Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 1, 1962 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 1, 1962
Page 10
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f TRIBUNE Saturday, Dtt. i, mz VU-e 2 Cherubs *J4int fr rom if HCLOIIE CMU»E OlSf All pertaining t» th« H«|*IM Mlumn thaul* k* milled dlrvctry to Htltllt King Ftlturtl Syndicate, ZJ6 C. 4Sth tt. New Vork, 17. rt.Y. Dtar Heloise: Oar house is slocked with children of all ages -- from t to 17. All are in school. They all take their lunches. By the time I feed nine children their breakfast and each comes to the kitchen to make his own lunch, it is an eternal mess! 1 finally figured out the answer to this after all these years. After the family is off to school. I make up a big supply of sandwiches, pui them in small plastic bags and store them in my deep (reeie. I do this at my convenience. Now. when it comes time for school, each child s k i p s or "twists" . . . to the kitchen, towards the freezer, picks out his frozen sandwiches and plops them in his lunch bag. The sandwiches arc frozen when the children leave the house, ana by noon, are completely thawed. This saves Mother a dirty kitchen every morning, plus all of the chaos. On weekends when I find specials at my grocery store on frying chickens . . . I buy ten chickens at a time. On the days when I am in the mooo, I spend »n entire afternoon frying all ol these chickens. f throw the pieces in little plastic bags, twist the ends secure with a, and put them in the deep freeze. One good thing about this . . as each child tires of sandwiches for his lunch and prefers a piece of cold, fried chicken, he can see through this little indivldua plastic bag and know exactl; which piece of chicken he is get ting. It varies the lunch, make. H easier on mother, and no more fights in my kitchen every morn Inj. Mother « * * Dear Heloise: When zippers stick on pillov covers . . . try running som bar soap over the zipper Use in" it will work like magic fo easy opening. Mrs. H.D. use an electric margarine, am )ear Heloise: When we make our mashed po- toes, we use a pressure cooker . It only takes eight minutes cook potatoes in ours. Do Kt drain off the water before ashing. We beater, add ried, skim milk. Our potatoes ire always fluffy and white! Reader * · · e sure to follow the directions or your particular type of pres ure cooker. They take very little ater. Heloise Dear Heloise: You would be surprised ho : much people love this suggestion . JTp make cut flowers last longe .7 . mix two tablespoons of whi distilled vinegar and three te spoons of cane sugar to a qua of water. The vinegar checks bacterl d fuiigiddal action and the su- ir acts as food! Mrs. Anne Bonningson Stands to reason. Heloise ven Johonsen Voted pecker of Evening Sven Johansen was voted speak r of the evening at this week 1 reelcy Evening Toastmaster meeting at the Tea House. Till [ his speech was "Two Yean in Review." Other speakers and their topic 'ere: Al Miller, "Your Equit i Toastermaster Internationa] and Merle Riggs, "The Critic." Topic speakers were: Charle Adams, and Al Klingenbei along with the topic speaker wi ner, Walter H. Schmidt. The general evaluate- wi ieorge DeMarco. Individual evi uators were Dart F. Bates an rale Aune. Grammarian w Clarence Mason. Martin G. Fie was toastmaster. Preston W. Strubel of Greel was elected to membership the group and introduced u new member. Paris policb hive drafted raises. undergarteners The two Cherubs who will ap- ear ia the Colorado State Ul- « Nativity Play at Frasier iieater Tuesday are both kin- rgartners in the College Lab- itory School. Michele Girault is the ctaugb- x of Mr. and Mrs. John Stevens irault. Colorado State graduates, father teaches dramatics ai eeley High School. Her pater- " grandfather is Dr. T. L. Guv ult, chairman of the Board ol rustees at CSC. Her maternal grandfather is r. Kenneth Perry, chairman ol arts division at the college, ho has enacted the shephen le in the Christmas play ever race he was a student at CSC 45 ears ago. The cherub's mother, e former Kay Perry played the le of Mary