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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 2

Nampa, Idaho
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Friday, January 31, 1975
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The Idaho Free Press Tho Ncws-Tribunc. Friday. January 31.1975-2 Off the wire Late newt summaries World Israel ends war investigation TEL AVIV (UPl.-lsraelhasendeda H- inonth investigation of the ira Mj,|d] c Kast War. keeping most of the findings secret hut blaming intelligence errors and poor troop discipline for the initial reverses. Geneva SALT talks resume (iKNEVA (I'PI l-The United Stales and llie Soviet Union today resumed (heir Strategic Arms Limitation Talks will) hopes of settling details of a new agreement on atomic weapons by summer People Pierre S secretary K e n n e d y , Thursday linRer, press In (lie late .lolm K. predicted (hat neither President Kuril nor Sen. K d w a r d .M. K e n n e d ) H i l l be p r e s i d e n t i a l ("inclttbtes in 1971!, National Chrysler increases production DETROIT lUPD-Chrysler Corp. is scheduling its highest production in more than two months next week while American Molors idles 60 per cent of its 18.750 workers in a near shutdown at its facilities for one, week. AMC. which had been able lo buck the 1974 sales slump for most of the year, said Thursday the only car assembled next week will be the Pacer, a new subcompact due for public sale in March. About 11,^50 workers will be laid off in Kenosh;i and Milwaukee. Wis., Brampton. Ont.. and Toledo. Ohio. Pan Am nears agreement NEW YORK ( U P l l -- A n agreement is near providing troubled Pan American World Airways with financial backing from Iranian government interests, an airline industry source said today. Any such agreement would give the financially ailing international earner, needed lime to work out long-range solutions (a its various problems. Washington Rockefeller blames Hoover WASHINGTON (UPll-Vicc President Nelson Rockefeller is Idling associates that former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's refusal to toopoiale led lo illegal domestic spying by the CIA. Hockcfellcr. who heads President Ford's panel investigating (he CIA. said the CIA undertook the spying at the insistence of "the administration." He did not indicate whether this was (he administration of President Lyndon Johnson or Richard Nixon, or both. Wilson cites economic threat WASHINGTON (UPI)-Presidont Ford and British Prime Minister Harold Wilson agree that both nations must cooperate as they did in two world wars to meet Ihe serious economic challenges Ihey face. Kissinger opposes cut in aid WASHINGTON (UPI)-Secrclary of Slalc Henry A. Kissinger says cutting off military aid to Turkey on Feb. 5 would be a disaster and that he will seek lo convince key congressmen of this Saturday. Kissinger made the statement to reporters Thursday night at a slate dinner. for visiting British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. 'Sunshine' calls keep office busy BOISE ( U P l l - Idaho Secretary of Slate Pole Ccnarrusa r.nd his staff have found thai "Sunshine" is synonymous wilh reams of files, a deluge of telephone calls and visitors, legal questions and an overworked office. "The main problems have been wilh interpreting the law," Cenarmsa said. The attorney general's office has helped in that area "We have been flooded wilh callsand visitations from people who are nol sure if Uiey have lo register as lobbyists or not." he said. So far, lhe exlra work brought on by the administration of the lobbyist portion of lhe Sunshine Law has kept Cenarrusa's staff from working on Ihe campaign funding swlion of the same law. Administering the Sunshine l,aw "has come to the forefront of activities In this office," said Deputy Secretary of State Ben V^ursa. Krivir of OnaiTH«a's sfaff are involved in administering lhe law with (he secretarial staff helping tokeep the files, register the 'lobbyists and perform clerical work. While the staff is straining lo lake care of Ihe extra work, they arc scratching their heads over lhc "gray area" of who must register as a lobbyist. Conarrusa said the gray area is part of the clarification that he still needs from the attorney general. Cenarrusa anticipated (here would be 50 persons registered as lobbyists for the Idaho Legislature. So far. (here have been 300 regislrations--many from individuals who are not sure