Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 7, 1955 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 17
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D«c. 7, 1955. GREELEY TRIBUNE.) ,Page 17 Delta Kappa Gamma ~~~ \oman .JoMphln'f, *lll«r,- Editor : .-.: Reveal Marriage.: · · The . secret marriage .of 'Miss Shirley'Martin'and-Jim Van Slyke was" Announced '.Friday evening when a parly was held at the home of Miss Bertha Hibler, 501 Sixteenth .avenue. GuesEs had been invited,to'L a bridal shower honoring Miss Martin, i · ' . ' . . . - . . ; . . - ' . The couple 'was- wed Npv.' : 21, at -Raton, N. ,\Jex. Both are graduates of Greeley; she in 1955 and he in 1933. They are residing here now,'but after the first of the j:ear v/Ul -move .to. Fort Collins where he -is a student at Colorado ' V a n Slyke,. son jv MrJ and- Wrs. C.:L. Van Slyke ; ol.2412,Fitteenlh avenue, .is a junior o::Ihe Aggie campus.. majoring'in ph' Ids K'Cial^fralermty is Sigma I'.hi Epsilon. Xhe bride;is working at the Fashion Bar. She is-the. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Klnier Dale, of Greeley - . . . : · ' . Tarty games were plajcd following the announcement of t h e - m a r - riage. Mrs. Van Slyke then opened Kep'gifts', anil-refreshments k were served: · · " ; · · 'V . . · .-Invited to the .party-were Esther Walters, ' Marjorie Kingsley and Barbara, CharlenejSYhitmore, Ra- mbna. B i i s s c l l , ' V e f a . Tice, Patsy :Carbaugh, Pat Humphrey- Pat Websr, Dorothy Frei; Arbie Belleau, Mrs. E v J./Belleau, Marjorie · Giesick,'Dawn Johnson, Edna .Gas- leday.".) 1 ·'' '·' .-,' 'i Dorothy.Martin, Mrs 1 . \V.'H. .Mar r tin, Bernite '-Hartman,;' Uhnche : Marlin, Maxine Moffilt, Ada, I.ola and Mary. Carr, Phyllis Hcmcnover, Martha Alles, Hallie Purvis! Mar- 'garet McCandlcss, Florence; Rugh; Mert Oliver, Mary Spivey, Emma Buss, Bertha Carr, Mrs. Ella Alles, Mrs. Elmer Dale, Mrs. C. I,. Van 'Elykc. ' .' 7 -. :'".-- · Phyllis Keller, Twyla "Kopsa, Sally Elliott, Pat Abbett, Mrs. James Abbetl,. Sue, Woodward, Cornie Miller, Ruth and Itiiby King, Dorothy Croissant, Billie Odle, Betty Burch, Glenna Skcen, Zella Turner. Karen .Roberts, Colleen .liar- j Has Holiday Program:'-i: ' '' v Dscember i, meeting of''''Delta chapter.'of D e l t a - - K a p p a - G a m m a was- held'Saturday,' e'y«ningi«t' the Faculty hull.' -Following .the:husf- 1- · . f ' · T.J.-'l...' l r i » - T . v l . . riess' session, Jed-'^by Miss*;Lois hickmany president, ' Miss ' Ethel Mitcheil introduce d Mrs.'' Hele n McGrew, who p'resenled'the pro- g r a m V ' v - i · - · . . : ' · : - ' . : ' ' · . · - - . - Mrs. McGrew. read 'a Christmas Tale' by f Clements"''liipley: -.The story was; appropriately "accented by Christmas music" '.-,' ' . . ' . ' ! Refreshmehfs were· served' frohi a · beautifully'' 'appointed i table, which was Jcco'rated i n . t h e holiday theme. Miss Hazel Dalb'ey and Mrs. Anita "Denio poured t e a ' a n d coffee. ^ .'. ·' 7 ; /· , ' ' , ' '/The next''meeting of will be~Fcb:-4 at (he Vacuity hall. Pierce 'Mr*.Jim Vap SIyk«,'thi form»r Mi» Shirliy Mirtin. Photo by Th*Mrllns. , '.;.... 0 THOUGHT for TOPAY! "/.;"'. :...':'.; . . - . . * , A man's conversation ^is / : t he m i rr or - of'. 