Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 26, 1961 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Page 28
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Miscellaneous 27,Tlun-s., Oct. 2(i, 1901 w l l h » l l l e n t . IVa Household Goodi 301 Classified Rates CASK WITH OltUEll ON OUT OF COUNT* ADS M * word -- 1 U.itrllon, 1« a word-- 3 conntcutiv* InMrlloni. 13e a word~~6 cons ecu lite fnmtfcni. $2.00 ret per I L n « per month. Win- ntira D( two Line*. E*«C7 «h*r day idj to t» ch«rxcd t cut day r»lc, Blind box number* I5e eilr». Minimum ad 10 word*. Mlntinuia Ehare« 60c, J 0 % dLj count from *ta.e tlet II 7Sd · am* d«j of insertion. Ad* ordered till einccllcd, 10 percent dlicount If paid day of «*n(all«tk»n. CLASSIFIED D I S P L A Y 1.06 per column inch. Om of co-Jiity aU |1.10 ptr column Inch, (Volum* rates upon application) ERROIIS TO UK R E r O H T E D AT ONCE- Tht Tribune w[H n u k e r.o il- Classified Index A 'lon» *!- V Aul9 S«r»iefl and Suppllei , ,, 62 ItoaU aiiJ Supplies S Coal »Tid Wood . ! For Kent-- Buildings 2 For Kent-- Farms and Tracla 1 For Rent-- Garagi* 1 For IUab-- Mt. Ilomw. Cabini 2 For Rent-- O f f i c e Spac« « Help W n n l c d ' ,, . House and Auto Trailera i {«al Estate , i Help WinttJ 7 VAITHESS wanted at Cirwttr Coun. Jrjr Club, Apply In r-UiMi call kfUr 'ANTED-- Kx^rknred «illr«w«. Apply in r«*on. Clvdt Gr.TT.«. Harry'* Coffc* Shop. w. fib St. V A N T E D -- RiMlniied Kunea. Ccniril d u t j and f u p c r v U g r . Wrlti Doi S-H. e/o Tribune. ' A N T K D -- M«n with i?rt*.**r truck Josiler to spread ncanur*. Thone 2 5-1 .77 Fit, a f t e r 7 p.m. K I V E f l for Kcnwotih truck ulth ex- C.oo.1 itltrr. Steady *ocV. Call EL H I L D eaie \rt my home. Prefer you live I n . excellent wanes. Would ron- *i-1er your,2 K l r l oc otter woman. Si'anl«h or colored, or mother with one chiM. El, 2-ROES. ECUETAIIY. (shorthand. IBM Kxcc., dictnplionc, one girl office. Homo legal background hcl|.rul. Mco office, locnlion, 5 ,lay week. Prefer mdy 25-35, permanent. Salary opcu. Opening for man used to labor Steady work . (1.50 hr Custodian, prefer man not married 50-00, rosiionsibla, permanent, ativen.iig lioiira -11 p.m Hours not so late on weekends _ Jl 25 hr KXP. STENO., prefer lady in 50's, It. fthorlimnd, typing, miinco, tieu'l office. KKbl.Y UlllLS NEEDED Jf you can type 50-55 wpm., take dictation, opcrnto dicta phono, experienced In genera office Tii.ichlnes and want just temporary office work, please place your application now. It ia fun being a KELLY GIHL. GriEBLEY E M P L O Y M E N T SERVICE Mrs. Gvven Craven, Mgr. 322 Grccley Blclg. EL, 3-01S1 Education and Initructlon WOMEN An opportunity for thnt hettc ioli. A new method of typing Traih Haulini 12 RUDCISll remorej. Ph. £1, MIDI. George Doxcnlnr. ASH anil trash h.ullne. Geo. RuppJc-. KL. 2-6124. k recorded ntinb**. CESSPOOLS. Mpllo tanks. tre»»c traps pum r *i. WhUtak.r. EL 2.C057. CESSl'001.3. leplle Unki. EL 2-7Z5S. or EL 3-186S. W.yn. Abbott. ASH nnd lr«h bu]!ni. Fred Ollv.i. 1'h. EL 2.1389 itirtime. IF ITS tr.»h. tr« h«ul It. ?bou« John Kllr.f. EL Lieu. Mov;ng and Storagi 13 1IOVI.SU anil ilnrac* problciiul Cill L t l f t r l , M o r l n i and SU-rist, EL 2.65S6. KOn k«l or J o n g dliUnc* movlrw, tc« 2-1351. 408 26tb Strict. WunXd to R«'n* }4 WANTKI) to fenl-- Kroit free I'.oraBe Ttxrai. S53-JJSO. W A N T E D to rant-- Two btjroom horaf wilhln BhorL d r i v i n g dittaucc o Crccley. .Some ncrc»i;e. Oil Jncl HKrhcll. Kl, l - l l l l , diyi. Foi Rent -- Homes 1! COUNTJIY t«o bedroom home. AT i-im. T H R E E roo^i ho;;so at \Mb\~ 10th SI Cill Oder 6. Elj 8-13S1. " FOR RENT-- Nice S bflroorn home 1116 per mo. EL 3-ZQD4. rrr month. KL 2-1333. TJtRKK room ho'.Ke, partly iurn., to rent. 1«23 12th St. TWO bedroom dup]«x for r*nt- Ca 323-1724. FOft RENT-- Small tlir« room (urn liln-l Kouto. EL 2-5142, f'.