Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 26, 1961 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Page 12
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GKEK1.KY T R i m i N K Thurs., Oct. 2fi, i n f i l at-tik MARKETS By JEANNETTE LYNCH CSU Exttniion Spaciiliit ones, Milnins. unil oilier lender, quick-cooking beef cuts ss now in ri'latitm to roasts than a few weeks ;jjo in ilo. Kewcr tourists menu restaurants buy fewer steaks. rces some ol the supply so thai price tags trend clown- al retail meal counters. Housewives serve more lossts old weather loo. IncrcasciM " ~ " ' ""'· :nd In push up price., (01 | 0 f (mr , T i : ,i| mc; il men rcdu culs. By MRS. F R E D WALKER PIKKCr' -- Snwienlcnd's Hon. or Moll lor tbe' lirsl six weeks. Grades 7-!2. Superior rating, ill A's: Grade 11: Barbara Ik'iikcl, Sandra Ileadlcc. Kiilby l)en Weld Counly Kcal Estate Transfers Hfivenue itomps on real «»tatr i r a n t f f r * are at Iht r a t e ol $1.10 pel thnusind t U/ *~ n A .live lall"'l f''°"' »' e 'Jcioonese Warned iM ,,s gi: , n , Grade 7: Beverly Co/nd, d e c r y ' , ' i' l)alni:iii. Excellent rating, all A ' s ij l c ^, j and H's: sraclc 12: Mary Anri| A { (o i M c F a r l i n ; wade 11: Diana Al- ,,',',,, October 54 J. (;. Taylor to .lames K. Tay ;s il-10, Illoek 15, N u n n ITn-'brMAwts to the nation Iliat m lev . r a i n water MicvH b- drunk he- T /'..-...J C n l t i n i t r ' Tin- fallout, dubbed "ashes of,. tau c it could carry radioactivity To b u a r d Selves dvM . by (Uc Ja]ranMo preBi iS|(o c;irlli A n n i t l S t 1 F a l l o u t Wcclcd to arrive over Japan Anyone caught in a sudden rain m j U l l l b l I U l l U U l , Ki .. (| r Salur(la . ,,. w i m l s Iroin ! sholvcr should immediately b;,lhc Government dm arctic test range where the in lap water, they said, and vegc- '-' '.ilon hydrogen bombilablcs and fruit should be carclnl- eil Monday. 'ly washed before Mug eaten. Meteorological Agency offic'uil TOKYO IAP) scientists Wed. w u i n e d nil 'lap-p anesc to protect themselves indows PIONEER -'iNSlXATlON and * *·: BEATING CO. i2jfi 10th SI Ph EL a ainst expected heavy radioac-.warned in radio a McFarlin; yradc kire: grade !0: Hetty Ualinan Marbara Drown, I.orcnn Co?nd. Collet llcinzei grade 9: Gail IJal- man, Patrick McKenzie, Hand) G i f f i n ; grade 8: Verlyn Schlagel AHomo P. l.ujan lo Kobovl Priclo. part of Section Jj-S-W. 1 . licv, S.5S. Miller \V. KcSlcy and I.eona V. Kelley to Paul Griebc nnd Hox- clla Uriels, l.ol 4. lilock 11. Wilshire 4lh. licv. $1.10. William Schalter lo Ralph prices on the problem cuts u n t i l l |,; n( | a Sue llusch. Ddmar Hhoad somclxxvy buys them. Sniiielim-« ;lnn cr. Palsy L e a f ; grade 7 : ^ ( of Scdi(m Dunne Drown, Hobcrl T c r r yl $) J. 1 j Kerbs, Linda .lo Archiheflue, l.yn-, w ; hiam ' F seller lo Earl K.I , , , -, , - . - - - . . . Ja Conger. Carl a Monla. i Klino ind Flsie H Mine part of ! lers in the heavily pupu-jhavc to carry the piicc hurilcn Ml . -,,.,]· Mrs Hicliard Iliegcn , V ,! . , , , ! . enlral and tt.Mcrn Unilcdju, insure thai maikelers stay in I , ' ^^ avc lllc fnrcn(s o[ a Section 3 -^ ,. c-v^ . n. Colorado packers nnd re .