Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 17, 1972 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, April 17, 1972
Page 14
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U GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Motv., April 17, 1072 Japanese Writer's Suicide Illustrates Dark Philosophy By JOHN R O D E R I C K Associated Press Writer . TOKYO (AP) - The suicide of Yasunari Kawabcta, the firs! Japanese to win the Nobel Prize for literature, illustrates the continuation of a dark strain in the philosophy of Japanese novelists. The. frail, 72-ypar-old Kawa- iand disillusion with the mate- jrialism of society were factors in most of them. Another was the general acceptance in Japan of the,act of self destruction. Suicide is regarded as an act of purity, particularly if it is done in furtherance of a deeply helt ideal. The most famous such sui- beta was found uticonsciouslcide was the death in 1703 of 47 Sunday in a seaside apartment "ronin"--maslcrless samurai-house near Yokohama, a gas hose in his mouth and a half | empty whisky bottle alongside.ilord. They believed he had been He died without regaining con-junjustly forced lo kill himself sciousness. jby the actions'of his enemy. He had been suffering from I The tale, called "Chushi- gall bladder trouble, but ihere was no suicide note, and neither friends nor investigating police could learn the motive for his act. But Japanese writers have, been preoccupied wilh 'he pes-l' 1 ' 1 ^ , ,, simistic side of life for years! 1 * °. f ,. be 4 . 7 ;l , ,, Death often has absorbed 'them. !:'kuji lemplc, where they It was the theme which ran like a blood-red thread through Ihe works of Yukio Mishima, ' after they hud avenged the (loath, also by suicide, of their w:ls popularized by the Takeda Idzumo in 1748 lions from the press and public. Novelist Hitomi Yamaguchi, his next-door neighbor, noted that Ihe while-haired writer Producer of The Godfather, Says Film Was 'Something of a Strain' By PEACE MOFFAT AP Newsfeatures Writer NEW YOIIK (AP) - Al Ruddy--know the name? Chances are you don'l. He's a film producer, and producers lived something of a life in don't have their faces flashed death because of persistent insomnia. "Spiritually he was a lonely man," lie said. Guide to Books across those big screens. And besides, his first effort was something called "Beast With 1,000,000 Eyes" and two of his recent films, "Little Fauss and Big Halsy" and "Making It," haven't exactly been the talk of the film world. But chances hearing about when Paramount gave it to me," he says. "But Ihe book was about to go off the bestseller list. The studio just wanted lo knock it out. They thought Al Ruddy will do the film ; he won't let it get are you'll be Ruddy soon, since his latest film has been The "cheap" idea was dispelled, he says, when he and director Francis Coppola convinced f'aramount's studio heac! Bob Evans that Brando THE WORD. By Irving Wa|. lace. Simon Schuster. Irving Wallace's latest paper!TM"TM in the news. .Marlon doll game for grownups is a Brando plays Ihe litle role in it, kind of Bible Study Course!"«'' ° f a Mafia lon, and getting j j (New Testament) played out "'c f i l m made proved lo be : was the only actor right for the part of Don Vilo Corleone. "When Francis and I decided on Brando, we had lo take on Paramount," Ruddy says. "They thought we were like kids on an ego trip." What finally worked, he explains, was that Brando did a video tape screen lest at Coppola's home. "The Paramount chiefs' saw it and said, 'that's great; he looks just like the godfather, hut who plays since then. It is ist realistic colored cutouts'more of a problem [nan the of Rome, Amsterdam, Mount''easy-going Ruddy had ex- i.iu ' M S S l c ! / \(hos aM( | oak Cilv, Wis. 