Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 17, 1972 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1972
Page 27
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4-H News ..Gal«ton4-H The -.Galeton .4-H .sponsored a chili supper Friday. It was announced that the pceAvee 'girls volleyball learn won the consolation championship and the junior girls took third place and received honorable mention in sportsmanship -at the 4-H volleyball tournament. F o l l o w i n g the meeting, demonstrations were given by Lori Kreps, Lynn Johnson and Shelia Herbst. Shelia Herbsl, Reporter Prairie View .4-H Classes ami entry procedures for the FFA Little America Royal Livestock Show to be licld at Platle Valley were discussed. Other business included selecting May 7 as the Sunday to observe Rura] Life Sunday. There will be a 'polluck dinner and program that afternoon. Demonstrations were given by Oran, Susan and Scott Kanode. Judging classes were presented by Sam Efigel and Janice Diehl. 'Tim Engel, Reporter Country Side Ag 4-H It was decided that Hie April project would be a bake sale to be held at 9 a.m., April 22, at Ranch Wholesale Supply Co. May 7 was selecled as 4-H Sunday with a picnic that afternoon. A demonstration on pigs was presented by Barbara Miller. The next meeting is scheduled for 8 p.m., May 1, at the Gill Lion's Club Building] Christy Peterson, Reporter Greeloy Junior Homemakers .4-H April 1\ was designated for making May baskets which mil be given as favors to a retire-i ment home. Volunteers for a program at Bon'ell wera also selected. - - Candy tirewer presented a demonsiratioii on .various styles of furniture.· ' . ; Candy.Brewer, Reporcr Hazelton 4-H ·'. It was announced that there will be a mother's tea on May 1. Officers for the next meeting are Lynn Goelzel, president, Kalhy Thomson, vice president, Gale Thompson, secretaiy, Jeanne Belitz, treasurer, and Linda Putnam, reporter. Janice Urano gave a demonstration on enlonmlogy. Debbie Sfeckman, Reporter West Wand 4-H The club received a thank you card from John Weimer Jr. expressing his gratitude for tiie plant sent fp 1 him while he was in (he hospital... I! was' announced that both Ihe boy's and girl's volleyball team each won and lost one gsnie. Money from the light buib sale was collec'ed. fhe next meeting is scheduled for May 1. Dale Weimer,.Reporter Ashton Home EC ·) H It was decided that Rural Life Sunday would be observed at DERAILED -- State Patrolmen, firemen and deputies help remove one of five persons injured in this car after it was struck by a derailed Union Pacific freight car Friday, north of Fort Morgan, Colo. The car, and another car Wlt1 ' cne occupant, also injured, were waiting at a cross- roads when 20 cars of the 55-car freight derailed. Several hundred head of cattle in four cattle cars were killed or had to be destroyed. Car on the right was one of several being hauled on the train. (AP Wircpholo) .he First Congregational Church of Grecley. After church, club members and parents will go o Celebrity I^nes for the allernoon: N a n c y Kammerzell was selected to represent the club at the Penney's Style Review April 26. The next meeting is scheduled for May 13 at the home of Mrs. Briggs. Anne Drobnitch, Reporter Young Climber Falls to Death GTJNNISON, Colo. (AP) - A J 16-year-old Gunnison High School student fell Gi feel (o his death Saturday evening while mountain climbing in Taylor Canyon northeast of here. The sheriff's office said the youth, Joe Bouchard, son of Western State College Prof. Bernard Bouchard, was rappelling on (he face of a mountain "with fhfee friends when lie feli from a ledge. His body was recovered Saint-day night by sheriff's officers. Eagle Released The 'U'.S. arms ship Columbia Kagle, hijacked by two crewmen as an antiwar protest, was released by Cambodia on April 8, 1970. Junior Editors Quiz on- RADIOS A RAOfO CAM gg CARRIFD WHEREVER. GO,,. IT - PRESIDENT WOODROW THE FJR-9T PRESIDENT TO t RWDfO MEM A SWP 7D W)RLD WAR 1 A8O4RD OTHER Bill Rink of the Grcolcy Fire Department was caught in this dramatic pose by Tribune photographer Mike Peters Wednes- Portrait of a Firefighter day night during the $25,000 firo at fhe Airlie Apartments. Hanoi Ssys Air Raids Show iU.S. in Critical Situation Five Weld Students in ,.Mnn., April 17, 1972 (iUKKi.BY (Colo.) TRIfiUiN'b 27 UNC Photograph identification Incorrect cloak pin she was wearing. She- was incorrectly identified in [hat picture. · ; D u r i n g Ihe International i dinner at the University ofj Five Weld County junior high Northern Colorado on April 7,j Hallmark BIRTHDAY CARDS of A. ceremonies Khawaja of · · · -L. 11 ti\i v-kMiill^ JUII1UL 11 I£J| I n"» i in. i n ·_ school sludcnls will represent' 1 " a s ' e r Ihe counlv in the annual si)elI-!