-onlnu. ONK bodroom duplex. New. futr.lihec A.lullj t:0. EL 3-11W. EL 2-210 ONE bedroom house. I bik. from co lcx«. US rer mo. KL 8-1U9. JoTnc lUiltr. CLEAN, furnhfel uMni. 1 TOOTH vriih bath, u t l l i t k i . 150. Ml N. lit Avenue. FOR HENT^-Furr.l»hed B room kou- Can bo Been Fr]., Sat. and Sun. 11 12th Street. F U R N I S H E D . n«w, modern 3 beiroo houje. Bror.twood. Ch]t]ren wgleom H2S. EL 2-1719, alter 1 :03 p.m. llth Ave. John ITollon, Droomflel Colo. INKCiioll -3053. SMALL turn, house. Gal f u m l l ed. Baby MelconM. Scoll'n Trail Salei and Court. FOR SALE or lease-- S bedroom bri hcrae. IVj bath, ffaraEe. 2311 24 r Street Koad. · TWO bedroom cabin to o!d a led Spa uhiit fo-J don't Tv-ml i u c a r t 11*1 Hi lha Won- l l u l . IC33 Ut Avc. KL Mh St.. fice. I'll. I nml oil hcMeri. am err 111 1 * W r j t r l e w Conn 10 l O t l i Kl. KI". M302 ;, u n t i l 8:30. K*Hoii In y o u r r n n l n i t u i Coiul to Coast Store, B 1x112 BIH. Unvt-rsp ro lLy|i 'ifsfc, (Jl.rinie MrJ r:i ·ill 3-2108, or Kb 2-235S r~fninll]r I n u i K l r r *«*« nl W h i l e Launtlrjr. Wash I folilcd. U Hoi. cnljr P Ivcry. O i l 1111. Avc. JsAVl--S I f n . SKK Hauii'i' lot U nilac. Wo imy u l i d N- t l l h A v c TI11KTY Inch t!«lTle r i n i f t , rni.di.ton. CO. JUG 30th 3-2291. K W , motlerti b u n k l-cd», lUfl * 10. s. di lr I'-nnts. ^5, Now ltus» LiiKhr y o u r o w n .uttm ami a ribr*«]at*, vroo-l enrpnrts. Fire t me Service. KI. 2-CCOS ns urn 1 . Lcnrllv T.limOTi!ilo ro-.iKK. Uu w i n dbrrnVn «ir o( L u i 1-^512, nd C'-ns L uiB. *tc. KOrnnmly - , L.I ywitr h l t c h c - fin Page 29 Hay. Grain. Feed, Straw 40 W A N T [o ro/il bcot top pwtar* «r 3-0172, ifler p.». OK H A L B - C ^ I Kit 3-H12. ·J F « l r « e r i 3 ltd. J'h. -nl firm.. rtolhlr.R iur«. ·'·II for le 1 ' KL VI-310C. l A V E N l ' O U T , OL* tlllkm. ns.'20.!G . 11UY llii Inwcsl bnt In area C u r n U u r * *t Ihi coil *nd tnko nn chur.fc* "' din TnulliiB r«3l. 2 ml!ri F'OH SALE-- H» n«llvcrc.l. D n n y, itr» Kctlr, Park h 8-tl»l. I UK S t u c k m i n -- W A N 1 K D -- J' L-rr( to|i.i. o.- KL 2^3 re (or taltlf. Cof», , «t«. Call KL S*0888/ Liveifock W A N T to ronl icct top pMVira f co^n. KI. 3-0172, ·tier p.m. F O f t B A L K r -- 1 ipringln.1 heifer. KI, ^-?;:17. KOU SAI,t--ltrcwfi S«i^« heifer, ii»riiii:cr. Ph. K h 2-CSC1. ornitng-, La Snlli : «.i1S wool r u g ; t-..::,^; .he K ( j 2-716:1. :hon i i i i i l j i o u KALI-.--A to y q u a l i t y Appal* 015 Eth j t u r ] , la ir.nulfei old. No j-easomi VOU SAT.K--fietl f u r n i t u r e f r o m 6 Slovoi, rcrrJptcralor*. cm i v u l f r heat cm, couches. bc«K . r h k l t A C a l l El. [ u n t i l B. (hen KI- 3-ltHG. -- buj p ills re- nleti'^. SI-XL rail don'l w a n t ccUcJ tlnlljr A u c t i o n .M - i l n j 7 p.m. 1'rivnto *alo i.fillj Fir Ant-lion. 7no Fli-it Ave EU l,ATi; iltl fiK refrik-rr-T f r n ; l , i v - i n p out .i w i n t e r i o r , Alxi f,V. a-ihcr. iirrrrct ron.l.tlon. n n l l e . KI' 2-12-13. Money to Loon 31 .J.VJo prir.ti io-'em nV.op . Wo follo t-ft l i t r TWO bcilroom turn, a tad biMrninl apt. Wo3sipr, R" puiiJ. TV hookui». Cliit- rtrtn OK. 516. Ph. KT- 2-5277. FOR BENT--Apirtmanl. fn unfurtilshcd. Children. £L X52-6530. W O R K I N G m»n (o ihara i other man. J25 r f r J 110 ' 2-1947. CLAHENDON furr.ishinca. 2-1R24. b u f f t t ipt-. I n c l u d i n g 145. 902 bth SI. EL FURNISHED » room apt. 1 pi-ivi\l« K*lh. good heat, ulIMUci KL 2-J40. FOR RENT--Ijrze 4 room f u r n l i m*in floor apart me nt Inquire 7th Art. EL 2-4176. lt*r 6:30, TV-R«dio Services ,,_ t'scd Cars and Trucks -- WRnt«tI To Rent Lost and Found FOUKB--Deliixe LheKey v-iiat watch, K ray bfind. 201 16th St. EL 3-1716. SJTKAYED--8DO Ib. Hohtfln heifer. 