Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 17, 1972 · Page 36
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 36

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1972
Page 36
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S . G R E E L E Y (Colo.) TRIBUNE Mon., April 17, 1972 27 For Rent--Apti. 17 t BEDROOM furalihcd aputmenL No U N F U R N I S H E D apt. No children or 1*1*, FURNISHED 2 room art Mfddl* a lady. 1315 Uth Ave. AFT, tor tent. 2 bedroom, turn i shed, 14S8 Mb S[.. 363-6707. NEW 2 b*droom, carpeting, drape*, Gfi kltthen, hwl Inch »ISO-T165. 2218 8lh St M3'71M or 353-8197. CADET A r m s Art*. Now r e n t i n g In Windsor. Children, and i m u l l ptta ·llowed. SS6-77S2. SEE to apprctiale 1 . Furnl'hH or UTI furnished. 2 bedroom upstairs, apt. Coupl* or tingle lady. I'h. 3B2-4749. FSST! Want to b« across from campus and cloee to thorpinn -- s t u d e n t ) ? DpVi.,e Apartmfnt*. 3!fi-13SU FURNISHED Z bedroom diriment. J I M month. No pels. 352-2023; 353- 1S8. EATON -- 2 bedroom unfurnished apartment. Carpeted, «Ir condUior.- 8(h Avt. Apt. 2. VKRY nice 2 bedroom ipailmenti, } Coll S56-OS7i; after b, 353-5440. UNFUI.NIS1TED 2 Mid 3 bedroom Apartments. Kitchen appliances, J160- JITO plui electricity in Windsor, 686-T102. gMORK for your comfort, convenience *· And money. 2 bcrlroum townhoui I and yon won't have [o worry about ' utility b'H. Call 35G-133I. Li'BTTER take a look I 1 bedroom apartments located neJir the UNO c a m p u s And clone to ahoppinV. Jl IO-J160/ t month. CalJ 3,53-8296 or 35S-1331. rAIItitv 2 bedroom 4-plex. Kitchen appliances, carpet, drapes. No pets. _C^iI_drcn_jvplcome. Call S52-469I. TWO bedroom unfurnished a p a r t m e n L Drupes, carpet, electric kitchen. 3632678. 2 J i E D H O U M u n i t In plex. Farnhhed · imfuri.f5.ied. Kitchen tipplftEca, irpetlnE and drape*. 362-0535. W A N T out~nf the city limit* of Greely? Take a look At ihei» one and two bedroomi aparlmenLs. Call 3561331. A K G F j S bedroom tow.ilKnue apt. Unfurnished, Carnjic. fcncl yard. Quiet neljrhorhood. No pets, One child accepted. 353-033. !KW deluxe apartment* -- 2 bedrooms and I bedroom, t'urniihed or u n f u r - nwhcd. 1953 Stal« Farm Read. 1'fcone 3-S2-663, f l a y s ; 352-7597 eventnss. FF.WALK roommnle tn *har« 2 bedroom moMle home. 353-2*11 ext. 2iO ask for Shirley. A f t e r 6 call 3534604. .SI'I : Avpliancea. drapes, heat f u r n i s h e d . - $140 month. Ho pet*- 352-2023; 353 "' 1SS6. QNK bedroom unfu mistier. Rpartment. Stove and rrfriiferAt/ir f u m f a h r d , ·- $137.50 .'Ins llsrhtA. No peta. Se property manager. 1102 13th St, f TEMPORARY homes. cooapIeWly farti ished 1 to ," bedroom kitchenettes, dally nnd weekly ratci **nly, Mo-jn tain Vfeit MoteL 2409 lOih SU COLLfiE girls -- Apia. R u m m e r qtr. i -;' *]26 per atr. per fflrl. Utilities paid, 1 V kitchen privileges. J 2 K drposit will ·* * hold. No peti. 3i!-4i4]?. Aho aceept- !r.B reservatlona for f a i l rjtr. ONE anil 2 bedroom apartmenUs. Cnu pip* preferred]. A[,p]ianCM and hot vnlfT heat furnished. Other pit ; ,- 1130 and $14fi. 1Q24 Stale Farm Kd. ' V Fhone 352-8401. ' UNFUnNISHKI) 2 hedroom Jipl. C«r- peEcd. drapcil, ulJlitfe* paiii. except electricitv. Creat kUchpn anil back yard. Children ami pets v. el com |1AO month. Near Motorena Drive I H A R I J K f t would Hkt to share hli bcdniom, f i i i n i s h f l . luxury Apt. 1 month each, p!iu \^ utiUllei, 3S3- a7P3. ;f6"rlwikinjr! Thin !» It! BcKiilIinl 2 bwiroom [ownhouses with all electric kitche-ns. A i r conditioned u-lth \\t f bnllia. Call 353-7673, 353-7333, 35E- 1131. IMMEDIATE rnpsosr-ion. CompleLety firnUhe!l 2 hcrlr.xim main flxr nf huiiKC. Large ApAcloni rooms, aU nti lilies raul. Ixjcnloi near downtown. t!60 ir.onth. 352-7807. locati J1SO MONTH, *;XJWUIiNISI[Kn I hedroom apt. ' · m o n t h ; u n f u r n U h e d 2 bedroom, Appllince^, drapcn, dishwasher, petecj. elevnt/jr, security doors. ulla, no pew, no Itndenta. 