The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1935
Page 3
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THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1035 S1ES 110 r Coil Levy Is Designated to Produce $20,000,000 Avenue JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.—Tile House hit? Wednesday adopted an amendment to ib? tales tax bill. I making Hie- nits 2 psr tent instead I ol ti!i; one-half of i prr cent ivi ommettdad by the house ways and means committee. Tiie vole on llie which v.'iis presented irulion leaders in th by the narrowest o! ( ° 03. While Democrats split on the rule, all of tlie Republieans except ona . voted, aai^njil the 2 per cent rale I •• I amendment. Ij; ncJjiiinls e HOIISS, wa margins c GoocUAip Cake Is ChildVPlay >3& > i /» . < '^ 7 f"^ ^ } •s V.ii-icd fiLjIiiifcXi ui,-,. ,.,,p ,.„[(,,, ;1 pju appearance. I'roponem's ol the 2 jjfr cent rat:-, -=> estimated it ..vonld yield ishmii £20 r - F-v-itttl me to tea 000,000 a year to br' ainorfianc follows: Six million dollar.-; for relief. $2.- "" COO.OOii lor old a»e pensions. S2.000- 000 fo:- care of insane poor MI:] balance of $10,l)i}Q,090 i'or the The'sL^^a^h^'^a^rienU^lr.Vio^'Z^^t 1 ^ f" ^ """*" <"'" «'""" «'" Hie other day- cup bmtc, o^th^ortennlijl 6o™Z^-r^ °' " C °" e £,„,. n.wted me to tea the other day- cup butter or other shortening, 1 „ " " „ M * ,'° ,, - - , ,,,, as a« very ^peeiu) party it was, with uip sugar, 2 c^s 3-4 em> milk 1 I !?„,. • ? y '"" Ls llu ' y " sk n,p cakes she had made herself, kLpoon vanilla '?'' '" , f " 10 Ulst C °" rso ° f • $2i . nil decorated with irosUng and Siii Hour once, -measure add In',',' '",'' " l ! , n '" CS ""f™"" 1 - Miips of candied fruit, shredded baking powder , md salt, ai d sifl ! lll - ri11111 "' <•«'"* r '"™'d be cn^anut, nnls und auscUca. j three time.s. Creun, butter o othe ^^"^^ "^""t 1 C ° f - fahe was .» emming. pacing ' sl.orU-King, add suunr grad, ally ,',* ,"" ,'"" 'f llow ' "" lke ""' about niui being agreeable and cream toother until limn and o e ~od -'?'^^"" )r> " U " •sales tax bill proposing a material" •'"" ....... ' "" ' ' meng amoun at a ti of !hal equally Important subject, Beat, just- enough Jy diilemil plan from the one con social maimcrs. c.rane\s cup cakes, by amendments to ths uoi.s 8 bill was . introduced by a pry.m of senate'"; yesterday. Prepared by Senators McReynolds of Carthage and Jones of K»miett" Ihe W!l tore iiie nsmes of 14 ™ ]m .' tors as intradurers, onlv l.liree le^s ;^n liilf (he total milnter % ^ Tile measura jn-ovides for a direct iax on each sale to bo paid by (He purchaser at the time, and is 110, an occupation tax on the ev OW wceipl.-, of . mere-rants, as is i! K ! present law and as is proposed in -ho bill pjjjdij,,- ,-,, Utv HolI5l , Stnalc Hill IJkcly („ \vj,i 'ine indications are tiiat if a •> per cent bill c an be passed in 11^ S*nnl«, it will be this bin rather than the one it is expecle-l tli» House will .,e,,«| to , hc ^-nat'e ^ Plan teuig to substitute in the ways and means committee this Senate bill for such bjl| ns s * cd in the House. ...... While the lax is fixed at o ,,-.r wnt. there will be a lax of ml 1»V- Imn one cent on any sale. Thus a lucent i-alc - lV01 ,ld I:;, taxed at one cant, as would a 50-cent. sale