|ihc business. (] h((1 , llonl at U!K | vi , 1e Hos-l An " L j/^f t 1ot \ have prnblenis loo. IxKal, · · · ' ^ on od , 5 x ,, s . M n r y ;' '' Bonlla UllCgJ ' ' I'nr consumers this adds up t o : ' """ N i] .iv's coolers are crowd^d^amb brensl, shank and neck won't oblem meat cuts," is Hie sc |i al all. Meanwhile llic more word from retailers a n d i p u p u l j i r steaks, chops and ruus:; heavily pupu-jhavc to carry the piicc burden ' I Buy-of-f he-Month BEDROOM SIIITil i sometimes trim oil the pillar brisket, plate. Hank. Boiling merits .ire- often bargains nent, hiiinbuigei or eornedl'i'lic lean nival is less expensive riskel, for instance. Mosl and jusl as full of food value as that [rum the more dear, more IKipiilar en's. Beef plate, frequent . . ly seen a'. 15-19C fr |»und, b c e f . ' f 1 brisket, liirnb breast, rihlels, neckl*_ a ; slices, even tuneless beef slew over MRS. CHRIS KOENIG (VJOll - Talk was given PTA meeting . Illock 20, Grcelcy. licv, $13.20. Shaw Homes Inc. lo Henry " y ' Jackson liedus and Mary -Sylvia °" k ' M Lot 21, Rlock 5, Brent, p . lr) . Knc]cy _ 1{e v. , r m n _ Jr3 at; ' } )V . arc moderate »P nmed Aha?., w h o is studying! »K recipes. Ahaz °" you wish. ., lorado Slate Colleg introduced by Mrs. Max tson. a member ot the pro! . committee. He told of| "ITM tilings in his native Pak-'° r bmo barbecuing ideas. CiU at before cooking if , , »" Sl TM kci l llam ls TM' cluc thal Cowrl is tlic grandmother. She has been named Je.inctle Kay. Mrs. William Carlson lained al a eollce last week. Mrs.I Jim Cozari anil Mrs. Tom Eng-j Dssislcd. The offering. $35,! given lo Ihe church build-' ig (und. K. C. Phillips, K n r l Annis and Richard Babfock lefl last week on a hunting; trip in the .Hide area. Mrs. Annis nnd Carol Sue p ] and Mrs. Hancock spent Hie week; with their mother and grand-mother, Mrs. Phillips. | By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Visitors at the Fred W piker j Various culs of beef continue to Beef Again (Top Meat Value He also answered qucS' Among Ihe varied topic; urhod on were family liv low incomes, heavy rnins . morlalilv, r'lid ntoilcrn . B r f n r e . l l i e PTA iKukcr had lieen r n l e r t a i n c d . j i t has c\lra inoisturc added. Pack- !|ers thai pass Federal inspcclion ''have lo label their cured pork 'imitation" lure in excess of original weight. Snmc Colorado packers l AJrs. M;ir- i not 'Isuch picnic t S.11UI1 IMLILHJ I L i i l L J a . I iit^ti iiiv/ui ,nd had been taken , lam |)rullll( . ls ave relatively new home recently were her rousin.'lcad the bargain lisl in many su Mrs. Milton Sohn and her hiis- ;1 ci market and neighborhood gro band of Paradise. Calif. They harl'cory stores been visiting; al Golden and plan-|turl;eys am. ,, . _ ncd to eoniiniie on lo Atlanta, Ga.,'chickens offer slroiii! compelilion arc nol where they will visit friends. '· The steady run o beef bargain Mr -mil Mrs C B Veden.reflects commercial production in visited ' ,1 the home ofjAugust and September uinnin, Mrs Phyllis Veverka in Welling-lslnshlly above a year ago 1. s ' .production pirlnre is expected to tf* ^\ ^ M^ TRAVEL KIT iC ^·^··a Rich American Walnut Veneerj Give This Suite a Look of Elegance! m ^gfi ''-~~~ ^^t licse moist tour of the lien Blake (aim las in'.eivslrd in the cattli farniir.;! methods, ei|wcially Ion. in most Co'oiado stores. Have von l;is'.cd one? Tell j o u r meal man; visited her parents, Mv. and · oil Veep' ihovlng nee pac IWng : Vi. Walerp .dihondy ondsoiy lo { [ rubbirilta Unoln: »'· Brown - what vou ol it. Most picnic iiams sold here are cooked. By law, they can- conlnin moisture in excess heavy machinery, lie r x - j i to ix'luin lo be a leather] is own ramlry. ' f n l l v s. Cliff Coodwinc has been no .