352 1515 7th AVI. I1CO. tnr- Ad- ,-M. SUSANVILLE APTS. ^ Big 2 bedroom, 1,4 baths, fully tja^nrpeted. Range, refrigerator iind hot water hent furnlahctl free. ?150 per month. Available ~1 j-Aprll 1. '"} * '70! CALL TIME HEALTY . 3G2-S838 CASCADE APTS. f 2022 28th Ave. '.New, Z bedroom unfurnished apartments. Appliances, carpeted, drapes, central air condition- Ing, soundproof, prime realdon tlal location. ,*· -Resident Manager 353-8149 NOW RENTING ; 1 and 2 bedroom ,' on Slate Farm Road, i Children welcomo Carpet, drapen, appliances, utilities furnlnhcd. 353-3079 after 6 353-6495 MAPLE MANOR "3 * f' *:Large, deluxe, 2 lioOroom, Tin *'·' furnished nprirlmflnt. completo kitchen Including dlBhwaBher Bhng c.irpeting and drapcn, ceh t r n l fltr conditioning,.private on e , trance and balcony. {lfiO-}16G 'per month. "1032-1031 26th Ave. Sos Manager No. 202 Cilll 363-7873 C ; ' COOL 'S'^fceal the heat next glimmer by planning for it right now -- The finet e q u i p m e n t nvallablo lius "i ;hsen built Into these 2-l)drm f .'Brick TOWNHOUSBS to naaure *"*" you year r o u n d comfort. Also Fcr Rent--Apti. 17 F U K N I K I I F f ) m i U : Married couple. No children or pet*. IIOE. 352-5621. N KVAKS -- room furnished apt. Private e n t r a n c e and bath. 352-6(69. U N F U K N ' D lame 2 bdrm »il. »I40 (nclitdcj utllltlet. No feu. 3M-6TS9. onvcnicnt hrdroom k|)t-, 11^ bntli^, Cdriiel, drupe*, ulr con.lilinne't, In.inftry honk- IIP5. No ptU. 32-S363 d«ya ; 252-2208 after C. VfiliV. very practical for money-mlnrjeil cuuplffl anil Bli:ik?nl3. Not far f i o m rnrnjinit. Kiirnj.^hFi] n]inrlmcnta B V R i l - ahle liny l«t. J I 3 0 / m n n l h . Cull 3«- 1331. F U U N I S H K I ) rfrlme, 2 herfioom *pt. A l l electric kitchen Including illchwivh- cr, iiir rondilioiied. IIG 1 ). Plione R076. 1106 2^th Avp. A l n n K ^ e r apt. _IO_1. SI'ACIOUS 2 hedroom B«rori level duplex. Carpetx, dra|ci. nil electric VII- chen, u t i j i l y room, hot \ v n t e r hcut, Ira.h pick up. Avillible M«r 1. M»r- rlcil ronpje^l chlhl. Thont 351-3110. :-'tfllNISHEP h u f f p l *pL J-aiindry, »ir conttitlonerf, p«rk at ymir [rent dtxr. utilities pnM. KcnMnalite. Aiinll only, no peU. I.nSalie Court, 105 So. Znrt, LnKnlle, 284-5203. NK bedronm u n f u r n i s h e d apnrtincnt except atove nnd refrmerntor. In 4- piex. Carpeted, ilrapel, heat f u r n - ished. (jfunKe. Prefer ronrrled collide or lady. No peta or children. 907 28tli Ave., aSS-5831. For Rent--Farmi, Troctl 19 FOIt RF.NT -- About an HCra of Rood ganlcn trrnund. CEoai in. Office Spaca 22 ONF. ROOM offle« for rent 172! Slh St., 352-iaSI. · Ol'FIOE apace. 71* 10th SL 860 iq. ft. U00~ month, ntahed. J52-4C1I8. all utllitlei fur- OFKIOF. anace -- Tivo 10x12 roo nddilional *pare Available I I re^iuir Full time ae'rrelary available to an- awcr phone anil foe parl time Iwok- krciilnli. 2B08 6lh Ave.. 352-81M. AUGIIITECT'S OFFICE BUILDING I,OHO nqnaro feet. Will tlecoralo antl t i i v i d o to suit. 363-1709 Mobile Home Space 2: MnniI.E home 3A3-M76. ipaca for rent. SPACES l«r rent Tll^hland Home Park. Ph. 63!-?t05. MOBILE hom« apace. 10 or 12 wide preferred. 1'h. 363-5034. A i r . K R apace for rent. 3S2-1013. H O U S E "trailer lota tor aalt at Hill 'N ' ark. Ph. 352-4993. 2 STAGES K V K i l n h l e far niollit* homes ItiitI Jt. 363-05JS. hnmn nn cteluxfl Bpnce. Hkirt- erT, tlcil duvrn, rcMdy to live in to lu little H« $115 « mnnth. inclutlir,! aince anil pnyment. Call 3S3-58J4. CHF.ELEY'S Ilpeil. V11U Weil Jfoblli Home Fjlali-a. 2700 O St- Itcntlnt n MG r- Gr month, 1 moalh Tree real foi next 26 re«ervstionr. 