-} )lu , l '. a ' (llm!d . ,-.· , ,,- ..' . ' , , . iPakiston, introduced Pramila ing bee s|Kusoret by the Kockyj.|. a | ali of Inl |i ai who explained {Mountain News in Denver Slay Ihe native garment she was C. The boys chosen in a county spelling bee Hie native wearing. The two ... e 8» s w c i e Fr j daj ,- s conducted bv Weld County scliouls. Piuil 1/Ktwick, Supcrintlent of were pictured in w i t h Pl . aini]a showing the green dress aiuli "Everything [or the Office" 1303 8lh Avo. They are Karen Kos, John Ivans Junior High School: Scott Crawford, Heath Junior ligh School; Mike Aden, Forl [.upton: Lyn Ann Spechf, Windsor, and Javan Olloson.j Eaton. Linda Kiyola of Forli l.upton is the alternate. Winner of Ihe Colorado-! Wyoming spelling bee it) Denver will go to Washington. D.C., for Ihe national spelling bee. | "Give your feet Campus Shoes" S SHOES 911 14th St. .OPEN DAILY 10-10; SUN. 11 to 4 end dochina, Nixon has involved [lie whole American nalinn in new; and most serious military adventures in an attempt to save] Ihe disintegrating Saigon pup-j TOKYO (APi - Hanoi declared today that the U.S. air raids over is'orlh Vietnam amounted to an admission that America faces a critical situation in fhe war, with Snulli Vietnamese forces crumbling '"on all battlefields." The Communist party news-1 newspaper Quan Doi Nhan Dan' paper fvhan Dan said Presidcnl:said, "Nixon cannot make Nixon, "like a grievously; pi'PP" 1 army any more effec-j wounded beat, ... is striking-live even if he sent in many] -out madly and rtocr, nul slop at! more li:2s and warships-. Thcj ..-..:-=..- ...... - :- . _ ., ------- - i IWest of Boulder I!OUI,DKU, Colo. (AP) - the! involvcmr-nl in Inh(Mi V of a Denver man pels," if said. The North Vietnamese srmyj Uhe worst crimes. ;dccisivc hatflc is on the ground,' QUESTION: How do radios mirk without wires? * * * ANSWER: Radio is the transmission of messages through space by means of electric waves rather than wires. Light is a form of radiation which travels in waves from the stars and planets. Radio waves are sent out anil collected on earth by radio receivers which magnify them. Marconi, an Italian working in l : .ngl;mil, Mas the founder of radio communication. In tfl% he look out a patent. In 1901 he succeeded in sending and receiving messages across the Atlantic ocean. He sent dots and (lushes, hut not a spoken message. Broadcasting the voice was made possible hy the vacuum tube, first made by an liriclishman, John I Icrning, an electrical engineer and improved hy Lee de Forest, an American inventor. The first radio broadcast was heard on Christmas Eve, 1906. As time went on, more and more uses for radio transmission were found and w a y s to improve radio transmission were developed. In 1926, a Westinghouse Company engineer started a series of broadcasts which were enthusiastically received. Out of this developed KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pa., the first radio station licensed by the government. 4/17 {Christine Corbeil of Bristol. Cnnit.. wins ti pri:e fur this question. You can win $H cu.h plus AP's handsome World Yearbook (I ytnir question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Milan in cure oj this newspaper, is selected Jur a prize.) "Eating 11 n his promise to' T n (; commentaries were 'broadcast hy Hanoi's official; Vietnam News Agency, which! also reported on a news confer-' me? in Hanoi hy NKfiO l)k-n,| head of Ihe foreign ministry in- 1 j formation and press clcparl- ' found by two other Denver men hiking in lhi mountains about! 