Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 26, 1961 · Page 6
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 6

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Page 6
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Page 6 GUEELF.Y TRIBUNE Thurs., Oct. 20, 1061' Ideas Inside CSC: 64 Guidance Trainees Aid Other Schools "Colorado .State College's de-led to present their ideas of (he w r l m e n l of educational pbychol-lnrcds.ot pupils and of themselves oj;y and guidance olfors its ser-'and fo suggest what Ihcy believed vices in an advisory rapacity to would help them most. T«st Mint Bt InttrprttMl Some achievement and aptitude tests had been used, but nothing sfliools of the region," Dr. C'hai es \V. Mcl*ain. professor of KPG, asserts. "Hut we wish it made clear had been done about them. They (hat we will not lake over and do had not been evaluated and in Ilic work of the school in that lerprclcd. Without interprelalioi field. We have lieen asked lo do exactly thai, but we have been obliged to limit our services lo selling up a program, suggesting changes in the program or demonstrate how lo give and evaluate tests by trained people, tests can be very deceptive, according lo Dr McLain. The group returned to the school lo explain evaluation o tests at another'faculty meeting 'J'lic school had no counselor W H I T E MARSH MARIGOLDS hloom over a broad zonal range in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Profuse in the iiibalpine areas (below timberline), Ihcy also can b o ' f o u n d along Trail llidge road in wet places above timberline. This white marsh marigold (Cnltha rotimdifolia) was photographed in Willow Park, just below Timberline on the old Fall nivcr road in the HMNP. This {lower shows seven sepals, the outer part of the flower. There may be ns many as 15 sepals, and they are generally narrower than thnso of its close kin, the alpine globeflower, previously shown. The petals form the next inner circle and ore very numerous. On subalpine sites this flower often shares huge, boggy beds with the alpine . globe flower. This is another of (he numerous high altitude buttercups (Ranunculaccno). The long stemmed alpine anemone of the Willow Park area and above limberline is another. This Is the 5fllh of a 1%1 series of wildflower pictures from color slides.--Photo and comment bv Floyd E. Merrill. Kour or five advanced student: "The school itself sliould have;in guidance were prepared fo Msonncl with some guidance ounseling. They returned lo thi wison nslnicllon and at least some part imc lo devote to carrying on (lie M'ogram. One school so served. s about to hire a trainee on a part-time basis." Schools Fri«iKlly lo Plan Dr. Mcl^in siiys his relationship with Ihe schools tlio trainees and he have served in this advisory capacity has Iwen pleasant, judging from correspondence he ias received. They have been invited back to the .schools to check the progress of the work. Teachers are quick to respond when overlooked opportunities are pointed out to them. Circumstances can distract a teacher so Russians Scoff At U.S. Nuclear Command Claims he doesn't observe his own pupils is wasting his time with bellicose! as closely as he t h i n k s he does, speeches, fur although the Soviet! Dr. MlLain's classic example people do not wanl war, they will of this is outlined here: not le bullied by such warmon- Girl Who Was "Slow" gering. The CSC group was giving i "The U.S.S.R. has sufficiencies.! in a school quite a riislano LONDON (AP -- Moscow radio s t r e n g t h and means lo rebuff any!from Grccley. A girl was consis Ihreat of aggression." j t e n t l y behind in finishing writing Eisenhower said in Newark, answers lo a question. At firs snid Wed. America's claim lo he able lo strike a crushing nuclear counterblow is warmongering lhal doesn't frighten the Scvict Union. The broadcast replied to Deputy Defense Secretary Huswcll I,. Gil- K. J., last week lhal he had been urged to build a fall-out shelter on ills Gettysburg, Pa., (arm as an she appeared lo be naturally slow Her teacher said she was slow she just could never keep example for