863-B8W. FEW I»rk "in «m«ll Quiet tnn-n, i liSockn from nhopplns nrra. Slornzo InilldinKi. 2 car off alrccl lorklnK . t i n per month. l'nr«dli« VII- foatnrerl aro llullt in kitchen ap- lane. Call 5B7-I602. pllanccs, lovely Pntlo, H4 hatlla, SPACE aiallahU Immediately. A l Carpeted drapeil. Priced at "1/ITH.nO a month. Where? 1140 (_/'.2lHh Avenue No. C -- ECBldent Manager. Wheeler Realty Co. 356-1331 "Jf i NEW 2 Bedroom Apartment Hot wnter lieat, all electric kitchen. Clone to college, $li5 per ;mo. No pels. Will allow 1 child Call 362-6*70 dnyis 352-8079 evening. 1938 9th AVE. STUDENTS TOWNHOUSE APTS. Summer Special 35G-133I FURNISHED APARTMENTS 2 bedroom luxury. Air conditioned. Private patio. Shag carpel, electric kitchen with dlnhwnnhflr. ?100 to $200 pin* {;ns anil llRhIA TALISMAN' WKST APARTMENTS | 3B3-3103 rnoilern conveniences. Children doable, wliloi welcom.. Valley Avo and Hlvcr SU. I'UtttvlllB 120 mitt «onth of (ireelcy U.S. 85). Thor m a n a g e r 1BV2JBS. COUNTRYSIDE MOBILE PARK NORTH Wo have a wldo neloctlon of lolR to c.iooso from -NOW RENTING MOBILE HOME SPACES Stop At Onr O f f l c o At 203IJ let Ave. Thona 3 5 G 0 7 J 1 Mlicellancoui TWO S l l v r r J r l \vrrt. L u r n r r i f u r n n i l X'.:i.Hfi3. o l r i i r h l i r w w!lh rlnn, S.«x2 Tor »·!«. OTt SALK -- Vlr.i trelltiM, any dc' 1301 I* I6Ih EL 1,1, dirt u 363.5830. ilOJCE of nine formalt slxei 7 and 9. licit offer. 3S6-0764 alter 6. yO\4 w e d j l n j t n d . m r n t r!n K «i -;i,KVISIO. T honi. ulli, IS SO. Fait aervjce. Guiir. F«c'7 author. 366-8073. F^N'S Lai%-n mower rtepilr and SbBrp- ng. 2007 Slh St.. 362-0130. U T H O K I Z E D Bkl*Doo lal«r. Frank I t n Cycle S»!M. 352-«fl«. Miirliet -- Every Sunday atrcet from Monfort Packfnr t ~ REE far 16th St ~w*sb with I aa E\V GUI h man TrachiUr Franklin C/cl* Slid. 36Z for Ml*. IRDY S«lfr* »ra Scrvte* at Bruratty'i Floor Covtrlng. 18S1 Bth Bt, ONKER chain paw ftr»!»r, Frank lin Cycli Snl«. S52-59S2. N K \W1 plnV f o r m a l . t-\it 10. R K B oreanfc fertlitier. You haul. (Jrce!er Sewage riant, 1050 lit Ave., 353-6)23_ext. 111. NT IOT aale. Ic Ib. Roll endl : from I to 30 Ibl. Tbe Trlbunt. A N T K P : l.Drfre house to f i x up In itnrn for low rent. In country pre- rred. 353-8716. IND3HIELUS -- TlaM sla^«, window A, r.ew or used. Karl'a Gr*t!ey u Center, 21QB 111 SL WS-211! UALITY eanvu wont ot mil klnda, rrroverinsr of truck jtrjita, etc. Wo Canvas Produeia, 1B39 'RMer^oIr Rd. ANTKD -- O]r] iir«iaer or cheat of [rawer*. Condition no factor. Phone 356*3796 nfler 4:30 p.m. )H SALK -- On« Shopsmllh. Saw, r hlniles, wood workfjifc toots, eom- le. $200. Call 353-0926 day*. ANTED -- Tool ttblt, regulation, heavy lutr VA** f t , with ilate bed. Frofcr Druniwick. 353-3083. C)UIDATOR3 ol «H tntrchkno'.: Hnry Greenwood, Aaction«rri A quidator!. 2606 8th AT*. J62-«2 carpet eleanlTii. Tbe to getting new earp«, 'KAW Brit* :ToiMt thine Chaparral cnowmoblla denier. N e w and used raachinei. Fer* 101 61h SU, 363-5868. loan. VTa buy, Bell and oan. Vf« buy, ictl trar!« for ··ythlriE of TB!L:P. Greetey ON BY t for . Pawn Shop. 3B3-137. 4Q2 IHh AT«. OR heller cleaning, to kwp colon ulcnmir.R, use D f u o Luslre carpft clcftaer. H c n L rTecliEc ehampoo«r $1. Ka T H A N Allan round lable with 2 leaves, captaln'a fhnirfi, beautiful hutch. Near new pou'er lawn sweep electric KraBi clippers. 352-2271. rjtjl 1 carpet cleaning problems Bmall. Use IHuc j.UAtre w n l L to wall. Kent electric shnmpooer, II. UHbert Down- AKF/iolF away the Rue-Male _ from cJirciela and upholstery, llent electric shaiupoocr, 11. Xomac Paint Store. UST nrll -- 2 Inch mnirnello a machine. LeUrrs, p a i n t and other equipment. Priced for Immediflt* le. 353-83SG, DDINU mac hints, typ«wrlten. Al' make*, new and used. Salea, Mr- vice ffimrantHd. Kd Fetdhaus, 1201 llth Ave. 3M-OOH. r ti ARE I'nylng ?fie to 3Qc eush for iiood Hfiht j i h r i n k l n f f ' wool. We hnv wool bnt;s and Ci«cce tki for aalo, H u r r y Murphy, Windsor, Colo. Phon 685-2010. OR SAIjE -- Mamiya Rekor cjimer*. DTL 1000 with f l . 