Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on February 27, 1976 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1976
Page 26
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CREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Fri.,Feb.27, I Nessen on 'Saturday Night' by THOMAS JOSEPH By JAY S1IARBUTT AP Television Writer NEW YORK (AP) - On Jan. 10, Mrs. Gerald Ford had a bit part on CBS 1 "Mary Tyler Moore" show. Come April 17, another major figure in the Ford White House -- Ron Nessen - will go her one better, donning the greasepaint to star in a satirical NBC show thai often pokes fun at his boss. Nessen, who gave up his NBC News job to become President Ford's chief spokesman, will be doing a one-shot gig as guest host of his old network's new and rowdy "Saturday Night" proceedings. And, says Lome Michaels, the young producer of the proceedings, the White House press secretary will appear in some skits and probably be doing a few political gags provided by the show's staff. Who suggested he appear on the show -- Nessen himself or Michaels? "Well, it was a combination of both," the 31-year-old producer said. "We heard after Buck Henry's program that there'd been a request from the White House for a casette of ihe show." In that caper, aired Jan. 17, Henry, a comedy writer and actor, portrayed Nessen at a news conference. Michaels said the White House request "piqued our interest, because we'd been getting some flak from NBC ... there seemed to be some feeling that we were only hitting Ford and Reagan, hitting only Republicans." Later, he said, "Saturday Njght" writer Al Franken bumped into Nessen in New Hampshire during Ford's campaign there and introduced himself as a writer on the show. He said Nessen told the scribe that "he and a great many people around the White House had st«n the Henry show, had played it quite often and thought it was quite funny," so Franken asked him about appearing on it. Then, Michaels continued, Nessen "called me about two weeks ago and we began talks about him doing an appearance on the show and it evolved into his hosting a show." Oddly enough, Michaels said, when he proposed the idea to NBC officials, they seemed apprehensive about it "because they felt perhaps the show was tilting Republican or something like that. Weekend television schedules Saturday, Feb. 28 i a.m. 5:50-7 Pastoral Call 6:00--4 Emergency Plus4 5-7 Pebbles 9 Hong Kong Phooey 6:30--4 Josie T 5-7 Bugs Bunny 9 Tom and Jerry 7:00-4 Waldo Kitty 7:30-2 Movie 4 Pink Panther 5-7 Scooby-Doo ' 9 Gilligan 8:00-4 Land of Lost 5-7 Shazam 9 Super Fri ends 8:30--4 Run Joe Run 1 9:00- 4 PlnneloftheApes 5-7 Far Out Space Nuts 9 Speed Buggy 9:25--2 Rich Uonzalcs 9:30-2 Movie 4 Westwind 5-7 Ghost Busters 9 Oddball Couple 10:00-4 Jelsons 5-7 Valley of Dinosaurs Friday evening p.m. 0:30-2 Adam-12 4 Hollywood Squares 5 Welcome Back, Kottcr G Week in Perspective 7 World of Animals 7:110-2 Movie 4 Sanford and Son 5 Sara 6 BillMoyor 7 Movie !t Pomiy and Marie 7:30-4 Practice 8:00-4 DeanMarlin 0 WasliinglonWeck 5-9 Movie 8:30-0 Wall Street Week 9:00--2 News 6 Masterpiece Theater 10:00--2 Love,Am.Style 4 Eyewitness News 5 News G International Animation 9 News 10:30--2 Thriller 4 Johnny Carson G Aviation Weather 1 News 10:35-5 197G Slock Show Special 9 Maryllartman 11:05-5-7 Movie 9 Rookies 11:30--2 Outer Limils 12:00--1 