Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 7, 1955 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 8
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Page 8 CREELEY TRlHTJNir O'Mahoney Would Waive Antitrust law for Better Dealer Contracts That Might Halt Car Bootlegging Wednesday, Dec. 7/1955 Woman' Tells She Burie.d Ba ; rb'ara Affer Fatal -Accident ·-·.WASHINGTON OR -- Sen. O'Ma- honcy said Wednesday Congress inight be willing lo waive anil- trust laws if aut.o manufacturers rand retail dealers can agree on a tarr contract to stop bootlegging snd solve other, industry problems. .- O'Mahoney, presiding at a lengthy 'Senate judiciary . Anti' Trust and Monopoly Subcommittee hearing on General Molors, of [ered 1 Ibis propbsal in a lengthy exchange with PM President Harlow H. Curlice. . . , -.- '.' . - -' Curlice sharply dispulcd O'Ma- on'ey's contention 'that manutac- turers had forced dealers'' lo lake idore cars lhan 'liicy .could, sell on a sound fin'aiicial'basis..O'Mahoney. said this had I', unsound crcdil and'loss of profit by the retail, dealers. , _...,,.·'. Both agreed lhat "aulo-:»llog- ging involves quick sales o! new cars by franchise; dealers to: used or- other dQalers- to -culrate or wholesale yiriccs.;. .-· ·-. ; . · : · · ' ' . : · In an effort I? hall bootleggjng,, ' Curtice- said · GM -officials in-1354 asked approval by.theAttorney general for a clause; in'.the Q1'dealer contract, making - auto', bootlegging cause for -contract cancellation. ' The" GJI' head said an assistant attorney general and other'federal anti-trust·- lawyers advised GM such a clause might'bring criminal prosecution'for-'antitrust viola- lions.--'; - · · · · ' ..' GM' lawyers questioricdvtiils in. terpretation, Curlice.continued,,'biit. ''were not willing to risk possible criminal' proceeding" to .lesl it. ' In the Courts County Court '' ' .! Harold J. Weitzel,.27, of 431 Thir- .leenlh avenue, pleaded innocent to 'charges ot "drunk'driving and reckless driving Thanksgiving .Day. Judge John J. Dobley continued the case lo Jan. .1 for Irial selling , Waller. Stroh, 35i ot 'Route 4 w a s ' c h a r g e d With driving whili - intoxicated Dec. 1 in an intorma ton'filed by Ralph E. Waldo. Jr. depuly; district allorney. Bond fo his release from jail was set a ie Talks. Economic 'roblems ; with Experts GETTYSBURG; Pn.- «i -- President Eisenhower Wednesday talked over-the economic state oFlne na- Uon wilti .his lop advisers in Ibis field and lo all appearances they gave him an.optimistic report. · Eisenhower mcl for Iwo hours' wilh Dr. Arthur S. Burns,, chairman' of ..his-Council. of Economic Advisers, · and Economic'-Aide Ga- briel'Hauge:-! ·' . , ; : · ' . Burns and Haugo later told newsmen it .was-only, a ."routine" session. ..' · .' - . vBu'rns said they talked . w i t h - E i - senhower alwut the current 1 eco- rr'oJiirc silualion and Ihe a n n u a l economic report lire Chiel Executive will'scnd to Congress next month. (Continued trdm.Pao 1) Whillaker, "That person was Mrs. Rose Alexander." ' Hose Alexander is -James' first and also his present. wife. Married some years ago, they i had two children %nd later were divorced, Whillaker;said. Alexander then married Barbar .Alexander, who had two children by a- previous marriage and one by Alex' ander. . A l l tht children lived at the Alexanders' tiome here. Rose Alexander, in a slalemcjrl lo officers, said Barbara's dealh was accidental. No charges have been filed. Pedesirian, Hit by Can Injured Finance Plan Prepared lor Pensioners DENVER' Ul -- A plan lo . li- nance medical and .hospital care for old age pensioners in Colorado is being developed by a special committee n a m e d , by Gov: Johnson, its chairman