Frac- lioiiai parts of a cent are not, to be taken into consideration, lv hicli would meaiV.a 2 cent tax c, Al. ' •amouiiWfe, to-more tfen 50 t~, ~< up to and including 51. ' ' Dr.'Washburn Tells of Health Unit's Worli sffildim" 1 ^ 1 f °^ bett01 ' """"- ronn \, W ' lat "'° aOsSlSSippi county Health Unit Is att to do and the enlistment fhif 'e-vf"" CO " miVO SU P v m U '" S " lad<i bv M. Wnshburn. director, in o members o f , hc Li i ns ,,„'• r t SUlnr H ' ceM - v 'luncheon mtms Tuesday at the Hotel No- or in d to keep battoi . smcolh after eacli udditlon ot , the way, flour. Fill oiled cupcake pans or vcve unusual, in that she spill. )w;:er taking cups placed In imif lin umis noi more than two-ihirds full of baiter. Bake twenty min ule.s in a moderate oven i375 dc , . ome of thfin and then piled them up layer-cake fashion svith a but- M- cream nllm". . I like tlie following cup cake • L'recs F.) recipe because it's both inexpcn- ' This makes stvc and good. The texture of the cakes. and velvety, as the , Use Varied I'rosiings perfect cakes should Frost some with chocolate .frost iwemv-foiir ctm " tcxUit-e oi'. jet the rule calls for only two '"' S ri;, ,,.,,,. - , : AIKI while butter gives a dell- vr^'.i^T', ' f ) , cu . llsc n "«° d imo-rn nr ,/-" , lnC '' C " SC LI -' C ainoum of wilt >n these cakes. I'll aiamre soo.<l .results. | I'avonlc Ciiji 0>ke» i v-a aiKime-fcmth cups cake ing and decorate with whole 01 ; slireddcrt almonds. Frost utlicis with seven-minute frosting ana Granite with shredded cocoanut, WU! ' W1S " f tiinaiCtl C " e '™s «»< citron, and chocolate shot Three little cakes hre iiice for ia birthday party with a lighted candle on each. They're also ;iico Key To Salvaliou ' en In Thre Albania and Greece arc Ulc only European countries which lu» i....-|lo stations. • 6-'JV.WSM\ ed "' !'»cf y '•nc unu, which was starc- ie JRIC smnmor of 1(127 and outlined the aclivitlc.5 . dirccior, (}i- o nurses, sniiffan impcctor and clerk. Included ii IILS talk was a report for last veai y.hich showed comj>lete anii^ typhoid administrations given to H.2J7 PCI-EOIIS, 1.529 smallpox vaccinations, 1480 children given pre- veiitatfvc for diphtheria, rmd anti- rniMc vaccine secured for 100 peo- ^C.uesls at. the meeting were: A. \.v n ,, P . a " 011 of Jonesboro, Ray vvoiMiinslon of Memphis, Bill Rob- mson, who recently came here from Sikeslon. Mo., and c. Web- sier Jones, of Little Rock. Pes-sonai Property Tax Di-ive Continues An additional group of four at- climsnts was issued todav through nvi , ° n ' CL ' in a clrive to r<)rc 'n . "' dolinmi - iu l« rs <"»l rty tax,.., for 193.1. payable last for Bessie Mann has filed suit divorce from William Mam an,i William Webb ha, Bro,,,,," .^ for divorce from Rosa Lee Wcbh in chancery court here. Mrs. Mann is represented bv Ivy and Naming. Qsccola law lirm ami Sam Manat, is attorney f^ Cosirir-r N ews Want Arts. ( ---1 FOR CHILDREN «y«nlv, it 8 "™, '»'m n ,J "^urj [^1^1 JRS a reward of their ho , i as^ always only through hi.s grace. 1 The Bible Conference continues i tonight at 7:30 with Dr. Morgan i'jSSPn! i'll QI-/.I-) . l spenki!1 S on "Christ in the Pres- .--iticli. Ot^jJ.