Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 7, 1955 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 9
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, Dec. 7, ia55\.-,GREELEY TRIBUNE \P«g'e 9 T(ie Gfeeley Daily Tribune 19 ». HANSEN ' . - · : r«bllim LEO. C. ICOENIG.. - - · '..Bntlhin. *fr · : · · Ctrc . Kit and The Greeky Republican EXECUTIVE STAFF . tiitai . . .. JAKI ESTRlCIt J»- ^ clii* m*\i l Crf«!«r.:Colct*4« ' The "Trl»BiM*K«iiuVH**i · Oftki 114 Illbll St. Gr» : Enl« r» oC[k« · Mirefe W.njb.i Ai 'AisocUtton. f^oD. -Aadtt Biimq *t Th« AMwUtw) -Pr«M ta ·lr«ly to lm« H« at 'rvp ·th« loea] MWI prlaM ta .· w.11 a« all AP.«ewi at IS* Pcav nd«r UK Acl ' ' ^ m«- Cotorxlo* Pr~ Inttik] Dilty PCM* AMKU. CireuttUoA . ta .entittH 'vieW- Uietttoo'ef all laU FLOYD E. MERRILL . · L. PETER6EN .. .". . .-.'; A«i MfT ARK PACK -' · ·- '.· · - ·". ^ij. .. £tfli: 3ubcrlpl(bn- CrK«-rBT -mill IB' Colorado. V rtaT 19.00.'6 m'ntbi I5.M.' ot» avjnli Bj -rr,«n ^utildi Colorado l . f e a l 6n« cr.onlK fl.«3 5«rTkff mer. 1^.0* Te«T ar.y»S»T«. Foretf n . .countrlw t3.r« Cltj Carrie 11.00 r.onlh PUBLIC' FORUH--Public 1 "! 91 u » Lemrt mnat b» no '.onief thin !« «orfi. Owrpcl tuutd l« Tal' Trib ' Rtpubltraa P n b 1 tihlni Co.*. by fi«*7 T F B »· graTMra] Unloa N0..6B6 .Pause .arid ;Ponrier: --TrxSioging H«ir« . , . . ' · . ; · : ; "Rejoice always," . . .'"staging arid:making melody to the Lord ' with *ll your heart."--IThess. 5:16, Eph 5:19. :. ' Yoii Cflii lave T Out the 'One of witH Him' ; D«c. 7, IB* · Mr. and Mrs; (\yiliiam) -I.ayton 'iruiniey, whose secret marriage of nore lhar. a half year ''jgo i= row wing announced to. friends, «re|«t iOrnfi'/:ln !»'ri "apartment; '»t ;'1614' Eighth avenue. Mrs; Br'umley* is he former Miss Ethel BoOne, nurse t (he Greeloy hospital. : : . · The couple was married May 9 In Denver by a Baptist minister. Mr. and Mrs.-" Ed Schillinger ' of Gree: ey -and Miss M'jrjorie Nichols of Denver were present for the single ·ing ceremony. ..-.· . ' -· '." Mrs.'Brumley is the daughter.o; Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Boone^of Grani Junction! She has been a surgica nurse at ' t h e Grecley hospi'al for (he past three years.' She took nurses', training at St.' Cuke's hos pital in Denver. Brunilcy's parents are Mr. and Mrs. William- Brumley of Windsor; He was gradua'cd from Greeley, High school''and is : now employed at ,fhe -ipreat Westcn Sugar factory :here'/-' ., WASHINGTON LETTER.. WASHINGTON -' S b in e w » g aid he'd like to ste Govl Averell Urriman of New-York elected 'resident in 1956 so^therc'd. be"i 'icasso in the\Whit«.House. ' .-·' If Harriman 'were" to become .'resident,--the.Executive Mansion indoubledly would, house not just an.original by Ihe.'iamed .contemporary artist, bill an.imposing gal- ery of some o f ' t h e . best, worts'ot some of the,worlds most ;widely icclaim'ed moderns.'. . - '. Mrs. · Harrirnari 'has .been pro Hoinebuirding Are;pptiinjstic for;J956 stimited record volume at j*Jk o n ) ' , * ,'-''-· : .-'y" · '-·- )·'···;/' NEW .YORK ,· .tighter mortgage money, stif for, mortgage terms, atid'a'shortage :bf a.iilable riw land that can be developed,at reasonable prices, there wiUT«-no serious "decline in 1956' iKjincfcuiUK Ing, according to a nation-wide survey - o f . builders and mortgage tankers by Engineering News-Rec : bfoV McGraw;Hill publication, v. A climb in. ' housing ' contract awards during · the .past ·; two months, after a.seasonal drop,'in mid-summer, indicates, that home 1 Mrs. J Harnman nas reen yiu -. : ', : y - Y - i*. .,,,; ponenl of modem art for 15 years, starts will, not tapspln^The pubi Li.TM,.