Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 23, 1976 · Page 20
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 20

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1976
Page 20
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The Idaho Free Pres Tti« News-Tribune, Monday. February 23,1*76- A-12 UTIANO I'AVAKOTTI. possibly the besl lyrir tonor arnuiid todny. certainly the higgcsl -- arriicil in New York recently lo prepare for Ihe new Metropolitan Opera (I'M I'holo) House production o[ Vincr-nzo Bellini's "I I'urilani." He «ill sing Arturo t« Joan Sutherland's Klvlra in Ihe Keb. 25 opening and in nine other performanees. Or. Lamb Heart failure and exercise By Lawrence E. l.amb. M.D. DEAR DM. LAMB - My husband had a mild tnycica radial infarction last summer. It look him tivo months to recover physically, but more like three months mentally He had never been ill. jnd Ihis really hit him like a ton of bricks. All a heart patient can do is sit aruund and worry for lear he will drop dead with the next breath, about his ability to do his job when he's allowed b.ick lo work, about money if he can't and watching his neighbor mow his lawn. Tranqujlizers are not the answer, 1 guess 1 am presenting you with a problem for which (here is no answer. DEAR READER-You are touching on an area that is all loo often ignored. You're right about what happens lo a person when a heart attack occurs. Of course one can be thankful he survived because about half of the victims of heart attacks don't make it to the h o s p i t a l in lime for meaningful treatment. I was on a program recently with Dr. Terrance Cavanaugh of the cardiac rehabilitation center in Toronto. Canada. He commented on Ihis problem, noting that about half of the men in Ihe exercise program did have a depression after a hearl a t t a c k . Each man pretended that every thing was great because he thought he was the only one who was having any worries. That is typical of human beings. We lend lo keep our ,'ii'mlhs .shut am) suffer in silence because we think we are unique, when in fact mosl other people have similar difficulties and also think they art' unique. A lot can be done to dispel! Ihis feeling afler a liearl al- lack in many patients. It helps to get peopie back lo normal living as soon as their condition permits. That means rehabilitation in many cases. Many people after a hearl a t t a c k can be trained lo engage in vigorous physical activity. Dr. Cavanaugh's group runs in the Boslon marathon Many of these men do more physical activity than they were able lo do before a heart attack. I do not advise slarling an exercise program on your own after a heart attack. We need j !ul more public facilities though where people can he mined In exercise. We need people lo irain post hearl attack patients lo the level lh,it they (eel good and realize that they are just as capable or more so than they were before an attack T h i s c a n ' l a p p l y l o everybody as some people do have severe limitations after immediate recovery because of the extent of heart damage, but all too often Ihe person could be trained to have a full and physically active life with the right Iraining and supervision. The besl I can do is lo say lb;it Hie opportunity is there tor most people who really want to Iry. With the doctor's permission such people should s t a r t a regular w a l k i n g program while eliminating any excess fat (hey might have. Then, if their condition permits as shown by evaluation by Ihe doctor, many r( these people can progress lo slow, steady jogging or trolling and other activities that will build up their heart and lung capacity lo surprising levels. For more information on what ID do afler a heart attack Association hears plug for n-power HUSTON (DPI) --Despite increasing concern about safe- lv. tin; vice president of Ihe Xcw England Elcclric System says nuclear power is a clear favorite over coal burning generators when cnsts. enviror.menlol and moral issues are concerned. Donald G. Allen said estimates hy his company indicate that every ;iew 1.000 megawatt nuclear power plant operating in Ihe late 1980's woulri save New England consumers MflO million a year. !le told o meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Friday lhal he believes there is a growing consensus that the environmental impact of alomic generators may he less than that of coal burners when the entire mine lo smokestack cycle is considered. Allen noted Ihe curren! nuclear debate issues of fuel safely, w a s t e disposal problems, nuclear safeguards and alomic proliferation. He said these are issues no responsible ulili'.y manager can ignore. 'It is rny personal conviction that these risks can and will be reduced (o rr^nageable and liveable proportions." he said. · Allen said elimination of the nuclear power option as advocated by opponentsnf Ihe nuclear industry would mean the next generalion would inherit, "a second class nation with all lhat implies in terms of personal freedom, exposure to armed conflict and involunalry changes in Ihe quality of life." This would happen, he said, because il is highly improbable that coal burning plant? could mccl the electric power needs of Ihe nation in Ihe decade ahead. Thai would mean America would have lo go wilhoul needed energy or increase its dependence ofi Near East oil. Allen, who also is president of Ihe Yankee Alomic Electric Co.. said as far as cosls are concerned, nuclear plants are more expensive lo build but fuel prices for coal burning plants are higher. He predicted coal prices in New England will almost