Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 23, 1976 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, February 23, 1976
Page 5
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Ml 5 5:30 6 6:30 7 7:30 g 8:30 9 9:30 10 10:15 10:30 H 11:30 12:30 1 Ch.2 KBCI(CBS) C»S Evening News Newscenter J News World of Animus Phyllis All in the Family Maude Medical Center Newscenler 7 News CBS Lite MOVIP Morning Headlines ~~ fonighf's TV \ Ch.4 KAID (PBS) Electric Company Leqislature 'It Animation Festival Austin City Limils Politics '!6 Film Classic Special .. ,, Cealhi Perronai Fronliers The Press Ch.6 KIVI(ABC) Mickey Mouse ABC Evening News Big V a l l e y On tht Rocks Monday NLqhl Movie Rich Man, Poor Man Jliorls in Idaho News Scene 4 Monday Special Movie Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) NBC Niqhlly News Nrwibesl i To Tell The Truth Rich Little Special Joe Forrester Jigsaw John Newibeal 7 ToniqLiI Show : : Tomorrow I SLACKER'S ""VICI-AU TV-STEREO 1 CQ AOfU I L"*"**^ 1 * 1 *** 9 GE-APWIANCES-All REFRIGERATION 4DSrU5lH | Ann Landers The Idaho Free Press S The News-Tribune. Monday. February 23.1976-5 More of those hairy details Program Highlights 7:30 121 PHYLLIS - Phyllis I.indstrom matches her reaction to widowhood against that of another recent widow and comes up short. 7 : 3 0 ( 6 1 ABC MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE - "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" Part II -- James Bond takes a wife and almost loses his life as SPECTRE plans a plague lo poison the world's food supply. Also stars Telly Sa\alas and Diana Rigg. 1:00 17) JOE FORRESTER Joe Forrester declares a one-man war on the underworld when they flood his Today's Weather 000. KMIOHM WlAlHIt SIIVICI IOIICASI 10 J9.77 151 I · "- 7b 3000 jnwUIHllfotCXiVI® TONIGHT will Find snow in southern Idaho and eastern N'pvaila. while Ihe rest of Ihe nation will enjoy mostly fair wealher. along with freezing and cold conditions. Valley weather BOISE - Clouds covered mosi of Idaho this morning, but the southeast was only partly cloudy Temperatures w e r e again cold in (he southeast and mild in .Ihe north. Al n a.m.. il was zero at Malad and 42 al Lewiston. Some local areas were windy and others had light winds. The high pressure over Ihe northwest is being flattened by highs moving in from the Pacific A weak front moved in to Idaho this morning and another jusl off the northwest 'coast, is expected to reach Idaho (onighl. A lev mounfain showers have already reached the Panhandle and more shower activity is expected tonight, spreading In southern Idaho. P r e c i p i t a t i o n amounts arc expected lo be light and some areas may be missed altogether. This will be in (he form of rain in the valleys and snow in Ihe mountains al first, changing to snow after the front passes 'tonight Most of north and southeast Idaho will remain cloudy wilh snow showers Tuesday, but there will be some clearing in the southwest. M a x i m u m t e m p e r a t u r e s today were aboul Ihe same as '.Sunday, except about five degrees warmer in the southeast. This gave highs mostly in Ihe -10s in western Idaho' and Ms in the east. Tuesday will be a little cooler in Ihe north, hut not much change elsewhere. Pair and mild weather is · expected Wednesday, with an increasing chance of rain or snow toward Ihe end nf Ihe week. Thr sun will rise Tuesday at 7-:!0 a m. and will sel al 5:28 The first recorded contact; between Iho Choctaw Indian tribe and Ihe while man was in October. 