^ k.r nwn wllerv in cation has -already predicted i seven,per cent decline in its pn She-operated her. own gallery in New York.-.She closed: it,In 1W2 io. devote her time, to, war -work, but still owns' maslerpicces which Ihe Louvre and Metropolitan would love to own^-originally by Cezaprie vale residential' contracts, scri'e for next year, but thai would .ho be a 'serious drop from this year' love t o own^-originally b y Cezapne, · .. . . - - . . ) Picasso,' Derain, Coubet, T;ouloufe- ; renowned a m a t e u r s, iucludin iautrec and the.American -Walt Hfesidciit Eisenhower -and Si I.autrec Kiitm! These .be correct' and possibly a bit less trite, for Jim Ogilvie was'lhe bcs .loved man'we.can recall on, the political 'scene here. Always good na lure'd arid patient* he was jiist-"as firm and 'effective for the things in which he Xvas 'fhtere'sled as people who have mad? more noise in' one }-ear in public, office 'than he made in 18 of 20. . ' ' , ., ·· ' · ".James 'O'glivi'e wa£-.aJposltive=pub!ia i iC-tyant. i BBiaB i an i ecoiiomy' minded Scot 'did not "prevent him from going down the line for public .expenditures' he" feltVere needed. A case in point, is the Weld County 'General Hospital, iri which he look a tremendous interest and pride. s , Elected to office nine times by Weld county voters, he could have 1 PracticalV. poHUcat .·.conslder'»r oni indicate-the Adrnuilstratlpn ·ill not a|low;curbs':to re'»k Ihe · back of |ht building boom; 1 yvith Assurance from HOUS- ng and Ilom9:rin«hce Adniiriisra-. or Albert Cole that honie ;slarts will-not be allowed to drop below ,118,009;· home's-:)»xt · year.; (New ib'mes'in '»'are-expected tp'.riin little over 1,300,000.),-,'; ?.' v n-' pie i* lightening r- of; 'mortgage money results' from higher monthly chirges required by «ri FHA arid VA «'ut in rnaximurh'terrrii\from 30 lo 25-yeirs. -At the.same lime, juilders are'· riaving'more .trouble getting " temi»r'a'ry ·:;.'constructloa lo"an?''frpm banks, th'i'magazine s«ys.- -·"--'- : '·.··:.. v V - ; ' : ' ~ ··'·, ^' 'A'capVule of the fnagiiine's na pn-wtde survey-shows the follow ing "rharket.indications:.'." ' '.Boston--N.cxl. Spring ..will' good; Hartford--This'aroa'ls booin ing; ffcw Yo"rk--Sales high', hu p'rbfits are. slimmer;" Buffalo--1 per. cent decline expected; Phila delphia--Low priced marKc is softening, Pittsburgh--S _a 1 c have been down-.'for . scycra ·month's; ClevelanoVSrhailer build had his health pcrmilled. is'sioner. He was a very few .run his assembly lerms far beyond' seven -Kls'hardest race was one for cbuiily'commi------- - -- -voles'ahead, about 6 to lo; when all the precincts were counled, bul Ihe. lis. absenlee vole gave him a much more'comfortable margin, around 800. l! " In"the assembly eleclions he was lop or close lo the leader. . -' '· In the legislature, his experience and wisdom commanded respect "of members of both parlies and all sections of the stale. He was a good listener, a "quiet one, b u t never anyone's dune. . . . . When he retired, the county and slate lost one of ils best legislators; : and a't his death hundreds mourn a'good friend. _, . ;! · ' " ' · · . = ' · ' ' - · ' ' . · « * * '·' President Steadily More Active · ' ' , V ' ', . - By JAMES MARLOW '; ' . ' "- Altociatad Prim.Niwk Analyst -. . · News stories out of here give the impression President Eisenhower Is taking an increasingly active part in running the government, ine Imp're'ssion is correct, lor he is. · ; . · ' - . But it is siill a very limited-part: A few.hours-m Ihe morning, ana not every morning, conferring wilh members of his official family-He · Is far from making il a full-lime occupation. .