Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 8, 1955 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 4
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Page 4 G R E E L E Y TKlBUhiE Thursday, Dec. 8, 1355 Camera News Tht stag* ll set for a personal .Chriilm«l card in black-and- whita. Why not get more mileage out ol advance planning and shoot jome color or stereo slides as well? By I R V I N G D E S F O R .AP Newsfeatures When a photo has predominantly ijhl areas, like snow scenes, and It's still a comfortable four weeks .the message is to be printed, i i or so to Christmas, lime, enough to []]ack on it. other methods must be plan and complete personal photo- Used. One way is make a^enlarge- graphlc cards iJi relaxed tempo . . . I n t e n t of the picture and put your If you s t a r t . n o w . Actually, the f greeting on it by writing, printing finished cards 5houki be in I h e or p a s t i n g something decorative mails to arrive at their destinations in the wcctr preceding the holiday that suits your fancy. Then make copy negative of the one com fo t h a t leaves only Ihrce weeks to pidecT card in order to make work with. · i q u a n t i l y prints. One word Of cay " Today we'll look at a few print- I t i o n : When you make your firs ing methods in connection with per- [print, make il one grade softer Eonal photographic cards. After careful selection of your theme picture, make sure the negative is available and take it along fo Ihc camera store in order to buy the correct g r a d e of p r i n t i n g paper or the proper mask -- horizontal or vertical -- for home-processed card?. , · The simplest method is lo make s t r a i g h t contact prints on deckle- edged, double weight rnaUe paper. come in standard sizes with envelopes In m a l c h - i n packages of 35, 50 or 100. They can be m a d e by your camera store. Tho seasonal greetings arc hand-written in ink on a suitable spot lo finish Ihe card. To focus attention on ycur handwritten message,.here's a way to prepare an eye-i' a Idling spol foi your greeting when -making your own prints. Cut opaque paper in the shape of a bell; circle-' or o Iho design and attach it lo your nega tivc in a suitable spot.,Then whci you.makc-'your prinls f you'll have a designed blank space "to write in When a large number of card, have lo be made, it is desirable l avoiu writing .on each individua card. This can be done by gcttin a piece of clear film, transparen plastic or acclate. Cut it to lit same size as your original nega live. Now write in india ink on th film and position Iho 'message s K appears over a light area.'of IV negative. In the f i n a l print it wi appear as while-lettering in a d a r portion of tho picture.. A litlle more elaborate set-up nccrletl lo print the greetings as separate unil. Camera stores se ready-made masks with the me .lage 1 imprinted or you can inak your nwn with the clear film 1 - an India ink. Here again the greetings will be in white or a black background. Cul a border mask oul ol opaque paper with two openings. One will fit your original negative and Ihe other lo fit the message. Tape the negative and clear film to . the mask to make il easier lo print. contr.?sly-than you eventually ant. Copy negatives usually pic contrast/" The sccoiTd-method is by print- g separately .from two negatives he original photo, and the mes- age) on each sheet of paper. Howver, you cannot use the clear film UK tbc greeting written in indin itk. You must make a positive, of iis by exposing it in contact with nother negative. It's best'to use, n extreme contrast negative such s Kodalith, if you can get it. After ou develop, fix and wash the ncga- you will have a black film vllh clear film lettering. This is icd for double printing/ 1 ·· V In printing, the original, "pholo tiega'Uvc Is' exposed first" on Ihe iapcr. Then il is replaced by the message (positive) negative and exposed again. Since Ihc f i l m is black cxccpl f o r - t h e lettering, the only e f f e c t is'lo aclrl the lettering to the iirst exposure. V.'hcn She print ·:: developed, you'll f i n d oul if your positioning is correct or needs ad- :nt. ;. In m a k i n g a large quantity of prints, it is better lo expose a l l ' t h e paper from Ihc one negative first, and put Ihe paper aside. -Then ndd the second nega live and expose again on all Ihc paper. Of course, keep the paper definite, similar position on both operations and with no chance of getting' fogged