'his 'thoughts. /" . · " . ' · - ·','.' ^-Chinegt Pro ver b ' And - the. --mi r'r o r.i of i our thought; IB to give you the finest' possible dry) cleaning; and laundry urvlce 'it: the lowest possible cpsft.We ptck u p l a n d - deliver,, too'. Fhone UB today. ^ . . . " licit, Darlene Teliva, Darlohe Rydd, Bertha Weickum.. Anila Demmcl, Airna 'tlcManieal, .Mrs.. Gilbert P. Bunt .and Mrs. Jay Houston. 'Paul Fergusons Give Dinner Party : The Rev. a n d - Mrs: -Paul E. Ferguson -entertained at'":"dinne'r Monday evening.- . Guests . were members.of Ihe session and trus-, tees and .their wives. u£'the'United Presbylerian. church. The following enjoyed their hospilalily: Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Goldsmith, Mr. and Mrs.'Ed Beret!, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kern, Mr. and .Mrs.-W; H. Rogers,'.'Mr; and Mrs.'Ne'al,'Gold- smith, Mr. and 'Mrs.'- Myron Brown. Mr. and llrs. Eldon Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. James Park, Mr. 1 and -.Mrs. Elbert Harper,! Mr. and Mrs. Clarence "Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Howard baf forty, -Mrs.'-'J.',C. ,Mahaffey, Mrs. Paul Leaf Sr. and Mrs. Erwin Dunn.- . '.·'.*;' ; . ';' ' v r - - Kiow Valley K»rm«rtrl«i' will attend the Fort^'Luplon 'District HD meeting at · Kceriesburg Thursday. Plans were-made at (he recent meeting of the-club at ..the home of Mrs. Esther Mark;'Mrs. Lyle Cooksey''and Mrs.-iFlorence 'i)ut£ had the lesson on. Family Living. A'Christmas party will be held during the holidays. Laundry t Dry Cleaning 718 7th St. ' : riERCE-^-Three : '. act comedy, Star Cra^yi·^yas presented .ty .the Juniors' of the', high'school oh Fri : day*night.'- Mrs.'.H.: Nelms was llu-ir director. Roles were taken'by Donna ' Achilles',. 'Gilbert Rcdin, Melvin Leaf, Marjorie .Conger',' Carole.Smith, Julia Leber, .Robert H.irs'ch, 'Cynthia Drake and 'Gerald Arnold. Stage manager was Kenneth Cozad.- .· - . . . · : Mr. and.Mrs. Elmer Huill en- f e r i a i n e d , t h e i r pinochle.'club'- on Saturday night. Score winners were, Mrs. T. E. Gallalin, Mrs. Clifford Abtire, Krnest Vcden and William. Sharpe. · : : ' Mr. -and" Mrs. William Carlson 'will le'Avc"'this week for Santa Barbara, where .they, will ·'-visit Iheir son-in-law and daughter, 'Mr. and Mrs. David' Brown,' and' family. Mrs. Belle Belsha o( Denver .will s f a y . a t ' t h e house; OmSunday .the Carlsons were dinner Quests of .her brother-in-law and'sister, Mr. and Mrs.-Arvid Walquisl.'of Ault.' Mr. and' Mrs. Walter Lewis entertained at a'birthday dinner for Mrs. Edna Ferguson' on Sunday. Olher- guests were : Mr. and Mrs. Danie] Housley and-Donna. · ' ' M r . ' a n d : Mrs.,Oscar Pa/son ac' companicd the Gilbert Salbergs of Greeley. on a .trip to Denver Sunday 'wh'ere' they, visited 'Mr.- 'and Mrs. R a y m o n d Parson and family. The Parsons are building « new home in the Lakewood area. . J Mrs. Bertha Smith-accompanied her brother's - o h - t h c £lane.when they left Tuesday morning for' their homes in California. The'brothers,' Itpy Nick's..of Pasadena and Glenn Ni'cks'of Ciaremonf, .wsre ,pfe'seht for. a few. d a y s ' a n d had attended closer^contact betwen. tcschers tnd parent! ind : met'-^lth vefy:fivor-' sble' enthusiasm, :The'. Home · EC clfss, and. ils .te«chers,:Mrs./Kitty Giles, .served hot'rjolls'amTcoffee. The F.F.A.'