reported' Wed- -Barbara Alexander vanished in July, 1953, but, for reasons not explained, .her disappearance was not reported by Alexander until "about'nine months later," the county attorney' said.. Asked b y . t h e missing woman's parenls at Hardin, -Mont., to continue an investigation, police questioned the present Mr*. Alexander. Monday, Police ChiefC. J. Carler said, Mrs. Hose Alexander signed a statement relating these details: "· · Rose went to the Alexander home in 1953. B a r b a r a came lo the door and' stumbled against a pile of bricks. Tire bricks toppled, killing her. Rose, shocked'and frightened, dragged the body inlo the house and returned several days later lo bury it iri the- basement. Alexander was building the home, and the basement was unfinished! the. body apparently in dry client, then Charles Koenig, W, ot 819 Thirteenth street, was Injured in an aulo-pedcstrian accident al the intersection of Tenth street and Ninlh avenue al 8:54 a.m. Wednesday, police reporled. Koenig suffered a bruised .right hi|i and a small abrasion on the right side ot his forehead when he was struck by a car driven by.Hcr- herl Cecil Shannon of 1129 Seventh street. He was admitted al Ihc Wckl County General hospital for observation. Police Sgl. Floyd W.. Kelley, who was a witness to the accident, said Koenig' was north on the east -side of Ninth avenue in Hie crosswalk. Shannon, driving south on Ninth avenue, was making left hand turn onto Tenth street. . Both Koenig-and Shannon, who was driving a 1D17 Mercury 4-door, had the green light, Kelley said. Shannon .did nol see Koenig and Koenig did not see the auto, which was traveling at a speed ot about five miles per hour, until it was too late lo avoid being struck. Rice Reports Aged .Man Died of Natural Causes BRIGHTON'HI --· W. E. Segcr, 89, found' dead in his shack 15' miles 'northeast ot Denver Monday, died of natural causes, Adams County Coroner Lyle Rice reported Tuesday. . · : B. I.ettis Haxyley, a dislricl at-, torney's assistant, had said earlier he suspected foul play, because he found a. Mood-smeared wound between Segcr's right eye and temple thai "could have been caused by a bullet." llicc sard Tuesday that further investigation and examination by a physician indicated Scger. apparently had suffered a stroke and fallen against a stove' in the sliack, cast of the Hocfcy Mountain Arsenal. · . ' · The body was found by a neighbor, Harry Halverson,' who owns a ranch near the shack-occupied by Scgcr, a bachelor and old age. pensioner. csday. The plan wmild cost between III) nd §12 per. pensioner peV month r approximately 6 to 6 million dol ars annually, said the 'chairman, tale Sen. Robert It. Knous (D- '·^evidence and testimony »'1TM A0 ^^; M r 5 no , e A j cxaim£ r's le committee nas I - ··-·"·». . _, ..., ... L'arlcr said was placed dirt and. a concrete 'loor. Where was Alexander at the 'time his 'wife .was killed? Where were the five children? Police say Ihc'y do not know. Some time after the' incident, Rose Alexander . relumed to live with her former husband. Alexander resig'ne'd a's a shop instructor 1 , at Natrona : Cou'nly. High . Sgt. Kelley was sitliMg'iri a police palrol car, waiting for the signal light on Tenth street lo turn green, when Ihe accident occurred. Four traffic accidents Tuesday also were reporled by police. ·J»r» PorttrVElbow Bruised Jane'Elizabeth Porter, 16, of 1001 Fiflccnth street, received a bruised right elbow, when (lie 1953 Chevrolet coach she was driving.collided with a 19M Ford coach driven by Nina Elizabeth Nelson of 1124 Ninth street· 2-iO feet w e s t ' o f Eleventh avenue on.Sixteenth.street at,3:51 ' , . School 'last spring, and in -Augusl he and hi; family 'moved to -Wor- Und, Wyo.. where he works as a machinist. 