if they are included in the law bu( would rather register than lake a chance. Asked why lhe participants in the "Happiness is Womanhood Day" demonstration at Ihe legislature were not required to regislcr, Cenarrusa and Ysur- sa said the women were acting as individuals. Ysursa said the women, who gave Inaves of bread lo lawmakers and asked Ihcm lo rescind Idaho ratification lo Ihe Equal Rights Amendment, were lobbying because they were trying to gel the legislators to take a particular action. But the women were nol get- lin,« wild to do so. Valley weather IHIISE -. The high pressure over Idaho Thursday is sliding eastward in the wake of a Pacific frontal system off the Washington-Oregon coast. Cloudiness ahead of the front is streaming over the Gem Stale today as this frontal system moves further eastward The system should continue lo increase cloudiness over Idaho tonight and bring a chance of snow to Soullwcslern Idaho late tonight. A chance of snow or snow showers will remain for Southwest Idaho Saturday. Other parts of the slate will also have a chance of snow Saturday. During the night, light snow showers were fell over the southeastern sections of Ihe slate. Those wore, caused by a weak upper-level disturbance feeding moisture and unstable air up from Nevada and Ulah. By mid-morning this disturbance was confined to the very southeast corner of the stale. For (he rest of Idaho, nighttime skies were clear lo partly cloudy. Under ;i cold air mass, overnight lows again dropped to Mow normal. Some minimums recorded were 18 at Boise and I.ewislon, zero at Pocatcllo and 7 below at Idaho Kails. Stanley recorded 35 below zero for the lowest in the state. The Idaho extended outlook calls for cloudy skies and periods of snow Sunday through Tuesday. Temperatures will still remain below seasonal normals. New parent group formed GARDEN CITY, Idaho ( U P I I -- A Garden City couple announced today the formation of an Idaho coalition on the crisis in education, an association of independent parent groups across (he state. Mr. and Mrs. Al Wcslerfield said the goals of their new organization are parental evaluation of textbooks and other ins I r u c I i o n a 1 m a t e r i a l s , monitoring of procedures and philosophies used on local and slate levels, and stale legislation in four areas relating lo education and Ihe family. They said they will work for an elected slate school board, a legislative policy and philosophy of Gihiciition. a child and family rights hill and ,1 revision of the sex-educalion act. Tax commission change reported BOISE I UPI)-Luther I. Pnssmoreof Caldwcll will not be rpjippointeil to the Slate Tax Commission when his term expires March 3, it was reported ticie today. Passmore's seat on the commission is expected lo go lo Ijrry Ixioney, principal of (he elementary school al Post FplU and a former sliilc representative. Gov. Cecil D. Andrus reportedly notified Pasfinore of his decision this week so that Piissmore will have time lo make plans. Attorney general rules: Taxing units must otter pro- con ot bond issues Obituaries BOISE I UPI ) - Taxing units may use public funds lo ad- valise a bond eleclion but must give both pro and con arguments on (he issue, Idaho's attorney general said Thursday. Wayne Kidwell issued the opinion in response to a request from Hep, Edward W. Rice, R- Boise, who asked about the pro- pricly of promotional adverlis- ing expenses in the recent Ada County Auditorium District nonrt election. Kidwell saida laxing unit may use public funds to advertise a bone! election provided the funds used shall equally present Ihe positive and negative positions of lhe question or issue lo be voted on, "Funds cannot be used slriclly for promotional advertising unless legislation specifically grants this authority to the laxing unit involved in the bond election," lie said. The analysis wrillen for Kidwell by assistant atlorney general Ursula Gjording said each laxing unil is given Ihe power and authority in its organizational statutes lo spend public monies. Expenditures made in compliance wilh the statutory powers fall into (he category of expenditures for a "public purpose." House taxwriters block 1 2% tax rebate proposal BOISE ( U P l l - House tax- wrilers on an 8-8 tie vote blocked introduction today of a bill lo give Idahoans a 12 per eenl rebate on their 197-1 slate income laxcs. Demorrals lined up solidly against lhe bill, saying the surplus