Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 17, 1972 · Page 35
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 35

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1972
Page 35
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CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING TRIBUNE WANT ADS RATES AND 'DEADLINES FAH.M help M. n c r « l . A u U CLASSIFIED READER ADS Deadline: 4 p.m. Day Prior. RATES Minimum charge (10 words) 80c First insertion per word 8c consecutive Insertions of same nd, per word j c Sixth day free. Montli rale, per HHB (2 lino m i n i m u m ) _ $4.00 10% discount on render ads if paid witlitn 10 days. Every other day ads to lie charged at one day rate. Blind Box Numbers .... 60c CANCELLATION Ads may lie cancelled by calling before D:00 a.m. Insertion "day. (One time service charge) CLASSIFIED DISPLAYS Kate: ?1.70 per column inch Volume rates upon rfirjuest. Minimum space 1 column inch. Screen herders cuts may bo used on ads of 2 column inches or more. Deadline 3 p.m. Day Prior. CANCELLATION 5 P.M. DAY rnion E X P E R I E N C E D hairdresser. '11 352-1058 or 35J.023I. HANOI! help ivnnlcd. W a l d c n area. '.nKle mnn preferred. Call Terry, lie Trihnne assumes responsibility for only 1 incorrect insertion of any ad. Please read your nd the first day it appears. Call in correction hefora 9 a.m. next day. PHONE 352-021) 714 Eighth Street Office Hours 8 a.m. to B p.m. Classified Index A n n o u n c e m c n f g ,,__ 4 Auctions _ . '_ R4 Antiques Auto Service and Supplies 62 Bicycles--Motor Bikes ._ 60-A Board and Rixim Boats and Supplies liltj.nir Materials ..-slnw Services Con] and Wood Custom Work Education and J u s t r u c t i o n Karm Equipment, , For Rent- -Apartments 'or Rent-- HiiHdinfrs For Rent--Fanns and Tracts For Rent--GaraRos For Ren I--Hojits for Kentrr-Mt. Homes, Obini 'or R e n t -- O f f i r e Space For Rent- -Rooms Fruits find Hay, Grain, Feed. Straw H«etitiK Cooline Help Wanted Household rcocirls . Irrigation Systems ...,,_ __ l^t's Swap _.. Livestock . Lost and Found .: Miscellaneous Mobile Homes . Mobile Home Spnee Money to .Loan Money Wanted ,, Mole: 1 8 SO 1 20 19 18 2: 16 an Moving o/id Storage ..,, -Musical Inslnm-.onla NiFrstng 1 Hotncs ..,,, Pel Stock Poultry Profession*! S KhUte Jtuofir.K nml insulation ,, b'e-ds. Plant?. Flowers !! 33 Sewing Machine* . Vacuumi 4- Situations Wanted ,,.,,.. Sorting Gocils 35- Trailers end Campers _ fi! Transportation Trash Hnultn? ^_ 12 TV-Radio Service, EaJcs .... -16 Us*d Car* and Trucks "Wanted to Rent Wattling Machines Lost and Found LOST -- Wire haired terrier. Braided leather collar. 1 Ave., itth :Sl. 352-7C20, LOST--A rimi,rp , r a»r i -.,ora' Help Wonte« J i Caltlc-, foedlr.B . c«H 834-2230. Help vanle't. $13 9th St. 352. n Kun- iv an ted. I.PN f u l l tltne K c n l Home. 353-1011. DIRECTOR of nurses (or nuritris home In Grccley trca. 358-0X61. IXPEIUENCED bookkeeper, -co 3 to 50. 352-3W2. ACCOUNTS reoHvJtblf: Scniktlonkl oiJot in nice AurroundinK*. is«. C»ll Sup Sfoyer, 353-4743. Snellinir and jinelling, private empkyntent agency. NURSES aide: Mature perron to work in private home. ISM. Call Jnrkfe. 3o3-GOE6. U And B, an employment t N T fitih^Krs ami :ar[entrs. ATI- 135 Gay Si., Longmonl, iifler 5 LPN or UN -- R to 11 ihift. Full or P R r t time. Ctll 353-3370. Faira Manor. ratnee: Severn! posElian«. fJSQQ. Call Doris, 353-COGO. II _nnj B, an employment agency. GBT away from thr.t dull roulinc -- rneel iiKjple, sisri curninR. 