^ ; , . , , - ' -. ,.. . ^Vhen he does come dowrt to his office, he.goes back.home to his ;: [arm by noon. There he rests; naps and walks.around a bil. .. - · -But there is no reason to believe - as some JTMP,!M"Y ^TM.£ -thai Eisenhower's, conferences with advisers and Cabinet members ·:.ine e h-'came here are'window dressing to make him appear more OCli T*hc h cOTie e ren'ces Eisenhower is'having are real enough. And he is i haying 'iroulili'j" .·B»lUmor«i' : »lts : -how' : good;' Spring cutbacks' iely;. Columbia, .S.'. C.--"DeflniU ackcnbig;'"j Atlin(» ^, Builder^ Ink" '1956 ·'will'be ''even '· belter; cw'Orleans^ZO per-.cent'declino cnt'now; Dallas--Boom conliriues; Igbl .cutbacks r in -Spring''plans') ansis'-, Cily-r^tarts ^-miy. drop bout')5'v ptr .cent; Cincinh'a'U-- some builders 'h«[ye ciil prices; elroit--Builders cut back Spring laris; Chicago^-Shortige'.ot ma- erlals worries builders; Onifha-- he : 'usual 'Slacki 1 season^ slirteiJ irly; ''- D en vcr-^Some,' bi g. -. cut- a'cksi : "'li«re;,v: Phocnlx-Dcm'and sre-high. and·· steady;- L«s; An eles--market -.' very, . competitive; an Francisco--Most builders don't Ian cutbacks; ·Porllahd--Medium iriced market ,is slow; Seattle-Market is .'down' a lillle.' TrafpSW V* ": --·-.·^ /''V J ' r V* ·'"'·'''· H -.' ! '' : ':''·{''-·' 3 }J ·'··'·'·' ' DENVE B/MI ~ A-'Puebjo'trui*,;;;. ; _· driver, - Dewt'jr'. E!/-; Loiii. ',*/; **£. : .;*; coillilon':' that"'.'icitferidl'rSlirSa ; v ; ; ies -acroM. Colorado'.-.Blvd.,; jpjit.-: . ihd.: blocked 1 traffic. yv?'.'.y.vr? ? l--£' ·'· Henry;Feiciel/fira^itKParki r ;t:\ D'ept.'.. employe '. itanding v nearby, 1 ;··*;- also WM -- -from. Loo'g't tiwck.:.: iLpng 'told officer."'!^ ,brrt«i,v ,. faUed as' he .tried · to stop. for«* : .:, red light and '-hli ,lruck.VcTa»lit -.-, mto'ah'automobile driven.'by tji- ;i-i, dalph Karrii,' 1 a«, p£ Lbwry \Air '. Force Base.'The truck'.was throwm . over on-its .side, and Harris'.rear smashed into'.'a tree;' Harris'it*- caped injury. But what is happening here is quite different from 'the . ·routine.EIsenWcr had lo follow .in Washington Wforelil^ HP did a full "day's work then. \:.' '··· ' . ', · . '.- '-· 'i ' - - . ' · · Eisenhower would h" aye .to^aye;. these' conferences anyway, ' was a .11 physically able^Iii early-Mse;le has' send Congre d of daily irt attack , . if he ess hi was at au Pnysicany aoie. in caiijr. *«~ ..~ .--..-- ---· - budge -tor the fiscal year beginning' July 1, l9S6jh s budget!message his state of the union'message oullining his prografr, for the 19.6 elect.o *TMi^^^f%^3*wto*'*.""·» » ie r * gelhercould hardly send lhern;tp'C;ongress ; over his signature unless he Wa ^° n5 ^ w to^TMovere'd"lne Pre'sidenl - bolh in Denver afler ;" d here IVoubi the .Incerily of.stalemenls in Denver by iower officials .after.yiis^ iS^^^'i^^^^'^ ·' · -' · ' 'h-em; had .trouble"remembering them/ : f .-· - ·-· ·_· i^_-_i*.TM : -'rm,»,T-'foiil i_ hftor ing when quizzed aboul llrtm, v-riiS^Si^^"-^-^ Lilo ? de V laas with'Eisenhbwcr.and';tn|i.fthe'is;sl6wly;resuni;ng:his.;role a 'President/., ..'·.;..-·'.; -.;·!-'- ·''-.?'