Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 7, 1955 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 18
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CHS Explodes in 2nd Half To Bury Estes by 68-38 For (he second successive time College High turned on the' slcam . late in the game to win Tuesday. . This lime the Bulldogs blasted .Esles Va.rX, 68-38. H was the fiuH- . dogs second win, and Estes Park's first loss. .- . . Atler lagging behind, 15-10 in the first quarter, the Bulldogs ·: crept iip to within one point at ..the half, 25-24. ···' Til en the Bulldogs cut loose with a wild garrison finish paced by Bill Schacffcr, Jerry Schaeffcr and ; Ernie Andrade. This trio wound Kunn Wallops. Gill NUN'N -- ' The Nunn Terrors tripped a less-experienced Gill quinlel, 66-36 Tuesday night take their first Upper Platte victory. ' The outcome was never in question as Nunn jumped to a 17-10 lead in the first quarter and in- ·treased the lead in every stanza. Leo Barlletl's display of drive-in .hols and jump shots netted him : , . . . . . , . i,.. total scoring of 27 points to lead the The N'unn B squad ground out a 14-25 win over the Gill Juniors in · the op'ener. ' N u n n ( « ) [ G i l l (34) ·Hufchison Bartlcll - Turner W. Sidwell : Dichl H. 'Sidwell Taylor Thomas ' Lemonds · Belimore Totals .- Nunn Gill 3 3|H. Bruce -13' l|Carpio 10 2| Warren OlRolh 2|Silzman 0|Foos OJCarlson OJGonzalcs 0|S(encel 0 0|D. Bruce 1 29 Si Totals fg ft 1 0 3 - 0 , 0 3 S 0 0 0 0 up the evening with totals of 15, 13, and 12 psinls respectively. Big Keith Miller totalled 15 poinls for the Esles Park quintet. . The opening quarter developed into a rcbbnp.ding . duel between Jim Tluskey for the Bulldogs and KeUh Miller. Miller scored twice wilh his jump shot--a specially of tbe Bobcat captain--but Huskey, fouled 'five times under lh.e baskets, sank Ihree of them and added a fivld goal lo pace Ihe Bulldogs. LeR-oy Gircia chipped in with a long onc- hander and Bill Schaeffer added Ihrce more points to complete the College High scoring ftl the first period. The Bulldog's flash Andrade kept Ihe local quiutcl in Ihe game in Ihe second period wilh three field goals as Ihe Bulldog came up within one point of Kslcs Park at the half. The roof fell in on Ihe Eslcs Park visitors in Ihe third Jerry Schaeffer connected wilh four field goals, his brother Bill added Ihree more, and. Andrade heading sev- 'ral fast breaks canned another pair of field goals Huskey, burdened wilh four f o u l s ' a d d e d one asl field goal in the third period before fouling out. The Bobcats' production sank to seven points in the last they f a i l e d lo keep up with the free-wheeling College High offensive. Only Keith Sillier was able to score'from the field for the visitors as he connected wilh two of his long jump shots. The red-hoi Bulldogs, springing a succession of fast breaks, opened Ihe frame wilh a nice layup by Jim Koehler, who came in 'lo replace Jim Bauer. Another layup h Bill Schaeffer _17 19 15 15-68 ...10 14 4 8--36 Free throws '.uissed: Hutchison 8. Bartlett 1, Turner 1, Dlehl 4, H. Sidwell 1, Taylor 2; Carpio 5, Both 3, Foos 1, Carlson 4, Gon- jalcs 2, Slcnccl 1, D. Bruce 1. brought the College Mich tolal up lo 48 lo Ihe Bobcats' 3f. At this point Keith Miller 'dropped in his Iwo slraighl Jump shots, the only field goals