1'lione 352-3910 before 6 p.m. NEED yoorl srrvke s t a t i o n man. Will, ing to work, KOEXI wn CM to right man. A p p l y at 2220 (Uh St. WOMEN -- Jrb openitiR at Shakey's 1'izzn 1'nrlor, 2S14 'llth A\t., for noon lunch shift. WANTED -- Farm hand. EspcrfpTi in irripntinif. ftt-din^. Year round Ht. I. Box SI. Kcene-ibnrp. WANTED -- Kxpprlrnced floral designer. See Jim Jlocicr, Colorado I)iv is Jon of Employment, 2204 8lh SPORTSMAN: ChnlJensiiu; career a-Jr favorite f i u M at JSOO. Cftll Nin KinK, 353-1743. Snelllng And Snolling. private employment aRoncy. SECRETARY - - Plmh office with cst K i u i j i m e n t . J350-f!00. Acme 1'er- scinnol Set-vice, 1220 H1h Ave., 353- JvlSju. An cn-.ployiiK'iil aucncy. BHYWALL - Experience.! hanccn «nd finisheis. KslaUUlnxI rnmpnny Top wanes and lie refit*. Tri Cllv Dry wall. 659-1003, Lovebird ROUTR sales trainee: Top cumiia..,. Exrellcnc iwncnts,. JJ200. Call Cay, 353-OOGC. li and K. ;ui cm]kiyment gttoncy. FItY COOK for jicrmanent \voiV, fin-inn shift. Must be experienced. Apply in person only at Ihe G a r d e n Kitchen Pestaurant, ll'J ISth St. D E L I V E H Y salts: I n t t i n l l v o pays well litre. Lotal route. f ^ O C O . Call Ellen Harl, 353-4743. SiteDing and SnellinK. ^jirivnle employment .ipcney. FOOD manaEcn:tnt trainee to wiik all phases of fast fowl system. Sfi.GOQ. UOd KmpJoymonl Center. S56-3-160, A private cmnioj'menl T R A I N E E t A d v n u e e to manaRemcnt in proffjisinnfll line, l^rn $5000. Call El!cn Hart. 353-1743. SnelKiiR and SneHinR. private cni|i[oyniu] LIVESTOCK foreman with ns; b:irk- groumL $7,000 up. Must relnrnti UCS Fmr!«ymont Comer, A private employment twenty. DOOK =iore m n n a q e r : Ro^ky M tain region. 510,0 DO. Call J Jackie, 3"i3- GQGG. U a ml It, a n employ me r.t W A R E H O U S E M A N -- Opjwrtnnity far ndvanren-.cnt. SlfiSO. Acme Porsnnnel Service, 1220 llth Ave., 3o3.8120. An employment aRcn.'y. IJOOKKKEi'EH: .Mhlure pcwon takes over for crtat btKs. J3SO. Cull Char "Whit more, 3Ji3-J7-13. SnellinK nnrt Sneltinf:. private employment agency. FIGURE- miss: variety of duties. Customer service. S303. Cull LaRue, 853-60S6. tt anij li, an empbymcnt Help Wanted E X P E R I E N C E D -ranrti h»HiJ, 725-4229, Walctcrt. NEED more money T Join ih» luceew cruup. Sell Shaklce Troducla to horae and industry.-Full or p a c t (.{me satca potlttoaB. Interest^ T - C a l l 853-8581. A C C O U N T I N G - clerk -- l^te ehift Ideal tor accounting major. £350. Acme Personnel Service, 1220 IHh Avc., 553-8426, An employment W A N T K R -- RN or LPN. Top wanes. NH)n lo 8 p.m. or 4 p.m. to midnight, shifts. Birch Ave. Minor. 3G3- 0635. DEAD end kid! Change it all with this top IxwkkeepEnu spoU HOO, Cull (i*y, 353-6066, H and II, »n empl menL agency. POSTTNO machine: Fijrure shirpie for nttMctivc job. S325. Call Char Whilmore, 353-4743. Siitlling and Sneltin^, private employment nccncy. SKCHKTAHY -- Medical office. Type CO iv|im. Good wc-rklnp hours and conditions. Apply in writinz. Reply I^ox P-2 c/o Tribune. COMPUTKK "orerator: Kxcilmp B pot in prestige area. From flBOO. Cull Jean Kmu, 353-17)3. Sr.rllinjr Sr.cll in K, private ptnjiloj'ment flgcn MEDICAL recent ioniat: Phone work plus reports enua! f u n I J330. Call SUP Meyer, 353-4743. SnellinK and Snellini:, privnle employment agency. DELIVERY man for lumter ynrd. Ex- nerience prefferred. Nwd c h u f f e n r a licunte. JIouEctt Lumber Co., 13 llth Ave. E X P E R I E N C E D molnlc homo g«rvk«- man needed. Must have own tools, Good ftlnrttnff salary (6 day week), Northern Mobile, 3155 SlB "AHM Jiunil -- Yesr around ivorV. ?5103, plus bedroom house nnd utilities. Acme J'ersonnel .Service, 1220 llth Ave., 353-8126. An employ or f t K A L c?Ule sslesman: Paid traininir, sehoolinp and tdtintt. Relocal*. Sat- nry phu commission. Call Doris, 363- COG6, B and II, an employment agency. ARE YOU interested in learning skill t h n t pnys average earning* of J 2.2.1 per ho;ir plus com puny paid health and mcdiciil insurance. Apply K.iyly Corp., ^503 Itli Ave., 352-616S. An equal opiortuiiity em|i!oyer. O V E R S E A S Join .-- F.umpr, So-Jlh America, Austral En, etc. 2,000 opcn- inps. Conslruction, office, etiKmcci-s, sales, etc. $700 to S3.000 month. KJC- pcnsea paid. Fr«e infurmntkui. write Overseas Jibs, Intcrnatinnal Airport, B o x S a C - A , Jilldml, Fin. DHAFTSMAU -- Severn! types n*e. Some local, «ome L i i ' U e n v e r . STOCO- $10,000. Acme Personnel Service, 1220 l l l h Ave., 353-H2.6. An employ- PR UCK driver. Mini have experience h a n d l i n g semt and be avnliable im- mcdintcLy. Excellent benefit*. Home evcrr niulit. Call Royal Petroleum, 353-1424. ACCFPTJNC appHcatkins for roof tn: and component worker*, cxpcrienceii in trusses, \vn]l paneU and component assembly. Need to knoiv how to use shop paws, pneumatic nailer*, cie. Apply to J. Shaw, KvcrlU Mfg., 2.103 2nd Ave. CHILD cure agency !