4 66 mm lens. 135 mm lelcpholo lcn^ f leather earry- ititr cane. U c n E l t y filter. 1250. Call 252-Gi;2r. Any,. TOTAL SERVICE (GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH) AT MOBILE HOME SALES ( I G yrs. of exp. pays) 53-2802 So. Hiway 86 Antiqun 2B ICTOKIAH mittriua for aale at 0 chnrrf, Colo. O p e n Turailaya an ThnmdRya, aljo SAtnrriay afternoons Cull 352-1713. NTIQUES -- H a l f w a y between Lov*. Inntl anil Korl Collins, Colorado or IUwny 2R7, next In Alrovc'e. fj.OOO Uerm In fine antfn 1 1 ^ "nd rnirrolo Hcma. Open Monitny through Sntu ·lay, S:30 to 6:00. Bill Bonier and HouieTiold Gtiodi 30 'J-XSK Inlita with 4 IcAvel for sale 3.1E-2370. I rauire. Gooi SS2-070E. INCH Krnmort condition. HeMonAl K\V d t n y t n f r w a s l i o r . a n t l dryer, riftce. 352-7570 after 4 p.m. ,000 IITll Fr]kMa[r« air conditioner 353-1237. 'Oil SAI.K -- MOO mill 6,000 11TU air con.lillnnrr. Jsa-B3Si. 1 x 12 FT. wool and fiber rue, lea blue. 3M-0996. KOIi SAI.K -- Nc\» Baa range. 30 in. CK refrlRcralnr, fnul frrp, avoead enlor. Call after (·. 3(2-0814. ynS"SAl7B" -- OB »0 In. elwlr] ransre: OB r e f r i g e r a t o r : OB dlih waabpr. 353-3803 after 6 p.m. THEAT rim* rlirht. t h e y ' l l tie n rt ll«ht If rlcanr.1 irlth Illlit I.llitcr [lent rlrolrle ahampoocr, Tl. Ciretle Fi^rr,Hiire 1 _ 1'IKUK dinette ttl: X drawer drcwer r o f f f e tAblo; I'renrh p r o v i n c i a l dim Rer, excellent rendition; reel law tnnivrr.JI 82-0824. CASH for your f u r n i t u r e and mlic*! laneoni. F*»t anil rourleoun nerek( Greenwood Liquidation Center, 260 Sill Ave.. S52-4S22. FOR SAT/E Unnil furniture of n i l types StnvpH and refrigerators AT THE WAREHOUSE -122 20111 St. 362-2332 r*A3 heslers, hr,i i f a l t r tank.i, fu naees, oyerheads, bids. m a l f r l « L 35X _61C3. n)H SAT.K -- Pnlvcrirril lairn anil Kanlcn f e r t l l l i e r . 3S3-5»5S, 101 8lh Strrcl. fni tinth lutuirnf as low f ) S n for 2 h o i i r a . O.K. Trailer enlsl*. f20 2nd Ht_ , f t U V U«M cnlnr or black sni] hUe TV's, (ilereo*, rarlln*. or taps lln on TOO pal _ I'OUTAIII.K centrifugal i-ump hand primer, lle.1 Seal trailer. Will pump Very ccon* condition, ('all 454- Roofing and Insulation M O U N T A I N Sl«l« Hooflni. All tjr hlnglca applied. 353-S293. AI.CO Roofinf Co. -- All type* roc fni applied 42J 28th St. 152-2332 Get Ue.'uly For Spring! You'll f i n d 2 ercal a d v a n t a g e s In deciding on your STUDENT HOUSING NOW. 1. 115.00 pnr (|tr. per 2. utilities included TOWNHOIiSES rnin|iletoly fur- j ninherl for 4 Kludonts. RC.K. Mgr. 2117 2Slli Klroot 3ri3.fil-l7 ; Wheeler Realty Company i". ' 360-1331 DENVER POST OFFICE HOURS in Orrolry i n a.m. t i l l 7 SAW iharpenln?, nil hlnda. On» i Mslcc. Alklra'a, fits 8 Avt. 162.850 7:30 a.m. l i l l 1" Sunday KUiA M A K K K T .Miiy 7, Knoll id ilnsk on vnrAlit lot on corner of I m a y ulrccl, 23rd Ave. iind Id'sorvoir Pd. PIT inirkhiK uimi'i:, lirl ir (iwn talile. Send fl for 2137 Nth Aviv. Crrelny. Dcnd- llnr, April 23rd. Money to Loan ViT, Si'K('.IM,I/,r In a m a l l nnd lai \fin\\t, 1st and 2mt mnrtRairea or hn nt-.'n. We a f i n buy lat nnd 2nd mor jraKei. ConiolCdallon lonni our ap. cWly. C.K.O. Corp.. Cold Nai I n v r - l m e n l , 6th Av«. and l l t b Stree Building Meidrlpl S H O P W O f t N lymber. I d e a l for eorra and m a n y farm uirs. M u r p h y l.un her Co., 112 »lh SU niaiie c h u r c h - t o p dco stalneil frlaxr. For I [Ikrs ths u n u s u a l , floo ClfhTOM ^onie with perion u b o Boon Cr Suppliei Jp«rtlng 35-A EARS SxlS lent. t(». 