Esles Park was to make during Ihe final quarter. . Four slraighl field goals, Iwo by Andrade on fasl breaks _and one each by Bill Schaeffer ami Don Kelly--Kelly's shot being .a nice j u m p shot from Ihe free throw line --left Ihe visitors far behind. Keilh .Miller contributed a single free throw lo Ihe Eslcs Park lotal and Ihen Andrade and F.ckhardl bucketed Iwo more from the field. Ron Miller scored Ihe lasl Bobcat markers on two charity losses before (he game ended in a barrage of College High baskets. The final Bulldog points were lal- licd by I.eJloy Garcia on a one- hand j u m p shot and Bill Schmidt on tjuick layup al the end of a fast break. Wayland Dimmick was the only casually of Ihe ga'me. Dimmick Iwisled his left ankle late in the The Bulldog coach, Guy Reiff, said he expecls Dimmick to be ready for the next tilt, however. The College High B squad romped to a 55-13 victory over the Estes Park B's In the opener. B u l l d o g l ' f M ) · FG Andra'de, f 8 Garcia, f Husky, c B. Schaeffer, f . Bauer, g Koehler, g -,-Eckhardt, g _ Dimmick, f ^-Kelley, · f -J. Schaeffer, f Schmidt, g Robinson, g -Love, g .--- Plalteville Nips La Salle, Coach Sees Grandson SkylinV Picks Salad BowMI Ray Eliot, foothill coach of the University of Illinois views Mi nint pound, fourtttn ounce, grandson, John Raymond Carilsnd, it Mircy Hospital, Urbini, 111. Boy was born to Eliot's daughter »nd lon-ln-law, Mr. «nd Mrs, John Carlland. (AP WinphoYo) · Page 18 GREELEY TRIBUNE' Wednesday, D«c. 7,1»E5 Ault Edges Timnath 41-38 Podres Replaces Babe NEW YORK Wl -- Johnny Podrcs has taken Babe R'-th's place the second youngest southpaw to pitch a World Scries shutout. A check of the records shows that Bill (Lefty) James of the 1914 Miracle Braves of Boston was 22 years, 7 months when he beat the Alhlelics with a Iwo-hiltpr, 1-0. · Podres was 23 yenrs, 4 days when he blanked the Yankees, 2-0, with eight hils in the deciding game of the 1955 Series. Ruth, baseball's home rim king r -was 23 years, 7 months when he shut out the Cubs for the Red Sox, 1-0, on six hits In the 1918 Series opener. Waite Hoyl, born in Brooklyn but » pitching star f o r ' t h e Yankees, ' is the-youngest right hander to hurl * Series shutout. He was 22 years, 1 month in 1921 when h« pitched a two-hitter to beat the Giants in the Polo Grounds, 3-0.' Totals . 30 Eil» P«rk (38) FG ?anlon, f S · jamberl, f K, Miller, c Andrews, g Braves Try'Mantilla MILWAUKEE ·-- The Mil- LA SALLE-Platlcville edged La Salle 48-46 in a non-league tilt he/a Friday night. Pepper Morgan hit a jump shot from the free throw line in the last 90 seconds of play- to pull Plalle- villc away from a 46-46 tic to' a two point win. La Salic starting scoring in the first quarter but was overpowerei Inter in the period. After that Ihe Spartans held the lead once cafti quarter b'ut never by more than two poinls each time. Gary Cade and Ron Kins" were the horses for LaSallc's rebounding power:; and Francis Duvall and Bob Hirsch gunned the Plotleville refunding. The,Spartnns started on a man lo man defense but because o E n h e holes il left, they. switched to a zone in the second half. The Bears used a jone throughout. Carle was high point man of the game wi|h 15 points, mostly on hooks from the post. Frank Vannest was second high for Ls SalU wilh 10 points gotten on layups .Morgan