Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 26, 1961 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Page 20
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nonds. Adamsoii's M o r t u - r y is in charge ot funeral arran£cmenlS| wlilch are incomplete. P*«e_20_ CREEUSY TH1IH1NE Thws., Oct. 26, 19«l Barney Lieuallen Dies at Home Barney Oral (Dec) l.ieuallen, 63. ot 1S01 Jnd St., died at his homo Wednesday. He wa= Ivn Tcb. 3, 1808. nl Elrallon, Neb., Hie son of Arthur nnd Rachel Ltauillen. lie marrin 'Amy Sloan Dee. 18, 1934, at lioul tier. Survivors include his wife; ton, Virgil ot Grccley; Iwo daughters Marion of Sunnyvale, CaliJ., BUI] Lnvlna ot Grceley; a brother, Bench Lieuallen of Wlicatnn, \Vyo,, four sisters, Mrs. Erma Murplvy of Fort Collins. Mrs. Mae 1'icknoy Nary A HlbbU RKYSON CITY, N. c. AP An engineering aide for the Water Resources Division of the U. S. Geological Survey has a job drop-i ping a line in t!w mountain streams of western North Caret-] Una. But the aide, Ed Dillard, docs-' n't catcli any fislt His assignment is to measure Iho volume of water in tlw streams. Copper Lost' in Needles Space WASHINGTON (AP) ·-- The ilr Force can't'flnd the 350 mil- Ion copper needles it thought H lad released Into space from an irbiltag satellite. It announced Wednesday- night OAS Delays Probe Of Castro Regime described Lcchuga's speech as a By CLAUPE E, ERB5EN WASHINGTON (AP)-Tho West' crn. Hemisphere nations voted nl- hat its Lincoln Laboratories, in most. unariimously Wednesday to charge of "Project \Vest Ford,"|delay any concerted action reported that no radar contacljagnlnsl the Fide) Castro regime in lias yet been established with the Cuba. 'typical Communist pack ot Iks." Pounding his desk, Lavalle. said Peru would not heJ Intimidated and would Insist on bringing its case against Cuba before the OAS lencral Committee. The committee which will''con- sider the proposal consists of Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Nlcar4gua, the United States, Peru, and Uruguay, plus tho president and vice president of tho council. Celeo Da- Ihe orbiting blanket o( hair-liko At a tense meeting of tho OAS v lla of Honduras Is now acting mass of dipoles. minute needles, called Only Guatemala opposed a move to refer to a committee for While this may be dlscourag!hg' s i u[ jy p cru ' a proposal for an In- 1 to those conducting Ihe test, investigation of tho Castro regime was happy news for a'slronotnorsji,y u 10 Organization of and others who had protested thai states. Cuba'abslained. American needles might interfere with thclrjCouncil, U.S. Ambassador deLes-] studies. Iscps S. Morrison said ho did not Tho Idea Is to use the blanket consider the action as "In any resident. There is presently no ice president. HALLOWEEN P U N C H -- a pummpin- colored combination of cider and orange juice, spices and sugar, with ginger ale. come alive with the I* I lively Tricky Halloween Punch For Allhallows' Eve Treat By CECILY BROWNSTONE Associated Press Food Editor If you have n Halloween parly coming up and want to serve a special punch, wo have a recently- tested recipe that we believe you'll throughly enjoy. When we tried the punch on both oldsters and youngsters, everyone was fascinated -- as ire were --by its "snap." One smrill boy Norman Rockwell Marries 3rd Time STOCKBTUDGE, Mass. (AP) Norman Rockwell, noted mafia- zinc cover artist nnd illustrator, and irtss Mary L. Pundorson. a retired teacher, were married Wednesday in St. Paul's Episcopal Church. It was the third marriage for Rockwell, 67. His first^maninge ended in divorce in 1530. His second wife died two years ago. The bride, 05, retired in 1959 fter teaching English at Milton Academy for 37 years. 10-year-old who likes" to cook, guessed at the punch's ingredi- nts. "Let's sec," he said, "I taste pices, cider, fruit juice." A pretty close gwssl Tho fruit juice s frozen orange juice concentrate ·mcl ginger ale, too, goes into this lelicious drink. If v ou htivc a "uiK'h bowl ig glass pitcher, use it for scr- ng this beverago; it's.somewhal he color of pumpkin -- just righ 1 for Allhallows' Eve. Stir the puncl as it's served to distribute any o he spice at the bottom of Ihe XNV! or pitcher. HALLOWEEN P U N C H · cup sugar h teaspoon cinnamon ',k teaspoon allspice i teaspoon nut meg . quart cider 1 can (6 ounces) frozen orange juice-concentrate 2 cups (or use one 12-ounce bottle Buy U Al Your Favorite Merchants Seven-Up Bottling Co., Inc. CALIOUSESI ervinga). Recipe may be multi- ilied to make more servings. SUPPER PARTY MENU If you want to serve a buffet on falloween you might like to have laked ham, baked beans, brown- jreail sandwich tricks and a green salad, ricks, To make use thinly the sandwicl sliced canned steamed brown bread. Spread half of the slices with cream cheese; out of each of tho rest of the slices cut two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Place the feature marked slices on the cheese- spread