Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on April 20, 1951 · Page 2
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 2

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1951
Page 2
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'".PAGE TWO LAS CHUCKS'(N. M.) SUN-NEVfrS. . Fridiy Ey»hing,-Aprilr20,-1951. D O R O T H Y D I X \s Marriage Worth While? Cer/p/n/y, Soys Miss Dix, But 27 -Year-Old h Wise To Wail DOROTHY 01 ' T\EAE MISS DIX: I ,,m enough in .love w i t h 11 girl lo TMU -L' IHT i o - I n : my \viifc, lm( I uiu only i!l years nf ugc, mid I ft-fl H i n t . I r.onld \ie hii|i|ii[r fur f i r e or six yearn if 1 stia-cii Kinjjli'. Is it | n i i Hull n f l c r OIK- is iriuiTicil r u m n n c u fmlcs iind .,-Jlin1 M Iniy i i i i i l (jlrl iire no longer s v v e e l h e i i r l s J I r c u l i x e I h n t H l n i r i i i K l!ii|i'|iiiii'!u ilk well us sorrow w i l h Hie one yjiu loi'f is n l i e n n t i l ' i i l t l i o i i j f l i l , h u t i-.nii n ilreinn l i k e H i n t he Hindi; i n t o n . n - u l i l y ? Is iinirriii^e \n» wliih;'/ E. A. S. A.VMVIilt: Curliilnly nilirrlaiie is wcirlli ivlill.! for tin; fc(;(!liliiii of ii miilu w o u l d uol lie t h e prlinui 'inslllici of I In: limnuii lienrl. M l l l l o n i liuun millions ftf people cauiioL have Ijten wrong t h r o u g h out 'tlie ii}ft-R. You may niiy t h i n . n o t nil nun rlaiseu arc liiin- .]iy. M i n i . n i a i i y iniin-lncen are rnihireii. n n d lirlnii - ' - · ' ' .'.";. ""ly l I l B l i l p o l l l l n i o i l t anil nllnery In Hume who cii- let. I n t o I l i e u i j but no do niaiiy jiiMiple Jmilte fallun;B lu e v e r y t h l n u '-'flue iln-y iiMcin|it. Tlicri; are no ailre Million In life, anil llu- re- wiiuls ul a happy innrrliiiin urn 30 sruat t h a t thi-y inalie It mirlli Ih(! rl-il' ' ' ^ . iiiv(iitt:i;n tier ,\;.UN ImlPl'il, even an milnippy nianliiao hau ||» raiii|iciinatluin or n.W! I III, dlviireisil wo not he in,. ,, buck I n t o It hefore Hie Ink «n l l i n l r ilurreeii uliHlillllii dry, i, we see t l i n i n eoilUllll'lilly iluinu 'I'lii. Kittiitrjii Biiaranlee linn mni-rlai;* In worlli w h i l e Is t h a t even " '· ' -U'iirkiMl, ilinililnnlilen lilliilianil« when f i n e d from Hie ina- i r l i n o n l i i l yiilm Him. him iialliiil t h e m mid, i h e l r necks out for Mr- 1111111 I' Mliim..|i| liiHU-nil of uliiii-'iililm; Mielr freedom. I! I" Inii: Ilial n t l e r i n a r r l a K e a lilrl and lioy are no longer B w w i h i M i r n in ,h,. nnnnntl.: BIIIIHI.-. l l u i married l u w and HWOBI- I n - a l l Inve are illm-mil and .tnnl linslmlids and wives- rare far niiiru for wieli o i l i e r l l i a n Miey illil w h e n t h e y were lovers. They l u v r eiirh ullier for K o m i r i h l l i K l a r ht-Uer and innru u n d i i r l i i K t h a n tin.' »nperfn:lal iilianns H i n t drew I h e n i locrihor. l i n t you are wise 11 ' m i ' i i y l i i K at 21 and In l l i l l l l i l i i K llnil for Hie next few yearn yon w i l l h i M i n p n l c r free t h a n liiinnd. At Hint line, unless you are a '- ·liahlv l i i r k y j - i i u l h , yini are not ready to marry, In any MIIIHII. inn no not k n o w ..nmiBli iiliont minimi In make a wlaci nelcetlnn. Von are mil ready In HUM In down and ymi are not ah:2 lo fiii|i|iort n wife. It woiilil liiivu a lui of irniilile in Hie world If men would ^lall HI t u n n y u n t i l ilii.y Had at least u I l f l y - f l r t y u h a n c e of iiiakiliB a H l l r r e M K of It. , Ty;.