·!"-' '' ' "^--' ' : ' ·'--·-- K'^-i'y-J^M: ROBERTS) ... . -. -" l AP.(Pr»»«''N«.wir'An«lyi» It hardly-seems reasonable/that the Communisls,. merely for Mhc take of face, would once more subject Ihemsclyes lo Ihe risks and the subsequent "political heating they look because of the,lW8 Berl i n blockade. , . - · · · ' , . " Nor does it seem reasonable lhal the Allies'should let such a situation develop .again-.-without Ihe jlernest warning that they : .will .not lie down.this time'.any. more., lhan Ihey did'then.", ; ' A good many observers believed in 1948 that Ihe Allies could have avoided the long blockade and the accompanying expensive airlift by a firm stand at the vcry.beginmng. That silual'on -devclqped .until Ihefe ."was a very/gre at f ear" ampn g Europeans'''it'" might produce Russian-fighter planes patrolled the edg?s of a. very harrow cor : ri'dor' through- .which American planes-carried the-'necessities of life, especially coal, to West Ber^ lin.-American' airmen, many of them : veterans of 'the warlime. "hump" operation to China, performed, a job which amazed the ' ^The Russians finally-had to give ""Recently the Russians have "rec- ognized'' the satellite- Communist . government of East Germany and demanded that the West Germans negotiate wiih it on In subjecl of reunificalion.-The idea, of course, " is to work thu. Germans into a posi : Ifon"-where' reunifical.on: will de- pe'nd on establishment of an All- GerYnaii government. through co- al|fibni"''\the" ^hbrrnal -Communist weapon -of 'd'pmi natiofi '·' The. All ie s and. lh'i''Vfe'st. Gerjnans refused. ' 'Kbw",\by! liirealening'.tovciil off West' Berlin's-".coal' supply _oncc more, through';.refusal'. of -barge transit permils.'the'.Heds'iirc trying to get recognition through negotiation in another field. 'This is being accompanied by an- olhfer taclic, a Hod claim lhal Four- Power occupation.of Berlin no'jong- er e.\isls,.in' an efforl to squeeze the Allies out of the negotiating iclurc. In some ways a new Berlin blockade would be more difficult than Ihe one in. 1W8. At 'that time Ihe principle. Allied .problem was lo icep West Berlin supplied. The air lift was primarily a .one-way Job Today there is liie problem o maintaining contact between Wes Berlin's resurgent induslry'and its Wcsl German cuslomers. Cessation of, this.^busincss. \vould Create an employmeril profclem in.lHc city. '\VriftiherHhe Keds actually have a .blockade in mind, Ihey 1 know lhal the mere threat can be a disruptive in this situation. They ru . -- also'hope 1 to'create a'demand.from business that Bonn accept "the sil- ualion and begin negolialions. .Right now Bonn sesms able lo wilhstand the pressure.. Beautiful Gift Wrap : For Your Glftf- ' and Tle-TI« Wheai Continues-:..,' 1 To Forge Ahea'd : : .;·;:'.. CHICAGO Wr-Wheat continued lo forge ahead on the Board of Trade Tuesday but" it was the only, grain so doing. · :· . · ' 'Olh'e'r icereals^firmed 'early- and ttfen'rah into ; profit laking. They finished wilh a mixture of small gains and losses. The trading pace slackened from the previous ses- S Wheat closed 'VS4V4,hlghcr,-"corn A lower to ,Vi''higher, a L s W lower (o H higher, rye M ; lower to Vi higher,' soybeans Vi lower to M higher and lard 7 to 18_ cenLs a hundred'pounds lower.'