352-074}. ODKL 70 380 maz. Wlnchratcr. Excellent condlllon. Call after S, 8342361. OR SAI.F, -- 857 majnum nurser Colt frame ivlth western Btyl« hoi- iter and wld. belt. tUO. (J«ll 3il- C926 days. TV--Radio--S«rYlte«, Solei 46 TKLKVISION home calti, »J,50. Ka acrvlcr. Uuar, Kac'y autho OR SALE -- I let Wll«on nolf club». 4. wooda. fl Ironl, putter, has, hcaft- ei. All lik. (190. fJMI 0126 dayi. 3S3. OR SAI.f; Anlliue Winclieiler . ,, . rifle, 3S.5 calibre. Octagon barrel. Deep curve atoek, I v u r y blade f r o n t lzht. Fair iKape. $140. Call 3630526 (tan. BOD'S TV. 2011 9th SU Servlc calu »7.iO. 858-478'. FOR qulclt TV »er/!ce. TV Hart, Ei^ 7200. Servlca whi!« 30-3 walu GOOD used color and bl.oit and w h l t TVa. liudEet tcrma. Telcrliloo Mart, «U 2Sth St- 352-7200. S«iJi, Plonti, Flowiti 38 R I T I C A L E hybrid rye wheat, cereal srrafn, certified eced IrrlsaUd or *Try aprlnz planllnK, hlsh protein 20-21%. Llniltexl aupply tS.OO per 100 Ibs. J'hone dayi. 352-0463. FruiU and Vcg«tabltl IIITE potatoes I3.EO per hundred: SO Ibi. 12.03. 1/3 mile Mil ot Lucerne. 32-2S46 e v t n i n R i . Hay, Grain, Feed, Straw ANTED 284-6443. Silage. t C H A H D and bromi sraai, eom« mixed u-lth · little alfalfa. Lana bales. 11.75 bale. Also alfalfa. 284 112. TIME REALTY Liveitcrck 41 OR SALE -- 32 Ho!stein »te-n »p. proxlmetrly S7S Ibs. 8S4-2673. MARES: gentle sorrel, anyor.e can EI.U.XK 8'hor.t trailer. Call 366-0(47 evening. UAIlTEIt horse*. A n y t h i n g you want. Call New Kaymer, 437-2428. ORSESHOKING and trlmmlrve. Dar Clever, 356-06i!i. ORSE pasture for rent. Call aftei 6 p.m., 363-2353. KKlS'l KREl) AIIKUI co'.vj and liellon for aale. 667-1694. KW i n d i v i d u a l calf pens. TWA Dnlrj. ANTKD -- Summer pasture for pairs. Call 464.2343. '. to buy i to carloai OLSTEIN ar.d black dah. -ka old. 352-3500. ORSES bearded 16 acres. 1 arena and pasture. 856-1742. ORSES lor s««. Call svenlni 281-7840. ANTKD -- Paslur* Tor cattle. 3530886 or S5S-1203. IVESTOCK ipraytnr. Over 20 yean ·xp. R r a n t n e r . Pbon* 352-E82E ANTCD -- Old urasi to winter JOO heifera until May 20. Call S34-2191, Y E A R oli] bay mare, Bpiritcd but icntlr. 35fi-1571 after 6. ' WO pnrebrerl ('harolnia bulls, one and three year* old. One three-rtuar- ter polled yearling bull. 352-0597. EliEFORD heifers /or sale. Her tered fancy foundation stock. Ideal for youth project. 352-6913. Farms breeding Dfroes, York* H. and S. Pork alock. Registered Crossbreedi. 284-6432. REAKING. Quarter ' 588-4491. tralnm? and ahowlnr Quarter hoiiea f*r tale. John Stroh, OR. SALE -- 2 crcflshred boara. Enc- llsh },tack and LacomLe. Extra Euuil. 3S2-74B1. tjinrfcm trailer: alst ind calf roptne horses SED 2 horse team rnplntf 306-0495. OKSESHOEING -- Training. Custom rhujis and tack. Dwain Crow, 538 4122 evej. O U N D U P arena nnd stable. Tlr^-won able. Itase price for feed and atable 135. 35i;-2g(;6. EOISTEKED Appaloo«a atud. 4 ywr» old for aale. Northwest of Hudion ^300. 1-536-1861. ERN and Snns Tae Room. Sadrllea, bootT and lack repaired. 217 Kast 18th St. iewlng MacTilnes/ Vacuumi 44 'On SALE -- Domestic icwlng ma chine w i t h Attachment*, }20.0U. 464. JCSO. V RENTALS. IIO.O(j per monlh'. Color JIO.OO per mnnti. 352-7200. Musical Instrument* 47 'OH SALE -- Sllngcrland drum set. Large bass d r u t n , snate and tomtom. 353-2201. Real Eitota 48 Muiical Instrumenfi 47 Real Eliot. 48 FOR SALE -- Fender Bjusmsn imp and covers. Src and make an offer. 1'h. 35C-3796 after 4:30 p.m. Real Eitati 48 1IOUSK to t« moved. Call 356-1331, Jt. 70. FOR SALE by owner --.T\vo story, S bcdcoom huusc with 2 auartmenU -one In basement, other ground floor. Curner lot, fenced back yard, sprinkling system. Shovrn by appointment. 