Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 7, 1955 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 21
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fecihg Snorting Look in Christmas Bike Lineup, Projetfs re in BLISS ON WHEELS ... Top of'th* pick, tht Chrittrnit bik«. By VIVIAN BROWN NEW YORK -- At year's end;nuclear-energy projects arc moving out of. the' laboratory 'and experi- mcritai'phase'.Into the "hardware" stage-^lhe development of ;econqm ; ically competitive nJclear plants which, len to 15 years from now, will be feeding kilowatts hourly in io major, utility syslems, Power, McGraw-Hill publication,'-says 'in a special round-up, report'on development .and commercial-scale nuclear project. Cailed "Nuclear Energy;Today,'! thc" r exclusive'.re- Mica, "this ourth,' the Nuclear Power Group ropos«l, has been withdrawn from he, dcmc-nstraUon.prograrnjtrid. is ieing ^ocfiied «'B.» straight ip; illcaUbn s'in'cV'np 'assistance.from he government,was called forj the magazine reports". · \ / - '·'·'.'· '~ · In Us own five-ve»r development irogram, A^C .set;'out to explore five' b'a'si6' reactor, concepts:' pies- sureized-water, · boiling-water; so- diDm-graphHe,,'' and LOS- A N G L E S ; . W : ' ' r t e y c v l I Aeronautics,;' Administration \ said that ; an ^air/J'axi '; service ' · - - - . \ - · ····· · · Disillusioning Yqiith. DES'-MOikrJS' 'i'-li . doesn't " Dad iports AP Wril.r can h a v e . - h i s . soupetl-up car; Junior-'will -compete with his new speedy bicycle. It'll have a paint job, as bright and gay as the family.^bar, too, ar.d .'what's more, new; : sa'feiy factors' .will reassure any'parent. - . · ' . ' New American bicycles are lighter and speedier. A middleweight styles combines-Hie-best-features . ; of real lightweight . models -with standard balloon-tired vehicles. Speed models, account for more than '« per cent of American bike sales say manufacturers, a point to keep.-in mind ;hen Christmas shopping lor a two-wheeler; Pedaling is macln easier on the lighu eight units, with newly-de- signlfd tires. , It. steps down by one-third the'amount of pe"dal pressure required to apply the brake, providing greater safety according to American · engineers. A child weighing- 34 pounds has the same braking ability with the .new type coaster brake as a 50-pouni young- -ster on 'the' same bike with con ventlohal brakes. . . " V . ·:' New American bikes'are said .to be less costly .to maintain, and ire- placement parts are easily available. . ' ' _ . . . Points (o keep in mmd. ( when " shopping .for .a bicycle . include these. , 1. Foot brakes enable youngsters to make quick stops without rcleas ing one hand from the wheel, i 2.' Gadgets available includi warning devices, horns' and -bells sealed-beam headlights, 'spccia shock absorbers, chrome guarc bars, luggage carriers, built-ii locks arxi speedometers. \Basket adjustment tools, speedometer an bicycle' bags are preferred · ac cessories say manufaclurers.'Bell horn, hsadjight and'tail, light ar basic requirements for sa.fe riding · - 3 4 . The. proper size bike is im ' portant, American bikes come four basic sizes, depending on th diameter of the wheels. A.young sier from 3V4 to S years old is suite to »''I6^inch bike with e x t f a . o u rigger wheels that can be.remove after lie. learns to balance."Kid from - 5 to 7 can handle a 20-inch bike .and 8 'to.'. 