«ires man co-jple over 2o m live-in honscpnr«nU for tectiacera. Iileat for «r*d fct - .i- UentF. Full time position. Salary plus cxpt'rucs. Part time nubstitulcft nlsr ncetipn. Call 33-il?-S to Brranee fn .'·prvfew. SKTLI.ED atripper dcsirinp departmcn sunervisoiy iosition in nish quality capable h/\v c i m r r n m a n . Call S 421-17S8 or wrile P. O. Box I219J, Aleott Station. Denver. Colo. F.T.RMENTARY flute iliidcnU. Cal _86S-3924. __ JUDO, Knr«te. Slen, women, cbiHi Group or private. C*tl 352-6431. WANTED -- BeEinnine orsnn elude! 353-3^4. ECOLOGY oriented r«rsoimel desper- nnd trainee nrcjis. fight poltutior Includes rrcruitinE. PH. eujiervi^inT motivation. Com mere IK) Indus Irii and direct sales areas. Mr. Matcyk) Nst'l.-lTiL'l. ExpunBTon Div., 4\4l K 19th AVP.. Denver E0?20. H03-333-5G7G U.S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! Men-women IS n n i l over. Hocnro jobs. High eturting imy. Short lionrs. Advancement. Prepara .ory training us long OR requlr ed. Thoiissnds of jobs open. perlence usually unnccoaaary. KK information on jolis, sn \ries, rcniiiruinonts. Write TO DAY giving name, ntltlrcas n n t nfi. Ijincoln Service. Box M 29 c/o Tribune. BARTENDER: Tnkinir replications for ni»ht work. Steady. Male or ferule over 21. Will train. Sec Lew, Nob M i J l Tftvern. Tfice--No typing required. e Perruntii'l Service, I'JiO iloymenl RKNKRAL, - JS20. Aero l l t h Ave., 353-8.2E.. An agency. APAKT.MENT house mnr-HKer nrnlrn, for 125 units no children accepted. Phone- 66Q-1CH or C6;-'J102, Love- _T»nd. __ AUTO jinrts m n n : Onrorluiuties unlimited u-lth Kreat company. S6COO. Call LAKt:e, 353-COG6. H ar.d II, nn employment apency. RECEPTIONIST -- I'lcniant oftke. T.ipht -skilts reiLiiircd. Aoine 1'ersonnel Service, 1220 Mill Ave., 353-8120. An emp!oj-ment aprency. B O O K K E E P E R with 2 to 3 ye perience. Minimal typinit. 53 PLUMBER WANTED I'rctnhnn wages paid Tor lie ensed ond exjierlenccd plumberi to work in M o u n t a i n Resor Town. Year round, Plionc G27 3441, or write to Box 536 Gram Lake, Colo. S0447. Fmployment Center, -TiG-34CO. private cmproyment AKcncy. UCS EATON CATTLE CO. Is lookinu for a mnn witli irrigating and feeding experience. Irrigated grass nnd feed lot or- We sharprn Vm. fc p!nkinir sWars. tno.lcration. L i v i n g quarters and SB-65C on mo«. AIMrrt. 613 Bth Av*.L nck f l l l . n i p h o ( I - aoo sal!tr y ho has lost a MI. pleas. w i l h |, onlls i n c e n t i v e p l n n . ANYONE visit H u m a n e Society Shelter, gib SL and 23 Hy-pa*.!. Hours 8-5, Moridoy through Sattlrdnj. PLEASE r e t u r n to 2600 9th Are. l)ur- alon 6 ply mm] flm] Etiotv tire, 700x1^ on blue wheel, picknl. up aL Land Fill F l u m p between 8:30 and 9 a.m. Saturrtay. ALCOHOLICS Anonynioui. Th. 352 6852 forjelp or meeting information. FJCURETTE brai ir.d fflrdlu. 3^2-7502. IS YOUR shaver »ick 7 Call the Haioi Clinic. Alkirc's. 613 Sth Ave. 352-9501. NOW sv.ilfthlc (Liuitr'i TV JOTI allied Cojmelicn). Contact L»ur» JIartx, phone- 366-2635; R E D U C E - 8«fc dad fast with GoTJese Tablets and E-Vap "w.itf.* pills." _ Gibbon Pharmioy. PAYING too much on present nuto u n d health insurance? For comparison. Jim Cowan Inc. Agency, S527778 or _ DKAR A If red : Con-.c home, the Wrda are hungry. Siirnerf Afri, Hitchcock, Woody'* Pet Supply, 720 Mh St.. So 3 -n 7 1 7. Auro Rental Cr Tranipoitolion 3 CAR renlAla -- Daily, weeMr. monthly. C-reeley Lea-ir.K Co., 1100 8th Ave., 352-0174. A f t e r hr«. 353-5629. Profession^ J AND J Upholstery. Fre* estfmaffS pickup and itelivery. 356O162. Business Service 6 ROTOTlLLfNG. 