'The home here was left ''Angel Ruiz .was .charged wilh non-support of his wife and three minbJj children tetwecn Nov. 5 and Dec;-3 i n ' a n information filed by M. E.-ll. Smith, district attorney. ,Ruiz' bond was set al $1,000, 'returnable' Dec; 15. v-Mr's. .Madeline Suazo,. a minor IHfouBh her next - friend, Bcnnre Ray* of' Erie, |iled an annulment complaint against' 'Danny Suazo. They were m a r r i e d ; at. Raton, N. -' · -- ' 1954,- "and have .no earrngs which -the onduclc'd indicated 1 the No. 1 need f the. pensioner is a health arrd hospital plan," Knous said. B!u» Crou and Blu« Strilld Blue Cross .and Blue'.Shield and private insurance companies have expressed .keen interest in the plan, thu.chairman related. He said Ihc plan ht-ing conlem- plaled includes payments lo be made from Ihc Stale Welfare Dept. directly lo. the doctor but thai the ; alient would have free choice of is"'physician. The .special group, studying.'the statement and at her direction, po ice began drilling in the basement \londay night. Al first t h e y were msuccessful. Then the Alexanders' pet dog, a Saint. Bernard,.came to the basement whimpered over a spot i n ' a n o t h e r corner. . ' · Officers dug there, a n d . within mrnules disco\ered t h e ' b o d y . ' Police Sgl. Glenn Vr'ilrnson sail neither Alexander nor his wile wa in the basement, .when the-, dis !!., Oct. children. Police. . Norman Herinan-Hegemahn, 1117 Tenth street,- speeding, $23.60. covery was made. They'were called lo the scene and both were "dos lo hysterics," he said. . Alexander- idenlifie'd » . weddin rirjg on Hie hand of the dead 'wpma as'oije he had Riven Barbara. 26 Die in German Apartment House Blast. Wednesday · committee.'has been taken but that FRANKFURT, ' ; Germany Ifl -- . , . pension question, knous' said, hopes to report on this phase of i t s ' a c - tivity To (Jov. Johnson before the egislature m o o t s . J a n . 4. The plan, K n o u s . s a i d , . w o u l d require a constitutional amendment so Ihe'money could he paid out "of pension' revenues. ·· . ' Knoiis said no actual vole .of Ihe ' _ 'poll: .indicates Mis . numbers unanimously favors a mcdi- cal-and health program. . At ·present if an old a g e . pen sroncr has ·, medical or. surgical -p.m. Tuesday. The Nelson car, which was dam- jgcd $200, was. slopped in a lane ot traffic waiting.for the .signal light a l ' E l e v e n t h avenue ,to.'change lo green. The Porter girl,'.driving cast on 'Sixteenth street, applied her brakes but could.not s t o p ^ o n the icy 'str'ecl. ' i ' . .' ' Her. car .was damaged $300. She was charged wilh careless driving lypolice. : . Colliilon Damasi $350 A.105'1 Ford Sedan driven by Mrs arbara Buchanan of Bobs mote ·as damaged $150 and a 1956 Cliev olet sedan driven by Ralph Hcwil Ncaly of IJre Grccley court $200 in a ollis'ion at the intersection ot Tenth venue and Eleventh street al 2:0 p.m. Tuesday. Mrs. Buchanan was driving norl on Tenth avenue, Ncaly cast o eleventh . street. Neither saw -th other's vehicle in time lo avoid th collision. . . ·A 1952'Ford Z-door driven by Hob ert Lewis Goetiel of Roule 3 and 1MB Nash coupe'driven by Hcrtx Earl JIarkham of Milliken were each'damaged 525 in an accident at the intersection of Eighth street and "Seventh avenue at 6:54 p.m. Tuesday. ' .", . , C«r Slcidi J Ftet Markha'm, traveling " west on Eighth 'street,, was trying to ntake a right turn inlo a filling station.on Tension Eases in Middle East WASHINGTON Wr-Top officials believe the thrcal of war between Israel and Arsb counties, has eased. . I They .crcdil this casing ot tension to'intcnsive diplomatic efforts by the United States, Britain and the United Nations. They