Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 11, 1957 · Page 13
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 13

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, June 11, 1957
Page 13
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Free World Defenses Must Be Kept Despite Promises of Soviets . . . . . . implication that the President and world Defenses in reliance), m , eplr , le on ^ mitter j, no , Ilid [oo he |fM no _,,-,,,,,-_-., 6ULI( ;.K rift with Eisenhower over his pol WASHINGTON » - Secretary j o , ljtht tttirictim , oa ,,£, of Stat* Dulles said Monday it would be "folly" to dismantle free enly oa "unsupervised Soviet promises'* to disarm. "We do not yet know," Dulles laid, whether the Russians are really willing to accept supervi-j nition of the Peiping Communist lion that the United States says regime it necessary to make any disarmament agreement aafe. Dulles sounded this note of caution about disarmament taiVi :ow underway in London in asking the House Foreign Affairs Committee to approve President Eisenhower's t3,S5.oOO,uOO foreign aid pro- Four-fifths of Colo. Children Have Initial Salk Vaccine Shot DENVER (fv-Four-fifths of Colorado children under 20 hivt received at lent one, ihot of Salk anti-polio riccine, tlie Stair Health Dept. eitimated Monday. More than one-fourth of the children have received the full count of three ihoU, the department itid. Director Roy L. Cleere releated a itatemtnt showing that T9.7 per cent of the 630,000 children in the Conservative Party Upsets Liberal Government in Canada TORONTO *i - In a smashing , ht ftrif winn ins the ,, , nun . election upset, Canada i Conserva ' _ . . . . . . ·' ber of aeats in commons is asked ! . roD live Party Monday ended the Z2-!j 0 , orm the ( Overnmfnt . " op - Wheaf Farmers To Turn to Sadlower SIDNEY, Neb. - With dryland wheat farmers an are that the days .·f unrestricted wheat production ire over, interest is gaining in the raising of safflower, an oil-meal *+j v* "M» · » - « . » » . - -- v.. .. -- -- » ccui ui uic ooij.uuu c n u u f c n i l l i n f i t * · i.. i_ with Red China. Dull*, laid "Thel.ute have received one shotVsa.Z , blk "; . hld "°" ?' houth i i : _ _ . i _ _ .1..* .c_ w : j _ _ * i . . . "' . tn nhtfttn an insnlu!* ma year rule of the Liberal Party and swept nine Liberal cabinet mem-1 f « TM|T7 "" bers from their seala in the House !ealn * Ijbml * ov of Commons. At «:SS p.m. (AST) the Canadian Press said that the Tories, led by 61-year-old John Diefen- Tuwdir, Jun« 11, 1957 GREELEY TRintTXE :· Pair Lee Pace Gets Sfatehouse Job DE NVMl f gram for the year starting July 1. high court but did not participate J 0 j tn(se in the case there. The court ruling vote. the long term aid authority Eisenhower sought. In a report issued Monday, the Senate group conceded this is a lot of money but laid "the American people are sufficiently mature and aware of the world situation which they fare to give their support to a program of this character." Dulles got a quiet but no' unfriendly reception in bis first ap-j virtues by their human masters pearance before the House com-(indicated by the love, affection mittee on the bill. Chairman Gor-'and occasional bequests and lega- don (D-II1) said Dulles "made anicies bestowed upon them, never sibility of any substantial change soon in U. S. policy against recog- Denver Dog Leash Law Upheld by Court DENVER -- Denver'! dog leash law, adopted two years ago per cent have a second shot and that JS.l per cent have received a third shot. Dr. Cleere said the estimates are conservative because they do not include reporting of shots administered by private physicians since last July. The report showed that 11.901 ei- pectant mothers received at least one shot of the vaccine, 13,091 also got a second shot and that 1.297 received the full treatment of three shots. The department reported it has spent all but $7.216 of the (175,347 to obtain an absoute majorty. Neb Robinson, vice president of The only top leaders of the out-:[he Plains Oil Mills, Inc., of Sid- ernment to re-'ney, said that farmers in this area l l m f Colorado Springs newspaper- tain their seats were the prime i are planting much more safflower' man and confidential secretary minister. 