~ irceley Hie past two weeks, u [ origilK ,l weight. o[ the lime helping care 1 he new granddaughters. The -s were !orn Oct. ir l i Mr. Mrs. I.arry Nofisinger. Tlicy ii.nmed Carol and Sheryl n. ·; nnd Mrs. Earl Cornwell ·iaincd at a family dinner .ay in honor of his mother, | Inez Cornwell. whn Iclll Dillon Says Inflation Is Threat To Dollar . · ,. .''niosl plentiful in Ihe sontInvest George Andei'sor, over the week-.__ d In ^ wcs , nroi;crs and fr y crs end. Small Joe returned wilii,. r c s , h( , M ]lc| . j n snme mar . his mollicr nflcr spcndniK a «' cck ! kc j s with grandparents. ; M j al cxpcrls sm ,g cs t Ihe long- \VSCS was received by M"-; torm [fsnA is likely lo be higher T. F^. dallalm al her home r P-!f or (nrkoys. since farmers are ^.cutting back production sharply ibecause of low prices. i\^ ,- \r^f **t '*. '*/ Day of Prayer. This talc l Round"nnd chuck roost are lliei ^..j -- _ . - ,. - . . , ,, , . . . * _ . l U V - t \ I U U . - 1 u . o *..^ place al Ihe church slarlini al]j Q p jj CC { cu(s j n (] le norlheast.l 2:30 p.m. It was learned lliar w hj] e sleaks gel a play in lhe| ' l l i c WSCS of Eaton Mcl'indisllsoudjpasi and some loin cuts are |chui l ch will conduct a churchMown ? to 5 cenls a pound in tlie WASHINGTON (AP)--Secretary| wide school 'of missions everylLos Angeles area. ani id! . liacon also is n prime item on ZIPPER BAG of the Treasury Douglas Dilloni Sunday evening in January, Blue convai bdg.holdl IPs iKqpt Ihoniti i- -- - lo iprlng ilr^ Rubbtriicd inlcrior. 16' Perfect for bnby needi, frome. long, travel. good buy, loo, 1S! pressures." | collection will be t n k o n nl | sons. Mr, and Mrs. Gaili \)]\\ m sa iJ thai "unnecessary i annua i Christmas luncheon. Mrs.| --,,,,- -- - ,, . ·k and Mr. and Mrs. Harry .,,.;,, ilK .,. oasC s now could serimis-| Ve| , lon B .-iinmonle bad the de-,with some sizes diwn 3 lo 5 cents ,,s of Fort Collins. ' ;ly harm our international Irade, ^ al1(1 Mr , K o r m a B _ K°TM'^^^^TMTM Union Porter returned homclposition by pricing our goods out ndav after a w-eck in Chil-| 0 r foreign markcls." n's Hospital in Denver wlierel In a speech prepared for a sav- wr.s taken w h e n he wiis hit'in^s bond sales conference, Dillon a pickup at llic home of his enls. He received emergency .iment for a collapsed lung 'pressure." said inflation here could make the dollar "a target for speculative .imen or a . Greelev before going to Den-: While (he secretary said (here [are no present signs of inflalion," of Mr. andi'ie added that both 'management arol Clark, son U i ..* I s I esler Clark, has been dis-laml labor should ibcil from Memorial llospilalllhcir individual Cheyenne, Wyo., where be "ceds" and · use Ihe lesson on Church." Portions "This is l0 ^tAR Goorontee NVtrio' on H LMime Plastic Tops Boefy Scratches, Sta^ ·HP' 1 /^-c f.**- vt*' m ^ ·-: i j .. .. ,^ --r:·/:..' ' % r POLISHED* BRASS PULLS .