between opera- lions. . ' Still another method .of printing personal cards is on ad-lypc paper." This is 8" x 10" very thin printing pa'pcr which can be folded into a little -1" x .5". booklet by'what is popularly called the French fold. By using a properly designed mask, it is possible to print combined message, greeting and photos with one contact' print. II is best lo make a d u m m y of Ihe photos and greetings as lltey are In appear in order to get the proper placement and position on the 8" x 10" mask. Sf, Peter's )pen House fo Be Sunday (Continued from Page 1) erve the refreshments and guide he visitors oil lours through the irce buildings. The rectory contains Ihc offices t Iho church and the icsidcncc of ic llev. H, F. Hoffman, p nd his assistant, the Rcv.'-Ecward yap It also has two large meet- ig rooms in lite basement and-two uest rooms. The building, a one-story slrue- ure standing just behind . the hurch facing Twelfth street, was esigncd by Kari Schwarz, Grce- ey archilecl.. Mrs. Schwarz deigned the interior of both this ~ec- ory and the convent. The convent, formerly the Nelson Reynolds home, has been re- narlelcri-arul serves no\ as a home )r the nuns who leach r.; St. ctci's school, just north of the onvciU. ' " ' ; P l a n Addition to Convent · The upstairs of Ihc convent has [cen remodeled lo create six cells, or individual rooms, ror lite nuns. Another wing, which, would add ·ooips for four more nuns is being contemplated (or the building. The main floor of Ihc building has ccpl the front room relatively unchanged, but the dining room has been redesigned to make a chapel 'or the convent, while one other floor room IMS been turned into a dining room in c o n f o r m i t y with the standards of the Sisters of Mercy order of the church. AU religious furnishings have been Vcnl lo the same.austere pattern, combining simplicity with good functional liturgical design. The kitchen of the convent has also been considerably remodeled. St. PeLer's church, which ultimately is expec|ed to he entirely r o ni o [1 e 1 e d, has b e e n chiefly changed in the basement. This basement will now seat over 270 persons at any social .or church uclj Father H o f f m a n s a i tl Wednesday. . · . " T h e entrance to Ihe church lias also been rebuilt, In replace the formerly inadequate entrance steps. The church itself has refurbished pews and entirely'new confession- Nunn NUNN-i-Mrs. Clyde Jones and Mrs. M. L, King received the, members arid guests, Mrs. Bessie Hawk of Buffalo, N. P.; Mrs. H.iucl Koinma and- Mrs. 1 DarrcU Huitl and daughter of Greclcy, of the Evelyn' Harper society at the. church parlor Thursday afternoon.. .* Mrs. li. L. King presented the devotions on the Christmas.Story from St. Luke. *Mrs. Russell Peterson gave the program taken from Oul Reach, Because You Shared. Reports were given'of the Bazaar by Mrs. Hoy- Brees and the Q v e r by 200 Mrs. Wayne was -cleared Foster. this The Vienna Opera, rebuilt to accommodate an ainlience .of 2.200, will resume its position after a 10 year lapse, as one of the world's great opera centers. A gala performance of Beethoven's 1 "Fklelio" was scheduled for the opening. project, ft Irs. David Johnson re-' ported around $50 cleared on the 4-1! banquet given on Tuesday evening at Municipal hall. Mrs. J. A. Turner, president, appointed the following Christinas committees; Shut In, M r s . ' E . E 1 . Foslec, Mi's. Albert Jensen and Mrs. O. K.. Kancde; ^Christmas tree, 0. A. Barnes;.and Christmas treat, Mrs. Wayne Fostcv,. Miss Lelia May Wilson, Mrs. Wesley Barriaby, _ Mrs. Mclvin Komma, Mrs. Robert Barnes, * Mrs; Glenn Lewis and Mrs. Richard Barnes. Sunday school is responsible lor money for the treat a'nd the Nunn Public schools for the'program. , Still a few boxes of the Watch Nunn Grow notes a r c available.' Hostesses served an attractive tray lunch. Favors of hand cro chcted nut cups were m a d e 1i Mrs, Jones. Mrs. Huilt, daughter of Mrs. Kins, assisted the host esses in serving. Final meeting 1 of the year will be Ihe covered dish luncheon and gif exchange to be held at the-churcl parlor Thursday Dec. 15 at"12:3( p.m. A r r a n g e m e n t committee eludes Mrs.' Russell Peterson, Mrs Albert Jensen and Mrs. G. l.emoncls. Roll call will be Christmas I Remember Program Christmas Poems, will he given fey Mrs. G. \j. Lcmonds. Program for 1Q56 will be reai by the chairman, Mrs, E. E. Fos ter.' .. - -· ' ' · - ' Those present to ' help - M e l v i i Komma celebrate his birthday re ccntly were Mr. and Mrs. Stcv Shirley and children, Stove Jr. anc Janice of Fort Collins; Mr. Mrs. Paul Dmiiler and children Larry, Fra.iklc and Linda of Gree ley; and S.'rs. Hazel Komma an sons, Bill and Tommy. The grou M a s joined In the evening by Mr and Mrs. Donald Elder and.'soi Mike of Cheyenne, Mrs. Hazel Komma enlertainc Mrs. Ixis Peterson, Grot-ley; M and Mrs. John Keller and .Vickie Mrs. Fret! Scnger and sons, Be and Douglas; Mr. and Mrs! Donal Elder find Mike,.all of Cheyenne Harry Komma, Denver; Dona' K o m m a , Boulder; Mr. and Mr;. Ttiuscll Peterson, Raymond, Audrey, Donna, Corinc, David and Curtfe; Georgia S til son, Hill and Tommy K o m m a of N u n n . a t .her home recently, Mrs. J. A. Turner joined her sister/ Airs. Blanche Kairbairn in Denver' Saturday and spent the weekend at the home ol Mrs.,Sue Crist at Fort lAipton. Sunday Mcs-. ciamcs. Turner, Fairbairn and Crist were dinner guests in the Lea W. Butler home. Weekend guests' in the Dclbcrl Smith home were her brolhcr-ln- law and sister, Mr and Mrs, Roy Turner and daughter, Janice, and sister, Miss Bonnie Green all of Denver. Sunday they were gucsls in, the home o/ their parents, the i'rgil Greens al Pierce at a wild oose dinner m a d e p'ossible by Del- orl Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Lewis, anil rthur Macy entertained in honor f Arthur's parents, the [acys, who celebrated their 25th xxlding anniversary Dec. 5 at a 7 'clock iurkey dinner at the Macy omc. A p p o i n t m e n t s were carried. tit in silver. A beautiful anniver- arv cake was served with the desert. ' f Mr. and Mrs. Macy received a lumber'of silver gifts in honor of he day. Those present were Mr. nd Mrs. Archie Anderson of Salon, Mr. and Mrs. Helberl Smith and Mr. and Mrs, Richard Light- mrn, the honor guests and hosts. Farm Bureau Service College To Operate Again The Weld County Farm Bureau announced Tuesday thai if would again prescr.i a Farm Bureau service college this year. ' .The service college is a n - c i g h t session leadership training course lo Irain Farm Bureau membcfs on Hie' community and county levels ·The emphasis is on the younger members. £." ·'was'-lirst begun lasi year in Greelcy and schools this year a r c teing. e s t a b l i s h c i throughout Ihc state throufih Dale I stale'Farm Bureau. The local school will run during January and '-'February, 1956. will be under the direction of members of the CSCE faculty. Dr John C. Welling and Dr. L. D. Ze leny. Boulder, Adams and irn'part of Weld Coun- ft'eld County will be divided be- .·cen l\w of the schools. The oulhern parl of the comly will llend sessions to be held at Fort I.upton, Denver and Longmoflt. Otlicr counties included in this col- egc arc )otig]as. The nor 3rceley and Fort Collins, as will Larimer County. · . The Weld County Farm Bureau board of directors will sclccl- the candidates to go lo the leadership college. The Farm Bureau will assume the cost of the service col- J · . Still cm (he Fairway '/ Driving from the first' let it S. Andrews, Scotland] a golfer slic- ctl his shot and saw the balJ disappear through an open window of a passing t r a i n ; He hid barely, lime to gasp tcforc' the ball w»S waved to indicate that no one had been hurl. . . Icge. An estimated 50 students will attend' the two colleges serving Weld County. LOOKING FOR ^~)fi Mother Who Never : inished Hi School Gets Key of P.B.K. DENVER Mi -- A young Denver mother, who hailed her studios at \Vesl JHgh School here to be mar- rieri"'in 1943, is one of the few University of Denver junior students ever selected -for membership into Phi Beta Kappa national 'honorary society. Nine years after Sirs. Patricia Hcifner left West Hijjh, she re- Kiiniwl her education bj^ enrolling in two .non-credit nig hi courses in Ilic DU Community.'College and then decided she wanted to teach. She took a series of high school equivalency, tests and earned a high school graduate standing. Her next step was to enroll at BU. She has maintained a, Iwo- poinl-nine average out of a possible three-point in her first three years · for an almost perfect straight "A" average. Her husband, Joseph A. Heifncr, is working toward his master's degree in art at the university. On hand to congratulate Mrs. Heifncr Thursday will be her 10- year-old son, Mark. Mrs. Hei'fner plans to teach in the Denver pub- lie schools. 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