10 'year-olds · are happy.on a 24-inch size bike. The full-sized bicycle will fill the bill for 11-year-olds'^ and iip. : 4. .Flashy colors are popular. T ew:color--.emphasis is on bright rcen, blue,' red and .yellow and ont'raslihg trim: .adies al Red Fealtjer akes Make Christinas Wrfcalh for First Lady To express their joy over the president's recovery, Ihe ladies at led Feather lakes joined last week in making a special Christmas, wreath' as a gift for Mrs. Eisenhower, fleprescntative William S. Hill of Fort Collins has been asked to see that Mrs. Eisenhower receives he wreath. -\ The wreath was m a d e from Colorado balsam f i r decorated 'ilh the different pine cones, cedar herrjes anq'.-Wnnikinic;red. : berries and-streamers arid "a ,weatKcrp'roof Ww.' .''' \ ' "'' ' - . . ' . · ; · '."' ' ·Ted Dunning;- Red.Fea\!ier post master,'/said ;· the .. wreath'.' was somewhat'.similar to-the ones the families 'of-'the' mountain' resort make and sell each Christmas time as a community project.' They make and soil,- mostly through churches, around 5,000 wreathes each fall.-'.'Last year the wreathes- 'were shipped to 19 stales', Alaska; .Hawaii and.-,tlie Panama Canal .-.-Zone. ',. '-! -. The project'was.started'by Mr, and Mrs. .H«gh":Drake of Greeley, wh'q have a mountain home ' at Red-Feather. ;·' ' ' Several organizations in Greeley, including the Episcopal church,-sell the wreathes from the 'project, started. about six years ago and growing larger every year. whicli lion's December '.issue, :out week'.-'-"""' . ·.' . ' . . . Today,.ithe building of nuclear power, p l a n l s ^ i n commercial sizes his just begun. ' Though these planls are net' compelilive with present"conventional central stations, they are the predecessors of nuclear planls which soon will be- like- the one come economically attractive. '..' as possible.' . \Nuclcar-planls will be competitive .Iri.'some .areas--where fuel cosls are high--before ' t h e y .be-' come generally 1 economical^ tt\e magazine predicts.'Mo'sl forecasts put Ihe point where nuclear plartls prove generally, competitive somewhere between 19G5 and 1970. After that, the rate of building .nuclear plorils'will increase..rapidly.. . Powtr Dtman'd Rising During this time, total power 'demand will be rising also. Thus, even though nuclear-capacity additions each year may be expected to in: crease sharply when they become widely '.competitive, it will' take some liine before the, amount of nuclear capacity, added each "year equals'annual conven-j tional capacity ,^V the . m a g a z i n e poinls out. - r -'., ' · * . · ( · Indications'-.-arc'' that- sometime belween-1975.and 1980rr-ar about 25 years fronV now-^lhc nuclear ca- pacitj','added 'each'-year.-.will equal the conventional .'capacity added. From'.that.point on,' according to the magazine, nuclear - capacity added annually. will exceed conventional capacity added by an ever wider margin. '- _ . Coil, Oil, Gas, Important However; growth in total demand . do, : ,thcs'.vdays',''.t9 herd the"kiddles !atd,the_ car and itakc · them: Down" town' :'td sec, 'Just; any, old Santa Clau's', i a!'Des. MoEn'es .psych'plogis' said'-Monday.V-''. i;'^ ,-·., ,'- ~-i?*' ·'., If- you want the youngsters' to enjoy ihe:tr!p, : said.Dr. Paul Ding man,-^.dire"ctor : 'of the Des'-'Moiries Child Guiaancc, Center, mother,has to ''do'. a,. 1 little .^dyahce planning. "It's easy! tp'dest'roy.'some pretty pleasant images of £ahta Clause i he turns'^^slightlymoth eaten- man. 'in-.^.mptti-eaten 'cos tu'rrte,'.'.-pr. i 'birigman^ said. ' "' ·.; ', · He 'adyised; motHer to'.'dp i;littl advance scouting 5 Downtown '- ant pick' out a Santa Claus as- much in the picture book; Haiti's tourist crop this year ha been running 35 per cent ahead o 1954. : . ' . . - . . . - . ' . Servicejranted: L lo' Gorteiv . ^ known is Navajo Airline's h'afbeen giv.en .a. certificate ) bperate^out if. Cortcz,":Cqk)', .'" S';^' ; · ·.'