4 miles w«t Ault. 1 BO-Jthj I neat. Call hh (40 plin utilities. KI. S-3C24. You too may type up to 60 words per minute in just 4 short iveoks. Also, of course, steno- COMPLETELY furn. i and 2 bedroom s c r i p t , a form of shorthand us- cottages. \Ve*k)y and monthly rttci. iup tlio letters of tho alphabet, " " This also will be, offered as a 1 week course. Mrs. Swc.zlg's studio will be located at 2613 6th Avc. 353-3454. ONE Iftrs* rootn farn. apt., J2G month Aho 1 bedroom unfurn. apt. Call 2-3770. 6-8 p.m. LOST-- Dlond eollsc 1 rr. o!t!.' A n n to name Yog!. 610 6 t h . Ave. J-.Bfi5. K«WMt. EL OST-- D »rk~~8t*y «!uteli purse with bUlfoM eontaitiinff important p»p«n, K«P Tnon^y, r e t u r n papcri. Iteturn to Kathy W l n n , 1612 llth SL EL S-U23. tedroon houje for _ niontbi. Adulli. No pcta. 2220 llih StreeL fcL 2-505. FURNISKBI) four bedroom bou«, bathi. it 1228 Sth Ave. Call Ault 2S7-4447. 'OR. RENT--four rocm i*n\l-baie. npt Partially fuxnUtic-d. Call i,L 2-1761 for appointrr-.E nt. FOlt R K N T -- T h r« roon. fur n tshed bki«mtnt apt. Utilities pa Ed 2123 Slh Aveave. Ptrsonoli GUARANTEED watch and clock repairing. G_r«_ybea1 Jewelry. FOR drinkine piob'.eai eon tact Al ceholtea Anonymoui, 2608 1th Ave. P 0, 1209. EL 2-6901, £L 2-34S5. Transportotlon ELLS HtBt A Car, MZ N. llih Ave. EL 2-7660. W« delivtr. AnytfmB. CAR rentftli, dally, weeVly, monthly. GreeUy Leasing Ccmpuny. EL 2-9174, IVXi 8th Arc. ^ten and Women Ncfided TO TRAIN FOR CIVIL SERVICE JOBS We Prepare Men and Women Age 18 to 65. No enparionce necessary, Kraramar school edu* cation usually sufficient. Permanent job, no layoffs, shorl ;. High pay, advancement Send name, home addres phono number and time home. Write Box O-34, c/o Tribune. !£ rural, give direction. FOR KENT--One or S bwlrootn motll* homes. catnp«rs, pickup coaches NtHien HlT»r*ld« Court. EL 2-18CB DUPLEX--- Two Vcdroom, FurnUlicJ c unfurnished. Built-in oven »nd Carp«t, dr*p«. monj utru. EL 8-0353. NEW duplex, 3 brfioomi. bu.U J oven, rnnKe, diipo*tl, ToU of e*b neta. W.l\ to nail carpeting, AdulU, no ;eu'. SI10 tnonlb. 2-5589. £ RENT-- I room rHrn1*hfil «pt.. in, all modern. EL 2-3123. b*- FOK clo for* 6 p.m. lRS. Two y« (13,05 IJ-Tolt) Rape's Gas FOR SALti^AHIflclal lom, foam rose center j'iww, foam rubber pllk Call El, 2-.1H2. ViiSPA mntor irnot«r. Exet?llenl eon- d.l.oii. with wltiilrihlcld. 2C27 llount- air T.tnc. 7.F, 2-S047. FOR SALE,-- Small 2 room huuie to bo ovei). A-tyjc b«i: houses far i \\AVf, meut locator). Will locate, for 'I, the burled on your pl«cc W r i U Pox IM7. Trlbun*. USKD SlEif!«r oil htatera vrilh blower; Y o u r Slcfflcr deatcr. Downtown Coiat to Coait, 81 "i 3th SI. IJalteiy r e p a i r i n a . lU-L.uil lori and »Urto». All t y p tunoiipi anil repairs. Un-'l rlchii|«. liow rrlcp.«. ra John p rho:» 1 .sfir.*« Clnr^KP, Avo. Th. KL 3-1643. eo;,j n intvl ItrEng . ?h. KI, !*"»». O :.. »S.OJ i:oncr.T- Farm Ranch Loans LONO TEUMS - LOW I t A T K ASA T. JONES, JR. 3ij Ycrtra Loan Corrcsponflenl of aui! K n n R a s City Lifo Insurance c-irj nnil COILl|KlTiy. Cllftnrd O. Campbell. MRI-. te 001 Rlh Get your him Ling and tlshins licenses and other sporting goods at tho now MERK.LL/S WESTV1,E\V COAST TO COAST STORE 2110 10th St., Greelcj Ph. EL 2-4*02 Open evenings until S:30 1010 Stll Avc, Ph. Kb 2-GUf A K T I r ' I C l A f , brcr.linj. Co'Jrteoui «!· crcr.l tf-rvlfc with A.B.S. ptoc*d rd. J-:[j ?-ai.OZ. H V K S K H ' K B p r a y l n H . Ovsr 20 j«Rfi -.l.rri.'nr-. i'h. EL 3-163G nnt SAI.I:--i » l l In Ms. nl 1.. Hmot! Olo. M K i l f n ,100 airH bre.l CWM. \ G ml. eo-jth of Prosi crnian'l, or e.^1] Y.rr ·ri 8-2171 for k. Eltslr im. OH SAI.K -- !"0 l l c r f f n r d rrarlin* Blcorj. cr.c brnn.l. CS5 to 725 lb.: ZOO l l . r o f o n l Ai.qm ar.-l cro»lirKl cnlvts. u i l l i n r o ' i n . l 1,040 him! Intal th!