for a number of :ars. The other Cherub is A l i n e amashita. whose parents have ved in Greeley for the past hrce years. Both are graduate udentf at Colorado State College. Yamashita is a doctoral stu- :nt in biological science sched- ed for graduation at the end of whiter. Mrs. Yamashita will eceive her master's degree in ome economics at the s a m e ime. Both Mr. and Mrs. Yamash- a are from Guam and both are ttending college on scholarships. At Hospital Dismissed from Weld County ieneral Hospital Friday, Nov. 30: larold Hamilton, Evans: Victor 'adilla, 1702 llth St.; Linda Hartey, 1717 5th St.; Glenn Frank 439 24th St. Rd.; Mrs. James Sharrah, Hereford; Jack C. Mil er, 816 27th St.; Mrs. Floyd Mil er, Eaton; Paul Anderson, Rt. 2 leorge Dulebohn, Fort Morgan ilelville Ray, La Salle; Mrs, Jesus Martinez, Fort Lupton; Con ad Bauer, Eaton; Mrs. Lloyi Krieger, 3309 12th St. Rd.; Mrs Albert Weber, 1208 18th St.; Jame Green, 2040 26th St. Rd.; Mrs Carl King, 1804 12th St.; Mrs. Wil iam Burch, 2545 9th Ave. Ct, Mn. James Noreen and daughter Keenesburg; Mrs. Dale Young, 703 7th St.; Mrs. Laura Bowles, 1017 14th Ave.; Mrs. Sam Gates, 1837 12th Ave.; Melinda Salas, Fort Lupton; Kathleen Askew, 1509 12th Ave.'; Robert McKinney, 2117 Sth St.; Francisco Jaramillo, lllVi N." 6th Ave. · ^····^·^·l Extension Home Ag Cub Scouts Mtrwt KnMftr frmcn LM*r*fn At the November meeting of Pack 205 Tuesday oifht in the Maplewood School auditorium, the jwebetos, led by Willis Cline. produced a skit entitled. "The Scouting Ladder." Thow who had roles w«rc Jim Ankeoey, Randy Clue, David Derrington, Clay Gorman, Robert Kelley, Bruce KicktUt, Craig Smith, Steve Willsou, Randy lUtbews, Rodney Cupp, G a r y Smith, Tom Lafferty, T o m m y Baker and Rodney Cupp. Den 6 also presented a skit entitled. "The Old Indian Tale." The boys acted their roles under the direction of their leadcri Mrs. Jack Allnutt and Mrs. Mike Alexander. Den Chief Dan Foe was the narrator. The following boys took part: Bill Alexander S t e v e Allnutt, Tom Casseday David Rady and Curtis Schoon over. The members of a newly organized den were introduced to the Christmas decorations that start with balloons! Shimmering ith color, these openwork balls can be hanging by a delicatt tread. Fully wrapped, ribbon balls turn into fruits to be clustered as a garland. Leaves are also made from the tame satin ribbon, libbon balls of all sizes and shapes, loosely worked or tightly wrapped, are combined into a swag. Pack: Gary Leinwebor, M a r l McPhcrson, Stanley Powell, Tom Weber and Gary Pfeifer. Mrs Ted McPherson and Mrs. Jac Powell are the Den Mothers. New members were taken into the various Dens at this meeting Same ribbon balls cut into flower shapes, become a colorful The attendance award was earn oliday table decoration, Many ther forms ue possible, too. The| rtilfc ibbon can even be wrapped round the animal-shaped balions. How So make ribbon balls. The ibbon used for all ornaments is ie type that 1= the same on both ides and it sticks to itself \nhen moistened. It L' available at sta- ionery, variety stores and party hops. It comes in many colors. Get a package of inexpensive assorted balloons, too. Balloons must be fully inflated to work. Medium-small balloons make large ribbon balls. Wrap ibbon round and round till you lave as much coverage u you want. Moisten and press overlaps o help hold ribbon. Soak ribbon-wrapped balloon with water, let it drip dry (use a broiler pan with rack). Ribbon Ault. Finland may fix beer prices. Period of Adjustment For Expecting Ladles By JEAN SPRAIN WILION ousework. The two-piecers usu- thank hcrSJucky AP Fashion Writer NEW YORK (AP) - "Sunshine or ghadow? Which dear mother, do you choose?" That was the question posed by Lane Bryant in the post-Victorian era to expectant mothers. The young widowed seamstress was pluckily pioneering in the maternilywcar business with her own, for then, revolutionary de sign, a tea gown with a concealed expansion waistline. "Your choice is not easy, we know," the lady's advertisements read. "Embarrassment tempts you to seek the shadows. False modesty