^ ^s,-' r/-,: nils is ,ny. --- · · · - , " of the lesson;cents a dozen less thar, a taken by Mmes. William Carlson, Harold Buchanan Baiamonle. Assisting the hostess were Mrs. Wylic Kennedy and Mrs. Buchanan. Mrs. Karnest Bjorklund of Wheat Ridge was guest. She was a member o' ago after slight cuts this week. Besl buys among vegetables are cabbage, cauliflower, onions, potatoes, s«ect potatoes, carrots imd squash. In the Southeast, Florida sweet corn is still allrac lively priced, loo. | Other good buys included toma- 1 "look'.beyond ^" scs wlc " thc ' livcl1 in ricre( '"ilocs, snap beans, lettuce, peppers, and immediate! Dinner guests of Mr. and Mf s -| cucum bers, celery and broccoli, self-restraint to James Kinney lasl week werej S e a s o n a l spe (.i a lti es include lur- $: 2x5 Ft RUG i ! · i ;,,;,,,·;,,- IOI11V co.iin ii-suii j u SI;I.UM^ f » " i I'!'. "··" I L- ·· . . . illip:e 1!1 1"" C :;-,, · fl . om abroad but could dam-Und Mr. and Mis. T. E. Gallatin, Tiwre are many bargains in as ·iuding a broken neck. lie wil | · ^ ^^ econonly . wcnl (i shing Saturday and Sun- S0 rlcd typos of cheese. rd lo r e t u r n lo the hospital | I ()av on the Po'.idre and ;it Cham-i Top fruit buys appear lo be ap- · further therapy from l i m e,. . " D .. /""Ulof 'bei's I.ake : p'es, oranges, grapes and grape- time, although he is making a|JV(6W r O I I C G V ^ n l c T I A numlicr O f ricrce people at-lfruil. Pears and melons are good od recovery. \f^r r\ n -., nv 'T n fio friended the bazaar and dinner'buys, too, while tbe cranberry 'lie newly formed chapter ofiVJT U e n V c r I U ,,, W-lo lo°P d "^ n ' , bb .r bocVed for ««« "A held installation for its nine- en members in Hie school li- ,iry Monday nighl. lx;e An- leilClcU tt't Urtii^ol HUM **·"« -- · t "*~j "i · -- 1 . - - - i - by the Carr Indies Aid last week, crop is expected lo be large. Mrs. Mary Co?ad and three, Goid-piate B a d g e , -^ . and . . . M ,,,· DENA'ER (AP)-The man who «'TM8"' -... _ H wmt to c , imax ·i?on slate president of FFA, lakes over Denver's police deparl-|B (he Cozads saw as speaker of Ihe evening. His|mcnt during the current "TM c |' .- (i ' rst , imc ,],_ nc wcst .bject .-as. "The Present Trendjscandal can expect a special TM-j lheir [amil Jeanct t e p ' i,. · i Fat-mill"." InslallinR were of-lduccment. .. ,, = x l U T f Y l O n I N U.S. To . rr « nf !!- N»» niiiig vvci c wi-.uuvjviin..!.. »» naymcr Chap-l A gold-plated badge costing Smock,' president ;JS1 12.50 was ordered Wednesday esident; Tom by Safety M ana ge r John M. leacter. was installed as advisor. Tlie meelir,=: was a t t e n d e d by p eats .and f r i e n d s , '[he ! |who retired earlier this monlh fol- ect al \s r.A'Ll is:v^v r r i\ u v j a 1 . have. woiked nn lo raise money. 0 1 1 5 ' .,,. ..ic expense o! Ilieir chapter w a s unloading coal for the school. idcd bv riaJlowuig the state's disclosure tha, ^..71TM-I more .than two score patrolmen FF\ boy i wcrc involved in crimina! °P cra " Smart new foam rubbi comfort. Slu.dy con Oth« Suites as Low as 9995 **--** Plan your modern bedroom around this money-saving suite of genuine American walnut veneers! Features marproof plastic dresser and chest top. Drawers duslproof, center guided. Eye-catching brass pulls. Two-way tilting mirror. Suite includes bookcase double bed, chest, triple dresser with sliding door. Buy on Thrifty Pay! ^ :S ms ** vfs DUST- PROOF LDRAWERS; Huge 52" Triple Dresser Features a Sliding