monies should be used lo build roads and buildings and not for lax relief. Rep. Wayne Tibbitts, li-Urenzo, also voted against the measure. Minutes earlier, however, the committee on a 9-7 parly-line vote agreed to introduce a bill lo increase lhc grocery credil on income taxes lo $20 from $15 for 1974. The permanent grocery credit on income taxes is $10 per person. The 197-1 session of Ihe l e g i s l a t u r e i n c r e a s e d that amount to $15 for just one monies. This new bill would increase il by another $5 and for jusl one year, using the surplus. Hep. Harold Heid, D Craig- only token lax relief to taxpayers in lhc lower income brackets. But Rep. Ralph Olmstead, R- Twin Falls, said the money was Christian Schmierer NAMPA-Funeral services for Christian Schmierer. 64, Nitmpa Route 3. who died Thursday morning :il a Nainpa hospilal. will be conducted at l(/:30a.m. Saturday at (lie Alsip Funeral Chapel. The Kcv. James M a r t i n , of funds urged BOISE ( U P l l - The executive secretary of the Associated General Contractors urged the legislature Thursday lo use general fund surplus money for the construction of highways and public buildings. John P. Molilor, Boise, said, "What Ihe people of our state need now are jobs, nol handouts. People need and want gainful employment--employment in a job that produces something meaningful and necessary. "No one enjoys receiving hand-outs or being on welfare or on unemployment benefits, Ihey want work," he said. He said his recommendation jobs may be considered self- serving because Molitor represents the interest of the contractors. "Not so," he said. "It is (rue (hat this would provide a market for construction firms without which, many of these firms would be forced out of business. "But stalislics prove thai no industry provides more jobs more quickly than construction '.'.DCS." He urged the legislature lo use a substantial portion of the surplus for highways and state buildings and Ihe balance for i.x relief, sales tax taxes generated the surplus. He said the public was overcharged for necessary slate services and should gel lhe money back. Hep. W. Israll Merrill, U- Bliickfool, said Ihe com,millec was merely "fooling" Ihe public. He said Ihe few dollars being returned will nol mean much to the average working man. Rep. Russ Weslerberg, I)-Soda Springs, said lhe average citizen would rather have a decent road on which lo drive or see new buildings ereclcd on college campuses than get hack 55 or $10. County to air budget CALDWELI.-Ira Craven, chairman of (he Canyon Counly Commissioners, said today (hat lhe annual counly budget hearing will be held K i " pasi Ihe Nazi Interment will Memorial Gardens *as born Dec. reared and attended schools there He 1837 and Ihey farmed near Boise until 1951. lie moved lo Nainpa in 195) and operated a local t r u c k i n g business until he retired in the spring of 1974. He was a member of the Fairview Church of the N'azarene. He is survived by his wife. Mrs. Pauline Schmierer. Nampa; one son. Kdwin A..Schmierer. Nampti; two daughters. Mrs. Delmar i Irene i Myers. Nampa. and Mrs. Eric (Christy) Fieldstad, Tampa. Fla.: two brothers. Arthur Schmierer. Meridian, and Joe Schmierer. N a m p a ; one sister. Mrs. Christina F.ti7iningc!'. Slar; lour h a l f - b r o t h e r s , K d w i n Sch- micrer. Sheridan. Wyo.; Got- (licli Schmierer. Lemon. S.D.; Kmil Schmierer and Dave Schmierer. bulliof Lodt, Calif.: Iwo half-sisters. Mrs. Gottlieb i Amelia i Wagenman and Mrs. Pauline lleidinger. both of Lodi. Calif.: three stepsisters. Mrs. Bill would stiffen cruelty penalties District Court courtroom in Ihe courthouse. Craven said the hearing will first consider new items in this year's counly budget including the para-medic program, purchase of a counly fair sile. budgeting for a county-wide gopher control district and a Mrs. John c tlllt h »' Kesscndcn. N.D. and A 1 | S ' K m i l ' T i l l i e i Konrad. s l" ) ' ia « 1 '. Wash.; and seven grandchildren. He was preceded in death by Ilis l Kll ' nls - ow sister, one slep- ' r(lln r'' nd nne step-sister. Noon Stock Quotations STOCK QUOTATIONS: F U R N I S H E D THROUGH: EDWARD D.JONES AND COMPANY OF CA1.DWELL DOW JONF.S A V E R A G E S NOON Industrials 699.70+3.28 Transportation 159.25+1.60 Utilities 79.854.29 Composite 225.02 LISTED STOCKS Alhertsons IS"., American Telephone -IS'i, lielhlehem ;«'.» Hoeing 17 lloise Cascade H-'» Chrysler I I 1 1 Champion Home Builders S^, lixxon 72'., Flcetwood Ifli ·; General Eleclric 38' i General Motors 38 :l » Idaho Power 25'« IBM . 