\ll IHllKiTIIV IHXi .My hunuand ] I urn liulli culliiBu eriul- ' "'Hi'' wllh' inlv -ml· ilnnreer. hill when o u r f i r m u l l l l d wan n _ _ } M I I - o l u w illHrnriMeil I l l n l she wa» w h a t l» enlleil a inuillinliilil l i i i i M i i i i l l y H l i i l l i i i i H r y a f l n r a i-erlilln line). T h i n hi I-IIIIHUI.I hy some p i i - n n l a l c f i i l d l H i i n w h i c h dni:toril luiow I l l l l e a h o n t h i l t oiir d u r l u r m i d M in-iil-ably ,would nut neuiir asaln. Our next Iwo elilldren 111,11- Tho net uiid child Ih In milinol. Slie lelirnn lilllelily and HO din-H IJle t l i l r d w h n w i l l t i h u t hi KChooI Boon. I'eopl, arc u l w u y n a h n r l i e d i.holil I he f i r m clillil and while I J.;,.do inn rolihltler I t , n H h n m e , 1101111- dn and .miy it n-fleL-t.1 on ( h e oilier . t h l l t l i i ' i i . The hiienn '. c h l l d ' n li'iiclier lold me some c h i l d r e n at -,'M'liocil l a u i i l my e h l l d and n h e feels very linilly. Rome have a d v l h e d . n t" pu' 'hi: f l i K t c h i l d In an IlllillUltloli lint I JUHI ciin'l hear to ; V t l i l n h of Blraui-,e peopln c a i i n i ; I'm h f r nnd lierliapB iiil»\reatint; her. My (|liedllnli IB, where diieH my d u l y lie? 'J'o elite for the : 'lii'l|ilr."B, harinli-KK H u l l - i - h l l d win w i l l V n i w iiliyilleiilly Inn remain a - c h l h l in all o l h e r rcupei'ln, or K h a l i 1 Bend her lo an l i i n l U n l i u n and upiiri- t h e olliera'.' · MHH. I t . I I . .\.\.s\\'l-:it! Yon hiivtt n h e a i l - b t e a k i n j ; prohlem to whu-li m a n y ·'jivojih! will Hive yiin d l l f c r e l l l iinnwrrn. illil 1 I h l n l i you have t h e r i a l u o l n l i i i n In y o u r IMVII h e a r l . An loll;; UK ytm feel you w a n t y u i i r lifl|)li-r:ii )l[1|j K i r l w l l l i yull, I h a l \i, where nht.- B l t o n l d lie. \'on \v*nild n e v e r hlmt a m l i i u l n ' H -leace of m i n d 11 you niriicd ; tn-. oi-iM lu ^irann'iMH. Y o u r u l l i n r r l i l l d r e n nre old imoujUi for you In h a v e a f m i i K Ir.llt w l l h H n - i n , i.\plaln I h a l I h r i r alBlur in d l f l e r - i-nl l l i i u n r . i l nn ' l a n l l nl h c i H ( i n yiiln-K) h u t for a rc:inon wlileli Hod aloln- him drrldrd. They mion learn [hat hln: needn proterlloli, HIM. t h a i iiny I t i i l l i l K a u a l t i » t h e r aii! IKIIOI-IIIII i i u l h u i - H t H of I g n o r a n t 1'Uiinie. l-liiii t i l i n g you t n t i K I ho c a r e f u l nf: do not neglect the oilier I ' i i l l d r e n f u r tin. 1 olileil inn 1 ; Beit lint Hie y o n i i K e r 0111)11 have t l i - n r f u l l , meanlin ,o[ love and a t l e i i t l i n i from you ami they, too, will lL-ain lu tuve ain' care tor t h e i r helpleiiB ululer. Clergyman's Son In Acting 'Great v . Hy HAL IIOVLE . New Yni-k, April W (/Tf -- A young clrcgyman's nun Is perturbed nt the task of pnncUnp the lift story of tlit; si-ecu's