284-6345. FOR SALE--6 acre Iract, Wtal show, place for registered livestock or suitable for other brsiness. 4 bcU- rocm, 3 bath home, corrals ami f u l l y equipped oullwlldlngs. All city utilities. Must see to appreciate. Immediate possession. Call 353-6515 to BO« it anytime. Would consider rcnt- .Ing. FOR RENT OR SELL Now 3 bedroom, full basement, one car garage, f u l l y carpeted and route Included. Call 352-2279. FOR RENT OR SELL by April 15th Nearly new 2 bedroom, single garage and fenced yard. rancs and range Included, ?1S5. Vlll take 2 children, no ]iels. Call 352-2273. Need references. 923 16TH STREET "Nile or Day, Call 352-8838" NEW BELA1R HOMES Here la the new home you have always dreamed about. Shake roof, 3 or 4 tedrooms. shag carpet, 1% bath, range, disposal, dishwasher, stainless steel sinks, fireplace, garage, and check this: the price also includes drapes. 3 bedroom -- $29,950, 4 bedroom -- $31,500. Conventional financing to 05% of sale price. Jerrv Freauft- -302-8700 Clyde Davis--352-7205 Poultry 42 AHY rhlr.Vn every Weiln««]»7. Hravy Lre«di and irhUc \rtylng cross. 35210(6. AliV chi:ki -- Ililchlnz twl:i ti»k- Jy. Babeock, Grfty Leghorns, CD]horns, snd C-22. Special on alarttd Itahrockfl nnrl Cftlhorn pullet rhickl. Meyer ' RrolhctB Hatch*r, Greoley. P«t Stock 43 ORDRK Collie-Snitx J"n. Cull before 8 p.m., 834-2467. HEE PUPPIM -- Shepherd nnd Jluiky mix. LI63-3S17. 'REE -- White male puppy and mother ling. 352-6728 a f t e r 5. · pup- Oil SALE -- 7 nreck« old Spit 451-2017 » f r e r 8 p.m. ERMAN Shepherd mfs pups, wc!:«, IS. 353-3750. IAMF.SK Sealpolnt kittens. 7 veck» old. 110. 3,'i6-Jfl32 B f l e r fi. ·OR~SAr.E: RreWered A K C 7 Old Enlrlish SKcepdoit pup. !"h. 454- 2C23. AKC German Shepherds, id silver. 1100. Term:. 352- 3 U A I . I T Y I l l n r k « 6400. M I N I A T U n B Schnaur.eri. A K C , champion hloodltneji. W o n d w f n ] rctj. Io not ahed. C67-039J, Ixivelnnd. 'HOPICAL flitti Weia Count7'i m compEetfl lin* ot aauarlunu and supplies. Highland Aaunrium. 140 9th. !KOFrCAL flit, roldftsb, BnuArlu filters, «!r pumps fmcralora). Frank's SeJ and Hattherr. 709 10th Street. SHOW tToj: 2 jr. Temaie, Keohnnd, to co-own 7 point major. Excellent f a m i l y dog. 3J3-76I6. G K I i M A N Shepherd pupplej, AKO. FejMitiful larpe boned. Excellent temperament. Top bloodline*, uaienU X- rayol. lleasonible. 785-2E38. JtOVlNO~~-- Mint irll Maserill AKO pup. Hox t r a i n e d , fiejil o/fer. 667- 71fi3, L n v e l n n d . SANCTIONED OBEDIENCE MATCH 'jnrnmlo. Wy. April 23rd. Wyo mtng Technical Institute, Ut nt. n o r t h . Registration 10:00 a.m. J u d g i n g 10:30. Information 307-74C1-5110. Classified Advertising Moves Mountains of merchandise every day. Try One! Sewing Machine!, V a c u u m i P r R R Y ' S V a c u u m Center. Rebull Klrby's. 15P.S5.1S01 gth SU 853-005) Ic. Ver ask fo nKPOSSF-SSF.!) -- Kirby tm» balance. Call """ Mr. ^fc^o^c. D I t A N I l new Vacu-Mald central clean InK system, complete. Will sell fo (100. Call 352-2617. :ondltlon. HOMK. F,«i and slraiirhi alllch. Wllh i LKAVTNT, K l n K ^ r . l»rn : t f u r ?»enurr.i. TIOIM. , *tc. I'«rrjr'« V B c n u m 1601 »lh 81. t u w r t -- M n » l Will si(r-i«B, f\ *28, or f p t\\ I I rT. u l i i m l n u m Iviat. I r n l l f r nnd nmlor«._^;«iH SniJIr.. JS2.0UI. ~ C r « f t lnU«TH. 5M Ch« I MOO nr lifAt o f f e r . Cull 3t .W8_or S.M-252). l ~ A N n " J i p f n i l«i»li 1* 'I. lrl«n 0 li]i . N r r r r n t f w l l h lrnil*r. W2-flM Ifi II. lilierflii^l ho»l \vllh l u l u 4» lip M r r c n r y ninlon. (inod to k l , Kood to f l f h , loll ol room. M n n y r.