said Wednesday that .both Arabs and Israelis, d.espitc their continuing dispute, are now think- ng in terms of negolialing a com- iromise peace settlement rather han resorting lo violence 'to settle heir.longstanding differences.. . This present view contrasts rath- JayceesWill Hear Brotzman at Bosses^ Night Don Brolzman, stale senator from Boulder County will .bo the principal speaker, Jan. 24; al Ihc annual distinguished service award and bosses night banquet of Ihc Grceley Junior Chamber', of Commerce. Chairman ol Hie banquet is Bob Brown,'owner of the 70 Ranch. ' Plans for the banquet were drawn up Tuesday nighl at the weekly meeting of the JC's. Speakers .Tuesday nighl were Marc'Smith, district alloncy, Gid Gales, chairman ot the Grecley March ot. Dimes, campaign, and ll'oy Erickson 9f Denver, past slate president of Ihe Colorado Jaycees and at present the stale chairman for {he March of Dimes drive. Smith's talk coveted the duties and funclions.\ of Ihe dislricl attorney's office. 'Both G a l e s , and Erickson gavo brief talks ur'giftg Modern. Public .Education' A'chievemenls"Exceed. \ Criticisms; Survey. Finds BOULDER m --' ,Th'c;lisl .of achievements of modern public ed-. riealion has 'exceeded.Criticisms by a ration of .4 .to 1 in a..survey conducted by 'i'hi Delia. Kappa's commission o n ' f r e e public educa- · ' · ' wo months ago when Egypt's big rm's .deal with Hie Communist iloc convinced m a n y lhat an cx- sharply fears expressed losivu war was.likely in the im- icdiale future. White diplomacy, in their, view, as lessened the immediate threat of full-scale figliling,. these of- icials acknowledged Ihe improving outlook mighl 'bi only tempo- ary.° No formula has yet been oun'd for Arab-Israeli peace talks despite Western and U. N. efforts o encourage a permanent settlement. the JC's to aid the annual polio fund drive, which begins here Jan. 3. Two awards will be given t.t Ihc a n n u a l dislinguished service and bosses might'banquet. One'..'ward, a ccrtifieale and a key, will. v c presented to Iho individual belwccn the ages of 21 and 35 who Iras done most for the community during the past year. The other award, a certificate, will be given lo Ihe employer who has contributed most to the communily's welfare. · Nominations tor candidates for the distinguished service ^ward can be made by any business and service clrrli in the area. The nominations should be made to the GreeleyXhainber of Commerce of- fiee or to Brown. The site for the banquet hRS not been selected yet. Olher events planned by the JC's Tuesday night included their annual Christmas dance or Dec: 22 at the Counlry Club. Jack Yi'healon's band from Eaton will provide the music. · ' ' The annual old'people's lour of lion. . . - · . - ' . . . Phi Delia Kappa, a 'nalional educa'tldri fraternity with chapters in 'more than--150 communities; questioned more than 5,000 persons .throughout the nation..^Results were" announced' Monday,-;-" : .. The lists of : achievpmenls in eluded such things as belter pre_ pared teachers,' improved facilitic and curriculum, better guidanci and instructional aids, improve) teaching methods and more sport and activities. Complaints, included "P°pr. ^salaries," "poor discipline," "not enough emphasis on the 3R's and "loo. many extracurricular aclrvi- ties." - ' ' In answer to a question to compare Iqday's schools'.with those of 20 or 30 years ago, 72 per cent ot lire persons contacted s a r d . l o d a y s schools were bcller, 16 per cenl believed- they were as good and 12 "p~cV 4 ce"nt; lli'ofi'giil schools were poorer. . ' , . ' · . The commission, headed . by Rlenn Jensen of'the'University of Colorado, also that more than half of. Ihe.persons queneci had read' derogalory or critical la«evi!le Man Dominated lor Safe Driver^ Daniel Frank it Rk. 2. Box .75*, Flottevillc. was selected . by ; th« Colorado Stale Patrol as a'notmni* in .the "Sate Driver of the Week contest co-sponsored by .The.Den- ver I'osl and the United Slates National Bank ot Denver. ; . .