1540. Indian warriers under Ihe leadership of Tus- kalusa fought a nine-hour battle near the present site of Mobile, Ala., against a Spanish expeditionary force led by Ilernando De Solo, According lo tribal legend, the Indians were defeated and the survivors hanged themselves rather than surrender. Bush claims security damaged WASHINGTON (UPll - CIA Director George Bush says national security was hurt by the leak of a committee report on intelligence activities, bul lo reveal the damaging ilems would "highlight (hose and make things worse." Asked if there was anything damaging in the reporl CBS newsman Daniel Schorr made available lo New York Village Voice, Bush replied. "There are certain things in there, but if 1 told you those specifics that would highlight Ihose and make things worse." Me said Ihe hasic question is lhal "Congress voted by almost lwn-to-one lhal the report not he made public and it was made public ... That's jusl plain wrong." Bush acknowledged "clearly abuses ... awful abuses" in Ihe CIA involving both domestic spying and foreign tactics, bin he praised President Ford's proposals for lightening CIA oversight in the legislative and executive branches and new- laws making il a crime for a government employe lo leak secret information. "There will be. 1 think, a teller and more responsive system for people i within government!... lo safeguard Iho people of this country from the kinds of abuses lhat offended me and offended you," liush lold reporters in a televised in- lerview i NBC-TV's Meet the Press). Dut Bush, a former national chairman of the Republican Parly and U.S. liason lo China, warned lhal intelligence operations slill required secrecy and lhal leaks to news media about covert operations could not be tolerated. "I think the machinery is there lo safeguard the interests of the American people through information lo Congress, and I do feel lhat leaning covcrl operations is very damaging In Ihe JJnilcd States," Hush said. "Whether you could prove iiya court nf law that any specific case damaged Ihe national security, I don'l know. PHONE 466-7891 Or 459-WM to place your classified ad. beat with pornographic films and magazines. 8:30 121 MAUDE - Mrs. Naugaluck is ready lo become an American citizen -- but her test turns from mental to physical when she learns she has a serious illness. 8:30 I-ll FILM CLASSIC SPECIAL - "Garden of the Finzi-Continis" -- The drama is set in Italy in 1938. when Mussolini's anti- Semitic edicts began to isolate the Jews from their communities. 9:00 (71 JIGSAW JOHN -Tim Matheson guesl-stars as the younger son in a Greek- American family who renounces his inleresl in the clan's multi-million dollar fishing business, but is nonetheless a suspect in the slaying of his older brother. 9:00 161 RICH MAN, POOR MAN Part V - Tom Jor- dache's affair wilh the wife of a gangland controlled fighter forces him to flee the country while Rudy's -'·growing relationship wilh: Julie is threatened by the scheming daughter of his boss. 9:0012) MEDICAL CENTER- After a doctor is Winded while working so thai Gannon can have a nighl off. Gannon must deal wilh his own guill and (he other doctor's dependency. 10:30 '21 CBS LATE MOVIE - "Unwed Father" -- Slarring Kay Lenz and Joseph Bos- loms. The drama revolves around an unwed leenage falhcr who wants to keep his baby, bul finds himself in conflict with the courts, his family and his girl friend in his allempt lo gain legal custody of his child. 10:30 Ml THE PRESS - "The People's Righl To Know" The final program in the series examines government control over broadcasting, Ihe impacl of Watergate on the press and the people, free press versus free trial, haw reporters feel about Hit- people's right lo know .... and the right of Ihe press lo inform. 11:00 (6) MONDAY NIGHT SPECIAL MOVIE - "River of Gold" -- Starring Ray Milland and Suzanne Plcshette. Two Americans diving for gold off the coast of Mexico, witness a girl being thrown from a helicopter into the waler. THE FAMILY CIRCUS Dear Ann Landers: Hemember lhal wuilress in Oonneclicul who losl her job in a restaurant because slie refused lo shave her legs? I can'l ret-all whether she wrote to you or if il was one of her friends. Anyway, several readers joined in Hie melee to express their opinions. The Women's Libbers insisted she shouldn't have to shave her legs unless the male waiters were forced