-jicncc of Hostility and Crime." and 1 through tomorrow tnorniny an.i Dr. Prank Crosslcy Morgan, who "veiling. •s holding a bible conference at the : Proj-oyleriau ch;irch, described las' nisht Ihree steps ncicssary for every inrin to take More" ;- 0 , nlb rightfully expect tlie indweUhi" of tnc Sou-it of God. Ha depicted Kic- oclemus as a t!irc2-fbld" usrionaluy 'M maif of the i'iiarfaecs", -a ruler of the Jews", and - a man nam»M • ncodemm", only the latler Ijeir.!; real, essential man. the other phases being merely "masks which were stripped oil in the experiences he had with Jesus when the had comg through repentance, fail, and confession, ami onlv then, he found his'new lire in God the speaker said. I'i the fourth mornin« inessa«r ill ten o'clock today Dr. Moranii (raced a.' through n nirlimi or (he prophecy of Haggi the principle of Ihe rela- i S lionship between the sin of man nnd the iinprodiirtivencss of the I nrth and pointed out Dm; 'hen Israel had ]earn«d (h's 'i lid Jehovah promise prosp.-r'ity CfwdT&i MADE ME A TEA DRINKER" 'Up to a short lime ai;r>, 1 wasn't n lea iriiiKcr. Tiicn I tysted nw fitsi Illness but lulo " ru " i nil: 1 "- India Tea is myf:hi<! of his erace 'A"' , s ric , !l ' "''">' anj full-11'aw.rerf. ' HICKS nothingwcalc about it." Toa« India's jjootl Black tea, look fur the trademark (left) nn l>nckancs (if rea you buy. Win Back 1'ep . . , Vigor . . "f^? 1 authorities agree ;REITIS« The "Paint it Yourself" Paint G,u' 0 h U T., 1 fi Ve trou1)lc witil to ° &=>? tocldet : Passages win, acam y EOI signal may he the b»ffinnlni> r,r nagslng- backache, lc K pain" "o"! o See a demonstration of it in our Window Saturday COLOR CHARTS BOOKLETS ON HOW TO PAINT of more i : "' cr ' your 1 3 rounds . . . which has been used 1'fccssttillir by minions of kldncv surrerers for over 40 years Thcv Eive. happy relict and will " j\elp to wasn out the 15 Mn,KS of hl'lnes- tubes. Get DOAN'S I'fI,I.S nt vcur dvnf 0 1931, Fostcr-MIIburn Co Tlicre Arc IOKB (;OOI) CUt>S Of Coffee In 1-ATry • I'ctnul Of Fcur Irf.i'f I'rcphylactic Toolh Hrush inin.-i-. PRICEHSS INFORMATION — fi>r thrjs.i siUTi-rii'ir fn -J 0 " ori i>uonf.S. EKs. VOOH DtGFS- "BOREAL Man. "^t frtun r:i :«!. Contain ntK ojsler Tonic Easy-lo-tJhc Tablets I .. ''7 "I. flii.,1,. , i'l^icl anil crr.m.i (_, i««- «.n!-. r<*i. ,n ' nicl'it. . v^ jT.rrifan 1,'nh rniiy Doctor wh Trfflny (^ nr/; n , of life. * J Jon t be ciKl, worn-cut, OSTIi S or r °, "•";''• l ''r'' ""' "?• <" l"^^ 0 - h «f luil.i - '™ i • ••"- i •>' <>i)4;p. \ 'i[[if' ^l Ik) • .SPECIAL this wa£k79c.J .MAIN AT JWOAWVAY BLYTOEVILLB, (ARK). COURIER NEfi'S , , |T —-..—---_-._ i|BMi . "*""" ' " "" '" ' imiii.m jr^ ^ 'ttaaiKsisstsxxsiwzssi fi yTrTTnn^ ^^^ Milk i-till Divsod. Hi MS- Hens, I'ull i)f(!ssril Pnniitl 'Vcsli, Tcndi-i- Mi. BELL PEPPES rpnfOiATff l>reti '~" iF' l/iilHiUi//ii2( i/, LI,. Iv .lowcl TOT^^ s /C^5> 5 C CLONES IS to i;n Mazda OAC Wall (M Frunth u,25 c Special Icl.-ilio 1(1 IJ) Red Tridinphs 10 I.lis. 1(1 if u! .ftiicy I'locidii i> l-lw. \VJiifc .MUSTARD I'nll Quart Jar 18c Icclii'rjjs irfjc Heads CRACKERS Wcsco OMETTES 2 ,,,,35' J DC Lux Can 15° i)ALLOWS Hos- U'ss. LI). VANILLA (irijfhtcns 1TC Lb. 13 fAKIlP °- c - % c VyfliOLII a II-OZ. IJoHlcS LtO C - ' .,, 'K STOMACH, r;.\S5:. >S5" l: -">Tiiu!iN, CON. FOR THE SAFE TREATMENT OF

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