Ihe rest of Ihe nation, with (he others. Out he added that he had not done Dr. JlcLain noticed the gi rmlric, w h o said lusl week t h a t , , , . , - ui , , . , u the Uniicd Slates' second nuclear « bccall5c » e llK »'S hl Ulls w°uw»'ould write down an answer, the chool and held counseling inter icws. School loird Htw F«et« 'Sometimes we have met will chool boards sitting in on fac lly meetings," Dr. McLiin says The boards often became con inced. of guidance needs, The; earn the children are ditfereni They support the teacher in hi rading of the children. They ur erstand lo a greater degree th cachcr's problems. We leslec 1 a scliool for 4 ct 5 years. W ·ere able to show that in.a year ome children grew academical nly a year while others gaine s much as a year and a quart n the 9-month period, as measur id by achievement tests." Trainees do observation on 11 campus and in Ihe public school They somelimes assist In tests. "After their experience in t classroom, they really becom dedicated lo guidance," Dr. M Lain fays. Somt tests will b» disense next. blow in n war would lc as good as the Soviet Union's first. "Ill a fit of hysterics," said the broadcast he.imed to North Amer-' I? 3 ' ': G . a ??! r !« TM l ^... S 2 Jf "= TM i°. lo be led in thai kind of a world. alarm people. jernse it. She would do this as lie also said (hat he would leavelmany as four times. He saw that a fallout shelter if (he. rest of hisjshe wrote approximately the same were exposed during an'answer each time, attack because "1 wouldn't want Gcnlly Dr. McLain asked her if Ike Charges JFK Policies Confusing Ihre.ilen Ihe whole world w i t h the U. S. A.'s nuclear supremacy. | . , "Who call be frightened by al'. 1 this? Perhaps former President Eisenhower, who recently expressed the desire lo have an al- , -. , , ., ... he could have the eiaser. NEW YORK (AD -- Form resident Dwight D. Eisenhow om bomb farm. shelter "t would just walk out," hc'.siudent surrendered it. continued. The "slow" proved to be very qvu'ck in wering the questions. She KINGSTON--Norfolk Island has declared war on a weed w i t h spikes capable of penetrating bicycle lircs and rubber shoes and "As for Ihe U.S.S.R., Gilpalric damaging tractor tires. The lesl. ,- , . student'-. ""? "'»* friends. DR. C E C I L HINSHAW, center, member of the staff of Ihe American Friends Service Com- millee. chats with Pat Donahue, left, president of CSC International Relations Club, and Doug Brown, right, president.of the Associated Stu- denls, shortly before he addressed a UN Day assembly at the college. Dr. Hinshaw painted a grim picture of the present world revolutions and the struggle for supremacy of the two major powers. CSC photo by Bob Waters. HinshawSays Revolutions Strain UN "Th« lias! wave of revolution In :h« world has created a grave crisis in the United,Nations." Dr Cecil Hinshaw staled In a talk be fore an all-eollego assembly Tuesday afternoon in Gunter Hall at Ivelopment of nuclear weapons and,da); evening at the CSC (acuity (the resulting threat 'to mankind, lounge. has strained the purpose of U.K. in lhal the UN was primarily organized lo bring peace and understanding to all nations of the world, and not to be thrust into Ihe vortex of an arms race, Oppoiition Noted Dr. Hinshaw reminded his col- Colorado Slate College. Dr. Hinshaw, member No One Seems To Want Fla. Council Job , BLOUKTSTOWN, Ha. (AP) - lege audience that they must be v 0 ~ o n e ,,, Blountstown seems f Information Team To Visit CSC Campus The Navy officer information .earn consisting of Lt, W. H. Alexander and P. A. Krisnjan will x on the Colorado Stale College ampus f:om 9 a.m. unlil 2 p.m Nov. 8 to answer questions rcla live to obtaining a Navy commis sion in any of 18 separate fields The team will be located in thi Student Union. The .navy is now accepting thi applications of prospective collegt graduates up lo one year prior ts Iheir receiving their degrees for the officer candidate sclxxjl (OCS) and aviation officer candidate (AOC) programs. Naval aviation cadels may apply when Ihcy hav« accumulated 45 semester hours, or 67 quarter hours of passing