Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 11, 1957 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 18
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Tools of Crabgrass Hater Are Legion; None Work InblASAi'uUb -- This is (he season over much of the United Stales when crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) takes over lawns and waves its spiky seed liivdi contemptuously at eradication at- Icinpis. It can be eliminated. There arc 1-uisons which will kill il if applied often enough, thoroughly enough, and in a vacuum where no seed hops over from the neighbors' untreated yard. Crabgrass also can be controlled by shooting off the decumbent rooted-iit-every-nodc stems with broadheaded arrows, by d y n a m i t - ing, or paving the yard with asphalt. Imposing Credentials After f i g h t i n g a 10-vcar losing battle with this crab-legged weed, 1 sal down last week and applied lo Ihe problem the full power of B brain that invented the unlosablc golf ball (il emils puffs of smoke). Now, lliere undoublcdly are people who are color blind, monotones or malhcmnliciil morons. Bui every man is a polcnlial inventor. Il's just a mallei- of organization -- deciding exactly what needs inventing. In this case, a natural enemy of crabgrass obviously was needed. There arc Ihiek-growing lawn Brasses which will choke il oul hul Ihcy're expensive and a long-lime cifre. Takes work lo establish, too. Flooding? Won't work..Crabgrass thrives so well on heavy walering lhat it's called walcrgrass in some localities. , Dehydration? r Crabgrass sometimes is the only greenery on a drought-hit golf couVsc or pasture. Well, doesn't anything ever put crabgrass oul of business? Weakness Revealed Yes! "Crabgrass gets a lale slarl evsry .spring -- behind bluegrass and olher uerrenial herbage -- and it vanishes every fall after seeding the ground thoroughly for, next year's crop. s And why docs it live its life cycle In Ihe hot months? Because it can't Gland freezing, Here you have followed the authentic golden thread of invention. The next slop was obvious. ·I made a box with a flooring of coarse wire netting and a light cover. I filled Ihc box with dry ice and dragged it slowly over my acreage of crabgrass. In the true scientific mclhod, I let the box set In some spots for S seconds, in others for 10, 20 and 30 seconds. Every crabgrass leaf sparkled wilh frost. Soma of the tips auickly look on the apearance of wilted lettuce. , It was another triumph of mind over mailer; Ihought.over brute energy. , Very Scientific Failure Unfortunately, three days later, Husbands! Wives! Get Pep, Vim; Feel Younger ThousaDds of counlcl art weak, wnrn-onb, cihausled because body lacks iron, tor new ounRer feelinc nller 40. tryOstrcr Toni younRer Tablfls. hijh-polencv Ostiex suppli m-sleTi 4 II)! ' lit Economy size, sa . Tor new p«p, vim; plui do=e ViUmio B:. fn a smelt d« : -. as much irnn BJ 16 doz. raw l liver, 16 Ibs. of beef. 3-day size coil. l.lUe-ojJv r,3(. Or 51.67. All druesuU. he crafigrass was growing as luxuriantly as ever. Anybody who wants lo borrow Jic screen-bottom box is welcome io experiment with dry ice applications for 407 60, 100 and 20,000 seconds. The going price'here is 10 cents pound. Iff Wells Are Meet on the High Seas Dry Run D E N V E R , Colo, un - The Denver Wailrcss and Barlcnder school trains only tcctolalcrs. "Absolutely no alcohol is permitted on the premises," says Donald Howe, the man in charge. "Smoking is forbidden, loo." 'Clubs and restaurants desire personnel who arc able to mix any. of hundreds of fashionable concoctions quickly, adroitly and without \ynsle," Howe explains. "We leach our classes by using bottles containing water." The students spend the first three of about 50 class periods learning all of the trade's equipment. "Only Ihcn are they allowed to attempt their first Manhattan," Howe says. Year in West DENVER ifl _ Wilh the months of usyai hish-ievei activity slut; ahead, operators have completed 1.605 vieKs in 10 western slates in the first 5 months of this year. Nearly hajf were successful wells with 536 oil properties and 245 gasjeri. Petroleum Information reported Tuesday. Colorado, the usual leader in total completions from month lo month, slipped behind both Wyoming and western Nebraska. The state figures, showing total completions and oil and gas successes, follow: , Wyoming, 323, 148, 17; western Nebraska. 