834-2127. I( r.o ans.. ^i2-5S5. Holi'a Tree t.tnl. Ault, r O W K f t rakinu. If yov Iroublm, call in I Call evenings, 737-2150 COLLEGE G R A D excellent 1st year Income »no travel ·formal t r a i n i n g and training *e.xc. retirement, group lite and health Insurance Opportunities in snlos with rap id advancement into Kales management or personnel management. M i n i m u m qualifications include college degree, gond credit rating, and exc. references from previous employment. For interview opportunity, sond brief resume to Hox P-3. c/o Tribune. Replies kept confidential. CAREER WOMEN Excellent o p p o r t u n i t y for w o m e n to r e a l i s t i c n l l y e n r n a 5-figure first year income in onr Women's Division. Company t r a i n i n g a n d t r a i n i n g allowance p r o v i d e d . OpeningH in tflles with rnpid op- p o r t u n i t y for .sales mnnagenient and personnel m a n a g e m e n t positions. Qualifications i n c l u d e a minimum of 2 years of college, neat appearance nnd on Inland; references, F'or interview j n p p o r t n n i l y , send hrief resume to Jlox r-3, c/o Triluine. U.C.S. Employment Center 8:30-5 M. thru P,; 0-3 Sat. 928 13lh St. Suite 5 3GG-3460 A private employment agency 2 MEN to service our oriiiipme.nt and lenrn other work. Oppoi'funity to earn ?150 week wliile learn ing. Call S52-5n3C for interview. An cjiuial opiiorlnnity employer WANTED Receptionist for electrical [inn job includes light liooktoeepinj and weekly payroll. Call 353 13S1G for Interview. Business Opportunity Earn top income w i t h rapidly e x p a n d i n g corporation. Follow proven lnu:k record for incomes of $30,000 E year nnd more. Call for interview only 353-7841, Mr. Summerson MECHANIC Kxpcrienced all around mechanic. See long Soenkscn at DcUrown Clirysler Plymoulli Inc. 817 7th St., Greelejr Phone 3S6-0900 STUDENTS M n l e or female $1.75 per hour plus bonus Interviews 3-4 p.m. 1-115 23rd Avo. or call 353-7875 a f t e r 8:30 p.m. MAINTENANCE MAN W i t h some imiclinnlcnl fcnnwl ;e of hen ling, nir cnmlltlon Ing, pliimbinB nntl eloctrica criuipmcnl. 35G-J331 Ext. 70 DO YOU LIKE TO HUNT A N D FISH? IK you're an experienced aalcflman . . . I F yon t-nn m.nko n l i v i n g on communion ... IP you will \vnrk n u n i i f f c i l n o r t h e r n Colorado Icaiis ., C H A I N iat» sharprnlrr. 2 hr. r r r v l r c AlHr-'a, 613 8tk Ave.. 3o2O501. SAW Shurrwnlnit. All k..'i*. One rtaj _««r». Alklre'J, «1S Sth Av«.. 3S2-9SOI HOSCO'S Tree .'-rvtce, Hccr^ftl and in. I.A\VN mo»-fr .harpeninz anri mnttir We would liko lo merit you and tell you about tho opportunities repair, Anr!enon Sce1 Co. 714 1Wn [of the n a t i o n ' s leading outdoor recreation f-ompnny. Rl., 353-D424. , Contact Mr, Walker MI8 N. Lincoln, T.ovcland 2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays only raMn?, iwreplntr. ferliliiin?, Xtrden rotntillins n n d l a w n letdine _or Bonding. 2^4-6310. _ J an/1 J Cleininp Sfrvlce We c l p « n all fommeroitl tiulWlr.Rs. Oe: t h a t ele»n i!*y to H»y ptot*?!*!^"*! looh l h a t w i l l imprt-s j«;ur clientele. For a n n u m ) c*ll 35^-6^^. BEAT THE KUSTI Ilax'e your lawn mowftr sharpened and serviced now, Pow r a k p H t o r e n t . ' A l e x Welding Repair 2.103 8th Ave.--3*3-1712 'ARM ifttcsman: * Opening for «xp. f a r m and commercial real estate «atcam*n. AH replies confidcntlil. Vox Q.31 c/o Tribune. ACCOUNTANT itftli AEHenlluritl ha Bi-ountl. Kxltnslvo cxptricnce required. To |15,OM. Urush. UCS Emi'l , mtnt Center. 356-3460. A privnt* cmiiJoymcTil ««cncy. NSTAU.MENT lonn officer-- Flnanee cun:[nny experience acceptable. Kc- lucalc or rotnmutp. Acme Prrsonnrl Service-. 12i!0 l l t h Ave., 853-8426. An employment agency. NDUSTR1AL hcuspkcrpintT Biiptrvi ]tesionsiMc Tor nil pauses of kp ir.cnt. Mu*t be cxperkncctl. Jlusl rc- ·kifKle. UCS Knipluyment Center. 3563150. A privntc cinplciyriu-nL upc ilOitTGAGE compjiTiy -- Kxiier»n VA-FHA I n n n prncrs«or. K no w i n ,. nhlp anil wilirntt worker. IVrmanonl. $I50-5C-0 rcr no. Investors Moitjri.,-, E112 W. Charleston, I-ns Vc«ai, Nev. 1XPERT nirptntry. No Job too Urge or loo s n n l l . 7B3-2910. ·IAN TO BUpcivfee materlila handling in our yarti. Knowlwlee of Btoel nm conslrnrt-on tnaterial desirable. Tbis is n career job with good pay top frinc* benefits. YTinograd's, 431 ilii St. CUSTOM TOtoUIItnB. Lar» or imRll BS7-2IOS. HACKHOK. loifl«p, trenching, 353-7765 3S-6917. Kotbn tUekhc* S«rv. V B DO custom hiuHr.R. 36S-aiU, F«r- mln Rodrlquei, 931 6th St. DMLEVS custom plowinj. 