·'. ; R'.' E'. Dale, fchlef '.of 'ihe^'gen- e'ral safety division'' of "the CAA's 4th-. region; -said'. the;com'p'any-list- ed one. plane, 'an: A«fO '?imm^i«'', and \t»''given »'-cerUficate'.to';car- ry : .passengers and. ''ca'rgo ;. a where '.on ' a'irion.s'cheddicd .tia under' visual flight 'cqriditk)n"si,!rhe certificale'-wSs : granted · K'ov.f Z6. '·ThV' CA A;- said; Ihe company iad- dress - is .:Mpntezuma"'/Cbuht'y. . 'Airport, ^Gqrte'z, ''Colo. 1 / ^'afid ;the ·' Head of-' the - fir nv is : Vi.clfrr' W . /Hey hqlds Membefs'.oHhe.MaFd 61 'directors are' Stephen IllcNleh'pls';- Ueut'enant (FRANK'S " Seed and Hatchery 709.10th St. Ph. 152 oveinor, ol Coloratlo; arid'D, L f VUliami, Wayne Djpnn^l .ClpriJiict /alisky, AV~ W/,: hillchfii'i/i'.Joe !6oper,'T. H: Skidmore and R;-N. Jshcr. ;,^ ; V :. 'r' : ^: \ ^ Dake said he understands';the irm intends (o include Grand June- ioh'j' CoIo.-,-Mdab,;-Ulah, and .Las '«£«!,-.Nev.., ,among..point. in:its 'Derations'.' ·'· , ',:"· ,.'. .-,'.:;.' Wednesday, Dw..7, 1955; *'V/:.C;GREELEY Did Justiffc . StlNNEAPOLIS Ml'- David H. Seleeii, '«,· told 'pol!!elhls ! :»r;bit a'nol h«r' while he .-waf kiss Ing ; hli girl, - '' ' ' ' ' " ' " Seleen', of suburtan'Hop'klrj', 'was ' fined $io»: for,·eafeUii "driVui'Md {« got a · word! of' advice' from, : Jwjjjj* ,i Tom Bergin..·. :. - · .-":--'; :'^ · '-'-. · ''You:were;aUempling to do jwo «v v . Important jois an "^y'ou,couldn't do ~" 'inettM i n ' · itk*l* "' c*iA tha'.ilultf* 'justice to' either," said, the'.judge. THt TKIBUNt WAMTr'APt ' · * · · · · · · · ' . . « ' « * ' · » · « · » · » · · ' · · · » « ' » » . « » » , » « · « · * ·;·*'·'· t- ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' * Filled with the Rewards D6^e-Plym6uif^p$^^ 1108 Eighth Ave.o Phone 299 during ftiis period so jgreat ' . that even though In ; 1980 'only half the capacity edded-eocH-yearl^Ul be of-'conventionahtype! this -half probably will -be-more" than twice the total" yearly -additions today, : the magazine asserts^ Thus, "the ' ' ' ' -' familiar steam'sta'tion biirh-' . Most fish live in areas have a fairly narrow limit of water t'emp'eratures faV6rab.le to particu- la'r'.kinds of fish:.. V MONDAY, DEQ.I2th-,l:30 p.m. ANNA M. HARRIS;T1423 8'lijSirett: ' · · · - " · · · · ·-_ .-i···-·.·_!_! _ ; / n _ u t m many pltcei are new. Attend. TUESDAY, Dee. 13th-l:30 p.m. ; CAROUINE~9lJE'gN' : ESTATE, 315 5th Ave. Kenntth Colwell, »t- lorn.y for. E,U.«. ' ^ ' ^ -^ FURN|TURE ' - ' . 80. 30 'FT. of.E. 75 FT.Vf LOT (1) BLOCK (1) CITY OF GREELEY, COLO. ,3 ROOM HOUSE, .hedt, fepcetf. · ·Thl« ihould lave tomcohe a lot of rent'or'make lomeone. * goon Frlgldilre; coal circul«tor;;gai.range; cabinet; rocker; bedding; trunk and contenti; h»ipi 2 ullcaBts; mirror'picture!;' garden cult, and ml.o Itema.'Dlihei,'etc;; All'.must tell. Be here on time. Terms ca«h. SAM KING AUCTIONEER ' REALTOR . Llcenied In Both; J. E. Summer., Clerk; Greeley, Colo. Phone 153B. LIVESTOCK AUCTION WELD COUNTY LIVESTOCK COMMISSION COMPANY December 9, 1955 - 12:30 p.m. ung'coal, pH ; 6r gas will be an important factor.'in the central-station power situation for many years to come. ' - , But it is too early to say which of today's reactor types .holds most promise for the- future-Mjr even whether tomorrow's reactors may not'stcmVtrom concepts' not yet eX- plored;j the .magazine i points out. .1 Most-bj the ! reactors, buill and operated to . dale-have'., been research or