tu shave their legs, also. You suggested, as a compromise, that tiotli male and female personnel who serve food lo the public lie rtMjuired to wcar npai|iie stockings. That advice created another uproar. Some people called you a "female chauvinist smv." Others said you should put your typewriter in mothballs and lake up crocheting doilies or hemstitching lea lowcls. Today's newspaper reported the final outcome. In case you missed it, the liair.v-lef!f$cd woman is going back to work Monday al her old salary, with Hie understanding lhat she will wear opatjue stockings. Somebody out Iherc is reading your column, Ann Landets. -Snickering In Somers Dear Snick: 1 hope so. If mil, I've been putting in a lol of hours for nothing. For more news on The Life and Times of the Hirsute, read on: + + + Dear Ann Landers: 1 was shocked land angered) by the woman who wanted her husband to shave his liody because he "looked like a gorilla." My husband is extremely hirsute (tiairyl and 1 love it! When we're oul al the club, women frequently gather around (he swimming pool to look at him. When we play golf, some of (he less bashful females have asked Mac lo unbutton his shirt just so they can see his marvelous hairy chest. Any woman who would ask her husband to shave his body because hair turns her off oiighl to hare her head examined. All (lie authorities will (ell you Iliat hair is a sign of masculinity. -- Proud Wife Dear Wife: I know ol no authority who says hair is a sign nf masculinity. Hut if Mac's Usurious growth turns you on, that's line and dandy. Enjoy il, honey. Hair toiiay. gone luimirruw. t i t Mear Ann Landers: i'lease prnii this letter tor every boy between is and 17 years of age who rents yiuir toliuini I am a girl of IS. All Ihese boys think aboul is sex am' who (hey can get il (rum. If a girl says no she is shunned and made fun of Tlu' hoy will never look al her again. He lellsall his pals she is a "di-.-Kl nuiiilx-r" and they give her Ihe gel-lost treatment. In oilier words she is a social outcast, doomed to sit home until she becomes more "nnipuralivc" and loosens up. This happened to me and Iwo of my girlfriends. Why don't these immature and selfish boys realize the are being unfair'' If Ihey are ail so [nail of marrying virgins why dnn't they leave a few around'.' A Hnfdoul Dear 11.0.: Sorry. I don'l agree lhat all boys between 15 and 17 shun and ridicule girls whosnynn. In facl. Ihe opposite is closer lo Ihe irulh. It's Ihe Put-Outs, nut the Hold-Outs who are shunned and ridiculed. You might lo read my mail. dear.I PHONE IGG-78at or 459-4GM to place your classified ad. "LET'S" 7:15 (11:M "MOOMUNNEIS" 9:07 Mh and Theatre at" £ ^ The Karcher Mall Twin! j ( THOROUGHBRED i ^ Rpslauranl-l mmnp V Give MOM a Night Out! THEATRE 4DINHER SPECIAL... FOR TWO! Mon.-Tues.-Wed. Nights $Q99 For Two \7 Plus Tax Choice of 4 Dinners Dinner at Ihe Thoroughbred and Theatre at The Karcher Mall Twin! Reslauranl-Lounge Karcher Wall - Nampa By Bil Kcane Price dip recorded DENVER i UPll - The American National Cattlemen's Association Thursday said the nation's consumers paid less for heef during February than at any time since last March. Wray Finney. president of the Denver -hased organization, said the average per-pnund price for five representative heef cuts as of Ken. Vi was SI..18. down 1C cents from January and -10 cents below the record high of last July. The average price was nine cents higher than the S1.39 ol Fehruary 1975. "The price decreases reflect further declines during Ihe uasl month in callle and wholesale beef prices." Finney said. "Total heef output so far this year is up 7 per cent from last year, which includes increased produclion of grain-fed heef." He said average prices for the five cuts -- ground beef, round steak, sirloin slcak, T-hone steak and chuck roasl -declined in all 19 cities on (he survey and total price averages were down in all (he survey cities except Chicago, where il increased seven cents lo $1.55. Denver had the lowest average beef price with SI.08 per pound and New York was highest with $1.87. Other average per-pound prices were $1.46 in Dallas, SI.M in Kansas City. 51.29 in l.os Angeles and Sl.ffl in Portland. NOW SHOWING GiOE'iK, Cms OHII MS. SMW U1:15 FILE [IECTIIICII-CM KITE IS "HUSflf co-wr ' 'THE LONGEST Y A R D 1 CAUS OKKMS.SHO* A T M S "We wanna have a snowball fight, Daddy, Will you make 'em for us?" Stowaway freed by returned favor OUT b-'fc»J hi (««·« !)MII hlVM-Mi 3n'rfa!