any cr Indian gathering. Shastri said the resolve to clear Indian soil o! the invaders wa made clear by Nehru's reply Sat urday to a Chinese letter seekin on with invasio every inch of our territory is va Nehru told Premier Cba En o v any n compromise with' anybody unless lai that India could not agree to a Chinese "attempt to retain, un public der cover of preliminary cease- fire arrangements, physical pos session over the area which China BOB LILLY BACK ON AIR JOINS KOSI NEWS DEPT. Bob Lilly, Denver's favorite radio newscatter, is now heard on KOSI radio-on your dial 1430. If you like your news stroight from the shoulder, accurate, factual, listen for Bob Lilly and "The Morning News Roundup" at 6iOO, 7:00 and 8:00 A.M., Monday through Saturday. Sponsor*) by Burt Chevrolet, Buehler Transfer Company and Western Federal Saving*. WTCI me *J ca niuwi \_nmd * ·"* v-nutJ» · Uicjr ue* and to secure which the 8»a withdrawal Saturday to their " ' ' ~ version of the border line. Lac of contact has made it impossibl assive attack since Oct M wa ounted." Nehru was referring specifical to the disputed area in Ladakh Business Man's Smorgasbord Lunch All You C»n Eat Eviry W««k Diy It Noon Wost Fair Rstaurant Dining Room For Private Partita Open 6MO an. to 9:30 p.m. Weil Fulr Shopping CtnUr 2003 9th St. of Nov. 21 "clear] aim at securing physical contra of areas which were never under Chinese administrative control." India has tacitly accepted th cease-fire that ended 31 days · undeclared war by instructing i troops to shoot only if fired upot Since the cease-fire went int effect Nov. 22, Indian soldiers forces. Withdrawal The Chinese announced they be- for the Indian army to confirm the extent of the movement. Ho« ever, an authoritative source in Teipur said the Chinese hav pulled back 20 miles at some joints in the northeast. Though Peking has warned In dia against military inoccupation of territory the Chinese vacate Shastri said the Indian troops wil eventually go back. Cxnnwnlsts Sueyert The Indian Communist party came out in support of Nehru position for « settlement. The party accused China of Ion and careful preparation for th fall invasion and said the India government proposals, whic would strip the Chinese of all th gains, are reasonable. CHARLESTON-A new resort hotel will go up in the West In dies. FREE TRAVELOGUE ASPEN WONDERLAND Narrattd by Arthur Sitth . , . KOA'» "Volca ef Implra" A full t-olor flide anil movla tour at Aipen, Colorado . . . personally narrated by Arthur Oanh. Kveryone Is Invited . . . but pleas* make reservations as the ttatint; capacity Is limited. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6 -- 7:45 P. M. Gr.eUy Community Bldj., 701 10th Avt. For reservations call Empire Scvingi et 353-2640 er iton in at the Empire Strings office 900 Irh Avenue, Greeley Loveland Breaks Youth Burglary Ring LOVELAND AP) - Loveland police say they cleared up more shake President Kennedy's than half the burglaries in this the ovsr . 45, 'yckoff. N.J., told be UcBride. 'With that 1 was on my way. ' know I can't take a dare." -·j --- . ».. »M» . vwc. tough bunch. They won't admit Pelier got within several yards much themselves, but they've im ' lk * President on Saturday be- plicated each other." "re polke hailed him, a miiiicns atoned on television. Kenmdy walking between lines of ca- corridor across the field. ·Uon, breach of the peact and a · ages of the offenders range * to JO. Nearly all. he said police records. Steele said "They're a pretty The roundup started when the father of one 15-year-old boy turned his son in for forging five and midshipmen who formed checks oa the family bank ac- rriAi** unrMcc tW fuU /v\nnt count. Steel* said he implicated some of the others and tipped police to SHOSHOM. Wyo. (API - Four '" O ' lle w * re " 1 J ured ook SJ3 from a cash drawer. Steele said Crawford also admit- ed stealing two automobile tires nd a couple of rifles from a serve station pet, 19. Steele quoted im as saying he shot one Black tagui cow, and fired at several Jwrs, but didn't know whether he had hit them. Crawford is further quoted by eele as admitting the theft of cartons of cigarettes from .. . A number of the 24 students in the but received tprains am ruises when the vehicle went off the highway and rumbled across a borrow pit and piles of rocks The rear of the but was he»vil damaged and the undercarriig was torn loose. Cline was not injured. The car was owned by William Straltoo IS, of Billingi, Mont. StraUoo was treated for a cut on the head and released from the Riverton Hot pital Saturday night. He then He to BillingE. Gladys Huffman, 17, a Worlan High coed, was released from th hospital Sunday afternoon. Sh was held overnight for observ two of a possible back injury. Etta Herzberg. about 15, freshman at Worland, suffered hain stores in the Loveland anc Fort Collins area. Steele credited Larimer County Sheriff Ray K. Sheerer with aid ing in the capture of several o the suspects. have lost contact with the Chinese gash on her chin. She was take '"""" to a Riverton doctor who closed the wound with 10 stitches. Highway Patrolman Robert B Wame said the auto was appar entiy starting to pass the bus when the accident happened. The point of impact was on the let rear