« Sa-.u'dnr. Oil. 2?. Yinn.-i Livestock A n r l i : o . Y ' l i n a , Coin. U l i ItKN 1 !'--\Vint-r .IU KO in rrurc t« a-'it^ ro. cirn sui thrJ,. wln.llir l»Lll. :illf ]llonts- rl i-l. l'h.:i:c l.llu i - a s l n r c . C»n h»n. u-*. l*ct tops, 75 lhK. tie.. bi« cor- .ik, \#.\'.cr foun- f n U a hay If ne«1- GLASSIES tc-palrci BroVea Un dup]ica'..xJ. New Ciatnea, Grcelcy Oi:!ia-.l Co., 812=^ 8 A V I . EL 2-EoT 1RK Dnlanclr.E -- cnly $1.00 per p»s- itnritr tire. Wclrht. f r e o l 0. K Rubber W.IJtrs. N. l l t h Ave. CABINET ·lock ol Planing RENT--Clean, tumlsbea k u f f e l Iwo room apts. On. ot SED oafc Blorc fixtures in 8 It linns. Downlovrn Coasl to Coaat, 61 9th Strwt. ~ 10 ii ne. I'h WAKTEI--TnUa MW. S In. blade. Gr«elef IJMe. Suppl adult«. IJeal IK . 1411 ttb Ave FOR RENT--Clean bMemenl n p n r ment. slov. and hMt furnUheO. Si after f» at 619 Z3rd St. THREE worn furnished basement apt Vri7al« entraneft and bath. WorVln exiuple preferred, 1710 lith Ave. 2-J18S. Business OpportuniH*! Announc*mentt Vi'ANTKD-- 2 ir.en Tvlth $250 each or an anil w i f e with tSOO to invest in tx-frv route. Write 'Box U-38j e/o THINKING of bley*lr*T Tbinlc of Alk^re'a Sporting Goodi. EL 2-6301. SELF-SERVICE dry cleaning. per lead. Clrusic Cleanir.n Center. CO Sth . EL 3-S874. PILLOW cle»nlr.K. Ftatbcn B [«riliied, deodoriied, clesr.ed and plawd in new high grade ticks. Call Nil-Way Pillow Sorrlcf, KL S-SOli. Profenional Services GUNSMITH In town! Yes «lrl At Alklr.'l Sr«TtiiiB Goods. EL t-801 TIANO toning «n3 Tcpairlnj, AUo privaU tutoring on dTums. vibra phone. xyloFlionp, etc. ?birr-cr.y nnJ counterpoint. Al Davis, V. 0. Box 112, Eaton. Colo. Ph. Eaton 4fl- Buiincii Services SituotcDns Wanted 10 rOUSF.WOTlK wanted, or Ironing my horno. S53-2265. WANTED--Yard work fay hiih icbool toy. Ph, EL 2-B4SD. \V ANTED--Ironing. Cnll EL 2-4314. ECONOMY TalnUnsr Serrie*. Fr(« entl- n-.atca. Imn-.cdlal* service. EL 3-3270. WANT--Ironing in my Ph. tL 8-4S05. 'WANTED--AH typ« t iftwins nd alt«nalions. AT «-658, NVA-NTED--Ironini. KL, 2-1128. WANTED--Ne\T bufldinff or lemodeV- ,z, tom or eounlrr. Call !«*.SSOO all. cottage. Jiut like . Kr.a house. All furnished, utilities . Rp«sonabT» lent. Children weltorr... Jlenl payable by w««k or month. Grtclar U1-, tSOi 10th SU FOR LEASE of «al*--Can o. tiled .t nlc. 4 bedroom horn, or 3 bedroom FOR RKNT--I.arze beautiful ! room .partrr.ent. to waN ca peting. drapts. rcfriieralor atovi. Campus Vharmicr. IlEASOyAlll.E 3 large room furn. . Private bath .ml entrance. Utillti paid. Steam heAt. i n d i v i d u a l contro Laundry room. EL 3-4160. THREE room a«ml-bai«m«nt furnlih apt. Tnrat* cntraDC* end bat Lovely kHeV.en. Wood floon. AT» oik, itorm laih. Comiilctc w«t coat lumber. WnrcJ HT1 Co. EL ?-70B(. BIOYCLEK. Ui?4 Ml«lton frcm « op. Guns, ftDimuriillonj f l i h i n g lack; too. Alktte'i Sporting Good*. 121 71 St. KL 2-KQ1. FYPEWHITERS, »ddln K machine ntn and usexl, Salet and aeivl Work ruartinteed, E4 Feidriaiu. E 2-0066. 1201 lUh ATO. A L U M I N U M * Storm Doors *· Storm Windows ft Awnings ft Siding Greeley Glass Shop Farm Loans LOW COST LONG TERMS M A N Y PRIVILEGES KEYS AGFNCY First National Bank Bids, rccley EL 2-0070 FARMERS. R A N C H E R S I n Greclcy Area 3 and ?5 cash paid for fi'Gsli dead cows and horses. $5 to $10 for crippled and down horses and cows, · (Call AS Soon as 1'OEsible A f t e r A n i i n n l Dio-s) InnnC'lLate Sorvlcfl Seven Days a Week -- Night or Day Call Collect: Grccley EL 2-1788 LEE DOG FOOD CO. Boats Supplies 35 YANTK1) -- Someone to a^nrv.e pay- liicnU en I t C O fil-cri.-lfi! bo.itini; out- lit. Connk-le. C u l l F.L 2-0127. J O H N S O N Kcj ice. Wilbcr's l O l h Strreu - l l a r s e talcs Dn 2102 Poultry 42 l l t : K K nn.i K 111. 