·; _..-, "· Although not -picked, as-, a .wilt ncr in the weekly contest lor. Colo-' rado non-commercial drivers, Daniel Frank was commended for his safe driving on .Colorado's- high- wavs by Patrol Chief Gilbert R. Carrel. . . , - ' Daniel Frank was recommended for Ihe 'weekly award, by Patrolman Will Kagohara of Fl. Luplbn articles on public education in periodicals. ' . . O n e . third of thfi'persons said the articles prompted them to m- vesligale their schools. But only one-quarter of these thought the attacks were, justified after their probes. V«lv« Caum Fir* Cill Firemen were called at 2:37 p.m a' house ai 1215 Frttr Grceley to "view the Christmas decorations will this year be under the direction of Jim Watts of the J. C. Penny store. Color '^Siide 'Annual color slide showing Tke''Camera club was s held Monday t Ihe high' school' _ : : - Prbgrarh for the evening; con tisted of film-strips..Color" in the Home, a demonstration^ and func lions of the Ex'akla. " In- the assigned compelilion which was 'color for autumn,,Ken Hiklda took' first place with. . table top picture of' red leave among .ceramic.-.potteries. Sccon went to Dick'"Biddle wilh .1 close up shot o f - honey-locust' leaves turned golden; '.and; .third to Bill Robb with' an aspen scene hack- lighted. Honorable mentions went lo Clark Baldtvin, Irene Biddle and Troy Wilson. Twenty-two slides 'were presented in this group. The second showing of slides was a review of all the' winners for the year, including the autumn slides'. · The slide . of .the year selected was Ihe winitcr from the autumn "group by .Ken- -Hrkida, whiclrttie group seemed to highly favor : above '.all 'other presentations for the year. ' - Nominations.for officers.for Ihe new year were made' as follows: For President;: 'Russell Smith; vice'-presicJent; Clark Baldwin, Ker. Hikida, 'and' Dixie Skipper; secretary,'Bert-Howe; Vid treasurer, Dick Biddle,' Keith William.spn, Dicit Fennelly.and Ken W a g n e r . The next meeting will be Dec.-18 ' which is a field trip to fake pictures of the Christmas lighting ar needs beyond his'^bilify to-pay.the ost is pard-by. county vycllai a r l m c n t s . ' · -. ·. . · i Puiiion Limitation.Considtrad Kno«s iindicaled .the committee. till is considering' whether" some ort of limitation' should bo placed ixi pcnsions'in I h e - f u t u r e : He said he committee is "considering a plan offered by Hep. Palmer .1.. Burch R-Denvcr) ' "along with several other proposals." Gov. Johnsrm'rilsclosed' Tuesday, report from Welfare · Director Guy R. Jiis|is saying the. Burch plan -- had il been in clfccl this year -- would have given the state general fund atxxrl $0,500,000. Burch wants lo laVe all money Llcdncted from pensions bccapse of outside income and t u r n il over t( the' state. - · . A terrific explosion destroyed new- apartment building -in midtown Frankfurt before dawi.i and buried..32 · Germans! in .a. 2t)rfoot- high mass .of .wreckage. Twenty-six persons, including ·ven children/werc believed dead. The. cqal'. heating system was blamed- for the bias a corner'at'the intersection..Goct- lel, also, traveling "west on Kighlh street, applied.his brakes,.skidding 62 feet brfore ,the two vehicles sideswiped each other. . . . . . Police cliarged.both drivers with careless driving. . . A 1938 Ford pickup driven by .Bruce Timms of 1945 Reservoir I road was damaged $15. and a 1950 Buick driven by Mrs. Marie