352-5250 after 5 p.m. Education and Initiucrton i'lANO ]ft=Kons. Call 352-SaPO. Buiincss OpportuniHct UHOCKKV Elore « House unil star ace fiood loculion on corner. ?£ br-pn nnd lath St. R52-7-10. DO YOU ncci) h r l p m a r k e t i n g a nc i(Jp» or product? Write, jrivinn f« infoi-matioii to HnroM Jitnrconnclt ^ttOIT, CO. i V A N T tu buy: 14 in 24 miH n:olel (Jrccley ur fiurroiiniLiiin HTCH. All formnlion krjiL confute mini. Itv Hox 0-30 c/o Trilnine. LARGE 3 BAY SERVICE STATION · FOR LEASE n K v a n K (rrreclfiy, Colo.) Con .iict Gory Vnn Hooser, Chnmn- in Petroleum Co., 3-11-05J1 Den vnr. The answer to "WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR OLD AR." Sell it with a Clnssi- f ied Ad. SftuoHons Wanted 10 CA'JT.S I'nintinK n m t Itwiccoialln^ Flee iiuimnks. 3B3-6809. i-'Oll rcnMntb!c r a l n d n p , rrpniritiK, oil' ilin, call K r n M t Stoli, ^. r ,2-5021. 110Ui5ffEN~r«rlhoe Service, q m l l t j work al reasonable rates. .1- r i3-T77C. 3AY (JAKT:, my hunie, n.-iiEonable mil* CO.SCHKTE work. a. ^nnleil -- 715 2?lh Ave. DAY C A K K in my home. I l r n i u l v l e ' arcn. AKCS 2-C. ^^3-GRS7. CHILD rare. Huii.K Kvnn: C A R P K N T K R «c,rk of all Vir.rii. 363-1012. USSPOOI^, Breaie trari, pumped ]'h. 33-17C5. ltx. ilex Cimnfni;) tr.-e trlmmlnte. Jxw«it piicti Fhcwocil inlf price. 353.6180. TKKF, trlmnilni; l *sh p\t ALTERATIONS «nd rirewmnklng. 3S3-0921. INTEItlOit xnd exterior raTntlnfi. Cnl venitiEs. Stxnicy Ile.lHn. 284-137C. C A R P E N T E R work, .11 klnrli. Frei tlrnxtr^. Cxll a."*OX. CArtPENTF.H »n*l concrete wnrk. Gen eml conlnetln?. I'h. 35^-2039. MNTIMO^AH kinds, fret e«tfm«lei n.-ilo Tealrn»n. 333-OE18. ALL TYPES ternem «ork. IlemodeMnK L A W N miiwInK arifl Irimmlnir. f'rrr tlmnles. lEcifiilar anil vaeatkir.*. 3 fi8M. Tvice: KrimA e-jttlntf .1. hetlire t r l m m l n j r E X r ' K R T la c t r p r i n u , ('all air,.|3M nr V A C A T I O N B K K - - Will Inlir e.ije y o u r Jirl in y f m r Tir:mr. t'.rsul refi cncti. (Jnlj 3S6.2I70. I ' A I N T I S f J r o n l r a r t ^ i r . Ift years rt|.rrl CTice. Call YM-r.HI.^e, oul.-M. frncc«. Q U A L I T Y Irkk nnil lilnrk n-firk *.n n p l a n t e r * , ffnce." R n f l hr,me«. I'F, aluminum A l l v r . r k rrtoflntr, r e p n l r l r t i ". Frrr M ( l m m e ed. 35r,or,KO. _ AI.CO llrsi'.intt Cd. n ^ t f i n K rctl*-nll a n d c o r f t m r r e l j l . Ji2-2J«. K v t n i n ,1, c o n t r a c l l n i t -- r r [ ' r . . p a i n t , c o n c r e t e . r^,fir.c. re^-.d'Jelinft ele. Kree Kltrr.,1--. 1. [.. l.aur AMAX ALUMINUM Will I n t r i r v l f - w a p p l i c a n t s for e m p l n y m t u l on Tiirisday April 18 lir.i«T:rii 1 nnd 7 \Vcdnr-sday A p r i l I f i liclwtt-n S a.m. and J2 nnnn nl niir p l a n t 2211 W. S r l r Ixiveltiiul, 'Phone "Cal SM COLORADO'S 7IOUSK DOCTOR I'rooks C. Cole firetlty. Ctilnrailn .Vi2-.',774 Sltuotiont 10 'ILL b'jild or remodel dilrr 361-1915. 1CKKSF.I) her. 3C2-S434. fcCULLOCH Coyi 1 euiloni I t w n mow- Inn. No lwn too biz. X l ' t R l K N C E D 5S6-111J. ICKNSKI) linbr »lltlnn. Hillside or lcBon ichool-HrrK. 8S-E702. . I'rtt ntlmatn. 353-9191. I.TERATION3 -- Drcsitnaklne. 1"(0 " 'i Av«., or 361-7311. ENKKA1, cariHinter, concrete ivork. Free csttnmtes. 3SS-S5T1. A1NTINC -- n«Untlll » rprdalvj. L. S. McDnnlc-]. Ph. O W R U rnklri. K rf'J h« trout!«. c.ll M i l SSJ-dSl. 1IKDROOM u n f u r n l i l i w l mublls Ixmir. 1 per month. Utilities inelndrri. 352-H7I ilayt; 351-6427 evenfaes. U K t ' U K N l S H K D , 1 IwJroom hons« In nntry..Heliable pnrly. 5100 pliu de- uk. 65C-2C!. LAItGB 2 bedroom completely unfur- nijhect duplex. Water and trash v up paM. )Hi. S53-lSSg. Custom Work 'OWF.U r*VlnR and ihrubberr donr. C«ll 343.0350. 1USTOM vlowlns. .iv.lhlnc, h « r b»l- inn. Tiovl, Ham, £t1-22GO, collect. H K N C f t l N G . Central Trenching and liorlng Co., 552.1861. lOTOTII.LlNfi--Mulchlne and Icve sr.nlciu, jar,]. Jim Hewitt, SSS-0680. AOKlfoB and loader. Hill NaurHlon, 962-4011: Dud Elam, 3S!