was high man for Plalleville with 14 points. The 5-7 guard got most of his points-on R. Miller, g _ Smedley, g _ Cameron, f _ Totals _ College High Esles Park P F 1 1 5 t 1 0 2 1 0 0 1 · 0 0 14 PF 4 1 ' 3 · 3' 4 0 0 ,_16 6 15 JO 14 20 24-88 15 10 « ' V--38 Free throws missed: Garcia 1, Huskey 3, B. Schaelfer 3, Bauer I, Eckbardl 3, J. Schaeffer 1; Fanton 3, K. Miller 2, Andrews 4, R, Miller 3, Smedley 1. Eagles Trounce Galeton by 55-26 '--With two minutes to go in' (lie half, Ault finally got rolling and on Joe Martinez" - jump shot from the free throw line, took the lead for the first time in the non- league lilt against Timnath here Tuesday with the Bearcats coming out ahead 41-38. Martinez' point put Ault ahead 19-18, but Timnath'kept lighting for thB lead and held it late in the third period by a 30-2? mark. After that Ault slowly worked its' way,to [he three point finish margin Mnriinoz was key man of the game with a total of 18 points for the game, 17 of which were scored in the second and third periods. H had a combination of layups and jump shols clicking all evening. Ken Wolfle and Toby Baros were the stars of the Timnath squa with eight and nine points respec lively. Wolfle-was clicking'on shot from under the bucket and Baro was cashing in on jumps iron about the free throw line. Jack Fons and Tom Wood wcr the top rebounders for the Bear cats while 'Wolfle and Larry Col ter took rebounding honors fo Timnalh. Tht first game for both team Ihis season was an even match Neither team had much height ad vantage and rebounding was eve too. After the .first quarter ther was never.more than a five poin lead Jaken by either squad. Bo!h teams used' « man to man defense. Ault won the B game 33-21. (M) [Ault (41) g ft fa H BASKETBALL ... COLLEGE. BASKETBALL ,, Dy THE AS50L1ATKD PHL'SS Kar.ta* Slate S3, Texas-Tech 7».- NYU 80. New York AC 70. Da%idion K. CaUwba 90. Ashlaa;!- 77, Hiram 49. Xavlcr (Ohlo BO, Wabash 47. N. Carolina Stale M, Wake Fotrit II. Washc, tc Lee ,3,. Richmond 76. eoree WMhn at; William Mary 7J. Slipper Rock Tchrs 79. AlUanc* (Pa) " DeClar.ce 93. Cedarvllle 45. Central Stale W, Kentucky Slate 64. Mount Union. 109, Fenn College 31. Hope 72. Ollrtt. SI. Wejt Virginia S5, Furman 71. Flndlay 103, Indiana Teeh 91. Kunllnglcn 101. Manchester 97. - · Illinois 107. Butler 7i. Virginia 82, Hawpdea-Sydney 13. slelsAi 96, Woffc-rd 63. inilsdale 61. Kalarnaioo M, IHuHlon 69, Heldelberi 63. AixJe.-son 7S. Hanover 71. Lafayette S5, Princeton U. .Morris Ifartey 137, Bccklty CWV» H Harvard 72, Ne-rthesitern 64. Holy Cross 68, Massachusetts 76. nhaie Island ti. Providence: 71. SI. Boaa^enlure 76, Sainrioa AKB Georgia TchrsiSl. Newberry 62. Oklahoma napclsL 111, Ouachili 13. Miami K, Tampa 53. Southern Melhodlit 65, Texas Wej. ^ LouHiatu Teeh 67, East Te*ai Stall McNeeae at, Arkaasat AtM Gl. Lonolr Bhyr.e 75. 