Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 7, 1955 · Page 15
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 15

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 15
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oman A Joitphlnt Miller Editor OfficeisSfPV Grahge Installed Platte: Valley grange held inslal latlon for-,'1956 officers at the iieet ing last-week at Kersey. Jim Laf ion, a past master and charier member ; pf the grange, with tho .as- iistarjcc' Mrs! Lillic.Cunningham, e6nduct.ed..the i ceremony. The ".; following" were installed: Dcan : Demaree, master: Al Peters overseern-Ella.Mae. Cox, lecturer; Ed Cox steward Reuben Herbst assistant -"steward;.-Mamie ( --Bradley ^chaplain } Kalhryn Giesick treasurer;,Huth.Hertfst;' secretary I eo Ponlly gatekeeper Margact Demarcf Cenes Rita D imly Po mona Helen Herbst Flora Fstlier Peters, lady .assistant steward; and George Cunningham member of executuCj committee A paid up life membership :.cer ; tificile/was ·presented after the in stall aljon to .' Mr. · and -.Mrs. Ed Romans. s Mrs. Ella'Mae Cox; lecfurer,~,re ported on', th'e state conference =ol lecturers held in Denver Dec. 2 and 3 it the Olln hotel Mrs Gladys Innes of Denver stale! lectmr presided. , Working- - Pomona, ; o! which Ihe.Plalle Valley, grange is a. part,.haditheilargest.attendance present Subjects stressed w e community service civil defence safety; atidVfire, preyantipn/ degree work and publicity p Mrs Cunningham ilso reported Robert A.. Behrman 5 y, _ ATTORNEY AT LAW /ANNOUNCES That His Offices Art Now Located In -- SUITE 313 314 - f GkEELEY BUILDING a the the slate home conomics committee,' hikt'it' th« »me tlmf. and plice'ss the lee ureri' Teonfcrehce.'..'»Ir5.S.Lottie Warren of Derby is late chairman was in charge. The year's program Was planned . r Next event for the grange will be he'ChriSlmas' party, fSr members and their families on Dec. 14 at 8 A Decade Ago · D«c*mb*r 7 |Mi Mrs.' . LUlle "Lane ·:entertained SCE students ' who : live i'»t : -hei; home. 1829 Seventh iv'chu*;' at phnstmas party and waffle supper p rid ay evening t 'Phyllis 'Kochi'daughter "of.. Mr. nd Mrs H W Koch of 1618 Eleventh 'avenue, and Chief Petty Offifer David iromm son of Mr a'nd'-Mft.- r 'Peter ··Frin'm-' of.- Sli Fourteenth avenue were married Saturday afternoon ^ec 1 Berkeley', -Calif. Mrs.'Lloyd Fenno ."nd Mrs'. Cyril Lyster attended the slate PTA con ventlon in. Denver Thursday * Mr. :'arid Mrs.' Harry Wiebking wer« hosts' at the traditional caro tea" Sunday" allerhMri · at" Sriyder hall. Dorothy' Lee, daughter of FranX M. Lee of-Lee-Brothers'Hardware company, was married recent! to Lorcn -MacDonnoll,' son-of- Mrs Christirie M a c D o n n e 11-of- Ejevcnth street. Mr.^and Mrs.; Mac Donnell l are"now-at home at Og'den"street; Denver. -First Lt..Alice Baab, daughter o Mr.' arid. Mrs.. Henry Baab of 1723 Seventh"'avenue,', left Friday eve ning by-train'.for Louisville", Ky', where · 'she -is'" stationed "at.- thi Nichols General hospital as a phy sical therapist. Drippings from roast beef wonderful for frying.potatoes. Witt Be Honored Saturday^/ Buy Your Christmas Watches NOW! While selection is complete-before the Christmas crowds Up To $ 25 a ° For Your Old Watch Mr and Mrs F G LocXridge of 903 fifth street ^ill observe their'fifty-fifth'.wedding anniversary Saturday.. 1 They: will-be' honor;' ed at an open house at the home of their diufhtcr Airs Ifirold Croissant S20 Twenty second street from 2 30 to S o clock All of their friends and neighbors are invited Thoto of the Lockndgcs by Dob Buchanan ^ ' Coheertby-Choiik at GHS Thursday The. .advanced ..choir.