74-year-old law SI | this spring than they did last year. | 0 , f o r m t r Oov _ F;d c Johnson llaurent, and Foreign Secretary! From the safflower pod comes r . w y| become editor for the new Lester B. Pearson. |hirt quality oil. Its value in paint ,,,,,, , lnnin|[ d i v i l i o n i I ) i r f c l n r iJ-ir^r'w^^^^ wm " m ' Public Cards I'HOENfX, Ariz. Lfl-Only crnt of the 72 million acrei tona it privately owned. The fc government owns about 11 per cent, whic his used for Indian resety lion!, natonal forests and national -- I-ee Pace, lon{ P a r k l - The '"te owns the oUiefll per crnt, according to the °Afi- Th« Senate Foreign Relations by a vote of the people after a! m f n t undtr Committee has already approved : --' : -- ·'-·-· L -" ··-··-- the measure with only a 227-million-dollar cut and with much of received from the federal govern- Northwest and Southwest May Defeat Quotas sizzling fight, wai upheld Monday by the Colorado Supreme Court. By OVID A. MARTIN WASHINGTON IP -- Storm warn- rooking oil. in Far East In the normal course of events,'''f""'· He indicated in Quebec · Monday night he will remain in parliament whether as head of the government or opposition leader. In IMS, the election resulted in a similar situation when neither party received a clearcut major-1 -- ity. The Liberals, which had t h e ' NKW DELHI 'f - The Asian largest number of seats, continued ir.fluenia epidemic mounted in to govern. New Delhi Monday but was abat- With 20 seats still undecided, ling in south India. the Conservatives also were fcad-j Health officials reported almost ing in 4 undecided districts and 14,000 new cases here Sunday, the Liberals in 5. bruising the total to almost 20.0CO. Pace will edit various publications and reports of the new division. Xo salary figure has been announced. He has been with the State Revenue Dept. since Johnson left office. COME NEXT SPRING · Ann Sheridan and Stevt Cothran , PLUS '· '' HIDDEN GUNS '| Bruct Bennett and Richard AHen PLUS COMEDY i Gates Open 8:45 Show at 1.00 USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS The decision, written by Justice Leonard V. Sutton, upheld a finding of District Judge Edward C. Day. Day now Is a member of the The Socialists had won 19 seats, |The fast moving but mild flu has the Social Credit Party 17 and in- killed two in .New Delhi, vacine crozram "A3m.i.iu. «i - .-..1.11.1 ......, df P' nd * nti *· I In Bombay, where the flu killed j i i "..It ' . .'incs are rominf out of the south-' A total of 1M seats are needed; about 50. the epidemic is "worn the ±ey ,o""m"« #"£ and Pacific north^s, with UT a majority ,n the ^-member out to a thread," , health olf.cial I regard to outcome of a grower ret! h°"-e- ; «"d. Two deaths were reported erendum June 20 on continuance I Despite their leads in scats won. i there in the 21 hours up to noon the state. The department issued a report showing IS poliomyelitis cases in Colorado through Saturday. Nine were para'ytie and ] non-paralytic. was by a 6^. Pueblo coun(y hld , ivf of , ne cases. Las Animas county three, _ L t , . . laa^a. «j«» n u i i n a a k u u i u / 11 "Though almost human in manyl C o n e j o , two Ind ^^ hl , ways, Justice Sut on wrote be- one e , eh ^ BTO i dfT Fr » m ont, JH-! in efect on wheat since 1954. cause of their intelligence and loy- fe Rio Crlndf , nd We]d c(nm ally and the recognition of tuch , jr , of federal marketing quotas on the lht Conservatives were trailing i Sunday, compared with 10 in the 1958 wheat crop lne liberals in the popular vole, iprevious 21 hours. i At midnight the Canadian Press; Flu killed five in Calcutta Satur|tabulation of the vote from 32.KX8 day, pushing the city's total to 29. ,, . . . of 43.157 precincts cave 2.208.476, The epidemic in Madras, where those major wheat producing areas (VO|eI ^ , h( , , Jbcril , lnd 2 . M 8,-:the flu first becan to spread C010MVOU LAST .0r In 2 p.m. Open 1 :00 M»A KIRR- Robert MIJCHUNI "Heaven Kpows. Mr/Allison" indicates increasing oposition tn the 5U , 0 ^ Con ',. rvjli »ci. federal limitations which have been Impressive appeal." But the program still faces stiff congressional hurdles can become law. The tion measure is expected to reach , tie Senate floor later this »eek.