-361'i. KOK R K N T -- 2 be,l: Ntco )-ar.l. v.illo n earpets, ilraiH'a. Sluve and refrlger- atur furnished. Deioiit require*!. ND IKta. 33-ZC19. 1IHEE ucJroom houie i\llh eariiel, drape), OiihwAiher, alove, refrli: nnij itisuiaal. W a l k i n g to UN'C. Availatile May 1. Call 35S-6777 before 6 ;30 p.m. TWO bedroom house with KnraRe. re- friitorator, atove. new enrpel, ncwlj rainlc.l. Ulllitles Paul. 51 CO mmill rlni deposit. No peta. '2135 7th Ave., 352-0876. CUSTOM m a n u r e ipreadlnc. loider work. Herald Peterson, S52'113 eve CUSTOM plnwInB «nd mulching, fell: Rroi.._6S6-S955. L I Q U I D Imrn fcrtlllter ippllej, cr«b Krnsa cr-rAyed, tied arrayed. Generd' Spiny Service. 35J-1050. 3 REDKQOM' molille home. Mr rnndl tionnl, ciirpetpd, AH npp]E«nfM in cltidinR vvnsher and dryer. fLG llui dcix)slt. C u l l 353*1231 fitter E,::)0: al] :USTOM Furrn Service. I'lmvlni. mill chini:. corn planlinK. Kd or Lnn) Altmc-r, 3n2.l)290 or 3S3-92SP. .LL types cerr.eni work. Patina, * wnlks. drivewayB. Heajionabie rRtes 3S2-0662. BACKHOK work, \\-At«;r, aewer, leneh lincj, and sertlc t«nk inllalleJ. * ' U150 or 3S3-3765. TltENCHING. d l t r b cleaning »nd kech line-. 1CI-C291. Sehaefter'a DI Service. POWER RAKING Fertilizing and Seasonal Mowing and Edging. 353-9503 or 352-4471 Free Estimate! WANT a g i i n r n n t R R d iinlnl job on your ouse? Gel n pro to do It. B to 15 warranty. Repair any surface per- 'ently by Sand Blasting Cnll M a g n u m Puiiil Service Pli. 352-3136 after B p.m. 1821 12 SI. Rrcclcy, Colo. 21 years experience Custom Haying All new equipment. Wind- ·ow, bale and slack. Wil do one or all. Cash, shores or buy standing. Wellington 1-568-3547 or 1-568-3308 CONCRETE NORTHERN COLORADO CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION. INC. Foundations and Flatwork Large or Small 352-2818 For Ren!--Houici 15 Mon., ApHI 17, 1072 GRKELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE '35 iOUSt for renl: Garage. Couple No peta. 3SS-S6I5. OI.LFGB frirl needed to lharc house ' medUHIy, 1317 ISlh St. 553-4732. S72 110UKTTE 3 bedroom. Hx70 ft. Hath and half. Washer/dryer. 3563115 or 353-1037. lACHKLOn aptt. for men only. T45- ?7tl-lSO. 302 13th SL S5Z-7G50. ·XECUT1VE type home. J310 \vr month. Opdyke A^cney. 352-5747: S52-S965. t JIF.Dn.OOM n]it. Carpeted, drnped. Utfllllcs fnrnl«hed. 3E2-C037. f U H N I S I i K I ) aH. for 2. Week, month. U.S. Hotel. [EAR fcevf duplex. 2 bedroom. cnriet, dr.ii'es, dbpo-nl. no pel*, derail re- Quired. 36J-OB07. 'UKNIS11ED Hi beilnmni house norlh- wtsi o[ flreciey. 2 nr 3 niltilts. Xo pel.=i. 352-J635. Vnrly line, keep Iry- ·Ofi ItENT -- Nei- 14^63 ft. 2 Le,l- room mobilt home. Coinilea only. Cnll alter 7 I'.m. 352-5937 or 351 3506. m br[ek home ftarane. Nri For Rcnl--Apis. 17 VKUY nice 1 WiWn- npl. partially furnished. JI2S. May be seen «t )18 37th Ave.. Evans, or call 352-9350. LKAN, one bedroom basement npMl- menl. Stove, rcfriceralor furnished. Deposit roiuiied. 34S-)113. AKOR 2 Ijctirttotrt, etoae dmvnlo J1S5.W. Vnrnlsl-.ed cjr unfurnished. 352-5025. tOOMMATK wanted. YVorklnl eirl pre- fcrrcd. Call after 6, 352-2258. IIENT problems! 1'ay only 1160/ijuar- ter. A p a r t m e n t HOI uii for 4 ilndenll. Close, to cnmpua. Call 3(5-1331. i'vTHA ]f\rne r.ew 2 bedroom apart* inenl. Walk In closcta. l',$ bathi. car- petcd, ninjor appliRnces. turnUhe^ C t i l l i l r e n wpleonie. 35C-4330. RTATK Ffirm Hosrl. Brand new two beilrwtm nnili fully cnr|ictel. All Idlanrn inchnliiii; dlihu^tlier. Mr eon.liltonej, monthly r c n l « l MtS.OO. Children veleonie. Call 352-75*0. KI, C A I I C I U ) Apis. -- New 1 unit beilrrxini imdirni-ilinl Insuij' apla. Al! electric OF, kitchens. Air condlHon- Inif, carpeting, trnvc.i. Swlmnunt lool, recreation room, Inuiidty facili lios. extra f t o r n x c , play Kruuml. Al' ulilitira Included. 1111.80 In JK» Mannt'cr 1Z25 26lh Ave. Nn. SOs 3S3-Gr.!l. BHIAinVOOD APTS. 1S2H 22nd St. 2 anil 3 hQdi'oum unfurnished nuts. J-jIcctrii: kitchen, shas car pot, drapes, ]iriv.i(o laundry Onulunto students. No chlldroK itniler 10. Tor Rent--Aptt. 17 .] A C H A T E A U Apis. 2 bedroom *!.