-of Greeley High.'school" will; give .-its'-"annual Christmas, progra'm 'Thursday, eve ning at 8 o'clock in the" school auditorium The concert is free" and^ the public is invitcd-to attend. Program follows: N Now 'l^et.^Every Tongue 1 Adore Thee ,--.'3s; Jarr.;by Gillettf . Christiansen _arr.'.by 'Felcher Christmas Bclls__ A Cradle IlymnL. Yule L6g Song_ Allowance JES Kensington tins ChrJstmas.parly of OES,-Kc'psing on waVheltl Ti^esday v afternoon at he Masonic. T,e,inple,-Mrs, lone At- jnsonipr'eskled at, the.^stuirt business meeling / Nominating -cqm.mUUjo. .is com- xjsed-pf Mrs. yi Giles,'Mrs. Deity McVeigh and Mrs. Annie VickUpy "Members wjere reminded ( O j h r m g ttfelr gifts for the OES day evening. Mrs. Eva. Hinds-)iad- :ha"rg"e Of Ihe -Christmas'- program, She *sdn'g Auxiliary ,Tea x Will Be ' Held Thursday Afternoon Woman 3 auxilur of"" Trinity Episcopal churqh is having a Christmas tea;Thursda) afternoon at 2 o clock at the home of Mrs Robert Cummings 1714 Fourteenth street road All women of th church are invited, ] ' Mrs FranWin Taylor president of the Woman s auxiliary of Luke's-Hospitali'Denver,'"will speak on the work of the auxiliary at bt Luke s the) chapel and volunteer nurses 'aids ;Mrs/ Taylor-will be".accompanied by'-'sevcral 1 members of Stt; Luke's Hospital; auxiliary,- \who'-',wiir-be special guests:at (lip lea. The '1936 "officers"'of" : the".local auxiliary- will : be electoral ;thii time, ,'-."· / Mrs F R iloughtalmg is tea chairman." Her' committ' posed of-Me: Ted Stevens GHS Cridt-.Eirh Honon «t A*M. Fort Cbllins-^Samuel WalterMe Candless and Carole Lois 01 on 1954 graduates of Greeley h i g h school chalked up enviable scho laslic reco d during the 1954 5 freshman e a r at Colorado College.:Miss Stella MorricV r'egis trar ' and - admissions idfficer AS.M reportsHhat they mamtainec a gFidc~a«f3g r of B oTbetter dur ing thc/firsE three"quarters of thei ·college- careers'-'at: the' Fort Col lirifi school. ncr t u m i m u ^ u . is v 1 -" 11 . esdarnes Nprnnn Lyster is'.and H C Ols^n ' * atwut 6ur convenient :CREDlf-TERMS! Choir. Violin solo, Concerto in' A" Minor. _ _______ 'Bach Koral, Molander Mrs. U. C Molander, accompanisl Poem, 1 The Inn That Missed It's 'Chance Jlargairet Reichhardt Vocal solo, -Cantigiie be Noct__ 'Jim.McCrea'- Story, the Star _ _Martha King' Dairs Carole Mink What 'Can This Mcan?^'__ ; ..S!atey Silent Night Holy Nighl _ arr by Gruber Parks Jingle^ Bells _ , _ arr.' ; b"y Picrpo'nt.; y.arlowc Triple Trit Clai^dia Meyers Koral Moland er. Jo'ah^Eslreicb, Mar'cl.a Chan- rier, -.La Verle Darling, Kdnda Hafkey, Sue.-TUchardson, Joyce . B echthold, : Frances E_n gel Essay, Let's Keep. Christmas^. . "-'Prfgr ''Marshall ·Don.' Jones Willie. Take Your D r u m : -- _ .arr, by.Strickling Joyous Be.lls of. Christ ,, _ · ^ : -'-'' :m --' m arr'. by Luvaas Christmis -Starlight_i_Chrisliansen A Merry, Ghf'istmaslarr.' by Warreil -'·'.. : ^. ''.·;.; Choir" . Choir 7 ' is.. -urider the direction-, ol Miss Helen E.' Tanner . and 'speakers, Mrs.. Grace Dawsoh. GA»D OP THANKS ieVe'ral' ..vdcali- selections,- after which .the'group" "joined-'in ".singing carols, The Ch istmas dccorajio^ t vere provided by Mrs \tkmson x "- y l l hc president The hostesses for Ihe ellefnoon were Mesdames-Gerd'iide Kammerer,' M t V e_'l"g h , ' Carrie Schnobr and Alice Couture: ·The"hostesses appointed f o r ' t h e Jan. 3'. meeling.. are .Mrs. .Lutic Repp, Mrs.'