greatest Jover -- Rudolph Valentino. "I fcfil cmharaKnecl," admitted Atitliuny Dexter. II; ft-v\» 11 Hitip \vfirrlcil, too, »vcr IIDVV middlr-iiKi'il fiouscu'lv- i-B itnd Ihclr Ivrn-iiffi' dauKhtcrs will rcjicl (« his poriraytil yf (iiu itll-timt- film Shk-k. The f i l m "Valentino," produced by Edward Km/ill for Columbia pictures, hns l)crn n 13-year project. Tin; Htudio says Dexter, a 33-yc»r-old stage actor, got the role over 75.000 '.'andidntes. Dexter, the son, grandson, great grandson and nephew of clergymen, was born In Nebraska nnd christened Walter Rcinhold Alfred Frederick rieischmnn. Figuring that WHS too much for the avuragu theater marquee, lift rhan- K«d \\\K name to Walter Craig, ifia pradtiuei- clmngcd it again to Anthony Duxlnr after signing him foi- the Vnlcnlinu pait in 3047. Slitcr ( h e n Ui'xlcr turn Hpunt MK thin- Hfud.viiiir Valentino li'iirnlriK liuigii ilundnff, hull whip oniddtiK, ffiiHiiK, "WHluh- lug polo and rootled] KiiincN and walling for t h e writers ti finish hcripl. Tliis also jjivt's him plenty of time in grow an elegant pair of buniH. Tlic:ic also make him iineimy. People .st'jre at them. ju»t aw they wnuld if a imi f),api)or Finmcctl by them. "Playing the role of a gjont lover - you've got three striken against you before you' start," said .Dexter, a bit nuiroHely. " I nni no more lilte Valentino . t h a n you are." 1 t h o u g h t lids was ratlmr gra- rli;:is of Idni, as 1 am mure often t'oiiipan-fl to tin) laic Lon Chait- «y, Hr. · A c t u a l l y Duxlcr Itcars quite a roKcniblniR-o to Valentino. "I'm ahotil an inch tailor Uinn he wan and wuigh 10 pouiuls more." he admitted. "But he had black balr and was darker; ho had an olive complexion. Alfio he was a good horseman. I imud lo do n little calf riding out of Lho chutes bacl; in the midcllowcst. but I wouldn't, know what lo do with an UHHU'i'ii saddle," Vallsiitino died of ptsvllonlljs in 1I»20. Dexter fouls the le'^imd has ralhiM 1 outgrown Hie man. Mr- HUH n shy ijuti'l tnoiiil.v' · |yp,. _ wiirrlcd a, lot,"' ho Knhl "llr U-IIK Inlt'in^'iil. The people wild used lo u.irli wllh him HH.V Embarrasseil Lover' Role Dcmpsey Believes CouiHry Spoilt By Fn ing 01 MacArlhiu WASHINGTON.; April: 20 OP)-- John,.Derhpsey. (p-NM) ^ today "declared 1 the firing --of General,:Mac- AiUiur "has'.split the country In two "'at.a'.tlmc'jwhen the. strongesi unit- Is needed. In hfa weekly" "newsletter; ;'Uie New Mexico'congressman fcfcld 'The action',xyas particularly.'un- foitunatc a the general kno v ledge of the · Asiatic.:situation "and the confidence'held'in him by'the American people may make him of utmost value at this time." HOME FROM INDO-CHINA WARFARE LAS CRUCES LIQUORS Thu Storo of Good Spirits I'A.SSOVKJt WINKS Your Family Package Store _·_ ,_ 3.34 S. MAIN , ' ' THE REOPENING OF THE WEST SIDE'S VALLEY LAUNDRY MONDAY APBIL 23RD UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT and COMPLETELY REFURNISHED WITH NEW EQUIPMENT STANDARD RATES W, A. Sheriff and Mildred Sheriff, Owners Operators 1 Block Norlh of While Dot C«f» . Phon* 994-W lie u-au strntgJitforward nriil co- VP«r.itIv^. H? didn' uroimd with women. He wiis a-hcJI of n good niuclinnlc iind IHted-to