- 'ch»plc,i;'-a)sp' te'xhltjitca' projects' to the ; Ag'fjShjopS'ln'fluded In"' 1 this :^. were/J.gilts;'/8hcep'.;;»nd 39$a$£o1[/ Reported /jnJNoyembefl.: Mrs. Jpe-'TaylprAwere Mrs/ Howard; Johnson -and.'Shirley and. Mr!.-''Taylor's:'-'grandnipther, ""-·-'· '· " : i r - - ' ··Thirty-nine (teases pt · me; were re port (ft Ho', the J.Wel'd coiwiy ealth'. .depSnirient'.- durin'g' th'e nonth · of November, the -de'pa rt- lent- v reported^5iuliJaJr."Nons" ol ic cases''Wer.c'ill .Greeley.,'. ·/ .· 'HpwovferY- seven' cases* .of -.German 'measles .reported, to- arlment during November held da Fri- it : ^the.vObse | irvalion Post, 'in Ihe'Pla^teyiUe :Fire house. Despite. \jad-wealher,"''-yoluritccr observers responded readily and Chief { -Sii- peryiso'r'-Joe Taylor reports-he Is quite' ; pTeased^wHh the .'cooperation of his helpers. -'/ . . . . , . -.' " of;-Caldwcll, If you use dry-cereals-in your favorite moat .loaf,--bear; in mind that two cups of whole wheat flakes equal four cups . of,.corn flakes slightly* crushed -after, measuring. Six'prescription chemists to serve you at your friendly 'REXALL stores. "SfcH" stamps at.Gilbert- " and'- Weldorado -. Drugs.-- the funeral .services brother, Jesse'Nicks. ' for .their \ American Alan Graham has a very' special talent for. designing clothes that reflect the lasle.of well dressed wonien-in'every major city of the world. He finds success by "making a point of understalement touched .with just' the right amount of chic detail: Ir. this one piece coat-sheath built on svelle lines, he exhibits 'Ms-technique by softly gathering the hack into a.blouscd effect, and curving Ihe low'er-than- waisllmc band up under the arm as. an integral of the dress. 1 ;. "A step-in-model, it · buttons to the hip-line.-where it finishes off in a stilched one-sided pin?K_ The...rectangular lab. collar' diminishes to- wards-lhe-back inlo ·· narrow.iold. Address lhat.fakes la -any fabric, you'll love it in faiUe'fo.r right'now, in sheer wool "or'.'.gabardine'-for spring,- andl'.in-shantung:for wear all^suminer-iong. /;T'-'-;'; · This, pattern is.cut;to 'Designer Measurem'ants, not .'Standard Pal- tern Measurements: '.': '_·'· _t Buit j/wii'' ''"'34 V'^-'VM-' 1 .:'' 35 '. :K .-· 36V4-. '26'A 38 .'',28 .,'._ 40 .'.'-. 30.:.". ..41.i'-'lnches' She.- was^-here - for · their.,, si^tielh wedding ,''anii(ver9ary''.celehraUao Sunday. '- '-,'.i:\'. , . ' - - . ; .'-,·£· ^ . Fashion .''Unit .Named · NE\y..YdRK;'.«).'--: Majrar';'Kbber F., Wagner.- has'-'app'olnte d ."a Vriev .cbmmillee. ip studyjways of.Bpisler ing '''New'" York's position ;'as''thi "fashion center' of the 'world.^-.A study was made a" dozen year ago, Wagner.said, but nothing.wa done . a b q u t . i t , .even' .through th apparel, 'arts and fashion Irade em ploy:' 43 ' per" cen t. of. the" city' ^workers.. Sardines .make fine Vlimcheo sandvvic'hc.s for -Molhcr aiid'sjiia fry.. Arrange whole.'.ones on" wel bullercd " slices" v 'of r \yhple-whca hr.cad (or.'