Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 1, 1962 · Page 4
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 1, 1962
Page 4
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P«««4 GREELEY TRIBUNE S«turfcy, Dw. 1,1MZ; The Greeley Daily Tribune Tfc, IXECUTIVE STAFF MILDRED HANSEN . FUHBIMHKOBKKI WIUI.UND LEO G. KOENLC _, luiituu Mir A L. PETKKSEN JAKE ESTftlCK. JR. _ Cire. MirJCLAKK P.'CL _TM PublUtwd Ettjf? Wt*k DiT E-.«I Q , 0 The Tribun*-K»pubUu» Py bibbing I* Offict. 714 Eijtbli St.. Cr«*1*y. C*lf« Eaiwed · Mcond el*M ntiur *t thf pott office at Grttlty. Colorado under tlM Act of March I. 1*7*. Uteitor Auccltttd Pr«t, Colorado PrtM Auociation. Inland Daily Prcu A»6wUUon, Audit Bur«u of Circuit tton. Thi AuorlaUd Prm It tntitttd «iciu ·hely to tfct KM gf rcpublkation «/ all th« local ncwa printed in thi» nrw«- MPtr M w*)l u HI AP ***» Sintl* copy pric* . 6? SuhMription pi-i'.-f - By mall to Colv** 1 y«r 110.50. 6 niunlh* IB.i'V in- montb B nui) outnidt of Colorado, I v Mr I14.W. ODi month II.-0 Forflfn CuQBtrin «.» month. City rarri*r. 11.10 kinnth. P'JHLIC FORUM: Public forum 1ft nuil b* no -'jntcr thao :urr«-l «ijnttur« mut tith tripm. . ard«- printed Iuuf4 to The Ti uiif-Kf publican I'ub- LvbiftK Co. l»y Grc*- l*y T r p o graphical Union No. 6K6. Pause and Ponder We «r» unbtsudori Uwrctore on behalf of Christ. - 11 Cor 1:20 The Threat of Crime Americans periodically tend to become excited about the threat of organized crime. And periodically they seem to forget all about the threat. The threat is there, whether we are excited about it or not. The threat is big and deadly, whether or not w* take effective concerted action against it. A measure of how big and how deadly the threat is cnn be found in Senator McClellan's new book, "Crime Without Punishment," which was written out of his experience in a number of congressional investigations of wrongdoing. The United States, McClellan writes, "will soon be perilously close to clandestine rule by a group of gangsters" if a major effort to combat the underworld i; not launched. Though there may seem to be an element of sensationalism in this, the warning is not one to be taken lightly. The McClellan committee investigations coupled with other studies; have disclosed a disturbing pattern of organized criminal involvement in labor, bus mess and government. A tentative start at a broadly coordinated attacl on the underworld has been made. Information from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies is gome extent being collated and used against criminals The big sharks that swim in the dark sea of the under world are under surveillance. It is becoming harder fo the crime bosses to carry on their operations. The major onslaught against organized crime en visioned by McClellan has not yet been undertaken however. It ought to be undertaken without furthe delay. The underworld bleeds society of both economi and moral strength. The bleeding can be stopped--bu only if American: stay excited enough about the matte to insist on determined, unrelenting, coordinated effor by all law enforcement agencies. Lefferf fo the Tribune Hope Start* ti Stay Clettd on Sunday TO The Tribune: We would like to ejpreu our cities, opinion in regard to the Sunday closing law of our town. Greeley was chosen as our home because of the high stan- u VeUriw Service Information Office, Room 109 Post Office Building Denver Colorado, or from the Regions Olfice in Denver. Application* slwuld be mailed to the Director Denver Region. U.S. Civil Servk* Commission, Building ver 25, Colo. Applications will be Veterans' Offin tn ,«9 u MOT · yw fwthw'mk*. lous Fftlenl af«acw* ie the State* ! Arianu, Colorado, New ll*xi- co, Utah and Wyoming U announced. The salaries are 16675 and tun per year. Fu!! details about the dutiw and requirements are contained the examination announcements. The necessary application forms