Movie 12:15-9 Movie 12:30-2 Movie 1:05-7 Movie 1:30-4 News 2:45-7 Movie 4:35--7 Movie Monday evening p.m. 6:30--4 Candid Camera 5 Where is Ihe Real Japan li Colorado Weekly 7 Price is Right 7:00--1 Rich Little 5-7 Rhoda G Anvonc for Tennyson 9 Movie 7:30-5-7 Phyllis 6 Aisha 8:00--2 Saint 4 Joe Forrester 5-7 All in Ihe Family G People and Politics 8:30--5-7 Maude tj Aniba.ssnditr College Concert 9:00-2 News 4 Jigsaw John 5-7 Medical Center 9 Rich Man, Poor Man 10:00--2 Love, Amer. Style 4 News n News I! Monty Python 7 News 9 News 10:U(I 2 Thriller 4 Johnny Carson 6 Adams Chronicles HI-3.S-.V7 Movie 9 Mary Harlman 1 i (6- l Academy of Country Music Awards 11:30 -2 Outer Limits 12:00- 4 Tomorrow 1:00--1 News 1:15--4 Untouchables 9 Lost Saucer 10:30-4 Go-USA 5-7 Fat Albert 9 Nine File 11:00-2 College Basketball 4 What's Happening 5-7 Film Festival 9 Colorado '76 11:30-9 HcrrickRolh 12:00 4 College Basketball 5 Am. Bandstand 7 Weekend Gardener 9 Golf 12:30-7 Urban Buffalo 1:00--2 Champions 5-7 Sports Spectacular 1:30--9 Pro Bowling 2:00-2 Friends of Man 2:35-4 Mi Linda Raza 2:30-2 Big Battles 4 Big Valley 3:00-9 World of Sports 3:30--2 Movie 4 Julius Borus 4:00--4 Sporlsman'sFriend 5 Nashville Music 7 Tarzan 4:30-4 NBC News 5 Cheyenne Showcase 9 ABC News 5:00--2 Dream of Jeannic 4 News 5 ABC News 7 News 9 News 5:30-2 That Girl 4 It'sAcademic 5-7 CBS News G Great Decisions 9 $25,000 Pyramid . 6:00-2 Andy Griffith 1 Untamed World 5 Almost Anything Goes 6 Lowell Thomas 7 Space:1909 9 Lawrence Weld fi:30--2 Adam 12 4 Animal World (1 Shadow Catcher 7:00-2 Heeliaw 4 Jack and the Beanstalk 5-7 Jeffersons 9 Almost Anything Goes 7:30-5-7 Doc 8:00-2 Sat. Nile Special 4 Movie 5-7 Gram my Awards 6 Soundstagp 9 S.W.A.T. 9:00--2 News G Black Perspeclive 9 Bert D'Angelo 9:30--5-7 Mary Tyler Moore G Austin City Limits 10:00-2 Love Am. Style 4 News 5-7 News 9 News 10:20-5 ABC News 10:30--2 Movie 4 Saturday Night G The Press 10:35-5 Jerry Falwell 7 Movie 9 Movie 11:35--5 Movie 12:00-^1 Movie 12:40-9 ABC News 12:45-2 DonKirstmer 12:55-7 Movie 2:55--7 Movie 4:45--7 Movie Sunday, February 29 a.m. 6:00--4 Christopher Closeup G:15-9 Sacred Heart G:20-7 Pastoral Call 0:30--4 Insight 7 Sunrise Semester 9 Wildlife Theater 7:00--4 Riverside Baptist 7 Jerry Falwell 9 Make a Wish 7:30-4 WayToANewLife 5 Oral Roberts 9 Riverside Baptist 8:00--4 Rex Humbard 5 Day of Discovery 7 Day of Discovery 9 Jerry Falwell 8:30 -2 Mass for Shut-Ins 5 Rex Humbard 7 Look Up and Live 9:00--2 Challenge 4 Oral Roberts 7 Lamp Unto My Feet 9 Life for Laymen 9:30--2 Clly-State Report 4 It Is Written 5 CalvaryTemple 7 House of the Lord 9 Day of Discovery 9:45--2 Congress Speaks 10:00--2 Right toSay It 4 Plants Like People 7 Faith for Today 9 K.Kuhlman 10:30--2 Green Acres 4 TEA 5 Face the Nation 7 Riverside Baptist 9 Jewish News 11:0? 2 Al! Star Wrestling 4 Grandstand 5 Camera Tnrec 7 This is the Life 9 Calvary Temple 11:30--1 Tennis 5 Pro Bowling 7 Face the Nation 12:00 -2 Movie 7 Sounding Board 9 Superstars 12:30--7 Viewpoint 1:00-5-7 NBA Basketball 1:30-2 Movie 4 Grandstand 9 Golf 2:00-4 Water World 2:30-4 Movie 2:45- 2 Money Talks 3:00-2 Movie 9 World of Sports 3:30-5 TEA 6 Magic of Music 7 Blue on Ice. 4:00-4 Meet the Press 5 Issues, Answers 7 Words-a-Poppin 9 Jacques Cousteau 4:30-4 NBC News 5-7 CBS News 5:00-2 David Niven's World 4 News 5 GOMinutes 7 News 9 News 5:30-2 NuggetsPre-game 4 How do you say hello to a Feminist? 