2-SU3. f o r anle. I ' O U l / I I E Y iv a n t c d. Aho euitom ilrcfiinc Mor.ilay thresh FriHay, EL 2.IZ6.J r.rot-ley P o u l t r y IIoui«.~ 1111. · 7th Avenue. Pel Slock Y O U R S for the aski 111. I-70J7. IFT. HoTcr puppies MR. UOAT O nllxxtTd motors. Complct ei ami icrvire. Rcync'.d Co.. Lilt ISth St. Da you knew thai 1'Ott SA1.10--1 black Min!e liiilH'y. ChUii»liim._Cill »l 1317 91b FOH KAI.K.-- Sinmcjc Bluer.*. KI. 2-C074. K U i U l l l N E S . licplcal fiih. S u p p l i f l . !.«·. 633 Hlh Arc. Th. EL J.S17I. C H I H U A H U A puppies, 1 tn-.all male. PILLOV^S mad* n«w again by cleaning, aterHclTiET. deodorlslnc. and plac- inK fealhcn in new tirkinff. Call Nu-Way 1'illov 3«rvlc«, EL J-3011. BICVCLR--10 apniii, like new cor.Jl- Uon, Rrltiah b u i l t , cantepnji, tools, lock, t o u t i n g batr, light, IK.HO. EL 2-SJ97. FOIl SAL-Ciarwe enulrment. Al«o Hunler front cue! machine. B U T Service, 3919 Dlh St. EL 3-076^, after P A I N T I N G nfl decotatlr.a. Gilbert IIABY «toe bronzing. Satisfaction guai antoed. Putty CaVes. KL, 2-E02S. GRSELBY CurUIn Oleanere. No pi p.t ? k.: 706 8th Ave. Ph. EL 3-U3B. CABINET Bbop. New work and repair. Greeliy T.nmher Co., 2406 10th 8t, PORTABLE welding, eicctrlc and ac.tyjene. Reasonable raUa. Uroivn- los Ciirasi. KL 3-5516. BICYCLE repairs, all makes, models. Alkirs's Eportini Gsod:. Camfieli! Hotel Bldg. EL 2-SS81. . EL 2-6073. after 6 D.m. THOM1SON Floor Sanding. Ph. EL 3.QSC-5. ItlS 6lb St.. Greeley, Colo. BABY iltllng In tn home. d«y fOR THOSE toft b«ctcrl» f r o di en, eall Greeley Diaper Service. Will wash, yourj or rent you ouri, EL 2-3192. Hilp Wonted sitting In tny . 171 Sth E!. KI. 1-29CS. HOUSKKEEPER for m»n alone. EL 2-7501. WANTED -- Wallnu. Apply 1» P«- son. Jaik'. Birtieua, 82Z lib, St. WANTED--Reeky JIount«in New. ear- ri.ri. fh. EL e-«!CO. W A N T E D -- Experienced mechanic. Pb. Aull 257-8P2I. u-r.kj »nd eesspools cleaned. Ucasonabla rate.. Call EL 2-170. GUAllANTEED painting and poper hanging. For free eitlraatra, c a l l Dun Moore, EL 2-4936. CEPSI'OCLS, grease traps, pumped. Free inspection, rk EL C u n n i n g h a m . CUKIi and gaiter, ttd« walkl. dike- ayj. P.HOJ. floors and bl«V wort. .nd II Ctment Co. EL 2-5lo2. MINTING, resiientln) maintenance t ipetialty. First elais worjc and rna- lerial. L. S. MePanlel. Th. EL 2-02SO. r R E N C H I N C for ·alii, septic and ]t«Hr.« fields. La Falle arc. AT (-7B32. W A N T E D -- Eiperfrr.ced waltrejs Klaht shift. Call AT 1-69211. PAINTING -- Exterior, Interior, Ira- WAITRESS n-antcd. -- Eveni=^ ,hllt- Apply in person. Cottonwood Inr. Eaton. W O M A N to help "llh cleaning on Frl. days. Must hav« references. EL 2-JC61, after t. WANTED-- Strong man for yard level- Ing. Must hnve own tran*porta:ion. Call EL 2-90M. WILL proviiU home ar.J salary for right middle-aged woman in «x- for chIM care. Call EL 2-6?17. WANT;D-- Ilcslir.i? service M-sl be experienced. Good opportunity I f i right man. Writ. Bo* U-!6. '/·' Tribune. WANTED-- Experienced waitress. No Sunday or holiday work. Apply 1" person. Jonesy's Cafe, 821 ILtb St. or call EL 1-7178. BAYLY M a n u f a c t u r i n g Company, p er sewing m n e h i n e nperators -- r tions now open. We t r a i n jo'J. C a l l personnel office for appclntmer.t. i-l. 2-RI6?. WANTED immediately--Music:"" *«' weatern band. Someone (r.lertsted in recording for AI!-St»r Rccoriling Co. Steel guitur, drums, bass fMdle. Cor.- Uet M I c k r y Brooks, 620 27lh SI. MEN or women-2--rarn J2.00 I" «£.« per hour. Choose jour hours, l u l l f i part time. A p p l y 82! Oth Ave. hr- tween 8 and 10 a.m., or call tl. for appointment. 1 a.m. A r t Wi:isU CUSTOM torn combining. Frank Kck. h i r d i Jr. U Salle 2S4-J43S. CUSTOM coin ti-.mblnlrr. H»ro!d fMr- roTM. KL Z-2178. CUSTOM plowlr.