1'feirter H. Bel m Mil Abbey IM, Presbyterian lowa'Tchrs 75, Cornell 12. Morolcgsidti V). Nebraska Wesleyan Akron 100. Western Reserve 7i. St. Michael's N'M 82. Western Slate -Mlr.ol (ND Slate Tettri B9, Norlhwes em .Montana 17. Louisville K. M-jrray State 76. ,, NAtronal Bithelbill Assn. K«w Yotk 11C, Doehester 1U. Fcrt Wayne 90. Syracuse M. · Philadelphia 116. Minr.eapolll 103. SAT,T LAKE CITY hi -- Te Skyline Conference Tuesday 'named .» Salad Bowl football team .that Is missing m a n y , of the loop's top senior perfoniiiers. The team, which'will'meet the Border Conference senior all-stars in rhoenix Dec. 31, lists only five of tbe 10 seniors named to The As- social'cd Press-all-conference, team. The others will play In other postseason games. . · ; A , Ihree-mari Skyline seteclion commillec picked guards 'Doug Dasinger of Montana and Dan Mirich of Colorado AJtM, tackle. Ed Horval of Denver, end T«irry Ross of Denver and halfback Lou' Mele of Utah, who were, on The'Associat- eirress squad. · · ; ' v Of the oiher six, Joe Maslrogio vanni and Bug's Carter will be wiih Wyoming when . it mecls Texas Tech of the Border Conlerenci in Ihe Sun Bowl; Gary Click o Colorado AM will play In "thi ue-Grey game, and Reed Hen irson of T . T tah State and Herb Nak in of Utah will compete in Ih ast-West game.. Mastrogiovann 11 not play, however, due to nee injury. Mele was-picked to play in th and decided h ould make both contests becaus ney ar.e almosl a week apart. Denver landed live players ( IB 25-man SkylinY squad. F.eagu liatnpion Colorado AM, Brigha: 'oung and Ulah Slate each placed our, Utah and Montana three each nd 'New J'exico two. . The entire team: Centers--Sel Elijondo, Denver; 'amika Anae, BYU; Ted.Eams- lell, Utah State. Guards--Doug Da- ingcr, Montana; Dan Mirlch, Col- rado AM; John Dekleva. Colo- ado AM: Gerry Kundert, Ulah State. Tackles--Ed Horvat, Denver; Robert Halvarsen, Ulah State; ·ete Biehlnian, Utah; James Gilliland, Colorado A8.M: Jim Briscoe, New Mexico, i Ends--Larry" Ross,^ D e n t e r . Charles Olson, Denye'r; Tom Ver- banalz, BYU; Gary Sanders', Colo-' rado A£M. Quarterbacks--Jim Boven, Denver; Kent -Harris, Ulah Jlale; D a v e - D u n g a n , · Ulalt: Half- acks--Dale Slmpe, Montana; Phil Oyler, BYU; Don Branl, Montana;' Wilbert Runcorn, New Mexico; Dal- :bn Overrlreet, BYU; Lou Mele, waukee Braves will give shorlslop Felix Mantilla h good looking over In spring training at Bradenlon, Fla. Although tfnly 21 he has had four years in' pro ball. He hil .275 for Toledo in 1955. The youthful Puerto Rican also played Ihird b.ase and the outfield. Now in its 67lh season of collegiate football competition!, Noire ' 18 undefeated sea. undefeated, untied Dame boasts sons and 10 years. sets from'Ihe outside. uaSilI. (44) Lightsey, f Perez, f Cade, c Drewcr, f Van nest, g King, g fg 3 ? B 1 4 1 OjMontoya, f 1| Duvall, f 3| Vosmera, ( 4 l ,IIimh, g ZlMorgan, g fg ft : 2 4 1 ' 3 0 6 .1 i Deaths and Funerals Totals 18 10| Totals . 20 g Platteville - . 13 11 12 12-48 La Salle 7 14 10 15--46 Free throws missed: Lightsey, Perez, .Cade 2, Drcwer' Vanncsl; Monloya ' 2, Duvall, Vofmera ?, Hirsch 3. JlcPONOUOH Miss Janet .McDonoush ot ]«32 3th Ave. Sliter of Miss Grace A. .MeUflnoilgh of Grce- loy. Services 2:3D p.m. Thltra- · day * from Mncys ' drawilXK room. Interment Mnn Grove. · Vctter Mortuary Fort Uurrton, 'Colo. nun Marilyn S. Vnjil of Ft Lupton. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Fuji!: tlster of Kenneth ·.nd John, Jr. Arrnngemenls later , .,A. Rams Prexy Said Frozen Out HARDENBURR GretlR E. Hariter.hurg of Kt. Lupton. Mother, o f , Norma : rfarnenfouTg; brother of Frank SI Jackson of yallejo, Calif. · Services O u r . Chanel, Krld»y . 