7 QuintoSol 9 National Geographic (i:DU-2 ABA Basketball 4 World of Survival 5 Sonny and Cher 7 60 Minutes 6 Black Journal G:30-4 Wild Kingdom G World Press 9 Bobby Vinton 7:00-4 World of Disney 5-9 Movie G Firing Line 7 Sonny and Cher 8:00-4 EHery Queen G Nova 7 Kojak 8:30--2 Sammy and Company 9:00-4 Columbo 6 Masterpiece Theater 7 Bronk 10:00--2 News 6 Bill Moyer's Journal 10:25--5-9 News 10:30--2 Love, Am Style 7 News 10:45-5 CBS News 11.00-2 Muvie 4 Scope 5 Kojak 7 Movie 11:30-4 Untouchables 9 Movie 1:05--9 Issues, Answers TV movie schedule Krlday 1:10 p.m., Channel 2 -- Kill or be Killed wilh Robert Mark and Elena De Will. 7:00 p.m., Channel 2 Broadway Melody of 1936 (BW) wilh Jack Benny and Robert Taylor. 7:00 p.m., Channel 7 -Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. 8:00 p.m..Channel 5 Griffin and Phoenix wilh Peter Falk and Jill Clayburgh. B:oop.m., Channel 9 -- Griffin and Phoenix with Peter Falk and Jill Clayburgh. 11:05 p.m., Channel 5 -Shark's Treasure wilh Coinel Wilde and Yaphet Kollo. 11:05 p.m., Channel? -Sharks' Treasure wilh Cornel Wilde and Yaphel Kolto. Midnight, Channel 4 - The Ape Man (BW) wilh Bela Lugosi and Walacc Ford. 12:15 a.m.. Channel 9 - F.scape from Fnrt Bravo with William Holden and Eleanor Parker. 12:30 a.m., Channel 2 -- The Mysterious Swordsman with Frank Latimore and Tamara Lees. l:05a.m.. Channel 7 -- A Cry for Help wilh Robert Culp and Elayne Meilvcil. 2:453.111., Channel 7 -- The39 Steps with Kenneth More and Taina ElR. 4:35 a.m.. Channel 7 -- War- Gods of the Deep wilh Vincent Price and Susan Hart. Saturday 7:30a.m., Channel 2 -- Rocio de la mar.cha with Rocio Durcal. 9;30 a.m.. Channel 2--Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town (BW with Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride. 3:30 p.m.. Channel 2 - Mr. Wong, Detective (BW) wilh Boris Karloff and Grant Withers. 8:00 p.m.. Channel 4 -- Westworld wilh Yul Brynner and James Brolin. 10:30 p.m., Channel 2 -Because You're Mine with Mario Lanza and Doretta Morrow. 10:35 p.m., Channel 7 -- The Professionals with Burl Lancaster and Lee Marvin. 10:35 p.m.. Channel 9 -- The Marcus-Nelson Murders with Telly Savalas and Gene Woodbury. ll:3jp.m.,Channel5-ACry (or Help with Robert Culp and Elayne Heilveil. Midnight, Channel 4 -- Action in Ihe North Atlantic (BW) with Humphrey Bogarl and Raymond Massey. 12:55 a.m., Channel 7 -- King Kong Rscapes. 2:55 a.m., Channel 7 -- East of Sudan with Anthony Quayle and Sylvia Syms. 4:45 a.m., Channel 7 -- The Deathmaster. Sunday Noon, Channel 2 -- Rendezvous at Midnight (BW) wilh Ralph Bellamy and Valerie Hobson. 1:30 p.m., Channel 2 -- The Bride of Frankenstein (BW) with Boris Karloff and Colin Clive. 2:30 p.m., Channel 4 -Tarzan's Savage Fury (BW) with Lex Barker and'Dorothy Hart. 3:00p.m..Channel 2 --Man in Outer Space (BW) with Fernando Rey and Lisa Gaye. 7:00 p.m.. Channel 5 -- The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. 11:00 p.m., Channel 2 -- The Marx Brothers at Ihe Circus (BW) with Kenny Baker and Florence Rice. 11:00 p.m., Channel 7 -Murder One with Robert Conrad and Diane Baker. 11:00 p.m.. Channel 9 -- The Americanization of Emily (BW) with James Garner and Julie Andrews. Monday 1:10 p.m., Channel 2 -- The Golden Falcon with Nadia Gray and Frank Latimore. 