|pr|Yale And since H only sets out terms and ceilings for aid, without providing the money, an appropriation bill must be pissed later to aupply the actual cash. Asked by Rep. Wayne Hays CD- Ohio) whether he foresaw any end to foreign aid within the neit 5 to 10 years, Dulles said "I do not s« the likelihood" of a cutoff in theless such attributes do not raise canines to the level occupied by before it {homo sapiens, authoriia-i for Claude Boettcher DENVER W -- Prirvale es were reported and the five-year average was 26 cases. in 'India, is definitely on the decline, St. Laurent said he would officers said. suit with his colleagues to "insure \ The quotas mint be approved by a proper course of action." He KARACHI, Pakistan if -- The two thirds of Ihe growers votinc said the situation "is ftiU vague." influenia epidemic s w e e p i n g Diefenbaler said in a telcvUion ; Southeast Asia has reached Paki- Through June I last year 10 cas-!, 0 become efrctive for next year's 8 Year Old Boy Drowns in Fish Pond at Woodland Park Mon. WOODLAND PARK Ul -- An I- year-old f un . I drowned Woodland Park Monday afternoon boy in a eraTs'erVices "for Claude 'x.'Boet- If hildren'i fishing pond in the crop. The referendum is held the year before because the winter- wheat portion of the. crop is seeded the fall before Ihe year of harvest. broadcast that the election showed stan's capital city. that Canadians have an abiding belief in the parliamentary s\s- F.ishty cases were reported Karachi Monday, bringing the totem. This was a reference to his tal for the last five days to 147. TOKYO jP -- The Ministry of Quotas for Ibis year's crop were I c a m p a i j n charges that the Ijber- approved by a vote of 73 pet. The)s had curtailed parliamentary controls are proposed as a method ; »nd individual lihrrtics because of j public Welfare said Monday U, of holding down production when!'heir 22 years in office. '000 pupils and students have be*n surpluses exist. | The Tory leader said that if his'stricken by influenia in Japan. Officials said that spring ransiP a r ) ' forms Ihe government he j This is an increase of 60.000 pain Ihe southwest, where drouth has j will kerp faith with the Canadian tients over the weekend, prevailed for several sears, are I People. i The ministry said of 1.641 leading many farmers to insi«t j Veteran Trade Minister C. D. i schools affected, 295 have been they be Riven a chance to produce ! Howe, swept 1 out of parliament in , closed. tcher, 11-year-old Colorado pio-! hert * to »' n w h f n hil d °S u P !et big" crops once again. Wheat pro-j the upsel, described Ihe swing to ' a n d financial leader W h 0 : hl » makesh . ift nig crops once i£ain. n n r a i pro- »···- «»·»*·, ·**-*..-~~ ...^ »--..,, ~ , duction in this area has been rela-'the Conservatives "as a kind o f ; USE THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS the military aid program "unless lome progress of a substantial kind is made in disarmament ne The military program accounts for about three-quarters of next year's aid bill. Duties did hold out hope that economic development aid could h» supplanted by the end of a decade by private investment and by funds from existing institutions like UK World Bank and the U. S Export-Import Bank. died Sunday at his Denver home.! The d " th of Johnn ' Fouschee, j t j v f ! v sm!lll fnr srvrr ,i ,Mr , he.'disease going across the country." , .. 1 .._ ...,. «-....,.-- i - i Hnit Wi| one of lhf mns , pou . crfu! aides of the prime minister grower. In the' n d w " u n d c r h " v} ' ''" d u n n s is the fact that there "* strong export demand held here Tuesday morn- n of Mr - «"d Mrs. Jack Foushee,j c a u s f of d WTa ,her"and planting i«-as another blow dealt the acci- j res ( r ictions. ing. The family declined to release details of the rites and names of dent-plagued family. The child's 10-year-old brother. : anna u miae in msarmamem ne- "·"'"' "%·"". ,,:,, C' "n Tom, fell from a treehou«e and ! lc nonm Sotiations with the Soviet Union." P«"«'««. Burial will be in · Thursdav h " h "» Questioned about a Fairmount cemetery. Simultaneously, telegrams of condolence from friends and admirers across the nation poured into the east Denver Boettcher mansion. They came from city and'state officials and scores who received aid through the