Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 23, 1976 · Page 13
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 13

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1976
Page 13
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CelebBS '6 Jovial 13 Easi incies 5'ana grojo 22 E«cess ve rate of irteresl 23 Recent 24 ¥e« 0' l.r 26 Ca'tograpT 27PairnieaiKai 29 Beaches 31 Nur-wca' Sull. 33 Sea mollusk 34 Catena i abbrevial on 35 Ergl sh river 3* T n u s l S c o t l 40 Njioie-given 41 Sau'.i -Mane [ab| 43 Precious store 44 Th-ee-bandeo armadillo 45 Oceai sh p 47 Anurous ··9 Dovn [corr'j lorml 52 R e l g O L S 9'oup 53 Irwvidua's 55 Buckellke vessel 56 Hislonral pencd S3 Ralresh ig drmV WKST * 9 8 4 V Q S 7 6 3 » 5 * J 8 6 4 MOHTH A 2 V J 8 5 * A d * K 9 7 5 1 2 KAST A 3 » A K 10 2 » J«7 U * A () 1C SlH'Ttl 1)1 * A K Q J 1 0 7 6 5 V - « K Q I 0 9 2 A -Both rjlneralile si \orlh Kasl Suulh 1 A is 1 N.T l)b! 2 « Pass I'ass Pjss ·mnglMi|.-6» heart. South r u f f c t l . led another spade and discarded dummy's last heart. Kasl ruffed and led a tliird heart. Soudi discarded a spade, ruffed with dummy's ace of trumps, and led the six of diamonds to his king. Then lie cashed the queen of trumps and led spades to wind up making (our add. Oswald: "Net much consolation when he had a cinch spado slam." ·/'Hi: "No, tut (he play was a winner. At the other table. Smith used a complicated scries of asking bids. He found out that his partner held lite ace of diamonds, but seven spades and went down one The diamond jack was a sure winner for the defense " By Oswalt! James Jacob) Oswald. "We get lots of letters about freak hands. Maybe \vp should discuss some of tltem." Jim: "Here's a Jilly. II occurred in a friendly team match At table one South decided to be really brilliant and wound up playing (wo diamonds. He ruffed the heart lead anrf decided to play to make sure or nearly sure of success at two diamonds. So he led the ace and king of smiles, discarding one hear! from dummy. East ruffed the second spade and led a second An Idaho reader wants to know if we recommend an opening bid of one club in fourth seal with. A K v x v K x x t x x A A Q x x x The answer is a strong affirmative. You will not show a profit every time you open wild this sort of hand. but in the long run you will gain more than you will lose. (For a copy ol JACQBY MODERN, send SI to: "Win al Bridge," c/o this newspaper, P.O. Box 439, Radio Cily Station. New York N.Y. 100!9) THE BORN LOSER CAMPUS CLATTER with BIMO BURNS by Lorry Lewis A90UT THAT SUGGESTION I WHAT'S TK6 SOX YOU PUT IN THE / MATTER, CAFETERIA... _/ 5//HO, ISN'T ' IT BEING SHORT RIBS THE REEASO.N' THE ROAL 6ASKETSALL TEAM iSCuR CEMTER"'" HES CWLV V HOW TAL . \ JSEVEN FEET W VERY RVET-FEETKHajLOHEBE?! WOULD W WELL T^LL- J ^nr^J\ SEC NICE. M by Frank Hill La^^ EEK MEEK WAS ^HEW we usep ID COMMUM6 MTH W/XOJPE FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob Thaves WELL, HOW ABOUT THAT! UP UNTIL TODAY, i SI-WAY* THOUGHT AM tpi*Tt6 WA$ THE WIFE OF flltl APOSTLEi SO MXJ'VE REALLY \ VES, AN 1 THEY PON^T, _ 5EEN THOSE ,EOP1.E TAWE KINDLY TO ViS WJ ANGU= TVW LIVE 'M Tri' /STRANGERS KlOSINS \ I HADN'T SWAMP.' _- AROUND, EITHER.' y FlGURBl? OM ...AtZEMAlSURC WE HAVE T'SO INTO TH' SWAMP T'FIND THOSE BIS FVYINS LI2ABPS ZAK? YEP , THEN I SliESSTHEEE'3 NOTHIN'TPO BUT SET TARTEP/ The Idaho Free Press The News-Tribune, Monday, February 23,1976- A-5 MJ6H! I ^/^ ji *o* !| **w. DICK TRACY Mlt DONTT WANT OUT ON BOND ANTTOS7»yHERE! AS THEIR UWW WHAT WOULD BE VWR ADVICE AT THIS TIME? _,,,, I GET HANDS THEM MARY WORTH H1W1' Ht MUST NOT HAVE XNOlVM THIS WAS .N ll'E "MiE T H S INPEX-- PUBil5HED BY THE SfcNIOK CiASS OF WVLORVIILE, WEST V.03INIA, HIGH 5CHCX)c.' UKPER THE SCRAPBOC.S KEPT BY 'PEAR SON - I THOUGHT YOU MfcHT EM JOY A ZEtriW HAS FCUMP AS ttP HISH saiooi- A.NNUAL"- BUZ SAWYER r whoa! IF vou'i. 1 PROPOSING AWRRIAGE, ' THIS 14 WHERE , T GET OFF. /BUT m NOT' f PROPOSING \ MARRIAGE, \ 6IULV. vr I'M TO BE CARRIED TO \ A HANDSOME HUNK OF N - A MAN HAMED Blll_,THE * MINUTE I GET HOME. HERE'S HIS PICTURE, PEPPER. HERE'S MY ENGAGEMENT RIKG. MY U.S. PASSPORT WA5 5TOLEM, AIL^ i NEED \s VOUR SIGNATURE OM THIS PHONY MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE" 50 1 CAN SET THRU IMMIGRATION AS SME'S OATI NG THAT) '/"- REX MORGAN, M.D. BEETLE BAILEY WHAT ARE 6OM5 TO PO THAT ROPE BEETLE ? THE FLINTSTONES WINTHROP WHAT CO YOJ WANT TO BE WHEN YOU 3fOV Of^ NASTY? * i jlj£y*j^i| v "N -'^ '1 v 1 by Dick Covolli r WANT TO BB THE AWg WHO PRINTS "/MDE- IN TAIWAN" ONTHEBOTTCM' r^ MUSIC SOXES THAT PtAY "·T-E ANNIVERSARY WALTZ." ^P

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