Elea- Two American Soldiers Held in.East Berlin B E H L I N LR--East Berlin Com munists, exercising new Soviel granled sovereignty,- announcei Wednesday they have arrested two American soldiers. The two were nol-'identified, and It was announced al the meeting that Ihe paper drive staged by the JC's Sunday resulted in 1 one full roxcar of paper being c"lecled. Another drive will be staged dur- irg the coipin'g' months. Funds raised by the paper drive support he various Jaycee community projects, · Fircirjcn Tuesdav t« street owned by H.'M. Rydbcrg and occupied by A. J. Sells, where a faulty shut-off \'»lve'on a gas cir 'culalor had resulted in burning around the valve. The gas was shui off and the gas company notified. Alhlele Folke' Jonsson met hi friend Bcnsl. Jlellinder at Ha'rno sand, Sweden, greeted him wit' j a hearty handshake and brok Bengt's a r m . USE .THE TRIBUNE WANT AD who said in · "On Thanksgiving evening during the peak period o f ' traffic" · around .7:30 p.m. a w o m a n ' w a s driving on U. S. 8T about three miles norlh-.of that highway's juric- - tion with Colorado 66: . ."A tire on Ihe woman's car blew out and she drovc^he'r auto off; tht ighway and inlo a farth drive- vay to change the tire!. '/ "Daniel.-Frank was driving .be- ind her and saw the woman's.bad ituation. He drove his farm truck nto a barrow prl along the road o flic spot where the Woman 'had slopped."Wilh the lights of his ruck shining on the car/ the boy changed the lire. · · · . "When" I arrived al Ihe scene, he woman lolij me of Frank's kind deed and said thai he would not accept any money for the task. "Daniel is driving on a' learner'i permit. The boy is'a fine example of the politeness and regard for others which should be i instilled in every driver on our highways.." · 'The 'winner each week receives a "Safe Driver of the Week" citation, a safe d r i v e r - d e c a l for his car and a ,$25-savings bond from the United Slates National Bank. Cattle from Mexico. ; MEXICO CITY.lfl -- The. National Cattle Confederation has asked government permission to export 375,000 h.ead of cattle from Mexico to. the.. United Slates, next .year. That's about the . «ame number shipped this year. .B,,.^" '.-· .--- . · . .road $2 in an'acciderit at the inter-- Tenanls. pf Ihe; apartment housc . Ue'ctipn of Seventeenth street and were 1 all,Germans. . '. fhi'rteenth avenue'at 8 a.m. Tucs- u. sva s.ihe. worst disaster in West . . . . ' ' s . : vast- postwar rebuild- ' Missing Pueblo Girl Discovered Unharmed ing program. Six'hours aflcr the blast shattered the fivc-slory blockbuster bomb, the damage wall : of an 'adjoining building Ihrcalcncd-to collapse'.on.150 man and American rescue work ers'. They ran from the debris, but soon resumed^work/-i-. Seven .injured persons--3 men, 2 w'om'en. 'and 2 'children--were rcscued-'from the wreckage.'One, a 32-year-old Wond boy, was carried out on a sireach'er. after be- 'ing buried six hnii'rs. A m u r m u r :.Timms was going'east on Seventeenth street, Mrs. Washburn north on .Thirtcenlh avenue. Bolh were charged with careless driving. .'Jei \n Richmond/Va., Sets 2 ' lire, U. S. Army could, nol im- nicdlately confirni Ihe announce- menl broadcasl by Ihe Easl Berlin radio,. ' But it.