10:35 p.m..Channel 5--Letters from Three Lovers wilh Martin Sheen and Belinda J. Montgomery. 10:35 p.m., Channel 7 -tellers from Three Lovers wilh Martin Sheen and Belinda -I. Montgomery. ACROSS 1 A Cratchlt 4 False god 8 Watch out! 11 Unaspirated consonant 12 - Goldsmith 13 Song refrain 14 With (Ger.) 15 Immerse 17 German .. article 18 Thailand coin 20 Kilt fabric 22 Cereal plant 24 Push 25 Entertain 28 Pooped 28 Prairie grove 29 Black cuckoo 30 Make notches in 32 Old- fashioned oath 35 Park in Japan 36 Pooch's . yell 38 Hasten 39 Boxing match 41 Conflict 43 Timber wolf · 14 Classroom accessory 15 Being (Sp.) * Countdown word DOWN 1 Hebrew letter 2 Angered 3 Worth 4 Badly 5 Have - ann ft^s--iBdtevc/t orNat/ proof) (3 wds.) 6 Away from camp (2 wds.) 7 Erudite 8 "Lay an egg" 9 "Essays of-" 10 Positively (2 wds.) Yesterday's Answer 16 Italian food 31 Panda 19 Sample 21 European river 23 Undersized (colloq.) 25 Sweet- tempered 26 Typhoon's relative country 33 Wing (Fr. 34 Bambi's playmates 37 Trim 40 Rhythm tapper 42 Beach tone f HE RHAETIAN RAILWAY OP SWITZERLAND, IN 245 MILES. TRAVERSES *88 BRID6KANP119 TUNNKS When Aruba was discovered by Spanish explorers nearly 500 years ago, it was considered worthless. Today the little island just off the coast of Venezuela is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, attracting more than 100,000 vacationers annually. DIET FOODS NEW YORK (UPI) - Diet foods arc a major parl of a supermarket's business volume, Ihe Progressive Grocer magazine says. II says the diel foods, wilh the aid of more shelf space, are estimated at around $800 million annually at supermarket chains. PEANUTS DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE - Here's how to work It: A X Y D L B A A X R Is L O N G F E L L O W One Idler simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's. X for llic two O's, etc. Single lellers. apostrophes, the length and formation of the \vtinls are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. CRYPTOQUOTES t V U F D W L T B O K F Z U S T I I U D F X T N D F A H S O E K B Z R T I . P T B B O F Q K B K H S O B I . T I , H S O U S T M O X T R O D H Q K B H S O X - L O Z M O L . - A O K B A O X O B O R D H S Yesterday's Cryptoquote: IT'S A GOOD RULE NEVER TO SEND A MOUSE TO CATCH A SKUNK OR A POLLIWOG TO CACKLE A WHALE. - ABRAHAM LINCOLN 1C 1976 Kir* Fcilurn, Inc.) By Charles M. Schulz I WANT AAV CROTCHES BACK! HENRY By John Liney ARCHIE By Bob Montana OH,YES, (MR. WE/mERBEE\ HE ' S THE I LIKE TO SO TO \ONEWHO HOSPITAL TO VISIT WU TOLD COUSIN LARS.'/ WE HAD ,, .^INFLUENZA: VOT? WHO A VIRUS FLEW IN ?x INFECTION: OH, MO- V A HE HAS A ] BROKEN BROKEN LEG.' YA, SURE-I TOLD YOU HE VAS FIXING CHIWNEV, SLIPPED, AND CAME DOWN WITH FLULV HI AND LOIS WELL, A PERSON HAS TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE- By Dik Browne C THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE ( BETWEEN PEOPLE AND ANIMALS,,,THEy CANT \ s AAAKE-DO. V.^- REX MORGAN, M.D. By Dal Curtis THAT'S RIGHT--A PRIVATE ROOM' THE PATIENT'S NAME IS NORMAN , PRESCOTT', ( G U T / T H E N ^ ^/^ ME'S V \'S NO NEED j W IET M! UETOSEE-rfl ffl UKETI /MORGAN Wt V GOINTi HTMOWI W I I V ALL RIGHT THERE'S NO NEED FORMETOSEE- DR /MORGAN RIGHT MOW ·VITH A PATIENT--- Bur IET ME ASK WHETHER HE'D IIKE TO SEE YOU BEFORE VCU 60 INTO THE HOSPITAL '

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