186-V Kennecoll 3V, Kit !·'» Morrison Knudsen I6'» Occidental Petroleum H'- 4 Philips Petroleum 39' i RCA 13 Reynolds Tobacco 56 Scars GO St. Oil of California 2S'« Union Oil 36': Union Pacific 65^ Weslinghouse 11 it Winnebago A 1.0CAI, OVEH THE COUNTER QUOTKS BID ASK First.Sec.B 32^, 33 1 , Id. First Nat. B. 30 33 InlermnunlainGas 12'i, 12 S « MUTUAL FUNDS BID ASK Col. Inc. F. 7.97 8.71 Inv.Co.ofAmcr. 10.15 11.09 Key. D-l lion Fd 6.% 7.63 Pulnam Grow. F. 7.77 8.49 Pulnam Invcs. F. 6.01 6.57 BOISE (UPII - A "compromise" bill to stiffen Ihe law on cruelty lo animals has been ordered printed by the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committee by a 4-3 vcte. The bill provides for unpaid humane agents, who would de- Legislator questions fee boosts BOISE IUP11 - A freshman k'gislalor from Eastern Idaho asked fellow commillee mem bers how (hey can justify raising fees to the public at a lime they have an unspenl surplus. Rep. Russ Wcstcrbcrg, D- Soda Springs raised the question al the meeting of the Transportation and Defense Committee Thursday in Ihe House during discussion of proposed license and license plate fee increases. When told they were for continuing programs and therefore probably should not be funded from surplus money. Westerberg said he understood Ihe need. Bui he questioned whelher lhc taxpayers in Idaho understand what is happening. "We've got $22 million of your money we don't need," he said. "Yet we have lo raise license fees, license plate fees and everything along the line. "Somewhere we ought to say 'no' lo increases," Weslerberg said. Permanent fax relief urged BOISE ( U P l l - A private lax expert urged lhc legislature today to provide tax relief on a permanent ralncr lhan just a temporary basi.-i. In a legislative bulletin (o members, executive manager Max Yost of the Associated Taxpayers of Idaho recalled lhe previous temporary lax relief measures enacted by the legislature and said some should be made permanent rive their authority from (he Department of Law Enforcement. They would have Ihe power lo make inspections and enforce lhe law. A.\V. Willis of Ihe Legislative Counsel staff said the bill has been eight years in Hie making and is compromise legislation from proposed by the Humane Society 1 . Committee Chairman Edith Miller Klein, R-Boise, said the tiill wasn't lhc lolal answer, but would help the Humane Society a little. Sen. J. Wilson Sleen. R-Olenns Ferry, one of three committee members against the measure, said he was afraid humane officers will misinlcrprel actions when handling or training animals. Among other things, the bill would prohibit coloring-of baby chickens, abandoning pets, selling a sick animal. Society. "If persons are interested in finding out or asking questions about (hese areas Ihey should be al lhc hearing when it starts," snid Craven. "We arc going In consider these items first." Another item that the com missioners must look into is the county's dedicated snowmobile fund. Over the years it' h?s accumulated $5.000 as a rosult of snowmobile licenses purchased in Canyon Counly and (he commissioners must decide what lo do with it. According lo stale law, the funds can only he used in snowmobile-related areas but the counly has no real snowmobile recreation area. Thus they have nowhere lo use Ihe money in (he county. One suggestion Ihey are considering turn Ihe money over lo a l, ihsrc Iherc i s a 8^ldealofsnowmobiling. released by motorist RUPERT. Idahn i U P I A passing motorist shol and wounded a 16-year-old boy as be walked along a counly road on the outskirts of Ruperl. Kris Collins, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Levy. Rupert, was shol in the left side nl his abdomen. Sheriff's deputies said the hul- let lodged in Collins' back, close lo Ihe surface of the skin. He was reported in good condition at Minidoka Memorial Hospital. Collins lold officers he could Ihink of no reason lor the shooting. Freak kills girl, 13 IDAHO F, Hazel C. Miller ', C A L D W E L L - p a z e l C; Miller. 