put- tor iirotind with nuitdrs." But the fans never went \ watch Valentino puLLcr ..,around with anything but hearts..To the women of the 1920s he was a symbol of the great romanticji lover -the kind that Mrs. Babh'i'tts yearned for .at home but didn't have. And that ?s l 'thc fJICL 'iii'(i-_ mnkes Dox-tcr uneasy. v -, "Everyone asks did I take les- 'ii8 in how to make love." he yaicl. "O course, I didn't. I did see some revivals of the old ValuiiUnu movies. He had screen pursoriallty, and ft Is still there. . . . "But the peculiar quality any person poaseases cannot be imitated completely. When ho dies, the mold is broken. That is as true of Valentino as it is of Babe'.Ruth." BUNDED AND HIS right hand gone, n French soldat arrives back in Paris from the Indo-China warfare. Two comrades carry his 'luggage and'help him to a waiting bus. HG is one of 39 wounded French'vet- erans to arrive home from Indo-China. where the French are G«htiiie Communist-supplied Viet Minh rebels. (International Soitndphoto* Navy Negotiates For 9,500 Acre Base On Duke City Outskirts ALBUQUERQUE, April 20 I/PJ-A member of the city .planning- commission yesterday disclosed the navy is negotiating for 9,500 acres for a base on the. Elena Gallcgos grant at the northeast edge of Albuquerque. Commission member's \V. C. Ocstrcich said he hoped' he "wasn't letting anything slip, but I think it is generally known." "The government," he salt!, "^Is dealing with Albert Simms for y.bOO acres . , . 1 think it's for a, navy project and supposed to be related to Kirtland Field and'San- dfa Ease." Governnieiii Lifts Ban. On Aliiniiniiih WASHINGTON, April 20 (£*)-- The government -today lifted its May 1 ban on using aluminum in making more .than 200 civilian products. It ordered" instead a 50 per cent cut In..use of. the metal during May and June. In another order. Die National Production Authority put plastic type nylon under allocation beginning "June 'l. This does no't apply to textile nylon 'f;ohi wh'fcji'-"hoso 'and other wearing ^apparel are manufactured,but:does apply LoVtho- nylon used, in making paint brushes, lenses and.various.industrial parts. Real Estate Loani ; W. J. LITTf.E Improved City Pfofcrty . Farm -- Budhw ' First National .BanK.BlUf. Phone 270 or. 1305 ; +XO Sp.lh doom lo d o n d t l i o n t , plantain, buckhorn, molt brood- Itoved weedi.' Etiiy to 'uic weed control--apply dry Juil ai It comei from p'aekoge. " Trial 2500 JO /I-SI.75; . 17,000 iq ri -- JJ.IS Sotti LAWN SEED Use only, a third as much, because' there are 3)000,000 seeds in each pound.. 1 For open sunny, lightly shaded lawns. 1 Ib -^ $1.55 5 lbs-$7.65 · " : 2 5 l TV/IF SWIM* Picture book b'eauiy and color when you use 'Ihis complete grdsifbod. Economy fop, box feeds 2500 sa/ft for. only $1.95. 'Bag feeds 11,000' sq ft .$7.50' FARMERS MARKET SUPPLY CO. 104 COMPRESS HD. PHONE. 393 Refreshingly yours from the land of sky blue waters * Refreshing. Ucurl-Hfiiumi's reo ^(;ncnilions of ,-itlualily. 1 1 luis a fric'ncls UK Idling : s America's iMosl nniiri" new label. P R E F E R R E D TIIKl). HAM.M llllUNVhNG (J0(, ST. I'AUL,MI,\N. ica's Most Refreshing Beer

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