end of the bus and the righ front of the car. The bus went off the road anc traveled nearly 400 feet in the ditch and a field before comin$ o a stop. The car was demolished, the pa rolman said. The students were returning to Vorland from a district music fes the stu dents as far as Thermopolis where they were met by another bus sent from Worland. pending burglary of a drive-in estaurant. Police staked it out ree hours last Monday, but they discovered the rtstaurant had en burglarized before they got «re. Steele uid one suspect Phil T. rawford, 11, of Loveland, has ad- itted more than two dozen bur- aries and thefts--some of them ong with another young accom- ice. The chief said Crawford Denver Bears Gtt New Manager j DENVER SAP) - Jack thhe, 49-year-old veteran of the Jmst leagues, will manage the Denver Bears next season when they f to the Pacific Coast League. The selection was annovuced late Saturday by general raagag- er Eddie Glennon. and haj already been approved by the'Mil- waukee Braves. Denver's parent club. ; Tighe managed the Louisville Colonels last season in the American Association. Louisville finished fourth in league play, won the post season playoffs, but Mi in tie Little World Series to Attfcta. Shaughnessy' Quits Bears'! NEW YORK (AD-Clart D. Shaughnessy, who popularise* the modern T-formation football; offense, announced here Suidajr night his resignation from : the coaching staff of the Chicago Bears. Shaughnessy's action ends *19- year association with the National Football League club, accounting or most of his nearly SO years in the coaching field. Shaughnessy helped install the T" with the Bears. Later he trough! the ancient baiifcfield alignment back into college* circles with a revolutionary 'and asting impact. 15 College Grid Teams Finish Up Perfect Season By THE ASSOCIATIO PRESS Fifteen college football teams, ted by Southern California, Mis- -- = ---«·· -- *=j sissippi and Dartmouth, finished ^wl her daughter tte 1X2 season with unbeaten, un-' Ski Instructor's Daughter Found Slashed To Death ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (API-The 3-year-old daughter of ski instructor Bruno Geba was found slashed to death in the bloockpat- tered basement of the faipily's home Sunday. Mrs. Erna Geba. 37, was : found In a bedroom suffering from cuts on the stomach, wrists and neck. She was taken to a hospital #here she was reported in critical condition after undergoing surgery. Police Sgt. Mike Lewis sail'the attractive mother told hinr she had slashed the small girl, Mona, with a large knife and a military saber and had attempted to kill tied records Only one team was eliminated from the select list Saturday, last weekend of the regular season. Northern State of South Dakota which had won nine straight, los to Lenoir Rhyne 20-7 in the eastern regional championship game of the NAIA playoffs. Lenoir Rhyne, unbeaten and un led in 11 games, plays another wrfect record team. Central Ok- ahoma State next Saturday in the NAIA title game. Southern Cal, Mississippi and Dartmouth were the only major earns to go through the season unbeaten and untied. The unbeaten and untied: Lenoir Rhyne limit Southern California and College of Empo- herself. Lewis said she couldn't talk enough to say why she had Basketball Scores Mich68. Ball St. (Ind.) M Kansas St. 66. Mich. St. M Dayton 77, Ohio Wesleyan 68 Detroit 76, Assumption (Out.) a St. Louis 91, Macllurray (ffl.) » Notre Dame 87, St. Joseph's :ind.) 73 Indiana 90, Virginia 59 Kansas 68. Montana 56 ' : Minnesota 7S. Wake Forest « Loyola (Chicago! 115, Christian Bros. 53 Iowa 62. Evansville 57 Northwestern 83, W. Mich_74 Bradley 81, St. Thomas (»nn.) Kl * AM, Central Oklahoma State. St. John's iMinn.'. Parsons. Susquehanna and Wittenberg (9-0) Carthage (111. 1 , Earlham and Kai(8-0) and John Carroll NIA ·r TH! ASSOCIATED PRESS Saturday's Results Detroit 117, New York 115 Boston 129. Syracuse 110 Cincinnati 111, Chicago 121 Los Angeles 110. Si. Louis 97 Sunday's Remits Boston 12*. Cincinnati 127 (OT! St. Louis 122. San Francisco 118 Tuesday's Gams Detroit vs. Syracuse a New York Us Angeles at New York Chici-n -' f^ l.ri' ; s amazoo 7-0). ABL Saturday's RtsuHi Long Beach 93, Philadelphia 86 Kansas City 116. Chicago 99 Sunday's Results Philadelphia 89, Oakland 79 Chicago 125. Kansas City 123 Pittsburgh 116. Long Beach 108 Today's Games No games scheduled. Tuesday's Games Long Beach at Pittsburgh Chicago at Philadelphia Ohio St. 62, Utah St. 50 "·'·' S. Cal TO, Denver 62 Wisconsin 72. Air Force M Wichita 83, Wyoming 72 Wash. 64, Colo. St. 59 WEST PALM BEACH, gja. 'AP)-Dave Ragan of OrlaaMo. Fla., survived a flight into a palra tree on the 18th hole and t$en beat Doug Sanders on the seojnd hole of a sudden death playoff in the West Palm Deach Golf Tolur- lament Sunday. FAMILY PARTY Sunday, December 9 2 p.m. V.F.W. Hall Gr««l«y, Colorado THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL HARRY'S · Regular $1.10 Value! Served with Clover Club POTATO CHIPS: Offer (rood Monday thru Thursday, Dec. 3-6 HURT'S DE17IN \ o« DrlTt Tkni at H»rr)''« South Sth Av*. 1:30 t* perjonal stery b-Wwl t Isex survey...from the ct*tr»- Iversial best sellinf neMl. The ADULTS ONLV COLORJ

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