1:10 p.m. Interment Long-* mont, Colo. Your Loving Sympathy exprcsjed In beautiful Casket Floral Designs. · FLOWERS BY . ' . ' "Cluir Louise" · GREELEY FLORAt. S07 1«th St. Phone 908 :3903: CALL 6KYSCENE, 3003, for MEMORIAL SPRAYS LOS ANGELES IR -- Daniel F. Reeves, longlim^ president of the Los Angeles Kains, has been cased out of Ihe job by his three partners including politico Edwin W. Pauley, the Los Ange[es Examiner reported Monday. In an exclusive, copyrighted slory by columnist Vincenl X. Fla- hcrly, the Examiner said Reeves was relieved of the presidency by a unanimous vote of his partners, Pauley, Hal Seiey and Fred Levy Jr. The slorm conlinued: Pauley, owner if 37 per cent of the pro football club's slock, probably will become president. Reeves once sole owner of the Ra'ms, owns 33 per cent of the stock. The Rams, since moving to Los Angeles in 1916 from Cleveland, have become one of the outstanding operations- financially ;n the National Football League. · Reeves, has been head of the club' for 14 years and is. said lo have draw» approximately $50,000 a year in the past. The story said In part; "Increasingly 1 numerous disagreements between RetVes and his partners are responsible for the drastic aclion. Reeves hasn't been able to give- hfs full time fo the job during the past two years be caus? of his prospering brokerage firm in Beverly Hills, which he heads/' GALETON -- Wellington didn't wasle any time in getting started lere Tuesday night as the Eagles retraced Gale-ton 55-25 in an Tipper Plalte league game in the first round of league action. . Six foot center , Jerry ' Bice spurred the Eaglei wilh total of 14 point! for him. Ws teammates Charles Havens ind Richard Mallett each accumulated 1! points to aid the cusc. Wellington shot its way lo » 17-3 first quarter «corc and didn't ease up tinlll nftcr it more than doubled the Galelon score. Cisco Rucobo was Ihe oiilsland ing player for (he Galelon- squad accumulating eight ·points, ,. six frdm the field on j u m p shots. Rice was Ilia key in Wellington's domination of the boards. Mallett also had a hand in clearing the hoards'. Tlice made most of his shots, nW Ihf rKsl of the team, on drives. Mailed made the few shols from the outside, his from 'the corner. Both learns used a man to man defense. The game was one'of two games starling Upper Platle league action Tuesday. Nunn whipped Gill »t Nunn 66-36 in the olhcr lilt. Wellington won the B game 2218. Wellington (SS) |Gltwi ( I t ) ' fg ft] fg ft McClure, i Coller, f Yi'oifle, c Kaulz, g Henrie'n, g Baros, g Lehr, g Martinez, Foos, f f 8 1 3 2l\Vood, 1 ?| Foster, g' 1 21 Spencer, g 3 3|Herring, g" 0 'ojRice, g Gallegon, g Totali Timnath -Ault Montahan Bowls 300 HELENA, Mont. L« -- The owne of one Helena bowling .establisl ment,- bowling . on -the . alleys of competitor, Monday night rolle whal is. believed to be the fir 300 game in the city. . Larry" Walter, who avcra'ges the low 180s, rolled "the perfe game wilh Frontier Town team the Major League, claimed by i players to be Helena's top leagu 11 1«] Totals 6 4 11. B 13 12 The 13-0 victory scored ov Vanderbilt' this year was Miss: sippi's first shutout against th Commodores in a football* seri that dates back through 33 gam since 1894. · . . . . . rojans To F!y : : ' o Grand Junction v ·.. or Fbolball-Game 1 "-* {; . G R A N D . JUNCTION .tfl -- The xjng'mont football team will rive In style Saturday for the Class \A title -game with Grand June- ion. The trip will be made aboard United ,Air Lines plane. .. · The Ixra'gmont squad has char- efed .» DC6 to'fly;to-the. game. United said'if was : the Jirst time it UAL plane h a d ' b e e n ..chartered or ; i high school game.