Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on January 31, 1975 · Page 10
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 10

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1975
Page 10
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o^-lnhu.K.Tud.v.Janu.irv.«,.,«. ,,, I..\IH)H .MI-:.MBI-:il of KirliaiiiPiiL Nillic Hamilton. ,i longtime clilic nf tin- llritish Itmal K.iinili -.Imivs his Iruol entillrd -Jlj iJiiiTii.iii.l I" during a press conference. Lord Slum dun fnilwl Wednesday in n Insl minulr bid in lilm-k tlic publication (if (lie lunik liighlv 1'iilical nf (lie Kiival l-'iiniily. UTM'lintii) 'My Queen and I' Book scorns royalty LONDON rUP!i - Labor parliamentarian Willie Hamilton's scathinganti-royalty book. "My Queen and I." went nn sale fhiirsdayj-jgYer the lasl-mirute cifijecliOTiSjsfi Lord Simwdoir. f*Snowdon*the former Antony Ariiislrong-Jones, and tils wife. Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth, came in for particularly hard criticism in (lie hook. Hamilton refers to Princess Margaret as "(hat expensive kept woman." Quarto! Books, the publishers, discounted as "trivial" oh- jections voiced by Snowdon in a telephone call Wednesday. He was (he only member of ttie royal family lo openly object to (he txxik. Hamilton, who has called Ihe royal family "a human equivalent of Ihe London zoo," expands on his longtime complainls that the royal family squanders tax- Metals NKW YORK'UPI i-foreign and domestic gold prices today: London Morning fixing 178.00 un- i'lHiii[cd. Atti'rnoiin fixing 177.K down il.T.i Pnris free market 181.T-t up 1 21 K r a n k f u r l 178.79 up 2 2 2 1 Xnridi 17K 2.1 unchanged New York lhirul\ anil llarman. non:; 177 n down n.Tn KiWlhard. base price for refinmn scilling and im- fatiricatcd golil 177.7.1 dosvn O7.i per Iroy ounce. Soiling price, fabricated gold 182.10 down 0.77 per Iroy ounce. free money and epitomize class distinction. fn a chapter of "Family Portraits." Hamilton spares no 4 ine: v«0f Queen Klizabelh. he says: " "Like Tcsco (a supermarket chaim and Marks and Spencer 'department sloresi, she aims to please -She's in business for Ihe nation, and shareholders arc ready lo swear the dividends are lalnilous." And her husband. Prince Phillip, the Duke of Kdintmrgh: "By royal standards he works very hard, from choice. He could stay as idle as his sister-in- law (Princess Margaret i but chooses lo heaver away. He can put down a pint of beer in a local pull and take par! in the annual Garter pantomime at Windsor with equal relish...He is the HP sauce for Ihe royal fish and chips." Hamilton says of Prince Charles. Ihe heir lo Ihe throne: "II seems unlikely now lhal Charles will blossom into someone with genuine originality or the vision to question the values of his upbringing." Princess Anne, he savs. "couldn't help being born a princess. She maybe didn't even wanl the job. as some of her past actions' have : impliedj Bu'rlfie pressure o f " 'duty' combined with 35.000 pounds IS8-1.000I a year have no doubt narrowed the options." Pulling cm his big guns for Princess Margaret. Hamilton says. "She makes no attempt to conceal her expensive, extravagant irrelevance and it is impossible In make out any honest case for her being much use lo anybody." Hamilton levelled an equally heavy barrage at her husband. "Tony is a man of many parts." he says. "He has been a waiter at Brighton and a two pounds i 54.801 a week tout for a London bed-sitters' i studio apartment i agency. Conceding Snowdon's ability as a professional photographer. Hamilton says "heWould have made a good living