Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 11, 1957 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 27
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P«r« 14 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tuwsrliy, Jun« 11. 19571 Every Dad Needs Sweater r~ FISHERMAN'S LUCK . .. Dad's tithing for compliments as will as bats In his good-looking woolknit pullover In i novtl horiiontll ribbtd knit In navy with whitt cable trim. By DOROTHY ROE AiMtlattd Prtss Women's Editor Miyb* thit man In your life prn tends to eare nothing about fa«h Ion. but fipose him to some nf the new and strictly be man sweater* available this summer and witch him beam. Tfcere are a few sure-fire (ills Dulles Appeals for President's Program of Aid WASHINGTON * - Secretary of Stile Dullei Did Confren Monday "we do not yet know" whether the Sovieli are really willinl to accept the controli needed for an effective disarciimrnt agreement. Dullei save Ihii doubtful view about Ruiiun disarmament Inlcn- tumi In telling the House Foreign Affiiri Committee why he thinki the Eisenhower foreicn aid program ihould he approved. Chalrmin Cordon ( D i l l ) told Dullei he hid mide "an impres- live ippeil" for the Preiident'i aid program. Dulles nid the Communist ree- nrd shows "whit folly it would be for ui to agree to diinnanlle our common defense .iyitem in reJi- ancr of unsupcrviicd Sonet Prom- iiei." Shortly before Dullei begin hit llouie testimony, the Senile Foreign Relitioni Committee liked Congress la authorize a (3.637.110,too foreign aid program with a word of eiution to those who would "abdlish or emuculile it." Th'e committee presented a for- mil report which pivci the wiy for a Senile floor billle eipected 'to begin about Thuridiy. AMA President Winds Damage Uackson Lake Development wifldi blockeu roid trirel wfcea TjreleftS ThitVM treei mciiurinl sl« tttt in diameter ·nipped w e r e uprooted and oil. Man than a doitn rabini and hamei in the area were DENTO.N, Ter. IP-Kelly L. nroUi reported nil IRt Model T roadttrr was itolrn from i (arm a . . . . lUfllltlCI * · IIU1T1I ItUltl m · · * · · -- j,..TM..,.,. -- r , ,, ritwvtWV damazed. trailer horoei mushed m(|e nor(h 0 , , bt] . ^, re , r . birrt i, of truf() tn ]MS . by falling treti and a larse caf- . _ _ . ._ ... .. . BM n witnl t goon in JOB. The car hid no Urn. Pemei, produced Meiicln oil monopoly, whopping MiOO.OOO Contractors Must Sign Own Agreements To Get Jordan Expels Two Egyptians Dr. Gvrwar Gunrfmtn, «b«vt, U-yiir-«ld vttirin La Crtssc, Wis., turpten, June !, was named presidentelect »l the. American Medical Association, at a meeting In New York. (AP Wirtphott) Flying Speed Trap OKLAHOMA CITY UT - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol airplane* flown by Lieutenant Art Hamilton, accounted for catching 1,929 enin| motorists in 1956. Hamilton, flying above the traffic, spotted the violation! and radioed · to troopers on the ground Who stopped the drivers. etrrii damaged fcy the winds I Scores of boatt were damaged I when washed ashore along the 2S- 'mile long Jackson Lake, frozen I foods were spoiled when power JACKSON -LAKE (t - Winds iwii disrupted, and the ultra-mod- eitimated at 100, m.p.h. uprooted'em. Rockefeller lodge damaged trees, dimiged homes, and cut'when the hour-Ian! storm struck, off communications at Colter B a y | ______ ' DECATUR, 111. Of -- Macon County jail prisoneri have a lot cf time on their hands but few mokes. ,,.,, Smoke on Their Minds relayed Monday when communications were restored in the iso- liled area. Tanslcd power and telephone I" lines were repaired, permitting of- i * ficiaU of Grand Teton National! Sheriff C. W. Peeblei laynome Park lo call