urges you to hide. Pridi forces you to unhsalthful dress.' Since those days the matter o choice has switched from the question of sunshine or shadow deciding which of a variety styles the lady-ln-waitlng shoul choose for her many activities. Dowdy Dayt Yet this state of affairs ha been slow in arriving, despit widow Bryant's efforts. Even te · years ago the mathcr-to-be wa limited to a few two-piecer which could be interchanged, an some dowdy wrap aroimds for th ,ly included skirts with ugly kan- aroo holes in front, shapeless mocks long enough to cover the ap. Bathing suits, slacks, shorts nd dinner gowns were out of the tyle picture--a sacrifice a woman was supposed to be glad o make in view of the eventual eward. Purchases of a maternity ward. obe were limited to a few In xpensive garments which at the nd of pregnancy could be burned with ceremony, or passed along rith sympathy to someone else lestined to bow out of the fash. on picture temporarily. A N*w Women Today the average expeclan mother (aged 18-25) purchases a arge wardrobe for all occasion 'rom sports, to working at the ol ice, to glamorous charily balls She buys some for early months other styles for later ones, anc usually hangs onto everything to be worn after her pregnancy a well. With or without bells, the will be just as attractive, as i style for one as they were fo two. Jucky wardrobes for miracle stretch fabrics, and for ~Yenchmen who made the "No 'igure" a thing of fashion and reauty for all. Seme Shifts Paris couturiers created the nift (a sacky waistless dress) ie A-line (narrow at the shoul- ers and tenllike at the hem) nd the empire waist (high round the bosom). These fashion ilhouettes have confused mailers so lhat gossip columnists are fraid to report, on observation liat the stork is on Ihe way. Now a woman has a choice o choosing not really malernit; clothes, or clothes honestly de signed for the job of keeping he secret as long as possible. Newest maternity designs 01 .he scene are suits with a fabri that buttons over the stretch pan el on the skirts. Designer An Paytas has created shorts an bermudas with a simple criss cross construction at two side which adjust. And designer Toni Lynn ha produced bathing suits wit bloomer bottoms and A-linc ove Houses for the lady-in-waitin v/ho definitely chooses the sui hanged to Dec. 5. Mrs. Catherine Greeley will be the men of ustess. . Last week luncheon wa« enjoy* d by the West Side Social Club ncmbcrs at the Farm Fare Res- aurant. Mrs. A. B, Stewart gave ie blessing. Mrs. A. A. Mason, resident, presided. Members de- ded not to meet in December, 'he Jan. 29 hostess will be .Mrs. Mwin Larson. A covered dish uncheon will be served. Election officers will follow. The Woman's Society was re- eived recently by Mrs. S. L. McDonald with Mrs. Ralph McDonald, assistant. Mrs. Edwin Clau- on, president, conducted the bus- ness session. Plans were made o serve a dinner to Tuesday Prog- ess Club members and their lusbands on Dec. 5 in the library lub room. It was voted to send wo blankets to a town in Africa. )ecember teas, Sunday school and :hoir programs were announced. Mrs. S. L. McDonald conducted he worship service taken from She closed By MRS. GRAYCE ALLEN AULT -- Members of Friendly Needle Circle entertained their usbands at dinner at the Star- ite Cafe on Sunday. D. B. Ven- le and Keith Reed were also uests. After dinner the group traveled the home of Mr. and Mrs. jarles Wilson at Grecley. Games nd visiting occupied the after- oon and evening The regular Cnr j, tnio| Ornament! leeting of the club lias been If children want to make Christmas tree ornaments, TV children's! entertainer Shari Lewis is all for it, Let them make a decoration or orated with folded paper animals he created himself. Let Children Moke 'Daily Devotions." with a prayer. Mrs. Sam Andersen, chairman f Friendly Service, was in charge of the program. She spoke on work being done by this group. Honey was voted to be used in this work. The December meeting changed to the 12th rather than the regular datw on Dec. 26. Mrs. Vcrnon Stewart ana Mri. M. Andersen will be hostesses in the Congregational church. Iwo for the family trco. she says, or give them a small tree of their own to decorate completely. Miss Lewis also is very enthusiastic about paper folding--which can be done whether a child is well or ill, rich or poor ami which can result in paper toys, puppets, party favors, little gifts for other children and decorations for the Christmas tree. She gives 'instructions for a mouth-moving fish, which can rcsl on a Christmas tree limb anc come down from lime to lime to 'talk." It's from her new book, 'Folding Paper Puppets." 