*. Luthtr. EL 2-3IM. TJAV b.l:nj;. *lr« H.lh-ler. EL .. To the Klh St. picking, shelling LeP-W R a j t u r n . Bartender · Night Shift Top Wages Experienced CAPER CLUB CUSTOM corn corn riryir.a. 5-785". CORN «mllnlr.« or pliVinz. Elevat or fuTni«ted. »10 Per ."e. Luther. K.T. 2-SI91. H A Y ar..l "Ira" t.linz tern»ttea] blier. Pa-J with 3 room apt, to iut-kai», Nc-w- lf dMoratei,. Dtapea, bllr.d*. eur- ta ni. Camtron arhool, eolleff.i loca- t on. Ph. EL 2-3tS7- t'OJl RKNT-- Six-zoom bcratt. Thre* beJro-jmu, CoHipUtelj 1 furnished. General Elcctrio kitchen. Full baje- cicnt. R«?crc»[1on room. Utility room with washer, dryrr. $160 p f r month. Couple Tr«ferred. Call D»re Mnntran, Whreler Realty Company, £L 3-0346. For Rent -- Roomi 16 ROOM, crlTfttti b*tB, walk In closet. Oil 6tb StrecU R001IS for 1 lady or ecuplt. 810 *li Slrtft. EL M68. MARTIN Jfotel -- Weekly »tiJ bionth- ly rat« to worVini peopla. TV. NICE, clean bedroom with pr.raK batG. Rcasonahlc, by week, Motel Uoovcr. 213 llth A«nu«. DASEMEKT »le*-phiu room for * m a n . EunyiHa Ct, J742 lit AT«. EL 2-6592. COMFORTAULK front room for *rr.- Floyftd woman or student. EL 8-3^2, l«fora 10 J SLEKPJNU room, OIon In, Clean, Working p«r*oa. IOU 10th St. El. r 2-1713. ROOM for lent with horr.f pr3vil«S. Lsdy or eoyp!«. Ph. EL 2-1030. 439 14th Avenue. r STERLING Bolel. Roomi will, or with- 1 out bath, monthly cr w«k.y. Rates «l low as $7.50 l*r w?ek with bath. Maid eervici, phor.e, cafeteria, park- ir.ff lot All convtni«ncej. ROOMS from (Z5.0. per cr.oalh. Elet., Coffe* Shop, parking lot, Phonef. ^ rr.aid lerviee, all onT., workCne «· pit, «wutir« mnd Btntor elthteni. Rtx0i» without bath, roomi with t hath, radios »cd tclerlikin. Lanehej picked. Roon and meal rale* hy the month. Really your b«t dial In town. Thfl CamfleW HoleL k For Rent-- Apli. 17 - TWO room apt, r«ar. J35 tr.onlh. i- L! 2 ht* fura. EL 2-3420. '' FOK RENT-- 2 VdrooTn trailer on Jot t Scclt Trailer 6al«3 ar4 Court. 1 FOR RENT-- Furn. apt., 2 b*drooir.» 1114 19th St. EL 2-SG19, after 6 p.m iT TWO hHroo^ upilaln di-artir-ent, 1227 TM 12th Ave. C*!l EL 2-G570. , NICE 1 bedroom trailer ho-J»*. J4S.CO *; Utilities paid. 1101 Eait ISth St. J. FOUR roo^i u n f u r n . »pt-, IM. Utilit 3 pflld. lf-2* 1th Ave. EL 3-0145. £ ONE 07 two room farn. apta. Siirf t, bath. 3C2 l»th SL EL »-76*0, furnished spflrlment. Ckwe in. For 11 wrklnfc sir?. 1201 «th St., Apt. 17 GrteUy. M c H f r n , unfurnished. N( doca. Fh. 284-7S35. l^a Sal. Store and r«fr.?«r*l-rr or Forced »ir f u r n a e e , 0»k floon, Ph 2. 284-7945. T« FO'R RENT -- Downtown apartments 725 10th St. Reaionahlc rate*, Im mediate po3i«jlon, partially famish "' ed, Opdykt Aseney. EL 2-6747. FOR RENT-- J room furnhbed bis* ar ' me^t apt, wotkinB co-jpip. No chi dren or peU. 2316 Slh St- Fh. El 3-112!. THRKR rnom furn«t.ed apATlmdl In Itit-lvld-jal keat, private balh »n e n t r a n c e . TV «nUnna, Call r.l 22 , I S t h Slrecl. tL NF.WLY decorated »*m.baicm*nt ap UtiMlifs. privaU bath, ]»ur.dry, »twr abl*. 1621 Sth Arc. FOR KCNT -- Nles apurtmenl near Grwley UiRh SciooL 196 mo. Alao, BTnall hoiisa on Sth Av*. EL 2-2776, G to 6 p.m. STEAM heilcd «pE4-ln.Mit In Kenalnf- loii Apartmenta. Conrenlent to «bop- pinir *r«a. Ph. EL 2-04W, or «ft«r 6 r .m. KL 2-3 B02. FURNISHED ccmpUtely, 1 and 1 b*d- room aptJi.. earajre, TV, "U!«pboo«. Hero** «treft from ihoppfng center -and laundromat. Utilllfes p a i d j weekly and m o n t h rates. 240» 10th 8L towall carpctn], etos. to ibopplrt area. 1 larg. betraom, H v t n z rm., kit. and li!« bilh. Ir.g. *01 Park Place H!dg.. or Ph. EL 2-OJM. or EL 2^058. FOR RENT-- Small, nleelr turn. ·«- ond floor apt Close fn. Utilities paid. TV antenna. Snilabfc for workinr Jady. CaU to r.** at 112i tth £t^ Apt 1, or i'h. EL 1-1713. 2 rm. turn, buffet apt. 557.50 Utilities furnished. ET,gin 2-4759 few 2 bedroom apta partly 'urnished. Unfumished 2 bedroom Du- )lex. Ph. EL 3-1888 foi R«n( -- Building. 