«,, 1160 to J]fi5 Includes slove, rtfrJacrator, (iishwnshcr, air condllloTilnf. 1 . Cirpeti^ Urapos, \vnsh«r/itrycr hook-upa, ht?»t, water and trnih rcniovjil. No un- niArricd Btudcnls. No |vcta, Frfa itot- ni:c fiheds. Lnunilromat on prmt«*i, 2921 So. ITlh AY*., Mantser, 362- GEMINI APTS. Uurnrnished 2 hedrooiu apartments, carpeted, draped, all electric kitchens, central heating, air conditioning. Deposit required. 5165; J1CO. 853-0076, Manager Apt. 101. 1100 2Glh Ave. NEAR K-MAKT Tw\ hcdroom u n f u r n i s h e d apartment; ?160 iiliis lights and deposit. Also Z hcdroom townhouse, Hi tmths. 51GO plus utilities mid deposit, appliances f n r n i s l t c t k . No iiot». 362-)!)24 FOR HKNT: L u x u r y four l^drnom luick lioine, carpets, drapery only. Double K4rB£r, fulL bnxement. T.aiKC feneeil yard. 1600 23r.l Ave. $176 per month. Six month lease. Cnll 352-7610. ROYAL GARDEN Al^TS 2100 23rd Avo. 1 and 2 heclroom fnrulslied or unfurnishcil hnfi'et aimrttnonts. c t r l c kitchens, carpeted, drnpes, inside lanntlry, off street k i n K or car|orls. Adults, no pels 362-OIC2. ECONOMY TO LUXURY (WE IIAV10 IT AL!,!) AT MOBILE HOME SALES (A n a m e to kno\s*} 3E1S-2S(12 So. l l l w n y 85 For Rent---Rooms MAN TU ihnie I r n l l c r linuie. »0 a GOOD roomi for men. 716 U l h St. I-(0)(0)K What You Can Find two liodrmmis. Inrco HvliiB room, Imlcony, nppliancos rurnlF;hc(l. At 15H.00-105.00 we know of no- iiK :omparnhlo in comfort, appearance £· I n o n l l o n . JLow Security lloiioall, Gas Water Ftirnished. 353-7B73 or 35G-1331 Wheeler Realty Compmiy YOU WILL LIKE THE low cost of. Want Ads. Try one today. Continental Apts. 706-708-710 27th Ave. Available: one iind two bedroom units. Children- welcome. Call 356-0325 or 352-4300 For Rent--Apis. 17 TWO tolrnom. imfunilariol m i l . IS2i 12th Ave, Mnrrlei] co)!«KC pruTcrie-l. F U K N 1 S H K D deluxe Injffcl npl. Ailuli inly. Jl - ». I B I B Illi Ave., Hri2-aft8n TIUIKK rwm f u r n l n l i c i l *t-»rtinciil fur niiiilr. Ciir'tttril. I I E H «iirlly_i|p|nwll. No iicl $lTo.fliKTl20* M O N T I I l . Y i i n y t n e n tiuyn nuiliElv iwine. M n n y n - l n l t nn f u m l l y il-ncea ·vnlUbl*. 363-3811. TIKDKCOKA'I'KD. "i V p . l r f i i i m , iniTi tfhcA asiailniriil. 2 Ijloeka wrsl rttiwntowrt. Cuui'Ie rrefonrsl. T13. DOVER APARTMENTS M21 l l l h Ave. 2 I m d r u n i n TnrtilHlictl nvjiHjible Jio\v -1 lipilrcjnm tnirni'KlHliGi], April 2D. MniiFit'iir A p l . 113 Lcl The Other Fellow Help D u n i o x -- ino.oo-iBs.cio IOI'C'H n ilnuliln lioino oacli iililo with 2 Rpncious bctlrnoins, Uv- UK nxHii, n K r u u l l v o klttlion, Iitiiiiulry fiidlltlcs, Eqnlppoil wllli Stnvc inul rofr\p,ornU)r. On ly 1 ycnr old. Good Arcu for Clillilrcii, how Dnmnyo lloiwalt of 7r,.0n. \\'liceler Jtenlty Compmiy Trash Hauling T!IK WAY rubblnh, SSZ-dtl · 352-0556. Deluxe 2 Bedroom Aparlmcnls nil electric hltclicn. u l l l l t y rroiti. Hot Wiitor hcnl, plus ( r n n l i re movnl, rurnrRlinl, nEr cnndltloii. cil. Clnsu In Hlii)]i|lii|; center. W]H nllmv u p to 2 clill'lron. Call 352.Gfi70 dnyn, 351-8073 even. I K A N T N K K Trull Scrvlre ~ Duilnttt ant! rnMinul. Ctnc. 853-3«0: Don. 1 Wonted to Rent ATT: Ijinrllnr/. -- l.hl Bv.llib^ rent- ill with W.I. U.S. Ita-liM. IIRAI* 2 or 3 lfilroi!7i houir In country, n p n r firceley. Needed jjr A p r i l 20. C«ll 6ir,-77-2036 collefU \ V ( I R K I N ( i uhl, nee 2t, u o u M ]1k* (n JihJire ft|it. willi FinDlhpr vrOfVlnif ulrl. Cnll JMI, 3S';.«H2 n,T a IN JOHNSTOWN New 2 bcdrnntn nnfiirniah- ecl apt. $JGO per mo. Hot w a t e r heiit furnished. Frost-free refrigerator, self-clenninff oven, laundry fiidlilicN, extra slorago area. Drnpen, Hhng curpol- ing. Ijiii'Ke closets. Balcony. Cfill J. 1'. Thomas, 687-4320 For Rent--HOUICI 15 i HKDHOOM A v a l l a M c Mi nlilFd brunt In Winrlnor. 1. C«ll 686-203?,. _ SM~M,i, V nm'm hou-r. r*'^r f u r n h h f i l . ^i i n l l r f n ^ l Kvanl il/jp \\tlbl. l i f t 3itli SU I)f.