and a name for himself without marrying a Princessand becoming a /.aril." Masculine libbei replaces female Handy and Harman Thursday ifUDted silver at S-f.2.5 cents per fine unchanged. I.AXSINC. Mich. iL'I'li Michigan House Speaker Hobby f'rini has removed a woman from Ihe House Women's Mights Cntnrniltcc and replaced her wilba man -bul Ihere shouldn't lie any complainls from feminisls. Booted off the committee was Hep. .Josephine Hunsinger. wh» led Ihe legislative fight against ratification of the Equal liights Amendment in Michigan. Mrv Hunsinger said she opposes Ihe amendment "lie- cause il would hurl Ihe family unil and removes many nf the protections we in Michigan have Miveu our uorrii'n." Her replacement is Hep Joseph J-'nrljos. silui describes himself ,1* "a women's liliber." Knrlics «as Riven a perfect score from ihc Nniiona! ilrgani- ttilinn for Women on his HOT voting record. Livestock, Produce CHICAGO iL'Pli - Chicago Mercantile K.xcliange closing price range: Open High Low Close Sales Live lieef faille Keh 37.00 37.25 W.l! 36.7.V.50 ITIili Apr :i«.60 38.72 .17.55 37.85-.70 5792 .Inn :W.M :W.20 M.02 ^S.'iO-.J.S 2075 Aug :!».8I) 39.00 37.95 38.40-.30 7)6 Ocl DIUfI 38.60 :l7.fi5n 38.001) 9'J Dec .18.60 38.80 37.70 .W.lOb 08 Dec 38.60 38.80 37.70 38.10h fB Frozen fork llellirs Fch fi7.liO fi7.85 65.25 66.401) 4355 Mar 67.50 67.60 65.20 6C.40 297fi May C8.85 68.85 66.35 68.10b 1212 Jul' 68.IXI 69.30 67.00 67.70 699 Aug 68 (JO 68.85 68.10 66.50b 9-1 Keb fifi.2.i (K25 67.5fl 67.,Wa H JUMET. Ill 'DPIi -Livestock: Cattle "--ales insufficient to establish pncp irent I Ho(i.i !.iw: trade active: trarrows and ti.lw I "i higher: no. 1-2 200-240 II). -lo..i«- 41.00. no. 1-3 200-250 Ib. 4u.25-4li.iiO. Friday' 0 "slim.iled receipts 2.500 callle; 1.000 hogs. POHTI.Am Ore, (Ul'li-Woeklv livestock : Gitllo and calves fi:)5. Slaughter steers small lots 990-110(1 Ib mixed good-choice :»..TO · 34.HO: heifers standard-good 20.00a.75: cows culler H 25-18.50: calves standard-good 18.00-24.00: feeder steers small snowing choice iOO-5'IIJ Ib 27.00-28.50. lings fa. Harrows and gill.s 218-220 Ib 3H.25-39 50: sows few 1-2 285-475 Ib 2400- X 25. Sheep 75. All classes too scarce for adequate trade lest: few small lols choice- fancy 51-80 Ib feeder lambs 35.25-38.50. POKTI.A.VI) iC'I'li - Cash grain, coast delivery basis: :w-day M-day White wheat 4.15 4.15 While club J.I4 4.15 Harli'V 12-I.OO mi bid May force some grazers ouf BLM plans to improve rangeland H.-\SHI.M,Tl\ i t ' l ' I i Tlu Humm ni Land Mining i-nl sujs in an riivii'iinnicnlal ini pact sl.ilcnu'iil its plans In mi (HTOT iiinnnKfini'iil nf naliiriKil irs(Hin.Ts lands may Inrccii lew livesloi'k i!ra/ers out il bllsillt'SS. The slalcmcnl suggested lliiii Mime short term adverse iiffccls may In- overcome by some far i caching advantages. Hul if (lie program is completed, "livestock operators will lie required In increase their investment in lime, money and energy," the agency said. "Where removal or reduction in numbers of livestock is the management action required, some individual operators will experience a reduclinn in personal income and a few may tie loKcrl nul nt business." the slalemcnl said. "Wilh the accumulating impact nf hnmoslearfmg, grazing. larrninj. railroad building, and the western movement of people, rangelaml conditions became crilical during the 193Us." il said. In I9;4. Congress empowered the Interior Department to protect the lands. (iradually this has evolved in- tii what the bureau calls "allotment management plans" lo cover about 171 million acres in the western stales. About I uf 