in all available h e l p j 'J*nd 21 houn a day trying to fig- to aid in cleanup operations. ' '- "' -' Colter Bay is to be dedicated as a recreitional area this weekend. The development u a Rockefeller enterprise. Park officials said ure out ways to get cigarettes. One ordered some cigari and cigarettes from a local firm and paid by check, but the check bounced and the prisoner remains hurricane | smokeless. NO FLUES NEEDED . WITH A Westinghouse Water Heater DO Till H t f l A C t M I H T P O t l C T E, H, Horion Plumbing Healing Co, 718 8th St. Tel. 271-W Modernize Your Car With the New 14-Inch Tins, Hub Cap* and Wheels 5 Wheels 5 Hub Caps 4 14-ln. Tires Goodytar Tubtlcu Tlrti Come and See Us for EXCELLENT TRADE-IN for your Tires, Tubes, Wheels GOLD'S New and Used Auto Parts and Accessories Corner of IHh St. at 6th Ave. Telephone 367 Iron Workers on Job AMMAN (fi -- The Jordan government Monday 'Cipellcd two r COIXIRADO SPRINGS, Mo. W ' E g y p t i a n diplomat! on security (or Father's Day, ind a good -- Members of Iron Worker* l.ncal! charges. They left by pUne for iweiler or woolknit sweater v e s t ! Vn'inn 750 will not go to work Mon--Cairo. heads the list Nn mailer w h a t his day on jobs w-her, eonir.etnr. j A »nvprnmeni ·nnr.ijr.temeB! taite or hobby there'i a swelter i have not sijnrd individual agree-[said Foreign Minister Simir E4 to suit him i m r n t « or h l v « Urc-cments with i n i f a i asked the Egyptian Embassy l i n e ' s a golfer he'll go for a j t h e international union, J i c k j i n Amman to withdraw its mill- riindsome sleeveleu knit vest or i Saner of Florence, business igent, tary attache. Maj. Find Ililal, aft- Krhra'..*^^ ·""""" »*r «*· " a^toVsmina'le "cert." KK ,.. ,h\l . n T i l t h h o l e -come.. effective Monday will it be !official personalities in Amman." clubhouse '"'/Jl^lTM h .°i^ in ,!known the result at the Ah- Force! The announcement said the re- and o t h e r : c a l l of Mohammed Abdul Alii, major projects in this arci. consul general in the Jordan sec- firms j tor of Jerusalem, was demanded Force'for "reasons connected with se' A c a d e m y site north of here have curity." agreements a n d I R i f a i earlier told a news confer- con-lence Fgypt had been asked lo re- ·---- . ... i n i n ouuiii noi i* us-s-ini. ip'ace Us representative on the ter hell sport a new sweater w i t h , Sam , r j j d (hf u n i n n M nn( in . J o i n t Egyptian-Syrian-Jordanian pride on breezy evenings. i |( , n(| , c) f l l l i l l i l h pick( , t linr| un . military command for "misbehav- E.rry mm respects the qua ] p t j( w j f i n m ) |hat n(h( . r w|)rk . Ities of goo«l old all American wool. m H C r p ( , mn ., j r n n w n r k r r ,. jnh , which it n a t u r e · best i n s u l a t o r , ,,,, (ajl , ,,,,, , wa , umrm ha| outdoors or in. He likes Us liKht- !|j(:ilr(1 r n n l r a r t , with l f v r r a j in . ness, its warmth and Us comfort- ,,,,.,,,,,, r ,, nn , rn , H ,, rlnc t h r pl ,, able feel. i l r w e e k . These. Siuer said, call for If he goes for bold color and do- f p j v Tij(( , ()( ]5 f f n | 5 J n f|0||r lign, get him a f i r e m a n reel rftro . 1ctjl , t n _,,,,,,. , 5 an ,i j n o t her LANDER, Wyo IP - The presi- iwealer embroidered with black ,,, r( , n[j J n ho , Jr j^, j n c(m . j fnt of lhf Am( , r i can National Cat- dots, or perhip» * p't'"'' J s f : t r a c t s are on a one-yeir bans Iliemen's Assn. Fridiy cautioned quird knit in bricht hues. If he s [ ron W1 , r )i rr , n , v( , t^m f etlinc $3 stockmen about plunging back Into the conservative type, get him a a n (,,,,,,. , n a ,| ( ]j(i nn | 0 jbout 7'i |incrcised citlle production just because good rains had stimulated range grass growth thil year. Don Collins of Kit Carson, Colo., If he's a tennis f a n , nothing could be more to his tas.e Hun A"' 1 TM^..";. C "^ a husky w h i l e cable-knit pull- a fisherman or » weekend sailor, he'll welcome a bulky r , b k n i t pull i n t r r n j l j i m i , over for thiUy morning, and « e - , w emr | 0)fr , hy , h( ., t n i n g , . A n d , f h e , o n l y , P . r c h .