and copies of the announcements may be obtained from the Commission's Examiner in Charge A F. Hlnze located at the Gretley Colo. Post Office; from the CivlJ tvribtd by the acfaaal. la tdditlaa Occur* *. wd «tar Mini iariM Hi»» «· Carper, a -r"-|'T-. D.C. · tU jcta «iU b* Koiftei ion* throughout Uu UiUd StaU* except Hawaii wd Alksk* and n Puerto Kiev. To |uaUfy, applicants must be (raduaUt fraa Khuols iprcialiiiiig in the field «i work tor which they with to apply, and have compitUd the clinical affiliation requirements prt- for petition payint; |9,MO and iibovr, they mutt hav* bad appropriate profeuional txtxricflct Offwt Duplicating PTCH Opera- UN-, for (tiling petitions payiai offict. thi tarns My CMI a i d Mr. si »wt Xh* la (ram tin U.S. Civil tarrta Com- minioe, WMfaMClM B. D.C. DAILY CROSSWORD U. Ntat- '-.·:' ll 1:1' '.'j XI v*.'ii-j ui^iaa '· LIU '.'a-M u:-:j3'-'u-i ·J «:*;,u · i 30 ' M. Low cute Hinau 35. PresaiUy M. tv«'a Rn ». Prlw 41. Printw'a n«cd 4*. Put 44. Paid notici "I don't know If he his money--I've never teen him with anything but credit card*." Retiring AP Newsman Said Carrying Lot of History By JAMES MARLOW AtiKiatM' Prist Ntwt Aralytt WASHINGTON (AP)-At 65 Haild Oliver weighs 120 pounds, xnit as much as he ever eighed. He's not tall. He looks ke a neat businessman who al- ays keeps his desk clean. But when he leaves The Asso- iated Press today he carries a ot o( American history into the uture with him. i There were the trips, or days at le White House, with all the pres- dents from Coolidge to Eisenhow- r; poker with aft numbers Roosevelt; the in both world dards for family living. Can't we keep ft that way? We boast about the many things that make Gree rars; the political conventions; rips wilh "Skullcap Charley" iryan. Washington was a different city when he went to work for Tire AP here in 1013. The street cars didn't run after midnight. At Uiree in the morning when he hud to roller-skate home through the quiet neighborhood, cops told him to cut out the clattering. Even in The AP office news was sent around the world by telegra phers punching a Morse key. He did a lot of things in The AP of fice. He was a copy boy, he worked in the library, he learuei to type and took dictation on thi phone from reporters. It was in that job that he typed out the first number picked i/i the draft in World War I. Years later, when he was a reporter phoning to dictation boy of another genera- on, he phoned in the first num- «r picked in the draft of World ing how many new justices Roosevelt had in mind. By the time Oliver started to cover Roosevelt everywhere with years, and playing poker with the President, '.oo, he had headed the AP'j ·sngresslonal staffs for seven years, nun have a kidney removed. After thai he made fewer trips, stayed most- y at tb? White Hmiso not only nder IW-sevclt but under Truman and Eisenhower, tou. His most memorable days in al hesc years was April 12, 1945 'hen Roosevelt died at Warm Springs, Ga. Oliver was there. In 960, on a weekend covering thi White House, he got a heart at ack. Life for him slowed dowi after that. His doctor wouldn't le lim get involved in excitemen any more. That was why his friends will whom he had worked so many years in The AP office couldn't 1 give him a party when he retired today longer than anyone now employed " ' by the worldwide organization. They arranged to gather around his desk at 3:30 p.m., give him a present, happy Myrtle, whom he married 37 years ago, have a house in Washington. But the doctor won't even let him ·?ke up leaves. Nevertheless, he's ooking forward to being home. ley different from most lowns and We hope the fine stores in this town remain closed on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Leon Miller 1901 15th St. Hal Boyle's Column Caesar Also Banned Parking sy HAL NEW YORK (API-Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: Julius