1. Start with half of a square 2. Bring the lower edge of I hi rectangle to meet the upper edge Crease sharply and open Ilia pa per.. 3. Fold each of the four corner: to the center fold, bo that tin rectangle now comes to a shar] ed by Den 4. Tiie following awards were presented to Den members by E Rady and Frank Case, awards chairmen: Den 1: Brian Derrlng ton, wolf badge, gold arrow; id Purdy, wolf badge, silver and gold arrow; Walter George, wo badge, gold arrow, assistant den ner; David Stroman, wolf badge old arrow; Harold Howell, den ler stripe. Den 2: Mark Florio. gold ai ow under wolf. Den S: G a r Porter, denner; Mike Ferrell, a Utant denner, gold arrow under ion; Randy Wakeman, b e a badge. Den 4: Kevin Cruse, w o l badge; Lee DeBoer, gold arro under wolf; Lloyd Ewing, wo badge; Brian Farr, wolf dcnner; Rodney Ferrell, asslsta denner. wolf badge; Zack Ferrier wolf badge; Dick Harshman. wo badge; Bill Phelps, wolf badge. Den 5: John Springer, gold a row under wolf, denner; Chuc Wiley, bear book, assistant de ner. Den t: Bill Alexander, Iki badge; David Rady, lion badg Steve Allnult, dcnner; Tom Casse day, assistant dcnner: Dan Fi den chief cord. Den 7: Bob Riffe. denner; Ra dy Fuerstcin, assistant dennc Billy Weber, lion book. Den im Allcly, silver arrow unc «ar; Jim Fuller, silver arr nder bear; Dennis Daniels, er arrow under be«r. Joe Hin 350, gold and silver arrow urn ear. Den 9: Gary Leinweber, bo at pin, denner: Mike Coope obcat pin; Stanley Powell, be ill pin; Thomas Weber, boot Gary Pfcifer, wolf badge; lark McPherson. wolf badge, as- istant dcnner. Den 11: Ramly alzman, bear badge, gold arrow, silver arrows, lion book; Eddie Grant, lion badge, gold arrow, 2 ilvcr arrowy dcnner; D a v i d Schoficld. assistant dcnnei Den 12: Mike Monsees, bear PRETTY IIRDi in rainbow hue* pose difficult decision for these two little boyi in tetrch of * linging CfcrWiM* pftiot. The more beautiful the color, the more expensive th* bird. When Buying Child Gift onsider a Singing Pet Most popular gift under the may be · highly pedigreed Km- point at each side. 4. Fold the bottom edge to mee the top edge. The center fold i now on the bottom. 5. With one hand at each cor ner. grasp the paper along th center fold. Roll your hands up w;,rd and toward one another, s that the center of the pane opens and the two points to meet. B. Slip the left point land Hie two sides adjacent to I he Id! point) into the right. 7. Grip these points 'now one within the olhcri in your riyht hfind. This is the fish's mouth, so puich firmly So keep it shut. Place your left index finger on the round section, tap gently toward the points until you have made a distinct indentation Place lhi- fish carefully on the table Wipe your extended lefl index finger river the entire fisli from !.-,;· to 'ail. ll:il- lenini! il. Shnrpc'i 'K: ,:.:! iilils, 8. Tin- tail is t'ii'iilcd inln two fins. Fnld hat'k the very tip ol the upper fin. Turn (he fish over and fold the other fin Ihr same way. 0. (irasp one of these liny tail fins in earn liriiifl awl when you pull your hands apart. Ihe fish's mouth will open. look, denncr stripe; Mike Moek- r, assistant dcnner stripe; Steve Icinle, 1 yr. service star; nil! Porter, bear badge; Terry Drcs- ior. lion book; Oscar Carter, lion book. Webelos: Randy Clinc, sil ver arrow under lion; Rodney Jupp, silver arrow under lion Webelos badge; Clay Gorman Wcbclos badge; Robert Kcllcy Webelos badge; Craig Smith, Web- elos badge; Steve Willson, Wcbe os badge; Bruce Hickctts, Web elos badge. Adult awards went to