Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 7, 1955 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 10
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1'age 10 iv'i'rtlllUiNE Wedrfeqdny, Dec. 7, 11)55 All Records (or Rocky Mountain Region Drilling To Go This Year Btf «V -- All records for drilling oil' and gas wells in 11 l.latcs of the Rocky Mountain-high plains region witl be smashed this year In the first 11 months, 4,184 wells were completed--only 19 short af t!i£'l95l fis»re jot 4.20S, which it- folf was a record. Petroleum In- iormation. a private surveying Forvicc which supplied the figures, estimated .the total for 1955 completions will run close to 4;700 Vdk ' However, operators are running into more dry jvells t'J' year. Last year's percentage . of successful wells was 55 per cent, based on 2,329 producing wells.' Up to Dee. 1, this yaar's percentage is 47 per cent, based on 1,936 successes. . Colorado is far ahead of the other 10 stales in 'lola'l completions with 1,341, which include 372 successful oil wells and 70 gas wells. New Mexico, bccavse of its nuincr- ouS gas wells, has the top success percentage of just under 90 per cent. FREE I'ltlZRS · FftERKIZKS · FREE PRIZES IT'S OUR 10th ANNIVERSARY Come to our pen House Saturday, December 10 . .9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Two iloo't prizes will be given. There Is no pnri-hnse required. Merely co:nf. in and register. 1st prize--J75.00 credit toward the purchase of sny atl- Iransislor Sonotone. 2nl prize--$25.00-credit for use in purchasing uattorics for your present aid; or credit townrils tlia purchase on any all-trans!*tor Sonotone. To be fair to our many friends nnd customers who are too Tar m-av lo rnuie in, w e ' w i l l accept a postcard w i t h your name and'address as eligible tor the. drawing. Postcards will bo nc-ctp'.ed from anyone living outside ot Wold County. Refroslinienli will he served. . . S O N O T O N E 311A Greeley Bldg. ' Greoley, Colo. . Ph. 999W FREE PRIZES · . FREE PRIZES · FREE PRIZES Stale figures, showing total com- plcllons and oil and gas successes, Include: - . ., Wyoming', 828, 413, 33; Nebraska, 760, 277, 4; northern New Mexico, 529, 10, 4CC; Montana, 3H, 147, 15; North Dakota, 234,1*3, 0; Utah, 79, 13, 8; South'Dakota, 1C, 1, 0; Nevada, 13, 2, 0; Idaho, 7, 0,.l; Arizona, 1, 0, 1. · Highlights of I'-I's weekly sum- North Dakota -- Gulf Oil look n ' f o u r - h o i j r drillslem test at 10,552-080 f e e t ' in its No. 1 Bonnie I'icrre-Ffctcrnl well in McKonzie county and. recovered 90 feel, of mud-cut-cit. The operator plans to take core samples. The well is 21 miles southeast of nearest production' in Montana's Ilrorson field, n. 1). Garner, Los Angeles independent operator, has striked location for a wildcat well, No. 1 Kippen, in Botlineau county. 20 miles southeast 'of a producing area. Montana -- Gas at, UK rate of 4,700,000 cubic feet a day was recovered Iiy. The Texas'. Co. on a drillslem test'of .the Sawloolh for mation at 3,378-410 feel at its No 1 Anderson in- Hill county's' Hud yard area. The operator has se casing at 3,4,15 feet and' is waiting on cement. Wyoming -- Skclly Oil swabbct 13 bail-els of ci! !n IS hours * its No. 1 Govt-Williams well in the East Blue Springs district o llot Springs county. The test -was in the upper Phosphoria zone a 3,090-130 feel. ' Colorado -- Stanolind Oil k Gas pbns a test "to the basement" JOSLIN'S . Phone 428 - t'its Nu. 6 Ute lndian-B in the cnacio f iekl of La Plate' county, he company intends to drill lo bout 14,000 -feel, well bcrood rcvious dri.llihg 111 thU field, dis-, overcd in 1951. Nchraska AA potter Drilling rc- wrled oil shows in samples from ic Pcnnsylv'anlan zone at its'No. Socster in Dawes county, but drillslem test recovered only fight shows. Ohio' Oil completed wo wells in Cheyenne county- No. 1 Snearow for" 237 barrels.a day, both from the U sand. ) sand:* . Ulah-Tcxota Oil- recovered gas at the rale of -50,000 cubic feet per day at its Wcstwater Creek veil (29-185-25K):in Grand county: Stanolind Oil . Gas abandoned ils Cainville wildcat in Wayne'county at 7,153 .feel. · ' - . - . · - Fisherman's Christmas Kersey . ; . KEHSEY--Mclvin Sober's Union Pacific oulfit i s ' in Ktrscy Ibis week-to'install flasher signals on the Kcencsburg cui : oft crossing. The crossing has been the scene of scvcra fataJ.accidents and several petitions- iiy residents o f . this community, as well as residents of .Hudson, Kccncsburg, Rbggen and Wiggins, word' signed askiiig for Ihe installation of. flasher lights. . Sixteen members and one guest, Mrs. Mike Carey, attended the annual Christmas luncheon of the Kersey Community Home and Garden at the town hall Friday. Mrs. Roy Miller and Mrs. Dwight Dinncll were hostesses. Christinas motif was used in the decorations ana luncheon and gifts were exchanged by the members. .Mrs. Dinncl opened ,thc meeting I by leading the group in repeating the Lord's prayer. Tlie. group sang Christmas carols and Mrs.' Carl Lesser read The Night : Bafbre Christmas. . . .