Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 17, 1972 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1972
Page 18
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18 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Mnn., April 17, 1D72 Young People Idolize David Cassidy AUCTION FOR GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA -- Early American furniture from the collection of Mrs. Giles Whiting is being auctioned in mid-April for the' benefit of Girls Qjubs of America. One of the first major collectors of American antiques,- Mrs. Whiting, who died last year, built her collection over a period of fit) years. Her will specified that the Museum of the City of Now York and the Metropolitan Museum of Art's American Wing could select pieces in her collection, but the bulk of it was left to the Girls Clubs. Shown here are five representative pieces. 1. A Massachusetts Queen Anne highboy dates from 1740-1760. 2. One of a pair of matched Chippendale Constitution mirrors also dates from 17GO-I78D. 3. This Federal inlaid mahogany brcakfronl-lwokcase is attributed to .John or Thomas Seymour, from Boston, dating from tSW-1820. 4. A Federal carved mahogany sofa, dating from 1800 is one of the rare items of Americana from the collection. 5. A Chippendale mahogany candlcstand from Philadelphia dales from 1760-1780. Denver Policemen Accused Violating State Bond Law By MARY CAMPBELL AP ' Ncwsfcaturcs Writer Somebody once said of David Cassidy (hat he looks like a person whose high-school guidance counselor predicted a future as a teen-age idol. It's a .good line and everybody in the room laughs at it-Cassidy, Hie interviewer, two press agents, a girl .writer from Rolling Stone' who is following him around for several days and','a couple of -people who work for Cassidy. Cassidy related it when asked whether he set out to become a teeny-top- per'idol. "N'p. Does anybody? Can you imagine, somebody saying, 'Someday I'm going to be a teen idol?' 1 never' ever did." But Cassidy is an idol, to prc- jteens and even little girls more jthan to teen agers. At his Madison Square Garden Concert, sold out three clays after tickets went on sale, many members of the audience were astonishingly youhg-6, 7, 9, 11. Parents brought the. young fry, because they consider Cassidy's image wholesome . on (lie TV show, "The Partridge Family." . Cassirijj_ who started us an actor, nori-sjnging, doing mostly TV, is from a show business family.. His parents, Evelyn Ward and Jack Cassidy, who were divorced when he was 5, and his stepmother, Shirley Jones,: are in -show business. Miss Jones plays the mother.on "The Partridge Family" and member of its family rock group.-Cassidy's voice and hers are heard on (lie five "Partridge Family" LPs; the other voices are not those of the DENVER (AP)-- The Rocky Mountain News, in n cop- righted story, said Sunday Statf Inspection Bureau (SIB) who works directly for Secand Syl. James C. Jones o( the detail jrngmcu oi^j, o...u """""J CI'IIIICS ' HgiUIISt pCI'SOHS (ICtBIl that seven hieh-rankmi; Denver . . . . . , .. policemen have been accused! (lc " lecl reccing any of the poljce: of taking cash payments from bail, bondsmen in violation of slate law, departmental rcgn- lalfflris and Hie Denver City Charter. The payments were made to policemen who brought in bail junipers, the News said. The newspaper said two of the.; officers, Sgts Donald B jMiljn'ix (i! the district attorney's organized crime unit, and Donald :T. Mullins of the delinquency i; control division, admitted th'el practice ami named five other men as having shared in the! money. However, Iv,vo of those named, Cap't. Jerry Kennedy, commander of the department's money, the News said. And the News said the other three, Sjjls. Michael Dowd, Richard L. Scherwilz of ihc SIB and Sgl. Sieve C. Metros of the vice bureaus, "failed to respond to repealed attempts by the Rock'y Mountain News to discuss it wilii them." Direct or indirect payments to the officers were alleged to have-been made by three of Ihc city's largest bail bond companies, Hie News said. Hist. Ally. Jaivis Scccombe admitted Friday that tie lias known about (he payments since early February, Ihc News said. Scccombe