years through the Boettcher Foundation, j the charitable institution founded broke his left leg last Thursday. Dro«e nis leu leg last inursaay. , ; - - - · , . · . . . r 11 ,. · / He was returned home Monday fnr thfir 1 'P« "' » h l e * hpt - In DenVCT MO\W\ 01 6 _ . . _ . . . . rnnlr*ct tn *urr*1ti(»« nf ntKi*f tvn*t K w n t w i i i v n i v i w i v from a Colorado Springs hospital contrast to surpluses of other types. Calvinist Pastor One of Six Doomed by Hungarian Red Court BUDAPEST W -- A Hungarian Communist court Monday condemned six persons, including a Calvinist pastor and. a stage director. They were accused of the revenge slaying of three Communist policemen. Seven others accused with them *»re given prison sentences ranging from six months to life. The new death sentences increased th« announced total to K since the anti-Comunist revolt was crushed last November. The real total h believed to be much hither. The doomed pastor is Lajos Gulyai. Gabor Foedes, stage director of the Gyoer Theater and Arpad Tihanyi, a telcher, are others sentenced by the court in Gyoer, western Hungary. Another doomed man, Imre isigmond, was convicted after the reported b ' the holders of one of the west's largest fortunes. ne to hear the Three years ago the family was in a serious auto smashup in there is a relative shortage of their type. Furthermore, growers have been which the parents, Ihe iwo boys i " c fj vin « "/' '"'orable prices for and another child, Barbara, now;j'; _ H .TM« : 5, were all injured. to cash in on what they believe to be a favorable outlook. Prison Inmate Has Lunch with Governor HELENA on Prison inmate A playmate of the boy, Eric Dick:on. 10. was on the shore of the pond when the raft upset. He said Johnny had called to his dog, and the animal swam out to the raft, upsetting it when he tried to clamber on. Eric ran home for ""The boy's body was recovered | co S!,. b '..?j p TMr.' ! Montana t(mf ^0 feet offshore in j,] ow jfeet of water by a man Freed of Murder Charge by Court prisoners that he had lunched with the governor, he's right. The prisoner, with Warden F. 0. Burrell, returned a state desk which the prisoner had refinished to the office of Gov. J. Hugo Aronson. They happened lunch time. The Republican chief executive had sent out for a sand- as Ray C. Slone. DEWER in--A Denver mother of six children was freed of murder charges Monday in a directed sible market repercussons. Thelverdict in Denver District Court government price support ra'e'aftcr the judge ruled she shot and would be reduced to SO pet. of par- killed hrr lover in self defense at ity or about Jl.18 a bushel compar- the climax of a night-long argued with Ihe 75 pet. or JI 79 rate ment. which would be in effect should the nisi. Judf e Edward E. Prinplc ordered Mrs. Elnora D. Rohcr- ils said some farmers de-on. X. freed of charges she shot clare they would prefer to take and killed her lover Richard thpir chance on prices and be free i Kelley. 30. when testimony dis- "TO CATCH A T H I E F " w i t h Carey G r a n t and Grace Kcll/ " T E E N A G E C R I M E WAVE" with Temmy Ceek and Mollll McCirt Also a Color Cartoon IPS tKffZy.' The hilarious comedy of a lovin' couple and their ever-lovin' friend shipwrecked on a romantic tropical isle! Thr Nations Latest In Modern Thtatret Kxtra! JR. JAMBOREE COLOR CARTOON NEWSI COMING SOONI Audit Murph/ In JOE BUTTERFLY Chief Fred Lausch of the Colo-' 1 " f Tnia " al1 thf . v »'"' rather'closed her statement to police aft- rado Springs Fire Dept. estimated ! thln hlv( ' P ric « S"«»ntee with rr the shooting was consistent the boy had been in the chill water 10 to 20 minutes. He and fire- jlimits on production. with police investigation results. man Fred Brim worked over the!"" «»paicn for cr against boy, using a resuscitator, morei* 1 ""' 11 to he there a t : lhan ** mirutci . but coul1 rot revive him. . C L I A baby sitter was caring for the 3630 M . hls sister when . wich and milk to eat at his d e j k ° S r "^ ls J 0 " 1 " 1 " '"'" " L f n j n C...IU Dlafln while he caught up with his mail, i"*, *"*«* occurred. The mother: in iOUln PI3I1B Aronson invited the warden and prisoner to join him, tripled the order, and all lunched on the jov- ernor'i desk. 1 " " h " " TM " . 