whole slices. For dessert, you might like to serve Halloween Punch with brownies or gingerbread. of needles for bouncing radio signals back to earth. The Air Force announcement said: "A continuing radar search is being made for the dipolc fibers. Information about tho loca- ion and distribution ot the dipoles will be released as soon as it becomes available, to enable aslron omcrs to participate in the observations. "The precise location of the or- jit must be provided to aslrono- mers because of the great difficulty in locating these dipoles without such prior information." A Midas satellite carried a "piggy back" load of the dipotes aloft lust Saturday in a launching rom Point Argucllo, Calif. AUM DORA KUALA LUMPUR --· Malaya's Minister of dustry has Commerce and In- announced that a trade agreement with the United Arab Republic will soon be concluded. Miss Page Plays Nun NEW YOHK (AP)-Having por. frayed a wanton entertainer in her previous Broadway appear- a nun in "The Umbrella," her next stage assignment. The play marks the New York playwriling debut ot Caslclli, collaborator on the comedy-drama with Raphae Hollander. Miss Page was last seen here hi tle long-run hit, 'Sweet Eire of Youth" by Tennessee Williams USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS way implying an Indefinite postponement ot consideration of the matter. This we emphatically caiv not support cither expressly or implicitly." Compromise Formula The decision to refer Peru's proposal to the OAS General Commit- ec was reached after Intensive lehind-thc-sccnes inancuverings Brazil and Ecuador led a movement to kill the proposal outright. The smaller Central American na ions and the United Stales sough' compromise formula that woulc tccp it alive. Opposition from th big nations--especially Argentina Chile and Mexico--made it impos sihle to expect outright approval y the council. Cuba--though .abstaining froml-GOODBYE TO MEAT SHOP- he vote--bitterly attacked Peru'PING PROBLEMS." T h j t ' s · ·«-- 1 y o u ' t l - s a y after you have G R E E L E Y L O O K E R f i . MEAT COMPANY p r o c e s s ·ind invoked the principle of ! ateivcntiou. Cuban Ambassador Carlos M. ante, Geraldlno Pago is cast as Lechuga denied that his country them i n t o n e of is an advance base of communism n the Western Hemisphere and choice meats for you, LOCKERS price covers and store R E N T E R complete cutting, wrapping m nit. ,n..j»..... ..^....I -- a n j freezing. Halloween, or «n/ said that Cuba belongs to no bloc O ii i e r day, we have good me»U, Bertrand He added that Cuba bns no mill- iary pacts with any nation and repented the statement that the only foreign military installation in Cuba Is the U.S. Naval Base all I ready to serve. Guantannmo. Peruvian Bautista de Ambassador Juan Lavalle, an elderly and usually calm former 'judge, IMS 7TM AVENUE · EL 2 6021 ,VB c«llou~s, bumlns, ^) || i OB bottcm of f«t DtScholkZino-pads ginger ale (chilled) Orange slices Candy corn nnd licorice Mix sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice; add 1 cup of cider and slir over low heat until augnr dissolves. Add to remaining cider and undiluted orange juice concentrate; chill. Just before serving, slir in ginger ale. Garnish with orange slices decorated with candy corn and licorice. . Makes about 7 cups (10 to 12 STOLL'S Food Market Mor-Vaiu Stamps North llth Avenue Open 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Shurfine Carnival Sale! look like me «tt h'uiigweeni RED SEAL Loveland Gateway Shurfine 46-oz. can SAUSAGE TOMATO JUICE 3 Ibs. I or 35C lb. Tf cans I MASK on the back of every 14 oz, and 6 oz. Nalleys RED SEAL Potato Chip Bag SHURFINE, 12 OZ. PEAMUT BUTTER SHURFINE SALAD DRESSING Q-. SHURFINE, 5% OZ. MUSTARD SHURFINE, 303 CAN CRANBERRY SAUCE _ SHURFINE, SECTIONS GRAPEFRUIT ^ ^ SHURFINE, HALVES, SLICED PEACHES '** Can SHURFJNK SHURFINE, 46 OZ. CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE SHURFINE, CUT . GREEN BEANS m ^ .. __ 39c 39c 5c 5 for $1 5 for$1 4 f o r $l 4, r $1 3 for 89C 6 51 for 9! SHURFINE CHILl-ETS 300 Can _^ 9 for $1 SHURFINE CREAM CORN OR PEAS, 303 CRTIS SHURFINE KRAUT 300 Can ,. ,, _ SHURFINF, SPINAvH 303 Can SHURFINE, REGULAR, DRIP COFFEE l Lb Can SHUFINE SHORTENING , , ,, . , , , SHURFINE FLOUR ,,,,;.. SHURFINE, SALTING CRACKERS HUBO, SHURFRESH, 2 LB. BOX CHEESE SPREAD _ D for SI ' ._ 8 for $1 0 for $1 5/c 69c 69c J9c 69c MOM... Red Seal Potato Chips are popular because they are fresh. Be sure to serve ,-therp with all snacks, lunches, meals and have plenty on hand for special treats. SHURFINE FRUIT COCKTAIL SHURFINE MILK r,,, ,,,,. U $1 for | 5 8 s cans 1 Nalleys CHIP DIPS Tfn original pun saur enam fip,,, perfect for interia'ring. ORANGES 5 Lb. CRAPFTRUIT Cello Bae WINESAP, LARGE Hi I Ltd Tliichpl Tin clot 45c 3.95 JONATHAN, LARGE APPLES No. I's, Bushel Basket _ INDIVIDUAL SQUASH Bushel Banket ^3.95 98c Air Sizes PUMPKINS For Halloween

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