-.'-. ·The'SS-nian- scjuad .Is to board he-plane'in- Denver at 8:30 a.nv. Saturday «nd arrive-here at 9:50 a.ini The .'return trip will be..m3de Saturday night oh » "regular/UAL flight. ;·-;, ...'. :\"·· Ezzard Charles Beats Toxie Hall ROCHESTER, N. Y. W -- Veteran Ezzard Charles reversed a 3- week-old defeat Tuesday night, taking command from the start and pounding out a convincing,- unanimous decision over Toxie Hall, in a heavyweight 10-rounder. . ' A crowd of 3,779 patd a gross of $13,436 to' see Charles', 197V4, of Cincinnati, completely dominate the match with Hall, 19iVt pound Chicagoan. Hall won a split ver: diet over Charles in Providence Nov.'14. , Referee Al'Berle Voted 6-3-1 and Judge Ted Shicls balloted 8-0-2. Judge Leon Slachwiak saw it 6-2-2. · There were no knockdowns, hut it was a stiff-punching, 'fast-action fight »U the way. Charles showed little respect for the 25-year-old who hurt him in the opening round ui liieii Providence bout. Kven iii the closing rounds, as Hallls cor- nermen shouted for a rally, Charles was still the aggressor. . Utah. Alternates -- Marvin Peterson, Utah Stale, and Jim Jaurez, New Mexico, guards; Ken Byerly, Montana, end; Jed Gibson, Utah, and Joe Murphy, New ' Mexico, halfbacks./. No senior fullbacks made the team' so the coaches will uie halfbacks' in that-position. All Skyline! Conference football coaches submitted nominations Monday at the opening' session of the .loop's winter meeting. Tues day Coaches John Roiling of Denver and Jack- Curlice of Utah and Athletic Director:Glenn' Jacpby Wyoming mide the final picks. · Bob Titchenal, of New ^Mexico will coach the Skyline team. He will be assisted by Roning and Chick Atkinson of BYU. Skyline Commissioner E: (Dick) Romney said the squad will begin workouts'in Phoenix Dec. 26 Three Moved to ;Top Rank in Ring Rates NEW YORK m -- Johnny Sax- .tm" of "New 1 York, Duilio loi of Italy and-Fred Gallant of Spain were elevated Tuesday lo lop rank-, ing iii their divisions in the latest ratings of King Magazine. r Saxton, an ex-champion, replaced another deposed . welterweight king, Tony DeMarco, of Boston, in the -No. .1 contender's berth".-DeMarco, who was stopped last Wednesday · for the . second time by champion Carmen Basilio dropped :-to third. ·Loi, European lightweight, titlist who has a long-victory st?esK,^as made the leading challenger to champion Wallace (Bud)' Smith. Jimmy Carter, the ex-champ,- was demoted to second. Galiana, who captured the Eu : ropean featherweight" crown" from France's Ray Fame'chon, --jumped from eighth to first among the challengers' to 126-pound--ruler Sandy Saddler, - · · · · Estate IQ Sell; Nashua Stable NEW YOHK Ufi -- Executori.el the . estate of William Woodward · Jr. innounc'ed Tuesday that Nashua, the 3-ypar-old champion of 1955; and other horses of the'Belsir Stud vould bc'sold to the highest bidder. - · . - · · ' ".·' 'The sale of the -Be!air Stably one.of the most prominent In'llii U.