71.1307 Blaine. Ca Id well,died Thursday in a local hospilal. Services are pending al', Flahiff Funeral Chapel, Cald-' well. --' William E. Huskty CASCADE - Services tgr William Earl Huskey, 67, o(' Emmett, formerly of Kuna, who; died Wednesday in a Cascade"- hospilal. will be conducted at H a.m. Saturday in (he Cascade Community Christian Church by' Paslor Mike Watson. i* InlermenI services will tit; conducted al 3 p.m. at Riverside" Cemetery in Emmelt under the direction of Walker Chapel, McCall. He was born on Nov. 2,1907, in Blue Eye, Mo., and came to Idaho at the age of 11. He lived in Kuna and Long Valley before marrying Ollie Mae York in 1935 al Weiser. He worked for Hallcck and Howard Lumber Co. and (hen ranched in Scott Valley, lie was owner andj operator of (he Cascade Glut) and worked for Ikola Logging Co. before retiring and moving to Emmell 2': years ago. Surviving arc his wife, ot tlmmetr. a daughlcr, Earlene Maki. Lake Fork; four sislers, Mrs. Car! Hcavrin, Cascade, Mrs. Glen Heavrin. Baker, Ore., Mrs. Jake Walker. Eagle, and Mrs. Pete Davis, Phoenix, Ariz.; four brothers, Card, of Lyle. Wash., Vance of Cascade. Wint of Slar. and Amis Huskey,, Malelious, Ore.; and Iwo;, grandchildren. ··'-" Memorials may be made to Cascade Hospital. ; Convictions are upheld BOISE ( U P l l - The Idaho'' Supreme Court Thursday upheld'. convictions of escape and kid-; naping againsl James n'-;'| Shields but overturned a district), court robbery conviction. : /~ Shields and Wallace Rhodes escaped from Elmore County'. Jail by overpowering the sheriff,." look two handguns and laler " t forced a Mountain Home police- ' man to drive Ihem from lown in''--' his patrol car in September,'' They (raveled toward Fair ; ' field, slopped a car driven 1 By"'".' Mr. and Mrs. Edward Uffelman ' and look il while still holding (he police officer caplive. They later released the police,-,. man unharmed. . '· Rhodes and Shields were,* charged with Ihree criminal counts of escape from confinement following conviction of a'-» felony, kidnaping and robbery" » Rhodes pleaded guilty lo (he robbery count, and Ihe other Iwo, counts were dismissed against., him. i ";; Shields was tried and convicV. ed of all three counts and ap-, · pealed. " ' shelters without permission. Circle K offers reward BOISE lUPD - A rash oi robberies a! convenience slores in lhe Treasure Valley has prompted lhc Circle K Corp. lo offer a S500 reward for information leading lo the arrest and conviction of persons involved. Chris Ilobbs, security officer for Circle K, said ihe cor- poralion was offering the reward involving burglary or robbery of his firm's slores. lie urged any person having informalion or witnesses lo any suspicious acls to nolify local law enforcement officers im- medialely. Symms named on forest group the Mclba and Canyon County d'opher Control Districts. On the Counly board are Burll True-Wood, Wilder Route 1; Ben ]n i Mill --·*'·+ tj uu n \j i^ B E N D f d a h o t U P D - T c d l l o f f , owner, of Hoff Lumber Co.. says em'-" ployes of the mill here had" 1 agreed to a 10 per cent wage cut" - effective Saturday to stay on'"" their jobs. - ' The only other alternative M*' said, would have been lo lay off an additional 300 persons on that"' dale because of the depressed' The work force was reduced' "If lhc market is improved' ^JlTM,^TM^TM^ ." Hoff ineir people." Village structure credited for N. Vietnamese effort Mf^rnw M,,L,~ imT, . . . . . . . i p n : Ml' MOSCOW. Idaho I U P I ) _A writer just returned from a visit tn Hanoi says the North Viel- namese communal village structure has given (he people confidence necessary lo con- (mue a seemingly endless war. ' "·'"· society and ilv. lie underdcvclonmcnt " S "It miki* TMr, ,,' n «j u . wa ! .Hal " e « ,Kl ^ '' she said P "' Miss Fitzgerald swl the -m swer lies in the, close icomrnVnSi v · . 'Iruc.ure "here decS a re Pul,|«r Prize in 1972 for m.vle on a " -She said she talked to one' nffw,i Vi ? nam ?. M Kovcrnmcn.1 official who outlined a three-to", five-year struggle wilh the smith, and said while lhe feeling is Ihe United States probably will not return lo an active role' in the conflict, il will give s "?,r£ r " s '" i " s1 "- - Ihrec-yenr period lhe lax rales SC rvc on the livestock and grains can and should be reduced on a subcomrr.illce during this con- permanent basis," he said. grcssional session. O f ·[,,, casui in li n of ·.n IL "" "'-' cot| ntry. klh the North and South oih«.r c i ,· ' "· Vietnamese feel they are can ni T. u S( * i;llcs ° determine' lhe same nalion," sh cP S aid ±d ""*' '° Uke and * hich to " * ·"" unification-lhc Pii 0 v F «, ,,,, i and l,ow." *"-* E ^TM1 or · 1 your classified

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