1 ' Great-Granddaughter of FDR Born in Texas MIDLAND, Tex. ^r-The grand- Temporarily Hailed The 75 X 100-yard pond is a ' block from the Woodland P a r k i business district and about 150 DENVER IP -- The three-day yards from the Fouschee home.; sear^i of the south Platte river in It is reserved by the town for ; Denver for the body of a S year- department it'elf is makinc Testimony disclosed Kelley fa- the thrred two of- her youngest chil- Idrcn out of wedlock, and that on thr night of the f a t a l shooting Krllc threatens dher with a knife « h r n she told him he could not re the children unless he stopped gambling and started to support them. ' trout fishing for children under old 14, but swimming is banned. court was shown a photograph injvelt gave Life magazine which was alleged I pound, S ounce girl named Ruth, tn show Zsigmond helping hang at The child was born in Midland police oficer. {Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Henry The revenge was taken out o n j D . Lindsley III. She is the former Alexander Appeal birth Monday to a 6 pjjgrj gf Cheyenne daughter of Mrs. Eleanor Roose- Santa Fe, N.M., boy was the police officers after M anti- Russian demonstrators were slain at Magyarovar, near the Austrian bord»r, last October. Chandler Roosevelt, the daughter of Elliott Roosevelt. She formerly attended the University of Colo 'rado. ThelnstantTast^ is gone! 1 rfllnstent Folgers Coffee ^~ '"" " " """ called off late Monday. Fire department officials laid thry will have to wait until the- swirling s t r e a m , fed by jprir; runoff, recedes before cont:r.u:n; (their search for J i m m y D a l t n n . I adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Al- CHEYENNE «*i -- Attorneys | bert Dalton of Santa Fe. He i for James V. Alexander, serving 'believed to have fallen into the I a 45-65 year sentence for second river Saturday when he reached [degree murder in the death of his for a floating paper milk csrtcn. second wife, Barbara, Monday i The ehTJd came to Denver June to h a \ e anothrr (filed in District Court specifica-, I, with an a u n t and was [lions of alleged error in the ap- sprr.t thr _ s u m m e r with ipeal of his sentence. i a u n t in Denver. Pretty Hollywood Nurse Found Her Apartment HOLLYWOOD, Calif, .r -- The body of a pretty nurse, strangled Alarmed whrn she failed to report for duty at Hollywood Pres- with a nylon stocking, »as found ibyterian Hospital, he said he went Monday by a hispita! intern--a . . . former track star at the fniver- a rear window wtien thrre w a » no ar(v«r to his rrpratrd knocks This Week's BREAKFAST )f --S-P-E-C-I-A-L-- Quarter Pound HAM STEAK with RANCH-FRESH EGGS Served with Hash Brown Potatoes, Toast, Jelly, and Chase and Sanhorn Coffee (All U Want) HARRY'S DINER · Went N i n t h St. '£\»tA Ttiwd«)«) Open fi:0fl a.m. sities of Wisconsin and Chicago. I at the front door. Marjorie Hipprrson. 21. a shape-1 Thr victim » a i p r a w d acro«s ly hiunette. was dnco\fred d r a d ; h r r hfd. Her nijl.tjn-*n was t w n t in her Ivn Felix diitrict apartmrr.t ei ii^lrr hrr arms. Police a;'l by Dr. Waller Drike, 36. He tairt she had rx-en Ixa'.cn on the f a t e they had planned to marry r.rit ar.d garroted and that h r u i t f * r»n weekend and honeymoon in Chi- hfr a r m s ar.d le;i indicated ihr cago, his former home. h i d fn-:sh! »;!h hfr ki^lfr. Vacation Bible School Where Miwionary lUptint Church, S St. and 2^rd \\t. When: Monday, June 10. through Kriday, J u n e I I . Time: 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ClaMe* for all asfi. E V K K V O N K W K I X O M K By Popular Acclaim "One of tho Beit" GROVER RODEO Grover, Colo. Sat. and Sun. 15 16 June HOI 1:00 p.m. Admission A d u l t s $1.2."i Children fiOc I'ndcr 10 Fret HEXCITINGI! Calf Itnpine 1 {'on(e«t lUrflurk Drone Hiding .Saddle Itronc Hiding ItiiUdnctini; lira h ma Dull liidini; Itii; Kadeu Panre, Saturday Nisht DON'T Last Day! "SPRING REUNION" "KILLER IS LOOSE" SHUDDERING TERROR! SHATTERING HORROR! Earth-Smashing Double Bill! SIC B"il Itor hvg. tltphents Dfon! TO EARTH WILLIAM HOPPER -MH TAYLOR THE 27 MOST TERRIFYING DAYS IN HISTORY! * GENE BARRY-VALERIE FRENCH Features at 2:50-5:10 - K:.10 nn;s Hl'XNY in Al.l H A H A Bt.'NNY"

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