- (f ^ ' lor." Rifai did not go into details. Cautions Against Big Increase In Cattle discreet pullover or vest in blirk, i ,,,,,, j n fnnge benefits. brown, gray or brigc. Black .s one Sauer said none of the contract* of the most popular sweater colors h a v e been siznod w i t h members of the year. . of Caring for the new woolknits i s ' c f BO problem, whit with i h n n k r e - j ( i f Colorado, Inc., or with Allied lislint finishes and the new cold-]Contractors of Pueblo, water shimpeos t h a t protect i .Negotiations between these an- against shrinking and fading. A l l j s o c i a t i n n s and the union have Mom has to do is squcere t h e ' b r o k e n down and no further meet thr Colorado Springs division |said althoush the spring rains hid apparently broken a long drought, I the cattle Industry's outlook "isn't i Associated Ituilding Contractors all a bed of roses." Collins cautioned stockmen not sweater gently in the suds, rinse, l i n ^ s have Hoi between towels and lay out to | s a i d . dry--no blocking necessary. been scheduled, Siuer to mike the same mistake they made in World War II by over- slockinc Iheir ranches ton rapidly. Contractors at the Air lime of Fire Puzzles Plane-Crash Prober A c a d e m y sile also were notified ' l Y i r l a y that construction workers t h e r e will strike June 27 unless adequate ambulance and medical service is established at the lite. Kd n. Nelson, business agent fur the Colorado Springs Building CHF.YENNE i* - A Civil A e r n - ; a n . , (·,,,,.,,,;,(.,,,,,, Tradr , Council, nauties Administration officer said , l i ( f w n t l r n n o ti c r W2 , served on Fridiy he had been unable to de-i,),,, contractors and that better terraine if the plane carrying I a l - ' p r m j , j n n , mi , lt | 1( , mi ,^ f or t rcl t. ton and Dorothy LeMasurier of Pu-|i n : i n j i r r r ,i workers. luth. Minn., had caught frre before] I I r ,,i,| n r c o t ij t ions, carried on it crashed or hid exploded whrn: t |, p pa , t }( . ar rr j, r ,|i n j t(, P p ro h. [lie urged the calllemen to itress Force quality rather t h a n quantity in btiildinc up Ihcir herds. He also advised len.iing institutions not to be in "Uxi big a hurry to give loans to anyone tn buy any kind of a critter just so they can get hack into the cattle industry." Collins was the principal speaker at the second day of the Wyoming Stock Growers 8th annual convention. To encourage publication of good hooks at low prices-especially by Indian publishers--New Delhi has set up a National Hook tt rimmed into I storm iwept ten- j rm h,,i t^-n [ nn || rl ,. He said tril Wyoming peik. : u n i o n s w h i c h m a k e up the council I Trust with Dr. John Matthsi. of Hirold Crandy. district safety of- nj , r , tv)Ht j -Snn m r n w n r vj n . ,, i nombay University, as chairman heer for the CAA. said 'most of , h r lx m ,\\ im l l n n i r .c.