322, 100, 0; Colorado 1319, 55, 26; northern \ew Mexico, 290, 56, 105; Mon'ana, 135. It, 1; North Dakota, 110, 67, 0; U t a h 70, 32, 4; South Dakota, 22, 0, 0; Kansas, 6, 4, 2; Nevada, 2. 0, 0. The industry publication tailed these latest activities Tuesday, June 11. 1957 CREELEY TRIBUNE Paf* I Henry DUX Nine members were Moncy present and Mrs. Albert Snyder ol · Eaton was club guest. Mrs. John Itoscberry, conducted Gone NEWARK, Calif, m -- Bulchei- -? j James Underwood's customti: , . , . . .. . , vuleJ ^"'tlMln'l E et the pork chops he paid' | hold next meeting July 11 rather 'f e r jihsn recular dale, July J. Time; | ns i cadi Undorwood lold Now- I was changa! iro:n S:jo until z : a r k policej a c | osms . rllsh custom . i ° clocl ' 11 . |cr look home a neatly wrapped Attendance award wont 10 Mrs. ] p a c k a g e o{ woo - m currency Henry Rusch. Mn. MA. Bach- Asking policc he , in H - K strum had a gifl from her secret I f c a c k , Underwood cxnhLned hi-M I Mrs. Pcrlc Pranlz had charge !of games played and high score was made by Mrs. W. D. Kurth wrapped Ihe bills to keep in bis cash register overnight. The package he took from tie resistor next moniins contained of Grecley and second high prize j j w o choice chops. The 34,800-lon British aircraft cirrilr HMS Ark Royal, enroute to International Naval Review at Norfolk, Va., passes Ihe Mayflower I I on the high seat. The nplica of the original Mayflowar is bound for Plymouth, Mait'. The photo WM made from a htlicopltr baiad aboard the carrier, Juna 7. (AP Wirephoto). in Crook counly, 3 miles southeast of Ihe Donkey Creek Field. Now Mexico -- M c R a c Oil i Gas.comphtcd the No. 1 Federal dc- well in San Juan county for 15 ; million cubic feet of sas and 150 Controversial Case The death of Mrs. Naka Sakal, above, on a U. S. Army firing range in Japan last January Is the reason Army Specialist 3/C William Girard of Orrawa, III., is facing a trial in Japanese court on charges he was responsible for her death. She was killed by an emply cartridge case reportedly fired from a grenade launch* er by Girard. (AP Wirephoto) ,-' WHAT'S DIFFERENT _^ % /* about Jacobsen Rotary Mowers? N \ / We've ucen m all, from etam U stern, and believe ua Ihera'i a big difference in Jacobsen. For tall paw or weedi, for every type of lawn or terrain, JacobMn i Rotary Mower* are made for top performance and durability, Here are a Taw of the feature! that have made Jacobsen the leader in rotary mowera... $99,50 HI U NOW-- our eomplcl* line of Jacobsen Power Mowerg. Generous tmdc-in allowances, convenirnt terms or lay-away plan. Coll today Tor a free dcmonstratioD on your own lawn. as advertised in and POST ELLIS and CAPP EQUIPMENT CO. 508 8th Ave. Phone 1346 Montana -- A m e r a d a Petroleum , barrels of oil per day. The well has completed its Ihird discqycry j i s in Ihe Fulcher-Kutz Field and well in Sheridan counly. The No.'(.he pay zone is the Dakota. An- l Ruegsegficr flowed 293 barrels] other San J u a n well, El Dorado of oil and 157 barrels of water per! Rcfinina's No. 1 Walker, was com- day from the Silurian formation i plctcd for HI barrels of oil and at 9,067-71 feet. Gulf Oil is taking].150,000 cubic feel of sas per day core samples below 12,620 feel a l l from Ihc Gallup at -1,963-5,007 feel. Utah -- M. 0. English and associates have staked location for the No. 1 Colemnn, the firsl of five wildcals they plan in Du- chcsne counly. This well is IH-i miles norlhwesl of Havcnslrile Oil's Ule Trail discovery well. Oil shows have been reported at Iwo Anclh Field wildcals in San Juan county -- .Reynolds Mining's No. 2 Halch Unit and Skclly Oil's No. 1 Parks. vas