said Mulnix, combe's office, told him about the practice, the News said. Mulnix and Mullins.said the money was" paid to them for capturing two defendants who had jumped bail between 19GG ami l%3, the News said. Scccombe said he was under newspapers. Tlie girl introducing him says usually Ihey have political 'igu'' cs . but at present they're all campaigning I Los Angeles area. Kids come to 'loose and not be noticed:" my house, which -I can't, loler- "The partridge Family" is in ; f°r the presidency, so here is ' ~ ' '" , u'p ate. And they dress maids and bartenders- and try to get to me in hotels. "They don't know what to do when they do get to the. door, [They just gel flustered wher | they get up to -me... Tiiej 'haven't thought past the con quest. They don!t know what to do--unless they're in a group. Then Ihey attack." How does Gassidy deal with [fame? "Man has learned to Ideal with much heavier things .[than that. There have been ob- i'stacles and inconveniences but · the majority of it is just really Like what? "It might be easier to say what 1 don't enjoy David Cassidy [from success. I don't enjoy the jloss of privacy. I don't particu- down from 12, where it hadjlarly enjoy -seeing stars in stayed for three weeks, and 'The Partridge Family Stopping Hag" was 29 and climbing. As a generali/ation, the more wholesome the reputation of the singing star and .the younger his fans, the more bland are the things he says in an interview. Cassidy doesn't say anything] startling when interviewed, but he works up steam a couple of times. For instance, he says,. "People say to me, 'Give ouri kids something to follow, some-; thing to believe in.' Everybody] wants to make me the Pied Pi-! per and I'm not. i "Adults say, 'You have all this influence on our .youth. What arc you doing to save tliem from this wicked world?' "How can 1 tell anyone what to do? How do I know what is people's eyes. I don't enjoy not being able to go out and hang its second'season. This season Cassidy, in Ihe series, is 17. Actually, he is 22.- Next season, for which shooting starts in May, he'll be 18. . "It certainly does get tiresome doing a series. The same people, the same situations, the jsame house, the same friends, same everything." Is he tired enough of it to quit? "Eventually, but not now. But I can't see myself being 25 on 'The Partridge Family' and still singing and playing guitar in a wheelchair." Does Cassidy expect to be in a wheelchair at 25? "No, but I'd feel like it." From the interview, .the group in the room go by limousine to John Jay College of Criminal Justice, for a press conference of writers from New York high school and college David Cassidy. Cassidy says, "I'm sorry I showed up instead of Richard- Nixon,'.' Cassidy answers into' a mi: crophpnc but since nobody repeats the questions, most of the lime nobody knows-what is being answered. · "How does it feel being back New York? Has it changed?" "Well, 1 was here about a month ago so I don't think'the change is. since 'then, r lived here three years'ago. It's'as dirty as it ever was. This-lime I haven't been out on the streets," "How do you go about appealing to college kids?" "1 don't care if I do or don't appeal to college kids or adults. Love You," featuring Cassidy's voice, was a hit and his first one under .his own name, "Cherish," last October, also was a hit. On the April 18 best-selling charts, Cassidy's "Could It Be Forever?" was No. 18. down from lire previous week's higli of 15 and..the Partridge Family's "Am I Losing You?" was No. 14 and climbing. On Ihe LP chart, his first LP in his own , i . . j i , i- i L.IIOJI, I H 3 1 1 I 3 1 . 