. Giles . and . M r s . iFlo Gates. NICKS , Mny vye take, thls.w'ayzta'th our mnny'frionds'.vrho. by cards and calls, cheered our loved;one d u r i n g "Ills.stay in; the - hospital "Vyo.'nlso '^^ant'.to .thank nlVwh cxtentlcd i. rointorling 'help' .and Bymiall]y -(luring .o'ilr'-.bereave- incut. .For · (He' : orgnn 'memorial fund and .floral offerings' ant many'.other / kindlltiS50a''we. 1 are truly^ grateful. The.fanilly-of JCHSO A. Kicks Admitted to Weld County Gene'ri hospital Tuesday/Dec. .6!'-.Gail Ko bobei, 8 Long's Peak' avenue; Mrs William Gdelzel, "H'oute'"v2; 'Mrs Robert T. : Calkins,'. Cheyenne;- Mrs Frank Torrei;. Route .4;- Darlene Aikuison,' Bclford hall;.. Ray Ta keda, .Kersey; Frcd-C. Teller, ,71(1 FUfeenth street;, Mr;. ..Ralph 1 ; Keil 1416-Tenth'avenue; Ha'rnona Mar tinez,-"-Eaton;. ;Mrs.' s William 2 Bruce, 1015 Nineteenth street; Mn Donald McCown.-Brighlqn.. -. , ~. : Dismissed: Orville Lamb, -181 Fifteenth avenue.; Mrs. xWillim R Malmo, Ault; Mr's. -H^riry. Kaiser Wiggins; Albert G. Scholl, 821 Thift stree.1 Fort Lupton;.:Mefed|th'Jb hanse'n, Gilcre_st.'; : .''. : --' ';' ·. -.~ : 'Alarm Without:yV(n-d')'; GRAND HAVEN", J Mich..wi --^ 2-year-old \yho hadn't learned''! say "fire 1 ' woke his ather m'lim for him to rescue members of th family from their burning horne Douglas. Boyer kept screamin "hotly" until, he-woke his.father Waller, 26, Ah overheated furna'c had set the house afire. -. -.' -. ' ' - - - ' , ; . . - ' All Niw.'M 8ty]e» -- Choote'from.ifiMe famoui n«m«i: · ·Himilton . . :i» Elyln." ·' ' · ' - · i'.bmtji. - LttCoultrf · ·Wlttnauir - · Griien ' . · Bulova Open Sat.' and Mon. Nights r 'Til 8:30 USE THE TRIBUNE 'WANT AD .Your.Quality Jeweler ' tenth StJ Credit --You Name Your · Qw.n Terms... ·-. ll'so, i'rlte to Speais'Chiroprao- tio Hospital, -Denver, .Cpjo., for Testimonial 1 Proof, of Ve'sults ^lt canceV'polto,. epilepsy,, arthritis, rheurr^atIc ferer, .multiple^sclero:' ila, strpyrfheart,*' jlver, ''Bliln,- nlomacji, kldney-.'and.'pcorei' other «llrnenf«..".'";'" '.' One way to reheat cooked riq4 Is add a few fablespojins of'watcr it'and place-It in'-'a cbyered'pan er bo ling water or in the o\en ir t h e - rice 'gently, a' few-.'times ith a fork' while it's getting ho.t. Buxtoii Billfolds For Everj'phe .'Dtt 7, 1955 GREELBY TRIBUNE 1 t*j(t li' * Give the small fry a thrill by cut ig theh sandwiches like jigsaw zzles then let them rearrange e pieces before they eat them, r I moods Ntwllft for pfaia rjet bacon bits sauted" 1 rhopped'^r»« onions and chcppeq or ilieed ( '*l- ^ GOLDEN GATE in goUen toned TnforiiCim Necklace $500, Bracetef J500 , Expansion Bracelet $5 Cfo Earrings $300 \ Tp« " J.V:Smith,Son W * . iristmqs /arty '·'.'''Tis the season to be festive, and ; you're the light of. the;{mrty,in- · .*i}bur selection of :Qur dresses . 1 'planned to brighten.little .and f ' $ig.eyeniiigSi.You'll-find here'~j.' : ,;v/?:i'the'; glamourous, colors, -the,':',..., ' · '· -all (jour*charms go : endear- . . ' i'fouch! For party, ; iV ·$]. nigh is ''.before Christ- -.' f :hi'as and after. ( .'".';»,; Choose rtpw from our .( 'new showing. ·,.', 29.95 to 49195 J V. GIVE YOUR HOME NEW CHRISTMAS CHARM ^^, "' _ _ ' / · ; : · .. · · A .^_ A I I M I B K A ' X A A M A I A H H I T i n i r f t . TABLE and FLOOR LAMPS-Wide Selection From SO 95 Bin CHAIRS From OCCASION*', TABLES From r Wh*r» ·!*« can you got So Much. '· for yoiir; monoy.,' FURNITURE and APPLIANCE OPEN SAT. and MOH KIGHTS 623 8th Ave. Phone 1542

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