received by Mrs. Jacob Has- rouck Jr. Club fiuesls were Mrs. Marshall Sloncstrect and Mrs. Carl iandcn. Current Broadway plays was roll call lopic answered by 12 members. ils No. 1 Blackfeel-Fcderal in Glacier county. The Mississippian sand was topped at 12,355. North Dakola -- The No. 1 Fossum in BotUncau counly was completed for 137 barrels of oil and )6 barrels of water per day from the Mission Canyon formation at 3.974-80 feet. The operators arc Carter Oil and Phillips Petroleum. Texas Oil got 106 ban-els of oil in 12 hours from 9,466-80 feet al its No. 1 Kerr in McKcnzie county. Nebraska -- A 2-hour drillslem lesl of the J sand at 7,148-53 feet in the No. 1 ^ Bourlier brought 5,870 -feet of clean oil. The Kimball counly well is being drilled by Lewis Bros., Sluarco Oil and Carver Dodge. SkeUy Oil completed the.No. 1 Rodman well in Ihe same county for 184 barrels of oil per day from the J sand, topped at 6,316 feet. Colorado -- Petroleum, Inc. iwabbed dose to 20 barrels of oil an hour at ils Weld counly well, No. 1 Peterson-I. The perforations were at 6,576-79 feet in the D sand. Phillips Petroleum's No. 1 Mannel well in Rio Blanco county, which last month set a Colorado record for deep driling has been pushed below 16.000 feet. The target sand is the Weber at about 17,000. Wyoming -- oil recoveries ranging from about 1314 barrels an hour lo 64 . barrels per day have been obtained from three zones at the No. 1 Ferguson-Govt well in Campbell c o u n t y . The zones were belween 6,968 and 7,088 feel. Farmers Union Ccnlral Exchange has lh« weH. True Oil is at 6,100 feet at its No. 1 Butler Will Be Ready Next Spring COLORADO SPRINGS Un -- The Air Force hopes to have esscntia facilities at the Air Academy completed by next spring, according lo John Ferry, special assistant for installations lo Air Secretars James Douglas. Ferry inspeclcd the academy sile Monday and'conferred on con struclion progress with Col. Albcrl E. Slollz of Ihe Air Force Academy Construction Agency. Ferry arrived here by. air Sun day. He said Sen. . Gordon Allott (R-Colo) and Rep. J. Edgar Chen oweth (R-Colo) cancelled plans lo accompany him at the last, minute due to Ihe press of. business in Washington. Ferry, 59, is responsible for all construction work" carried out. by the, Air Force. Ferry sai'd he is confident cadels will be moved lo Ihe permanent academy site by the fall of 1058. Girard Fiancee Upset Ault Warden. President, Mrs. Will McWilliams presided and opening devotions were read by Mrs. R. J. Copes on lopic What We Have, AULT -- Tuesday Progress club | ( a ken from Daily Devotional. Mrs. Elton Doughty accompanied group singing of the Sunshine song. Gifts of money were received from the church board and Woman's society. President, Mrs. went to Mrs. Sam Andersen. Mrs. Reuben Stugart was given a pink and blue shower and received many cifls which she opened and displayed. Mrs. Ben Ilclzcr will he Ihe next hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Warden and children, Charlenc, Charles, Margie and Bcrnif. were dinner guests of Mr, and Mrs. Norman llolslc and f a m i l y of Forl Collins Friday. Olher guesls were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alherlson, Mrs. Charles Alberlson of Burns and Vern Alberlson of Fort Collins. Vcrn Albcrlson was among graduates from CSU Friday evening. Calvin Holsle accompanied the Warden family here Friday lo spend several days with them and his grandparents, Mr, 2nd Mrs. li. J. Copes. I .H U IIIU1L iccrs and members for their co- operalion during Ihc club year and ;avc a special thanks lo Mrs. Mar- iorio liicdel lor her assislance. Leltcrs from slate president, Mrs. Frasier, staled lhat largely due to a report on international affairs given by Mrs. Gail McCall, Colorado- Federated clubs, won n stale award. Mrs. Ricdel gave £n interesting report on stale convention of federated clubs held in Eslcs Park. Attending convention from Ihc club were Mcsdamcs Rlcdel,.K. D. Jordan. J. D. Sivers, S. L. McDonald, Edwin Clauson, Eric Hyde and