1 - I 1 l i j i u a u v r u the impression that policemen's iame ',-"cherish," was No. 16, work for bondsmen was author- i/cil by (he department and didn't violate stale law as long as it was done during off-duty limn, the News said. But the newspaper cjuoled Insurance Commissioner J. Richard Barnes, who regulates, bail bondsmen, said the statute I hat governs bondsmen's ucliviiics specifically prohibits police officers or court employes from working for bondsmen in any capacity : on duly or off. Camera News i By IRVING DESFOR ; AP Newsfeatuios The annual convention and traile show of the Master Photo Dealers Finishers Association--held this year March 1022 in Chicago--makes an appro- priplc occasion for display of industry's newest equip- fits into tlieir family of equipment for producing their Film- usound K .sound-synchronized movies. The sound system for super II ttlmurs combines three basic items: a camera, a sound-synchronizing portable cassette lapc recorder and a projector. lOf course, each of the three showing and automatic rewinding. Cassettes can accom- ^nndate both sujrer 8 and regu- lai 1 fl film on reels. The proj- uclor has f-1.6 zoom lens Ihe' meh-- *, t LWL..J^ ^,..^.. ~. Taking a prior peck at somc c;in | )c u ^ ( \ inicpciulently--the upcoming items, we note Ihalj tame i«i !im | projector can opcr- r-ularoicl will make news by in-| a i e without smmil and (lie tro'ducing a new low: Ihe low-j sm | lu | cslipriccd, instanl-piclure cani- riniciinii.s as a "conventional; era ever marketed for general: | Wr (;,i,| c cassette playcr-rccord- purposc color photography. ' LT . Their new Square Shooter 2 camera (listed at under ?20), '" and variable spral control which permils speeding up screen action or slowing it down to six frames per second. The . projector's automatic features should appeal to home movie makers and also serve Hie needs of the audio-visual market in schools, business and recorder!! " u l l l s l l '- _ . . y tlu , , j u w ug t MkU" WlldL Ib young actors seen in the TV j 1 , ight fnr Diem? What is right series. The first Partridge Family release, "I Think I for me is not necessarily right (or you. it's only right for me at this time. "Sometimes the kids themselves ask. They write and want advice and say, 'I know you'd know how io handle! things like this.' How would 1?| I couldn't handle things like, that when 1 was that age." j Cassidy also enjoys lalking| about limes he has disguised himself to get to stages where there is no easy entrance, such' as at Atlantic City. "And I've' hud Io move three times in the That's.why we're here. From Monsanto. Hey! It's spring. Get busyThere are things to do...gardening, golfing, cranking, reading, sprinkling, repairing, day packing, frying, edging, sleeping, pruning. And the things to do them with are free for making a deposit at Mountain. = .sound-system use, rii anil recorder, phjitos offered. ' '·«»" "»· sjiind picture.s to the screen. Tlie new -IVtlZ projector uses cassettes in 50, 100, 201) and 400- ysinessmen Burley The company's thinking has been to provide an all-pruposc color camera for Ihc mass, market price range in which 7l)j per ccnl of amateur still cam-| cr£s are purchased, according lo : fheir surveys. I ijarlier instant-picture cam-] erai's in that price range have! been Ihe Swinger models fori black-and-whilu pictures only; and the Big Shot for color pur-j traits only. The llig Shot uses: the larger, more cx|*nsivc Col-! orp'ack film. I The Scjuarc Shoolor 2 fca-j lures a transislori/crt electronic; shutler for fully automatic pOSUTC f'OMll Ot ITutO'TS til 1(1 I i"jK'lm'iM iI v ill."U'iui IM i H ui'ii. 1 y i ""·-· un«i »-*··»,» ' doors. The cnilrollnil shutler ;m ,| : , iifi-year veteran oflniiaranli-cd for speeds range from l-olKilh In i,, a ,-||j nt! j n c,,|ii|-;ulo, Mill a:l-'the original owner. one second. Us built-in flash rc-j ( |,. t ,. js ; , | ) r- [ ;;ikffi';l nurliiifj of Annlli-r darkroom aid is a ccplai.'le uses slamEaid f(inr-,|] |c (; r( ,,,|,, v ^hrjslian ]iii?iiics.s--ncw I'alcrson Photo Filter Sys- shol fla.shcubcs for controlled flash pictures of subjects .Sometimes it's small items ll, ( ,jlhaf make darkroom chores 'easier that make welcome news for do-il-yourselfcTs. Like the new line of 'Pro' Nikor tanks anil reels that Honeywell is introducing. They feature :i multi-baffle quick-fill lid f o r m a x i in u in protection against visible, infrared and UV radial ions, particularly when high-speed film processing is involved. Resides filling and emptying faster, Ihe tank lids are flanged for easier on- off handling. The reels fivilurc a unique clip device in which film can he inserted or removed easily, yet holds it firmly when positioned. '[lie lino cnnsisls of two reels: line for .ISmni and Ihe olhcr for 120 film: and six lanks ranging from U I" I2fl-ouripo capacity, nrc slainless .steel, super- firsl ;.v-,p r t n c i p;i I of M;'i|)tewiiud|liarilvne(l for corrosion resist . s;i-|ionl in Crerloyjanci! and easy cleaning and arc lifclimc of f o u r - t o 10 feet away. Focusing Htsliinraiil. the camera is simple: Hie lens, is-turned to the distance seen! Iiiirley was on : lhe rim of Ihc Ions. ·""' I'nivorsily One of the special uses for m-;TMl- wilh A U. slant-picture cameras could hc ; degrees on those occasions when klcnliv' 1 ' 1 " lien's Coinmillcc at 7 a.m.jlcm being distributed by liraiin e d n e s d a y :it Sambo's|N"rlli America. The devices fil- lcr I;| P walrr or solutions to screen out hardwater mineral Kradualcd from| |tc|x)si , Sj ,.,,,.,_ Urt im(i n n( | is . f Nurlhcrn ('"lo-' Kn]w | chemicals. Fillcring U. :-nd A-M- niakcs for cleaner, belter proc- n schml adinmislra-ip^j,,,, H(1 eiv:d as principal at j T | ;c | icni -t ,,f || lc system is a ficalion pictures-- for passp:irls,iM rl l | t (! « w) d Momentary for in,2o.micron stainless stcol ele- liL'cnsts, etc., -are urgently, J'c-""s- retiring in l!70. Me basj,,,,,,,! sc;i [ M | j,, a polythene ring needed and Ihore is no time li bfcn .1 teacher and princ-prili which fits into cither a funnel wait for nni-nial photographic in Ak"n, .lulcsbnrg nnd liniyh proccrfurcs. I'or K'.ich i mcr- Sclnnh. gencies, flash pictures can be l.'ii'-'cy is a member of taken at ll:c clcsesl dislaii'.-a.scvfrnl educational organi/a- against a plain backgrnund and:M'n:; ;:s vell as ;i luembsr of color porlrnils will l)e ready inillic (ircclcy Kiwanis Club and a minute. The si/c of Ihe hcfid : llic Greclcy Chap'cr of wijl parmil (lie H'/i-inch square,C h r i .s t i a n Businessmen's print to he trimmed Io the si/.e Commute. rccjuire-J: usually from two lo| He has served as an older two and one-half inches K'|uare. ! Hvl a deacnn in his church, '·'·\ the r-'ir.-.l United Presbyterian item b;:ing in- Chi'rdi. !l II ,'.- fl-iivN's ir.v. 1 Dui-ioy JIIH! liis wife Adah live ;)vic prfijoctiir which ; ".t 1H12 iMIi K'. !·:;··.'. or a lap water unit. They are made of chemical-resistant plastic which resists breakage. CARPET-FURNITURE HOUSEWIDE CLEANING Call 352-2108 Brewer ServiceMaster 132-1 t\\\ 51. $300 Deposit Handy, adaptable Sholton Sockelool Kit for unusual repair problems. 51,000 Deposit Bako your bes; cake, make some homemade ice cream and serve beautifully with this rosewood handled Ice Cream and Cake Set. $5,000 Deposit Only 5 IDS., the Coleman Sleeping Bag packs easy, sleeps sod. $300 Deposit Turn your Melnor Turret to sprinkle different lawn shapes...squares, reclangles.nairow strips... $2,500 Deposit Power precision water 4 lawn shapes use the Molnor Oscillating Sprinkler. $5,000 Deposit Skiing, hiking, biking, picnicking? A loaf of bread, a botlleofwine...whatever... fits handily in Ihe Coleman Day Pak. $500 Deposit Plot your next world four... in.your easy chair wilh the Ideal World Atlas. $2,500 Deposit Edges crooked? The Melnor Deluxe Adjustable Lawn Edger will straighten them right up...even around trees. $2,500 Deposit 1 dozen of the finest Spalding Unicore* Golf Balls. - ' $500 Deposit 3 settings on this Melnor .Deluxe Pruner.-.pruneyour toughest bushes or most delicate roses. $5,000 Deposit Let the Pacer 4 quart Electric fee Cream Freezer do the work. All you do is enjoy homemade tasle. $5,000 Deposit Automatic, immersible, portable...the Mirro Electric Fry Pan is a mini-kitchen all by itself. $1,000 Deposit more...look it up in The American Herilaga Dictionary of the English -. Language. $5,000 Deposit i Take the Williamsburg 4 quart Ice Cream Freezer camping...or whenever you want homemade ice cream made Ihe old-fashioned way. EARN 6% $5,000 Minimum, · . 2-10 year Certificate of Deposit One gilt per account peryear. MOUNTAIN SAVINGS and Loan AssociXlon- Re»urce» over $66,000,000 Boulder OHIce: 2300 Broadway, Boulder 442-1080/Cros»ro»di C*nt«r Office: Arapahoe 28th, Boulder 442-1080 Fort Collins Office: 2105 So. College Avenue, Fort Collins 493-3300 Greeley Office: 1000 Ninth Avenue, Greeley 352-6128/Longmonl Office: 401 Collman Street, Longmont 776-1362

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