^cmr the twin engine plane had been jjt^ burned. He climbed 8.W foot Ferris Mountain Thursday to examine wreckage of the craft. l^Misurier. I", died of an apparent head injury four d a s a f t e r the crash, but hii 11 pound w ; f e survived 19 days on three c a n i l j bars, a botlle of \ i i . i m m pilU and snow water melled by her b.'ly heat. She was rescued M e m o r i a l P a v . She his hefn r e l u m e d In D . i l u t h e a t , I! Sooinp; Eye Cat MII.I. VAI.I.KV. Calif. i»i-The J. H. Hovintrees' blind cocker spaniel! do; is led about these days by a ' ' Scein^-Kie" t o m c a t . T h e corker. Duke, developed c a t - 1 a i . u t s . Ho s t a r t e d bumping i n t o . i:« Ihr.t's Mi-en the gray lorn -taking ovrt "I rnuMn't believe it at first." said M r s . Howntree. "One d.Ty 1 looked out and saw t h a t Duke had str.ijed part way i'nin Ihe hill He was standing Iherr confused, not .eeming lo krnnv h'uv to r * t back to the house, "llos'n he.ird me call him. darted out the front door and ran down to w h e r e Duke was He nudged DuVe a r n u n d and led him bark up the p.nh " no\ir.tree. an engineer, said Mrs. I r M a s u n e r I!o-'n o f t e n s a v e s Duke from fall- el a f i r e to a t t r a c t int^ (iff the porch by moving'in bet w e e n the do; and the porchs 1 edge. to recuperate from her oni.";.] Grandy said there was nit-.hins that could be s a l v a g e d from thr c r a s h -- t h a t all of the f i i s e l a c r . radio equipment and m a i n art of the eahin area had been burned. "There was no e v u l r n r e to i n . l i - cale any m e c h a n i c a l fail'irc," Grandy reported. He said there was nn g.isoJmr left in the plane and \ery l i t t l e of the craft lhat cou'd tie hurnetl plaining why could not have tttention of search planes. The CAA inspector said the I,e- slasurier plane was heudmi: due ·orth when it crashed into the mountain about *A) feel below the peak. He said the plare shnrnl of Ihe tops of three trees about IS feet from the ground a n l then USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Typewriters For Rent Portable and Standard Only l».00 Ptr Month Up to J m»ntHs rent may apply on rurchiu prlei. Is tided on a further on. rocky ledge 40 feet ! HiirRlnrs Took Sink DALLAS IT -- nurglar* who broke into a vicint house owned by Cecil Adams, U, not only look lh« kitchen sink along with other futures, but they kicked out a w a l l for food meaiure, Adims report- ' ' - '^1 JgSlnstant Fblgers Coffee LIFETIME GUARANTEE Ask us about itt Your assurance of top tire value! "MORE PEOPLE RIDE ON GOODYEAR TIRES THAN ON ANY OTHER KIND!" 3-T DeLuxe Super-Cushions .GOOD/ a special feature at our PRE-HOLIDAY SALE/ bargain priced at only Get a set of FOUR before you travel for the FOURTH! Vacation motorists! Take a vacation from high prices, too! Take advantage of these low sale prices on famous 3-T DeLuxe Super-Cushions. They're made with Goodycar's exclusive 3-T Triple-Tempered, Triple-Tough Cotd bodies that fight off the three bip tire killers--Heat, Shock and Fatigue! Exclusive Stop-Notch tread design with thousands of Safety-Edges means instant-action traction on stops, starts and turns. Wherever you go, go safer on rock-bottom priced 3-T DeLuxe Super-Cushion tires by Goodyear. Act today and savel As low as ^l' 25 weekly is all you pay! All popular sizes and styles at low Sale Prices! ICI · O C i U a.70i D 7.1 C , 1] 7.«0 · 1] a.Mils nn T**i* e*n r»t w«f i~^.k oi Ffymovi*!. Perrf. Otwol«t, HuJnn, H«J., ShrflblkK Ftfi rttwtf **4»k «f rtffvf*. Int. O.-ol.i. H»ui. N«ih. S»dibkM D^|., IJtl. N.ik. OUi. Mvfcvrr, Pw*ac. Hv^ien t^Mk. *;ia\ O.T.:*. 0'-!s t«$o*o, Mtrnrr, t orterd C«4*«. OMi. OTTto, Ikok. r«t«4 Hick I, i.s«.r,» SAU nici 1 $13.93 13.95 17.13 19.55 31.43 4.«.! Tnklllll IAII PllCt* 17.93 19.93 21.90 24.33 whitt Ju«w.n Tnkl-Trpl 1 T«b«l*l« IAII piiciMsau M'ci- $17.10 19.30 71.90 23.93 26.30 22.03 24.30 26.80 29.83 EXTRA SPECIAL FOR OLDER CARS,..6.00x16 3-T SUPER-CUSHION Hurry--see us for these top tire values NOW! Henry DeBey Son Consumers Oil Co. T Potato Growers Co-op Chas, M. Van Why Son [ i'ierte, Colorado

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