'peeled. In f a c t , liuddv admits Ihousands ,,., . . , . . n r n d n r m a "Tin. rviF u it, I h r mrmn ' h i ' g i m m i c k IS 3 HOW gOSpcl ! P rtX1LICm S ' ' lu U O U f a l l l E I , ' , s TM ° .discovered on crumbling piip-'" ;is something of a strain ' ,, * ; '*"|ynis in a Roman tomb. New complete wilh threatening let' things about Jesus' life {.millers and telephone calls, jil'ishima in his' death an lcachin g s ( w l l i c h wcnl on lo "g-! In a candle-lit west side res- DCI ed to his cm n ' r v m r n to vo !er 11lan mosl sl 'PI' ose a l e i'e-'.|aurant here, the lanky Ruddy peaieu 10 IDS (.oun.rymcn to ie-,,,,,..,,,,, , , , = h rrfW .ipinoo Ln iii«,i ,i --,,, I » K , ' Kawabata's protege who 17 :jccl the materialistic d\'- iwwauaw .-, ^.v^-sv »m, i, jji: ,,= f t h . ,, , ,, w r n g u s y e a months ago committed ritual |' ll f ltlon . ,, . P ese ,, d a y a TMi second crucifixion. suicide after vainly attempting f, ctllrn lo m ' s . hldo ' lle w ! l ' o l i t h i s discovery call to arouse a m i l i t a r y rebellion ^V;;'TM the ancient v,rtu«. B | b , c . h l l o r ' lo ' d]l c m i r a K an(l by His j writing jusl 15 years after His nn. Of course alls for a new He had often been mentioned i loyally, courage and T)]e bi( , pn!X?r do || is sieven! as a candidate for Ihe Nobelr'lV.V"" \° ! he T'lfT' K i" am| a", « public relalions man| O P E N DAILY Prii , e j Although his lEiilli by hara-nviu, problems. Problem one: U T v ' ^i i **,, i 11 c k l n r-mduced a new bonm i n ' R a n d a l l ' s wife wants a divorce K i w a b a l a leader of the Sen-| his bool;Si the im p. lc .; 0 f ilis ac- stf she can marry their daugh- sualisl school of Japanese, ti()]1 nr . | hc ;inny and on ( h c l l l . l c | , s s]l| , [|]k Prob i cm t ^ 0 . writers was intrigued by llie|t ra . Ki ,, h tj sts wils | KS .;,.,,, G!i .; Rant | a] |. s fa t| lcr is dyitl g. Prob . contrasts between youtn and.p,.,.^. !| P , n (|, ree: the lyraon who life, corruption and deatn. | Kaivabala was n gentle a n d ! w a n t s to add Randall's PR firm Thirteen Japanese novelists and their dawn at a corner table, sipped a glass of white wine and talked aboul the making o f ; "The Godfalher." "II was still a big properly · Al Ruddy "Brando was in love with the part,". Ruddy says, "lle was the first role we cast. We felt we needed an actor wilh such a presence you felt him even when he wasn't on the screen. ',: What other actor has that pow- !er?" ' Hiring such an aclor, the pro-] ducer says, set a standard o f ! excellence for Ihe entire film, and the final cost was closer to ?G million tliaii the $1 million Ruddy sait he originally |i thought he would need. Besides cost, there were other unanticipated problems. "As we got into the film, it turned into a very hot potato," Ruddy lisays. "Certain people just did 'not want the film made. Paramount and Gulf and Western were bombarded by letters from congressmen and public leaders expressing concern that nothing should be done that could in any way defame the Italian-American community. Then 1 had that famous press conference and I thought it was all over for me." That press conference was about Ruddy's meeting with members of "the Italian-American Civil Rights I-eague when he pledged not lo mention the words "Mafia" or "Cosa Nostra" in the film. emasculated the book and knuckled under to pressure groups," Ruddy says, " l ^ w i l l tell you I was stunned by that reaction. When 1 met wilh the league I made what I thought were minor concessions. There was no formal, written agreement, jusl my word. On the basis of that, the league helped me. I delivered for them, they delivered community cooperation for me, and we all came off better for it." What does a producer do after making a film like "The Godfather?" If he's Ruddy, he just might make a sequel to it. "People in this business are people that have to lake a beal- " Ruddy says, half-smiling. ...for Summer Blooms! GLAD BULBS · DAHLIA BULBS · BEGONIA BULBS CANNA BULBS FRANK'S Seed and Hatchery 709 10th St. MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY "'laflcrward he forced himself