-use : rye),' .'coyer then with'lo'm'alp'slices and spread wii - little mayonnaise.'Top wilh breat S'E THE TRIBUNE WANT -ADS. the ; 'de were in Urftlr^as, well," as .14.' of,the'.21 asc's. ot'C-Mickehpox .ire ported 'dur- ng\ the..month. Fiye: 'cases.-6f mumps'.': also'., were':reported. 'In'i Geeley," : 'npne/roufsld:!',.In-^.the! counlyj'?| f , \ V,-,';':'· if£\:.',''.l.j-v'.;.;'. "' 0 t h e r ·'coinmunicable ^disease, cases rcporled'-durihg the'-'rhpnlh ^Uow';^, ..£·;-..,,_ 'J:".'.; r. r ii "-1 '. wVoopihg .?cough) ·7;;';ihfcctio(is hcpalitis",' ? '.li''.ga'stro're.nterille5 1 ''';;l'i pink ;eye, .1;..tonsillitis, 18; : ring- yynrni i.^JLV- Pn^eumonia, -.3;, tuher|cu'; losisi 2f and'gp'norrheal'l.:All'were, repprted fro m : o ujslde-1 he city ; : e'x- ccpt 'the'.-Infectious' hepatitis'.case.; r .Canned 'ye'getab'lesl'.are^already cooked, sa:Ifyau-bojl,tKcm inslcad of just healing them-.'through ; feughljri'VyoulU^dwtw ufcwi .' y'f^ts/l-flaviq'r^irMl'fexturii.tfy/-;·;.;· GRAYBEAL JEWELRY jCOy;; 828 It'h'itA'-'pW S7» · Another, brother .Earl left, by Diane Friday "evening-for his home in Long Island,- N.-Y. ; '; . · ...... Toy Sale Record Seen ·NEW YORK OR-- Retail toy sales' this year may well 1 reach 1'A'bil- lion dollars, a n e w record high", Ihe Toy Manufaclurers-'bf 'the'U.S.A! Inc. .announced ; Monday. : ·'- .' : The forecast, -made public at the toy maker's 39th- annual' meeting,' compared with, the total of'around one billion-dollars .last year,'the present'record.- -.- ' · ' - Toast,- bread '-under · the broiler on one side only." Spread untoasted sides of bread- wilh sharp soft cheddar cheese. .Top. with .tomato slices and dots of butler. Broil until hot through. Serve-garnished with crisp strips of bacon. Favorite luncheon dish! .Hip«.,:x v ; ..;Si«« -K%'3irYl inches 10 '·T36r;-- inches ·; 12 '. 37'A ''inches '14 . asi'.-'./mchi-- ' '· Size 12. requires ,3 7/8 yards of 39 inch ;materraT :: for/dr'ess and 3/8 yards 'of 39 incfvmaterial for lining. To ·or'derrr.altern No.-S ; Z87, address Interhatrona"rp'eslgner Patterns; P. 0.-:Box : »3;:'G::o.^-Dept.; CX-2, New York 1. N. Y.:State size. 'Send $1.00.'' Airmail handlinj! i5c. extra. International Designer P a t t e r n Booklet i",A"; is' available for 25c. If paying -by-. Check'.dr .money, ordery make. .it,-. pay_able Uo ; _lnlerhationai bcsi^ner.jPalteriis.'and .add 4c 'for · ' : ' · '· . handling. .· . , · (Look'fpr,a fampus,Inlernalional Designer pattern next -week by Irene .Gilbert.) - , .. Platteyille . . . It's fun to make a fashion wardrobe for a pretty doll. - .See our. large; selection of- N . ; · - · " Iovel5' fabrics . V .'-.... Just right to sew "dolly's" Christmas wardrobe.' ·Butterick Patterns- Corn p/e/e line'of..-. doll clothes · . t- -;.-..'', patterns. SHORE'S FABRIC SHOP 1519 8th.Ave. .. \ guests in the'' Hoy 'Garret), home Sunday were Mrs. Myrtle' Ingersol, Mrs. Alan 'Brptemarkle, · Brad ' and .Todd, Mr.' and Mrs. Bob Garrett and-Trudi and Harry · Garrett of ort Hood, Tex. Harry Garret ar; rived Sunday to. spend his ^-day urlough from the army with- his larents, ' M r . a n d . Mrs.' Charles Jarrett, ^ahd "other relatives. -He iheh will be sent to' Germany. ' : ' Mrs. W.T. Mason returned home Sunday from the Weld County Gen* oral hospital where she has been a'palient for several weeks. t .'