10 BWLDING lor I«nl at 1!5 10th Bt El. Z-SXM. Ir.jr. 4.COO .1. ft- 1705 l.l Av«. FOR KENT -- Brlc^c building- in La S.lie. *,000 ST tt. plM foil baae- rr.ent and a room apt. AvaiUb!« Od 20. day. EL 3-3000; afUr £, t.L t-0610. Offiei SPOCI 12 ONE room odic*. I6th St., o**r college HO rr.o., lutL beat, H«bt- EL 2-0(03 GROUND floor ofdea scaci. 1019 ICt Are. Ph. EL t-Mlt. OFFICE .pae. for rtnt !· RulMlnsr. Newly oeorat«d. [nqair Wccelei Realty. EL t-M«. FOB BF,NT-Offic. apse.! 1 unit 1180 1 onit UN I 1 unit »'5- All 0 around floor. Cimpus Pharmacy. CHOICE tndern alr-«ndltlor.ed ofZLe space at.ilable. Contact First Na ticr.Al BanV. OFFICE, grcvt.i floor, 2 zooir.ff, eondllioued, watir-z room aecoraL dollor... 1811 »th St. EL H011. OFFICES tor rent. Ekr.lor. ntllltta janitor senlres fcrni*hed. All co r.aiencei, ir.e-Vjdini parking, R* reasonable, Camfiela Hotel. FOR Rt-NT -- I «ro 4 room XII suites a»all.W«. 2n fl«», P» Place Buildinn. S21 Stb St. Inrjui No. 210. Ph. EL M75Z Ol EL WH . FOR RENT--tkrea room oflk. auit i Newlr dfrcoratei Utilities f u r n U b e d I Wheeler Eealtj Co.. IS3I Sth Av Call Date Hangar,, EL 1.0346. n «?«l]«blo In Crteley Btrlldlns. E s rator service. Arply 3: f Gre«l aso. OR RENT-- Over l.XOO Items. Open Sundays and we*kHnys ercept Wei!- nesday. At s.m. location 8 yrs. Unit Ror.Lili. 516 2Sr,l Av.. EL 3-0510 N C O N D I T I O N A L L Y BU.nrtntceil used {[ru -_ A |t AJ7CS. Northern tiecern] Tire Inc.. 2710 Sth Avo. Fu. EL 2-2 60S. LL trpea beauty *otV dor.* by ,u- pcr^tsed sl'-denlj at Jirc-atly reduced Bricei. Giwley Beauty School, 8MV, Sth Street. Household Goodi 30 FLOOR. SAMPL APPLIANCES, T 1 ! RAN 40 in. Whirlpool Deluxe, 1 30 in. RCA Whirlpool, Re WAS! RCA Whirlpool Imperial Keg. $399.05 HCA Whirlpool single ho Reg. 5229.95 DRY 1 RCA Whirlpool Imperial Reg. ?329.95 ... FREE 1 RCA Whirlpool 11 Cu. f Reg. $229.95 1 RCA Whirlpool 37 Cu. f Reg. ?349.05 ..... TELEV 2 RCA Victors 23 in. with Reg. ?'139.95 _ - 1 Philco 23 in. Maple cabi Rorr TR1 OS 1 Philco 23 in. Blonde ca 1 Philco 23 in. Mahogany Reg 5369.95 1 RCA Victor 23 in. Lo-T Reg. ?3'19.95 -- 3TE 2 Ultratone, 6 speakers, 1 2003 3th St. EL. 2-8263 Christmai Gift Guide 2 - Make The New Westview · Coast to Coast Stove ' Your Toy Headquarters . 2410 10th St. ' Ralph Merrill , Jlanajfcr Household Good! 30 WANT to L'.iy or trnrfe a n t i q u e dishes, f o r n i l n r o . F!L 2-2M6 or KL Z-5CSO. Evan. Kurailuio SlorV El' 2-OOES. KOll SAI.K nl 0. II. J!r.v!f:cia res - denrci \Valn:.l dir.inir set. roll'j [· dcsV. rili, Jc:iny Lin.l K-!. Irt'k- iholvGl. olkCT it^.s. KL 2^51. 1C3Z 5lh Avonu«. I CLEARANCE V's and STEREOS ICES »£. $109.05 now ?159.05 HERS Mark 12 now ?2G9.95 ose Autoraaiic now ?170.0a fERS 1 M n r V 19. oulKoard mo'.or routs you nolhini- *\ Caneftdk fctatlncT 2*18 \0tn St. EL 2-lR?3. Sporting Goods 35-A FOH SALl-i-- 30-CG r.nffeld r i t l r , cx- 1..11-C. (JaU KL 2-2501. rOK SAL,t:~\Vinc.:cster \Z R a u a e «u t/imntlc i h c c u n . tL 3-.ZC3. U'IN'ClfKSTEH *IrJel 70. 30-56. Lik TiowJ^a Farm Kauipir.ent, 40 J S t h St. KL 2-^517. A R L 3 N 23CA 30-30 C a r b i r f . Lil«. nc^v. Itcj-noMs Farm Fiuipmcr.f, 40 ISlh St. KL ?-*i-n. U K W A E . K of lirst ifJaTic.! "hnrBS^ns." Sea t: J before yo u b'.: ,- · W i n . fo^ Jlern. Mcrf. R70. f T 4 . S O ; Wcavtr K · c^rea. 1^2.50. npl.iail.nt; nf hi-tx)wcr abtfls. tJ.CO rer box. AlhlTe'n Srorf- IIIB Goo t !j. C.TPifielr. ITofef Bide. Buy of t h e Week 30-06 rifle, 8 .AIM Mauser 20 gauge shotgun 1005 22nd Ave., a f t e r 5:30 F r u i t s and Vegetables 39 DKLICIOIJS apples, 81.75 l.uihel. i'ctc HantlhoMl. 6 1 /i n-.ilcs wc^t 1st St.. I^i* eland. APl'LES. Jonathan, Delicious. GoJdpn D f H H o u i . Retail »n.l V holes ale. A l a o pclatocs. c:Jer. McCleilan:1 Orfhar..