Door and rwoDrawer-Trays! NO DOWN PAYMENT 2.25 Per Week, Payable M o n t h l y 3-Pc. LUGGAGE SENSATION! VPc. ' i Acts W ^w BRYAN", Tex. (AP) -- A Texas isman Kay Rieger. Tri-Five Extension Club rccenl- BnY/| ly met at the home of Mrs. s ai«i co ,, gressman says t h e United Scheller. Mrs. Pearson, mother.. ( . tes wjl| h a v e a man in orbit of Mrs. Scheller, was a guest.j by Dcccrn ber and men on the] Officers elected are Mrs. Sam. n ' oon by 1W9 | Scheller, president; Mrs. Art Bal-, Rep O y m E Tcague, I)-Tex., man, vice president; Mrs. 'fatsu| 5a j (] Tuesday in a speech Lhat the Matsuda, secretary; and xlrs ···-- ·-"- --'"- '-1! -- i:r,!i«rf con Crom, treasurer. Th ,,.,, voted on county officers and l moo n in a capsule by 1969. filled yearly repor.s for tbe coun- 1 , S.c.1 M° Dull onJ VJealhti^ in*! f ^ Reversible Urethane FOAM T-Cushion 3£-; ;-i-rJCiS«i ·--^i.-*^.^^ m?3 jftgj Sv 'offela or V, mylj -. '-(-SV ,··, 'm$. Lined for the expense o! their chapter i y f a q o n Train SIlOW bp :cl:Ool '- .- · ^ f . l._ They earned S*. ,Switches Networks Beet harvest is nearly com-' XF.W YORK (AP) --"Wagon| p'.rlcd. Only or.e iarnierr has nol .Train." NDC's hour-long dramatic finished pullinc. witii slow ciown series which (or five years has - _ - f ( s due to machine breakdown. Yield been or.c of the most popula^ me is no! as good as other yearf.'shows in television, will move to bill open weather ha* a'.iowcd'ABC r.exl fall, the taller nelwork a short season. announced. I.con Crom, treasurer. The ckib| S , a t cs to f 0 n ( ] three men to th tilieo ycany ic^..^ .- , Teogue, a member of Ihe Space iv chairman County day will hc.Committee, said the tentative Nov 14 at Grceley. Mrs. Phil-'date for the United Slales lo pul| lip Kennedy and Mrs. Crom gaveja man in orbit around the earth t h P """?. S.'lT'Sn S iS ,^*.n S ,on. an official oHbe N-ov 7 at Ihe town hall at which National Aeronaiilics and Space ' ' w ill he Ihe project. !|fcliL [choice of VANITY] or TRAIN CASE NO MONEY DOWN! 95 declined lo com menl. , a tmilterto transmitter 10 Let PROCESS YOUR DEER OR ELK! Old Gasbar Location North oi Spud Chips on South 8th /We. CALVIN TALBOTT gre a t damage to trees p-m. cl , radio) KHARTOUM -- Over 150 Ger- ·ciipinc to help man firms are expected to ex- if the hibit products at a West G e r m a n auses industrial exhibition in the- Su- Idan in November. US Ftr W Payokl* M Fashion-right grey or blue luggage include! 24' Pullman, 21' overniter ond 14' train or 16' vonity case. NO MONEY DOWN Canes Crutches Folding Wheel Chairs $110 and up Folding Walkers $100--5118 Rental: $10 per month · Bed Tables · Commodes ^B *r*^ ^r · ^^ Tfl^^^^^^^ ' _»escripuon 'HARMACY 811 N I N T H S T - C R E E L E Y . C O L O . Modern PLANTER STAND 495 Call attention to plant! and b r i c - a - b r a c , . . lher«'i handy itielf '« o radk,1ool Openwwtt Jop lh«lf; extra rigid lower, jhelf. AH m«tol. 25*7x24". -^ sf-an. tt * m «n^i t ·** i T WHITE or BLACK FINISH \ All-Feature Swivel Rocker Covered in Cadon Nylon Gambles Low Price 1.55 f.rW..V, M»Hly King-siie swivel ro-:ker value offers king-size com-' fort to cradle tvery inch of you! Shape retaining foam cushion; zip cover. Rigid hardwood frame. Natural, brown or sage gre;en nylon fabric. .V

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