. M/Sgt.' . Robert VJphnstpn '-has D e e n ' assjgn'ed t o r t h e _ U . -S.- Em- aassy in Canberra, -Australia, as an air allache. : .This will be a three year tour ' of 'duty. .He 'reports , to 1 Washington, D. C.,"Dec. 21 for three months schooling. .He has previously'- been. stationed in Call- tofnla.-His 'wife.-Jane, and daughter, .Laurie, will stay in Dallas, Texas'while he is in training. Sgt. Johnston is Ihe youngest son of Airs. Laura Johnston and. la graduate of Flatfeville High school. Plallevillc Rebekah Lodge No. 87 met'-in regular, form Thursday night with 32 members' present.' iThis \ being · past Noble v Grand night, the' past -Grand's filled the officers' · chairs, with Evelyn Smith presiding. Report on the recent paper drive was given. Commission for. district 'deputy president was read for Mrs. Gertrude Keurt and she was given the .honors.. .Election of -officers for' 1956 showed the. following res'ulls: N,oble Grand,' Rosa 'Sarchet;, Vice Grand; Glenna .Walker;' Treasurer, 'Bessie Schlcct; Recording Secretary, Betty Harris; and Financial Secretary, Dcvbta Johnson. Plans were made for-a Christmas parly. . '·. Hostesses, Maude Brotemarkle, Sylvia GnWstein and Dorolhy !.fe-. Dermcd,- - served" '· refreshments from fables beautifully decorated , in the colors' and emblems of the ! order, '..T ·' " M r . . and Mrs. Charles .Garrelt and Joyce spent the past, weekend with relatives in' Monument., - · Mrs.' Myrtle Gpelz spent Sunday in , 'the home ; of her sister, Mrs. Nellie Roberts, in Greeley. Other visitors, were ' Dean RobeVts »nd family of Champaign, III. Openhous'e was held, Tuesday night, in the Platfeviljc schools. A large number of parents were present.;. This event gave much To Settle The Th^nk you, Greeley, f or your, jry,bnderf Ul reception to our estate-'settHng'-s^le; Hundreds visited our store yesterday.;... .to pick ;up fa- mous-nanie''merchandise at savings never be- tore."bffer.ed on^ brand-name jewelry. VVe' are not going out -of .business^--this .is an estate-settling stock .reduction sale. C0HT1NU DIAMONDS -ARE FOR-, EVER *'. . and: at : :'61)%) off regular.list : prices your ·investmentvis solid-for'a LIFETIME./':.\ :;,,,';, :::. ; , EVERY ' DIAMOND' .' 1 V- Coftunents "Like-.buying Rt wholesale"·-··. '.v!?.P',,./:'; I 1 -'! did 905 Ohrialfiias.Bhbp-. .;'^,:. oirir-i'lirht here--at : J/i the'.brice''-.-i-'.-.-i'.-'-'i "TJieseare the.-kintTqf -buys l 'tKat'» 1 '.'"· :-'save'i-6al moiiej^ 1 oti' my iGhristi'---" 1 -'''- 1 ^ : 'i rrifis Chopping list:'';: : ] ' ' : : } :, : '\'-'- i ': ; ; '.-: ·;'! . . . - · - · ( ' : .':.-V.|. !.·'."-'··!· *.\ r. ;;,!,. ;i.2( 1,1 V SAVE! . - SAV K . AYp! CHRISTMAS Dresser Sets Ladies' Jewelry Steak Knives (anin. Pen and Pencil Sets Electric Clocks Men's Jewelry JEWELERS 826 9th Street f oryour Old'Watch; ."-^ '.*regardle6s":of.'; Gather a Christmas RING . SAVE . .'50%V Ware 25% off and Many, Many More! , . Savr for Chri«tma« and all the year at this E«taU-S«ttlinc Sale! ' Greeley

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