grades. Under the current regulations, a prospective officer candidate for the OCS or AOC programs will be sworn in during his senior year and placed on an inactive status unlil the academic requirements ire completed. Na.val avialion cadets will be sworn in upon completion of 60 semester or 90 quar- er hours and be placed on active duty lo commence the flight train- ,ng program. By this enlistment an individual is assured of getting the service of his choice, and in addilion fulfilling Ihe mandatory mitilary rvice obligation \vhcn ordered to active duty. IT'S aware that internal political forces in the United States have on occasion shown a lack of support of to the UN and a Ihe toward it. want a $l-a-ycar job for $12.50. Blounlslowri Cily Clerk Joe Plummer, who has Iwo vacancies. distinct apalhy] sa y no one h as filed as yc t for !councilman of Wards 1 or 2. He summed up his remarks hy| 71,5 qualifying fee is $25 and saying lhal the UN' is the barrier th c annual salary is 51. The term between the free world and world is two years and the deadline is anarchy. In commenting on Ihe 4 p. m. Wednesday, future work of Ihe UN, Dr. Hin-'. The city clerk said he didn't shaw said there is a possibility know wiiat would happen U no a large Peace Corps may emergclone files. TM «" d "" my . ed well ahead of other students.|° She made a very good store. She. In one of his sharpest attacks in Ihe Democratic administration, Eisenlwwer said Tuesday a very goon sc-ore. 0! , C|i )it fcdcra , fjsca , ^^ ave .dvanced sludcnl rattier ,S, j^i,,,» «. ca iicd AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS We have added AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS to our regular list of services. Come in and meet CLARENCE BOPP, our new mechanic, who is a specialist in this line. He also specializes in motor tune-ups and repairs. He would like to welcome' his friends and customers. Completing fifteen years at this location is Troy "Butch" Champion whn still maintains (he same excellent work on wheel alignments, wheel balancing' and wheel straightening along with brake work. IT IS STATK INSPECTION TIME. Burton "Kurt" Bond, owner and manager Bond's Automotive Engineers 90S l l t h Avenue, Grecley El.gin 2-3028 than a slow one. "Close observation by the teacher is one ot Ihe keys to good guidance," Dr. McLain says. , MM): With Ficulty The superintendent of a school I'isiled by Dr. McLain and Ihe 10 rainccs in his class had asked or assistance from the CSC department. The adminislralor had aken some work in guidance, and r elt Ihc need for such * program the moon. The former Republican n his school. The CSC group met with Ihe dollars." He called the Peace Corps « "juvenile ex periment" and suggested Peace Corps members might be sent to staff of the American Friends Service Committee and well- known devotee lo the quest for peace in (he world, told his audience lhal the UN is wavering in the- face of constant revolutions in every part of the globe. He emphasized that Iwo major to. replace the small observance societies are locked in a great corps now in operation. Hearing Aids- struggle, nnd that Ihis slrugglej Dr. Hinshaw spoke again Tue$- Bogan Pharmacy.-Adv, is keeping the world in an u p - f " ' '-"'--'' heaval, predominalcd over by the; hreal of nuclear war. Urgts Strengthening Committw He called (or a greater strengthening of the executive committee ot the UN nnd expressed the hope that a satisfactory solution can be found to name a new sccrelary- general of the world peace body. He said, "The UN was dealt a mighty blow by the dealh of its capable secretary, Dag Hammcr- dent appearel at i campaign rally in support of State Ally. Gen. Louis J. LefVowitr, Republican candidate for mayor of New York City. He said Democratic Mayor Robert F. Wagner, wire is running for re-election, has given the eily » diet of "indecision and .vacillation." ·school faculty. Teachers were ask- But he leve | lei most O f his criticism at Washington Democrats. The confusion among New York democrats is a spring zephyr, Eisenlxiwer (said, when compared 1 with the tornado of confusion in . (skjold." *^ Dr. Hinshaw said the rapid de- This Is a Twin Bearing Family MILTON, F!a. (Ap)-Navy U. Watch For Our GRAND OPENING Remember This Number EL 2-6844 Greeley Building Supply, Inc. Don Brockway 630 26th Street Robert Corlin Phone ELgin 3-482S 2018 26th St., Greeley . . . a life insurance plan providing substantial insurance protection now where you pay less during your "growing financial years". Call me about our new Modified Life policy. Nc obligation. Representing I Woodmen Accident and Life Company MONTGOMERY WARD 815 Tenth St. Phone EL 3-0204 Slor« Hours: 9-5:30 Open Frld»y Nights Washington. and Mrs. Warty Shuman are the I He said he is confused al what parents of U-ins-agair, *e Kennedy administration is The twins, a boy and » girl'getting at TM'" " s Ils .«\ P were born Monday. Another jet, I "One day the nation is told the also a hoy and a girl, were born i federal budget is balanced, and I 17 months ago. ' |"« "«t t h a t . i t will produce Mrs. Shuman is a twin and.S6.7-bilhon deficit, he said. : there are three sets ot twins In "I be" e ve this nation is in a l l h e immediate family ot Shuman, time of prosperity - i f we c a n t a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. Ipay our debts, whal s going lo LOOK IT S A carport, boat- port, patio cover, utility shed, play shed.,. you name it! NEW happen?" he asked. j Citing the experience of other, 'inalions with inflation, Eisenhower 1 suggested U.S. currency mighl| (looms to be known as "dollarettes.j^ Ijthere'd be so many more of 1'lhcm." Turning to the Peace Corps--a I Kennedy administration project-J j t h e former presidcnl said: "If ^ 1 you want to send a man to the|'j moon, send a Peace Corps mem- | Lber up (here. H is an underdevel- I oped country." Eisenhower said there was ("postcard evidence" that Peace Corps members "did not even know what an underdeveloped I country was, so you can see why j l am confused." His reference was to the girl ; ; 'Peace Corps member who set off international incident when a| | postcard she wrote describing primitive conditions in Nigeria I fell into the hands o! Nigerians. The Republican gathering in thej ,New York Coliseum was a combi- 'nalion fund-raising dinner a n d j rally. The $10o-a-p!ate dinner reaped $100,000 for the city GOP.! Now...a taller... slimmer... dressier Wellington boot! ONLY HD Mulli-poH has beer, r.awl/ designed to make it more handsome, mora versatile than ever! During bad weather months you have a car- oort During the sun season you have a patio cover, play shed, boal Dort dozens of other uses. Its full 10" x 20' root is special aluminum alloy' in a gleaming white enamel finish that keeps ils beauty for years. Safety-engineered to take a 4,000 pound roof weight (a 40" snow load). It's a big value for any household! Greeley Tent Awning Co. Telephone EL 2-0253 Dog, Cat Chase | | Leads To Tragedy BELGRADE. Yugoslavia (AP)- I'A dog treed Jakob Ster's cat Tues- 1 day and sat down to wait for the |:cat to tire. The cat leaped onto Ster's roof, I the roof collapsed and Ihe cat I lumbled inlo a well. Ster grabbed a rope, tied it to the wheel at the top of the well 1 and slarterl lowering himself down to rescue the cat. The wheel broke loose and Ster, 29. drowned. 918 8th Ave. MADR1D -- Spain has increased | ! lhe list of global import quotas by La net. }4 million. Motors and parts are on the list. at a surprisingly low price! 10 99 Hy tapered »o«, narrower top '. Rich; extra-luitrouJ leather upper* » Fines! Goodyear welt construction New Assign for modem living ... a Wellington thai combines the sporty air of a boot with the handsome look of a smart dress shoe I Superbly crafted over perfect fitting combination lasts... leather lined for luxurious comfort... Wards new Welling- tons have a look and feel of elegance unmatched by any other boot, anywhere. See for yourself ... step into a pair today! Black or brown. Sizes 6'/2-12 and 13, widths B, C, D and E. AS FEATURED IN ESQUIRE MAGAZINE ^ SATISFACTION GUARANTIED or your money back! - NO MONEY DOWN when you buy on credit at Ward I ,1 I'

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