Mrs Glen Smith, Mrs. Bill Ankeney Mrs. William Porter. Mrs. Pa Heinle, Glen Smith and Bud Fu Icr. They received one year serv Ice stars. Cubmaster Don Gorman, wh hrlstmas tree is likely to be one tat can't be wrapped in sparkling aper. A pet for the children, careful- y chosen with due respect to the ·oungsters' ages and the kind of sldertd in iving the family prefers, is like- pet. Large y to be the star of the holiday. In the easy-Uware-for category are the pets content to ipend most D[ their time in cages. These may I i* hamsters, guinea pigs, para- lects or canaries. Undemanding as UK?)' ire, they seek only an occasional airing, need be fed only once a day, and harbor their cod for later meali if they're nut hungry. Tropical fish are anotlier popular selection because their tank lakes up little room. Stores selling tropical fish however, that the purcliasw begin in a small way with the nearly in destructible guppy. since the more colorful tropical fish are harder to raise. Problems of correct water temperature and tank cleaning may prove too difficult (or young clu'ldrcn caring for the more delicate fish. Later, if the hobby catches on and the young naturalist proves equal to the lask, angel fish, gol h, and zebras can be added. jandsome ai the while rabbii oks in his cage, the gift giver luld do well to give his care b i t of thought in advance eiilly, he belongs outdoors ii large hutch, for he Is a notorl uly untidy animal. And he mus so be protected against marauc g dogs when he's given Ills jir wegian elk hound or SUmesc cat. The size and disposition of the dog, «s well u local laws concerning leashing, mutt ill be considered in enroling such sultabli Dalmatians, Great Danes and collie.-, need a great deal of exercise, and louldn't be given i s e c o n d ought in a built-up neighbor- Mod. Cockers, boxers, daschundi nd many other smaller d o g j make suitable companions in limed quarters. presided at Hie meeting, announc ed that Pack 205 will celebrate its annual Christmas party Dec. 18 Mrs. Willis Cline, who lias bee confined to the hospital, receive flowers from the Pack. Marriage Licenses Manuel ,1. Bravo, ScotlsWuf Nci)., and Jenny R. Itamirc Greeley. Richard Howard Hopkins m F'iitriciii Ann Thompson, boi Greeley. Daryl Dean Kcilh, I'laltcvill and Jill Krirjjfr. .Inlutstown. Cecil R. Wallace and Susan Taylor. Imlh Pueblo. For distinctly, gifts visit E« gait Giftt, 107 llth St.-Adv. Do you ever use zucchini 'Italian' r.fjunsli in a s.ilnfl'.' Tut off thr cnris of ."-mail zucchini HiiH e; blanch in hoilitm wain and chill before adding fo crisp greens. If you like, yog may leave the outside urecn skin on the squash, slice thin ami use as is; in this bo sure to scrub the skin well uith a wq:tatk bru^h. GREAT EXPECTATIONS . . . Fashion (or mnlhcrs-to-be lias come « long way In the purt- 56 years. The girl in Ihe robe-like town ifccond from left) is wearing what is said to be the first matovnify roslunw assigned by tan* Bryant In 1304. Hanking her left to right) arc; a threr-ljcrol thilfon blous« over black velvet skirt by Ton! l.ynn: larr-un suede slacks and print House, and criss-croiS kirt. jeikin ;nH blouse. Ixilii trwlumep by taiol George; gold lame gown with draw string bc-lt, liy Toni l.yrn OPEN SATURDAY AFTERNOONS through Sat.. Dec. 29 B/-RBER STUDIO !''!o KWnh Avcnun K I T C H E N CABINETS Bullt-ln Appllincei WELLER DUMBER CO. R. Dogs and cats still rank as Ih ost popular animal g i t Is hristmas. The pet moy be pick d up for free from a pound, o FOR SALt KEN-L-BI1KET KEN-L.MEAL KEN.L.RATION KEN-L-BURGEP. PUS*-'N-BOOT FRISKIEI , DOG FOOD for All Irtidl M E Y E R BROS. H A T C H E R Y 719 T i n Street 3bJ-3C'l JUST RECEIVED A Laid «l Un| Nttdli Pint CHRISTMAS TREES for !h« DO-IT-YOURSELF FLOCKER MORGAN NURSERY 2200 Rturvolr Rd. JSJ-4442 diamond-like sparkle of the STARLIGHT crystal by GIRARD PERREGAUX Wolth.i Sine* 1791 JEWEI.RY /rr JEWEI (/ 818 Eighth Str«rt nreftcription THARMACY Ijttbfl of Pharmaceutical Elegance O.y or Night PHON! 352-4866 811 Ninth St. Midica! and Surgical Supplies

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