experimental units, de : signed to test- nuclear effects on' materials or to check the. safety and. performance of new ideas. With the number of new :· ideas which are coming aiong-Uhe variety of .materials' available' as fuels, moderators and coolants7 and the number of forms in which they can he used--the search for power- reactor types would be a herculean task if each, were investigated on .a"large scale,- the magazine^ explains.. .' .. . ' / · - ' ' ' ·' ..'" . AEC Program Divilof» . ' . " In the work of experimentation in/fhe laboratory and-email-pilot- pia'nt- stage, the Atomic. Energy Commission policy has-been to develop advanced technology at government expense,-.while stimulating-outside groups to undertake developmental or demonstration projects with a minimum'of AEC financial participation. This approach has had two divisions: the five-year reactor development pro- g r a m , a direct AEC activity, aimed primarily at. trie development of reactor, technology; and .the power demonstration reactor program, an opportunity for" private industry to enter the nuclear power business by developing, building and own- iog 1 nuclear plants! with v some research and development assistance from the AEC. . " -. '· A new invitation recently issued by AEC (Sept. 21, 1955) .calls for power demonstration Teactor pnv posals 'in three·· capacity ranges: fiye.lO.pOO; 10-20,000; 20-46,000 kw. 'As the re suit, of its first inyi la-, tion earlier ".this year, AEC received four proposals: of these, one, the Detroit Edison Group proposal, is now negotiating a contract; two proposals are still under consideration after being modified, a'nd-the 400-500 HEAP 400-500 To get the top prices for your livestock, consign them today *ith the Weld County Livestock Comm. Co. in Grecley, Colo. Right now there is a big lotal demand for your fat hogs, so call us today at Greeley 3190. " . ' - Already consigned for this week's sale are the following: '·' One 'carload 'of WF cows." ' : "\ Several packages of mixed callle. i 6 Good Dairy cows. Springing, and 3 milking. ' Plan now (o attend our regular auction this Friday. Callus If you need a truck to haul your slock. We will make the arrangements for you. - ·''::' J'." ' . ' · .\ -.'·'. ' · Listen (o KFKA daily, al 7:00 and l':6p. ' ··' . /, CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING · AND PROCESSING . Pierce Meet Locker Phone Ault 7767 Raliii White, Clerk Rahk GreeiwMJ Irving MiMielM,M£r. ' ' " ' " HEN YOU NEED THIS, YOU. NEED SUBURBANITE WINTER TRACTION TIRES by GOOD/YEAR Giant-size dsh Get set for winter driving! No Obtigation--Hurry·--* Get yours . v w v w v w v . w v v v v v · · · · · · · v,.v. .v w w. w v w v.v v v v v v v. v w w w w w · when you need this scraper--it's time for SUBURBANITES GOOD by · TUBE- · Black or White ills Put »m end to »irVt racking winter iriTuig. G«t .dependable with Suburbanites by Goodyear, they catt aotausg zt» b«w»e"yo» ·are your regal** tin* for next Spring **d Samwttr. ' ' · . ' Onlf $1.25 wttkty for a PAM ;, · · ·More 1 Starting Trortton--up Jo 91% mar« · Mor« Stopping Traction--up to 39% mor« . » Mor« Pull in Snow, Slush or Mud · Smoother, Quieter Rid* on dry roadf OUR TRADE-IN PEAL IS TOPS--OUR TERMS ARE LOW! SEE US MORE PEOPLE RIDE ON GOODYEAR ~\fKK~. 'V^-.L**' 3BXWU/^5T'.*^_ _ ANY OTHER KIND Potato, Growers Co-op Eaton, Colorado Ph. (Ea(on) 66-J Martin's Service Sta. 501 Eighth Are. Phone 3183 .' Chas. M; Vai Why SOR Pitrce, Colorado Consumers Oil Co. Fhone 456 ' 602 Eighth Ave. Henry DeBey Son Serv.

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