15 miles wesl of here late Sun-l day, Boulder County Sheriff's officers reported. | Th? identity of (he vielim has^ not been releayed and therej was no immediate word on (hcj cause of death. Authorities saidi Ihe mrin appeared fn have hecn! dead four lo five days. ' Invp.slig.ifinn nl Ihe incident; is r-onfinuing, sheriff's officers; .said. Bowler Suffers iFatal Heart 'Attack Here I He said Ilic l.'nifeil S'atrs iv;w- Grcelcy p:litre iiivcsli';atcd;expressing concern over bring( ho d'?ni|i r -:i ~''-v"a : - f ) ! "! f-'fjrt'in^ liomt: Aineiic-'ui ppso-:(.' ; ';..Morgan m;in v.h'i-c h'ltly was held hy North Vietnam, hut liy ifonnrl ah r 'Ut ; p ::. S'."i!i"y in,i!s new acts was "lcn[0ii:-m:;; !lhe parking lot o' K-Marl Dis- Ihe list of captured American .cn"1 K'ore. 2^21 U'. 10 St. rnilitarymen." i Ilinald Irving Jcn?en was ·-- · ireporled bv the c'"'orr:r to hnvr; ^r-rflnnr('c Icf Uliecl of a heart attack. He was. J C U I lullu b l b l ^found ii f'c brrc.-k ? f .-f c.f hisiQiijMfc iauto, where he had laid tlfnvn;* u " l: I to re:-l pl'.r-r feeliin i' 1 . i HANHOUR. Scotland 'Af'i -Bill Brownlce. al-o nf Koil 'Hie first (lumlup'cls tj'irn in [Morgan, ri'fc-ici'erl - c.r?( : n. lle-S'ol!;.-i:d v/re Joined Icday: 's(al!.-.i he was a friend of the Paul, ''amela, Diane, Carol and deceased zi; I Ii , bnv/lmg.f/nraine. 'partner. The two men were in Tiic liah'fts horn prcm^luro'v Cree'ev 5-'r.! -y p'.i'M-.-ipr.lin;; in F,i ay. ml ihsir motiitr, I.ily .a bowling lo-i namc'il. Pi-riv.'.- 1 :. :,i. .--n-« ;t j! icp'.i-ii.'cf Reg. 19.94 6.50x13 PlusF.E.T. 1.75 Each 4 FULL-PLY NYLON V CORD BLACKWALLS MOUNTED FREE NO TRADE-INS REQUIRED ' Nylon c o n s t r u c t e d · for added strength 1 Wrap-around tread design for safety ' Fine quality at an economy price Whic«wal!i2.-44 more each · S I Z E 6.95U 5 6 0 . I 5 S S 6 0 3 . I 5 S S /00» 3 7.35, 7.75. 5 8 ?5« 4 825.16 B S b , l 5.55x15 | 9 0 3 « I 5 ' 1 Ktt,. 2091 19 66 20.88 20.V 21. 9 2 2 9 72.9 2 3 9 23.9 7*.9 7A 9 2 8 3 3 SALE 14oo 16.00 19.00 21.00 14 CO F.E.T. 1 74 1 7 1.91 1 Vb 7 8 0 7.17 1 13 2 3 9 2 3 4 2 4 1 2.43 7.10 TEST'N TUNE 7-P1ECEKIT Reg. 69.97 - 4 Days 59" Includes ignition analyzer, dwell t a c h , timing light, compression tester, and much morelCharge if. ' . S WHAT WCOO. I. B.-p'cir l'ng nn 4, t 0« 7. BY 20,000 MILE COMPLETE BRAKE OVERHAUL SHOCK 32.88 Key. 49.96 -4 Days Self adjusting brakes *4 I more. Disc brakes slightly Whigher. Most U.S. cars. HEAVY-DUTY ABSORBERS £·33 EA Reg. 7.47 · 4 Days Deluxe shocks. Sizes fo fit most American cars. Overload Shock! 10.88 ea. NSTALLED f m\,fmtm^^ PREMIUM 400 »*r( o* rvKHjiu j* UtiliT r»o*il Ci-rc- Tni t'Ht « B*T) wf MrvMI TX IJTTfrr M CMftlVI AK (filoi llWO^T/01 Txl I|NX) 0*C**.|» · n\ or Mn,w r DEPENDABLE AUTO BATTERY 18.88 Reg. 25,44 · 4 Days 48-mo. guarantee. Sizes 1o fit most U. S. cars. Battery Cablei 1.56-3.97 been feeling ill ([u r if.g 'lie day i l o - . i t no r .'·: "· bni-ph. ami u' - u ;o"- :i d''s t a r e ' "FT. !'-·!;·!. ···'··· "ill f v in Forl Morgan. .nvnuVs !o-.l;iy w''h the inf':nf.'-, Jewell's fanv y lives in Kurt s:i!d die v.-n.= · - in I'nitly Ihrill-' Morgan. c-l and very plsascrl." Report About Concorde Called 'Ridiculous' I.O.\no.\' fAI'l - UriMsli an-j 'horilics today dismissed as j p'-rl that Ihe Anglo-l-'rc-nch Con-1 cnrdc .supcrsonrr: airliner would | h" un-'l;!'; lo fly f.'iim t'aris to New Xork nonslop wilh a full' load. i A spokesman for Ihe I'.rilish: sido of fli" project '-aid cm cur-; I rent cNi'fiilalions Concordf: can : in':k: !h" lou'o uilli ,'i full load' of \V, cr-fiiiomy chss p^isscn- i/ris f-nri w i t h fii'! 'n?l rf-crves; a?aii",c| the worst weather con-: lllli'JII!,. | The ncnsp p (pr:r (he Obscrvrrl rtprirl'd Snrjtl iy ihat Ihe nlano n u'd fly the route only with re- Johannes Brahms : Ce:'jji;in composer .lolmnnesi i (lierl on April 3, 1897 in! 0-8000 R.P.M. TACHOMETER 17.96 Reg. 23.88 · 4 Day; Deluxe black, chrome tach for 6- or 8-cylinder cars, Hardware included. OIL PRESSURE, AMMETER GAUGE 4.56 Keg, 6.96 - 4 Days Dual gauge in chrome case. Hardware included. Hurry in for these savings,- K MART FRONT- END SPECIAL 9.96 Reg. 15.25 · 4 Days, Balance 2 front wheels, repack front bearings,* lube, wheel alignment^ Service Dept. Hours: 8-10 Mon. Ihru Sat.; n-6, Sunday Prices Good Greetey Ft. Collins Stores Phone 353-8422 for appointment 2829 WEST 10th STREET, GREELEY

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