Earl McCall. Mrs. Lillian Sandcn was 1 charge of program presented Mrs. Kenneth Quayle who reviewed Tale Blainc's book Molhcr Sir. Mrs. Byran Page will be hosless for Ihc J\ily summer roundup meeting. Sunshine circle mel in home of Mrs. E. H. Kcllcy. Guests were Mrs. Fred Hoffner, Mrs. M .F Oeslerle and Margie and Bernie CARD OF THANKS i l ' E A K R l l \\V W:MII (o tlmiik all of our friends am] n?if;lihors for being to k i n d and lhnui;hiriil through the IOIIK Illness ol our husband, fnther, und brolher. Also for the Invcly cards, flowiirt, food, nnd all Hint was done ib help ill , [lirnncli our receni tiortavemeuL ' May Cnd Mesn nil of you. ?· Mrs. Frli-ilii Speaker and f n m l l y Mr. a n d Mrs. J. A. Milberger T01111 Thnnk you for rill your kindness and for (he b e n u l i f u l flowers, and cards lhat expressed your sym- p a t h y in our retient sorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Graydon Todd and fRmily Presidenl, Mrs. J. D. Sivcrs, con-1 McW illiams, and vice president, ducted the business mcelmg. She| M r s j j Nl|wen werc rc . elccled expressed her ( h a n k s lo all of- or ncxt six months Reports for past monlb included 30 greeting cards, 24 calls, four planls. three sprays, three bouquets and three gifts. Rcporls were given on Mrs. L. M. Campbell and Mrs. Adllinc Nichols who are ill. The laltcr is i ,n Weld Counly General hospital. Mrs. Hoffner read a memorial story for entertainment. Next meeting will be a picnic in local park at 1 o'clock July 10, ralher lhan Ihc regular dale. Mrs. Kellcy will have program. KeUey joined Ihc group for the social hour and refreshments. Mrs. R. J. Copes and her house- guests, Mrs. Charles Warden and children, Charlie, Margie and Barnie, were" luncheon guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Huitt and daughter, Debbie, of Brush. Charlene Warden accompanied them here after spending several days visiting in the Huitt home. Olive Branch Social club mel Thursday afternoon with Mrs The'lnstant Taste' is gone! . . - · · - " ^jSlnstant Folgeii Coffee Sinner's Beet and Bean Weeders PROFITS -CLEANER CROPS Weed right in the rows where other tools won't -- gives you cleaner crops while growing, more profits at harvest. --Used in AH Major Beet Growing: Areas-ELLIS -CAPP EQUIPMENT C-Q, 5?8 8th Av.e. Phone 1346 IS/IOi Haru (Candy) Sue/a ma, holds an Associated Press Rediop..olo of the mother of her fiance. Army Specialist William C. Girard, as she prepares to visit him, June 9, at Camp Whittington, £0 miles out- tide Tokyo. Girard/ 21, of Ottawa, 111., is to be tried by a Japanese court in connection with the death of · Japaneie woman on a U. S. firing range. (AP Wirephoto via radio from Tokyo). Million Dollar Fire M HOLIDAY tCDWI Clouds of imoke almost obscure tne Wfit;o i bros. Transportation Co., heidquartcri at Omaha, Neb., June 8. A company ·pokerman ·itimattd Ion at more than one million dolltrs. Th« building Is located In a warthoute ditlrlcl. Wation's it one of the natlon'a largut trucking firms. (AP Wirephoto). "He sure knows how to pick 'em! Brldeimald: You in ran Lucille ... or ire yon talking about their OldgmobiJe? Bait Mom Boili! But I was rrally looking at ihcir car. WhaL a htaulyl Brldoimaldi They pure arc a lucky couple. B«st Mont And smart, too. Thai Olds coed ICES than you'd think. It has piylc l h a L will stay in style. TTif-y get real comfort . . . a Mondcrfcl ride . . . ind the big Rocket Engine . . . . Brldaimoldi She looked rv Inrtly . .. Bait Man; They'll really find oul bow smart they arc lo own an Olda al irade-in time. Why. an Olds brings a belter price lhan loia o/ ihe most eipensive earn, tren afler a coiiplfc of years of use. Brldaimaldi You kuov what I vjtsb? I wish that someday . . . Bolt Man: That you can own an OMe? Don't waste your wished. Let's take a ride in my Golden Rorkct 88, Maybe your drcams'll come true feonnrr than you ripocL S E E Y O U R A U T H O R I Z E D O L D S M O B I L E Q U A L I T Y DEALER , . ^ r *-

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