^«r-ntw «ed«iorie«. C u l l 163.21)03. RBHUn/T KTRBYS $59 and up AilllioriziMl Klrby Snlca and Service 1G21 9lh St. 35-3-0700 Complote 1 day service on most makes Uags--Pells--Drusnos, etc. See our alt new K l r o j Class!' REALTY CO. 1212 8TII AVE 352-1212 MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE COLO., WiTO., MONTANA, NEBR., TEXAS STUDENT KENTAL J''ive bertroom older house that has just been painted on the outside, EI new roof put on, a new shower added and some painting done on the inside. Now bringing in ?336.00 a month nnd the owners need to sell. Look and make ua an offer. BELAIR LOTS Looking for n great location to hiiild your new tome? Wo have i l ! 0 lots to choose from. Priced from ?3,250 to $'1,500. Give us a call (or additional information. TRULY A FAMILY HOME Attractive liriok home located in eoulhwesl Greeley, close to schools. Three hedrooms main floor nnd one in the hasomont, P l e n s a n t kitchen; hardwood floors and tnslcCiilly decorated throughout. Plus features Include outside entrance to basement, covered semi- enclosed patio, largo recreation room. Sizeable loan can lie assuincil. Price $25,050. -Ill 10T1I AVENUE llore'fl a sharp older home. The kitchen nnrl hath liavo lifien modernized in this one bedroom hungalow. There's plenty of room for comrnny in the large l i v i n g room. Also, plenty of storage In the haacraent. Prico? Only J13.000. Call today. VA or PHA. COZY CAPE COD Distinctive B hedroom, 2 story house at S242 W. Eth St. Hd. Family rntim in basement, utility room, 1 ear attached «arage, low t r a f f i c area. Kitchen equipped with OK dishwasher and range. Two full baths. Have us nhow you this beauty. RVEMNOS fi. WEEKENDS HOMKS-HUSINKSSKS Ralph Cooper 352-5670 Leonard Borowskt 353-2S5S Krl Anderson 352-1202 Mylcs I.nndstrom 353-3833 Mnc McKlnley ,152-3209 Hill RAinhroll 353-S1.19 K. P. BrlK Walt 35C-OSG5 Dick Tlnetlcher, Jr. 353-OS03 John Schell 352-SS1S FAnMS-RANCHBS Dean Avers Rei Scolt Jlenry M T . Ilcrhsl Carl Shosvalter .lames Hoyrller NEWLY-WEDS Slnrt your mnrrlajie with this lovely 2 bedroom homes utility room off kitchen, located netir new Hillside Jlall shopping center. 2530 10 Ave. Priced at $16,500, aud extremely well 'decorated. B-3 LOTS The best In 11-3 land to build whatever you heed in the way of apartments. Faces the new shopping center soiiih of Highway 31 bypass and 17th Avenue. Purchase price includes water aud sewer taps, curb, gutter, and paving. 3/ 4 , ACRE LOT Allen Acres is where this one is aud it's priced to sell-- ?5,S05. A FAMILY BUSINESS Try this on for size, yonr own yarn nhop that you or your wife can run. Very good location and shows a good net profit. This business fs priced to sell at ?8,950, which Includes all inventory. DREAM HOUSE No doubt about this house being one of the sharpest and cleanest in the Hillside area · - Z bedrooms up, 1 d o w n , full finished basement, fully carpeted, stove and refrigerator included, large garage, rose garden and many other extras. 523,050 located at 2-120 12 Ave. Ct. Real EUoU HILLSIDE -- 3 bedroom hrhk. Full basement- M a i n floor utilities. Newly redecorated. Shown by appointment only. 352-7360. EXCELLENT improved home In ET- IXCELLENT Improved home In E»- nns. 1-arne fenced yard, slnarlc- garsfa pli** laii'c 20x40 ft. workshop on luemlscs. All modern heating, sprinkl- in8 system, etc. 35S-0346. LOTT AGENCY, INC. BUILD Let us help -- we can provide construction money for your new home. And at the sume time guarantee the amount of money you liorrow on your permanent loan when the home is finished. Our experienced staff is eager to serve you. BUYING OR REFINANCING Are you in need ot extra money for unexpected expensei, or thinking ot making an investment, or f a n n i n g to buy another house? This money may tie fnnnrt in a new home loan Let us give you a new, up to date loan appraisal. 918 llth Ave. 353-1443 lilllP^^ 3 FURNISHED MODELS OPEN DAILY . . . HOURS: Daily 10-8 Sat. 10-6 HOMES FROM .