-S., has been rumored 1 since the death of Woodward, Oct. 30. The executors, the.Hanover Bank «nd John W. Ludewig, called for sealed bids to be received not. later than 11 a.m., Thursday,-Dec. 15,' 1955. "Thereafter they will .be'opened by the executors and the successful bidders notified," said the bank and Ludewig, who »aj secretary for the late sportsman. "All bids · must .be accompanied by « certified check for 10 per cent of tht amount bid or they shall be void." There havc been, various- estimates as to the value of Nashua,, who b the second biggest money winning horse in the -yorld. -NsshV . ua earned 5752,550 b;- winning 10 or 32'races this-year--the most iver picked up by a thorooughbred in ne season. His 'total earnings are'$945,415 and he stands second to Citation; who retired with ?1,085,760. ·· · .... · : "Some .people say Nashua isn't · worth $500,000 while others.placi his value at'a million," said Hum: phrey Finney, president' of the Fasig-Tipton Agency, which buys ind sells race horses. Finney has.been an -adviser to the executors, ; "My own .thought-is t h a t . h e ii worth whatever you want to pay for him. He could win $500,000 · more-in racing but his stud Y»lu« is unknown." : .. . :- . .-Nashua won seven races of $100,000 or more gross value during th» past season. He Is now at the Claiborne Farm, Paris, Ky., until thi estate Is settled. .' · ' . .ARCADIA, Calif, tfl -- Topped by Swaps and Nashau/91 horses have been nominated for the $100,000 added Santa Anita Handicap Feb. 19, the Los Angeles Turf Club announced Tuesday. '. Arch rivals' as 3-year-olds thii year, .Swaps and Nashua could meet for-the .third and rubber race in a rivalry that, captured the fancy of the nation'.: sports fans. Hex Ellsworth's Swaps defeated the Eclair. Stud's N a s h u a , in th». Kentucky Derby, but lost to Nashua and pulled up lame in their match race in. Chicago. Nashua went on to win "Horse o! .the Year" laurels and Swaps, after an operation on a foot, is now hack in training for the rich Reeling starling'at Sn'nta'Anita'Dec^ 26. .Nashua.'is .restinr. in' Kentucky. His -future racing "plans' remain to be" decided by trustees'.for the es- 'tal.e of ihe-lale-William Woodward. J r . ' ' " " ' - ' ' " ' · , ' . ' . . Warren Harding was the first U. S. President' to speak .'over! the I for College of Mississippi 1 ·-·.-·-: To R»f«r« Gimt.- " PASADENfc, .Calif. Ifl^-Ed W*g- her" of the University of Colorado Tuesday was selected to referea the 10th annual "Junior Rose Bowl game Saturday betwee'n'Jones. Jun- radio. ' Compton of California. Free throws missed: McClure 3, Wolfle 2, Kaulz S, Baros 3; .Martinez 2, Foos 4, Wood 3, Foster 4, Spencer 2. D. Tracy, f 2 Lehsack, f 2 1: Holford, f 0 0 T. Tracy, f Mallett, f 6 1 Rucobo, g Schn'der, g 0 OiGuslafson, « 1 0 Rice, c Nace, f Havens, g 4]White, g .llCecil, c llj. Sheets, g Vonk'ncl, g 0 2|McKay, g Jordan, g 0 0 Gomez, f Bill, g Kaiser, f G. Sheets, 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 g o Good Skiing Is Promised DENVER Wl -- The stale's ski Iralls ire in good to excellent condition, the Colorado Ski Information Center said Tuesday. '" Here is a report irom the var.ious resorts: Arapahos Basin -- 30 inches packed «now at base; excellent. Aspen--30 inches snow at base; excellent. Berlhotid Pass--23 inches snow at base; excellent Cilcnwood Springs -- 30 inches- snow at base;, excellent. Loveland Basin--- 22-38 Inches snow at base; very good. Steamboat Springs -- 