|iO«lt. I t K I H t f U J M li;,:i-f v-llh Umily r«orji «nrt r,»ll". untutnlAei, Tiun Mr mmlh. JOK Hi»h llrivt. X r ,2-72«l. 2 HKIJHOOM f ' l l f y CJirrrti-.l. ilrjiperl, iflcx in rrmtcvHI^. W»*htr, rlrypr, .vr, trtlitttrtltir. »nrf] y.r'l. 3S?- U N K I I I t N I K I I K I ) 2 i.«.ln^rn .Puj.ltx. thl^'ncci-li'lcJ. '5'i'ft". luV 3ES- 7Z7. r N K U H N J S d K O 2 hilrm. rr\i^\lf hom., rnr«J» rn. \j m i f f v.r.1 i,1 I V r k K a r r t . ,M«rri"l riNplo, 2 tliM.lren nlkjwril. f l O O month r-lns (SI Hc^ostt. Yn'i lTF; J i r n I, tnr touple on!;, mi.MIr 2 l.r-lrrx.m. 110 lalh. K u l l y f i i r n l h e l I n r l n . l l n z w«.hfr, T V «iu! Acwir.jr mafr'.irip. I . w r a r y«r-l. for Kent--Apti. 17 NOW HUNTING ·,. 1717 lOUi Ht. n n i l 180S ]0[li Kl. Ojin nut] two licMlrnnni im- rilrnlshcl n|j(n. p l i i n 3 f n r n l H l i c i ! I n i f f f i t n p l n . Olio Iindrnnni *IS(), Z Ur. J I M , hot wator lie-lit fiirnln]i(:l f nl»n Ini.sFi |j|c:T-Mi). F u l l y cnrpeloil, d r n p c (I, w l l l i K r l K l d a l r c ii|i|ill;nii;(:«, Inc l u r l l i i K flClf-clonnlriK ov- OnH, lllflpOKHlH, (IlKhwnHll- f:rfl, r ^ r r J K f T n U j r n , n l r r n n - (HllonliiK. I m l l v I i J u n l IIIIKI:- Inr-llt filrjfiiKd n r n D H , fir.In (|n:raU:tl Wfi«licr n n r l dry- fir, Koo'J p u r k l r i K . 7 blficka wr-Ht til I'loil OlUfi:. C.n\\ Mrx. M. M. Ciirpcnlor or HOLIDAY MANOR Now Leasing ·ftBO.OO Per Montli " I m m e d i a t e Occupancy '2 Dedioom A p a r t m e n t s * ( F n f n r n i P h o d ·Children Pets WELSH ASSOCIATES, Call 352-3833 or 852-7265 Two Bedroom, U n f u r n i s h e d Apartment Nm'j;u roomtt Eind private dock. !!.!·]. k i l c h o u , carpotK, drapca, II.\V. h u n t f i c r n f R l i o t t , air con- i l l l i i i n c d , l a n u d r y . Amplo iiark- IIIK "i 1 car|Mrls. M7G. ]706 30th St. Cull 3G3-4G35 S100.00 MO. PLUS 1/j UTILITIES ami fOiavo lar^o, h]xti]'y 2 11H fnrnlnhcil niinrlmont \villi 1 oilier working licrnon. Losa it you have yuur o\s'u riirnllnro. 353-3793 FAAULY RENTALS AppllunccH, KiinilslicJ, Air Condltlondd, C.iriinlccl ThrnugliDUt. Olio bnrlrooni starling nt $I2f per inonlli. Two hndrooiu starting per ninnllh !M COLLEGE STUDENTS Now Inking rcRC-rv.ilions Cor Spr'nij/ Qtmrlcr. Completely /iiriiiHlicd, 1 nnd 2 bedroom units. H Gal! :i53-C02G. i.,! ;:. ,-v,,ivs^;-;:,;i ·foi:T' i %.Z7 i ^.VSSv;;i" ; ^i C " - ..... ^ -j;-:i'jr» OPENING MAY 1st RESERVATIONS NOW RENTING ON 10 BEDROOM FURNISHED OR U N F U R N I S H E D 828 12TH STREET (Corner of Dili Ave. . \2l\\ St.) Sec Or Cull S(;m \VJ]li;nns Uoally 12)0 Oth Ave., 3G3--I822 I'Vir Showinj; A|HO Kcrrl \Vo c a l l y r n . vc«r f r i e n r l s r \ c i ' y d n y f a t h i n ? I- ".v. i'l-r call 33.1 21 76. nol nnjcss.-iry. j u a t n w i l l i n j f n f f B lo work for n I,AWX S I ' F i l N K L E R S ;Koii(l » a s f . s'-nin ovcrllmrj, |mlrl vaonlion finil holiilnys nnil olhcrj.,-,.,^,.!,!,.,,,, | n i , t ;ill;iiinn nnil rr- ·frinjce hem f i t s . j ( ) . l | r _ A||i() | a w l ( sr .,.,j| nK ,, ll |,]|, l(! Iriih'^s or or f e r t i l i z i n g . I p 'or f t t - n n h l l r n a i f p If e v t r y - j Also I. k.ii.s ; i'|il.i .Hion.t from r u l l i f.n i - t u r l p n t s for Riirnnier «i'!l I I I . ' F i I ) S I ' I I I N K I . K K :. ' NOW BEING TAKEN call 356-4314 now 2420 RESERVOIR ROAD A p a r t m e n t s offering a new funnily lifestyle in flrcftley. fiet a New I.ense on Life . . . liy a ('ark ! /v '/.;'.·;':·':':i-n'G^M')^;; 1 ·nloy'n Most D l s i l i i c l l i n A i ^ r l m r i i t AiIiTri-HH. A a p : i r l i i i r n l l i v i n g . I h n n l s K i i u - l y f t y l c i l , l i O H l l c i l i n 'jtj a filojiJnK Ircir; sluili 1 '! ^rt'i'ii. ,'l r-nrc'; 1-2 h n licilrrinm, nnfiirnlsliril. ! f'f/ilrii] ntr conililloniriK ticntiriK. if All hleclrln kilc-ticn wllli illKliwaslic-r, fa FMiiRli fllinp c i i r p c t l i i K - - f l r f i [ i f ? H . ft I l n l c o i i y off l l v l n x r f n n n . ^ Knlkl fioiini] prfiof ro]iHlruc:tlon. ·;·( l.iirgc In n|ii. HlnniKf aroii. {( Ileatfiil prjol wild conmumlly rix'in. IMOO Kith Sli'ftol--353-0220 n e w itlra In Hired Mories

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