$18,450 WOOD BROS. HOMES Phone: 353-4797 35th Ave. 16th St. 352-4910 857-6767 352-8441 353-7161 352-8211 COMMERCIAL Doug Scam 35V3S40 T.irry Anderson 454-2683 imOKEfl Ernie Scott 852-8633 ASA T. JONES, JR. AGENCY 920 llth Street, Greeley, Colo, Phone 352-6417 . IRRIGATED SPECIALS 140 A. near Greeley, lovely home. Large machine shed. New corrals. Ditch and well water. N a t u r a l gas and domestic water. Level, productive soil. Call Roy. 480 A. near Hereford, Colo. This unit baa 1 self-propelled sprinkler and permits for additional wells for development. Natural gas. Modern borne. Priced right. Call Hoy. Well improved 240 A. in productive Prospect Valley. Good wells pins ditch. Realistically priced ut only 5500 per-A. Katon 160 A. Irrigation wells. Live stream through property. 14 mile cement ditch. Vn in irrigated grass. Ideal for livestock operation. 100 A. grass unit near Oreeley. Excellent location for building. Priced at ?50,000. Call Hoy. 140 A, west of Platteville. Z large wells plus ditch water. Outstanding crop history in potatoes, beets, corn and beans. Tnia one must be seen to be appreciated. Only $110,000. . Sun. or Eve. call AL JOHNSTON, 352-028-1; ROY ELLTSTON, 353-5815; or CLIFF CAMPBELL, Broker, 352-1116.- MOORE REALTY Northern Colorado Building ir MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE tV 922 llth St. 352-3437 DUPLEX Close to downtown, and a real money maker. Small Investment with a good return. Priced at $17,500. BEAUTIFUL TRACT 10 acres of country living -- with a beautiful 4 htjdroora homo and a lot of outbuildings. Price* at $85,000. A HOME WITH APARTMENT Very attractive home lias 3 bedrooms plus the basement that can be rented to students, zoned R-3. Larg* lot and well planted garden at $24,250. . ' COLLEGE RENTAL 2 apartments on the back ot a large ntce lot on 6th Avenue near the campus. Good investment with possibilities at $15,500. 20 ACRES JOINING MIL-LIKEN on the west. Should be developed. All city utilities avail, able and priced right at $3,000 per acre. INDUSTRIAL TRACT on 1st Avenue, Hi acres. Has a nice 2 bedroom home that U rented. At ?55,000. A PLEASANT SUMMER Is assured when you own this lovely tri-level which features large covered patio with Cabana at one end for storage of gnmea and l a w n furniture. To complete your living comfort there is a total of 3 bedrooms, l',5 baths, family room, large kitchen w i t h eating space. All beautifully cared for, plus single car garage. Priced at $28,750. BE SURE AND SEE THIS HOME at ft price you cannot afford to miss. 2 bedroom, living room-dining room c o m b i n a t i o n , halh, kitchen and den. Single garage plus a 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, ^ bath basement apartment. Excellent school location. 1629 Uth Ave. LOOK AT 630 6TH ST. 2 bedroom, kitchen w/enting space, living room, halh and on a lot 70x130 ft. $12,000. CHOICE BUSINESS CORNER 150x125 ft. near downtown Circcley on 8th Avenue. Lol» of paving included plus a former service station. Railroad spur adjoins property; all for $19,750. 90 ACRES DEVELOPMENT PROPERTY Northwest edge of Greeley with city water and gas already there. Paved road on one side and some water rights available. $2200 per acre. QUICK POSSESSION On this beautifully kept three bedroom brick. You will like the new living room and kitchen carpets, the two fireplaces, the half bath off the master bedroom, and the two car attached garage. Heller look at $31,500. Helen Hay 353-2411 liay Schoonmaker 353-074J Tom Spear 3S2-0515 Clint .lurgensen SS2-1305 Ted Funk 352-7510 Herbert Alherlson 353-2734 Frank Mooro 352-3313 Jack liruegsmnn 353-5668 Marge Yost 352-5737 Dob nnmncr 352-7111

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