24 Inches snow «t base; excellent (official opening Friday), Winter Park--32 inches snow «t base; good to very good. ".Best car manufactured in America today" Mr. Floyd Clymer That's what Floyd Clymer, famous automobile authority, '·aid about Chrysler In Popular Mechanic* (October) Totals !211| Wellington Galeton Totals _17 17 3 6 9 8 8 13--55 8 9-26 Free throws missed: I.cbsaek S, Malicll 3, Schneider, Rice .6, Havens 2, Jordan; D. Tracy, Whito Cecil, Kaiser. Marlene Bauer Weds Sister's Ex-Husband Marlene N._Y. wi Bauer and ^i sister Alice's former husband were mar- ^icd last Thursday,.., . . Martenc, 21, and Robert Hagge, 2S, were \ved at Geneva, where Hagge is employed in the off season by a supermarket chain. He Is a professional golfer loo, They said Tuesday ' night that Hagge and Alice, t 28, \vei di, vorccd "sometime this year.' rhey Nore ot the principals could be | declined to discuss reasons for the National Mag Features Rabbit Hunting Section The December issut of Sports Afield, national outdoor magazine, devote! considerable space to the rabbit -- the mosl widely hunled game animal in Ihe nation and one on which the season remains open after most others are over. One'article deals with the species of rabbits found in North America, one Covers va'rious ways of preparing rabbit for lh table, another Ihe best rabbit hunting dogs and still another contains some interesting advice on rabbjt hunting which* may prove valuable to hunters in tnis state. . The Colorado season on cottontail ant! snowshotf rabbits is s"talewide. II opened Oct.' 15. and continues through Feb. 29, 1S56,' with bag and possession limit of five rab- biis of either or both species and shooting hours from daylight to dark except during (Tie pheasant seasons. · _ Mr. , Aneocv reached Imme4i«lely for comment. divorce. *7 hare frjlrrf many ft*t orer aU fcirtrJn of Icrrpin," Clymer, *and in in* judgment Is the 6feei aulomobtle manufactured in Am eric* today" When you compare this Chrysler with the other two major cars in it* price class, you will be in for »r electrifying awakening. Because this u power'driving at it voi meant to be. You push (he "D" on the Pushbutton^ PowerFlite Drive and a mighty airplane-* type engine whisks you away in in tn- ilanL "Hiefe's * new, wonderfully easy feel-of"-the-road with full-time Power PJ lot Steering ; . . a straight, sure,' Telvety, sense of safety in the slops you'gel wilh PowerSmoolh Bralces , . . . » world of authority in the tremendous response ,of Chjyslt-rY exclusive airplane-type Fire- · x Power V-8 engicel . . . . ..' - hist"one look at'rhis car tclb yoo fht power's there. You .see h. in the flahin ~ ' TowerSjyle" tines ·'. v . in Ihe flight-" t f ' swept k«k of its*rear deck and fenden. , ; . Lei ui put-you. behind*the.wheel of.rftt : ' f .' . w PowerStyte,t ChrysJec for just _15 mimttei t ' "'this weelr. Corppa're.hi all-aroimd per-*/--' formance wiih its twb piW.eooipctittxi."-,-,-/* Then you'll Vobw"'why "ihi best 'cm' . manufactured in-'AmtActT Is'yoW b«t- ' buy! Come in of call ·· lodafl . . '·" t ': CHRYSLER NOW nc*i nux nm.,. AMifc-i'i wotr uuirir .mil*I CM HIGHLAND MOTORS ' 817-19 Seventh Si Ph. 2945 II THI TRIBUNI WANT ADS' ·FM THE itn W TV,! I in * ·"! T AW -OWAXrH TV fAM KM TMH AW nA .1 . \'. · ' . ' . .

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