«n (xf -- Plus -BLOOD-SWEAT FEAR » ii;i'ii - A Bulgarian stowaway who made il from his homeland lo lh? United States via Cuba is free on S1.2IX) iiind today because a suburban Walton Mills man owed a favor In another Unitarian. William A. llaire sjiri he put up Ihe bond for Peter Joseph, 'a. He said his son and daughter-in- law w e r e befriended by a Bulgarian youth two years ago after heing assaulted by a gang of other youths in Ihe eastern Kuropeon nation. Joseph had a hearing hi-fore Immigration Judge Gordon Sacks Friday and his bond was reduced from $5,000 lo $1,200. He w a s arrested earlier in the week ,... t uirned up on ,1 street corner and told a policeman be had no passport or visa. Joseph said he stowed away ahnanl a Chinese ship three monlhs ago and was arrested in Cuba, but broke away. He said a Cuban finally got him aboard a yacht lhal landed him on American soil in Florida While hitchhiking, Joseph said, he was picked up by three Yugoslav [ourists who eventually abandoned him in Cleveland. He now is staying wilh llaire. limit'Irlisli ( I !«I[S Z OIM.Oi-6:00-S.OO-»:(H I CINEMA Mo. 2 "HUSTLE The Calrkell Fine Arts Series Presents BALLET WEST School Matinee Performance Tue,, Feb. 24th - 2:00 p.m. Jewett Auditorium at the College of Idaho-fuldwcll General Admission, All Seats - ADULTS WELCOME $100 1 fetlc HOME OF FINE FOODS NEW AT THE CASTLE BREAKFAST SERVED OPEN'6:00A.M. -.Von. through Sun. CHOOSE FROM A COMPLETE BREAKFAST MENU We 're still Serving Our Famous SUNDAY BUFFET 11:00a.m. lo6 p.m. OPEN TILL 9 P.M. SUNDAYS Merle's 4922 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell Just West cl Ustick Road .BEER. POOL ·FOOSBALL.PINBALL OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, 9A.M. TO 1A.M. CRAB CRAB, SALAD, BREAD A BEER Monday, February 23, 7 to 9 P.M. LIVE MUSIC!! KAIN RADIO'S 3rd. ANNUAL HOMEMAKERS' SCHOOL! THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26th RODEWAY CONVENTION CENTER-BOISE FREE EVERYONE'S WELCOME Free... Valuable Door Price 1 F r e e . . . Gilt Bag! Free... Money Saving Coupons! Exciting Displays Fashion Si'.ov.s "COME EARLY- DOORS OPEN ft! 5:30 P.M. SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 P.M. PAT MORGAN COUNTRY INN 'NIGHTSPECIALS SPAGHETTI $ 1 75 V**' OR A JX JC PROVOLONI S 2 45 "family Dining mil It fin at THE COUNTRY INN' , 103-1 JHiAy«.,Nomp« 4*6-2181, MOVIE RATING GUIDE For Parents and Young People Jiif otyttt.Tf o'tnr iti.njt it latfltar.-n p*r«m«ABulrAtiu.'lJb'IilF o' G * ALL ACES ADMifUD Gi'iKil Au:!iinc« O PAHENT41 QU'DAbCE ' Somt V«1*rij1WiNolS * SuillM Tor Prrlfinigi'i * R »Ll WCH-QN* MSTfllCUO Urdu 17r*quir«»iccxnpjn r .ng PjitrMoi AdjM Ou»rdi*n Cf NO ONE UNDER 17 AWlTlED lAgtlm.imij ur r inc*Hiiiir»ai) H ta*wS|r-i»««i«'vi THiiHM ^ cr r»i ciuor * two* !'(·*. o« **t» t* McWIMTER Special Big "|29 Mac sandwiches A Hearty "Thank You" from McDonald's" HOWlCKmtHI CUfOFCOrrff; " n Need More Coupons? Why not nl.lVo your own? Feel IFCO 10 tiace Jhis one usi 1 a copy ninclvr.e (]' { i,v cm, 1 on one of Ou: n.lpkiii^OF evpn a 111 iicntiook cove 1 We il acce[! any »e.isoi.lnlo '.ICS'-nile o' Iho coul'jn ,11 ·lie I.QIH n'viii me ciyse ol our wuiinin Fell 20. McWintcr Spot-in! This coupon enlitles Ihe biarer to Two Big Mac. ;··"·'·-·· for only $1.29 Good ony ,11 McOonald's\n Nampa. ^cattNoand Idaho Fa'.'s Oltor F P ,,,» c«» naicrsl Twin Falls. 29.1976

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