- raised speculation that Ihe 'Communists would use the two soldiers as an example,-put them on trial before one of their courts, and thus demonstrate that. East Berlin, as the Russians declared last week, .is no longer occupied territory. Tlu: Communist-East B e r l i n newspaper, Bz Am Abend, said however East Berlin police bad turned the Americans over to So- ,viet military auth -it'-s. The Dz also did not n a m e , the oldrers, but it used -a picture of x uniformed A.mericnn holding his rand over his face:, with t h e ^ c a p ion: "one of tfie gangslers." The radio said the ,lwo were arrested Sifter .beating a . male cabaret performer unconscious The performer was identified Werner Lierck, of Ihe Disfel cab aret. ·. . · · . Burglar Milk I Michanicil Cow -A "mechanical'cow" .used for vending milk at Fort I.uplon was "milked" by a burglar sometime after midnight Tuesday, the sheriff's office reporled Wednesday. The door of the machine was pried open with a'. crowbar, then the money box pried open-and the cash inside taken. The Boulder concern which . operates the machine, at First street and Denver avenue in Fort L u p t o n ' h a s not determined as yet how ' much money . was stolen. . · . , - - the victim of an abduction, wa fnrmd Wednesday walking on the . i · . ' · . : ' . ' : USN, .par / ^ M p H n n Pl'lPS Richmond \. piciiuii LHB: ,.,, ked wit RICHMOND, Va.'Wi--A Navy'jet plane crashed in Richmond's fasl urs. * nun...... .ionabl.e Windsor Farms residentia oP'he's still alj've" ran through the seclion Wednesday and set two crowd of spectators. : ' - h o u s e s , on fire. ' l The pdot, Ens. Robert Amm USN, .parachuted' to safely in id residential area and ,, ,;ith a newspaper reporter · iby telephone's'oon afterwards. He mumi wennesnav wanting on inr i Mrs. A. K. Melton. SB, ol I . a m a r , w a s apparently unhurt. / hTghway near li J n a. east of mother of Ernest. Mellon, formerly. Thc twin engine jet fighter was here i of Creelcy, died Monday at I-amar. Assigned t1 AUacJ Squadron 76 at Police Captl James R a f f c r t y said She:'w»s welj known she t h e ; 0 , j, avll) Air station at the girl Donna May Upton,'seemed ha(l spent many .summers , n G r e e v i r g l n l a B each.. - · inegiri. uonna . r a y u t im.i,« . I ] cy with her son and hij-famrly. I "I w a s ' f l y i n g -al about 20,000 Surviving are hcr husband, who f ec t when .ioniethiig went wrong, . 01 i**it r a u A r a l rViilHrpn hf,sirte* L im.***n e a i H '"r H n n * t · Vnftur xuhs The -last 10 days of 'Hitler' life are "dramtizcd in "Der Lelz Akl," a film just released in V enna. The. dictator's frna.1, macabr days are porlraycd wilh lelaile and almost documentary a'ccu racy, Austrian critics declare. !,, 'K« in to be in A»TMA da ed r n m i i t i o n - a n cond,l,« an Ttrc Tas no evident W id h « «* »«»!^children besides ^niman said. "I don't kn,w what r,Lr,VhV\,»i%r^TMe||. TM- BjjMl McUons ,«U.TM^ -r,, ^ w, s K ncon- Hy from hcr home. clipped short, :P . The plane was Kncon- Give A Porla.ble^Typewriter For Christmas "8* Month! To Pay No Carrying Charfle You can't buy b«ttr wito IniuroiK* than AlUtate. Why pay more? Allstate gives you the finest protection, friendly depend- mblcservice and fast, rairclaimsclllements. 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Gabriel S. aims, in Ihe i,exl seve-. yean, to oton. -is pasjor of -t'hi/ Bethel see that every high school is ab.e former 1° ' t c a c h - g e n e r a l science, social studies' and crafts, Calcutta learns. . Amman. 22, Dallas, Texas, landed several miles from where the plane crashed. · Police said one home in Windsor Farms was demolished. There were no -e ports of injuries. 'Upton, -is pasjor Methodist Church ar.d minister at Lamar, Colo. A bomb hoai drove .five families : fropi ^lats in Birmingham, England. "WESTERN" GIFT . . . . . . . · for Dad, Mother . ; . . . S i s . . . . o r Brother 1 · All Sizes · ''All Prices OUTLET SHOE STORE '913 SOi Ave. . · . - · · . ' · ' . ' . · ' · · Open Saturday and Monday Nights 'Til'8:30 free! II?[pfulHi:ym*Guikl Ion T i buy auto insurance Witdl' S** how loufhf OJ ran sare nilS trx compaor foundeJ by Sears. 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