Caesar pioneered the idea of tratiic control by banning the parking of all chariots in Rome's central business district 2,000 years ago. In addition to putting out (iie "no parking" sign, Caesar wenl along with a senatorial edict fe- voking the driving licenses of Roman women but he lost that battle. The ladies enlisted the oratoi Cicero on their side and he won them back their rights to drive. Some 22 million American snore. AH of them can't be hus bands, but no wives admit to thi fault. Mark Twain's comment "There ain't no way to find 01 why a snorer can't hear hlmse snore." If the ocean highway had bee paved, Christopher Columbu might have it faster t America on foot. He average about 2.8 miles an hour by sai A recent survey showed that both parents smoke, a majority their children will also. Our quotable notables: "A m can be happy with any woman a long 35 hs does not love her"-Oscer Wilde. America in 1910 produced goo »nd services at t!ie rate of $38 worth for each man, woman an child. Today the figure is $2,815. vast increase despite the fact ollar isn't worth now what it was orth then. You have one chance in three of :ing involved in an accident if iu drive 12,000 miles in a year, nd the odds are one in 35 that meone will be hurt in that acci- int, and one in 1,300 someone ill be killed--you or se. Can you name four slate capi. tals bearing Ihe names ot formei residents? They are Jefferson ily. Mo.; Jackson, Miss.; Lin oln, Neb., and Madison, Wis. The term "damyankee." cm flycd still with more or less al ection south ot Ihe Mason an ixon Line, didn't originate there 'anadians in the War of 1812 ca, ed their U.S. opponents "dami Yankees." II you lake your wife to La PAOjDlp YOU W«W thi tint quarltr avnrtg* d a l l y atttndanri 't Grttlty High w«» lltl.t? Vegas. Nov.. don't bring her tlrer n moccasins. A survey showe hat women could play the slo machines for only 214 hours at stretch when wearing high hee mt four hours In flat shoos. 11 was Christopher Morley wh observed, "If you have to keepi reminding yourself of a thing, per-j laps it isn't so." 'ar II. 1ft between the two wars Oliver nd the world grew up. He w~as art of the death vigil on Presi- eut Wilson. He made one trip 'ith Coolidge. What sticks in his mind is that Coolidge had a big reakfast of steak and pancakes. e made a trip with Harding to over a polo match when he didn't now anything about polo or much bout Harding, either. There was tho night in 192-1 'hen the car of Charles W. Bryan, overnor of Nebraska and Demo ratlc vice presidential candidate ollided on a campaign trip with car containing two young cou iles. Bryan went to their homes [ot their parents up, and !ecture( hem for letting their daughters lay out so late. Oliver slept in the same railroad car with Bryan who used to sleep in a black skullcap. Every- rady called him "Skullcap Charey" but Bryan didn't know it. In 1928, Oliver traveled the country with Al Smith in his cam paign for the presidency. It wo: rugged. Smith always had prepared speeches but threw them away. They interfered with what he wanted lo say. Twelve new: men went down sick. Oliver was laid up four days with nervous ex haustion. One of his worst days was ii 1937 when Kooscvelt suddenly hi newsmen wilh 12.000 words ci[ tcx on a plan to reorganize the Su prcmc Court. They had to star phoning in the story withoul know Gasoline Prices In Denver Dive DENVER 'A(') - Gasoline prices ranging from 20.9 to 32.3 cents a gallon for regular were posted at Denver metropolitan area service stations Friday. The wide vailation followed a move by Conlincntal Oil Co. Thursday lo cul prices for regular grades hy Ihree cents, lo 29.9 cenls * gallon. A spokcirmn sail the rcduclion resullcd iron "a soft markel and price-culling practices being conducted by some of our comjviilion." Premium grade? weie from 1 lo 5 cenl5 hidhfr per gdlltin than regular prices. BAHCEt,ONA -- A Spanish fnr- iporatinn which operates n Inun- 'dry is ir.tfreslfd in obtaining 1I300.WO to finance new equipment I in K» m«nuf»rtiir» of rngln* Mocks »nd farm machinery. Starts Monday, Dec. 3 Meet Mr. Ctookshank What parr does the evil man play in 'Mr. Shnoo's Zoo'? from «.» lo tut an hour; Ulh- Drn- ograpnic OffKt Pressman, pav from 13.06 to $3.31 no hour accepled until further notice. Lxammations for jobs in Ihe Presses!. ».» an hour. Ihe po- THE nAf ypus HAS TttTH DURIMS ITS FIRST YIAR-- THW UWM THfM' mi DAILY ORYfrOQltOTE -- Here'i how to work U: X T D L 1 A A X K L O N O F K L I . O W One Mtr limply Hands for mother. In thli umple A Is nitd -f* th« thru L'I, X tor the two O'l, etc. 8lnjl« letters, po. tlu bftfUl snd formation of th« words ara all klnts. lack day UM cod* letters an different WHO LIVE m A REMOTE ISOLATED SecTlON Of BOUIVlA, ARE BELIEVED TO DESCENDANTS Of QM Of THE FIRST MIGHANf TO AMERICA,,, . A Cryptoirtni Quotation B D O U T T P T U A O T B D L U J B L O D R T D W O T O X D I . D O B D I O Y G R M G O O M F L X T . -- I O T I T I D Y U A THEY W?£ HOT DISCOVERS? UMTIU LESS fHAM 100 VKARS OrrplM|Hlti TO BE POOR AND INDEPENDENT U VBIT NEARLY AN rHPOMIBIUTY.--WILUAM COB8RT W »·, Bat r«um fritMIt, tuc.) By Carl Anderson OHNNY HAZARD Uy Frank Itohhms TIKI} UM UU.S Cf THEIR FlISHT FROM CWHA FISHIH4 BO»I_TH£ AnEMfT ID «ftCH THEIR UUaE CUT SHORT SI A HOMO KOII6 fOKT PATHOt. UtnWEP FBINP W MAJIIIANP SWt SAY (COST IWOHTANT OFT THIS TO WE C(X LW50H HJ Li/rWr CnR.Trn ·*---" inieff THIS 15 50tf£ lMTERNAnaWLV/OU 6TOP SHAWNS- M6SS, WEMPHiS/ IILP6AL \ AN^CjIVE US THE CHTRV INTO HON(5 KCX*S- WHOLE STORV^ ,., AHP WE WAKE Uf IH JUtIK SWAUCWEC 1 , «y SHIP OF THE AIR.' N-NOW WE CAMNOT EVEN COMPETE By Bob Montana r TOLD HIM TO GET RID Cf= IT.' ARCHIE HAS HAD THOSE DARN MILKWEED PCDS IN TMAT BUCKET « A MONTH) VASHING VINDOWA/ By jack Allnutl SMILING REX MORGAN, M.I). By Dal Curtis YtSi AND JUNES MILI55A/ AT7HI5PGKTI» "\ HOT SURE GOWKtCAH.tOfTOUR WICNT / OaTO CAREOF1DU I HEAR A CAR PUU.IHO UP/ IT'S HEX, ISN'T IT! Anytime someone smiles m a crowd, everyone reacts One person may feel that he's being laughed at. and he'l: check to make sure he wore the right tie or matching socks. Another will look em barrassed, and perhaps re leas? the hand of the woman beside him, A third observe will find him«lf «miling too without knowing juM why But tnc ripple* will through the whole crowd, and mUt of the peop'e will fee a little better for it. AM SHE'S PROB'LV RICH. 1 ! mtVHAIWTMAt. DECENT TMIM6 TO DO VjDOLD EETO SAVE WEAKEVES' LIFE- "CEPT ITS DSCtMtER TO SAVt SUES DROOU1M AT THET FUR COAT I/USTA COSTA PRE.TTV PEMNY Civil Service The U.S. Civil Service Commission has announced an examination for Soil-Scientists for filling positions in the Bureau of Reclamation lions are $4,565, $5,540, and $6.675 a year. Vacancies exist at Bureau offices and projects in the 17 Western States. sent to the Executive Secretary, Central Board of U.S. Civil Scrv- ice Examiners, Bureau of Reclamation, Building 53, Denver Federal Center, Denver, Colo. A new examination for Business Positions of Loan and Financial Specialists, Appraisers, tion Controllers, Industrial Properly Assistants and Officers, anc ally Assistants and Officers am new examination for Security ministration Specialists and Of ers for filling positions in var COHNEWT All of UB have noticed or had led to our attention the way In which « disturbance i a pond .. ill cause ripples to extend a 11 t h e w a y across, in ever-widening circles. E v e n a (.mall stone wl There are m a n y human atitlv tics that w effect. One Is a yawn. There something about a yawn that is contagious. Maybe that's because bore-o^n catching. But another thing that hai the lame power l» irnllc. FUNERAL DIRECTORS OREEUSY EATON Nfij! !vn-k Jnrk A l l n f l t l w cnmmrnr fn Firint ffftr,

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