double in ten years lo give nuclear power a l advantage. send 50 cenls for The Health Letler. Number 2-12. Afler the Heart Attack. Send a long, slamped. self-addrc;=ed en volope for mailing. Address your letter to me in care of this newspaper, P. 0. Box 1551. Radio City Stalion. New York. NY 10019. PI Astro- W Graph i x __·! Bernice Bede Osol For Tue*day, Feb. 24, 1976 ARIES (March 21-April 19) You're very resourceful today and should succeed in gelling whal you go alter, though you may not enjoy full cooperation. TAURUS (April 20-May 40) You may have to alter an arrangement today and you could find i; he'd to please all concerned. You'll be able to work things out. GEMINI (May 21-Jun* 20) Something unusual, but beneficial careerwise, may unexpectedly develop for you today. CANCER (June 21-July 22} If you have any important decision to maketoday. make them while you're siill br.ght and Iresh LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Don t be alra'd to try new methods or techniques today. Save yourself time and steps by being imaginative. VIRGO (Aug. 23-S»pt. 22) If you're rcslless today, alter ycur usual routine. Do sorremrg impromptu that's fun LIBRA (Sept. 23-Ocl. 23) Y o u ' r e a p t l o b e m o r e motivated today if some lyoeol profit is involved lor those for whom you provide SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Ycur most promising areas of endeavor today are m the im- ag-nalive or cceaKe ica'ms. Put your bright ideas to *ork. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21} You should be able to manage business s-tuations quite competently (oday. b-jt you'fs likely to be careless m other ways. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Try nol to associate v. m persons today whose aclions could relied poorly on you' image Keep to Inends whose standards are comparab'e to yours AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 11) You cou'd e x p e d i e n c e a bene*'Cial happening today thai way be o) va^e Welcome favors grea!pfu!'y. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) In (lea'ir.g with friends tooay. keep everylr,.ng purely social Don't let them gel invoked in you: financial alfa rs or vice ' Small business is most interesting says article by management editor N'EW YORK lUPIl - President Ford has proposed to stretch out payment of estate taxes at low interest rates over a period of years (o prevent the forced sale of farms and small private businesses when Ihe owner dies. The economic necessity lor such sales has been a fact of life in the United States and Britain fora generation. II was a spur to the wave of mergers and acquisitions in American business in the 1950s and '60s. Small businesses often must be solil at sacrifice prices to meet estate taxes. The presidenl's concern over this matter becomes more understandable if you realize private companies account for about one quarter of all jobs and profits and about one third of all sales in the country. These figures appeared in an article by Editor Jacqui Bishop of Ihe quarterly Management Practice, published by CCMP Management Consultants, asking if private enterprise is dead in the United States and concluding it certainly can't be so long as private firms still account for such a proportion of all business. Kvcn more interesting is Bishop's careful analysis of the differences in style and overall economic and social viewpoint of Ihe private company from those of the publicly owned corporation. In the first place, all private companies aren't small. Editor Bishop lists three with sales exceeding $1,5 billion a year -Cargill, Inc., Continental Grain Co. and Bechle! Corp., Ihe San Francisco engineering giant. Six others have sales exceeding half a billion and two score more than DOC million. Bui this was compiled in 1969 by Forbes Magazine. There may be more liig ones now. The most imporlanl difference in public vs private company philosophy is in altitude t o w a r d s profit. The public company management looks on bottom line profit as necessity. If you don't show it you can't pay dividends to stockholders and you can'I raise fresh capital and sooner or later the directors and-or shareholders will rise up and throw management out. Private company management, on the other hand, often looks on bottom line profits as money Uncle Sam will take away in taxes. II is much more interested in cash flow. The only persons whose financial interests aie important in a managerial sense are the owners and their immediate families and (heir personal tax problems are of equal impor- tance with the company tax problem. Tax avoidance ·and cost paring are more important than growth in Ihe company's overall operation. Next, the private company is less concerned with either past or future and more with what is happening right now than the public company is. Among other significant distinguishing characteristics of Ihe private company. Ihe article listed tremendous flexibility in operation; lack of stockholder pressure for dividends: tight centralization and confidential operating control; microscopic scrutiny of cost and operating detail. Feb. 24,1976 There are sorre p:easani surprises 'or you Ihis com nrj year they'll lead you lo no* in- leresls This cou'd result in a l/iendly relalionship win one lar Iron you The Mexican Tourist Office says an estimated 200 million persons will visit Mexico in l!)76. The office said tin- (inures include both tmirish uhu slay for .several days ir weeks ;mil those whn crass Hie border for less thnn 2-1 hours. 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