7 nf these projected plans has been established, rovering 25 million iieres. Tn i-ninplele Die job. Hie liu- rejiu emisicuiscrinvfrucr'iiiii n! LI lolal nl I27.IUHI u.ili-s »r lejicc. ·ll.illin ii'MTMiirt,. treatment Inr 4.:i million acres. M'eiling on ii.l million acres and nearly Hi.ouo miles nf roads and Irnils. "The declining condition of millions n[ acres of rangeland caused by overgrazing during Ihi 1 past century sets the stage for needed improvements," (lie bureau said. Crazing is aulhnro.ed nn about liiii million nl Hie administered western lands. Alwul 14(1 million acres ill Ibiil are considered suitable Inr livestock grazing. Alimil 24.IIIX! livestock opera- Inr leases have lieen extended by the government to enable ahoul :l.a million faille and 5.6 million sheep In grav.e on (be lands. I'arlly due to lack of money and manpmvcr. the bureau said, ils preparation of new allolmenl management plans is falling behind. The I'J74 grazing fee on public lands is 51 per animal, up 22 cents from II7,1 Mul the bureau said "gene-rally, a minimum of SliO.diH) in federal funds will be required for developing an allulment management plan. An additional csliiiiiilctl S4.S11I) nf private lunds. primarily from range UMTS, would hi- invc.Mcd iri each .illnliiicnl management plan " "llcjniid tin 1 investment pert- mi, an [slunalcd animal main- IrininiT CUM ol S1.5IHI per allot- men) management plan is anticipated." il said. The total cost ol the program targeted (or completion by (he year SUWi would be S594.9 million. $321.2 million o[ thai covered by grazing fees. The National Council of Public Land L'sers of Grand Junction Colo., declared the plan a "design lo raid the federal Treasury for the benefit of a few special privileged domestic livestock grazers." The California Farm Bureau Federation ol Merkeley complained that Ihe draft "appears to be biased against livestock grazing." Population centers BOSTON (UPI)-About hall of the nation's 211 million population live in only eight of the 50 stales, according to Continental Mortgage Investors, a real estate investment trust. Furthermore, it adds, an estimated 150 million Americans l i v e on about 54.000 of the nation's 3.53 million square miles ·- an area roughly that of the state of Florida. ' the impact Matemcnl covers- \TM .Mexico. .Voflh liakM;,' land in Arizona. California, f'ol- South Dakota., Oregon. L'lal;.' oradu. Idaho. Montana. .Nevada, Washington and Wyoming. c IN STOCK NOW! BALER TWINE HEAVY DUTY! SISAL 7200 FT. PER BALE CUARAHTEED! PLASTIC 7500 FT. PER BALE YOUR CHOICE *27 95 PER BALE ALSO - U 6500" BALING WIRE $ 31 9 5 PiRBOX SUPPLY CO-OP . TIRES-BATTeRIE5'PETRW.EUM PRODUCTS-FARM SUPPIIK ( ' FARM CHEHICAU'DBYtLIIJUlO FfRTILIKR'WfARM TIW SHK HIGHWAY 30 WEST* NAMPA«/*»fc46t-784l Prices Effective Through Tues., Feb. 4th Use Sears Easy Payment Plan SA VE $ 20 to $ 80 Sears Handsomely Styled Sofas and Love Seats YOUR CHOICE Sears $339.99 "Vicai" Contemporary Sola Ttie special consliucted seal cushion and Ihe pitch ol Ihe back combine lo give a deep sort co-nlorlable seal Our Classic Style "Vallejo" Sola BESulMul (Irjral aialelasse covet aiids distinction lo Ihis classic slyle sofa loose rn'JIow back styling. O'Ji S 339.99 To«i West" Traditional Style Sola Loose pillo* back and leversible seat cushions Flarefl. luiedo height arms with arm bolsters. Watching Love Seat; For Above Solas S 279 "Spanish Rope" SAVE f 20to'60 Sears Best Selling "Spanish Rope" Regular 289.99 Sofa 229" Tins lovely and practical Spjnrsn style is our top selling grouping. 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