(. Z 1 ^ inilfA so'.ifh t-'t. Collins VVKST Slora applei ar.J p e n i s : erfti«- f r u i t , ornnnes. and toTnatoca ; pot"toe*, onior.i, an. other vecetahlfi. Dale 1 ! Fruit an-I Vceetalile Mkt.. 1503 6 tb St. EL 2-0021. \Vesfcrn Slope APPLES Jonathan and Delicious Roman Beauties Wholesale and Uetail Joe's Apple Market -119 ISth Si. Kb 2-G071 S Mos, Mi«ht tr^le fur nice fcmali. NO TWIG. LovelariJ, "llOVIOAL f i s h , plant*, ami ncrcsinr- ic«. Woler.I.asid. 2331 C'.h Si. EL 2-25??. filter!, air pu m p a (Aerator*). Frank's Seed and Hatchery. 109 10th Street. CAN'AHIHS. Pnr^fjeeta. r i a m n s t c r j , c-iyes. cornplet« J i n o of pet supplies. FranJi'a SccJ a n j Hatchery. 703 10th Street. Sewing M a c h i n e s -- V a c u u m s 44 V A C U U M eka-sors. Service and p*rti for aJl makra. Call Ed ftny «t iicpp'j. rh. EL a-onz*. TV-- R a d r o -- Servicea 46 COSSOLK PKilco ra.lio /or pale. A-l ^likiic. Af.pir.e 7-140?. ShW L V picture tubes, J34.35 fruUlJed. Ks*y Icmn. fc-L 2-5130, a f t e r 6. TV 9 - o ^ T (Jail TV boapLUl. Completi ?rr.-ire. n i l makes, i'h. EL 2-0116, i:L ?-."«3EO. ]214 lih St.. E i a n i , LIHED TVs l u l J y reeor.ditlo/ie.1 and i:uarantc«l. IS0.95 tl" Jown. 110 m n n t h . KL 2-513U. a f t e r 6. USKD TV sets, fullr « n a r a n t f f l d ; a'so n-TM Sylvan la TV. Ili-H, ar.d Stereo. TV Elosritat. 1234 7th St. Evanj. EL 2-0113. EL 2-5350. Musical Instruments 47 TANO n n l n c *n,l re pair! tic. Work iriiAranlceJ. Hox 772, Kston. Ph. 405. Real Ertate 48 -'OK SALV.-2 itr.lruwm. (.:ll bavrr.enj h e m p on sn-.all Tot, in the ccuntrTj ck-«e to ratfir.. Th. Kitwn 26i. KOK S-\liIv-- Thtc* Lolroom home v.-jth all c.\tc£* In HilN-.l". Nothir.g to do hut TII QMS isi. Imji.filiate prt-stsfion. Cnll BL 2.2C1, or LL 3-«34. W I L L lra.!? m? 3 bc!iocm Ilillsld* hr-m* foe *tU'ltnt Lnr.:me pcopSTly. or w i l l sell (or !1C-:0. aaJiiir-e C.I. ban, Kl, 2--ifl3fi. 1 V/!LI, tT = ic fc.7 jiiitir to.y.ty In a, f.iu!v new 2 or 3 bcdrtxitu house, munthly p n y m e n l s 3en tha^ J100, my c x c e p l L c t i R i l y clean 1917 Dodire Sierra 4-floor s t f t l i o n v.icon rurcha.*c« new at \VtV.» Mnlcr. This wi,?on ha» fnc'.ocy air c o n i l i t i . - n i n i 7 . Fafe'.y tell*, \\l!i" Vi'czl^^viUe H u U-^7, e/ Tr.h-.jn.?. ?2G9.D5 Household Goods 30 Household Goodi Greeley Furniture Co. 2600 S. 8th Ave. Ph. EL 2-5441 Used baby bed, complete . $14.95 Used Coal and Cas combination range. $59.95 Used twin bookcase beds. Kach ? 12.50 iUaccl lamp tables. Each $ 3.00 iMapic cauinet i . . , , . ,. . . . . .; now $250.00 with tradejUsed drop leaf d i n i n g room table. Used wood kitchen set _ electric range Draperies and Bedspreads Sale Priced. heat, TV tooVup. _ only. No pew. 1317 llta Ave. F.I. »h new In- Rusch. Eaton TRFNCHING - .le. i »- Jeep. W. -- s mcb to u loch PARK PLACE API'S, Furn. or unturn. buffet apta. anywhere. Steam · heat. . t,,l molil. . it- 0- I" " '" 'incs niaslk"" pipe."~C«ntral T r c n c h l n j Ser'icV n h EL MSOI. J l l b Av. at 5lh Streiu utilities. 30 hot water per month. and Ap- plj S27 Stti St., Rm. 210. Ph. El 3-0752 or Oprlyk* Agency, (ni-. Pli. EL 2-5747. nniiJipg. rh. EL t-iit'i. ·OR RKNT--M.dfftal .nd Dent.l spare sivail.W. In 111. Kedkal Aria Bonding. Air conditkir.lJ and heateil. Con- Tenientlf located to th. hospital. Whuln Realty Co. F.L Tro!l«r Spocj _,, now jnn.ns CHOICE trailer space., fences, patio*. natural gas. Scott Trniler Sa!e» and Co'.lrt- Reg. 5249.95 _ JOSLIN'S APPLIANCES LOWER FLOOR FREE DELIVERY OPEN EVENINGS 'TIL 8:30 PLENTY OF FREE PARKING DRIVE OUT' AND SA.VE Hoy, Giofn, Feed, Stiow 40 .Hoy, Gram, Feed, Straw 40 101 g A v p EL 2-40301 WANTED Trucks To Haul Hay and Straw MAGNUSON EL 2-2883 M \,

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