-. ,' 'In 'back of Ihe upturn in oK crop' wheat-futures-Was .a cbn r tinuing firm demand for Ihe cash grain. No. 2 - hard .wheat, was quoted'a't "a premium" of S to 5'A cents over the price of the De cember future. - · . . . hower pairiling is "a .scene. of Ih ' , . . . - - . . been' enjoyed by . . famous skiing resort ' Siln Valle Washlngtonians before overnor came here .to hjad up the in spring greenery instead of sii · ' Sir Winston's shows a bottle an .iutual Security.'Administra'tion',.an ppointee it .Presldenl Truman.. I glasses on a labje early-fa -: -: --'---- aw. the pictures'one day 852 wh'e.n i.wcjl lo interview Mrs. .Tarriman after hen husband had announced° his inter.tior.: of-sock-- ng the Democratic presidential MISTER BREGER Did. They, were: hung-wilh the great OFF THfe BOOK BEAT and" the artistry of the true lelt's' Familiar' Quotations'. connoisseur on the avails of .Up- Ian*, the former, home of. Mrs., 3. 13tH and cenlonnial edition, Is published this week by Little, Brown, Borden Harriman, once renled .by Per'le Hosts, and at that time by lisher'john Barlleji himself for Ihe ast 92'of the first'100 years. The Mrs. Harriman told me then that if she moved'inlb the White House Kbe had no intention'of taking down vised,-runs to 1,61-1. Oliver Wcndel the' famous oil paintings of former Holmes called it "convcnienl, in, pfesidehis'inai -ducorale parlors of the Executive "Mansion, Vble." .What more can a but she certainly would find' wall pace for her own : priceless col- ction. · J ' ·'in audition to her paintings by ie' aforementioned '· professional rllsl's, Mrs, Harriman bbasis'.« oolleclion .of Ihe '.works of some · One of the'moil famous pictuies in .American hislorv, t h i j u g h ' n o t American art . his'/jry,-' note, . is Archibald M. Willard's "The Spiril 1876, a big'sensation at the Philadelphia centennial, hany- ng in Marblchead, .Mass.','it has . Yankee Doodle Painter' Knopf). Nobody could claim more . to tell this lively and .wor:by lory lhan Ihe. one who "did, Aim Th» «Ir«t tchool iwwi- pp*r publllh^d at Ore«- lay high tchiol w called PEP »nsi:wM printtd In Ml*. ' "My boss says we-gotta promote our product Colvcr; her father, Will Colvcr, an A Heavy List, Tdal ulstanding ·.newsman,. was Wil ard's nephijv/ iiid --lived i n ' h i s louse while the piclure was being painled. . . ' · HALF/ACRE CASTLE MAIL YOUR LETTER TO 3WfAYET. JO 7 Peler-'Abraham^' novel,- "Mine Boy," was ahoii't a' Nefiio boy ir the mining country of .South Africa A copy of it .was returned lo pub Usher Alfred A. Knopf by a dis satisfied cuslomer w h o . ;com "1 thought il was the.story of boy by his Jewish father, Sweden has 2,494 movie thea ters--10 less-lhan a year ago--bu is showing more films. BYnHAfVltiSHEB QUTOE'NPWHEKE ; JOE PALpOKA OHOEAR...THCT6 CUH6 THt OTHER CRIM'NiL... KEY.ITS tte...PUT _TH'LIGHT ON,,,- · r*«AM.7;PlJT IT... : ON.f.WHERE AB£ YA.STOOPID... SOT MM W6U ED UP,..MOW I'LL fief MIS' POTTEKS ' aer THE P'LEECE.., Interesting Conversation a tk R«f lil*r*« Patat nfflo. B££H THS SCORCHY. SMITH "...Any old junk. There's Many A Slip 1 DICKIE DARE M O D E S T M A I D E N S V^ErlE AU. SET NOW RIGHT IP TO TRlVi SHEETS: NOW I'LL DROP THESE nuts WTO SA1. «*,S LED HlViTO OMFU5S CUPS --' DICK'IS . ..-...,'·**' THE MHO? H0/HG OS..:' THEOKS ir/movr SLEEPIW3 ·PILLS... -AN 1 THEM, M£B6E IK X1MHAVEAREA1. HUMWMGtRCPA V/EDWN/'- OH.NO^VO DON'T, MISTAH SLJPPERy.7'- LE'SGrTTH': ( ITS HAWX.Y WORTH MARRVIN'SAH'S (*M\\ LE^-SWT-AH I GO TILL NtXT SADIE HAV/KINS . · "CHEAPSKATE.'? SPECIAlT WEDDIM'CMER-. '"·'My toi iulf gelling to be loo'niuchfor tnel

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