to ry of a murder nr, seen thiVM!?hj ra:0 jv C rjfien unwanted different eyes, lle killed him-] self in 1927. Eight nf the suicides Invc taken place since World War II. Japan's defeat, Ihe absence of itien- STUDENT IS MOTHER about a new Bible. And so The Good Book gets mixed up in one that's not so, good. ' When Randall lakes on the BALTIMORE, Md., (AP) -- j j o b of publicizing the new _ _ , .... . .. A stydeiH at Northern H i g h l u i h l e , he finds out what prob a spiritual anchor to replace I School gave birth lo a 7-pQund,|l cm s really are. the nationwide cult of Shinto,IH-omra baby girl in the! -"tow problem one: a radical -----jgi.hf.fii-? dispensary. religious leader, Maertin lie, "Stic Inid nn iiin.n sh u'a: '· Vroomc. Is heck-bent on sabo- Far The Very Best In RUSSELL STOVER Chocolates At All G I L B E R T R E X A L L P H A R M A C I E S -- -- ..,, idea she w a s ; . , . ,. , , m-cguani," Ihe principal told ! (f1 K |n 8 t ' 1 ' c mlernalional, top-EC iinsuital officials later. cl ' ct Iilb c , PublishmR project The mother, 16, was described as a good student who l.nd never missed a ii Isrttool. USTOM HOMES EVERYTHING IN ONE COMPLETE PACKAGE! WE DESIGN, PLAN, BUILD SITES In Oraeley and LaSailo FINANCING VA, FHA, Conventional WELD COUNTY LUMBER CO. LASALLE 28(^15 ; * GR££LEY 35J*Jl3j New problem two: George I Wheeler, mastermind of Ihe I project (which all call "Rcsur- ireclion Two") acts oddly obi (use when faced with certain crucial questions about the pup- yri. New problem three: Angel lUonli, daughter of the elusive archaeologist who unearthed the lost gospel, new addition lo R a n d a l l ' s bed (and bath) is a liar and a t r a i t o r . (Or is she?) New problem four . . . hut a reviewer mustn't (jive away Ihe plot. Irving Wallace is surely Ihe Jckyll-llydo of the conlempo rary quasi-literary scene. This buck's back jacket parades Ihe lilies of Wallace's eight novels and his seven nonficlion books 2 MARK 5V air conditioners for pickups don't look like dfter-thoughts. Mark 3V Cus'ofii for FortI Pickup They're CuGlom-Encjincorcd. That moans oacli one, hko the unit pictured, has l)ccn slylcd and designed lo lit into one specific pickup model. There's a Mnrk IV Cuslom for Dodge, one for Chevy/GMC, and another for Ford. Mark IV Cuslom- Engineered Air looks great and performs great. . . because Mark IV believes mobile air should look as good as it (eels. Mark IV $*fr"y/[ Custom Shown jL i *w 45 Plus Installation CUSTOM-ENGINEERED AIR BY [[MARK A Division ol Iho John E. Mile-hell Company Complete Installation and Service 7Ui2thSt. GREELEY AUTO PARTS 352-3300 All Mirk IV evaporators tested m atcordjnco ivim IMACA s LADIES' CULOTTES Our Reg. 2.96 ii Sizes 8-16. Cof- ion/ p o l y e s t e r blends. Coolest s t y l e s . V a s t a s s o r t m e n t of colors. COTTON TRAINING PANTS Our Keg. 33' 451 3 Days Only Downy-soft, cotton knit training pants. Double t h i c k n e s s and triple crotch for absorbency. Sizes 2-6. Save! None wld fo dta\en. MALIBU BARBIE, SKIPPER FRANCIE Reg. 2.33 97 Quite a collection of dolls. Kids have fun ·for hours. Moveable body. Reg. 4lc I I Soft, absorbent, yet durable towels. Wipes up even the messiest spills. Limit2 Red, white, and blue decorated pin wheels. 3 Days Only CARPET REMNANTS Reg.'94 3 Days 18x36". Variety of faces and colors. Serged sides. MEN'S KNIT FLARE SLACKS Values to 4.96 3.44 Very fashionable! Wrinkle-, resistant, flare-bottom slacks in solid colors and fancies. Sizes 8-18. SAVE 1.37 ON SLIPPERS FOR WOMEN Our Reg. 3.37 2 OO 3 Days O n l y ' Slippers have an open toe and closed back. Crinkle patent vinyl with comfy urethanefoam lining. White, black. 510. Charge it. 2-LB.* BAG JELLIED CANDIES Our Reg. 57' 37 Your Choice 2-Lb.* bag of tangy spice drops, orange slices, gum drops or spearmint leaves. In 1ied-top plastic bags to stay fresh. Save! ·NtlxllgM.' 2829 West 10th Street, Greeley

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