* The thank you cards from JJrs.' Minnie Hall, Mrs. Edith Tcden,,Herman. Dusin and C. E. Romans. The next meeting will be Jan. 6 with-Mrs. Charles Maag. · . USE THE TR1DUNE WANT ADS HERD MAN'S Peru Plants Jo Enter. ; · Newsprint. Prodpdion ·_' WASHINGTON, ,D! .C. (PAU)Feru Is preparing to compete in the. world's'newsprint market in 1956. The 'move will be backed by Peru's Farm and Agricultural Development Bank which will offer financing to newsprint producers for new plants at moderate interest rates. The bank also plans to finance a national r.cwspriiit factory wliicli will make pulp from trees nourishing in the Amazonas p.epartmcnl of eastern Peru. Private capital ir the country and tlie support o: international credit agencies wil be sought in support of the new development. . " Location of the newsprint factory estimated to cost $11,000,000, is-ten talively set for the port rjity.o Iquitos, on the broad Ucayali river which has an abundance of .w'ate Ihe year round: An alternate'sil under consideration is at'l'ucallpa also on the-Ucayali r ,with a high way connection .to Lima. Technical studies of. the projec have, hcen completed. The plan will have a capacity of 18,000 ton of newsprint a year, sufficient 1 iakp c.-,re of Peru's requrTM a f present. . - . : , - · . In 1954, Peril imported 14,00 tons of newsprint from the Unite States, Canada, and the Scandin vinn countries at a cost of $2,000 000. . Newsprint .from domestic pu was produced . experimentally Peru by French interests in 195 peed Up LANSING', Mich." A1--Michigan's rst speed-limit since 1027 recently as made law with .the governor's signature. It 'become* 'tffectavi Feb. 3, 1556. = ··' . '· i . ' ' · : ·' The law limits drivers to 65 milet on hour in tlie daytime and 55 mild at night.' ' . 'WE GUARANTEE YOUU IMPROVE ANt RECIPE THAT CALLS FOR FLOUR WITH KITCHEH CRAFT Wi.dtiM for pi... eel.i. bi.oii, ilic« . SAFEWAI STORE torge Bowl-fit Beotert for higher IJghter fincr- tesrured cakes, fluffier mushed potatoes. , .· Famous Mix-Finder Dial ». Aulomotie Beoter Elector · Aulomntlc Juice Extractor..^ , . ectrc Personalized rod can . . , Easy o m«kt at home from .pitttrn iagram sketched hirtl; Surl lo Eease'that fishermin,.' 5 Newsfeatures ' · i' If there's a fisherman* in 'your ni'ly,.you can make him Chappy ith a handsome case, for his fish- ng rod, identified.'with'his own aine in neat.braid: You can make yourself in. an hour, for. a ' p i n loney inveslment. . Here are a few tips on-how to lake this he-man gift on y o u r sew- ng machine, with use of a couple f simple'attachments for a real ustom-made finish, , . You -will need one-third yard of 54-inch cotton, gabardine or simi- ar sturdy-material, a package of bias binding in a contrasting color, about three yards of yarn (for raiding)-in the same color as the linding and a spool of matching thread. · You can_make your own pattern from an old case which fits the rod, or follow the diagram sketch- eel, which' is for a standard two- part rod measuring 62 inches'long, including the,21-inch butt'section. Cut the sections of fabric for the bull pocket and for She case itself, following the patlern. Write the name or initials to.'be used on a sheet of paper with car- hon paper right side up beneath it, or machine pierce the. name or initials on the paper with machine needle unthreaded. Place the paper pattern, where name' appear on Ihe case, on the wrong side of the fabric wUh the wrong side of ic name up. " · ' . - . . Using the underbraider attach- 1 , lent o n ' t h e . . m a c h i n e , and yarn vhich has been hand-braided for xlra thickncss.'stitch name to the asc, following .'pattern outline. On the butt pocket section, make a small box bottom, aking up 3/4 inch.. Baste. Using he multipie'-siottcd'binder on the. machine,'bind the three inside edges of the-pocket-section. Stitch his'seclion to the case, with the lop edge of the pocket IK inches from he top of the ease. Also bind the curved top'edge.'Fold the case in half lengthwise,-and sitilch with » quarler-in'ch seam: Using the binder 'again,- 'enclose, this.^seam with binding., / . ' ; '-- :'.;'\ '·' ' Now bind Uhe.-top edge'of Ihe case, leaving about 10 inches. oi binding free at each end'to form ties. Stitch :-aboul'16 .inches of binding for the center tie. and attach at point X. ·. : ' V - . USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AD "That reminds me--how about an OK-Used Car for'my.birthday?" Look for the OK sign, and you'll buy a box scat for Ihe best "road show" of the year.- OK Used Cars are excellent performers because they're scientifically inspected and reco'nf ditioncd to merit .the Chevrolet dealer written , warranty.'.Best of all, volume trade-ins on!new Chevrolets offer 'full-house selection at extra savings passed'on to you. Sold only by an Authorized Chevrolet Dealer If You Catch More Than One Cold A Winter Here's how lo relieve suffering fast! Use Vlcks Vapopub* -the proced medication that works'two ways at once. When yoii rub it on,.Vapo, Rnbqulckly relieves muscular soreness/ At the same time, VapoRub's^medicatcd vapors bring relief with every breath. Soothing medication travels deep Into the nose, throat and. large bronchial tubes. Congestion starts breaking up. Coughing eases. Warming re-' . lief comes, lasts for hours. So when colds strike, always depend ph. Vicks VapoRub! 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